Who is the Immortal God As Per Holy Books & World Religions?

Who is the Immortal God As Per Holy Books & World Religions?

Last Updated on 13 January 2024 IST | The grandeur and greatness of Supreme power is found in everything. Since our childhood, we have been listening to the tales that God is the one who has created Sun, Moon, Stars, Water, mountains, air, plants, animals, etc, and above all humans. Countless arguments regarding the existence of God had been the point of discussion for ages. Hitherto; the contemporary sages, saints, Mandaleshwars, Mahants, and religious gurus of all religions have never been able to define- Who is immortal God?. Strong Atheists claim God does not exist. Whereas many traditions believe that Divine is Sambhavat means is born, that is, incarnates whereas on the other hand, some believe that the supremely intelligent being is ‘Asambhavat’ means, God is never born and regard him as merely a point of highly illuminating light which does not have a physical body. 

Amongst this controversy, the most unbelievable and amazing question to humans remains- who is that superpower god who has created the entire Universe? How do planets rotate perfectly in their orbit? Who controls and manages? How has nature been created? In the Milky way- Sun, Moon, Planets, etc. are not just random objects floating. Certainly, there is some supremely intelligent being who is the overall controller, who is the creator of the entire universe but due to a lack of true spiritual knowledge is unknown to masses to date. If Earth is finely-tuned so much to maintain life, it suggests there is a fine-tuner; immortal God. It is imperative to mention here, that with the power of that Supreme being; God itself all the planets rotate in their orbit perfectly. He has made everything so perfect intending to serve the needs of all living beings. This continuous phenomenon though seems to be amazing but is true. 

God with supernatural creative skills is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and is in human form. He is imperishable. The attributes of God explain that He is benevolent, ever-forgiving, All-capable, kind, and ever-loving. Merely whose remembrance makes a special movement in our souls, to attain whom the contemporary great sages, saints, and several seekers have decayed their bodies by performing force worship for several years; that supreme being who is seen as the perfect and constant embodiment of all virtues, powers been well defined in all religious books. Holy texts provide have evidence that the supreme power who is the overall controller of the entire universe is in form and is known by various names such as Param Akshar Brahm/  Param Akshar Purush/  Satpurush/ Allah/ Rab/ Khuda/ Bhagwan/ Ish who created the entire universe in all its magnitude. 

Koi kahe humra Ram bada hai, Koi kahe khudai re |

Koi kahe Isa masee bada hai, ye banta rahe lagaee re ||

Worshippers of different religions greet that supremely intelligent being with various names like Hindus believe their Ram is great, Muslims call Allah great, Christians consider their Isa Masih to be supreme, in this way all are divided. But “Sabka Malik Ek’, God is One only. So What do our religions say about God? Who is that supremely intelligent being? 

Through this write-up, we will explore facts mentioned in the holy scriptures which certify and make us believe- Who is immortal or supreme God? Where does immortal God reside? How can God be attained? 

The following will be discussed. 

To start let us first try to understand; Who is God according to Hinduism?

Who is God in Hinduism?

God in Hinduism varies by region, sect, and caste. There are 33 crores (Koti) Dummy-Gods and Goddesses as per Hindu religious belief and the irony is no Hindu devotee/seeker knows the names of those 33 Koti dummy gods and simply follows the primitive and traditional way of worship being ignorant about true spiritual knowledge. The creature (soul) is captured in the web of Trigunmayee Maya (illusion) so much that it becomes very difficult to break this cycle of ignorance. Devotees since ages worship dummy-Gods- Durga, Tridevs, that is, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Shiva), etc. chant mantras like “OM Namah Shivay, OM Bhagwate Vasudevay NamaH, Evama namH,”, and so on considering their way of worship to be true and complete and the provider of Salvation remaining ignorant that this is arbitrary worship which is against the injunctions of Holy scriptures, hence useless. Worship that is not certified in religious books does not provide seekers with any benefit due to which they remain trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death.


It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda


“Teen Dev ki jo karte bhakti, unki kade na hove mukti ||
Gun teeno ki bhakti mein bhool pado sansaar |
Kahe Kabir, Nij naam bina, kaise utro paar ||

The concept of God in Hinduism remains just confined to the worship of dummy gods who are the incarnations. They take birth from a mother’s womb and die (evidence Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 Verse 16, Chapter 9 Verse 7, and Chapter 14 Verse 3-5, also in Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Maha Puran Skand 3, Chapter 5, page 123). Like the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Shri Ram, Shri Krishan, Shri Parshuram, etc, and many more, also the much-awaited 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, that is, Kalki (NeHkalank). 

These incarnations of Rajogun Brahma, Satogun Vishnu, Tamogun Shiva come on earth to fulfil some desire of their Father, the owner of 21 universes who is called Brahm-Kaal/ Jyot Swaroopi Niranjan who is a butcher and eats one-lakh subtle human bodies every day and produces 1.5 lakh every day. Being cursed to eat the grime of subtle human bodies he tortures creatures in 84 lakh life species and keeps them uninformed about; Who is God? Who is the provider of salvation?. These incarnations are in the vicious cycle of birth and death so are their worshippers. 

Regarding the age of dummy-Gods it has been mentioned in Sachidanandghan Brahm speech, that is, in Sukshma Veda 

Etee umar buland marega annt re | Kyonki Satguru lage na kaan na bhentein Sant re ||

Meaning: No matter how long might be the age of these gods (Durga, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv) but one day they will surely die. The body of these incarnations is made up of five elements, hence are mortal. They are not the provider of salvation. Only Satguru guides about the path to attain emancipation. 

The power of Tridev is limited and can only provide the work done according to deeds. These incarnations try to establish peace through war, the massacre of human lives and after the purpose is fulfilled they die and become the food of butcher Brahm Kaal. The worshippers of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh therefore, are called demonic, lowest amongst men, evil-doers, and foolish (Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 12-15). Seekers who chant the ‘OM’ mantra of Brahm attain Brahmlok (Great Heaven) but remain in recurrence (Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 Verse 16) None of these is God because God is the ocean of happiness and never hurts anyone. 

God; the provider of Salvation, is the creator of entire Universes and establishes peace on earth by imparting true spiritual knowledge of Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush with which souls get permanent relief from the cycle of birth-death. Evidence from Hindu religious books Veda and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita mentions that the worship of dummy-gods does not provide salvation. Emancipation of soul only happens with the true worship of Supreme God who is the creator and the Father of all souls. His information and complete way of worship are told by the enlightened saint. This subsequent article will henceforth provide evidence from authentic Hindu religious scriptures; Veda, Puranas, Gita which define and certify; Who is Param Akshar Purush or God?

Moving ahead first let us dig deep in the pious Holy Scriptures of other religions also to know Who is God?. Through this write-up, we will explore facts from Islam religion and know what evidence does Quran Sharif provides regarding; Who is Allah / God? 

Who is Allah/God in Islam Religion?

The most fundamental concept regarding who is Allah / God in Islam is based on the belief that God/Allah is One, the eternal absolute. Muslims remember Allah by chanting “La-Ilaha Illallah” There is none like unto Him. They also say ‘Allahu Akbar’ means the great God, Allah is great. Yet Muslims believe God/Allah is formless. Since they did not see Allah and declared Allah is ‘bechoon’. 


Khojat khojat thakia, ant kaha bechoon ||


Pious Quran Sharif provides evidence that Allah is not a bechoon. He is in form. Islam describes certain attributes of God amongst which the most common is ‘Al-Rahim’, meaning ‘Allah is the most merciful’ and ‘Al-Rahman’, meaning ‘Allah is the most compassionate’. The name of God/ Allah has been mentioned in Surat Furqan Chapter 25 Verse no. 52, 58, and 59. The name of Allah is Kabir which means the great GOD. His information is provided by Illamwala/ Enlightened saint. God/Allah created the entire universe in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day. Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush in Quran Sharif’s language is called Allahu Akbar, or Allah Ta'ala. 

Have a look at the shreds of evidence

Quran Sharif- 25:52


The name is clearly written ‘Kabiran’, or call ‘Kabir/ Kabira’

Quran Sharif- 25:58

Vatavakkal' alal'- harulliji la yamutuvasabbih' bihm'dihivakafaabihibijunoob ibadihi Khabira

The name is clearly written ‘Khabira’

Quran Sharif- 25:59

All' jikhalakassmaavaatival'arjva ma bainhuma fi sittatiayyaamin' summastwaalal'arshiarrh'maanufs'al' bihi Khabiran' (Kabiran')

The name is clearly written ‘Kjabiran / Kabiran’. 

Holy Fazal-E-Amal/ Fazal-E-Zikr in Aayat no. 1 mentions the name of God/Allah is Kabir.

