Respected Shri Nanak Sahib Ji Witness of God Kabir

Respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji Witness of God Kabir

The followers of all religions across the globe worship some supreme power with great reverence believing it to be formless and according to their religious belief name that supreme formless power as Ishwar / Bhagwan / Allah / God / Rab / Khuda, etc. Whereas all holy scriptures provide sufficient evidence that the supreme power greeted as God / Rab / Ishwar, and the like is in form. By the grace of God, few virtuous souls who have met that so-called formless supreme power has glorified as eye-witnessed in their sacred speeches that Rab / God is in form and is eternal. He is the creator of the universe. He is Param Akshar Purush / Akal Purush / Shabad Swaroopi Ram / Satpurush and is only worthy to be worshipped. All the nectar-speeches of eye-witnesses have been scripted and the respective followers religiously trust those holy scriptures that provide the most authentic evidence about that supreme power.

This write-up will describe the true account of one eye-witness of that supreme power popularly known as respected Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who is the founder of Sikhism. The creator of the universe; Akaal Purush/Almighty God met Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the form of a ‘Jinda Baba’ who was like humans. After divine’s audience Nanak Ji glorified that supreme power as eye-witnessed to be in a form in his sacred speeches which have not been correctly understood by the followers of Sikh religion therefore, they call God/Rab is formless (Nirankar), without hate (Nirvair), fearless (Nirbhau), the Self-Existent (Saibhang), the Sole (EK), the Everlasting creator, the incomprehensible (Karta Purakh). 

Due to ignorance and lack of true spiritual knowledge, there are certain myths prevalent in Sikh religion regarding the existence of God which will be explained with appropriate evidence from the sacred speeches of eye-witness Guru Nanak Dev Ji that have been scripted in holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib which will be the eye-opener for the followers of Sikh religion. After reading this article the devotees of the Sikh religion will be bound to accept the fact that God is not ‘Nirankar’. He is in form and respected Guru Nanak Ji is the witness. 

To begin with, let us give a brief introduction of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

  • Brief Introduction of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • Myth In Sikh Religion- God/Rab Is ‘Nirankar’
  • Nanak Ji’s Entrance Into River Bein
  • Fact – God/Rab Is In Human Form-Nanak Ji witnesses
  • The appearance of Nanak Ji after visiting ‘Sachkhand’
  • Evidence From SGGS-Nanak Ji Witness Of God Kabir
  • Who Was Guru Of Guru Nanak Ji?
  • Evidence In Janam Sakhi Guru Nanak Ji Had A Guru 
  • Evidence In Pious Kabir Sagar-Nanak Ji Is Witness of God Kabir
  • Speech of Great Man-Nanak Ji Witness of God Kabir
  • Guru Nanak Ji attained salvation by the grace of his Guru-God Kabir

Brief Introduction of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Shri Nanak Dev Ji was born on Vikrami Samvat 1526 (1469 A.D.) in Kartik Shukla Purnima in a Hindu family of Shri Kalu Ram Mehta (Kshatriya) from the holy womb of mother Shrimati Tripta Devi in a village named Talwandi of District Lahore in West Pakistan. He had read Farsi (Persian), Punjabi, Sanskrit languages. He used to study Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Ji from Pandit Shri Brijlal. Shri Nanak Dev Ji had two sons named Shri Chand and Lakhmi Chand.

Shri Nanak Ji used to work in the store of the Nawab of Sultanpur by the grace of his brother-in-law Shri Jairam Ji in the town of in-laws of his sister Nanaki. He had boundless love in God because this pious soul had done holy bhakti of Brahm God (Kaal) through the ages. In Satyayug, this very Nanak Ji was King Ambreesh and used to do Brahm-bhakti considering Vishnu Ji as his venerable deity. Great ascetic sage-like Durvasa accepting defeat had gone in his kingdom to seek forgiveness.

In Treta Yug, the soul of Shri Nanak Ji became King Janak Videhi, who came to be known as Sita Ji’s father. Sage Sukhdev who was the son of Great sage Vedvyaas Ji used to fly in the sky with his supernatural power but had not taken initiation from a Guru. When Sukhdev went to the Heaven of Vishnulok, he was returned because of not acquiring a Guru. By the order of Vishnu Ji, he made King Janak his Guru and then obtained a place in Heaven. 

