Lord Shiva and Sadashiva: Hidden Truth You Must Know


Lord Shiva is believed to be the supreme God according to Hindu devotees often also greeted as Shambhu/ Shankar/ Mahesh/ Bholenath/ Rudra/ Kailashpati/ Trikaaldarshi. Hindus believe Shiva is the self-proclaimed, eternal, God of Gods means Mahadev. They also greet their revered Divine as Mahashiva/ Mahakaal/ Sadashiv/ Adiyogi/ Samb Sadashiva/ Baba Vishwanath/ Pashupatinath.

Over the period, as the literacy ratio increased the profound study of divine Hindu texts Vedas, Puranas, and Bhagavad Gita has been done which was earlier confined to only the Brahmin community but now several scholars read holy scriptures and have drawn a conclusion that Shiva/ Shankar and Mahashiva/ Sadashiva are two separate entities, two separate Gods and not one whose roles, way of worship, mantras, powers are different from each other.

As it is said half-baked knowledge is very dangerous. Due to a lack of true spiritual knowledge our contemporary sages, saints, Mahants, and Mandaleshwars have provided us with wrong and incomplete spiritual knowledge over decades. There is a fifth Veda lesser known to devotee society called Sukshma Veda which is the collection of true spiritual knowledge scripted in the form of couplets, hymns, and verses uttered from the lotus-mouth of Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm means by Almighty Himself which tells the difference between Lord Shiva/ Shankar/ Shambhu and God Sadashiva/ Kaal/ Maha Shiva.

Based on the following, this article aims to prove that Lord Shiva and God Sadashiva are two gods and both are mortal. Their worship is useless since none of the two is the provider of emancipation. Their correct mantras are unknown to devotee society due to which seekers could not attain salvation and remained trapped in the vicious cycle of suffering in 84 lacs life forms.

Their true salvation mantras are different, known only to the enlightened saint who is the representative of Supreme God/ Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm chanting which souls get liberation from all sufferings of 84 lacs life-forms and attain the eternal blissful realm which is far beyond the realm of Lord Shiva and God Sadashiva

So without delay let's delve deep and check facts from authentic divine scriptures and know all about the life of Shiva/ Shankar and Mahashiva/ Sadashiva.

  • Views of Ignorant Religious Gurus about Lord Shiva/ Shankar and Maha Shiv/ Sadashiva
  • Who are the parents of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?
  • Who is God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva?
  • Who is the grandfather of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?
  • Origin of God Sadashiva, (Father) and Goddess Durga (Mother) of Lord Shiva/ Shankar
  • Birth of Lord Shiva/ Shankar
  • What do Lord Shiva/ Shankar hold?
  • Who is the consort of Lord Shiva/ Shankar
  • Origin of Goddess Uma/ Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva/ Shankar
  • What is the age of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?
  • What is the age of God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva/ Mahakaal
  • Where does God Sadashiva/ Mahashiva reside?
  • Where does Lord Shiva Shankar reside?
  • Who is the mount of the Hindu God Shiva/ Shankar?
  • Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi, Man, Myth or Divine
  • Why is Lord Shiva/ Shankar called Neelkanth?
  • Placement of God Sadashiva/ Mahakaal in human body chakra
  • Placement of Lord Shiva/ Shankar in human body chakra
  • What is the role of Lord Shiva/ Shankar in 21 universes
  • Who are the children of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?
  • Are Lord Bhairava/ Kaal Bhadr and Lord Shiva the same?
  • Why did Lord Shiva/ Shankar kill Prajapati Daksh?
  • Why did Lord Shiva/ Shaniar carry the skeleton of Uma/ Parvati for several Eras?
  • Why was Kamadeva killed by Lord Shiva/ Shankar?
  • Lord Shiva became enamoured with the Mohini form of Lord Vishnu
  • Is Lord Rudra and Lord Shiv the same?
  • What is the mantra of God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva?
  • What is the mantra of Lord Shiva/ Shankar
  • Role of Lord Shiva in the establishment of Amarnath Shrine
  • Why did Lord Shiva/ Shankar want to kill Sukhdev?
  • How did worship of Shivling begin
  • What is the truth of Kanwar Yatra performed to please Lord Shiva
  • What is the story behind the Ganga river coming to Lord Shiva/ Shankar
  • What did Ravana achieve worshipping Lord Shiva/ Shankar?
  • Who saved Lord Shiva/ Shankar from the demon Bhasmagiri?
  • What massacre did worshippers of Lord Shiva/ Shankar do in Haridwar?
  • Mortal God Sadashiva and Lord Shiva cannot provide Salvation
  • Whom does Lord Shiva/ Shankar meditate upon?
  • What is the essence of Shiv Purana?
  • What is Shiva in Islam?
  • Which God is greater than Lord Shiva/ Shankar?
  • Which God provides salvation?

To begin first and foremost is to know what miscreants/ fake gurus preach about Lord Shiva/ Shankar. Then we will do a detailed comparative analysis from facts stated in the holy scriptures. This article will be an eye-opener for misled devotees of Shiva.

Views of Ignorant Religious Gurus About Lord Shiva/ Shankar and Maha Shiva/ Sadashiva

As we all know religious Gurus play a vital role in Hinduism. The views of gurus provide us with religious and spiritual guidance. But in spirituality, there are such profound secrets that if religious gurus do not understand properly, it results in spreading confused knowledge thereby, the very nature of spirituality gets spoiled. We aim to untangle the same entangled spiritual knowledge through this write-up.

For ages, there has been a mystery amongst the Hindu devotee society  – what is the difference between Shiva and Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva?

Present-day religious gurus, luminaries as well as the contemporary sages/ Mahants/ Mandaleshwars since ages are preaching incomplete and incorrect knowledge about Lord Shiva/ Shankar and God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva which is totally arbitrary, not backed by evidence from authentic holy texts. Let us go through their statements

  • Lord Shiva/ Shankar is self-proclaimed (Swayambhu). Therefore, he is also called Shambhu. He does not have parents.
  • Lord Shiva/  Shankar is from time immemorial and will remain even after the holocaust.
  • Lord Shiva/ Shankar is immortal-eternal, Mritunjay (who has won over death), Kalinjay (who has won over Kaal), Trikaldarshi (knower of everything in three realms), Supreme power, the creator as well as the destroyer of creation.
  • Lord Shiva/ Shankar is the embodiment of auspiciousness and welfare.
  • Lord Shiva/ Shankar is the father of the universe (Jagatpita). The originator of creation and Goddess Parvati is the mother of all living beings (Jagat-janani)
  • Shiv/ Shankar is Sargun (idol form) as well as Nirgun (Lingam form).
  • Shankar Ji’s father is Shankar only. Mahadev’s father is Mahadev and no one else
  • Shiva is formless (Aroop).
  • The serpent clings to the head and neck of Shankar Ji which symbolises that he is Kaal of Kaal means Mahakaal. He holds Kaal meaning he controls time therefore, others are deities whereas Shankar Ji is Mahadev.
  • Shiva’s heart is Vishnu and Vishnu’s heart is Shiva therefore, both are one. When people/ devotees got confused, then God Shiva appeared in Harihar, a place in Karnataka in half Vishnu and half Shiva form to end the fight between the two, Shaiva and Vaishnav.
  • Brahma Ji’s father is God Vishnu. Vishnu Ji’s father is God Shankar. Shiv Ji was not born. He is just a dot.
  • Vedas and Puranas tell Shankar Ji is Purna Brahm thus, Shiv Purana has been created.
  • Shiv Ji is ‘Ardhnarishwar’ (half female) so Shakti is from him only. Shiv is from Shakti. Vishnu is in him and Mahesh is in Vishnu.
  • Shaivagam says that the words Satya and Asatya is came later, Shiva is the first. Where there is truth untruth not there. When truth and untruth are revealed then in the presence of untruth there is an audience of ‘Asadakhya’ and in the presence of truth there is an audience of ‘Sadhakya’. Due to this, the name of God Bhoot Bhavan (Shiva) becomes Sadashiva.
  • Steadfast Devotees of Shiva worship in Mahakaal abode to Shiv only. So in Kailash abode Shiv Ji is in his original form and is called Sadashiva. This Sadashiva form of Shivaji is the form of the Vishnu element. There is no difference between the Vishnu element and the Shiv element. When the same Sadashiva expands himself inside the universe then he appears in Shiv form. When he takes the function of destruction then he is called Rudra.
  • God Sadashiva resides in Shivpuri. The formless Shiva is called Sadashiva.
  • In the world of spirituality, only Shiv is the truth, the rest are merely the names. ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. Shiv is the soul. For Shiv ‘ShivohuM’ is said. It cannot be said ‘ShankarohaM’. Shiva is not a character, Shankar has a character. Shiv does not have a family. Shankar has a family, has a wife and children
  • Shankar can be the central figure of some Purana or story but Shiva is not. In reality, what we know by the name Shiv Purana is truly the story of Shankar and not of Shiva.
  • Shankar/ Bholenath has given birth to Vishnu, Brahma and Mahesh (Shankar)
  • Mangal is the name of Shiv Ji's father
  • Brahma is the son of God Narayana. Lord Shiva is the son of Brahma. Lord Shiva has emerged from the eyebrow of Brahma Ji. Brahma has emerged from Vishnu’s navel. Vishnu Narayan is self-born.
  • Shiv cannot be seen. He does not have a body. He is beyond imagination, beyond virtues and sins, beyond religion, and caste. Who does not have Ling is Shiv. 
  • Shankar Ji constantly meditates upon Lord Shiva. So God Shiva is the Jyoti-form. Therefore, it’s called Jyotirlinga. Shankar Ji is corporeal. Shiva is formless. Shankar is the destroyer. Shiva is kind. Shankar is the creation and Shiva is the creator. God Shiva is the creator of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The three lines in Shivling and a Jyoti in the middle symbolise Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar and the dot in the middle symbolises Shiva which is the Jyoti-form.
  • Shankar is of just one universe. Shiv/ Sadashiva is of infinite universes. Shankar Ji resides within the universe and his original form Sadashiva is beyond all universe, even beyond the formless Almighty. He resides in ‘Parbyom’. There his name is Sadashiva. The same Sadashiva/ Shiv reside in the form of Shankar and Rudra in infinite universes. As there are infinite universes similarly, there are infinite Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar Ji but there is only one Sadashiva.

Interpretation: These are views of some famous gurus of the present time. The biggest surprise is that the above views jotted down from the statements of present-day famous religious preachers/ gurus/Acharyas/ Shankaracharyas do not match with each other. Everyone is giving their theories about Lord Shiva/ Shankar and God Sadashiv which are not supported by the authentic divine texts.