‘Wallat Kabir Bullah Aala Maha dakoobwala Allah kumdar guru’

The aforementioned Aayats from Quran Sharif and Fazal-E-Zikr proved that God/ Allah is none other than Kabir. Quran Sharif Surah Furqan 25 Aayat 53-57 provides evidence that Allah Kabir is in form. He created the entire nature. The same evidence of creation is in Quran Sharif, Surah-Al-Ambia 21:104. Surah-AL-Ikhlas describes the qualities of God/Allah. 

All this proves the existence of God/Allah Kabir.

  • Allah is the one who moved two rivers. The water of one is sweet which quenches thirst and that of the other is bitter-salty. A strong stoppage is made in between both. (25:53). 
  • Allah made man with a drop of water, created relatives like someone’s son or a daughter, or in-laws, which means someone’s daughter-in-law, or son-in-law. Your Lord is all-powerful. (25:54). 
  • Infidels/Kafirs worship others, apart from Allah, who can neither provide them with any benefit nor can harm them, and infidels have moved away from their Lord, have retroceded’ (25:55). 
  • ‘O-Prophet I have sent you to tell the amazing news, and for frightening them from the astonishing’ (25:56). 
  • ‘I do not ask for anything for this Allah’s order, but yes, whoever wants the Lord should get moving’ (25:57).

Quran Sharif - Surah Al Ambiya 21:104 - The day we will enfold the sky, means during Holocaust, like how paper is rolled, folded, ‘As I created earlier, I will repeat, I will re-create, this is my promise, I must do it.

The enlightened saint and great Sufi mystic poets Shams Tabrizi and Rumi were blessed to have divine’s (al-Khidr, that is, Allah Kabir’s) audience. They understood the spiritual knowledge told by AlKhijr and got inspired to discover the inner-self away from the external world. They understood that seekers must take refuge in the enlightened saint/ Bakhabar (one well informed) and beg for absolute knowledge to attain Allah Kabir. Rumi has mentioned in his poems the name of the first Guru Khizr (Al-Khidr) who is indestructible and Muslims believe he is alive even today and is currently present on earth. He himself guides devout souls who wish to attain Allah but are ignorant that Al-Khijr is none other than Allah Kabir himself. 

Hence, according to Pious Quran Sharif, this is Proved Kabir is Allah/ God in Islam.

Next, let us explore facts from Christianity About God? 

Who is the Supreme God in Christianity?

Christians believe God is formless whereas Genesis 1:26 and 1:27 prove that God created human beings like Himself as male and female which contradicts this belief of Christianity. Further shreds of evidence in Genesis 3:8 to 10, 18:1 to 5 also support the same. Christians consider Jesus to be God whereas evidence proves, ‘he was merely a Prophet sent by the giver of the knowledge of the Holy Bible Brahm Kaal. Jesus just possessed certain supernatural powers. He was not God but the son of God. 

  • Verses from the Holy Bible that provide evidence of the existence of God have been mentioned in Genesis 1:1, Hebrews 11:6, Romans 1:19 and 20, Psalm 53:1-3 
  • Holy Bible provides the existence of dummy-Gods (Christian Trinity) in Hebrews 1:5, Matthew 17:5, Mark 1:11, Luke 20:13

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB), Iyov 36:5 mentions the name of God is Kabir 

Iyov 36:5 - Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

See, El is Kabir, and despiseth, not any; He is Kabir in ko’ach lev (strength of understanding).

God is Kabir, but despises no one. He is firm in his purpose.

Hence, Kabir is God has been proved according to Christianity.

Moving ahead we will explore facts from Sikhism about God

Who is God as per Sikh religion?

According to the Sikh religion, worshipping images or any other object is strictly forbidden. Only the abstract form of God is worshipped. Almighty KavirDev met Shri Nanak Ji on river Bein, gave true spiritual knowledge, and showed him Satlok/Sachkhand. Thereafter, Nanak Ji sang the glory of Shabad Swaroopi Ram/ Satpurush/ Akaal Purush and told God is one who met him in Jinda Baba form. He is also his guru. Shri Guru Nanak Ji prefixed "IK" (ੴ), one) to the syllable ‘Onkar’ to stress the idea that there is one Supreme is a being immortal, self-proclaimed, and devoid of enmity. 

ik oankar sat-nam karata purakh nirabha'u niravair akal murat ajuni saibhan gur Prasad ||

Nanak Ji said in one of his sacred speeches that God is Omnipresent and is the creator, preserver, and destroyer. His name is Kabir, and greets him as ‘Hakka Kabir’.

“Hakka Kabir Kareem tu, beaeb Parvardigaar |
Nanak bugoyad jan tura, tere chaakraan paakhaak ||

Yet in another speech Nanak Ji greets God as ‘Aalam bada Kabir’ 

Nanke aankhey rukandeen saccha sunhu jawab, Khalak Aadam sirjiya Aalam bada Kabir |
Kayam dayam kudrati sir peeran de peer, Sajdey kare Khudai nu Alam badgya Kabir ||

In SGGS on pages 567, 764, 1257 in the speeches of Mehla 1 there is evidence of God who is in form. The same evidence about Who is God? has been mentioned in SGGS Raag Tilang Mehla 1 on page 721, Raag Siri Mehla 1, page 24, Shabad No. 29. Raag Ramkali, Mehla 1, Dakhni Ongkaar, page 929-30. 

Hence proved, Kabir is God according to Sikhism.

Who is the Great God in Jainism?

The followers of the Jain religion believe Rishab Dev was the founder of Jainism. Evidence in Kabir Sagar Chapter 31 ‘Jain Dharam Bodh’ on page no. 45 (1389) prove that Almighty KavirDev met Rishabh Dev Ji in Satyug, according to His law of meeting virtuous souls to impart true spiritual knowledge, to inspire them to do devotion and attain emancipation, and introduced Himself as sage Kabir, KavirDev. God Kabir invoked self-realization in Rishab Dev Ji. Rishabh Dev Ji had heard from his religious gurus and sages that the real name of God is KavirDev as mentioned in Vedas. 

The same is certified in the sacred speech of respected Garibdas Ji.  

Garib, Rishabh Dev ke aaeeye, Kabir naamey avatar |
Nau yogeshwar mein rama, Janak videhee udhaar ||

Note: Aforesaid evidence from the pious Hindu religion, pious Islam, Christianity, Sikh religion, and Jain religion have proved; who is God? He is none other than Kavir Dev/ Param Akshar Purush/ Satpurush/ Allah Kabir/ Hakka Kabir. 

Moving ahead this write-up will provide evidence through Vedas about God

Who is God as per Holy Vedas?

Almighty Kabir tells through his nectar speech, that is, in Sachidaandghan Brahm Vani   


Kabir, Ved mera bhed hai, mein milun Vedan ke mahee |
Jaun Ved se mein milu, wo Ved jante nahee ||


Let us study facts for the same from 5 Vedas about God

  • Pious Rigveda
  • Holy Yajurveda
  • Atharvaveda
  • Samveda
  • Holy Sukshma Veda

First, let us know what evidence Rigveda provides

Who is God in the Holy Rigveda?

Rigveda Mandal 1 Sukt 1 Mantra 1-10:- God is referred to as ‘Agni’. The creator of entire universes, Lord of the lineage is God Kabir whose body is highly radiant. One hair follicle of God Kabir has more brightness than the combined light of millions of Sun and Moon. He has created infinite universes with His word power.  

Rigveda Mandal 1 Sukt 31 Mantra 17:- It is written ‘Manushyavat’ God is like humans. You (God) had been appearing even earlier. Kindly give your audience again and tell us true spiritual knowledge.


Rigveda Mandal 1 Sukt 144 Mantra 11:- It is written ‘Nirmit Dev’ God is like humans.

Rigveda Mandal 1 Sukt 46 Mantra 3:- God is in human form, ‘Manushyavat Shambhu’.

Rigveda Mandal 8 Sukt 18 Mantra 21:- It is written that God is ‘Narvat Varun’, like humans.

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 94 Mantra 1:- God Kabir (Kaviyam vrajam na) provides Tatvagyan through poems, proverbs, couplets hence, people consider him a poet. 

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 17-18:- proves God Kabir appears on the earth acquiring an extraordinary infant form then preaches His true spiritual knowledge (Tattavgyan) to Virtuous souls through His nectar speeches (Kavirgirbhih) Kabir Vani in the form of poems, couplets, proverbs. Due to a lack of knowledge; ignorants consider Him merely a poet, sage, or saint and believing in folklore those people fail to recognize- Who is God?.

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9:- As per the constitution of God, while playing divine act, the imperishable God Kabir descends on earth in the form of a child and is nurtured by the milk of maiden cows.

