Evidence of God Kabir in Rag (Raag) Siri Mehla 1 of the SGGS

Evidence of God Kabir in Rag (Raag) Siri Mehla 1

All souls of the eternal world ‘Satlok’ presently residing in the region of Brahm-Kaal were leading a happy and comfortable life but got highly fascinated by Satan Kaal ie. Jyoti Niranjan because of the severe penance he did in Satlok for the attainment of a separate region where he can rule and be the King. We all souls seeing his tantrums got highly impressed and got separated from our happiness-giving God (whose glory is sung in Raag Siri Mehla 1, in SGGS) who has created the entire universe and we all souls with His word power and has provided all luxuries and comforts. Thus, all souls failed in our loyalty towards our Master / Father and due to our fault came along with butcher Jyoti Niranjan-Kaal intending to lead a prosperous life in his twenty-one universes. But since the day we all souls have been separated from the happiness-giving God Kabir Saheb, we are being tortured by Brahm-Kaal. Soon we all souls realized that there is no trace of happiness in the twenty-one universes of Jyoti Niranjan Kaal. The great harassment to souls is bearing pain in 84 lakh life forms and the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth. 

Merciful Almighty Kabir (glorified in Raag Siri Mehla 1 in SGGS), intending to liberate misled and ignorant souls from the web of Brahm-Kaal descends in every age and meets His virtuous souls. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was one such pious soul who was in the refuge of Almighty Kabir in some of his earlier human births. The same soul of Nanak Ji was King Ambresh in Satyug and in Treta Yuga, he was King Janak, the father of Sita Ji. In Kalyug, he was famous by the name ‘Nanak’. 

Most venerable God Kabir, to impart true spiritual knowledge to His pious soul Nanak Dev Ji acquiring the form of a ‘Jinda Baba’ went to Punjab one day while Nanak Ji went to take bath in river Bein according to his routine and was meditating remembering God whom he believed is formless. Shri Nanak Dev Ji used to do Jaap of one Onkaar (OM) mantra and only considering it to be true used to say ‘‘Ek-onkar Nirankar’ (एक-ओकार निरंकार). 

God Kabir and Nanak Ji had a dialogue on the bank of river Bein that day in which Kabir Saheb explained to Nanak Ji that if such a God-loving pious soul like you is bearing the pain of birth and death then what will happen to a common man?. The way of your worship is arbitrary and cannot provide you liberation. The God whom you adore considering to be supreme power is incapable of providing you emancipation. The God who can provide you salvation is some other power who is in human form and resides in the ultimate abode called ‘Sachkhand / Satlok’. By taking refuge of a Tatvadarshi Saint (true spiritual leader) and by chanting the true salvation mantra only you can attain that immortal world ‘Sachkhand’.

Initially, Nanak Ji did not believe the words of ‘Jinda Baba’, Kabir Saheb since he could not identify the supreme power (praised in Raag Siri Mehla 1 in SGGS) but when Kabir Saheb provided facts from holy scripture pious Shrimad Bhagavad Gita then Nanak Ji had no answer because Nanak Ji daily used to recite Path from Gita Ji but was unaware of the spiritual facts that were revealed by Kabir Saheb. God Kabir told Nanak Ji that ‘OM’ is the mantra of Brahm-Kaal who is cursed to eat grime of one-lakh human bodies every day and produce 1.25 lakh every day. In Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 this Kaal himself tells warrior Arjun that ‘by all means, you go in the refuge of only that Supreme God by whose grace you will attain supreme peace and eternal supreme state’. He is only worthy to be worshipped and no one else. Jinda Baba told Nanak Ji that seekers chanting the ‘OM’ mantra remain in recurrence. To attain God / Param Akshar Purush / Akal Purush / Satpurush you need to chant the true salvation mantra provided by an enlightened saint.

Listening to the true spiritual knowledge Nanak Ji got highly motivated by the sacred speech of ‘Jinda Baba’ and requested him to show him that amazing immortal world. He wanted to have a vision of Akaal Purush / Shabad Swaroopi Ram. Then, God Kabir Saheb took the pious soul Nanak Ji to Satlok (Sachkhand) which is beyond the great heaven and showed him His SatPurush / Akal Purush form. Shri Nanak Ji saw a big beautiful throne in Satlok which was bedazzled with precious stones having a dome above it in which highly effulgent Akaal Purush was enthroned like an emperor and a flabellum was swaying over Almighty Kabir Saheb’s head on its own. Initially, Nanak Ji thought that this ‘Jinda Baba’ must be the servant of Akaal Purush but soon God Kabir in ‘Jinda Baba’ form got immersed into the highly effulgent Akaal Purush. Then Nanak Ji understood the fact that God is not formless (Nirakar) but is in human form.

