Almighty Immortal God (Allah Kabir) in Quran Sharif (Islam)

Almighty Immortal God (Allah Kabir) in Quran Sharif (Islam)

Every human being has the curiosity to know, Who is the supreme power who has created the universe? Why do according to their religious beliefs, people call their supreme power God / Allah / Khuda / Rab / Bhagwan / Parmatma. Followers of the Hindu religion believe that their Hindu religion is good and their Bhagwan/God (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) are supreme powers and creators. Devotees, practising Christians claim Christianity is the best religion and devotees practising Sikhism say Sikh religion is the best. The Islam belief is that their Islam religion is great, their followers believe it’s the best religion and Allah/Khuda is Omnipotent and is the only deity who is the creator of the universe.

When people will have correct spiritual knowledge then they will know that we are all children of one God. We are not different. When we will completely get familiar with the spiritual knowledge of GOD then we will not see anyone as separate, everyone will seem to be ours. Everyone will appear to be ours. As long as we are not familiar with the true knowledge we consider our respective religions to be superior and we consider other’s religion to be inferior. This is also our spiritual ignorance that we even call religion to be good or bad. 

To understand any religion, we should not see towards their followers, because usually the followers themselves do not know what their religion and faith talks about. Usually the best way to know about a religion is to refer to their religious books. Therefore, if we want to know about the Islam religion, then we should not look towards Muslims. We should refer to the Islamic Holy Books. 

Let us assess Islam religion and their belief- Who is Allah according to Islam?

God in Islam | Allahu Akbar (Kabir) in Holy Book Quran Sharif

According to The Encyclopaedia Britannica 2007 and Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa, Allah is the only God/Khuda and He is only the creator of the universe. Muslims praise Allah as ‘la ilaha illa Allah’ which means ‘There is no Deity but God’. They also say ‘Allahu Akbar’ means ‘God is greater’. But Muslim brothers, without understanding Quran Sharif properly, without properly understanding its verses, Aayats, have made it final that the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif is Great God. Whereas, evidences from Quran Sharif clearly explain that the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif provides knowledge of his level and in the end leaves an option to ask information about that ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Greater God) from a ‘Bakhabar / Illamwala’ ie. from a Tatvadarshi saint (Enlightened Saint). He is the creator and worthy to be worshipped. He is Almighty Allahu Akbar. Let us examine the evidence.

Allah Kabir in Holy Quran Sharif, Surat Furkani 25, verse no. 52-59

Reference Mutarjam Barhashiya, classical Arabic Manual in Nagri script, translator is Nand Kumar Awasthi, Sherwani Edition clarifies that Allah’s name is Kabir, means the great GOD. 

Verse 25:52:- Fala-Tutiyal-Kafiran-ve-Jahidhum-Bihi-Jihadan-Kabiran”, it is clearly written ‘Kabiran’

We can call it ‘Kabir’ or  Kabira’ or ‘ Kabiran’ or ‘Khabira’ or ‘Khabiran. It is clear this is Kabira.

The translators of the Quran interpret it as "do not obey the disbelievers, and strive against them with the Qur'an a great striving"

However, Prophet Muhammad’s God is saying that Oh Prophet! Do not listen to the kafir (disbelievers, who instead of worshipping one God, worship other gods–goddesses and idols etc) because those people do not consider Kabir as the Supreme God. You may remain firm on the basis of the knowledge of the Quran given by me that, Kabir only is the Supreme God, and may struggle (Do Not Fight) i.e. remain rigid for Allah Kabir. 

Verse 25:58: - Va tavakkal' alal'- harulliji la yamutu va sabbih' bihm'dihi va kafaa bihi bijunoobi ibadihi Khabira (Kabira)

The knowledge giver of Quran Sharif is giving information about some other AllahTala, about Supreme God, Allah Kabir. He says ‘O-Prophet trust that ‘Zinda’ who met you inform as ‘Zinda Saint’,  trust Him, who never dies, means HE is immortal, and praise Him; means HE is different than the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif, whom he is telling to praise; that God. He destroys the sins of His devotees. 