It has been mentioned in Suksham Veda that such ignorant contemporary Gurus, saints, and luminaries had ignorance-form cataracts. They were scholars in the Sanskrit language, and knew four Vedas, Puranas, and 18 Chapters of pious Bhagavad Gita but did not know even the ABCD of spiritualism. For them, it is said

Moti mukta darshat nahi ye jag hai sab andh re|

Dikhat ke to nain chisam inke phira motiyabind re||

To know the truth about Lord Shiva/ Shankar we will verify these statements of various spiritual preachers/ fake gurus from pious scriptures of our Hindu religion.

Sages/ Saints have spent their lives deciphering the vast expanse of invaluable spiritual information yet, none have fully grasped holy scripture’s revelation regarding God Sadashiv and Lord Shiva/ Shankar.

Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the sole spiritual guru in the world at present who has unveiled the hidden mysteries of divine scriptures which will be dealt with in this write-up.

Moving ahead let us explore our pious ancient texts to reveal the truth.

Who Are The Parents of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Ignorant gurus tell Lord Shiva/ Shankar is self-proclaimed. He was not born. He does not have a father and a mother whereas shreds of evidence from Hindu scriptures prove Lord Shiva/ Shankar takes birth. His father is Brahm Kaal who is also called God Sadashiva/ Mahashiva/ Kshar Purush/ Jyoti Niranjan/ Mahakaal/ Alakh Niranjan/ Dharmrai. Its evidence is in Concise Shiv Puran, Rudra Samhita, 6th and 7th chapter, pages 98-103, Editor is Hanuman Prasad Poddar, published from Gita Press Gorakhpur. Gobind Bhawan Office, Institute of Kolkata, Gorakhpur.

Lord Shiva/ Shankar’s mother is Goddess Durga/ Prakriti/ Ashtangi.

Evidence in Shrimad Devi Bhagavata Purana, Third Skand, Pages 114-118, pages 11-12 Chapter 5 Verse 12, Page 14 Verse 43 in the same chapter proves that Goddess Durga and Brahm Kaal are husband and wife. Durga/ Prakriti has an inseparable relationship with Brahm/ Sadashiva. Both Prakriti and Purush/ Dharmrai live together and are always procreating. Nobody knows their state. She tells her eldest son Brahna that

 ‘What he (Sadashiv) is, I am; what I am, he is. Because of mental confusion, a difference is perceived.

Important: God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal is the knowledge giver of the Srimad Bhagwad Gita. He imparted spiritual knowledge to Arjuna during the Mahabharata war while entering like a ghost in the body of Shri Krishna. As per the evidence mentioned in Gita Chapter 11 Verse 32 God Sadashiva/ Brahm introduces himself to Arjuna saying ‘I am the enlarged Kaal, the destroyer of the world. I have appeared now to eat everyone, to destroy everyone.

The same God Kaal/ Sadashiva tells in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14 Verse 3-5 that he is the seed-giving father in Primeval Prakriti/ Durga’s womb, with our union all beings are produced in my 21 universes.

In the creation of universe chapter in pious Kabir Sagar (Suksham Veda) Chapter Gyan Bodh in Khand Bodh Sagar, Khand 1,  Kabir Panthi, Bharat Pathik published by Swami Yuglanand Bihari, publisher and printer is Khemraj  Shri Krishnadas Publication, President Shri Venkateshwar Press,  Khemraj Shri Krishnadas Road, Mumbai it has been clarified that God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva/ Brahm Kaal is married to Durga. They live as husband and wife and do all creations in 21 universes. Both are in form in material bodies.

Maa Ashtangi pita Niranjan ye Jam darun vanshan anjan||


Further, it’s clarified both are husband and wife

Dhamrai (Sadashiva) ko hikmat kinha | nakh rekha se bhag kar linha ||

Dharmrai kinhaan bhog vilaasa | Maya ko rahi tab aasa ||

In spite, there is evidence mentioned in Hindu religious texts about the aforementioned, but in the absence of true spiritual knowledge, Brahm Kaal/ Sadashiva remained a lesser-known God. Through this write-up, we will highlight all about God Sadashiv and will prove that he is the father of Lord Shiva (Evidence Concise Shiva Purana, Rudra Sanhita 6th Chapter, Page no. 102). They are two separate entities, two separate Gods and all the theories of ignorant gurus regarding Shiva and Sadashiva are wrong.

Moving ahead we will provide several pieces of evidence regarding the existence of God Sadashiva.

Who is God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva

God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal is the owner of 21 universes where we all souls reside. 

Evidence Shri Vishnu Puran:- Part-4 Adhyay 1 on Pages 230-231 in Shlok 83 and 86 God Sadashiv/ Maha Shiva is said to be the owner of 21 universes.

Sadashiva/ Kaal is Satan/ Devil/ evil spirit who is cursed to eat the grime of one lac subtle human bodies (Gita Chapter 11 Verse 21) and produce 1.25 lacs every day as proved from the following speech mentioned in pious Suksham Veda.

Alakh Niranjan bada batpaara                             Teen lok jiv kinh ahaara||


The detailed description is mentioned in Pious Kabir Sagar in the ‘Anurag Sagar’ and ‘ Kabir Vaani’ chapters. Rigveda Mandal no 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 1 describes his appearance which is frightful. His huge form is scary. He has one thousand heads, eyes, hands and legs each. He possesses one thousand skills. 

Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1-4, 16, 17 describes the creation of the universe in the form of an inverted world-like a Peepal tree in which Brahm Kaal/ Sadashiv is depicted in the form of a trunk with three branches attached depicting three qualities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva).

God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal/ Kshar Purush has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Kabir, Akshar Purush ek ped hai Niranjan vaki daar|

Teeno Deva shakha hai, ye paat roop sansaar||

Gita Chapter 14 Verse 3-5 certifies God Sadashiv/ Kshar Purush is the father of Lord Shiva/ Shankar and Goddess Durga is his mother. The same evidence is found in Shri Shiv MahaPurana (Evidence Concise Shiva Purana, Rudra Sanhita 6th Chapter, Page no. 102), Devi Purana and Markandeya Purana.

Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 5 to 9 tells God Sadashiva is in the cycle of birth and death. Similar is the case of all deities and beings including Lord Shiva/ Shankar. His deeds are supernatural. 

Since God Sadashiva/ Mahashiv is cursed due to his misconduct in the eternal world, Satlok and was expelled therefore, he has vowed to remain unmanifested (Gita Chapter 7 Verse 24&25. The same evidence is in Kabir Sagar Chapter “Swasamved Bodh” page no. 96 and “Shwansh Gunjar” page no. 21 and “Anurag Sagar” page no. 26). He never appears in his original form (Gita Chapter 9 Verse 11) due to which he is a lesser-known God but holy scriptures hold enough evidence of his existence which incomplete gurus/ fake preachers could not tell rather continued to spread confusing knowledge saying Shiva and Sadashiva are one and the same.

Note: God Sadashiva showed his gigantic form just once which was scary to Arjuna on the battlefield during the Mahabharata war as is evident in Gita 11:47.

Who Is The Grandfather of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Miscreants/ fake religious gurus do not know about the parents of Lord Shiva/ Shankar so how would they know about his grandfather in spite of holy texts contain His information?

Almighty KavirDev/ Satpurush is the grandfather of Shiv Ji and father of God Sadashiv/ Mahashiva. The same is evident from Speech No. 12 mentioned on pages no.130-131 in the book ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’, the explanation of verses of Sukshma Veda.

Satpurush se Onkara|

Avigat roop rache gainara||12

Meaning: Onkar word is the symptomatic form of Kaal. He was created by Satpurush who also created all mountains.

Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush Kabir Saheb, the eternal-immortal God is the creator of entire universes whose evidence has been mentioned in all holy scriptures of all religions but ignorant sages/ Mahants/ Mandaleshwars could never understand these profound secrets of holy texts.

God Kabir created everything be it Air, water, Sky, mountains, Sun, Moon, Stars etc and above all souls. All living beings are His creations. He only created Kshar Purush/ God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal and Durga/ Prakriti. He is self-proclaimed (Swayambhu) and none other. He existed even before the Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha etc. came into existence.

Speech no.2-4 on page 171

Ja din na they pind na pranaa, nahi paani Pawan jimee asmana||2

Kachh machh kurambh na kayaa, Chand soor nahi deep banaya||3

Shesh Mahesh Ganesh na Brahma, Narad Sharad Naa Vishwakarma||4

The evidence of the same is also found in Rigveda Mandal no.10 Sukt 90 Mantra 1-4.

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18 glorifies the celestial realm of Satlok, the divine abode of the ultimate Supreme God. Also Atharvaveda Kand 4 Anuvaak 1 Mantra 1-7 and Yajurveda Adhyay 5 Mantra 1, Adhyay 1 Mantra 15.Pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1-4, 16,17. Pious Quran Sharif Surat Furqan 25 Ayat 52-59, Holy Bible Genesis A1: 20-25, Iyov 36:5 (OJB) and at several other places Almighty Kabir is mentioned.

The Supreme God, father of Sadashiva is the liberator (Bandi Chor) Rigveda Mandal no.10 Sukt 90 Mantra 15,16. He is the destroyer of sins pious Yajurved Adhyay 5 Mantra 32 and Adhyay 8 Mantra 13.

Pious Kabir Sagar, Sukshma Veda also certifies that Kabir is God, the creator of all universes. He only created God Sadashiva. He is the grandfather of Shiv/ Shambhu/ Shankar.

Moving ahead we will know about the origin of Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal.

Origin of God Sadashiva, (Father) and Goddess Durga (Mother) of Lord Shiva/ Shankar

Ref: Kabir Sagar

In the nectar speech of respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Mehla 1, Raag Bilaavalu, Ansh 1 in Guru Granth Sahib, Page no. 839) In the nectar speech of respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj in Aadi Ramaini (Sad´Granth, page no. 690 to 692)

Rigveda Mandal no.10 Sukt 90 Mantra 5

In the beginning, self-proclaimed (Swayambhu) Satpurush/ Almighty KavirDev was all alone. He used to reside in Anamilok/  Anamaylok/ Akahlok. His highly radiant body is even brighter than the combined light of crore Suns and crore Moons. All the souls were contained inside the Divine’s body. Then Swayambhu God Kabir created three lower regions named Agamlok, Alakhlok and Satlok with His word power.

Further, Satlok Satpurush created 16 islands with one word (Shabad Shakti). Then with 16 words, He made evident 16 sons. After this Param Akshar Brahm created Mansarovar Lake and filled it with nectar water. Almighty/ Satpurush then entrusted one of His sons named Achint for the rest of the creation. He gave him word power. Achint created Akshar Purush/ ParBrahm with the word power.

Once Parbraham/ Akshar Purush went inside the Mansarovar Lake for bathing where he felt pleasant and fell asleep. In Satlok, life is not through breaths. The body of all souls is made up of one ‘Noori’ element and not with five elements as is in the realm of Kshar Purush.

