Does Meditation Lead to Attainment of Salvation? Check Facts

Does Meditation Lead to Attainment of Salvation? Check Facts

Meditation has been hailed for its mind-body benefits. In the context of everyday life, meditation can be used as a way to relax, de-stress, and improve focus. It can also be used to connect with one's inner self and gain a deeper understanding of oneself but let's dig deeper!

In today's fast-paced world, finding inner peace is crucial, but is conventional meditation enough?

Meditation or Hath Yoga has limited mind-body benefits, and it's not the path to salvation?  According to ancient scriptures, traditional meditation does not lead to ultimate liberation. Meditation stands as a beacon of hope in a world searching for solace, promising inner peace and salvation. But what if we tell you that this ancient practice may not be the holy grail it's cracked up to be?

In this eye-opening exposé, we delve deep into the hidden pitfalls of meditation, revealing its limitations and debunking the notion of salvation it promises.  Discover why genuine inner peace and salvation might lie beyond the cushions and chants, as we explore alternative paths to true self-discovery and lasting tranquillity.

Prepare to question everything you thought you knew about meditation – a journey of startling revelations awaits! Unlock the divine connection through chanting true mantras like Satnaam & Saarnaam. Embrace a profound journey towards spiritual growth and well-being.

Let's explore the depths of meditation. 

The following will be the key highlights

  • What is Meditation/ Hath Yoga?
  • What is ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ (simple meditation)?
  • Origin of the Concept of Meditation
  • Does Meditation Lead to Nirvana?
  • Trinity Gods couldn’t win over vices with Meditation
  • Shri Krishna preached Pandavas for Meditation
  • Accomplishment Gained by Kunti Through Meditation lead her to Embarrassment
  • Rishabhdev Remained in 84 Lacs Life Forms by Performing Meditation
  • Lord Buddha could not attain Salvation with Meditation
  • Sage Narad did Meditation and Cursed Lord Vishnu
  • Ravana, Devotee of Tamogun Shankar, engaged in Meditation but met a terrible demise
  • Sages/Saints failed to attain Salvation through meditation
  • Swami Ramanand could only reach to Trikuti with Meditation
  • Head of Radhasoami Sect, Shivdayal, allegedly became a Ghost through Meditation
  • Great Men did Sahaj Samadhi (Simple Meditation) and attained Salvation
  • How do we find an Enlightened Saint?
  • ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ (simple meditation) leads to the attainment of the worshipable God Kabir Sahib.

What is Meditation/ Hatha Yoga?

Meditation is a process of spiritual enhancement, the effort by seekers to have a connection with the Divine because, since the day the soul has been separated from Supreme God, he is making constant efforts to get the same happiness and relish the same comfort as he was getting in the happiness abode, the everlasting world, Satlok.

In the desire to have connectivity with God seekers in Kaal’s realm perform meditation for several thousand years doing hard penance or call it ‘Hath Yoga’. Seekers go to the jungle to meditate to attain God because this wrong practice has been told by our contemporary sages/saints who themselves could not find God and declared that God is formless and cannot be seen. Only his light can be seen.

In forced practice/ Hatha Yoga, the seekers do meditation by sitting for hours closing their eyes, ears and trying to get connected with the divine. By doing so they gain accomplishments but not emancipation, they do not attain God.  Hatha Yoga is an unscriptural practice not supported in holy books since with meditation/ Hatha Yoga salvation is not attained, and God is not found. Instead, true saints have told a simple way of devotion for the attainment of God which is called ‘Sahaj Samadhi’.

Let us first understand what is ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ (simple meditation). Which is a certified way of attainment of God as told by a true spiritual leader, an enlightened saint who is the representative of God rather than God himself playing the role of a Tatvadarshi sant who comes into this deceased world intending to impart true spiritual knowledge and grant true salvation mantras to liberate trapped souls from the web of Satan Brahm Kaal.

What is 'Sahaj Samadhi' (simple meditation)?

