Conversation of God Kabir with Kaal

Conversation Between God Kabir and Kaal (Devil)

Conversation of God Kabir with Kaal about taking souls to their original home "Satlok" in Kalyug

God Kabir narrated this account to Dharamdas

The Supreme God created all the brahmands and took rest in His lok. After that we all living beings while residing in Kaal's brahmand (universe) started experiencing the punishment of our deeds and started remaining very distressed. We started wandering in search of happiness and peace, and started missing our home Satlok, and commenced bhakti to go back there.

Someone learnt all the Vedas by heart; someone started practicing fierce austerity (tapp) and started activities like hawan, yagya, dhyaan, Samadhi (meditation) etc, but could not go to our real home Satlok because by doing the aforesaid activities, we started going in the cycle of 84 lakh births of various living beings and started attaining good and prosperous lives in next births (like, King-Great King, a big businessman, official, Dev-Mahadev, Heaven-Great Heaven etc). We however started remaining very distressed and started requesting to the Supreme Father God that Oh Kind God! Show us the path to our home. We do your bhakti (worship) from heart. Why are you not appearing before us?

Narrating this account to Dharmdas ji, God Kabir said that Dharmdas, on hearing the calls of these living beings, I, adopting the appearance of Jogjit (one of God Kabir's son), came to Kaal lok from my Satlok. At that time, in the twenty-first brahmand, where Kaal has his own house, the living beings were being roasted on the Taptshila (hot rock) and the grime from their immaterial bodies was being taken out. On my arrival, the burning of the living beings ended. On seeing me, they said, "Oh Purush (God)! Who are you? Just by having a sight of you, we are feeling a lot of comfort and peace." Then I told them, "I am PaarBrahm Supreme God Kabir. You all living beings have come from my Lok (universe) and have become trapped in Kaal Brahm's lok (universe). Everyday this Kaal takes out the grime from the immaterial bodies of one lakh human beings and eats it, and then later leaves them to bear the punishment in different kinds of births." Then those souls said, "Oh Kind Supreme God! Please rescue us from the prison of this Kaal." I told them, "Kaal has obtained these brahmands (universes) from me by doing bhakti (worship) three times. And all these things which you are using here are that of Kaal, and you all have come to roam here at your own will. Therefore, now you have a lot of debt of Kaal on you and it cannot be paid off without the jaap (recitation) of my true (sacha) naam. Until you become free from debt, you can not go out of Kaal Brahm's prison (universe). For this you will have to do worship by taking naam-updesh (initiation) from me. Then I will rescue you and take you with me." 

As we were discussing this, Kaal Brahm appeared there and he attacked me furiously. I however made him unconscious by my word power. Then he regained consciousness after some time. He then fell at my feet and started begging, and said, "You are elder to me, have some mercy on me and tell me that why have you come in my lok?" Then I told Kaal Purush, "Some souls want to return to their actual home Satlok by doing bhakti. They are not finding the path of true bhakti. Therefore even after doing bhakti, they remain in this Kaal lok only. I have come to guide them the path of true bhakti and to disclose your secret that you are Kaal; you eat one lakh human beings and produce a lakh and a quarter human beings, and are behaving like God. I will tell them that whose bhakti you do, he is not God; he is Kaal." On hearing this, Kaal said, "If all the souls will return to Satlok, then what will happen to my food? I will starve. It is my request to you to take less number of souls in the three yugas and to not disclose my secret to everyone that I am Kaal and I eat everyone. When Kalyug comes, take as many souls as you wish." Kaal took these promises from me. Narrating further to Dharmdas, God Kabir said that I had also come in Satyug, Tretayug and Dwaparyug, and took many souls to Satlok, but did not disclose Kaal's secret. Now I have come in Kalyug and I have had a conversation with Kaal. Kaal Brahm said to me that now no matter how hard you try, nobody will listen to you. First of all, I have not left any living being worthy of doing bhakti. I have spoilt their conduct by instilling bad habits of smoking bidi - cigarette, drinking alcohol and eating meat etc in them. I have engaged the living beings in different types of pretentious ways of worship. Secondly, when after imparting your knowledge, you will return to your Lok, I (Kaal) will send my messengers and by starting twelve Panths (sects) similar to your Panth, will mislead the living beings. They will sing the glory of Satlok, will narrate the knowledge given by you, but will do jaap (recitation) of my naam (mantra). As a result of which, they will become my food only. On hearing this, God Kabir said that you try your ways, I will go back only after telling the true path (way of worship) and one, who will listen to my knowledge, will never be misled by you.

Satguru God Kabir said that Oh Niranjan! If I wish, I can end your whole game in a moment, but by doing this I break my promise. Thinking this, I by imparting true knowledge to my beloved hans (souls) and granting them the power of Shabd, will take them to Satlok, and said that -

Suno Dharmraya, hum sankhon hansa pad parsaaya ||
Jin linha humra prvana, so hansa hum kiye amaana ||

(God Kabir's Speech in Holy Kabir Sagar - Kaal's description of different ways of putting the living beings in a maze and of satisfying his hunger) 

Dwadas panth karun main saaja, naam tumhara le karun avaaja 
Dwadas yam sansaar pathho, naam tumhare panth chalaeho 
Pratham doot mm prgate jaai, peechhe ansh tumhara aai 
Yahi vidhi jeevanko bhrmaaun, purush naam jeevan samjhaaun
Dwadas panth naam jo laehe, so humre mukh aan same hae
Kaha tumhara jeev nahin maane, humaari aor hoy baad bakhaanae
Main drid fanda rachi banaai, jaamein jeev rahe urjhaai
Deval Dev pashan poojaai, teerth vrat jap-tap man laai 
Yagya hom aru nem achaara, aur anek fand mein daara
Jo gyaani jaao sansaara, jeev na maanae kaha tumhara 

(Satguru Vachan) - Statement of Satguru 

Gyaani kahe suno anyaai, kaato fand jeev le jaai 
Jetik fand tum rache vichaari, satya shabd tae sabae bindaari
Jaun jeev hum shabd dridaavae, fand tumhara sakal mukaavae
Chauka kar prvaana paai, purush naam tihi deoon chinhaai
Taake nikat Kaal nahin aavae, sandhi dekhi taakahn sir naavae 

It is evident from the above-mentioned description that the various sects (Panths), which are prevalent and which do not have the path of true bhakti as told by God Kabir, are all inspired by Kaal. Therefore, a wise man should adopt a path of bhakti after in-depth consideration because a human life is invaluable and one does not get it again and again. In this context God Kabir says -

Kabir maanush janm durlabh hai, mile na barambar 
Taruvar se patta toot gire, bahur na lagta daar