When Akshar Purush did not come out for a long time, Achint became helpless hence, prayed to Almighty KavirDev/ Satpurush and requested him to help him in further creation since Akshar Purush was not supporting him. In remembrance, God appeared and took some nectar water from Mansarovar Lake. He made an egg out of that nectar water, a very large one and inserted a soul inside it and released it into the lake. The egg started sinking, a huge sound was produced due to which the sound sleep of Akshar Purush was disturbed as a result he got angry. He stared at that huge egg due to which it broke into two halves. Kaal Brahm/ Kshar Purush came out from that egg. 

Satpurush se Onkara|

Avigat roop rache gainara||12

Param Akshar Brahm/ Shabad Swaroopi Ram told all three- Achint, Akshar Purush and Kshar Purush to reside on one island. Later, the Supreme God created all souls. Born from an egg, Kael/ Kaal Brahm was a highly notorious and ill-mannered soul. He was later expelled from the eternal world Satlok because he misbehaved with a young girl who was later called Ashtangi/ Adimaya/ Durga. The same Brahm Kaal is Sadashiva/ Mahashiva, the owner of 21 universes which he received as a reward for the severe austerity he performed in Satlok aiming to have a separate independent island of his own.

This is the true story of the creation of God Sadashiva and Goddess Durga who are husband and wife (Atharvaveda Kaand no 4 Anuvaak no 1 Mantra no 5) and do all creations in their 21 universes. All souls residing here in the deceased world were also expelled along with Sadashiva and Ashtangi because we all fell from our loyalty to our happiness-giving father, God KavirDev since we got highly fascinated by Kshar Purush when he was performing severe austerity. We deceived our father who provided us all comforts in Satlok and gave acceptance to come along with Brahm to his 21 universes. Adimaya/ Durga was the very first soul to give acceptance. We all were sent as a punishment to this realm which is full of sufferings.

Birth of Lord Shiva/ Shankar

Contrary to the preachings of fake gurus that Lord Shiva/ Shankar does not take birth and is eternal and Sayambhu, here we will provide evidence regarding his birth

Brahm Kaal/ God Sadashiva the knowledge giver of Gita tells in Chapter 14 Verse 3-5 that his wife Prakriti/ Durga/ Ashtangi is the womb of all living beings and I (Sadashiva/ Mahashiva) place the seed in her womb. All living beings are born from our union. I am the seed-giving father. The Primeval Prakriti conceives. Three gunas Rajogun Brahma, Satogun Vishnu, and Tamogun Shiva born of Prakriti bind the eternal soul to the body.

It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Teen putar Ashtangi Jaye Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv naam dharai||

Evidence in Shiv Purana, Vidhveshwar Samhita, Page 24-26, Rudra Samhita, Published by Gita Press Gorakhpur, the translator is Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar-Adhyay 6, 7 and 9 on page no.100-105 and 110. Page 19, 86,131 Holy Shrimad Devi Mahapuran, Third Skand, Chapter 5, Pages no.114 to 123, Chapter 6 page no 129 published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, the translator is Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Chiman Lal Goswami. Third Skand Chapter 4 verse 42 on page 10, Chapter 5 Verse 8 on pages 11&12, 3rd Skand Chapter 1-3 on pages 119-120 prove Lord Shiva/ Shankar is the son of God Sadashiva and Goddess Durga.

Markandeya Purana also provides the same evidence.

What do Lord Shiva/ Shankar hold?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book Speech no.38 on page no 135. The writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Vame kar trishul Virajey| Dehney kar Sudarshan sajey||38

Meaning: Lord Shiva holds a trident in his left hand and Sudarshan Chakra in his right hand which reflects his power.

Speech no 7 on page no.130

Shankar Shesh aur Brahma Vishnu| Narad-Sharad Jaa urr rasnam||7

Meaning: In this speech, the information about great powers of Kaal Brahm has been given. Their names are told. Sheshnaag’s name has been associated with Lord Shiva/ Shankar. Sheshnaag is believed to be a great power. The descendant serpents of Sheshnaag enhance the beauty of the neck of Lord Shiva/ Shankar.

Shankar ji also holds a Damru (hand drum) and Kamandal.

Speech no 34 on page no 134

Gang tarang chute bahudhara| Ajapa thaari jai-jai kaara||34

Meaning: Ganga river flows from his matted hair-knot. The half-moon on his head enhances his beauty

Chandra Lilat sur sangeeta|

Jogi Shankar dhyaan udita||32

Evidence in Speech 32 on page 134

He wears a Bhasmakanda (bracelet) on the other hand and wears Mundmala (a garland of skulls of his wife Parvati’s previous births).

Speech no.37 on page no.134-135

Sarp bhuwang gale rund mala| Vrishabh chadhiye Deen dayalaa||37

Shiva wears a loincloth.

Who Is The Consort of Lord Shiva/ Shankar

Goddess Parvati is the wife of Lord Shiva/ Shankar in her 108th birth. In earlier births, the same soul’s name was Uma/ Sati, etc.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book  Speech no.8 on page no.130

Gauraj aur Ganesh gosain| Karaj sakal siddh ho jayee||8

Meaning: Lord Shiva/ Shankar’s wife Goddess Parvati provides happiness to her devotees till the level of power she holds. Those seekers who do her true devotion and chant her true mantra as provided by an enlightened saint, receive benefits from her.

Speech no 9-10 on page no.130

Brahma Vishnu aur Shambhu Shesha| Teeno dev dayalu hamesha||9

Savitri aur Laxmi Gaura| Teeno Deva sir kar hai chaura||10

Meaning: Trinity Gods Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiva are kind. Their wives wave flabellum (chanwar) over their husbands as a gesture of respect. Goddess Savitri waves Chanwar over her husband Brahma Ji, and Laxmi Ji on Shri Vishnu Ji. Similarly, Goddess Parvati does on Lord Shiva/ Shankar.

Origin Of Goddess Uma/ Parvati, Wife of Lord Shiva/ Shankar

Ref: Suksham Veda: After the three sons Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva grew young and were made conscious of Coma and were allocated the responsibility of their departments then God Sadashiva/ Mahakaal/ Mahashiva told his wife Ashtangi/ Durga to send three sons to churn the cosmic ocean and ordered her to make her three forms secretly and hide them into the ocean. She did as instructed. When the ocean was churned the second time three young girls came out. The very first girl was given to the eldest son Brahma. She was named Savitri. Both were married by the words of Goddess Durga with simplicity without any tantrums. Similarly, the second girl was named Goddess Laxmi and married to Vishnu Ji. The third was named Uma who became the wife of Lord Shiva/ Shankar.

Its evidence is in Shrimad Devi Bhagwat MahaPuran Sabhashtikam Samhatyam, Khemraj Shri Krishna Das Prakashan Mumbai; Sanskrit text, translated in Hindi

Since every being including God Sadashiva, Shankar and Durga is mortal in the perishable 21 universes, Uma too died after the specified duration. The same soul took birth 107 times then she was Parvati born to King Himalaya in her 108th birth. Every time the same soul got married to Lord Shiva as planned.

Currently, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are husband and wife.

What Is The Age of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Ref: Suksham Veda, calculation of Divya Varsh/ God year

Lord Shiva/ Shankar is mortal. His age is fixed. Similarly of all deities and beings.  After seven Brahma Ji dies one Vishnu dies. After seven Vishnu Ji die one Shiv Ji dies. The same is the age of his wife Parvati Ji.

Note: Lord Shiva/ Shankar has the longest age in comparison to all deities in 21 universes of his father God Sadashiva/ Mahashiva.

What is the Age of God Sadashiva/ Mahashiva/ Mahakaal?

After the death of 70,000 (seventy thousand) Trilokiye Shiv, there is the death of one Brahmlokiye MahaShiv i.e. SadaShiv/ Kaal Brahm.

Where Does God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva Reside?

In 21 universes everything is created by five elements and three qualities.

The same is evident from Speech No. 11 on pages no.130-131 in the book ‘Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’.

Panch tatav aarambhan keenha| Teen guno madhya shakha jheena||11

Speech no 4 on page no 130

Aab khaak pawak aur pavna|

Gagan sunn dariyayi dauna||4

Meaning: Five elements are responsible for all creations here. Aab (water) khaak (earth) pawak (fire) pavna (air) Gagan (sky) dauna means consider Satlok to be a river and Kaal’s realm a pond.

God Sadashiva and Goddess Durga have done all creations in their 21 universes. God Sadashiva in his original form (devil) resides in Brahmlok/ Mahabrahmand where there is Tapatshila (a very huge rock which automatically remains very hot). Here he roasts one-lac subtle human bodies and eats its grime every day. He is therefore a Satan/ Evil spirit who remains unmanifested (Gita 7:25).

He has also created three secret places which are Rajogun-dominated where he himself resides in MahaBrahma form and keeps his wife Durga in MahaSavitri form. The son born here with their union automatically becomes equipped with Rajogun. They name him Brahma.

Similarly, in the Satogun-dominated realm God Sadashiva in manifested form resides in MahaVishnu form and Goddess  Durga resides in MahaLaxmi form. The son born automatically gets equipped with Satogun. He is named Vishnu.

The third region is Tamogun-dominated where he resides in the manifested form as Mahashiva and keeps his wife Durga in MahaParvati form. The son born from their union in this realm automatically becomes equipped with Tamogun. (Durga Puran Chapter 5, Verse 8). They name him Shiva

Where Does Lord Shiva Shankar Reside?

Lord Shiva/ Shankar resides along with his wife Parvati Devi in Shivlok/ Shivpuri/ Kailash Mountain

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’, Speech no.41 on page no.135-136

Ek lakh yojana dhwaja farkey|

Pachrang jhandey more rakhey||41

Meaning: You keep a five-coloured flag in front of your residence whose height is one lakh yojan means 12 lakh km. (One Yojan=4 kos, one kose=3 kms). The flags are hoisting in your residence.

Who is The Mount of Hindu God Shiva/ Shankar?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’, Speech no.37 on page no.134-135

Sarp bhuwang gale rund mala| Vrishabh chadhiye Deen dayalaa||37

Meaning: The snakes are clinged ‘Sarp Bhuwang’ around your neck with their hoods raised. At times, You also wear the skull garland of Goddess Parvati on your neck. Both enhance the beauty of your neck. O merciful! You ride on Vrishabh (Nandi bull). Your vehicle is Vrishabh that is, Nadiya Bull.

Speech no.48 on page no.137

Tum shambhu ishan ke eesha|

Vrishabh chadhiye vishve beesa||48

Meaning: ‘O Shiv Shambhu Ji! You are even the Lord of the Lord of ‘Ganas’ which means Lord Ganesha/ Ganapati. You ride over ‘Vrishabha’ which means Nandi bull. This is ‘vishve beesa’ that is, it is an absolute truth (100% correct).

Respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj says ‘O Shiv Ji! You ride on your Nandi bull. This is absolutely true. Kindly appear to us also climbing on ‘Vrishabh’, which means Nandi Bull

Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi, Man, Myth or Divine

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’, Speech no 32 on page no 134

Chand lilaat sur Sangeeta| Jogi Shankar dhyan udita||32

Meaning: The moon is adorned on your head and ‘Sur’ means Gandev resides along with you. Your concentration is upwards towards Trikuti. (Udita that goes upwards)

Speech no.33 described next also proves Lord Shiva/ Shankar is Adiyogi as well as divine.

