What is the difference between Satlok & Heaven

"Satlok" (सतलोक) | Satyalok (सत्यलोक) is the eternal dwelling place of the Immortal Supreme God (God Kabir). It is free from death & suffering. It is Satlok (the Eternal heaven) where God sits on his holy throne & rules the universe. True emancipation is only achieved on reaching Satlok. It has also been called Sachkhand (सचखण्ड) Punjabi ਸਚ੍ਖੰਡ | Shasvat Sthan (Eternal Place | शासवत स्थान) | Rit Dhaam (रितधाम)

Heaven on the other hand is a temporary dwelling place & not the final destination. Heaven itself is perishable and so are all the living beings residing there. Stay in Heaven is always temporary and is dependent upon the 

In Satlok, there is constant supreme peace and happiness. Until we go to Satlok, we cannot attain supreme peace, happiness and immortality. It is only possible to go to Satlok if we take updesh (initiation/spiritual instruction) from a Purna Saint (Complete Saint) and keep doing bhakti (worship) of Supreme God throughout our life.

The only means by which one can go to Satlok or Sachkhand is via a True Guru, or a complete saint or "Satguru" who imparts the true 'shabad' or 'naam' or 'satnaam'. That True Guru is Spiritual Leader Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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