A True Story of Bhagat Sadhna Kasai (Butcher)

Bhagat Sadhna Kasai (Butcher) True Story

Brahm Kaal the owner of twenty-one universes is a deceiver who has trapped all souls in his web and tortures them in 84 lacs life form. He is being cursed by Allah Kabir to eat grime of one lacs subtle human bodies and produce 1.25 lacs of human bodies every day. Allah Kabir resides in the ultimate abode ‘Satlok’ and comes in all four yugas (ages) to liberate his souls from the web of Brahm-Kaal according to His commitment. He stays on earth for some time and plays divine spectacle of a ‘Bakhabar/enlightened saint’ and after providing true spiritual knowledge; Allah Kabir takes back His dearest souls to the immortal world which is the native place of all souls residing in this deceased world ie. to ‘Satlok’. This write-up will describe the account of one such beloved soul of Allah Kabir whom He took in His refuge and made him worthy for the attainment of salvation.    

Ref: “Sumiran Ke Ang” Ka Sarlarth chapter from ‘Mukti Bodh’ book written by great Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

There was a man named Sadhna who was an employee in a butcher’s abattoir. 

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

गरीब, सौ छल छिद्र मैं करूँ, अपने जन के काज |
हरणाकुश ज्यों मार हूं, नरसिंह धरहूं साज ||

Garib, Sau chall chidr mein karun, apne jan ke kaaj
Harnakush jyon maar hun, Narsingh dharhun saaj 

Meaning: Allah Kabir says, ‘he adopts many tricks to take his beloved soul in His refuge to liberate him/her from the web of Brahm-Kaal. He gives an example,- ‘like to liberate his beloved soul devotee Prahalad He acquired the form of Narsingh (whose mouth and hands were of a Lion and the rest of the body was like humans) and killed demon Hiranyakashipu. 

Then it has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda in the nectar speech of great Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj as told by Almighty KavirDev

गरीब, जो जन मेरी शरण है, ताका हूँ मैं दास |
गेल-गेल लागा रहूँ, जब तक धरती आकाश ||

Garib, jo jan meri sharan hai, taka hun mein das
Gail-gail laga rahun, Jab tak dharti Akash

Meaning: God Kabir remains with the soul whosoever comes in His refuge even once in lifetime till doomsday and ensures of that soul’s emancipation. 

Further, it has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda 

गरीब, ज्यों बच्चा गऊ की नज़र में, यूँ साई कुं संत |
भक्तो के पीछे फिरे, भक्त वच्छल भगवंत ||

Garib, jyon baccha gau ki nazar mein, yun saai kun sant
Bhakto ke peechey phirey, bhakt vacchal bhagwant

Meaning: Like, the cow keeps an eye on her calf and protects him from other animals in the same way, Allahu Akbar Kabir remains with His dearest souls. Even if the virtuous devotee of the previous birth has not taken initiation in the present birth, then also Allah Ta'ala protects him by performing the miracles for him/her based on the virtue of their previous birth’s devotional deeds. 

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda in the sacred speech of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj as narrated to him by Allah Kabir

अनंत कोटि बाजी जहाँ, रचे सकल ब्रह्ममंड |
गरीबदास मैं क्या करूँ, काल करें जीव खंड ||

Ananat koti baaji jahan, rachey sakal Brahamand
Garibdas mein kya karun, Kaal karey jeev khand

Meaning: Allah Kabir tells to great saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj that ‘I have created infinite universes. I am Omniscient but become helpless when Brahm-Kaal misleads my innocent souls and due to ignorance, they get to detach from me because Kaal fragments their Naam (initiation).

This write-up will narrate one such account of a butcher Sadhna who was in the refuge of Allahu Akbar Kabir in some previous birth but due to ignorance got trapped in Brahm-Kaal’s web and could not be liberated. Merciful Allah again met His dearest soul Sadhna and made him eligible for the attainment of salvation. 

  • Who was Sadhna?
  • Allahu Akbar Kabir met butcher Sadhna
  • The goat preached true spiritual knowledge to Sadhna
  • Why were Sadhna butcher’s hands chopped?
  • Sadhna’s Bon Voyage to Jagannathpuri
  • Nambardarni alleged Sadhna butcher for misbehavior
  • Allah Kabir completed Sadhna’s hands
  • Sadhna butcher met ‘Zinda Baba’ in Jagannath Puri
  • Allah Kabir took Hindus and Muslims in the refuge

Who was Sadhna Kasai?