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 1:- states God; the creator is in human form and is enthroned like a King (Rajeev) in eternal abode, third topmost region and meets virtuous soul.

Yajurved Adhyay 5 Mantra 1

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 2:- states you (Kavirvedhasy) KavirDev comes to impart true spiritual knowledge to everyone, you are Supreme God. Provide us all happiness by forgiving our sins. (dhuttam vasanH nirnijam pariyasi) we are your children. Generate affection in us (nirnijam) and show the beautiful form (pariyasi), which means like you meet your beloved souls, similarly, give your audience.

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 86 Mantra 1:- By simplifying His form, that radiantly illuminated God, Kavir Dev means ‘Kabir Saheb’, descends as lightning, does spectacles and meets ’Varniye’ means admirable people, superior souls. 

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 86 Mantra 26-27:- states Sachidanandghan Brahm, God Kabir resides in the topmost region ‘Dhulok’, in that ultimate abode. He is visible like humans. He descends from there with speed, in the whole body, just like humans, and explains his correct knowledge to his virtuous souls. God makes the path for his devotees smooth and destroys all their obstacles and hardships, makes them pure and by simplifying His form, that radiantly illuminated God appears on earth. 

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 94 Mantra 1:- God comes with speed, roams like a Poet, and imparts true knowledge through poems.

Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 3:- tells that Param Akshar Brahm, Purna Brahm is superior to Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush. Everything in the entire universe has originated from Satpurush. 

Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 4:- tells that Param Akshar Brahm, Purna Brahm is seated in the ultimate abode Satlok. He is the overall controller. He is the Lord of the lineage. All Brahmands run with His power/command.

Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 5:- tells that Param Akshar Brahm, Purna Brahm created Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush with His word power and established all universes.

Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 15:- tells that Param Akshar Brahm, Purna Brahm is the liberator, is called Bandi Chhor. He relieves trapped souls from the web of butcher Brahm Kaal and provides them permanent relief from the vicious cycle of birth and death. 

Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 16:- tells those seekers who do true worship of Param Akshar Brahm attain the eternal world Satlok where many other virtuous souls already reside.

Let us know what evidence Yajurveda provides about God.

Who is God in the Holy Yajurveda?

Yajurveda Chapter 29 Verse 25:- God Kabir himself comes on earth to impart true spiritual knowledge of Purna Brahm. His name ‘Kavir Dev’ has been mentioned.

Yajurveda Chapter 40 Verse 8, ‘Kabir manisH swayambh paribhu vyodhatH’ means God Kabir is Omnipresent and is self-proclaimed. He is the creator of entire universes.

Yajurveda Chapter 7 Verse 39, says God is ‘Narvat’, meaning is like humans.

Yajurveda Chapter 5 verse 32:- God Kabir is the giver of supreme peace. It says ‘Ushigasi Kavir anghariasi Bambhariasi’. He removes all shackles of pious souls, is the enemy of bad creatures, enemy of evils, hence, is Bandi Chhor, the liberator.

Yajurveda Chapter 8 Verse 13:- The complete God forgives even grave sins of His seekers. That immortal God is KavirDev.

Yajurveda Chapter 5 Verse 1,6, 8. Yajurveda Chapter 8 verse 13, Yajurveda Chapter no.19 verse no. 25-26. Yajurveda Chapter no. 29 verse no. 25:- prove that God Kabir is in human form 

Yajurveda Chapter 1 Verse 15, says “Agne TanuH Asi | Vishnve Tva Somasya Tanur' Asi" means God is in form who nurtures everyone. He is immortal.  

Let us know what evidence Atharvaveda provides about God.

Who is God in Atharvaveda?

Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaank no. 1 Mantra no. 1 till 7 provides evidence that God; Kavir Dev is in human form who has brought all creation to life.

Let us know what evidence Samveda provides about God.

Who is God in the Pious Samveda?

Samveda Sankhya no. 359 chapter 4 Khand 25 verse 8, Samveda Sankhya no. 1400 chapter 12 Khand 3 verse 5 - provides evidence that God Kabir is in human form.

Mantra no. 822 Samveda Utarchik Adhyay 3 Khand no. 5 Shlok no. 8- God Kabir manifests in the whole body and provides three-word (coded) salvation mantras. He also increases the age of His true devotee.

Let us know what evidence Sukshma Veda provides about God.

Who is God in the Holy Sukshma Veda?

God Kabir comes in this deceased world to liberate his children (souls) from the web of Brahm Kaal. He grants true salvation mantras Satnaam and Sarnaam whose evidence is found in Sachidanandghan Brahm’s speech uttered from His Lotus-mouth. The details of the Satnam have been provided in Sukshma Veda. Only Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush/ KavirDev is authorized to grant two-word (coded) mantra Satnam and three-word mantra (coded) Sarnaam which proves Kabir is God. Evidence of the same is provided in Kabir Sagar, Chapter Agam Nigam Bodh on pages 34 and 38.

Mera naam Kabira hai Jagatguru Jahira ||

Who is the Param Aksham Brahm/God in the Bhagavad Gita?

Srimad Bhagavad Gita provides the most secretive and profound knowledge which is a dialogue between Brahm Kaal and Arjuna held on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the war of Mahabharata. The knowledge giver of Gita, Brahm Kaal, through various verses provides information – Who is immortal God? The correct translation of Gita has been done by Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj which answers the most enduring question-Who is the worshipable God?

In Gita Chapter 7 Verse 29 Brahm Kaal tells ‘that knowing that Tat-Brahm and becoming familiar with entire spirituality and all deeds, a person only makes efforts to get relieved from birth and death’. This is an indication towards Param Akshar Brahm.

Arjun asks Brahm in Gita Chapter no. 8 Verse no.1 that in Chapter 7 Verse 29 you provided information of that ‘Tat-Brahm’, knowing whom the creature only makes efforts to get relieved from birth and death, so who is that Brahm? 

In Gita Chapter 8 Verse 3, Brahm replies that ‘He is Param Akshar Brahm’, who always lives with the soul; His form ie. A soul with the characteristics of God is called by the name ‘Adhyaatm’, and the sacrifice which gives rise to the nature of a soul is called by the name ‘Karm’.

In Chapter 8 Verse 8, Brahm says ‘Oh Parth! This is the rule. By worshipping to attain God, one who chants those three mantras and does not deviate and continues worshipping, that man ‘param divyampurusaHyati’ is attained to that; Param Akshar Brahm. ‘Param prakashroopdivyam’, to the divine, means it is attained to God only, who is other than the knowledge giver of Gita. 

In Chapter 8 Verse 9, the name is mentioned. ‘God Kavirdev i.e. Supreme God Kabir who is everlasting, omnipresent, omnipotent, means Lord of the Lords, subtlest of the subtle, sustainer of all, in unimaginable form, highly radiant form like sun means illuminating body like the sun, is in form, is far from ignorance, worship that Sacchidanandghan Brahm, means worship that Param Akshar Brahm.

In Chapter 8 Verse 10, ‘that worshipper equipped with bhakti, at the time of death, by the effect of the bhakti of the repetition of a mantra (Jaap of Naam) by properly fixing the life-breath in the middle of the eyebrows, then with a steadfast mind goes to the unknown, divine Supreme God only. 

In Gita Chapter 8 Verse 13- The giver of the knowledge of Gita tells ‘His mantra is ‘OM’ and for the attainment of Param Akshar Brahm/complete God, ‘Tat and Sat’ (coded mantras) should also be chanted, which are the supreme state of complete salvation.

God Kabir is glorified in pious Gita "Parmeshwar" word is written in Gita Chapter 13 Verse 27, Brahm says ‘One who sees the Parmeshwar as imperishable and situated equally in all the moving and non-moving beings undergoing destruction, only he sees the truth i.e. is a completely knowledgeable person.

Chapter 15 Verse 1 describes the upside-down hanging world-like Peepal tree whose roots above is Param Akshar Brahm, and below are the three qualities like branches. With roots only the whole tree gets nourishment. By entering all three regions Param Akshar Brahm nurtures everyone. 

In Chapter 15 Verse 4 it is said that after the attainment of the Enlightened saint, one should search for God’s supreme place, after attaining which soul does not return to this world. Worship only Him and discard all others.

In Gita Chapter 15 Verse 16- there are three Purush (Gods). One is Kshar Purush, one is Akshar Purush and one is Param Akshar Purush. 

In Gita Chapter 15 Verse 17 it is said "Uttam Purush Tu anyH, Parmatma iti udahrataH, yaH loktrayam avishya, vibharti avyayH IshwarH". Means Supreme God or UttamPurush is some other, that is, Param Akshar Purush who nurtures everyone by entering all three regions. He in reality is the eternal God. He is the immortal God.