There is a simple method of devotion prescribed by God for the attainment of salvation which is scripted in holy books and states that the seeker should take refuge in an enlightened saint, and chant true salvation mantras day and night. This approach finds support even in the Holy Vedas, Yajurveda Chapter 40 Verse 15, which advocates chanting the mantra of God with eagerness and devotion while engaging in work. God Says

Naam uthat, naam baithat naam sovat jaag ve ||
Naam khate naam peety naam seti laag ve ||

This means while sitting, walking, eating, lying down, while leading the family life and working for survival one should do devotion in a simple way. There is no need for forced practice, or severe austerity by going to the Jungle and abandoning materialistic life. God is never attained by Hatha Yoga rather ‘Sahaj Samadhi ‘(simple meditation) leads to the attainment of emancipation. Satnam and Saranam mantras are to be chanted with breath. It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda that not even a single breadth should go waste without remembrance of God and chanting mantras. God Kabir says

Swans jo Khali jaat hai teen lok ka mole ||
Kehta hun kahi jaat hun  kahun bajake dhole ||

‘Sahaj Samadhi’, simple meditation or the true way of devotion is a practice in which God-loving souls take refuge in an enlightened saint who provides initiation means grants true salvation mantras Satnam, Sarnam chanting which seekers by remaining in the prescribed rules of devotion and doing worship of Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush Kabir Sahib till their last breath attain salvation and go to the eternal world Satlok, having gone where they get freedom from the disease of birth and death and never come back to suffer on earth in the 21 universes of Brahm Kaal. True saints have told that in ‘Sahaj Samadhi’

Simple meditation the seeker should recite aarti/path three times a day means in the morning ‘Nitya Niyam’ should be done, in the afternoon ‘Ramaini’ and in the evening ‘Sandhya Arti’ should be performed. All these contain the nectar speeches of Satpurush Kabir Sahib and great Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj. The true salvation mantras should be chanted. There are five Yagya that have to be performed in simple meditation viz:-

  • Dharm Yagya like feeding the hungry, giving grains to birds and arranging  drinking water for animals, building drinking water kiosks for people, building community houses, donating, charity, organising community meals and the like. In a spiritual path, all this has to be done via the guidance of a true spiritual leader. That is the actual Dharm Yagya.
  • Dhyan Yagya is not forced practice/ Hatha Yoga which is prohibited in Gita Chapter 17:5-6 rather in simple meditation it is remaining in remembrance of God Kabir Sahib and not to worship any demigod.  Every single breath should be utilised in chanting true salvation mantras Satnaam, Sarnaam.
  • Hawan Yagya is letting Jyoti with a wick made of cotton and putting it in a small clay or metal pot filled with clarified butter of a cow or buffalo and reciting path/Manglacharn. It is not the religious ritual/sacrifice (Yagya) done by burning tons of wood and clarified butter in the fire pit.
  • Pranam Yagya is prostrating to Satguru/God Kabir, being humble and abandoning arrogance. Be like a servant/true devotee.
  • Gyan Yagya is the study of holy scriptures and listening to spiritual discourses of God KavirDev preached by an enlightened saint. The true salvation mantras should be chanted.

There are three Gods told in Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Ch.15:1 to 4, 16 and 17) who are the pillars of Spirituality

  1. Kshar Purush is the owner of 21 universes.
  2. Akshar Purush the owner of 700 quadrillion universes. Both of them are mortal.
  3. Param Akshar Brahm KavirDev the creator of entire universes who is immortal should be worshipped, his mantra has been mentioned in Gita Ch. 17:23. He is the provider of salvation (Gita Ch.18:62).

Now the point is that when holy scriptures tell us to do simple meditation ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ to attain Salvation then why do devotees perform ‘Hatha Yoga’/ forced practice? Where did the concept of ‘hatha yoga’/ forced practice/ meditation originate from?

Origin of the Concept of Meditation

The origin of meditation practice can be traced back to the eternal world where everything originated from Almighty Kabir as has been scripted in holy Vedas and other authentic scriptures like pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita. All of us unanimously agree that meditation or Dhyan has been an integral part of the Indian spiritual realm since its inception. The owner of 21 universes started the practice of meditation in the immortal abode

Satlok. Satan (Kaal-Brahm) engaged in meditation and penance for 70 yugas, resulting in the grant of 21 universes by Almighty God. He repeated this process twice, acquiring 3 gunas and 5 elements to commence creation within his universes by the grace of Satpurush/Param Akshar Brahm the creator of entire universes and assured to provide souls (us) a dwelling place. However, despite these endeavours, he could not rid himself of his sinful intentions and even mistreated his own sister, known as Goddess Durga, leading to the birth of his three sons:

Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv. We can find its supporting evidence in Kabir Sagar-part 1, printed by Khemraj Shri Krishandas, under Gyan Bodh-Bodhsagar page 21. Kabir Saheb says,

Tap se raaj raaj mad Manan aur Janam teesre shukr swanam ||

With severe austerity/ meditation/ hatha yoga Jyoti Niranjan Kaal although obtained 21 universes, became the owner but had to pay heavy. He was expelled from the happiness abode due to his misconduct and is now suffering. He is in the vicious cycle of birth and death.