Note: This is evident in Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi; Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Pran Sangli and Kabir Sagar. 

Then in Kalyug, the soul of this very King Janak took birth in a Hindu family of Shri Kaluram Mehta (Kshatriya) and was named Shri Nanak. 

Important: This proves that in the path of true devotion acquiring a guru is of utmost importance because only a Satguru can guide How to attain God? Guru Nanak Ji had a Guru who preached him true spiritual knowledge, gave him salvation mantra chanting which Nanak Ji attained salvation. 

Moving ahead this write-up will highlight the myth prevalent in Sikh religion that God/Rab is not ‘Nirankar’ but is in human form and Nanak Ji was the witness.

Myth in Sikh Religion That God / Rab is Nirankar

While praying to God/Rab the followers of the Sikh religion sing ‘Ek Onkar-Nirankar’. They strongly believe that God is One but is formless and Guru Nanak Ji had no human guru and he used to meditate in the remembrance of the formless God who is known by many names and is Omnipresent. Moving ahead; the true incident that happened with Shri Guru Nanak Ji and the evidence provided from his sacred speeches scripted in holy Guru Granth Sahib will prove that the belief that God is ‘Nirankar’ is a myth in Sikh religion. 

Let us study what evidence tells and try to find out what is the fact as witnessed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji?.

Nanak Ji’s Entrance Into River Bein

Ref: “Jeevan Das Guru Saahibaan”, Page no. 42 to 44 (Writer – Sodi Teja Singh Ji) – (Publisher – Chatar Singh Jeevan Singh)

As it is an excerpt from “Jeevan Das Guru Sahib

Every morning Guru Nanak Ji used to go for a bath in River Bein, which used to flow near the city Sultanpur. One day while he plunged into the water, he did not come out. After some time, the servants who were holding his clothes and were sitting on the bank of the river went home and gave the news to Jai Ram Ji that Nanak Ji had drowned. Then Jai Ram Ji went to the river taking along some divers. They searched a lot for Nanak Ji but he could not be found. After searching a lot, everybody returned to their homes assuming Nanak Ji is no more. 

God / Rab is in Human Form Witnessed by Nanak Ji

Ref: Sukshma Veda- the nectar speech of Almighty Kabir

Almighty Kavir Dev according to His legislation comes on earth in every age and meets firm devotees intending to liberate them from the web of butcher Brahm-Kaal. 

It has been mentioned in holy Guru Granth Sahib on page no. 731

नीच जाति प्रदेशी मेरा, खिन आवै तिल जावै | जाकि संगत नानक रहेंदा, क्यूंकर मौडा पावे ||
Neech jaati pardesi mera, khin aavey til javey, Jaaki sangat Nanak rehenda, kyunkar maunda pavey 

Meaning: Nanak Ji glorifying God Kabir Sahib is saying that God who is playing the divine spectacle of a weaver in Kashi within seconds is found at times in the eternal world Sachkhand and at another time on earth. This proves that God is in form and has met Nanak Ji. Eye-witness Nanak Ji is explaining about God Kabir.

Creation of Universe

The fact is that day, while Guru Nanak Ji was meditating on the bank of river Bein Almighty KavirDev/Akaal Purush acquiring the form of a ‘Jinda Baba’ came and met His virtuous soul Nanak Ji. God remains with the soul whoever comes in His refuge even once in any human birth. Nanak Ji was the same pious soul. Akaal Purush/Satpurush intending to provide true spiritual knowledge to Nanak Ji and to make him the permanent resident of ‘Sachkhand/Satlok’ did the spectacle of a ‘Jinda Baba’. God Kabir Sahib preached Nanak Ji and while Nanak Ji plunged into water Kabir Sahib took him (soul) to the eternal world. Nanak Ji saw ‘Akaal Purush’ enthroned in ‘Sachkhand’ like an emperor whose body was highly radiant. He got to know that Satlok is his native place and due to his fault he is trapped in the region of Brahm-Kaal. He can attain Rab/God only by doing true worship provided by the enlightened saint. All this process took three days then God Kabir released the soul back to the body.