Gita Chapter 16 Verse 22 – Brahm tells Arjuna ‘A person liberated from three gates of Hell acts for the welfare of the soul. Thus, he goes to the supreme state, that is, attains the Purna Parmatma.

Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 tells the three-word (coded) salvation mantra ‘OM-Tat-Sat’ to attain God.

The giver of the knowledge of Gita in Chapter 18 Verse 62 tells Arjuna ‘to go in the refuge of that Supreme God by all means with whose grace the supreme peace and Sanatan ultimate abode is attained. This proves there is some other supreme power than the giver of the knowledge of Gita. 

In Gita Chapter 18 Verse 64 Brahm tells Arjuna ‘I will again say the most confidential of all secrets, my utmost mysterious beneficial words to you, listen to these – this Purna Brahm is my definite revered deity i.e. venerable God.

Gita orator in Chapter 18 Verse 66 directs Arjun saying ‘Relinquishing all my religious practices in me, you go in the refuge of only that one unique i.e. Complete God. I will release you from all the sins. You do not grieve’. With His worship, the creature never comes back to this world. God’s ultimate abode is attained. 

As Aforementioned, all verses of pious Gita prove that Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush KavirDev is God. 

Who is God According to Great Hindu Saints/Man?

As per the constitution of God; He descends in all ages and meets virtuous souls. God appears as Jinda Baba, inspires virtuous souls towards devotion, and disappears after providing true spiritual knowledge. In such a way, God sows the seed of devotion in pious souls and blesses them by granting liberation. 

Moving ahead we will study evidence from the speeches of great men whom God met, provided them with true spiritual knowledge and showed them eternal abode Satlok. Those eye-witnesses glorified God Kabir in their nectar speeches. 

  • Speech of Dharamdas Sahib about Immortal God Kabir
  • Speech of Sant Garibdas Sahib About Supreme God Kabir
  • Speech of Shri Guru Nanak Dev About God Kabir
  • Speech of Sant Dadu Sahib About God Kabir Dev
  • Speech of Sant Maluk Das About Kabir God
  • Who is God As per the Speech of Swami Ramanand?
  • Who is God According to the Sant Namdev

Speech of Dharamdas Sahib about Immortal God Kabir

Great devout respected Dharamdas Ji was from Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. God Kabir met him in Mathura and made him familiar with true spiritual knowledge. After that Dharamdas Ji through speeches glorified -Who is God?

Aaj mohe darshan diyo ji kabir
Satlok se chalkar aaye, kaatan jam ki janjeer ||1||
Thaare darshan se mhare paap katat hain, nirmal hove ji sharir ||2||
Amrit bhojan mhare satguru jeemaen, shabd doodh ki kheer ||3||
Hinduo ke tum dev kahaye, Musalmaan ke peer ||4||
Dono deen ka jhagada chhid gaya, toh na paaya sharir ||5||
Dharamdas ki arj gosaain, beda lagayio parle teer ||6||

Aforesaid, the Speech of respected Dharamdas Saheb proves Kabir is God.

Speech of Sant Garibdas Sahib About Supreme God Kabir

Respected Garibdas Sahib the founder of Garibdas Panth from village Chudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana who belongs to the 12th cult of Kabir sect when was a 10 years old child was blessed by God Kabir who met him in 1727 A.D. while Garibdas Ji was grazing cattle in the Nalaa field, near Kablana village. God Kabir took a pious soul to Satlok, provided Tattavgyan. Thereafter, Garibdas Ji glorified God Kabir in his speeches.

Garib, Ham sultaani Nanak taare, dadu ko Updesh diya |
Jati julaha bhed na paaya, kaashi maahi Kabir hua ||

Gaibi khyaal bisaal satguru, achal digambar theer hain |
Bhakti hetu kaya dhar aaye avigat sat Kabir hain |
Nanak dadu, agam agaadhu , teri jahaj khevat sahi |
Sukh saagar ke hans aaye, bhakti hirambar ur dhari 

Garib, Anant Koti Brahman ka ek rati nahee bhaar, 
Satguru purush Kabir hai yeh kul ke sirjanhaar ||

Garib anant koti Brahmand mein, Bandichod kahay |
So to ek Kabir hai, Janani janey na Maae ||

Satguru Pursuh Kabir hai, yeh charon yug parwan | 
Yeh jhuttey guruan mar gaye, ho gaye bhoot masan ||

Hardam khoj hanoj haajar, trivaini ke teer hain |
Das Garib tabeeb Satguru, bandichhod Kabir hain ||

Sab padvi ke mool hain, sakal siddhi hain teer 
Garib SatPurush bhajo, avigat kalaa Kabir

Garib, hum hi Alakh Allah hai, kutub gose aur peer |
Garibdas khalik dhani, humra naam Kabir ||

Garib, Purab Pashchim uttar dakshin, phirta daane daane nu ||
Sarv kala satguru sahib ki, hari (Kabir) aaye Hariyane nu || 

Meaning: The place where complete God Kabir Sahib came in Haryana.

Garib, jis koon kahte Kabir julaaha |
Sab gati purna agam agaaha ||

Glorifying God Kabir he said, "Sat Kabir Purna Brahm Khulasa hai".

Glorifying the power of complete God Kabir Ji, Sant Garibdas Ji writes

'Jam jauraja se dare, dharmrai dhare dheer |  
Aisa Satguru ek hai, adli asal Kabir'

Gyaan sagar ati ujaagar, nirvikaar niranjanm |
Brahm gyani maha dhyaani, sat sukrit duHkh bbhanjanm ||

Respected Garib Das Ji Maharaj explains about the Supreme God in his sacred speech ‘Brahmvedi’ and that Supreme God (KavirDev) only is situated in everyone’s heart in a distinct form.

Aforesaid, the Speech of respected Sant Garibdas Sahib proves Kabir is God.

Speech of Shri Guru Nanak Dev About God Kabir

Almighty KavirDev acquiring the form of Jinda Baba met pious souls Nanak Dev Ji on river Bein that was flowing past Sultanpur city; while he was engrossed in deep meditation. God explained his true spiritual knowledge, took him to Sachkhand/Satlok, later released him. Eye witness Nanak Ji glorified God Kabir through sacred speeches which are scripted in pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib. 

Fahi surat Maluki wes, uh thagwada thagi des |
Khara siyana bahuta bhaar, Dhanak roop raha kartaar (Kabir)||

Hakka kabir kareem tu, be-aib parvardigar |
Nanak bugoyad janu tura, tere chaakran paakhaak|| 

Tera ek naam taare sansaar, main eho aas eho aadhaar।।
Nanak neech kahe bichar, yeh dhaanak roop raha Kartar (Kabir)।।

Yak arj guftam pesh to dar gosh Kun Kartaar l 
Hakka Kabir kareem tu beaeb Parvardagaar ll

Janam Sakhi Bhai Bala

Topic: Swaal Kaji Ruknuddin Soora - Page 122 – 123- Jwaab Nanak Shah Soora 

Nanak aakhe Rukndin sacha sunh jawaab. Charo kunt salaam kar ta |
tuhi hoye swaab. Khaalak adam sirjiya aalam badaa Kabir ||

In the aforesaid speech, Guru Nanak Dev Ji says - The God who created Adam, that great God is Kabir.

Ref: Nanak Ji’s Amritwani on Page 44 Agam Nigam Bodh of the Kabir Sagar proved who is God?

Wah-Wah Kabir guru pura hai |
Pure guru ki mein bali janvan jaka sakal jahura hai || describe highly illuminated Satlok
Adhar dulich pare hai guruvan ke Shiv Brahma jahan  shura hai || god is radiant
Shwet dhwaja farkat guruvan ki, bajat anhad tura hai ||
Purna Kabir sakal ghat darshai, hardam haal hajoora hai ||
Naam Kabir jape badbhagi, Nanak charan ko dhoora hai ||

In Raag Siri, Mehla 1, SGGS it is written

Tera ek naam taare sansaar, main eho aas eho aadhaar।।
Nanak neech kahe bichar, yeh dhaanak roop raha Kartar (Kabir)।।

Aforesaid, the Speech of respected Shri Nanak Dev Ji proves Kabir is God.

Speech of Sant Dadu Sahib About God Kabir Dev

Kabir Saheb met respected Dadu Sahib Ji in Kalyug when he was a 7 years old child in the form of Zinda Baba and took him to Satlok. Dadu Ji remained unconscious for 3 days. Back in consciousness, he took refuge in the lotus-feed of Kabir Saheb; then eye-witnessed Dadu Saheb through nectar speeches glorified God Kabir.