Thereafter, Revengeful butcher Brahm Kaal tortures the children of God meaning we souls who got trapped in his web. He started the same wrong practice of meditation/ Hatha Yoga in his realm with which even gods also are not untouched. Before we proceed let us first know whether meditation leads to the attainment of Nirvana/ Moksha/ salvation.

Does Meditation Lead to Nirvana?

Many people hold the belief that practising mantra chanting during meditation can lead to attaining nirvana/ Moksha/ Salvation. However, is there any concrete evidence of individuals actually reaching nirvana/ emancipation/ attainment of God through meditation?

A significant portion of the population even lacks a proper understanding of the concepts of nirvana/ salvation/ moksha. As for the revered sages whom people believe have achieved nirvana, is there credible historical evidence to support this belief? Is this practice even supported by our holy scriptures? For the benefit of those who don’t know what Nirvana means? It is referred to as liberation from the cycle of birth and death. It means attaining the true Almighty and going to the Eternal abode which is referred to as “Ritdhama" in the holy Rigveda. 

Some individuals engage in forced meditation, known as 'Hatha Yoga,' which has been refuted in the Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita, specifically in Chapter 3:5-9 and 6:16. Srimad Bhagavad Gita 16:23 supports the claim that those who worship opposed to the injunctions of holy scriptures neither attain happiness, nor any power nor salvation.

Coming to the answer to the above question. “NO” meditation can never lead to nirvana. However, here we will give numerous pieces of historical evidence to prove this point.

Let us read further to know that trinity gods are also engaged in this wrong practice of Hatha Yoga, forced worship, and meditation. They do so considering it to be the order of God and aim to attain God but the fact is they are trapped in the web of Kaal and are unable to attain liberation.

Trinity Gods couldn’t win over vices with Meditation

Lord Brahma equipped with Rajo Guna is responsible for the creation in the 21 universes of his father Brahm Kaal. He performed meditation for a thousand years and wanted to meet his father therefore, tried to search for him. He is unaware of who his father is. Brahm Kaal remains unmanifested as he has taken a vow due to which Brahma Ji could not find him, but due to prestige issues, he lied with his mother Goddess Durga and was cursed to remain non-worshipable.

This proves that in spite of having powers and holding a responsible position of creation, he has vices like ego, pride, and lying which could not be destroyed with hatha yoga/ meditation.

A true episode mentioned in the holy scriptures proves that vice-like lust did not go in Lord Brahma with the devotion he used to perform. He tried to misbehave with his daughter Saraswati in the assembly house due to which annoyed Shankar Ji and cut his neck. Later his mother Durga Ji restored his life. This proves meditation is not the right way of devotion since vices are not destroyed. Even demigods in Kaal’s world remain in his web performing meditation and are not liberated.

Point to Ponder:-

Why, despite Lord Brahma's meditation, did he still succumb to his vices and misbehave with his own daughter, Saraswati, leading to Lord Shiva's eventual curse upon him in his own court?

Moving ahead let us know the status of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu as stated in Vishnu Purana and Shivpurana says that he remains occupied in meditation most of the time since he gains powers with it which he has to use while fighting with demons. This proves that unlike God Kabir who establishes peace through imparting true spiritual knowledge the mortal demigods in Kaal’s realm had to fight for their establishment and to maintain peace which hardly gets fixed.

Also, it is proved that with Hatha Yoga several accomplishments are gained but not salvation. Vices also are not destroyed. Lord Vishnu’s arrogance which could not be subsided by performing meditation is reflected in an episode mentioned in Shiva Purana where Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu fight over the matter of supremacy as who is the father of whom? Who amongst the two is superior? Do Gods fight? Shouldn’t meditation destroy vices like anger and pride? The fact is Hathyog/ meditation fails on this but true devotion, simple meditation (Sahaj Samadhi), which is the certified way of worship helps seekers win over vices hence, attainment of salvation.