That Allahu Akbar himself says in ‘Suksham Ved’ which is GOD given, nectar-like true spiritual knowledge - Kabir GOD says ‘I took Mohammad there’. 

“Icchaa Roopi Wahan Nahee raho, Ult Mohammad mahal pathaya, Guj Biraj Ek kalma le aaya, Roza Bang Namaz dayee re, Bismil ki nahee baat kahee re”

He tried to make Hazrat Mohammad understand but he had a lot of followers and glory (Lordship) by then on earth, therefore Hazrat Mohammad did not agree to live there in Satlok.

Verse 25:59: - All'ji khalakassmaavaati val'arj va ma bainhuma fi sittati ayyaamin' summastwa alal'arshi arrh'maanu fs'al' bihi Khabiran' (Kabiran') 

The knowledge giver of Quran Sharif says HE is the same GOD, Allahu Akbar ‘Kabir, who created the entire universe and all that is between the Earth and Sky in six days and sat on the throne, in His Eternal Place (Satlok) on the seventh day. Ask about the real Knowledge of that Supreme God and about His information from a Baakhabar / Tatvadarshi Saint, as to how can He be attained. I do not know. It has been proved that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif does not know about Him.

Allah Kabir in Holy Fazal-E-Amal

Fazael-E-Zikr, Aayat 1, mentioned Allah is Kabir. He is the Puran Parmatma/ the Almighty Kabir. He is the complete God.

‘Wallat Kabir Bullah Aala Maha dakoobwala Allah kumdar guru’

तुम कबीर अल्लाह की बढ़ाई बयां करो l इस बात पर तुम को हिदायत फरमाए ताकि तुम शुक्र करो अल्लाह ताला का l वह कबीर अल्लाह तमाम पोशीदा और जाहिर चीजों को जानने वाला है l वह कबीर आलीशान रुतबे वाला है l कबीर गुनाहों से बचाने वाला है l

You glorify the Almighty Kabir Allah. He should give the instructions so that you thank Allahtala. That Kabir Allahtala is Omnipotent. That Kabir is Royal. Kabir saves from sins.

From the above Aayats of Quran Sharif this is proved that God/ Allah is none other than Kabir. This proves that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif is not the complete GOD, is not AllahTala whom the whole Muslim community worships, assuming him to be their Allah.

Who is the giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif?

Reference: Biography of Hazrat Mohammad Salalahu Alesee Vassallam, Mohammad Inayatullah Subhani, translated by Naseem Ghazi Palani, Markazee Maktaba, Islami Publishers, D-307, Dawat Nagar, Abdul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, printed by H.S. Offset prints, New Delhi-2.
A detailed description is mentioned on page no. 59

Brahm, the Lord/Swami of these twenty-one Brahamands (where all souls are trapped) also called ‘Kshar Purush / Kaal’. This Kaal had only given the knowledge of all four Vedas, Gita, Quran Sharif and Bible by force. 

This ‘Kaal Brahm’ gave the knowledge of ‘Quran Sharif / Quran Majid’ through Jabreel Angel to Hazrat Mohammad ji by force. All Muslim brothers believe whatever knowledge the narrator of Quran Shariff gave (whom they consider as their Allah) he gave it as it is, without any mistake through an Angel to Hazrat Mohammad. Be it announcement or directly or they were fed telegraphically. As a result, the whole Muslim community believes that the narrator of Quran Sharif is Allahu Akbar and worships him. 

This ‘Kaal’ only gave the knowledge of the Holy Bible- Taurat, Injeel and Zabur. On Dawood the heavenly book Zabur descended, On Musa ji the heavenly book Taurat descended and on Isaji the heavenly book Injeel descended by this Kaal Brahm by the announcement. Bible is the collection of these three Holy books Jaboor, Tawrat, and Injil. Means these are bound.