Jin moku nij naam diya, soi satguru hamar |
Dadu dusra koi nahi kabir sirjanhaar ||

Dadu naam kabir ki jo koi leve oat |
Tako kabahu lage nahi kaal vajra ki choot ||

Dadu naam kabir ka, sunkar kaanpe Kaal |
Naam Bharose jo nar chale, hovey na banka baal ||

Kabir karta aap hai, dooja naahin koye  
Dadu pooran jagat ko, bhakti drdaavan soye ।।

Theka pooran hoye jab, sab koi tajae shareer  
Dadu Kaal ganje nahin, japae jo naam Kabir ।।

Meti diya apraadh sab, aay mile chhanmaanh  
Dadu sang le chale, Kabir charan ki chhanh ।।

Aadmi ki aayu ghatae, tab yam ghere aaye  
Sumiran kiya Kabir ka, Dadu liya bachaay ।।

Sewak Dev nij charan ka, Dadu apna jaan  
Bhrngi Satya Kabir ne, keenha aap samaan ।।

Dadu antargat sada, chhin-chhin sumiran dhyaan  
Varu naam Kabir par, pal-pal mera praan ।।

Sun-sun saakhi Kabir ki, Kaal navaavae maath  
Dhanya-2 ho tin lok mein, Dadu jode haath ।।

Pal ek naam Kabir ka, Dadu manchit laaye  
Hasti ke ashvaar ko, shwaan Kaal nahin khaay ।।

Sumirat naam Kabir ka, kate Kaal ki peer  
Dadu din din oonche, parmanand sukh seer ।।

Aur sant sab koop hain, kete sarita neer  
Dadu agam apaar hai, dariya Satya Kabir ।।

Koi sargun mein reejh raha, koi nirgun thahraaye  
Dadu gati Kabir ki, mote kahi na jaay ।।

Kehari naam kabir hai visham kaal gajraj |
Dadu bhajan prataap se bhage sunat aawaj ||

Jo jo sharan Kabir ke, targaye anant apaar  
Dadu gun keeta kahe, kahat na aavae paar ।। 

Ab ho teri sab mite janm maran ki peer |
Shwanas ushwas sumar le dadu naam kabir ||

Aforesaid, the Speech of respected Saint Dadu Saheb proves Kabir is God.

Speech of Sant Maluk Das About Kabir God

Disguised as a Saint God Kabir met respected Saint Maluk Das who was the head (Chaudhary) of Village Kada, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. God took him to Sachkhand. Thereafter, Saint Malook Das glorified God Kabir as eye-witnessed through speeches.

Japo re man Sahib naam kabir |Ek samay guru murli bajayi, kalindi ke teer |
Sur nar munijan thakat bhaye the, ruk gaya jamna neer || japo re man....

Kashi taj guru magahar aaye, dono deen ke peer|
Koi gaade koi agni jalave, dhoondh na paya sharir || japo re man.....

Char daag se satguru nyara , ajaro amar shareer |
Das Maluk salook kahat hai, khojo khasam kabir || japo re man....

Aforesaid, the Speech of respected Saint Malookdas Saheb proves Kabir is God.

Who is God As per the Speech of Swami Ramanand?

In Kalyuga God Kabir met Swami Ramanand Ji and made him his religious Guru. God Kabir imparted true spiritual knowledge, took Swami Ji to Satlok, showed him all regions. Then he realized who is God?. He glorified God Kabir through his speeches.

"Tahan wahan chakit bhaya, dekhi fazal darbar |
Garibdas sijda kiya, hum payee deedaar ||

Dohu thaur hai ek tu, bhaya ek se dou | 
Garibdas hum kaarne utre hai magh joy | 

Bolat Ramanand Ji sun Kabir Kartaar | 
Garibdas sab roop mein, Tu hee bolanhaar ||

E swami srishta mein, srishti hamare teer |
Das Garib adhar basun, avigat satya Kabir ||

Aforesaid, the Speech of respected Swami Ramanand proves Kabir is God.

Who is God According to the Sant Namdev

Naamdev was born in the year 1270 (Vikrami Samwat 1327) in the Chhipa caste in village Pandharpur, District Satara, Maharashtra. God Kabir acquired the form of a saint named Kalander, became his Guru and stayed in Pandharpur Ashram, raised his magnificence, and blessed him.

Garibdas Ji writes

‘Bitthal hokar roti khaaee, Namdev ki kala badhaee |
Pundarpur namaa prawana, deval pher chiwaa daee chaan ||’

After few days God abandoned the Ashram. Jealous with the goodwill of Namdev, the local saint-Brahmans opposed him due to which he abandoned Maharashtra and went to Haridwar.

God Kabir granted Satnaam and Saarnaam and liberated pious souls.

"Naama chipa OM taari, peeche SohaM bhed vicharee |
Sarshabad paya jada loee, Avagaman bahur na hoee ||

Aforesaid, the Speech of respected Namdev proves God Kabir provided Satnaam to him.

Almighty God Kabir also met respected Gheesadas Saheb from Khekra Village, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, showed him ‘Satlok’ then brought him back. God bestowed the actual path of worship to his steadfast devotees, few to name are- Rishi Sarvanand, Seu Samman, Jeeva and Datta, Gorakhnath. Saint Ravidas, Meerabai, took in refuge King Jagjeevan along with his 12 Queens and 4 sons (evidence Kabir Sagar, Chapter ‘Jagjeevan Bodh’), met Sant Jambheshwar Ji (Founder of Bishnoi religion) from village Samrathal, Rajasthan

Prophet Hazrat Mohd Meeting with God Kabir

Hazrat Mohammad is the founder of Islam. He was a Prophet sent to spread the teachings of Allah. Kabir Saheb met Hazrat Mohammad, told him the true spiritual knowledge. But due to a lot of followers; also his honour was magnified he did not agree to the knowledge told by Allah Kabir. Even though he was also taken to Satlok by Allahu Akbar Kabir. He disagreed with accepting Kabir as God / Allah. Hence, was sent back. Thereafter, he remained in the trap of Kaal. The evidence of the same has been mentioned in Suksham Ved


“Hum Mohammad ko vahan le geyo, Icchaa Roopi Wahan Nahee raho |
Ult Mohammad mahal pathaya, Guj Biraj Ek kalma le aaya” ||


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Who is Allah/God According to Muslim Devotees

Evidence from holy scriptures proves that God Kabir not just took Hindus in the refuge but there were many Muslim followers. To name a few Kabir Saheb met Tamerlane (Timur), Butcher Sadhna, Sheikh Farid, Sikander Lodhi, Mansur-Al-Hallaj, Ibrahim Ibn Adham, Rabia Basri, Bijli Khan Pathan, the King of Maghar, Uttar Pradesh etc.

God Kabir Descends in All Ages

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter Gyan Sagar on page 35 and Anurag Sagar on pages 104, 105, 113.

God Kabir tells his dear disciple Dharamdas that "in all four yugas (ages) I appear and run the Panth (cult) from my sons of Naad. I make one disciple each through which Kabir Panth is extended/propagated.   

Charon Yug dekho samvada, Panth ujagar keenho naada |
Kahan nirgun kahan sargun bhai, Naad bina nahee chaley panthaee ||

Complete God Kabir Saheb appeared by the name Satsukrat in Satyuga. Took Shri Sehtey Ji in the refuge; from whom His Panth got extended. As sage Munindra God appeared in Treta Yuga, took Shri Bankey Ji in the refuge, and made him his Naad son. By the name, Karunamay God appeared in Dwaparyug and took Shri Chaturbhuj in the refuge. In Kaliyuga God appeared by his actual name Kavirdev (Kabir) and took Shri Dharamdas Saheb in the refuge. 

Satyug mein Sat Sukrat ka tera, Treta naam Muninder mere |
Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya, Kalyug naam Kabir dharaya ||

Satjug shishey Sehte Ji kahaya, Dwapar Chaturbhuj naam sunaye |
Treta shishye Banke Ji bhai, Kalyug mein Dharmdas gusaain ||

Chaar guru hai jag kadihaara | Sukrat ansh aadi adhikara ||

Bankey Ji, Chaturbhuj aur Sehtey Ji | Sukriti jag mein chauthey bheji ||

Jag mein naam hohee Dharmdasu | Jeevan le rakhey such vaasu ||

Apart from this by appearing as Jinda Mahatma anywhere anytime God plays divine spectacle, imparts true spiritual knowledge then disappear, but people fail to recognize - Who is God? And continue wasting their precious human birth by doing unscriptural worship.

Charon yug mein mere sant pukare aur kook kaha hum hail re |
Heere manik moti barse yeh jag chugta dhel re ||”

  • Satyuga- To whom did God meet?
  • Tretayuga- To whom did God meet?
  • Dwaparyuga – To whom did God meet?
  • Kalyuga – To whom did God meet?