Speech no 36 on page no 134

Asan padam lagaye Jogi|

NiH iccha nirbani bhogi||36

Meaning: Shiva Ji is also a great Yogi. You do Yogaasan. You meditate on the Padmasana gesture. You are without desires and calm that is, aiming to attain salvation you concentrate on the upper realms and enjoy.

Speech no.39 on page no 135

Sun ardaas Devon ke Deva| Shambhu Jogi alakh avhewa||39

Meaning: ‘O the superior God amongst deities! Listen to our prayer. O Shankar Yogi! Your glory is ‘Alakh’  unique which no one can see and understand. The common person cannot know the secret of your glory.

This proves Lord Shiva is also a Yogi and divine.

Why is Lord Shiva/ Shankar called Neelkanth?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’, Speech no.33 on page no 134

Neelkanth sohe Garudasan| Shambhu Jogi achal singhasan||33

Meaning: Lord Shiva/ Shankar drank the poison that came out during the churning of the Cosmic ocean. He held it in his throat due to which his neck became blue therefore, Lord Shiva/ Shankar is greeted as Neelkanth. O Neelkanth! You also grace the throne like a Garud bird. Like, there is a Yoga form called Mayurasana. As the Peacock bird walks balanced with its long wings spread on its two legs similarly, the yoga practitioners imitate this gesture. Since Shankar Ji is God therefore, giving him respect he is greeted as a great Yogi who performs yoga similar to Garud bird, the vehicle of Shri Vishnu Ji. You grace the throne of Garud. Your throne (age) is for a very long duration.

Since the age of Shankar Ji is maximum in comparison to other deities, it is called an immovable throne.

The above speech proved Shiv Ji is also called Neelkanth.

Placement Of God Sadashiv/ Mahakaal In Human Body Chakra

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’, Speech no.6 on page no 102

Kanth Kamal mein base avidhya, Gyan dhyan buddhi nasahin|

Leel chakra madhya Kaal karmam, avat dum kun phansahin||6

Meaning: Kanth Kamal is at the back side of the neck on the spine. ‘Avidhya’ means Goddess Durga, wife of God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva resides here with whose influence the wisdom and concentration during devotion of the seeker destroys.  Durga corrupts the intellect. This has 16 petals. Kaal Niranjan/ God Sadashiv also resides here in subtle form along with his wife.

God Sadashiva has vowed to remain unmanifested. Both of them together make devotees forget the spiritual knowledge, concentration as well as the mantra that is chanted with breaths.

Speech no.8

Sahans Kamal dal bhi aap Sahib, jyon Phoolan madhya gandh hai|

Poor raksha jagdeesh jogi, satt samrath nirbandh hai||8

Meaning: Sahansr Kamal is at the back side of the head towards the top where few seekers keep a ponytail, that point is anyways visible when hair is cut short. This Lotus has one thousand petals hence, is called Sahansr kamal. Along with God Sadashiva/ Kaal Niranjan, there is constant power of Almighty Kabir in a special way just as the Sun’s heat is more at the equator in comparison to other places. That Jagdeesh is truly all-powerful. He is unrestricted. MahaKaal/ Sadashiva is bound in 21 universes. Almighty is overall an owner.

Placement Of Lord Shiva/ Shankar In Human Body Chakra

Ref: Holy Kabir Sagar, Chapter Kabir Vani, page 111

Respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj’s sacred speech in ‘Brahma Bedi’ Speech no 5 mentioned on pages 101-102 in Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’

Hriday Kamal Mahadev dev, Sati Parvati sang hai|

SohaM jaap japat Hansa, Gyan jog bhal rang hai||5

Saint Garibdas Ji has given a detailed description of body chakras ruled by various deities located at the inner side of the Spine. Lord Shiva resides in Hriday Kamal (heart Lotus chakra) along with his wife Parvati out of the five.

Hriday Kamal Chakra is located at the inner side of the spine behind the centre of nipples which has 12 petals.

What is The Role of Lord Shiva/ Shankar In 21 Universes?

Shiva the destroyer is equipped with Tamogun. His role in the realm of his father is to prepare food for him which means for God Sadashiva/ Mahashiva who has to eat grime of one lac subtle human body every day due to the curse entrusted upon him. His role in destruction is evident from the speech mentioned in Suksham Veda.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh Speech no.31 on page no.134

Koti katak paimaal karanta| Aisa Shambhu samrath kanta||31

Meaning: ‘O Shankar Ji! You are Koti katak means destroyer of crore armies. O Shankar Ji! You are such a capable Lord.

Speech no 40 on page no.135

Tu paimaal kare pal mahi| Aise samrath Shambhu saayeen||40

Meaning: O Shiv Ji! You destroy nature (creation) within a second. You are so capable.

Shiva or call Shav (Dead body) is synonymous. The irony is devotees out of ignorance worship Shiv Shambhu. They know well that he kills living beings yet consider him God and worship him as their revered deity. Lord Shiva/ Shankar is bound to perform his role.

In Devi Bhagavata Purana Chapter 5 Verse 8 on page 11-12 God Shankar asks his mother Goddess Durga ‘Why did you make me Tamogun? Why did you engage us in the evil act of birth and death of creatures?’   

Who Are The Children of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh Speech no 30 on page no 133

Jai-Jai shambhu Shankar nathaa|

Kala Ganesh ru Gauraj mataa||30

Meaning: Hail Shiv Ji! Hail to you Naath! Gauraj (Girija=Parvati) is the mother of Ganesha who created him with her Skill/ power.

Speech no.48 on page no.137

Tum shambhu ishan ke isha|

Vrishabh chadhiye vishve beesa||48

Meaning: ‘O Shiv Shambhu Ji! You are even the Lord of the Lord of ‘Ganas’ which means Lord Ganesha/ Ganapati.

The second son of Shiv Ji is God Kartikeya

Speech no.8 on page no.130

Gauraj aur Ganesh gosain| Karaj sakal siddh ho jayee||8

Meaning: Lord Shiva/ Shankar’s son Lord Ganesha/ Ganapati has been glorified, also his mother Gauraj/ Parvati who provides happiness to seekers who chant his true mantra and perform his correct devotion as per scriptures.

Note: Only an enlightened saint provides the correct mantra of Lord Ganesha, Parvati and other deities. There is a special way to chant their mantras.

Is Lord Bhairava/ Kaal Bhadr And Lord Shiva The Same?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh Speech no 42 on page no 136

Kaal bhadr krit dev bulaun|

Shankar ke dal sab hi dhyaun||42

Meaning: Origin of Kaal bhadr-

During the religious sacrifice (Hawan) organised by Prajapati Daksh, his daughter Goddess Parvati out of anger jumped into the fire pit where she was burnt and died. When Lord Shiva got to know that Daksh had insulted Sati/ Parvati due to which she did self-immolation Lord Shiva/ Shankar created Bhairava/ Kaal Bhadr from his matted hair and sent him with the army of ghosts-ganas etc to kill Daksh. Therefore, in this speech, Kaal Bhadr has been called God Krit (artificial).

Here, respected Sant Garibdas Ji is indicating that to please Lord Shiva/ Shankar remember like this that you protect every seeker and destroy all enemies of your devotee. Protect us from all our direct or indirect enemies. I invite you as well as your group of warriors. I also invite ‘Krat’, Kaal Bhadr, created by you.

Speech no 43 on page no 136

Bhairon khetrpaal palitam| Bhoot aur daitya chadhe sangeetam||43

Meaning: Your commander Bhairav and the Area Manager are very dangerous. They invade during battle.This proves Lord Bhairav/ Kaal Bhadr was created by Shiv Ji. They are two separate entities. 

Why did Lord Shiva/ Shankar Kill Prajapati Daksh?

Ref: Mukti Bodh book Page 68. The writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Goddess Parvati/ Sati examined Shri Ramchandra Ji in Treta Yuga while he was passing time during exile mourning his lost wife Sita to confirm if he was Lord Vishnu or an ordinary man. She acquired the form of Sita going against her husband’s will who got annoyed with her that she disobeyed him and acquired the form of the wife of his elder brother (Vishnu Ji) whose wife is respectful and equivalent to a mother.

Thereafter, Shiva and Uma/ Sati/ Parvati had strained relations for a very long time. When all efforts of Uma/ Parvati to convince and please Shankar Ji went in vain then Guilty Sati, dissatisfied with the behaviour of her husband abandoned the house and went to her father Prajapati (Lord of People) Daksh.

When she reached her parents' house she saw that her father Daksh had organised a religious ritual/ Sacrifice (Hawan yagya) in which he invited great luminaries, deities, sages, saints etc. but not her and her husband Shiva.

Daksh was annoyed with Sati since she married Shiva against his wish hence, he discarded both. When Sati/ Parvati expressed her displeasure as to why both were not invited then Daksh spoke Ill about Lord Shiva and expressed his annoyance.

Displeased and distressed Sati thought that she is no longer dear to her husband nor is respected by her father, so out of anger she jumped into the fire pit and gets completely burnt and died. When Shiv Ji got to know he got furious. He created Bhairav/ Kaal Bhadr from his matted hair and sent him along with an army of ‘ganas’ to destroy everyone present in that Yagya.

A fierce battle took place. Lord Vishnu fought from Daksh’s side but they were defeated. Lord Shiva killed Prajapati Daksh. He cut his neck. Later, on request, he placed the head of a goat over his neck and revived Daksh.

Why Lord Shiva/ Shankar Carried The Skeleton Of Uma/ Parvati For Several Eras?

Ref: Mukti Bodh book Page 68

After Uma/ Sati/ Parvati did self-immolation Lord Shiva carried her skeleton for several Eras out of grief and wandered crying and screaming ‘Uma Uma, O Dakshputri Uma’ like a recluse.

Later, Lord Vishnu cut the skeleton into 52 pieces with his Sudarshan Chakra with which Shiv Shambhu’s disillusionment broke and he came to his senses.

Important: This as well as the aforementioned incident signifies that even Gods in Kaal’s realm are also untouched by vices like affection, attachment, anger, love hatred, lust, and pride. All deities and beings are trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death. This is a huge and dangerous trap of God Sadashiv/ Brahm Kaal. Only Almighty Kabir can break Kaal’s web.

Wherever 52 pieces of Sati’s skeleton fell, the devotees built a temple and started worshipping Shakti/ Jagdambika. Hence, 52 Shakti Peeth were established. Where the body fell Vaishno Devi temple was established, where eyes fell Naina Devi and where her tongue fell Jwala Devi temple was established.

In reality, these temples are merely a remembrance that such an incident happened but the Goddess is nowhere seated so visiting and worshipping here is a useless practice. This is arbitrary and has been prohibited in Gita 16:23.