Point to Ponder:-

Lord Vishnu acknowledges that he engages in perpetual meditation and battles against demons. Nevertheless, he remains bound by the relentless cycle of birth and death, undergoing the suffering of 84 lakh life forms.

Let's see the status of Lord Shiva whom his devotees consider to be Mritunjay, Kalinjay and the all-powerful, eternal God.

Lord Shiva Couldn't Win Over Vices Performing Meditation. The claim that meditation leads to salvation raises the question of why Lord Shiv himself hasn't attained salvation yet. He confesses in the Rudra Samhita that he is trapped in the cycle of birth and death. After meditating for countless aeons, Shiva found himself unable to resist the captivating allure of Lord Vishnu's Mohini form. If even the demigods couldn't conquer vices like lust through meditation in Kaal-Brahm's realm, how can their devotees hope to triumph over their own temptations?

Here it is imperative to mention that the trinity gods are in the vicious cycle of birth and death and are full of vices like anger, pride, affection, ego, lust etc. Meditation/ Hathyog fails to get rid of this.

Moving ahead we would know that Brahm Kaal misleads and even gods are ignorant of the true path of attainment of salvation. Shri Krishna means Lord Vishnu is ignorant of true spiritual knowledge and considers hatha yoga/ meditation to be the way to the destruction of sins and the attainment of peace.

Shri Krishna Preached Pandavas for Meditation

The narrator of the knowledge of pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Brahm Kaal persuaded warrior Arjun during the Mahabharata war to fight stating that if he wins the battle he will either enjoy the kingdom on the earth as a King or will relish a comfortable life in Heaven, he has sweets 'Ladoos’ in both his hands. Convinced by this assurance Arjun fought and did a massacre. All five Pandavas brothers fought and killed many in war. They thought it was Shri Krishna with whose blessing they won the war but were ignorant that Brahm Kaal got his crooked intention fulfilled.

Later when Yudhishthir had nightmares Shri Krishna told Pandavas to organise a Yagya and community meal and invite all gods, Brahmins, sages, great sages etc. with whose blessings the sins of Pandavas will be destroyed and they will lead a peaceful life. The same was done. Then at the time of his death, Shri Krishna preached to Pandavas to go to the Himalayas to perform meditation so that with severe austerity of Hatha Yoga/ meditation their sins could be neutralised. This proves how terrible is Kaal’s trap about which even gods are ignorant, leaving aside innocent creatures who believe meditation could be the solution to their problems. Evidence from the scriptures proves that in spite, of the instructions of Shri Krishna, Pandavas meditated yet they had to suffer in hell. Neither they attained salvation nor God with meditation. Hence, proven force practice/ hatha yoga is a useless practice.

Accomplishment Gained by Kunti Through Meditation lead her to Embarrassment

Kunti the Mother of warrior Arjuna as a spinster was a very religious person who used to do arbitrary worship and meditation with which she gained accomplishment. She used to chant the mantra of Suryadev. Lord Surya pleased with her devotion used to appear to Kunti. Once Suryadev gave an audience to Kunti. She expressed a wish to have a son. Lord Surya granted her boon. As a result ‘Karna’ was born. Since at that time she was in her teenage and was a Virgin,  the son became an embarrassment for her. Fearing backlash and outrage from society because of her premarital pregnancy Kunti was left with no choice but to abandon the infant whom she put in a basket and secretly adrifted in river Ganga intending that the child would find some foster parents and he would survive. Meditation leads her to an embarrassing situation rather than attaining God.Let us proceed and know the status of the founder of a few religions whom the ignorant devotees and their followers consider to be God and worship but they are no different than any ordinary creature who are unable to be liberated from Kaal’s web.

Moving ahead let us find out what happened with the founder of Jainism and Buddhism.

Rishabhdev Remained in 84 Lacs Life Forms by Performing Meditation

In Jainism's rich history, Rishabhdev, the community's founder, meditated for a millennium and endured a year-long fast. He initiated his grandson Mariachi, recounted in Prof. Bhagchandra Bhaskar's "Encyclopedia of Jainism '' (Part 1, pg. 175-176). Surprisingly, Marichi endured 84 lakh life forms before becoming the 24th Teeranthkar.