Seeing the amazing immortal world Sachhkhand Nanak Ji did not feel like coming back to the mortal world of Brahm-Kaal therefore, requested Kabir Saheb to allow him to stay in Sachkhand forever. Kabir Saheb told Nanak Ji that Satlok can only be attained by doing true worship of Kabir Saheb after taking initiation from an enlightened (Tatvadarshi) saint (evidence Srimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 17 verse 23). Once the soul gains spiritual powers by doing true worship and chanting true salvation mantras then only he can be liberated. Kabir Saheb told Nanak Ji that ‘you will have to go back on earth to complete your worship. Glorify God as you have witnessed to your other brothers and sisters trapped in that deceased world of butcher Brahm-Kaal. Once you will gain spiritual powers and will become eligible I will liberate you’.

Nanak Ji remained with Almighty Kabir in Sachkhand for three days then God Kabir released the soul back into the body. After that Shri Nanak Ji eulogized the eye-witnessed glory of God Kabir, which is present in his sacred speech in Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Mehla Pehla. Only after God Kabir gave Shri Nanak Ji Jaap of Satnaam, Shri Nanak Ji got liberated from Kaal’s region.

God Kabir Evidence in Rag (Raag) Siri Mehla 1 of the SGGS

Addressing Kabir Saheb as ‘Kartar’ whom he saw both in Sachkhand (as Satpurush) and in Kaashi, Varanasi in the form of a weaver Nanak Ji sang ‘Dhaanak roop raha Kartar

Rag (Raag) “Siri” Mehla 1, page no 24, Shabd no.29

Rag Siri Guru Granth Sahib

शब्द एक सुआन दुई सुआनी नाल, भलके भौंकही सदा बिआल
कुड़ छुरा मुठा मुरदार, धाणक रूप रहा करतार।।1।।
मै पति की पंदि न करनी की कार। उह बिगड़ै रूप रहा बिकराल।।
तेरा एक नाम तारे संसार, मैं ऐहो आस एहो आधार।
मुख निंदा आखा दिन रात, पर घर जोही नीच मनाति।।
काम क्रोध तन वसह चंडाल, धाणक रूप रहा करतार।।2।।
फाही सुरत मलूकी वेस, उह ठगवाड़ा ठगी देस।।
खरा सिआणां बहुता भार, धाणक रूप रहा करतार।।3।।
मैं कीता न जाता हरामखोर, उह किआ मुह देसा दुष्ट चोर।
नानक नीच कह बिचार, धाणक रूप रहा करतार।।4।।

Ek suaan duii suaani naal, bhalke bhaunkahi sadaa biaal ll Kud chhura mutha murdaar, Dhaanak roop raha kartar ll1ll

Mai pati ki pand na karni ki kaar, uh bigdae roop raha bikraal ll Tera ek naam tare sansaar, main eha aas eho aadhaar ll

Mukh ninda aakha din raat, par ghar johi neech sanaat ll Kaam krodh tan vasah chandaal, Dhaanak roop raha kartar ll2ll

Faahi surat malooki ves, uh thagvaada thagi des ll Kharaa siaana bahuta bhaar, Dhaanak roop raha kartar ll3ll

Main keeta na jaata huraamkhor, uh kia muh desa dusht chor ll Nanak neech kah bichaar, Dhaanak roop raha kartar ll4ll

Explanation: It has been clearly written in this that one dog (in the form of mind) and along with these two bitches (in the form of expectations and desires) are always unnecessarily barking (i.e. desires keep on arising) and new-new expectations keep arising all the time. The method (without Satnam) of killing them was a false (kud) means (muth murdaar). God (Kabir Sahib) met me in the form of a weaver (dhaanak). He told me the correct way of worship.

Shri Nanak Sahib Ji says that without the sadhana of that God (Dhaanak / weaver Kabir Sahib) neither there would have been any reputation (pati) nor there was any good deed (good earning) being done. Consequently, the terrible form of Kaal which I have perceived now, Kabir Sahib, from that only your one (Satnaam) Naam can convey the whole world across (can extricate from Kaal’s lok). Even I (Nanak Ji says) am only hopeful of your this Naam, and only this Naam is my base. Earlier I must have also criticized you a lot out of ignorance because lust and anger, these devils live in this body.

The God in the form of a (dhaanak) weaver (Kabir Sahib who used to work as a weaver) came and showed me the true path and released me from Kaal. His (surat) appearance is very pleasing and charming and is in beautiful attire (in form of Jinda). He met me; nobody can recognize Him, who even befooled Kaal i.e. He appears to be a dhaanak (weaver) and then becomes Jinda. Even Kaal God became confused that this is someone of low caste; he can not be God (Purna Brahm). In this way, Kabir Sahib, hiding his real form, comes as a servant. Kaal or any ordinary person cannot recognize Him. 

Therefore, Shri Nanak Sahib Ji has called him a thug (imposter) and along with this has said that Dhanak (weaver Kabir Sahib) is very intelligent. Appears to be something else, but is very magnificent (bahuta bhaar), the God Purna Brahm who has Himself come in the form of a weaver, a dhanak. To instruct every human being on submissiveness, accepting his mistake says that I (Nanak Ji) argued with Purna Brahm and He (Kabir Sahib) also presented Himself (acting) as a servant and addressed me (Nanak Ji) as Master. 