Important: ‘Jinda Baba’ is one whose power is providing shelter to the entire universe. Who is not under devil-Kaal rather butcher Brahm-Kaal the owner of twenty-one universes is under His control.

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Note: Aforesaid, confirms Guru Nanak Ji met Jinda Baba / Almighty Kabir / Akaal Purush who was in human form. He took him to the eternal world ‘Satlok / Sachkhand’ and provided him true spiritual knowledge. This proves the belief in Sikh religion is a myth that God is ‘Nirankar’ and Nanak Ji did not have any human guru because the fact is Nanak Sahib Ji was a witness of God Kabir. 

Moving ahead this write-up will provide further shreds of evidence from holy Guru Granth Sahib. 

The Appearance of Nanak Ji After Visiting Sachkhand

Great concern and distress was being expressed at Brother Jai Ram Ji’s house when on the third day in the morning only, a devotee taking bath came home and told the sister that your brother Nanak is sitting on the bank of the river Bein. On hearing this, Brother Jai Ram Ji ran towards Bein, and as the news spread many more people also arrived there. When in this way Nanak Ji was surrounded by people and was inquired where he was for three days? Nanak Ji told everyone that he had been taken to God’s court. By now he was spiritually reawakened. 

Later, he quietly reached his shop. A crowd of women and men started coming to the shop. On seeing the crowd, Guru Ji opened the door of the store and said whatever one needs may take it. After getting the store plundered, Guru Ji wearing the attire of a Fakir went and sat in a graveyard. When the Nawab got the news of plundering of the store and departure of Guru Ji, he sent for Jai Ram and got the account of the books inquired by the clerk. After seeing the accounts, the clerk told that the government owes Rs 760 to Guru Ji. On hearing this the Nawab became very happy. He called for Guru Ji and said that don’t be upset. Take your balance amount and continue the job of the store. 

But Guru Ji said that now I will not do this job. God has ordered me to do some other job. The Nawab asked what have you been ordered? Then Guru Ji uttered the Mool-mantra (original mantra).

एक ओंकार् सतनामु कर्ता पुर्खौ, निर्भाउ निर्वैरूअकाल मूर्ति अजूनि सब गुरुप्रसाद |
Ek Onkaar Satnaamu Karta Purkhu, Nirbhau Nirvairu Akaal Moorti Ajooni Sab Guruprasaad ।

The Nawab asked when did your God give this order? Nanak Ji told that ‘when I had gone to bathe in River Bein, I had gone to Sachkhand from there to my Lord there I was ordered that Nanak Ji! you chant this mantra and by making others chant convey the people of Kalyug across. Therefore, I have to now obey this order of my Master. 

Point to Ponder: Guru Nanak Ji says he met Lord and has now to obey the order of his master / Lord / God which means God is in form and Nanak Ji is the witness.

Brother Gurdas Ji writes this context in Vaar 1 paudi 24 –

बाबा पैधा सचखंड नौनिधि नाम गरीबी पाई |
Baba paidha sachkhand naunidhi naam garibi paai।।

Meaning – Baba Nanak Ji went to Sachkhand. There he attained the treasure of nine riches, Naam, and fearlessness. Here on the bank of Bein, where Guru Ji appeared after coming out of Bein, a Saint ghat by Guru and a very beautiful Gurudwara Ber Sahib has been built. On this very place, Guru Ji after bathing in the morning used to sit for some time in the meditation of God. From this point onwards, people started calling him “Guru Nanak”.

Evidence from SGGS that Nanak Ji Witness of God Kabir

Eye-witness Nanak Dev Ji in several speeches has glorified God/Rab is in human form which falsifies the theory prevalent in the Sikh religion that God is ‘Nirankar’. Let us study a few sacred speeches.