Ref: Gita Chapter 11, Shloka 32: Pious Gita Ji knowledge also, he only spoke by entering in Shri Krishanji’s body He says, I am ‘Kaal’. He showed his scary form to Arjun when he didn’t agree with him. Showed his ghastly look due to which a warrior like Arjun also started shivering, and agreed to whatever he said.

Who is Bakhabar / Illamwala / Tatvadarshi Saint?

The giver of the Knowledge of Quran Sharif leaves the option to ask about His (Great God/Allah) information from a Bakhabar/Illamwala/Tatvadarshi Saint. He does not even keeps His (Supreme GODs) information. He is advising to ask from some ‘Bakhabar’ means ‘Tatvadarshi saint’ for information about Him (complete GOD). 

Quran Sharif- Surat Al Furqan 25:59  

He who created the heavens and the earth and what is between Sky and Earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne - the Most Merciful [Kabir], so ask about Him one well informed.

Bakhabar is a well-acquainted Saint who has complete knowledge of all Holy scriptures. He is called the Enlightened Saint/Dheeranam. He knows the complete creation of the world, which means he is fully aware of the creation of the universe.

What is the True Definition & Meaning of Allahu Akbar (Kabir)?

‘Allahu Akbar’ means ‘The Almighty is the most significant or Allah/God is the greatest’. This is a common exclamation in Islam. This is used in Islamic prayer ceremony as a declaration of faith both during times of great Joy or distress.  

  • Azaan / Adhan (call to worship) is a prayer ceremony which is prevalent in Islam. In this ‘Allahu Akbar’ is recited as a short prayer phrase repeatedly. There is a mention of this way of worship in Sukshamveda. That complete GOD Kabir in true spiritual knowledge has told, That ‘I took Mohammad there in Eternal Place (Satlok) and when Hazrat Mohammad ji came back, three things he told- to keep Roza, give Bang (Azan) and do Namaz. 'Bismil', which means to slaughter animals, is not mentioned here.

‘Hum Mohammad ko wahan le gayo, Icchaa Roopi Wahan Nahee raho, Ult Mohammad mahal pathaya, Guj Biraj Ek kalma le aaya, Roza Bang Namaz dayee re, Bismil ki nahee baat kahee re’

What does Allah mean in Islam?

Allah In Islam means Supreme God/ the Almighty God who is the creator, sustainer and restorer of the world. Quran Sharif- Surat Furkaan 25, Verse-52 gives evidence that Allah is Great God. 

“Fala-Tutiyal-Kafiran-ve-Jahidhum-Bihi-Jihadan-Kabiran”- its clearly written ‘Kabiran’ we can call ‘Kabir/ Kabira/ Kabiran/ Khabira/ Khabiran. From this Aayat it is clear that the creator of the universe, the Almighty Kabir is ‘Allah/ Allahtala is Kabir.

Who is Allahu Akbar (Kabir) God in Islam?

Islam as spread by Prophet Muhammad in Arabia in the 7th Century CE, views Allah as the Sole God and they believe Him to be the creator, sustainer, and restorer of the world. The most sacred scripture they believe is Quran Sharif /Majid which Allah revealed to his Prophet Muhammad. To understand the Nature of prophethood in Islam it is imperative to mention Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Solomon. In Islam, Muhammad comes last in the series.

Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:53 - And it is He who has released [simultaneously] the two seas, one fresh and sweet and one salty and bitter, and He placed between them a barrier and prohibiting partition.

The knowledge giver of Quran Shariff says, that the great GOD Kabir, is the one who created the universe in six days and sat on throne on the seventh day. He created all between the Earth and sky. He is Kabir Allah, who moved two rivers, water of one is sweet, to quench thirst, and of other is salty-bitter, and made strong blockade, stoppage inside both.

Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:54 - And it is He who has created from water a human being and made him [a relative by] lineage and marriage. And ever is your Lord competent [concerning creation].

He (Allah) is the one who made man with a drop of water and made him someone’s son or daughter, or in-law, means someone’s son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and your Lord is powerful.