The book "Aao Jain Dharam ko Jaane '' by Praveen Chandra Jain (pg. 293-294) details his births as dogs, horses, cats, Ghosts, and more, preceding his incarnation as Mahaveer Jain. Does this gruelling path bring one closer to salvation? The captivating journey through countless lives prompts us to ponder the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Rishabhdev had a miserable death. He was burnt alive in the fire that exploded in the Jungle while he was meditating.

With the worship he was doing Rishabhdev, the founder of Jainism had a miserable ending also he remained in 84 lacs life forms and could not be liberated from Kaal’s web. This is obvious with this that when the founder could not attain salvation with arbitrary worship, by performing meditation how can his followers practising the same could attain emancipation? The same was the condition of the founder of Buddhism. 

Point to Ponder:-

After years of meditation Rishabhdev remained in a vicious cycle of birth and death which didn’t even end after becoming the 24th Teerthankar, Lord Mahavir. The soul is still wandering and suffering in 84 lacs life form and hasn’t yet been liberated.

Lord Buddha could not attain Salvation with Meditation

Lord Buddha was a pious soul who came from Heaven. He had a longingness to attain God. He did meditation and remained hungry for a longer duration but since hatha yoga/ forced practice, meditation is not the right way to attain salvation, attain God he failed miserably. Then he laid the principle that ‘Starvation could not lead to attain salvation’. He has millions of followers across the globe. China leads in it and they are all atheists. The people in China do not believe in God since they follow the preachings of Lord Buddha. This is the demerit of meditation. God is never attained and the creature remains in Kaal’s trap.

Point to Ponder:-

After years of meditation and self-imposed starvation, Gautam Buddha concluded that achieving the Almighty could not be attained through deprivation, stating, "Starvation does not lead to salvation” means performing hard penance doesn’t lead to the attainment of God. Remaining hungry to attain God, and attain salvation is a myth.

Sage Narad did Meditation and Cursed Lord Vishnu

Sage Narad, the son of Lord Brahma performed meditation and became confident that he has won over vices but Kaal is a big deceiver. Naradmuni  boasted about the same to his father and Lord Vishnu. Kaal inspired Lord Vishnu to examine arrogantly and misled Narad Muni. Vishnu Ji created an illusionary world where the ‘Swayamwar’ ceremony was being organised for a beautiful Princess. Sage Narad wanted to marry the Princess. He wasn't handsome so asked Vishnu Ji for his ‘Hariroop’, who in turn gave him the face of a monkey since ‘Hari’ in Sanskrit means Monkey. He was rejected by the Princess. Out of annoyance, Naradmuni cursed Lord Vishnu to remain deprived of the happiness and love of his wife for one human life on earth and live in her separation and suffering. After this curse, Lord Vishnu spent one human life as Lord Ram bearing separation from Sita while in exile when Sita was abducted by Ravana. Also after her return to Ayodhya, both remained separate and Vishnu Ji suffered a miserable life and ended. This proves with meditation the seeker like Naradmuni gained accomplishments but neither vices ended nor salvation was attained.

Point to Ponder:-

Sage Narad, son of Lord Brahma, believed he had conquered his desires through penance. However, upon witnessing a Swayamvar, he longed for marriage. Seeking Lord Vishnu's help, Who transformed him into the appearance of a monkey but the princess rejected him, leading Narad to curse Vishnu. Thus, Vishnu bore the pain as Lord Ram.

Now let's see the status of Ravana. What happened to him by getting engaged in meditation?

Ravana, Devotee of Tamogun Shankar, Engaged in Meditation But Met a Terrible Demise

Every Hindu is undoubtedly familiar with the story of how Ravana pleased Lord Shiva through intense meditation, offering his head multiple times as a gesture of devotion. Sacrificing one's head in devotion is no trivial matter, and it reflects an unparalleled level of dedication.

However, it is equally well-known how Ravana's actions tainted his karma when he abducted Sita, Lord Ram's wife, and held her captive for 12 long years. Upon reflection, one must consider that despite his achievements through meditation, Ravana's mindset appeared deeply flawed. Did his behaviour reflect that of a truly devout soul? Did he exhibit any signs of mercy or compassion?