Let us study in detail to whom did God meet in Satyuga?

Satyuga - To Whom Did God Meet?

In Satyug when God Kabir descended by the name Satsukrat at that time, he made familiar the true spiritual knowledge to Shri Garud, King of Birds, to Shri Brahma and Savitri, Shri Vishnu and Laxmi, Shri Shiv and Parvati, and Shri Manu Ji. 

Gyani Garud hai das tumhara, tum bin nahee jeev nistara |
Itna keh Garud charan liptaya, sharan levo avigat raya ||

Aadi ant humre naahi, Madhya milawa moola |
Brahma ko gyan sunayeeya, dhar panda asthool ||

Shwet bhoomi ko hum gay, jahan Vishambhar naath |
Hariyam heera naam deye, asht kamal dal swanti ||

Hum bairagi Brahm pad, sanyasi Mahadev |
SohaM naam diya Shankar kun, kare hamari sev ||

Shri Manu Ji did not accept the true knowledge given by Kabir Saheb rather started ridiculing him saying you grant opposite knowledge, hence named Satsukrat an anonym ‘Vamdev’. (evidence in Kabir Sagar, Chapter Kabir Charitra Bodh, and in Shiv Puran page 606-607 Kailash Sanhita Chapter 1). Yajurveda Chapter 12 Mantra 4 mentions that Vaamdev understood the real knowledge of Yajurveda and explained the same to others. 

God protected devotee Prahlada by killing Hiranyakashipu by taking the form of Narasimha in Satyuga.

Garib, Sau chal Chidra mein karun, apney jan ke kaaj |
Hrinyakush jyun maar hun, Narsingh dharahun Saaj ||

God took a childless Brahman couple Vidhyadhar and Deepika in the refuge in Satyuga.

Tretayuga - To Whom Did God Meet?

In Treta Yuga, God Kabir appeared by the name Munindra and took Nal and Neel in the refuge. With his blessings, he removed their mental and physical diseases and by His grace only they had the power with which even the stones floated on the sea. The famous Ram Setu bridge was built by the grace of Almighty Kabir which Shri Ramchandra Ji was unable to do despite making all efforts. 

This is evident in the speech of respected Dharmadas Saheb, 

"Rahey Nal Neel jatan kar haar, tab Satguru se kari Pukar |
Jaa Sat Rekha likhee apar, Sindhu par Shila tiraney waley ||"

In Treta Yuga, the younger brother of King Ravana of Lanka, Vibhishana, received the knowledge of true devotion from Parameshwar Muninder Ji (Kabir Saheb ) and made them eligible for liberation. One Chandravijay who used to serve in the court of Ravan and wife Bhaktmati Karmvati who used to serve Queen Mandodri also came in refuge along with all the sixteen members of the family. God tried to convince arrogant Ravana to return Sita to Shri Ram but he did not agree. God took devout soul Shri Hanuman in the refuge. Also, Vedvigya named sage and his wife Surya came in the shelter of God Kabir.  

Dwaparyug – To Whom Did God Meet?

In Dwaparyug God Kabir appeared as a child on a lotus flower in Ramnagar city. The childless Valmiki couple (Kaalu and Godavari) took God in infant form to their home, named him Karunamay. God Kabir took Supach Sudarshan in his refuge and made Ashwamegh Yagya of Pandavas successful. Many sages, Maharishi, Mandleshwar were present even Lord Krishna was present, yet the conch did not blow. Kabir Parmeshwar played the conch in the form of Sudarshan Supach Valmiki and completed the Yagya of the Pandavas. 

There is evidence about this in the speech of Garibdas Ji Maharaj. 

"Garib Supach Roop dhari aayeeya, satguru purush Kabir |
Teen lok ki medni, sure nar muni jan bheer ||"

In Dwapar Yuga, the Supreme God Kabir chose a beloved soul named Chaturbhuj for propagating the cult. Gave knowledge to millions of beings and transcended this beloved soul. God surpassed Indumati, the queen of a king named Chandra Vijaya, and also blessed King Chandra Vijaya. 

Kalyuga – To Whom Did God Meet?

600 years ago Kabir Saheb appeared on a lotus flower, in Lehertala pond, in Kashi, Varanasi, India. A childless couple Neeru-Neema did the upbringing of God Kabir Saheb. He did many spectacles. God Kabir took Neki, Seu, and Samman in the refuge. He took Swami Ramanand Ji in his refuge by acquiring him as a guru. Many Hindu and Muslim devotees took shelter of God Kabir like King of Maghar Bijli Khan Pathan, Kaashi Naresh Veerdev Singh Baghel. Sikander Lodhi, the ruler of Delhi. God raised a dead boy and named him Kamaal, also the daughter of Sheikhtaki, the Muslim religious guru of Sikander Lodhi. That girl was named Kamaali. God brought up both Kamal and Kamaali as His children. Shri Nanak Dev Ji the founder of Sikhism also took refuge in God Kabir in Kalyuga. 

The temple of Jagan Naath was constructed by the grace of Almighty Kabir. It had flown 5 times by Sea then Kabir Saheb showing his ability to stop the sea so that the temple could be built.  That Kabir Chaura is present even today in Jagannath Puri, sitting where Kabir Saheb stopped the Sea.

Immortal God VS Mortal or Dummy Gods

At the beginning of this write-up while explaining -Who is God? According to Hinduism, it was understood that triple Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are mortal. There is one imperishable God who is the creator of the entire universe. Here we will read the evidence for the same. 

  • Who are Mortal Gods?
  • Who is the Immortal God?

Who are Mortal or Dummy Gods?

Pious holy scriptures provide evidence that Triple God's Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv are the sons of Brahm Kaal and Goddess Durga. This has been well explained in the creation of Nature.  These dummy gods are in the cycle of birth-death. 

There is evidence in Shri Devi Purana in Skand 3, Chapter 5, page 123 that prime Hindu triple Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are not immortal. They take birth (aavirbhav) and die (tirobhava). Goddess Durga; the mother of Tridevs is compared to a snake who produces then eats her children. Everything in the 21 universes of Brahm is subject to destruction.

"Maya kaali Nagini, apne jaaye khaat |
Kundli mein chode nahee, sau baaton ki baat ||"

Pious Shri Shiv Mahapurana on pages 24 to 26, Vidhveshwar Sanhita, and the pages no. 110, Adhyay 9, Rudra Sanhita, Pious Markandeya Purana and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13 Verse 19 and 21 provides evidence of the existence of Prakriti/Durga and Purush/Kaal and three Gunas (Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, Tamgun Shiva). All these are mortal gods. 

Gita Chapter 14 Verse 3 to 5 ‘Brahm Kaal tells he place seed in the womb of Durga from which all living beings are formed. He is the father of all and Durga is the mother. Gita Chapter 4 Verse 5 and 9, Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12, Gita Chapter 10 Verse 2, Brahma tells Arjuna- ‘you and I have had several births, you do not know I know’. Gita Chapter 8 Verse 16, and Chapter 9 Verse 7 states that even Brahmlok is perishable. In Gita Chapter 7 Verse 12 to 15 and 20 to 23  it is written that considering three God's Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva as doer those who worship them are demonic, lowest amongst man, evildoers, and foolish people. 

God Kabir Saheb in His nectar speech has said:

Ab mein tumse kahun chitai, tirdevan ki utpatti bhai
Maa Ashtangi pita Niranjan, yeh jum darun vansan anjan
Pehle kinha Niranjan rayee, peechey se maya upjayee
Maya roop dekh aatee shobha, Dev Niranjan tan man lobha
Niranjan kinha bhog vilasa, maya ko rahee tab aasaa
Teen putar Ashtangee jaaye, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv naam dharaye

600 years ago Almighty God Kabir told in Sukshma Veda (Kabir Sagar, Chapter Gyan Bodh, Bodh Sagar Part 1, page 21) that the worship of three Gunas Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva does not provide salvation, not even that of Goddess Durga and her husband Brahm. Hence, useless, it is the sheer wastage of human birth. 

"Gun teeno ki bhakti mein, bhool pado sansaar | 
Kahe Kabir nij naam bina kaise utre paar ||

Teen Dev ki jo kartey bhakti | Unki kade naa hovey mukti ||

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj tells in his nectar speech that ‘Brahm Kaal, Durga/Prakriti, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv have trapped innocent souls in their Trigunmayee Maya and do not let souls attain emancipation. 

"Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar, Maya aur Dharmrai kahiye |
In panchon mil parpanch banaya, vaani humri lahiye ||
In panchon mil Jeev atkaye, jugan jugan hum aana chutai |
Bandichod hamara naamam, Ajar amar hai asthir thaam ||

Who is the Immortal God?