Why Was Kamadeva Killed By Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Ref: Mukti Bodh book Page 68

When Lord Shiva realised that he had lost his wife, he detached from the world and considered Kamadeva (God of Love) to be the reason for his misery. Intending to curb lust, to suppress Kamdev Lord Shiva performed severe penance for thousands of years.

One day Kamadeva came near Shiva Shambhu and got converted to ash by his sight. God Shiva was delighted over his success that he had won over lust through meditation and started boasting about his achievement. This is how God Shiva Shankar killed Kamadeva.

Lord Shiva Became Enamoured With The Mohini Form of Lord Vishnu

Ref: Mukti Bodh book Page 68-69

God Sadashiva is a big player, a deceiver. When he noticed that Lord Shiva is under the impression that he has won over lust and does not need a woman and thinks that the married couples, in reality, remain sad. Mahashiva/ Kaal thought if every man will hate females then how will beings be produced and if there won’t be the creation of humans then there will be no death. Then what will I eat? I need one lac human to die every day so that I may not die of hunger.

With this viewpoint, Sadashiva inspired sage Narad to visit Shiv Ji. When he went Shiv Ji started boasting of his triumph over Kamadeva. Narad Ji went to Lord Vishnu and narrated exactly the same to him.

With the inspiration of Sadashiva, Shri Vishnu Ji thought of examining his younger brother Shiva. Once Shiv Ji went to visit Vishnu Ji and during a conversation, Vishnu Ji said ‘I have heard that you have killed Kamadeva’. Delighted, Shiv Ji said ‘Yes, I have won over lust’. Then Shiv Ji told Vishnu Ji to show him his Mohini form which made demons lustful during the churning of the cosmic ocean which he missed at that time, due to the effect of poison he drank and held in his throat.

Initially, Vishnu Ji made excuses but when finally Shiv Ji saw the captivating allure of Vishnu's Mohini form he found himself to be still desirous of having a relationship and accepted he was wrong that he had won over vices like lust and affection.

After this, he married Parvati when the same soul after 107 births was born to King Himalaya.

Is Lord Rudra And Lord Shiv The Same?

Ref: Concise Shiv Mahapurana with Hindi translation part 1. The writer is Vidhyavaridhi Pandit Jwala Prasad Ji Mishr. Khemraj Shri Krishnadas Prakashan, Mumbai. Vidhweshwar Sanhita, Chapter 6-10, Page Number:11-20.

Once there was a fight between Shri Brahma Ji and Shri Vishnu Ji over a trivial matter: who is superior to whom? Both were claiming ‘I am your father, I am your creator’. Seeing this their father Sadashiva rowed a highly illuminated pillar (ling) in between them. They forgot to fight and started searching the ends of that huge pillar but in vain. Then God Sadashiva appeared in the form of his son Shiva/ Shankar and told both that they were wrong in considering themselves as God. None of the two is superior. The position as head of the department means Rajogun to Brahma Ji for creation and Satogun to Vishnu Ji for preservation obtained is the outcome of severe penance both have performed and he being pleased with them has showered mercy on both and has granted them these posts.

Sadashiva/ Brkahm Kaal further said ‘Similarly, I have given the responsibility of Tamogun (Tirobhav) department to Mahesh (Shiva) and the responsibility of destruction to Rudra, my look alike.

This narration certifies there are five powers (deities). Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Shiva), Rudra and the speaker is Sadashiva, their father. This proves Rudra and Shiva are two separate entities, two separate Gods and not one.

What Is The Mantra Of God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’, Speech no 1-3 on page 129

Satpurush samrath Onkara| Adli Purush Kabir hamara||1

Adi yugadi daya ke sagar| Kaal karam ke mochan aagar||2

Dukh bhanjan darvesh dayala| Asur nikandan kar paimalaa||3

Meaning: Almighty Kabir is remembered in this speech and it is said that the real meaning of Onkar is Kaal Brahm because it is synonymous with OM mantra. OM is the mantra of Brahm. The sages called Brahmgyani claim that our revered deity is Brahm means God whose name is Onkar. By chanting Onkar (OM) mantra Brahmlok is attained. They tell Brahm is formless, the all-capable creator.

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj has said that Satpurush is an All-Capable Onkara, able Brahm (Brahm means Almighty) but Kaal is an incomplete God, incomplete Brahm). They started calling him as well Brahm. The all-capable God is called complete Brahm. With this viewpoint, it is said capable Onkara means God Kabir is Brahm. That Adli (Judicial) man (Almighty) is our Kabir Ji. Since the inception of creation, he has been the ocean of kindness and is the destroyer of Kaal and sins. Almighty Kabir is the destroyer of sorrows, kind ‘Darvesh’ (who appears in the form of a great man). He destroys demons.

Speech no. 69 on page no.147

Aadi mool ved Omkara|

Asur nikandan kinha sindhara||69

Meaning: Onkara means OM has been the original mantra of (Yajurveda 40:15) since its inception. Kaal Brahm/ Sadashiva destroys the enemies (devilish souls who become hindrances for true worshippers) of those seekers who chant the OM mantra, thereby protecting devotion. He is seen in the form of Shri Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva due to which the magnificence of these Gods remained intact as removers of all sorrows. Even they accept that we are doers. (Evidence Gita 9:22)

In Gita Chapter 8 Verse 13 God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal says his mantra is of one word OM and nothing else. Seekers who chant OM till their last breath attain me (Brahm). They go to Brahmlok.  In Gita Chapter 7 Verse 18 he says his attainment is bad/ inferior since seekers attaining him, attaining Brahmlok remain in recurrence (Gita 8:16).

Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Puran, Skand 7, Adhyay 36, Page 562 – 563 tells OM is the mantra of God Sadashiva who resides in Brahmlok.

Ignorant gurus say “Om Namah Shivaya" (ॐ नमः शिवाय) is the mantra of Shiv Ji which is wrong. It's neither of Sadashiv nor of his son Shankar. It's arbitrary, due to ignorance they have adulterated the OM mantra. This is proved in Shiv Purana

Ref: Concise Shiv Puran, Vidhyeshwar Samhita, part 1, Chapter 10 on page no.19

OM is the Panchakshari mantra means a five-syllable mantra (five sounds). God Sadashiv says ‘This 'Omkar' being produced from my mouth is my symptomatic form itself. This provides great benefits. He is the announcer, I am the voice. This mantra is my soul. With its chant, I am remembered. From the North mouth 'Akar', from the West mouth 'Ukar', from the South mouth 'Makaar', from the East mouth 'dot', from the middle mouth 'Naad' is created, in this way, this is produced in five forms. All these become one word 'OM' and ‘Pranav’ after joining. Chant this mantra as it removes arrogance.

This certifies Sadashiva/Brahm's statement mentioned in Gita 8:13.

Shiva Purana page 115 says MahaShiv/ Sadashiva is an independent divine.

Conversation of Shri Brahma Ji with his son Narad Ji

'Who is famous with the name ‘Shivatva’. Who is established in the form of ‘Shiv Ling’. Worship that God Sadashiv in Shiv Ling form by chanting the “OM” mantra.

Note: Shivling worship is useless and does not hold any evidence in our divine ancient texts. This is dealt with in the later part of this write-up.

The gist: Shreds of evidence prove OM is the mantra of God Sadashiva/ Maha Shiva. OM NanaH Shivaya is the adulterated mantra. Salvation attained with OM is inferior (Gita 7:18) since creatures remain in recurrence (Gita 8’16)

Important: Complete salvation is attained by the mantra mentioned in Gita 17:23 which is Om-Tat-Sat (indicative). This is decoded by an enlightened saint.

What Is The Mantra Of Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh, Speech no.34 on page no 134

Gang tarang chute bahudara| Ajappa taari Jai-Jai karaa||34

Meaning: Several streams of Ganga water are flowing in your Shivlok. Your concentration is on ‘Ajappa Jaap’ which is chanted with breaths without utterance. It's done by concentrating the mind over breaths. You have received this amazing mantra from the Almighty. You are blessed. Hail to you, hail to you.

In the very first Satyuga, Almighty Kabir met Lord Shiva/ Shankar in the form of Sage Satsukrat, imparted him true spiritual knowledge and granted him SohaM mantra which he chants while in meditation. This is evident from Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm's speech

Hum bairagi Brahm pad sanyasi Mahadev, SohaM mantra diya Shiv Ji ko wo kare hamari sev||

Lord Shiva/ Shankar gains power by chanting this mantra obtained from Param Akshar Brahm.

Note: These mantras are chanted in a special way whose procedure is told by an enlightened saint then only they provide benefits to seekers otherwise not.

Role of Lord Shiva In the Establishment of Amarnath Shrine?

Goddess Parvati is mortal. Her soul passed 107 births. It was her 108th birth when Sage Narad inspired her that she has had 107 births because she is in the cycle of birth and death. To prove Narad Ji said that her husband Shiv Shambhu wears the skull garland which is all her.  Shiv Ji has an amazing salvation mantra if he will grant her she too can become immortal like Bholenath/ Shiva Shambhu.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh, Speech no.37 on page no.134-135

Sarp bhuwang gale rund mala| Vrishabh chahiye Deen dayalaa||37

This speech certifies Shiv Ji wears a skull garland on the neck.

Note: The skull garland that Lord Shiva/ Shankar wears is of 107 skulls of Parvati’s previous human births which Shankar Ji used to keep with him after her death as a memory out of the immense love he has for his wife

After Narad Ji left Goddess Parvati with a servile approach requested her husband to grant mercy to her by initiating her with the salvation mantra he has kept hidden till now. Seeing the profound desire in Parvati Ji to know true spiritual knowledge Lord Shiva/ Shankar narrated the knowledge as imparted to him by Almighty and gave her mantra in a secluded place inside a cave which is now famous as Amarnath shrine. Since Shiva Shambhu granted eternal (Amar) mantra in this cave it is thus named. Over the period, to keep the memory intact the temple was built and devotees started visiting to worship their revered deity.

Important: The fact is Lord Shiva is not seated here. There is no benefit of pilgrimage. This is an arbitrary worship which is against the injunctions of holy scriptures and a huge trap of Sadashiv/ Brahm Kaal. Such practice is useless and has been prohibited in Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23.

So the preachings of ignorant gurus stand futile when they say that  Shiva Shambhu showers blessings on devotees who go to his temples or visit places of Pilgrims which according to the belief in Hinduism is an integral part of their life since they associate it with the attainment of salvation which is a myth. The same stands true for Chaar (four) Dham yatra visiting Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri and all 12 Jyotirlingas where Shiv Shankar is not seated.

Note: Both Shiv Ji as well as Parvati Ji are mortal. After being initiated by Shiv Ji, the birth and death of Parvati Ji stopped. She gained immortality similar to Shiv Ji whose tenure at this post is fixed. After completing the tenure both will go to suffer in 84 lacs life forms because to attain complete salvation the mantras as told in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 has to be chanted after obtaining it from an enlightened saint whose identity is told in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1-4, 16&17 since he is the authorised representative of Almighty indicated in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 and 66.