Quran Sharif- Surat Furkaan 25:55 - But they worship rather than Allah that which does not benefit them or harm them, and the disbeliever is ever, against his Lord, an assistant [to Satan].

It is said that the infidels worship someone apart from Allah, who can neither provide them any gains nor can harm them. And infidels have turned away from our Lord, have turned their backs. 

Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:56 - And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a bringer of good tidings and a warner.

O-Prophet I have sent you to tell good news and for scaring them from the amazing. 

Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:57 - Say, "I do not ask of you for it any payment - only that whoever wills might take to his Lord a way."

Tell them that I do not ask anything for this Allah’s order, but, yes, whoever wants Lord should make a move.

This has made clear that Allhu Akbar (God) in Islam is Kabir. 

Muslim people due to lack of complete spiritual knowledge make the meaning of Kabir as big (great). They do not agree that Kabir is the name of God (Allah).

Reference: Biography of Hazrat Mohammad Sallahu Alehee Vasal. Publisher Mohammad Inayatulla Subhanee translator Naseeb Markazee Maktaba Islami Publishers, New Delhi. Jeevani Hazrat Mohammad (s.a.w.) hindi, Islami Sahitya trust, publication no.81, Sarvadhikar Publisher Dhinnaam basic book Mohammad Arbee urdu translated in Hindi.

Who was Baba Aadam?

Reference: Book ‘Aao Jain Dharam Ko Janne’ writer is Praveen Chandra Jain, M.A. Shastri, Jammu dweep Shastri, publisher is Smt.Sunita Jain, Jammudeep, Hastinapur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 

When these Pious Vedas, pious Geeta were narrated, there was no other religion except ‘Sanatan dharam’. When GOD comes in all four eras, He makes us aware of ‘Aadi Sanatan dharam. Apart from ‘Aadi Sanatan, another Sanatan dharam develops which was later called Hindu. Later, from Sanatan dharam itself emerged Baba Aadam, after him it was MusaAlehis-Salam, Hazrat Musaji, Hazrat Dawood ji, Hazrat Abrahimji, Hazrat Isaji, Hazrat Mohammad ji., Baba Aadam ie. Rishabdev Ji started Jain religion. He appeared as Baba Aadam after his death They all have originated from Baba Aadam. They are his descendants, his children. 

How was Allah Born

Reference:- Kabir Sagar Sampoorna 11 Bhag, Section 1, Kabirpanthee Bharat Pathik, Swami Yuglanand (Bihari), Printed and Published by Khemraj Shri Krishan Das Prakashan, Mumbai. Director: Shri Venkateshwar Press, Khemraj Shreekrishan Das Marg, Mumbai. Chapter Kabir Vaani, Bodhsagar page no 136-137  

The detailed description in Creation of Universe reveals that the Supreme Father, the Almighty, Creator of the whole universe, Master of humans is ‘KabirDev’. The Supreme GOD is Kabir. He is Allahu Akbar, ‘Param Akshar Brahm’. That immortal GOD does not take birth from Mother’s womb. He is in the shape of a human. His body is very effulgent.

Is Allah the Creator?

Allahu Akbar, the Supreme GOD, created the universe in six days and sat on throne on the seventh day, Quran Shariff has made this clear, the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif says, HE is same Allahu Akbar who created the universe in six days and sat on throne on the seventh day; ask about him from an Enlightened Saint. I do not know. 

Supreme God left on seventh day after finishing whole creation. Then Kaal took over earth’s affairs and this Kaal GOD also has given duty to his three sons - Brahma, Vishu and Shiva to take control of earth’s affairs. So later they took control. When GOD created Aadam (Adam) and Hawwa (Eve), (Muslims believe- He made Aadam with His word power and Hawwa with Aadam’s bone) then HE left them. Then this Kaal (Giver of the Knowledge of Quran Sharif) took control. It is said in ‘Sukshamveda that ‘He is that Muhamad, He is ‘Mahadev and that Aadam, He is Brahma’. This proves Allah Kabir is the creator

Reference:- Sampoorna Jeevan Adhyan Bible

How many Gods does Islam have?