God Kabir is the immortal God who comes to this mortal world to liberate pious souls. God Kabir is free from the disease of birth-death. God Kabir is Supreme God who by entering all three worlds nurtures everyone (Gita Chapter 16 Verse 16,17,18). The complete God is KavirDev. Unlike mortal Gods and their incarnations, Almighty Kabir is not born from a mother's womb. 

Ram Krishna avtaar hai, inka nahee sansar |
Jin Saheb sansar rachaa, Vo kinhun na janma naari ||

God Kabir Saheb Ji has told that Shri Ram, Shri Krishna is the incarnation of God Vishnu who is the Lord of only 16 skills. There is a separate God than them who has infinite skills. His name is Kabir Dev (Kabir Saheb). He is self-proclaimed. 

Kabir, chaar bhuja ke bhajan mein, bhool pare Sab sant |
Kabira, sumre tasu ko, Jakey bhuja anant ||

Complete happiness, eternal peace, and Salvation will be attained with His worship. Vedas provide evidence (Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 4 Mantra 3) that complete God KavirDev is only worth worshipping. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv are mortal Gods. Their worship cannot provide complete liberation. 

"Haad chaam lahu nahee mere, koi jaane Satnaam upasi |
Taaran taran abhay pad data, mein hun Kabir avinashi ||

In Gita Chapter 15 Verse 17 the giver of the knowledge of Gita tells “Uttam PurusH tu anya” means the supreme God is other than him about whom there is a reference in Gita Chapter 4, Verse 34. In Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 Brahm tells Arjuna ‘to go in the refuge of Superior God. He is none other than Almighty KavirDev. 

Yajurveda Chapter 40, Mantra 10 tells that the enlightened saint will provide the information about that supremely intelligent being, which means God who is the creator. He is Param Akshar Brahm/Satpurush. 

Brahma Purana provides evidence that Aadi Purush Parmeshwar KavirDev is only worshipable

Note: With aforesaid shreds of evidence, it is clear that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are mortal gods and are in the subjugation of Kaal Brahm who is the owner of 21 perishable universe. The immortal God Kabir is the owner of infinite universes. He is All-capable, all-pervading.

Who is God as per Prophecies of World-Renowned Astrologers?

God descends in this world and plays the role of a true enlightened saint. Much has been prophesied about the World religious Leader (actually God in the form of Tatvadarshi Saint) who is the Savior. It has been said by a famous French foreteller Nostradamus that Chyren (divine) will be from India who will provide scriptures based worship. He will be a middle-aged Nobleman who will bring the Golden Era and that Chyren will be a Hindu. He will liberate souls from Butcher Brahm-Kaal (devil/Shaitan) by imparting true spiritual knowledge which will sway ignorance across the globe, thereby, attainment of emancipation. Similarly, many other foretellers like Chiero, an astrologer from England, Mr Vegiletin, an American woman astrologer Jean Dixon, Mr Gerard Crise from Holland, Mr Charles Clark from America, a Hungry woman astrologer ‘Boriska’, Dr Zulvoron of France, Professor Harare of Israel, Shri Anandacharya of Norway, Jaigurudev, Sant Tulsidas of Mathura, etc. have predicted about the great Chyren who in reality is Param Akshar Brahm, Bandi Chod, God Kabir Dev.

Existence of God According to Science

Many scholars and scientists since ages have made several efforts to prove the existence of God. The base of their evidence remained confined till the description of the earth and universe rather than defining- Who is God? Scientists believe that God; the Supreme being; is just an imaginary identity, and does not exist in reality. They claim that the existence of the Omniscient God who is considered to be the creator of infinite Universes is embellished and is merely imaginary. They had argued that every physical object is finite containing a finite amount of power that includes all planets, stars, etc but the fact remains that there must be some infinite power (meaning God) to push forth the movement of all these finite objects existing in the Solar system. Some scientists argue that the existence of God is compatible with science. Science does not believe that infinite power (God) is in shape (form). However, Scientists fail to distinguish - How can the universe exist with God and one without? On the other hand, the rational argument by some scientists reveals that there is definitely some higher being whose perfection is reflected in His creation, that Supreme-being is God. 

Note: The end of science is the beginning of the existence of the divine. The shreds of evidence for the same have been provided in this article, which proves God is in human form. He resides in the ultimate abode. 

So where is that ultimate abode where God resides; is what this write-up will explain further.  

Where Does God Reside?

Almighty Kabir resides in the third region of Dhoolok, (Arsh-Kursh). God Kabir, Himself created the third Mukti Dham Satlok/Sachkhand which is eternal. He is enthroned in the center of Satlok in a highly radiant form under a huge white dome (Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18).

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda,

Arsh kursh par safed gumut hai, jahan Parmeshwar ka dera |
Shwet chatr sir mukt virajey, dekhat na uss chehre nuu ||

The liberated souls who have gone from the twenty-one universes of Brahm Kaal get a permanent place in the immortal abode Satlok, ‘Shashwat Sthan’ or ‘Sanatan ParamDhaam’. (Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 16). 

God (Bhuvnopari) is seated (Tishthatee) on the topmost abode which is self-illuminating and is controlling and providing benefit to everyone while sitting there. (Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 54 Mantra 3).

God who is the ocean of happiness resides in that eternal peaceful abode; Satlok and keeps appearing in the lower regions as Saint; meets virtuous souls and imparts true spiritual knowledge (Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 94 Mantra 2). 

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda, that is, the nectar speech of Sachidanandghan Brahm speech

Avdhu avgat se chala aaya, mera koi bhed maram na paaya |
Na mera janam na garbh basera, balak ban dikhlaya ||
Kaashi nagar jal kamal pe dera, tahan Julahe ne paya |
Maat pita mere kachu nahi, na mere ghar dasi |
Julhe ka sut aan kahaya, jagat kare meri hansi || 
Paanch tatav ka dhad na mere, janu gyan apaara |
Satswaroopi naam sahib ka, wohe naam hamaraa ||
Adhardeep (Satlok) aur gagan bhawan gupha mein, danaj vastu saaraa ||
Tera Jyot swaroopi Alakh niranjan who dharta dhyan humara ||
Haad chaam lahu na mere, koi jane satnaam upasi |
Taran taran abhay pad daataa, mein hun Kabir avinashi ||

God Kabir states the location of His immortal abode Himself in the nectar speech and tells He descends in this deceased world to liberate trapped souls from the web of butcher Kaal.

Solah Shankh par hamara takiya, gagan mandal ke Jinda |
Hukm hisabi hum chal aaye, katan yam ke phanda ||
Hum hai Satlok ke wasee, Das kahaye pragat bhaye Kaashi |
Nahee Baap na maata jay, ab gatihi se hum chal aaye ||

Almighty Kabir took respected Sant Garibdas Maharaj to Satlok. The eye-witness Garibdas Ji thereafter, glorified Satlok

'Ajab nagar mein le gaya, humko Satguru aan. Jhilke bimb agadh gati, sure chadar taan'||

Further, he tells ‘How much happiness is there in Satlok? 

'Maan to chal re sukh ke Sagar, Jahan shabd sindhu ratnagar' ||

'Jahan sankho lehar mehar ki upje, kehar nahee Jahan koi | 
Das Garib achal avinashi, sukh ka Sagar soi' ||

He says that the abode of God is infinite. There God always remains with His souls.

'Garib, agam anahad bhoomi hai, jahan naam ka deep | 
Ek palak bichde nahee, rehta naino beech' ||

In ‘Sumiran Ka Ang’ Garibdas Ji Maharaj writes 

‘Garib, gagan mandal mein rehat hai, avinashi aap alekh|
Jugan-jugan satsang hai, ghar-ghar khel bhekh ||

Garib, kaya maya khand hai, khand raaj aur paat |
Amar naam nij bandage, Satguru sein bhai saanth ||

Meaning: The complete God residing in Gagan Mandal means Sky which is ‘Alekh’, that is, not visible from earth. It is 48000 quadrillion kilometers from earth and is indestructible.

Evidence of the residence of God is also provided in Holy Bible Genesis 1:1, 1:27, 2:26 - 2:30, and Psalm 11:4. 

Quran Sharif Surah Furqan 25 Aayat 52-59.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib on page 8

Sachkhand vase Nirankar, Kar kar vekhe nadir nihaal 
Tithe khand mandal varbhand, Je koi kathe ta ant na ant॥ 

In Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi in ‘Sakhi Sachkhand di’.

In Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62, and Chapter 7 Verse 29.

Also read: Form of God in Gita, Quran, Bible & Guru Granth Sahib

How to Attain Param Akshar Purush/ Supreme God?