Why Lord Shiva/ Shankar Wanted To Kill Sukhdev?

The true spiritual knowledge and salvation mantra that Lord Shiva/ Shankar granted to Parvati was given at a secluded place so that no evil soul could get to know about it and attain immortality and misuse accomplishments gained by chanting that mantra. That’s why, Shiv Ji chose a secluded place. He clapped thrice before entering the cave which produced a very loud sound due to which all birds, animals and living beings vacated the surrounding place.

But there was a rotten egg of a Parrot beneath a dry tree inside a hole in the trunk. The soul could not fly unlike others inside the egg since they were healthy. When Lord Shiva started preaching true spiritual knowledge to Parvati Devi and granted salvation mantra, the soul of the Parrot heard it and became healthy and attained immortality similar to Goddess Parvati. That soul gained accomplishments. While Parvati went into a state of meditation and stopped acknowledging, it was the soul within the egg who started acknowledging Shiv Ji saying ‘hmm-hmm’.

When Shiv Shambhu realised that instead of Parvati the Parrot was speaking then he ran to kill him. That rotten egg gained power with the mantra hence, immediately flew. Lord Shiva flew behind him too. The soul discarded his body of a Parrot and entered the womb in subtle form to the wife of Sage Ved Vyas. Then Lord Shiva became helpless and could not kill and returned.

Later, he was born as a son. He came out of the womb upon the request of Tridev since he remained inside the womb for 12 years which was not a normal phenomenon. This was due to the accomplishment. Since the 12-year pregnancy period for the wife of Sage Ved Vyas was a pleasant experience (instead normal nine months) hence, he was named Sukhdev. Sages call him Shukdev, (Shuk in Sanskrit means Parrot).

When he came out of the womb he carried his umbilical cord on his shoulder and flew in the sky instead of leading a life on earth because, with true spiritual knowledge, he gained knowledge, that the sole purpose of human birth is attaining emancipation and not getting entangled in false relationships in deceased world of God Sadashiv. Although Sage Ved Vyas requested him to stay with them as a son he denied it.

The moral of the true episode: Sage Sukhdev is a renowned sage glorified in ancient texts. He gained powers and immortality but it wasn’t complete liberation. He still suffered in 84 lacs life forms which proves the right way of worshipping Almighty Kabir only leads to the attainment of Salvation. Worship of any other demigod is futile. This is evident from the following speech from Suksham Veda.

Sukhdev ne chaurasi bhugti bana pajave kharbo|

Teri kya buniyaad praani tu painda panth pakadbo||

How Did Worship of Shivling Begin?

Yet another wrong practice prevalent in the realm of God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal is Shivling worship.

Ref: Shiv Purana, Part-1, Vidweshwar Samhita, Chapter- 5, Page Number-11-30

 Vidyaveshwar Samhita Page 18 Chapter 9 Verse 40-43

Chapter 12 of Shiva Mahapurana Koti Rudra Samhita Shiv Puran  (eleven volumes) Translated by P. Pyarelal Raghu, Publisher Tejkumar Kumar Book Depot (P) Ltd. Lucknow Page number 144 to 147

Narration by Nandikeshwar (mount of Shiv Ji) regarding how Shivling worship started?

During the fight between Brahma and Vishnu, God Sadashiva (appearing in his son Shiva form) placed his phallus in between the two. His wife, their mother Durga was also present at that time in Parvati form. He told both that:

'I (Sadashiva / Kaal) am present in my body form. This pillar also identifies as my (Brahm-Kaal’s) other form. Sons! You have to worship this every day. This is my soul. This Phallus is significantly revered because of the inseparability of Vagina and Phallus. He created a stone idol depicting the Phallus inserted into Vagina and told to worship it. Since then this useless and shameless worship began and Hindu devotees have been doing it for ages out of ignorance.

Devil Sadashiva intentionally told this wrong worship because he wants to keep souls away from true devotion to the Almighty and misleads naïve souls in practice against scriptures to ruin their precious human birth which is obtained to do true devotion and attain salvation.

Regarding this disgusting, vulgar and shameless practice. In Kabir Sagar, it has been written

Dhare Shiva linga bahu vidhi ranga, gaal bajave gahle,

Je ling pooje shiv sahib mile, to pooje kyo na khaile (OX).

Meaning: Instead of worshipping Shivling it’s better to worship the ling (male organ) of an OX (bull) with whose union with a cow either a calf or a heifer will be born. When grown the calf can be used in ploughing fields and heifer will give milk and further children. But Shivling worship is useless.

What is The Truth of Kanwar Yatra Performed To Please Lord Shiva?

The distinctions of Kanwar Yatra exposed here will unveil the ignorance of seekers regarding this arbitrary practice since there is no directive for it in the holy scriptures.

According to the legendary belief the Ganga water is offered to Shivling during ‘Shravan’ month to please Lord Shiva. This practice started after the cosmic ocean was churned from which poison came out along with other 14 precious gems. Shiv Shankar drank it to maintain the cosmic balance and with his accomplishments, he held it in his throat. Since then he is also called Neelkanth.

One belief is, that to offer obeisance to their revered God the deities poured Ganga water on Shiv Ji for this divine act and another belief is they did so to neutralise the effect of poison. Devotees also believe that there are a lot of virtues gained from practising Kanwar Yatra and they will attain salvation by pleasing Shiv Shambhu like this.

It has been mentioned in Suksham Ved that during the rainy season, there are a lot of subtle creatures (insects, worms) etc. which are even hardly visible and die while people walk coming beneath their feet. Hence, people should make fewer movements during the rainy season to avoid incurring the sins of these dead creatures. The devotees mostly go to Haridwar walking to bring Ganga water during Kanwar Yatra and kill several creatures which are added to their bad account and all sins are later borne. Instead of virtues, the sins add up in one’s account.

The fact is Pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita 16:23 prohibits all such arbitrary practices done by seekers according to their whimsical desires. Neither Vedas nor any other holy scriptures support this practice. No virtues are gained by Kanwar Yatra or reciting Shiv Chalisa or celebrating Shivaratri festival and like, nor is emancipation attained by any such practice. This is all useless. Lord Shiva is never pleased with these rituals and sings ‘Bam Bam Bhole’.

Ref: Hymn in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech from book Gehri Nazar Geeta on page 539-540

Kakkad Bhang Tamakhu peevey,

Bakre Kati talavey hai|

Sanyasi Shankar kun bhule, bumb Mahadev dhyavein hai।।

Yoh bhi baihda baihde se bhed alehda yo bhi baihda||

Ye dush naami daya nahi janey, Geru kapade rangavey hai|

PaarBrahm se parche nahi, Shiv Karta thehravein hai।।

To get benefits from Shiv Shankar the seekers must perform scriptural worship and chant his true salvation mantra after obtaining it from an enlightened saint.

What Is The Story Behind Ganga River Coming To Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Ref: Suksham Veda

Devotees of Lord Shiva/ Shankar believe the holiest river Ganga, the embodiment of purity originates from him and the same is depicted in Shiva’s images, idols, and pictures which is a myth. So what is the truth of the origin of the Ganga river?

The entire creation is done by Param Akshar Brahm. He resides in the eternal abode Satlok where everything is in abundance and imperishable. There are evergreen trees loaded with fruits and nuts. There are rivers of milk, curd, and water. There are mountains of gems, pearls, and diamonds. There is no old age and death. The magnificence of Satlok is immense.

The same Supreme being, the creator, God KavirDev has sent the Ganga river to this deceased world as a sample to prove that in Satlok there are substances that never get spoiled, like the river Ganga.

Ganga came from Satlok to the realm of God Sadashiv where there is a very huge dam called ‘Jata Kundli’ dam. It got stored there, then overflowing from Kaal’s realm it descended to Vishnulok and then to Shivalok.

The speed of the river Ganga is very fast and Lord Shiva has held her in his hair from where it descends on the earth in a subtle form and flows through the Himalayas to Gaumukh, Uttarakhand. This is the true story of the origin of the river Ganga.

This is a legendary belief that the Ganga river descended to earth because of sage Bhagiratha facilitated by Shiv Shambhu. Some seekers with their divine vision till Shivlok only saw that Ganga origins from Shivlok hence narrated the same therefore, a belief is Lord Shiva is the source of the Ganga river not knowing that the root of the origin of Ganga river is Satlok.

What Did Ravana Achieve Worshipping Lord Shiva/ Shankar?

Ravana the King of Lanka was a great devotee of Tamogun Shiva who gained accomplishments performing severe austerity. He even sacrificed his torso ten times to God Shiva and was rewarded the same. Let us know what Suksham Veda tells us about Ravana. Did worshipping Shiva grant him salvation?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh, Speech no 35 on page no.134

Riddhi-Siddhi dataa Shambhu gosaain|

Dalidar moch sabhai ho jaayee||35

Meaning: Lord Shiva/ Shankar had eight Riddhi-Siddhi (accomplishments). Ravana, the King of Lanka obtained two of them by performing devotion to Tamogun Shiv Ji. One was the power to fly in the Sky and the second was wealth. In this speech, it has been said that Lord Shiva/ Shankar is the provider of Riddhi-Siddhi. By worshipping him, seekers get freedom from poverty.

Speech no 44 on page no 136

Rakshash bhanjan virad tumhara| Jyon Lanka par padam attharah||44

Meaning: ‘O Shiv Ji! Your ‘virad’ (nature) speciality is in killing demons. For example- pleased by the worship of Shri Ramchandra Ji you sent 18 million soldiers to fight with the army of Ravana.

Speech no 45 on page no 136

Kotyo Gandharv kamand chadhavey| Shankar Dal gintee nahi aavey||45

Meaning: During the war with Ravana in Lanka to support Shri Ramchandra Ji, crores of Gandharvas were fighting with bow and arrow. The army of Lord Shiva/ Shankar Ji was countless who were fighting with Ravana’s army. 

Speech no 46 on page no 136

Marey haak dahaak chinghare| Agni chakra baane tun jaarey||46

Meaning: During war your army was shouting and fighting, (haak) they were roaring. ‘Dahaak chinghare’ means their roar was horrifying everyone’s heart. They were releasing fire-arrows and fire-discs which were burning the bodies of enemies.

Speech no 47 on page no 136

Kampya shesh dharni tharrani|

Jaa din Lanka ghaali ghaani||47

Meaning: The day your 18 million army favouring  Shri Ramchandra Ji, ‘ghaali ghaani’ that is, attacked to destroy Lanka then Ravana’s army got badly defeated. At that time, even the earth trembled due to the attack of your dangerous army.