Islam’s most trusted Scripture is Holy Quran Sharif/Majid and Muslims believe Allah is only God/Khuda the creator who has given the knowledge of Quran Sharif. But evidences prove that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif is not AllahTala. He is mentioning about some other Supreme Power, Great God and His information he says some Bakhabar / Illamwala will provide.

According to Islamic holy books Quran Sharif who is Allahu akbar (God)

Reference: creation of universe from heavenly book ‘Taurat’. Aasmani books Taurat, Jaboor, Anjel in Urdu Script, Copyright notice, published by BSI, 206 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore, Brilliant printers Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore 94. 

What do these Muslims believe is that Baba Adam was created first, and from his bone his wife Hawwa was created, and then all human beings were born from them. Muslim brothers believe Baba Adam as their first man, and they also believe that the one who gave knowledge of Quran Sharif, he himself says in Quran Sharif that, he had given the earlier holy books. They believe these four holy books - Pious Taurat, Pious Anjel, Pious Jaboor, Pious Quran Shariff or call it Quran Majid,

Muslim brothers also say that Quran Shariff is not only for Muslims but for all human beings of this world. It means it is applicable to earlier ones as well as to all in future. Holy Quran Sharif, Surat Surat Furkani 25, verse no. 52-59 proves Allahu Akbar is Kabir’ .

Islam belief in Birth/Rebirth/Re-creation/Day of Judgement

Reference: Quran Shariff, Sahanuwad Satippad, Shastriya Arbi Paddati in Nagri script,  translator is Nand Kumar Awasthi, Sherwani Sanskaran, Publisher is Lucknow book house, Mausambagh, Sitapur Road, Lucknow, 17th edition, Gospel printers.

Reference: Mukhtsar Tafseer Ahsanul Bayan Tarjuma, Maulana Mohammad Junagarhi Tafseer Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf Hindi Tarjuma Tarteeb Mohammad Tahir Hanif’, Darusalam publication and distributors.

Reference: Tajurma, Maulana Mohammad Fateh Khan Saheb, Maulana Abdul Majid Sarvar Saheb, Publisher is Farid Book Depot (pvt.) Ltd., Daryaganj, New Delhi.

Muslims do not believe in rebirth. They tell there is no rebirth They say that once you are born, then whichever way your death is decided by GOD, and it happens, then you will be buried in graves and on doomsday, means when there will be destruction of the whole world, there will be no earth, means when there will be dissolution of all things, there will be no sky, then you all will be taken out from those graves and you will be made alive. All those who obeyed the knowledge of Quran Sharif and continued worshipping according to His instructions will go to heaven, but those who didn't obey Him remained alienated, did nuisance, will goto hell. They call heaven as 'Bahisht' and hell as 'Dozakh', then forever they will not be born. This is their belief.

The followers are not at fault, rather these Qazis of Muslim religion who could not understand the secret of these sacred scriptures are at fault. They could not understand the meaning of Quran Sharif and all Muslims are confused. They have finalized that you are born and when you will die you will be buried in graves, when there be destruction of whole world, ie. at the end, Aakhirat, then Allah with his word power will bring you all to life. Then everyone would go to either heaven or hell. This is the end, then nothing will happen to them, this is the strong belief of Muslims.

Quran Sharif - Surah Al Anbiya 21:104 - The day we will wrap the sky, means during destruction, like how paper is rolled, wrapped, ‘Like I created earlier, I will repeat, I will re-create, this is my promise, I must do it!. 

The knowledge giver of Quran Shariff says like I created initially, I will wrap it, and then I will surely create again. Quran Sharif confirms that God will recreate it as He did initially, again He will do same.   

Quran Sharif, Surat Mullakki 67, Aayat no 1&2- ‘one who made death and life, means there is rebirth.