Sadhna was a butcher by profession. He was an employee of a butcher in a slaughtering house. As ancestors were butchers by profession, he also continued the family business of slaughtering and selling the products and byproducts of animals. Although he used to slaughter goats and sell meat yet Sadhna was pious by heart. He was an innocent man whose heart was filled with contentment all the time. He used to maintain a high degree of morality in his profession. Every day he used to slaughter 2-10 goats/cow/buffalo. Livelihood was no issue and he was leading a pleasant life.

Allahu Akbar Kabir Met Butcher Sadhna

One day disguised as ‘Zinda Baba’ Allah Kabir met butcher Sadan. Allah/God imparted him the true spiritual knowledge and made him familiar with the sins incurred due to slaughtering. After understanding the complete knowledge Sadhna butcher expressed his deep desire to take name initiation. Allah Kabir told Sadan to abandon slaughtering then only He will provide name initiation. Sadhna Kasai fearing the survival issue told the same to ‘Zinda Baba’. Allah told him that there are other people in his town as well who are also surviving. If he wishes to take initiation he will have to abandon the profession of slaughtering and selling animal products. 

Sadhna did not agree rather put forth his problem of subsistence ahead. Allah Kabir as ‘Zinda Baba’ told him to reduce the violence. Sadhna Kasai said, ‘I cannot disobey the orders of the owner. I will have to slaughter as many animals as he will order’. Allah Kabir said, ‘you should fix how many animals would you slaughter every day? Exceeding the number; you deny to your master even if you have to abdicate the job, then only I will initiate you’. Butcher Sadhna had a strong desire to be initiated; also the fear of getting jobless was intense. Therefore, he agreed and calculated that only 10 or 12 animals big and small every day should be fine, during the festival time, Eid or Bakra-Eid or on the occasion like a wedding party barely 50 animals are slaughtered. Sadan said to Zinda Baba, ‘I promise that I will not kill more than 100 animals every day, even if I may have to lose my job’. Zinda Baba agreed and told Sadan butcher, ‘In case you wish to meet me, I reside in Jagannathpuri Temple, you may come there anytime’. 

The Goat Preached Spiritual Knowledge to Bhagat Sadhna Kasai

Time rolled on. One day there were many marriages in the town including the marriage of the son of Nawab. That day Bhagat Sadhna Kasai slaughtered 100 goats and thanked Allah that He saved his worship (Naam) from getting fragmented. After getting free from his day job he washed all chopping tools and kept them aside. Late in the same evening, another butcher from a nearby village approached the owner of Sadhna butcher asking for the fresh meat of 50 goats. The deal was finalized on double the rate than actual. The visitor butcher stayed in the house of the owner of Sadan that very night. The owner asked Bhagat Sadhna Kasai to cut one goat for the dinner of the guest butcher and send the meat in the kitchen for them to cook a meal for one person. Sadhna got scared and started sweating, fearing his promise to Allah will break. At the same time, he got an idea ‘why not I should cut only the goat's testicles and send them to the kitchen. In this way, my promise will also remain and the owner will also become happy’. 

Bhagat Sadhna Kasai brought one goat and took out the hatchet to cut the goat’s testicles. At the same time, Allah provided human wisdom to the goat and illuminated him with true spiritual knowledge. The goat started speaking like humans and said, ’O brother Sadan! You severe my neck but not the testicles. Do not start this new antagonism. I have severed many of your heads as a butcher when you were in the life form of a goat. Even you have severed many heads of mine when I was a goat and you were a butcher. If you will cut my testicles then I will cry the whole night due to severe pain and will die. Then in some next birth, when I will be a butcher and you will be a goat, according to the constitution of Allah I will cut your testicles and you will also die bearing severe pain. Therefore, do not start this new antagonism. You severe my neck and take revenge’.

Immediately, the hatchet fell from butcher Sadan’s hand and he became unconscious. 

Note: This was the spectacle of Allah Kabir to wake His soul to know the reality of life in devil Brahm-Kaal’s region.

Why were Bhagat Sadhna butcher’s Hands Chopped?

The cook complained to the owner that he hasn’t received the meat so far. The owner shouted, ‘Sadhna! Why is meat still not sent to the kitchen?’. By the time butcher Sadan was conscious. The goat was standing there and the hatchet was lying aside. The owner again shouted at Sadna, ‘O treacherous! You took so long in sending the meat of the goat. Hurry up!’. With folded hands, butcher Sadna said, ‘I have already slaughtered 100 goats, now I cannot cut more. I will cut tomorrow’. The owner was also the butcher. He got furious and in anger, ordered other servants who came along with him to cut both hands of Bhagat Sadhna Kasai with the same hatchet even if he kept pleading. He said, ‘this treacherous is not happy with my benefit. I had the deal with this merchant on double the rate. If he will leave hungry tonight from my house and without meat I will incur heavy loss. Sadan is disobeying me, he is worthless’. Hearing this, the servants cut both hands of Sadna and expelled him from the job. After this, Sadhna was treated by a ‘Vaidhya’ (medical practitioner). 

