God Kabir in Shri Guru Granth Sahib - Rag "Tilang" Mehla 1, Page 721

Rag Tilang Guru Granth Sahib

Yak arj guftam pesh to dar gosh Kun Kartaar l Hakka Kabir kareem tu beaeb Parvardagaar ll

Duniyaan mukaame faani tahkeek dildaani l Mm sar mui ajraail giraft dil hech na daani ll1ll

Jan pisar padar biraadraan kas nes dastM geer l Aakhir beyaftam kas na daarad choon savad takbeer ll2ll

Sab roj gashtam dar hawa kardem badi khyaal l Gaahe na neki kaar kardam mm een chini ahwaal ll3ll

Badbakht hum chu bakheel gaafil benazar bebaak l Nanak bugoyad janu tura tere chaakra paakhaak ll4ll1ll

Translation: Oh Creator, the Master, the unqualified Saint, kind “Sat Kabir” (Eternal Kabir), You are flawless God. There is a request before you from the heart that of Beloved, this residence of world is destructible. I have realised this completely. Oh benefactor, on death of this living being, a messenger of Yam named Ajrail, capturing mercilessly takes this being away. No companion like, son, father, relative gives company. In the end, all the schemes, obligations, and rituals/actions are useless. Everyday, evil thoughts keep patrolling like non-stop blowing wind. I did not get any means of doing meritorious acts. In such a bad time, i.e. Kalyug, the ignorant and careless like us, because of not having knowledge of the true path, were blind and dumb. Says Nanak, I am your humble servant, the dust of the feet of your servants.