Mehla 1, Raag Bilaavalu, Ansh 1, Page no. 839

The eye-witness Nanak Ji explains in this sacred speech that the true God Himself created the entire nature with His word power. He created Akshar Purush and Jyoti Niranjan-Kaal. The earth, sky, air, water, fire, etc everything is His creation. This proves the fact that someone who is in form has created the whole creation. A formless cannot create things in form. The existence of God in form is described. 

Raag Tilang, Mehla 1, Page no. 721

Guru Nanak Ji describes in this speech that ‘Oh Hakka Kabir! you are Koon Kartar who does creation by word power. You are the nurturer of all and the kind God. I am the servant of your servants.

Raag Siri, Mehla 1, Page no. 24

This speech mentions that the Dhaanak in Kashi-Varanasi is the creator of the entire lineage. He is the only Purna Brahm-Satpurush. He is in form and met Nanak Ji. This proves Shri Nanak Sahib Ji was the witness of God Kabir

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‘Praan Sangli’, Page no. 399

In ‘Pran Sangli’ scripted in Punjabi language, the Editor is Dr. Jagjeet Singh, Khanpuri publication bureau, Punjab University, Patiala published in 1961 on page no. 399. In this speech, Shri Nanak Ji has accepted that Satguru Kabir Sahib met him who is in human form. He is his guru. 

Holy Guru Granth Sahib on page 1189, 929-930

In a sacred speech scripted in holy Guru Granth Sahib on page 1189, 929-930 mentions that Shri Nanak Dev Ji met the divine Purush in human form who was his guru searching whom he went to Kaashi. He gave him ‘Satnam’ (true salvation mantra)

‘Raag Basant Mehla Pehla’ paudi no.3 ‘Aadi Granth’ on page np. 1188

Another evidence that respected Shri Nanak Ji was the witness of God Kabir has been scripted in ‘Raag Basant Mehla Pehla’ paudi no.3 ‘Aadi Granth’ on page np. 1188

Raag Malaar Mehla 1, ਮਲਾਰ ਮਹਲਾ ੧ ॥ Page 1257

Greeting Akaal Purush as ‘Bada Sahib’ the beautiful description of the appearance of Almighty Kabir has been mentioned in this speech which describes the elegant looks of God Kabir Sahib. He wears white clothes, his voice is sweet. The black-eyed Satpurush has a sharp nose. The great Lord’s teeth are beautiful, with golden skin and long hairs His divine appearance is soothing. God Kabir elegantly walks like a ‘Sarang bird’, he strolls together ‘tumk-tumk’. The whole Sikh community believes God is formless, and it is mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib, whom you call as formless, actually, He is in form and resides above in Sachkhand/Satlok-the eternal world.    

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There are also several other shreds of evidence mentioned in pious Shri Guru Granth Sahib which proves that Shri Nanak Sahib Ji was the witness of God Kabir who was his Guru in human form. He is the creator of the universe and has created men like himself. God is not formless. 

Who was Guru of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

By now the readers would have understood that God in the form of ‘Jinda Baba’ met Shri Nanak Ji. He was none other than Param Akshar Purush/Satpurush / Akaal Purush Kabir Sahib. He was the guru of Nanak Ji.

Important: The entire holy Sikh society does not agree that Kabir Sahib Ji the weaver from Kashi was the guru of Shri Nanak Sahib Ji. On the contrary, they say Guru Nanak Ji was the guru of Puran Brahm Kabir Sahib. The entire Sikh community remains mum on the question; Who was the guru of Guru Nanak Ji? whereas Nanak Sahib Ji in his sacred speech in Mehla 1 in pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib admits that ‘Satguru in the form of Jinda Baba’ came and met me on the bank of river Bein. The same Jinda Baba / Sat Kabir / Hakka Kabir remained on earth in the form of a weaver in Kashi-Varanasi. This very Jinda Baba only was enthroned in his ultimate abode ‘Sachkhand’, I saw Him. He only took me to that eternal world and provided me with true spiritual knowledge. He only gave me the true salvation mantra ‘Satnam’.   