What is the reality? There is rebirth, but when does this Doomsday come? When one day of Brahma ji will be over means, will be completed then there will be complete destruction on earth, in all these three regions Heaven, Earth and in Netherworld. All creatures remain till this day after which all creatures will be destroyed, there will be water all around. This is called Doomsday.

Is Allah in Human Form?

Allahu Akbar resides in topmost region, above all regions, in that ultimate abode...”Arsh Kursh per Alleh Takhat hai”. He is visible like humans. He is in the form of human beings. He descends from there with speed, whole bodily, just like humans. He comes and explains His correct knowledge to his virtuous souls. Allahu Akbar, that great GOD, that omnipotent. Lord himself has told about His own creation of the universe. In Saint’s language, we call that ‘Satlok’ means Eternal place. God is enthroned which proves that He is sitting in Eternal Place ‘Satlok’ means God must be in form.

”Charon yug mein mere sant pukare, kook kaha hum hail re, Heere manik moti barsein, yeh jag chugta dhel re”

GOD comes in all four Eras, meets good souls. He met Respected Dharamdas ji from Bandhavgarh, Respected Malookdas Sahebji, respected Nanak Saheb ji, respected Dadu Saheb ji, Respected Garib Das Saheb ji from Chudani Village, Jhajjar, Haryana, respected Gheesadas Saheb ji from Khekra Village, Meerut Uttar Pradesh, respected Swami Ramanandji who was a great man in Kaashi, GOD met him. These great men saw GOD’s eternal place. Those great men told about the state of GOD. How is GOD? How is that region? How is that place? Those people told everything as they saw and narrated in their immortal speech, gave affidavit.

God Kabir, came 600 years ago in Kashi-UP, (Link Page-Kabir Sagar) India and did spectacle of a weaver (Dhanak Julaha) and became famous as a poet. That immortal GOD does not takes birth from Mother’s womb, HE comes and goes back with a body. This proves God/Allah is in Human Form.

How can we see the face of Allahu Akbar (Kabir)?

Muslims, infact people of whole world believe GOD is formless because they do not have correct spiritual knowledge. Muslims believe GOD is bodiless. Despite the fact that muslims believe that ‘Khane Kaba’ is the house of GOD and GOD is seated there, they say Allah is ‘Bechoon and explain His knowledge is everywhere. His power is everywhere. His authority is everywhere. He is Omnipresent. After death when they will go to Paradise then Insha-Allah (God willing) they will see the face of Allahu Akbar. They believe this is mentioned in one of the Hadees.

What is the reality? God is in human form. He made humans like His ownself. All Holy scriptures provide enough evidences. The eyewitnesses whom God Kabir took to ‘Sachkhand’, the Eternal place, described HIM to be same as Humans. GOD Allah is also like a human being. We can definitely see the face of Allahu Akbar

References: Four Vedas, Geeta Ji, Gurugranth Saheb, Bible and Quran Sharif 

Qualities of Supreme God /Allahu Akbar (Kabir) in Quran Sharif

Suarh-Al-Ikhlaas- is the Touchstone of Theology. Muslims believe whichever GOD one worships, if they want to know that whether He is right Allah / Khuda / GOD. Then the benchmark should be Suarh-Al-Ikhlaas. This is the measuring scale to judge whether HE is capable GOD, ‘Qadir’ GOD, Almighty or not and without capable GOD salvation cannot be attained.

This concept of God in Quran (Allah Kabir). Verses 1 - 4 of Suarh-Al-Ikhlaas are completely applicable on God Kabir (Allah Kabir)

Quran Sharif - Surah Al Ikhlas 112: 1 – 4

  • 112:1 - Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One,
  • 112:2 - Allah , the Eternal Refuge.
  • 112:3 - He neither begets nor is born,
  • 112:4 - Nor is there to Him any equivalent."