Bhagat Sadhna’s Bon Voyage to Jagannath Puri

After the wounds were healed, Bhagat Sadhna Kasai prepared himself for the bon voyage to Jagannathpuri because he remembered the words of ‘Zinda Baba’. At that time, distances could only be covered by walking as there was no mode of transportation. Devout Sadna, banking on his will power, walked for days together to reach Jagannath Puri.  

Nambardarni Alleged Bhagat Sadhna Kasai for Misbehavior

Tired Bhagat Sadhna Kasai reached near a small village and knocked at the house of a ‘Nambardar’ in that village. The master of the house was a humble man. Knowing that the stranger wanted shelter he allowed him to enter inside and told his wife to prepare dinner for the stranger and make arrangements for a bed for the guest to sleep. Butcher Sadna praised their hospitality.

The conduct of the house lady was not good. Being enchanted with the charming personality of young Sadhna aged around 30 years; in the night she approached Sadhna for the affair but Sadhna humbly and calmly refused the proposal and said, ‘O Sister! You are the honor of your ‘Nambardar’ (husband). I am already troubled. Kindly forgive me. I will leave now. You are betraying your husband. You will be answerable in the court of Allah. Fear thy Lord’. 

It was 2 o’clock in the night. Fearing honest Bhagat Sadhna Kasai the lady thought he might tell her mischief to her husband therefore, the crooked lady herself narrated the false story blaming Sadhna that he tried to misbehave with her and started shedding crocodile’s tears. The Nambardar immediately called ‘Panchayat’ and ordered his servants to present Sadhna. He was brought with hands tied. The complaint was also sent to the Nawab. The Nawab called Sadhna and asked, ‘You were given due respect as a guest. This Nambardar showed hospitality. You wicked man! Why did you do such a blunder’. Sadhna did explain the truth but the Nawab as well as the Panchayat did not trust his words. Assuming, butcher Sadan was narrating the false story and defaming the house lady of Nambardar; the Nawab ordered to pick the perpetrator in the wall. Following the order, a small temple-like monument was built inside which Bhagat Sadhna Kasai was chained. The intention was that Sadhna should die due to suffocation. 

The wife of Nambardar put the allegation that ‘Sadan touched her breasts with his broken hands. When I woke up, I protested saying I will tell your mischief to my husband then he got up and left home. We caught him from the way’. 

Allah Kabir Completed Bhagat Sadhna Kasai's Hands

As soon as the artisans closed the entrance of the tower, at the same time, the stones and bricks of the tower flew into the sky as if the bomb had exploded. Some bricks fell around there, some fell in the courtyard of Nawab, some fell on the roof of Nambardar’s house and in the courtyard. Both the breasts of the house lady of Nambardar got cut and fell. She screamed out of pain and started explaining her mistake. She admitted that she narrated the false story. She was at fault and Sadhna is innocent.  

Nawab and his family from all over the city came near the monument. They saw the devotee Sadhna was sitting comfortably. Both his chopped hands became healthy and complete. All the residents of the city and the Nambardar couple apologized for their mistake. Devotee Sadhna walked from there quietly.

Bhagat Sadhna Kasai Met Zinda Baba in Jagannath Puri

Butcher Sadan reached Jagannathpuri. He met with the same Satguru ie. ‘Zinda Baba’. Devout Sadhna described Satguru ie. Allah Kabir the complete account ‘what did the goat preach?’ Then, Satguru/‘Zinda Baba’ gave Sadan butcher the name initiation and made him His disciple. Thereafter, he was called Bhakt Sadhna. This is how Bhagat Sadhna Kasai got his human life’s welfare done. 

Important: Several legends state it was Lord Vishnu who met Sadan butcher. He was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and used to worship him in the form of ‘Shaligram Stone’ and Vishnu Ji asked him to come to Jagannath Puri temple which is a myth. The fact is Allah Kabir met Sadhna Kasai.

Note: Some speakers say that the butcher Sadan’s hands were not cut by his butcher owner rather the Nawab got his hands cut because of the allegation levied by Nambardarni that Sadan misbehaved with her and touched her breasts. 