Evidence In Janam Sakhi That Guru Nanak Ji Had A Guru

Ref: Speech in Janam Sakhi on page 470-471

साखी कंधार देश की चली | Saakhi Kandhar Desh ki chali 

A Mughal Pathan asked Guru Nanak Ji ‘Who is your Guru?’. Shri Nanak Ji replied ‘Jinda Peer’. That God came in the form of a Guru. The entire world is His disciple. 

Ref: Speech in Janam Sakhi on page no. 183

साखी रुकनदीन काजी के साथ होइ | Saakhi rukandeen Kaaji ke saath hoi

नानके आंखे रुकनदीन सच्चा सुणहू जवाब | खालक आदम सिरजिया आलम बड़ा कबीर | 
कायम दायम कुदरती सिर पीरां दे पीर | सजदे करे खुदाई नू आलम बड़ज्ञा कबीर ||

Nanke aankhey rukandeen saccha sunhu jawab, Khalak Aadam sirjiya Aalam bada Kabir
Kayam dayam kudrati sir peeran de peer, Sajdey kare Khudai nu Alam badgya Kabir

Meaning: Shri Nanak Ji said “Rukandeen Kaaji! God who created Adam, that great God is Kabir. He plays the role of a Satguru on earth. He is the Lord of all Gurus. He possesses the most superior knowledge. He is ‘Kayam’ means the best, ‘Dayam’ means potentially viable God and is self-existent. Muslims call him Allah Kabir, great God. Shri Nanak Ji clarified that He is the great ‘Aalam’ Kabir. 

Note: In Janam Sakhi, both ‘Kabir’ as well as ‘Bada’ (great) words have been mentioned in which the meaning of Kabir will remain Kabir and ‘Bada’ word will also remain. This proves that the great God is Kabir who stayed in Kashi and played the divine spectacle of a weaver then left this deceased world in the whole body. The evidence has already been mentioned in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji page no. 24, 721, 731. Also in the holy scripture Kabir Sagar, Bhai Bala Ji has scripted as heard directly, the same as pious soul Shri Daramdas Sahib Ji scripted. 

Important: A guru can only be as a human. Kabir Sahib was the guru of Nanak Sahib Ji. He is the witness of God Kabir.

Let us move ahead and study few other holy scriptures which provide evidence that Shri Nanak Sahib Ji witness God Kabir

Evidence in Pious Kabir Sagar that Nanak Ji is Witness of God Kabir

Ref: Kabir Sagar (Swasamved Bodh) page no. 158-159 

Point to Ponder: There is no evidence in the entire Guru Granth Sahib that Shri Nanak Ji was the guru of Kabir Sahib. Just as pious Guru Granth Sahib is respected and certified, so is the holy Kabir Sagar respected and certified scripture that was scripted much before Guru Granth Sahib. That’s why a lot of speech from holy scripture ‘Kabir Sagar’ has been taken in pious Guru Granth Sahib. 

A detailed description of the dialogue between Nanak Ji and God Kabir Sahib has been mentioned in pious scripture Kabir Sagar (Swasamved Bodh) on page no 158-159 which proves that respected Kabir Sahib was the guru of Nanak Ji. It has been mentioned that worshipable God Kabir acquiring the form of ‘Jinda Baba’ went to Punjab to meet virtuous soul Nanak Ji where both had a discussion. God Kabir Sahib said ‘Nanak Ji! when such a pious soul like you is suffering through the pain of birth and death then where is the whereabouts of a common creature?. The absolute God is different from the ‘Nirankar’ God you are worshipping considering him to be the complete God. I am that complete divine (Puran Parmatma). The day you are separated from me you have attained sixty-thousand births in a very repute position (like that of pious soul King Ambrish in Satyug, King Janak (Father of Sita Ji) in Treta Yuga, and in Kalyug you have become Shri Nanak Sahib), yet you are in the cycle of birth and death. I will tell you the true salvation mantra ‘Satnam/Sachha Naam’ chanting which you will be liberated. Then Nanak Ji told God KavirDev ‘You are the liberator (Bandichodd-who only can relieve trapped souls from the bondage of butcher Kaal), only some auspicious person can recognize you. 