Ravana became too arrogant after gaining power. He even hosted 33 Koti deities of Heaven. During the war with Shri Ramchandra, the army of Lord Shiva did not support him rather fought against him. Finally, he was killed by the grace of Almighty who secretly helped Lord Vishnu alias Lord Ram kill Ravana. Ravana died a dog’s death. Worshipping Tamogun Shiva did not liberate him, rather he went to hell and suffered.

Note: Lord Shiva is himself in the cycle of birth and death and is not the provider of salvation. He has eight powers which he can grant to his devotees at the most but not emancipation.

Who Saved Lord Shiva/ Shankar From Demon Bhasmagiri?

Ignorant gurus claim Lord Shiva/ Shankar is Mritunjay, Kalinjay, and Sarveshwar. Let us find out the truth in their claim.

Fascinated by the beauty of Goddess Parvati, a demon named Bhismagiri once started severe austerity in front of the gate of the residence of Lord Shiva intending to make Parvati his wife. He performed severe austerity on head posture (Sheershasana- head on the ground and legs raised towards the sky) for twelve years. One day Goddess Parvati requested her husband Shankar Ji to appear to Bhasmagiri and fulfil his demand. Lord Shiva/ Shankar agreed and asked Bhasmagiri ‘Demand, what do you want?’. Bhasmagiri requested ‘First promise then only I will ask’. Lord Shiva promised then Bhasmagiri stood still on his leg and demanded ‘Bhasamkanda’ (bracelet) which Shiv Ji wears in his hand.

Lord Shiva thought he is an ascetic, lives in the Jungle. He must be asking for this bracelet for his protection from demons or wild animals hence, gave him.

Note: The speciality of Bhasamkanda is that it brings one to ash when placed on the head and says ‘Bhasm’. Immediately the person dies.

The moment Bhasmagiri received Bhasamkanda he said ’Beware Bholenath! I will kill you and make Parvati my wife. I was performing penance with this intention only.

Mortal Shiv Ji got scared and started running very fast to save himself. Ahead was God Shiv Shambhu and his worshipper (Bhasmagiri) was chasing him.

Almighty Kabir is the protector. He only helps these demigods when they are in trouble. God Kabir acquiring the form of Goddess Durga appeared in front of Bhasmagiri. He stood still then God Kabir in Parvati form said ‘Come with me, show me your dance so that I may get impressed with you’. Desperate Bhasmagiri was anyway waiting for an opportunity. He said ‘I am a recluse, I do not know how to dance’. God Kabir said ‘Okay, I will teach you how to dance. He told him to do the ‘Gandath’ dance, do like this, like that, raise your arm and so on. While learning dance when Bhasmagiri raised his hand over his head in which he was wearing Bhasamkada God Kabir in Parvati form said ‘Bhasam’, immediately Bhasmagiri turned to ash and died. Then Almighty Kabir appeared in front of Shiv Shambhu in the form of Shri Vishnu Ji and told him that Bhasmagiri had died.

Fearful Lord Shiva/ Shankar initially did not believe but when God showed the ash of Bhasmagiri then the heartbeat of Shiv Ji became normal. This is how God Kabir saved Lord Shiva.

Point to Ponder:

  • If Shiv Ji was immortal Mritunjay, Kalinjay as claimed by ignorant preachers then why did he run fearing his death?
  • If he was Sarveshwar, Trikaaldarshi, a knower of everything then why couldn’t he understand the crooked intention of Bhismagiri?

With this true episode mentioned in our ancient texts, it is proved our contemporary sages/ Saints/ Mandaleshwars/ gurus were ignorant. They had ignorance-form cataracts and had been misleading naive souls. They do not know the ABCD of spirituality.

What Massacre Did Worshippers Of Lord Shiva/ Shankar Do In Haridwar?

God Sadashiva tells in Gita Chapter 7 Verse 15 about the worshippers of his three sons that the worshippers whose knowledge has been stolen by my trigunmayee Maya, who are hungry of pride are demonic in nature, lowest amongst men, evil-doers, fools who do not even worship me (Sadashiva/ Mahashiva/Mahakaal) which means worshipping Lord Shiva is futile.

Ref:  Sukshma Veda

Teer tupak talwar katari jamdar jore bandhave hai|

Har paidee har hait na jaanya wahan Jahan teg chalawein hai||

Kaate sheesh nahi Dil karuna wo Jug mein Saadh kahavey hai|

Jo Jan unke darshan ko javein unko bhi narak pathavein hai||

Almost 300 years ago once on the occasion of the Kumbh festival organised in Hardwar the worshippers of Lord Shiva/ Shankar means Nath, Giri, Puri, Naga etc. fought with the worshippers of Brahma and Vishnu at Parbhi held on the steps of Har in old Hardware over the trivial matter that we will take bath first as both claimed superior to each other.

In that intense fight, 25,000 worshippers of Tridev (Trigun Upasak) were killed. They chopped each other with a sword and knife and bit each other. There was a huge massacre. This is an example of unscriptural worship. Nowhere, in our holy scriptures such practice is mentioned. Such demonic are the worshippers of three gunas, Rajogun Brahma, Satogun Vishnu and  Tamogun Shiva. This clarifies worship of Shiva is useless but fake gurus say worship of Shiva Shankar is superior and promote the practice of taking a bath in the holy Ganga river, keeping fasts, visiting places of pilgrimage,  etc. to please their revered deities and attain salvation. 

Mortal God Sadashiva And Lord Shiva Cannot Provide Salvation

God Sadashiva says in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 10-16 ‘Arjun You, I and all these soldiers were even before and will also be ahead. We all are in the cycle of birth and death.

In Gita, Chapter 2:12 God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal says ‘Arjun!  Neither it is that I was not there at any time or you were not there or these kings were not there, and nor it is that we will not be there beyond this

In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 13 Sadashiva says ‘Just as the soul in this body has a childhood, youth and old age; similarly, it acquires another body. A steadfast man does not get bewildered on that subject’.

Gita 10:2 and 4:5-9 also confirm that the narrator of Gita is mortal.

Devi Puran Skand 3, Adhyay 5, page no 123 certifies that Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv take birth and die

In Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech, it is mentioned

Teen Dev ki jo karte bhakti unki kade na hove mukti||

Meaning: The worshippers of three Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva never attain salvation.

This evidence proves God Sadashiva and Lord Shiva are mortal. They are trapped in the cycle of birth and death. When they themselves haven’t attained salvation then it is obvious their worshippers too cannot be liberated. Both Sadashiva and Shankar/ Shiva/ Shambhu are not the providers of salvation.

Whom Does Lord Shiva/ Shankar Meditate Upon?

Shiv Ji is mostly engrossed in meditation. Who is the God of Shiva? What is the fascinating story of Shiva’s meditation? Let us read.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh, Speech no 12-13 on page no.70

Gauri Shankar aur Ganesha, sabhi leenha guru updesha||12

Shiv viranch guru sewa keenha, Narad diksha dhruv ko deenha|13

Meaning: God Kabir is explaining that when Gauri means Parvati took initiation from Lord Shiva/ Shankar then her welfare happened. Lord Shiva/ Shankar had taken initiation from Guru Sat Sukrat  Ji who was God Kabir Himself preaching knowledge in Sat Sukrat form. Lord Ganesha too got initiation from God Kabir in Sat Sukrat form. Viranch means Lord Brahma also took initiation from God Kabir who appeared in Satyuga. God's name was Sage Agni. Dhruv took initiation from Shri Narad Ji. All these great souls had taken initiation from Guru Ji

Speech no 10 on page no 103

Aisa Jog vijog varno, jo Shankar ne chitt dharya|

Kumbhak rechak dwadus palte, Kaal karam tis tein darya||10

Meaning: Respected Sant Garibdas Ji has told that God met me in the form of Satguru. He preached to me true spiritual knowledge which I practised and found to be perfect. I describe to you such ‘Jog’ (yog, practice) and ‘Vijog’ (special practice) which Shankar Ji meditated upon. Normal practice is done through Kumbhak (inhale and hold breath) and Rechak (exhale). God has only told about ‘vijog’ means knowledge of special yog practising which ‘dwadash vayu’ reverses meaning. Instead of going down it moves upwards. Even the common yoga practitioners (seekers) know five types of breathing practice (paan, apan, vyan, dhanjay, praan vayu). Apart from this, there is 7 more air inside the human body which is known to the seeker performing ‘viyog’ which destroys karmas. Basis this God Sadashiva/ Kaal punishes. Kaal fears that seeker because of the destruction of karmas has ‘vijog’ ie. knowledge of the special practice. He is a devotee of Param Akshar Purush.

Speech no.3 on page no 161

Shankar dhyan dhare nishvasar, ajahun tahi suljhawey||3

Meaning: Lord Shiva/ Shankar meditates upon Almighty Kabir day and night. God Kabir Dev says I gave the SohaM mantra to Shiva. He meditates upon me with this mantra his battery gets charged meaning he gains powers.

Hum bairagi Brahm pad sanyasi Mahadev, SohaM mantra diya Shiv Ji ko wo kare hamari sev||

Speech no.2 page no 173

Anant koti jake Shambhu dhyani, Brahma sankh Ved pade Vani||2

Meaning: God, in front of whom like, there are several crore meditators means great souls like Shiv and crore scholars like Brahma who recite Veda in Satlok

Hence proved, Lord Shiva meditates upon Almighty Kabir.

What is the Essence of Shiv Purana?

God Sadashiva/ Kaal Brahm is the central figure of holy Shri Shiv Mahapurana. His wife Prakriti/ Ambika/ Durga is also called Jagat-janani. All living beings in their 21 universes are produced by their union. Three Gunas- Rajogun Brahma, Satogun Vishnu and Tamogun Shiva/ Shambhu/ Shankar are their three sons who perform tasks of creation, preservation and destruction respectively. Tridevas are ignorant about the crooked intention of their father and keep creatures in the illusion of Maya and keep them trapped in the sufferings of 84 lacs life forms and do not let living beings be liberated from Kaal’s web.

God Sadashiva/ Mahakaal and Durga were created by the word power of Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm KavirDev in the eternal world Satlok but were expelled due to their own fault. Their 21 universes are perishable. The Holy Shiv Purana revolves around various life incidents and true stories of Maha Shiva/ Sadashiva and Durga/ MahaParvati/ Tridevjanani. Sadashiva gets the entire management done of his realm through Durga and his three sons but in reality, he does everything from behind the curtain as he is the sole reason for everything that happens here. He remains unmanifested.   

What is Shiva in Islam?

Ref: Suksham Veda

Wahi Muhammad wahi Mahadev wahi Adam wahi Brahma|

Aur kahe Kabir doosra koi nahi dekh apne ghar maa||

Prophet Muhammad was a pious soul who came from Shivlok. He was the worshipper of Shiva. A Virtuous soul who attained Shivlok based on his virtues. He was one such ‘gana’ in the realm of Lord Shiva who after finishing his tenure took birth on earth. Seekers whose Lotus body chakra blooms become active by true devotion can see the activities going on in the realms of these deities. Like, Baba Adam was a virtuous soul who came from Brahmlok similar to Prophet Muhammad from Shivlok. All their life history can be seen within the respective Lotus Chakras inside the human body. It's like some TV channel whose programs can be seen sitting at home in our television set whereas the program is telecasted from somewhere else.