The knowledge giver of Quran Sharif is not the complete GOD. He cannot do mercy. He cannot change anyone’s destiny. If one has done good deeds, he will get happiness and if one is to get trouble due to sinful deeds, he will surely get. He cannot change it. Only complete GOD can change it, who is called AllahTala, Omnipotent GOD, Powerful GOD. In Saint’s language He is called ‘Satpurush’, in Quran Sharif’s language He is called Allahu Akbar/AllahTala. His name is Kabir GOD. He is our well-wisher. He is very kind. He is merciful. He can destroy our miseries. He only destroys our sins.

Dr Zakir Naik vs Sant Rampal Ji

FAQs about Who is Almighty Immortal Allah in Islam

Q.1 What do Muslims believe about God?

Muslim community considers Allah/God as formless but in Quran Sharif Surat Furkan 25 Ayat 59 it's written Allah created the whole universe in 6 days and sat on the throne on 7th day. How a formless God can sit? It proves that Allah is in form.

Q.2 Is Allah and Shiva same?

Allah who has delivered the knowledge of the Quran Sharif is Brahm/Kaal ie., father of Lord Shiva. So, Allah and Shiva are not the same.

Q. 3  What are the 8 powerful names of Allah?

The name of Allah is Kabir. Glorifying His qualities the believers of Islam call him by 8 most powerful names as: Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, Al-Muhaymin, Al-Ghaffar, Al-Qahhar, Al-Fattah, Al-Kareem, Al-Baseer

Q.4 What is Allah's real name?

The real name of Allah is Kabir sometimes written as Kabiran, Khabira, Khabiran, Akbar etc.

Q.5 Which is the strongest religion in the world?

If we see by population then Christianity is in majority in the world. But there's only one religion- the religion of humanity and its strongest religion in the world.

Q.6 Is Allah God?

Yes, Allah is a synonym used for God. It's taken from the word " al- illah" which means The God. Just like we say water as 'Jal, pani and neer' in different languages, Allah, God Paramatma, and Rab are synonyms of each other.

Q.7 Where did Allah come from?

Allah lives in an eternal abode named Satlok. He comes in every era to deliver His true spiritual knowledge.

Q.8 What does Allah look like?

Allah looks like a human. In Bible Genesis 1:26, it's written that God made humans like Himself. It means God is like humans.


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Zareen Bano

Allah/Khuda is formless. He cannot be seen

Satlok Ashram

Allah/Khuda/God can surely be seen since He is in human form. Evidence of the same is mentioned in holy scriptures of all religions.

Zubaid Khan

The Prophet Muhammad (sa) is considered only a message-bearer and not God himself. Tell us about Prophet Muhammad

Satlok Ashram

True, Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of Satan Brahm Kaal who is the owner of 21 universes and was not God. Allah/God is other than him who is the creator of entire universes and resides in Sanatan ultimate abode. To know in detail about Prophet Muhammad kindly visit our website.


The Quran declares "the reality of Allah, God has no parents and no children

Satlok Ashram

True Allah/God is self proclaimed. He does not take birth from mother's womb. He is all powerful. But the fact also is that we are all His children whom He created with his word power. This evidence is found in pious Quran Sharif Verse 25:52 till 59. Also in Genesis in the Bible and other holy scriptures like pious Vedas.

Rasool Khan

According to Islamic belief, No human eyes can see Allah till the Day Of Judgement

Satlok Ashram

This is a myth. Allah who is in human form can be seen provided one has attained a high spiritual level by doing true worship according to holy scriptures. Evidence prove that several blessed souls have had an audience of Allah. For details you may visit our website.

Mohd. Irfan

According to Islamic Scholar 'Ibn Kathir' Arab Pagans considered Allah as an unseen God who created and controlled the universe

Satlok Ashram

True Allah/God has created the entire universe in six days. Its proof is in the holy Quran Sharif Verse 25:52 to 59. But you are mistaken that Allah cannot be seen. Allah is in human form, residing in the eternal world from where he comes to meet his dearest souls. With true devotion the blessed souls can surely see and attain Allah.