Note: The sacred speech of Nanak Ji glorifying Kabir Sahib has been scripted in the pious Kabir Sagar chapter “Agam Nigam Bodh” on page no. 44. This dialogue proves that Nanak Ji was the witness of God Kabir who is in human form. He was his Guru. 

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Speech of Great Man-Nanak Ji About Witness of God Kabir

The sacred speech of great Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj from Chudani Village, district Jhajjar, Haryana also confirms that Jinda Baba / Kabir Sahib met Nanak Ji and provided him true salvation mantra chanting which Guru Nanak Ji attained salvation. That divine man ie. Jinda Baba / Akaal Purush is like humans. Guru Nanak Ji met Akaal Purush / God Kabir in Sachkhand/Satlok earlier when Almighty took the soul; also he saw Him in Kashi-Varanasi when he was playing the divine spectacle of a weaver. 

It has been mentioned in the Sukshma Veda in the nectar speech of great Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj

हम सुल्तानी नानक तारे, दादू कूं उपदेश दिया। जात जुलाहा भेद नहीं पाया, काशी माहे कबीर हुआ।।
Hum Sultani Nanak tare, Dadu koon updesh diya, Jaat julaaha bhed nahin paaya, kaashi maahe Kabir hua

Meaning: Including me, Abraham Adham Sultan of Balakh, Guru Nanak Ji, and Dadu Ji also received ‘Updesh’ true Naam (initiation). People could not know the secret that God has descended and is present on earth in a Julaha (weaver) caste in Kashi. He is God Kabir. 

This means Shri Nanak Ji also attained salvation by the grace of his guru Kabir Sahib, he witnesses God Kabir.

अनन्त कोटि ब्रह्माण्ड का, एक रत्ती नहीं भार, सतगुरु पुरुष कबीर है यह कुल के सिरजनहार
Annant Koti Brahamand kaa, Ek ratte nahee bhaar, Satguru purush Kabir hai yeh Kul ke Sirjanhaar”.

Meaning: God Kabir who took Nanak Ji’s soul to Sachhkhand is the owner of infinite universes. He is the creator, the nurturer. He does not owe to anyone. He is Satpurush Kabir.

Guru Nanak Ji Attained Salvation by The Grace of his Guru God Kabir

Guru Nanak Ji in the year 1539, knowing that his end was near and having tested his sons, also few followers over the years, installed Guru Angad Dev Ji as the second Nanak and after a few days, he passed into Sachkhand/Satlok, the eternal world where Jinda Baba/Kabir Sahib took him in early days and after three days released the soul back into the body. After doing true worship, Nanak Ji attained Sachkhand. Jinda Baba was none other but God Kabir. This proves that Shri Nanak Ji was the witness of God Kabir. 

A Brief About Sachkhand / Satlok

Sachkhand / Satlok is the eternal world which is 16 Sankh Kose far from the earth where there is similar creation like earth but that is far a better and peaceful place where souls reside and are free from birth and death, and old age. There is life, there are families similar to earth. In Satlok, the body of each soul is not made up of five elements rather it is made of just one element ‘Nooritatv’ whose brightness is equivalent to that of Sixteen Suns. Every soul in Satlok has his/her own big plot to reside surrounded by beautiful waterfalls also they have an individual aircraft to roam around. Nanak Ji attained salvation by the grace of Satguru Kabir Sahib who is in human form; and has now become the permanent resident of Sachkhand and is relishing all comforts. 

This also proves that Nanak Ji was the witness of God Kabir Sahib.  


Aforesaid, shreds of evidence clarify God Kabir is in human form and met respected Shri Nanak Sahib Ji. The eye-witness Nanak Ji glorified Satguru Kabir Sahib. After reading evidence there should remain no doubt amongst Sikh followers that God is ‘Nirankar’. They should believe that Rab/God is very much in human form. The sacred speeches scripted in holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib proves that Shri Nanak Sahib Ji was the witness of God Kabir

Presently, Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the same Jinda Baba/Almighty Kabir who met Nanak Dev Ji and provided him with the true salvation mantra ‘Satnam and Saarnaam’. Take his refuge, obtain the same salvation mantras which were provided to respected Shri Nanak Sahib Ji by Almighty Kavir Dev and land back to your native place ‘Sachkhand / Satlok’.