Similarly, if the heart Lotus chakra opens whose prime deity is Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati which has 12 petals then the seeker can see all activities going on in Shivlok like a movie runs, both past (recorded) as well as present (Live). God Kabir says this will make devotees believe. All humans have similar making, the human chakras are in the spine of all humans. All are one and not different. 

Allah Kabir met Hazrat Muhammad Ji in Jinda Baba form in Mecca city when he had gone for Hajj in Kaaba Mosque.

Speech of Sant Garib Das Ji from Amargranth

Muhammad bodh suno Brahm gyani, Shankar deep se aaye prani||

Lok deep kun hum lai Gayeu, Ichha roopi wahan na raheu|

Ulat Muhammad mahal pathaya, gujh beeraj ek Kalma dhayaa|

Roja bang, niwaaj dayee re, bismil ki nahi baat kahi re||

Allah Kabir has said that the soul of Nabi Muhammad came from Shivlok (Tamogun), from the realm of Shankar. He was a virtuous soul who used to remain engrossed in devotion. When angel Gabriel sent by Kaal gave him the knowledge of Kaal Brahm forcefully by scaring him he made it public which was incomplete and kept souls trapped in the web of Kaal. When Allah Kabir noticed that His beloved soul had been caught in Kaal’s trap then He met him. Allah granted Hazrat Muhammad true spiritual knowledge and showed him His eternal abode Satlok and His throne. Allah Kabir also showed Shivlok from where he came. But Muhammad did not express a desire to stay in Satlok. He had a lot of Muslim disciples and followers by then, and had great glory widely and speedily spreaded in the world and people were considering the knowledge of Quran as superior. Therefore, he was sent back in the body. Allah continued to help Prophet Muhammad secretly from time to time.

The Sikh scripture, Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi, in ‘Sakhi Madine ki Chali’ on page 262 (in Hindi version) there is evidence  that Shri Nanak Ji responds to the question asked by four Imams (Muslim religious Gurus) that Mecca is the temple of Mahadev, affirming the significance of Mecca as a sacred place revered by Hindus. Nanak Ji tells them,  there were idols of all divinities in Mecca. A Brahman King (Sultan) had established that temple. Later, all idols were removed. Prophet Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail (Allehi) got it reconstructed.

Aakhe Nanak Shah sach, sun ho chaar Imam|

Mecca hai Mahadev ka, Brahman san sultan||

Which God is Greater Than Lord Shiva/ Shankar

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh, Speech no 33 on page no 113

Shambhu Jog vijog sadhya, achal adig samadh hai|

Avigat ki gati nahi jaani, Leela agam agadh hai||33||

Meaning: Shri Shankar Ji through ‘Jog’ means ordinary practice and obtaining the SohaM mantra from Supreme God considered it to be ‘vijog’ that is, the special practice and ‘achal adig’ means meditating calmly for a long time but could not understand the state of ‘avigat’, the complete god because God’s divine acts are ‘agam agadh’ means are separate and beyond imagination.

Supreme God KavirDev is the God of Shiva Shankar whom he constantly remembers. He is the God of Sadashiv (Gita 18:64). He says that Purna Brahm is my venerable God.

That Purna Brahm is indestructible (Avigat). His name is KavirDev. He is the great God (Gita 10:3). Only He should be worshipped.

Which God Provides Salvation?

Almighty Kabir is the eternal God. He is self-proclaimed and has been present from time immemorial. He was even before Lord Shiva/ Shankar was born as is evident from speech no.4 on page no.171 in Yatharth Bhakti Bodh,

Shesh Mahesh Ganesh na Brahma, Narad Sharad na Vishwakarma||4

Meaning: Neither Sheshnaag existed nor Lord Ganesha, Brahma and Mahesh (Shiva) were born and not even sage Narad and Shaarda (daughter of Shri Brahma Ji) and Vishvakarma (son of Brahma Ji) were born. God Kabir only existed.

Glorifying the happiness in eternal abode Satlok respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj tells in the following speech that even great Goddesses of Brahm Kaal’s realm means beautiful Parvati, Laxmi and Savitri are enhancing the beauty of God’s realm, Supreme God’s court.

Speech no.38 on page no.114

Kamadhenu kalpavriksha jake, Indra Anant sur Bharat hai|

Parvati kar jor Laxmi, Savitri Shobha karat hai||38

God Sadashiva tells Arjuna in Gita 18:62 and 66 to go in the refuge of that supreme God who is the creator, with whose grace that Sanatan ultimate abode is attained. God Kabir/ Satpurush is eternal (Gita 2:17). He nurtures the entire creation (Gita 8:9). He is the destroyer of even grave sins (Yajurveda 8:13) and the provider of salvation (Gita 8:3) and neither God Sadashiva nor his son Lord Shiva/ Shankar can grant emancipation.

Speech no.1&2 on page no 187-188 in Yatharth Bhakti Bodh

Kabir, Guru Ji tum na beesro, lakh log mil jaahin|

Humse tumkun bahut hai, tumse humko nahi||1 Kabir, tumre bisare kya baney, mein kiske sharan jaaun|

Shiv biranch muni Narada, Tinke hriday na samaun||2

Meaning: God Kabir has told what kind of reverence should a devotee have for his Guru Ji.  The devotee should urge God Kabir (Guru Ji) that please do not forget us no matter you may have lakhs of disciples because you have a lot of disciples like us but we do not have such a knowledgeable Guru like you on earth. If you will forget us then what will happen to us? In whose refuge should I go? When I narrated your knowledge to someone that worship one God Kabir and not the other deities than Shiv, Brahma, other deities Indra and sage Narad got annoyed with me. I do not have a place in their heart. They do not like me. Therefore, please do not forget me, kindly emancipate me. 

Important: The revelation of holy texts remained elusive until Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj emerged as the sole spiritual guru to unveil the hidden mystery about Lord Shiva/ Shankar and God Sadashiv. As mentioned, sufficient evidence falsifies the wrong preaching of ignorant fake gurus and is a tight slap to them. After reading this narrative these miscreant sages/ Mahants/ Mandaleshwars would feel ashamed that they have misled naïve souls for ages to date preaching wrong about God Sadashiva and Lord Shiva.

Conclusion: Lord Shiva/  Shankar meditates upon Almighty Kabir and chants the mantra provided by him. The same Almighty Kavir Dev has descended yet again for the welfare of the whole of mankind. He is playing divine spectacle in the form of Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj who is preaching true spiritual knowledge and granting true salvation mantra of both God Sadashiva as well as Lord Shiva. God-loving souls, desirous of obtaining emancipation should soon take refuge in Him, obtain salvation mantras from him, worship Almighty who is the ocean of happiness and provider of salvation and become the permanent resident of the imperishable realm, Satlok.

As speech no.9 on page 180 signifies from Yatharth Bhakti Bodh

Garib, Satguru ke Lakshan kahun, chaal vihangam been|

Sankadik palde nahi, Shankar Brahma teen||9

Meaning: when Satguru goes to Satlok via Sky then his movements are like those of a bird without a path. Like hearing the sound of a 'been' (musical instrument) due to getting mesmerised by the sound the snakes reach that place where 'been' is playing. In the same way, God tells the seeker to go to Satlok, making the sound of the 'been' (Murli) the basis fly towards that direction. In comparison to this knowledge, the knowledge of all four Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv and Sankadik stands nowhere. Means Its incomparable.


FAQs : "Lord Shiva and Sadashiva: Hidden Truth You Must Know"

Q.1 Who is the first God?

The first God, according to the spiritual text, is Kabir, also known as Param Akshar Brahm/Satpurush, who is the creator of all, including God Sadashiva/Mahashiva and Goddess Durga/Prakriti.

Q.2 Is Shiva and Sadashiva the same?

No, Shiva and Sadashiva are not the same entities. Sadashiva, also known as Brahm, Kaal, or Kshar Purush, is the father of Shiva. This distinction is supported by references in texts such as the Shiv Puran.

Q. 3 What is the significance of Sadashiva?

God Sadashiva plays a significant role as the ruler of 21 universes. He, along with Goddess Durga, acts as a creator within these universes, which are part of the broader creation by the Almighty Kabir/Satpurush.

Q.4 Who is Sadashiva's wife?

Sadashiva's wife is Goddess Durga, also referred to as Prakriti or Ashtangi, who collaborates with him in the creation and governance of the 21 universes.

Q.5 Who is the father of Shiva?

The father of Lord Shiva/Shankar is Brahm Kaal, also known as God Sadashiva/Mahashiva/Kshar Purush.

Q.6 Who is the mother of Lord Shiva?

The mother of Lord Shiva/Shankar is Goddess Durga, also known as Prakriti or Ashtangi.

Q.7 Who are the 11 rudras?

Rudra, as mentioned in the Shiv Puran, is distinct from God Shiva. Rudra is specifically associated with the role of destruction.

Q.8 Is Rudra and Sadashiva the same?

Sadashiva represents a broader entity that governs 21 universes. Under Sadashiva's domain, Rudra is designated with the task of destruction.

Q.9 What is the age of Shiva?

Lord Shiva/Shankar, like all deities in the 21 universes, is mortal with a fixed lifespan. Specifically, the death of one Shiva occurs after every seven lifespans of Vishnu, indicating a significantly longer lifespan compared to other deities.


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Vikramaditya Sharma

The article offers a detailed explanation about the deities Shiva, Sadashiv, and Rudra, but it presents a confusing notion for those hearing for the first time that God Shiva was born and is mortal. It's a challenging concept to grasp.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your feedback on our article. It's understandable that the information might seem surprising at first. We encourage you to delve deeper into the content and review the evidence provided from sacred texts, which affirm the claims made. The more you explore, the clearer it will become that the information is accurate and trustworthy. We suggest further exploration of spirituality through reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to the spiritual teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, available across various social media platforms.

Kartik Aggarwal

I'm concerned about the continuous targeting of Hindu beliefs and the dissemination of incorrect information. To set the record straight: Lord Shiva is the only God, immortal, without parents, and the progenitor of all. He is the supreme deity. Please refrain from promoting your beliefs under the guise of religious enlightenment.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, thank you for sharing your perspective. Please understand that our intention is not to promote a specific religion but to inform all about the one Supreme God, which is a core tenet shared across many beliefs, emphasizing the universal religion of humanity. The article aims to present evidence from sacred scriptures concerning the nature of God Shiva. Choosing to follow or reject these insights is a personal decision, but our goal is to illuminate the path of truth as laid out by our scriptures, helping to alleviate suffering and guide adherents away from misguided worship that could lead to negative afterlife consequences. For more details, we encourage you to read "Gyan Ganga" and listen to the teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.