God Kabir Is the Bestower of Complete Peace — Yajurveda


God Kabir Ji is the Bestower of complete Peace and Happiness — that's for sure, since He is the Complete God. Here in this Article, we'll look up on some pieces of evidence from our Holy Books, including the Chapter 5 Verse 32 of Holy Yajurveda, that will confirm this. 

You Will Get Following Information in This Article-

  • What does Yajurveda Chapter 5 Verse 32 say?
  • Attainment of ultimate peace through the worship of the Supreme God Kabir only — Gita Ji
  • Attainment of worldly and otherworldly happiness through worship of the Supreme God Kabir
  • Attainment of complete liberation through worship of the Supreme God Kabir
  • Conclusion

What Does Yajurveda Chapter 5 Mantra 32 Say?

Yajurveda Chapter 5 Mantra 32 states that:

Ushigasi = (bestower of complete peace) Kaviranghariasi = (Kavir) Kabir Parmeshwar (Angh) of sins (Ari) is the enemy (Asi) is, i.e., Kabir is the destroyer of sins. Bhambarisi = (Bhambari) enemy of bondage (Asi) is, i.e., Kabir Parmeshwar is Bandi Chhod (the liberator).

This means that the Supreme God Kabir is the enemy of sins, i.e., is the destroyer of sins and is the enemy of bondages, i.e., freeing the living being from the cycle of birth and death makes them attain Satlok, going where the living being gets ultimate peace. Along with this, Yajurveda Chapter 8 Verse 13 clearly states that the Supreme Being forgives even the most heinous sins.

The Worship of Supreme God Kabir Leads to the Attainment of Supreme Peace — Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

There is proof in Chapter 18 Verse 62 of the Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita that, delivering sermon to him, Brahm advises Arjuna — if you desire complete liberation, i.e., complete peace, then you should seek refuge in the Supreme Being, by Whose Grace you will achieve supreme peace and attain the eternal supreme abode.

In Chapter 15 Verse 17 of the Bhagavad Gita, it is said about that Supreme Being that the Supreme God is someone else, Who, by entering into all the Lokas (realms), sustains and nurtures all the living beings. That Supreme God is Kabir Ji, through Whose worship alone, the supreme peace and supreme bliss will be attained.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62

Tam, eva, sharanam, gaccha, sarvabhavena, Bharata, 
Tatprasadat, param, shantim, sthanam, prapsyasi, shashvatam||62||

Translation: (Bharat) Oh Bharat! You (sarvbhaaven) in every respect (tam) that Supreme God (ev) only (sharnm) in the refuge (gachchh) go (tatprsaadaat) by grace of that Supreme God only, you (paraam) supreme (shaantim) peace and (shaashvatam) the everlasting, Sat (sthaanm) place/dhaam/lok (praapsyasi) will attain. (62) 

Meaning: Oh Bharat! You, in every respect, go in the refuge of only that Supreme God. By the grace of that Supreme God only, you will attain the supreme peace and the everlasting place (dhaam/lok) i.e. Satlok.

Attainment of Worldly and Otherworldly Happiness Through Worship of the Supreme God Kabir

Apart from the Gita and the Vedas, all the great souls who worshipped Supreme God Kabir, have also sung praises of God Kabir with great enthusiasm. By worshipping God Kabir, the soul attains happiness in both this world and the afterlife.

God Kabir says in His Divine Words, 

Sumiran se sukh hota hai, Simran se dukh jaye|
Kahe Kabir sumiran kiye, Sai Mahi samaye||

In other words, God Kabir Ji affirms that through remembrance (sumiran) happiness is attained and sorrows naturally end. Only through remembrance can one attain the Supreme God.

Attainment of Complete Liberation Through Worship of the Supreme God Kabir

Through worship of Supreme God Kabir, the soul not only attains all kinds of happiness but also achieves complete liberation; freeing it from the cycle of birth and death.

Supreme God Kabir Ji says in His immortal Words:

Amar karu Satlok pathaun, Tatai Bandi Chhor kahau


  • Through worship of the Supreme God Kabir Sahib, the living being attains supreme peace and liberation. This is also confirmed by both our sacred Vedas and the holy Bhagavad Gita.
  • According to the Holy Yajurveda, Kabir Parmeshwar Ji, destroying even the gravest of the sins and liberating the soul from all bonds, provides complete peace to the soul.
  • As per the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the knowledge-giver of Gita instructs Arjuna to seek refuge in the Param Akshar Brahm, Whose Grace alone will lead to supreme peace.
  • Taking refuge in Supreme God Kabir not only grants peace in the afterlife but also provides happiness and contentment in this world. On getting the Scriptures-based Way of Worship from the True Saint, one attains all kinds of worldly and heavenly happiness.