FAQs about Respected Shri Nanak Sahib Ji Witness of God Kabir

Q.1 Who are the witnesses of God Kabir?

God Kabir appeared by Himself several times on the planet Earth to meet His pious souls amongst them few are respected Nanak Dev ji, respected Dharamdas ji, respected Garibdasji Maharaj, respected Daduji Maharaj, respected Maluk Das Ji and many others in this era of Kaliyuga.

Q.2 Was Guru Nanak the follower of Kabir?

Yes, Kabir Saheb was the Guru of Shri Nanak Dev ji and He is the Waheguru with whom He witnessed Sachkhand.

Q. 3 Is Kabir mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib?

In Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on page 721 Guru Nanak Dev Ji revealed Kabir Saheb as "Parvardigar" means Supreme God. And at many other places in SGGS too there are evidences of Him being the Supreme Power.

Q.4 Who was Guru of Kabir Sahib?

Although Kabir Sahib does not need any Guru but to keep the tradition of acquiring a Guru He acquired Swami Ramanand ji from Kashi as His Guru. Swami ji also identified Him as Complete God. He knew the fact that it is just a formality in reality Kabir Sahib is the guru of everyone.

Q.5 What Kabir said about Guru?

Kabir Sahib emphasized about the need to acquire a Guru in one's life. Because to make a soul aware about the wealth of true spiritual knowledge one needs a Complete Guru or a Tatvdarshi Sant.


Q.6 Did Guru Nanak believe in one God?

Yes, Shri Nanak Dev ji always preached about one single God above every religion. He always walked on the principles of God Kabir.

Q.7 Who is supreme God in universe?

The Supreme God is Kabir Saheb, the controller of the infinite universes. He is mentioned in the speech of Shri Nanak Dev ji in Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji on page 24 and page 721 as the Supreme God.

Q.8 Was Kabir against idol worship?

Kabir Saheb always preached about method of worship in accordance with our Holy Scriptures. And there is no mention of idol worship in it. As per Holy Gita ji chapter 17 verse 23 OM-TAT-SAT is the indicative mantra to attain salvation that is disclosed by a Tatvdarshi Sant.

Q.9 Who is god Kabir in the Quran?

Like other Holy Scripture, Holy Quran Sharif also testifies Kabir Saheb as their Allah. In the Holy Quran Sharif, Surah al Furqani 25 Aayat 52 Kabir Saheb is mentioned as the Supreme God.

Q.10 Who is sufi saint Kabir?

Sufi Saint Kabir is not just a Saint but He is the Supreme God who is controlling the entire universe by His power of word. He comes here every now and then to make us realize that we are entrapped in this cage of Satan (Kaal Brahm) and only by His method of worship taken through a Tatvdarshi Sant one can attain salvation.


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Vibhuti Singh

Whom did Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to worship?

Satlok Ashram

Prior to having an audience of God Kabir Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to worship Lord Vishnu and used to recite the Gita path everyday out of ignorance but when God took Pious soul Nanak Ji to Sachkhand he got to know who is God? Thereafter, he worshipped Satpurush KavirDev whose evidence is found in SGGS at several places.

Gurvinder Kaur

Guru Nanak Ji had no guru but he was pious souls who preached about one God who is formless

Satlok Ashram

Almighty Kabir was the guru of Guru Nanak Dev Ji who is in human form about whom several evidences are mentioned in SGGS which are the nectar speeches of Nanak Ji example on page 1189, 929-930 etc.

Sukhvinder Singh

Has anyone ever seen God because we have heard God is formless?

Satlok Ashram

God is not formless. He is in human form. Several great men were fortunate and blessed to have an audience of God. Amongst them respect Guru Nanak Dev Ji is one who has glorified Almighty KavirDev, the creator of entire universes who resides in the eternal world Satlok. He was an eyewitness. Its proof has been mentioned in the Speech in Janam Sakhi on page 470-471, Raag Basant Mehla Pehla’ paudi no.3 ‘Aadi Granth’ on page np. 1188 in SGGS and at more places.