Therefore, highlighting His greatness and repenting of his ignorance, Shri Nanak Ji says that I (Nanak Ji) was not even worthy of doing and getting anything done. Even then, considering my sadhana to be superior, confronted (debated on knowledge) God. Who can be as low, wicked, and good-for-nothing like me, who could not recognize his Lord-Master Purna Parmatma in a dhaanak form (Supreme God Kabir Sahib who came as a weaver)?

Shri Nanak Sahib Ji states that I am saying all this with full consideration that the Supreme God is in the form of a dhanak (Weaver Kabir).

The Gist: Shri Nanak Sahib Ji is saying that this trapper, meaning, in adorable appearance He disguises the same in whichever place He reaches; as He met in the form of ‘Jinda Baba’ on the bank of river Bein; in Satlok He was found in the form of God / Akaal Purush; and here in Uttar Pradesh in the form of ‘Dhanak’ (weaver) ‘Kartar’ (complete God) himself is seated. By remembering the tip-off mutual talks and by apologizing filled with emotions Nanak Ji is telling ‘Honestly I say that He only in the form of Dhanak (weaver) is Satpurush ie. Akaal Murat. 

Conclusion: The same Jinda Baba has descended yet again to liberate souls and is playing divine spectacle in the cover of the great Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He is none other than God Kabir. Take refuge, get the same salvation mantras as respected Shri Nanak Dev Ji got chanting which he attained salvation and is leading a happy life in the ultimate abode ‘Sachkhand’ and has got relieved from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

FAQs about Evidence of God Kabir in Rag (Raag) Siri Mehla 1 of the SGGS

Q.1 Was Kabir the guru of Nanak Dev?

Yes, Kabir Saheb was the Guru of Shri Nanak Dev ji. He himself testified that in Holy Guru Granth Sahib ji on page 24 and 721.

Q.2 Who is God according to Kabir?

Kabir Saheb always preached about the single, indestructible and unique identity of God. He further gave the identity of the Almighty as He never takes birth from a mother's womb and is capable of destroying bad karmas and sins of His devotee. And He was capable of doing all these miracles by Himself. Hence Kabir Saheb is the Supreme God.

Q. 3 Which religion did Kabir follow?

Supreme God Kabir never preached about any sort of religion. Rather He always supported humanity as the religion above anything. Because God never made any religions hence their existence is null and void.

Q.4 Which beliefs were rejected by Kabir?

Kabir Sahib opposed every sort of superstition, untouchability existing in the society which was distracting us from identifying God Kabir and attainment of salvation. He opposed practices like idol worship, keeping fasts, worshiping ghosts, performing arbitrary methods of worship and many others.

Q.5 What are the teachings of Kabir?

Kabir Saheb always tried to pour love into the society through His teachings. He promoted brotherhood and humanity amongst people.

Q.6 What did Kabir say about religion?

Kabir Saheb always believed that humanity is the first and foremost religion above any religion and needs to be preferred.

Q.7 What type of poem did Kabir wrote?

Kabir Saheb was known for His couplets and poems. Kabir Saheb disclosed true spiritual knowledge with the help of these couplets. As it is said Holy RigVeda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18 that Supreme God Kabir imparts his true spiritual knowledge in the form of poems as a poet.

Q.8 What does Kabir mean?

The word Kabir is the name of the only Almighty Supreme God . It should not be translated to its meaning when Holy Scriptures are interpreted because it marks His identity in them. However, in general the meaning of Kabir is the biggest.

Q.9 What is the essence of Kabir?

The essence of God Kabir and His supremacy lies in its nature where He is not like other gods and demigods who look to establish peace by killing people. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and many other Incarnations of Lord Vishnu established peace by killing people but in the end it caused even more destruction and damage. But God Kabir didn't cursed and kill even a single one and established peace by His true spiritual knowledge.

Q.10 How Kabir challenged formal religions?

Kabir Saheb came to this planet Earth with His true spiritual knowledge and asked questions to many saint and sages because they were fooling people in the name of religion. Being unaware about our Holy Scriptures they failed to answer God Kabir. Religion was never made to divide us and Kabir Saheb came to unite us by getting us aware.


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Hena Kalra

Where has Guru Nanak Dev Ji glorified God in SGGS?

Satlok Ashram

The whole Guru Granth Sahib is filled with the glory of Almighty KavirDev. One speech has been mentioned in Rag (Raag) “Siri” Mehla 1, page no 24, Shabd no.29

Upendra Singh

Is there a mention anywhere in SGGS that God is not formless?

Satlok Ashram

Yes, it has been mentioned in SGGS in Rag (Raag) “Siri” Mehla 1, page no 24, Shabd no.29 where Nanak Ji glorifies God Kabir and sang ‘Dhaanak roop raha Kartar’ means God is on earth disguised in the form of a weaver in Kashi.

Satyam Kumar

Did Nanak Dev Ji have an audience of divine?

Satlok Ashram

Yes, Almighty KavirDev blessed pious soul Nanak Dev Ji and gave him an audience on river Bein in the form of Jinda Baba. He took him to Satlok and imparted true spiritual knowledge, granted salvation mantras chanting which he attained salvation.