Please Ponder:  

The following conclusion can be drawn with aforesaid:-

  • Muslim Kings or Nawabs used to give punishment for hands to be cut for only those culprits who were found guilty of theft. This was not the case of theft. 
  • Secondly, Had Nawab ordered to cut the hands of Sadan due to his mischief of touching the breasts of Nambardarni then Sadan wouldn’t have been sentenced to death. Merely chopping hands was sufficient punishment. 

Nevertheless, we have to understand the summary of the true story. 

Allah Kabir Took Hindus & Muslims In The Refuge

With the apology made to the devotee Sadan and accepting her mistake publicly the wounds of the wife of Nambardar were healed. The pain also stopped, but the scars remain lifelong. 

After a few years, with the inspiration of Sadhna, 80% of the Hindus and Muslims of that city took initiation from ‘Zinda Baba’ ie. Allah Kabir and got their human life’s well being done.

Almighty Kabir gave true spiritual knowledge to great sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj who scripted his spiritual like ocean knowledge in the nectar speech. 

It has been mentioned in speech no 39

गरीब, राम नाम सदने पिया, बकरे को उपदेश |
अजामेल से उधरे, भक्ति बंदगी पेश ||

Garib, Ram naam Sadne piya, Bakre ko updesh
Ajamail se udhre, Bhakti bandagi pesh.


The same Zinda Baba ie. Allah Kabir has descended on earth. Great Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is Allahu Akbar. Identify God soon and take His refuge the same as Sadhna butcher took. Allah Kabir is the Savior and liberator of this world. 


FAQs about "A True Story of Bhagat Sadhna Kasai (Butcher)"

Q.1 What was Bhagat Sadhna Kasai's profession?

Bhagat Sadhna Kasai worked as a butcher and was employed at a slaughterhouse. He hailed from a family of butchers and used to slaughter animals like goats, cows, and, buffaloes daily.

Q.2 Why did Lord Kabir meet Bhagat Sadhna in the Zinda form?

It is in Lord Kabir's nature to stand by those who have sought refuge in Him across lifetimes until the end of days, ensuring their ultimate liberation. Thus, Lord Kabir appeared before Sadhna Bhagat to impart the true path of worship.

Q. 3 Why did Bhagat Sadhna Kasai refuse to slaughter the goat as ordered by his owner?

Bhagat Sadhna Kasai vowed to limit his daily kills to a hundred, his only means of livelihood after encountering God Kabir in the form of Zinda. God Kabir's teachings made Sadhna realize the grave sin of animal slaughter. One day, due to unforeseen circumstances, Sadhna needed to slaughter more than a hundred goats. Scared and wanting to keep his promise, Sadhna decided to only cut the testicles of the goats, believing they would survive. God Kabir gave wisdom to the goat, allowing it to speak like a human. The goat explained that it had been through many lives and deaths they are slaughtering each other, and cutting its testicles would lead to a painful death, and new antagonism will start. This realization weighed heavily on Sadhna, causing him to drop the hatchet and faint.

Q.4 What were some of the challenges faced by Bhagat Sadhna Kasai?

Bhagat Sadhna Kasai encountered several challenges. Due to his promise to slaughter only a hundred animals, he lost both hands when he couldn't uphold it. Later, he embarked on a journey to meet God Kabir and faced an accusation of misconduct from a house owner's wife, resulting in punishment.

Q.5 What is the significance of Bhagat Sadhna Kasai's story?

Bhagat Sadhna Kasai's story underscores God Kabir's compassion and assistance toward souls under his refuge. The narrative illustrates how God Kabir imparts the true path of worship for salvation, offering redemption from the clutches of Kaal/Brahm's Lokas and the cycle of sin.


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The story is truly captivating and inspires devotion to God, but in today's world, making sacrifices can be challenging. I have a strong desire to attain God and salvation. How can I progress on this path?

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I find it confusing whether Kabir Saheb advocated the worship of Allah or God. At times, it seems he directed worship towards Allah, and at other times, it appears he directed it towards Lord Ram. In this story, he preached to a Muslim devotee.

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Dear reader, we appreciate your query. Kabir Saheb neither followed Islam nor Hinduism; He did not endorse any specific religion. He was the Almighty God incarnate on Earth, offering profound spiritual wisdom that emphasizes the oneness of God and the unity of humanity. Different interpretations may have led to confusion. To gain a deeper understanding of God and spirituality, we recommend reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. This will provide clarity on the path to salvation and the worship of the one true God.