Param Akshar Brahm/Satpurush/Akal Purush/Shabad Swaroopi Ram/ Aadi Ram, that is, God Kabir Dev is attainable by chanting true salvation mantras provided by the enlightened saint whose identity has been told in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 3 and 4, and Yajurveda Chapter no.40 from Verse no. 10 till 13. He provides the three-words coded salvation mantra ‘OM-Tat-Sat’ mentioned in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23. 

‘OM Tat Sat iti nirdeśho brahmaṇas tri-vidhaḥ smṛitaḥ’ 

The same has been told in Quran Sharif that Allah Ta'ala is attainable by reciting ‘Ain-Seen-Qaaf’

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj through this speech glorifying God Kabir says

Garib, naulakh Nanak naad mein, dus lakh Gorakh paas ||
Anant sant pad mein miley, koti tirey Raidas ||

To liberate His dear souls God Kabir comes in all four ages. Respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj says that "nine lakhs souls like Nanakdev Ji, ten million souls like Gorakh Naath and millions of souls like Ravidas have been liberated by taking shelter of God Kabir and doing true worship. 

The Essence

God Kabir is Purna Parmatma has been proved from the above-mentioned shreds of evidence. God Kabir is the one about whom it is said 

Twamev mata cha pita twameva |
Twamev bandhu cha sakha twameva |
Twamev vidhya cha dravidam twameva |
Twamev sarvam mam dev devaH ||

He is the Ram of Hindus, Allah of Muslims, Waheguru of Sikhs, and the Lord of Christians. God is one. He only is worshipable. Seekers of different religions worship arbitrarily due to ignorance but do not worship the complete God; who is the God of Gods. Due to ignorance, no one sings His glory. He is called the destroyer of evils and provider of happiness. 

Therefore, Kabir Saheb has said in His nectar speech that 

Bhajan Karo us Rab ka, Jo data hai Kul Sabka ||

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Eke sadhey sab sadhey, sab sadhey sab jaye |
Mali seenchey mool ko, phale pholey aghay ||

Meaning: The worship should only be done of complete God who is the ocean of happiness. There is evidence in Yajurveda Chapter 8 Verse 13 that complete God forgives even grave sins of His seekers. That imperishable God is KavirDev. 

Garibdas Ji in ‘Sumiran ka Ang’ says 

‘Ram Kabir ka naam jap bhaiya, je tera paar chalne ko dil hai Ji”

Garibdas Ji also glorifies God Kabir in his nectar speech 

‘Kya parmeshwar ki Mahima kahen, jaisa kya paras ka mole ||’ 

Meaning: Imperishable Sanatan God Kabir is incomparable. How much could be glorified is even less. He is precious, eternal, highly illuminating. 


Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34 says ‘unless that Tatvadarashi Sant is found, the welfare of the soul will not happen’. He only grants true salvation mantras.

Almighty Kabir is presently playing a divine spectacle in the cover of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. God exists physically on earth as on date. 600 years ago when God descended in Kashi, India we could not identify due to ignorance but today we need to recognize Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, who is God. Human birth is obtained after suffering in 84 lakh life species. It is highly precious. The only purpose of human birth is to do true worship of God Kabir and get rid of the vicious cycle of birth and death and attain emancipation. Tattavdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only authorized saint currently on earth who is providing scriptures based on true worship with which Satlok; the eternal abode, is attainable. Whoever needs to get peace in this life and afterlife then without delay he/she should take refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj  who is granting true worship of God Kabir Saheb with which souls will attain emancipation. 

FAQs about Who is Immortal God

Q.1 How can I see God in real life?

Blessed souls of God can only see Him by His grace. The possibility to see God can be possible by doing scriptures-based worship as directed by enlightened Saints.

Q.2 Who is Almighty?

Holy scriptures of all religions and those saints who met God prove that Kabir is Almighty. He is Supreme God.

Q. 3 Who is the God of the universe?

God is one and only KavirDev. All Holy scriptures of all religions provide evidence for the same.

Q.4 Who is God (Allah) in Islam?

In Holy Quran Sharif, Surat Furkan 25 Ayat 52 -59, Knowledge giver of Quran Sharif directs Hazrat Muhammad ji to take the shelter of that Jinda ( Allah Kabir) who is the destroyer of sins.

Q.5 Who is God according to the Bible?

In the Orthodox Jewish Bible, Iyov 36:5, It's written that Almighty God is Kabir

Q.6 Who is the real God?

The real God can destroy our sins and can give us all the benefits. In Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 18 Verse 67 it's mentioned to go into the shelter of that God who can give ultimate peace and salvation.

Q.7 Who is the God of the world?

Scriptures of all religions prove that Kabir is Almighty. He is the God of the whole world.

Q.8 Who is God in your life?

The one who can give us all happiness, can solve all our problems is God in our lives. Lord Kabir only fulfills all our Desires.

Q.9 Who is the 1st person created by God?

People consider Adam as the 1st person created by God. But in the book "Aao Jain Dharm Ko Jaane" on Pg.No. 154 it's written that the soul of Rishabhdev was reborn as Adam. It means there were souls before him. In fact, God created 16 sons at inception by His word power whose details are mentioned in Sukshamveda.

Q.10 Who is the most powerful God?

The God who created the entire universe is Almighty God. In Holy Quran Sharif, Surat Furkan 25 Ayat 52 -59, it's written that Almighty God created the whole universe in 6 days and sat on the throne on the 7th day and his name is Kabir. The same is mentioned in holy Vedas, pious Srimad Bhagavad gita, holy Bible etc scriptures.

Q.11 Who is the father of Lord Shiva?

In Shiva Puran, Vidhweshwar Samhita Chapter 10, God Sadashiva (Kaal/Brahm) is calling Vishnu, Brahma, and Mahesh his sons which proves Kaal / Brahm is the father of Lord Shiva. The same evidence is found in pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Markandeya Puran, Vishnu Purana etc.

Q.12 Where is God in our life?

God's mercy and power can be felt by doing his worship by taking initiation from his authorized Saint and can feel him in all the areas of our life.

Q.13 Why did God create us?

Every soul on this earth is the soul of God. He created us as His children to start nature and its activities.

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Chavi Kaur

Ashwathama, King Mahabali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripacharya and Parashurama are the seven death-defying or imperishable personalities

Satlok Ashram

No creature can beat death not even gods in 21 universes of Brahm Kaal also souls residing in ParBrahm's world. In both these regions all creatures and everything is perishable. Immortality is only in the eternal world means Sanatan ultimate abode Satlok. Yet God is one and only Kabir Dev, the creator of entire universes. Rest all are his children created by His word power.

Meenu Sahai

Devapi is believed to be the elder brother of King Shantanu the great grandfather of Pandavas. He is an immortal sage.

Satlok Ashram

No sage, saint no matter whatever devotion they might have done can at the most achieve some accomplishments but cannot attain immortality till they are resident in 21 universes of Brahm Kaal since all creatures here are in vicious cycle of birth and rebirth and suffer in 84 lacs life form. It is only after reaching Satlok the soul becomes immortal but none can be equivalent to supreme God KavirDev.

Narayan Dixit

Whilst other characters from the Ramayan achieved their sought-after Moksha, Hanumanji shunned the heavens and requested to remain on Earth as long as Lord Ram is venerated by people, Brahma's boon and Indra's boon are two of the causes of his immortality.

Satlok Ashram

This is a myth. none of the characters from Ramayana had attained salvation including Lord Ram. All are in the cycle of birth and rebirth. Hanuman was devout but had no power to shunn heaven. Moreover, heaven is also destructible. Boons granted to him by Brahma and Indra are mere folktales. The fact is after being expelled from Ayodhya, disappointed Hanuman was blessed by Almighty Kabir Dev in sage Muninder form in Tretayug who gave him true spiritual knowledge, showed Satlok and made him eligible for attainment of Salvation. The soul of Hanuman will take birth again in Kalyug then Almighty Kabir will take him to shelter. Then the welfare of Hanuman will happen which is awaited. Hanuman is not immortal.

Ravi Singh

According to Indian Mythology Sage Ved Vyas the epitome of erudition and wisdom who composed Mahabharat is believed to be immortal. Is it true?

Satlok Ashram

No creature, no matter whatever state of spirituality one may attain as long as he/she is residing in 21 universes of Brahm Kaal cannot attain the state of immortality unless they attain salvation by the grace of Almighty and reach to Satlok the Sanatan ultimate abode. Ved Vyas was a great sage who had limited accomplishments that too granted by God. He is in cycle of birth and rebirth.

Indu Verma

Immortal can mean "to live eternally until the destruction of universes. Who is immortal in this world?

Satlok Ashram

Only God KavirDev who is the creator of entire universes and resides in ultimate abode Satlok is immortal. Infact, all creatures/souls residing there are immortal but they are not God.