The world knows how he met his end, but can someone with such karmic deeds genuinely attain salvation? After the death of Ravan, his younger brother, Vibhishan who was the disciple of Almighty KavirDev, who incarnated as Sage Muninder in Treta Yuga blessed him since Vibhishan performed simple meditation, ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ as was told by Sage Muninder. He got the reward and blessing of God. He was later enthroned as the King of Lanka and spent a peaceful life thereafter, this is how the welfare of a true worshipper happened with simple meditation which is impossible by Hathyog.

Sages/Saints Failed to attain Salvation Through Meditation

The account of following sages will be dealt with

  • Sage Chunak Destroyed Huge Army of Mandhata King with Powers gained through Meditation
  • Meditation Did Not Liberate Sage Durvasa
  • Bhasmagiri failed to let go of his bad intention with meditation
  • Sage Bhringi remained in Kaal’s trap by performing Meditation
  • Sage Kapil gained accomplishments with Meditation and destroyed huge army of King Sagadh
  • Sage Shobhri did meditation and regretted to fail in attainment of God
  • Tantric Gorakhnath failed to liberate from Kaal’s web by performing Meditation
  • Sage Markandey through meditation could only reach till Brahmlok
  • Meditation miserably failed to kill vices in Sage Parashar
  • Sati Anasuya transformed Tridev into an infant with powers obtained through meditation but remained in the cycle of ‘Chaurasi'
  • Agastya Rishi drank seven oceans with powers attained through meditation but remained deprived In attaining salvation
  • Emperor Wajid quit meditation to attain Allah
  • Devotee Dhruv became a Pole Star by performing Hatha Yoga/ Meditation  but did not attained Salvation
  • Demon Hiranyakashipu obtained boon of immortality with meditation but had a terrible demise

Moving ahead we would read the account of few great sages who performed meditation and did disaster. Neither they were liberated from Kaal’s web nor did they attain God; rather the accomplishments they obtained with meditation/ hatha yoga landed them in incurring sins which added into their account of deeds which they bore and suffered all throughout their human lives. The same happened with sage Chunak. Let us know

Sage Chunak Destroyed a Huge Army of Mandhata King with Powers gained through Meditation

There was one Mandhata King who performed ‘Ashwamegh Yagya’ to check his supremacy over other small rulers. No one dare to tie the horse and all accepted him as a powerful ruler but sage Chunak who had nothing to do with politics and Kingdom was so arrogant due to the accomplishments he gained performing meditation that he accepted war with the King and tied the horse, Later the war happened and sage Chunak destroyed 72 crore huge army of Mandhata King and wasted the entire power he gained and ruined his precious human life which was actually obtained to do true worship and attain God. Mislead by the illusion (Trigunmayee maya) of Kaal and doing Meditation he did not attain emancipation rather he remained in Kaal’s web and suffered in 84 lacs life forms.

What happened to Sage Durvasa doing meditation?

Meditation Did Not Liberate Sage Durvasa

Sage Durvasa instilled fear in kings due to his intense anger management issues. Even the children from Shri Krishna's family fell victim to his curses, leading to the unfortunate end of their family line. One wonders how a person considered a sage could be so consumed by anger. Why didn't meditation bring peace to his troubled mind?

So, the claim that meditation brings inner peace stands refuted. Sage Durvasa’s arrogance is also proved when he cursed the King of Heaven, Lord Indra and became one who was responsible for the destruction of Heaven. The details can be fetched in a true account mentioned in a subsequent article

This proves meditation is a useless practice through which God can never be attained; rather seekers end up in accumulating heap of sins then later they suffer. Next,

What was the outcome of the meditation performed by Bhasmagiri?

Bhasmagiri Failed To Let Go Of His Bad Intention With Meditation

Bhismagiri, worshipper of Tamogun Shankar meditated in front of Lord Shiva's abode for 12 years with the sinister intention of killing him and marrying Goddess Parvati. He did not attain salvation by meditation rather was called a demon ‘Bhasmasur’ because of his weird act towards Lord Shiva and remained in Kaal’s trap. Hatha Yoga led him to suffer rather than attaining God he was called a demon.

What happened with Sage Bhringi doing meditation? Let us find out.

 Sage Bhringi remained in Kaal’s trap by performing Meditation

There was a sage named Bhringi in Tretayuga who was considered a great ascetic. With meditation, he gained the accomplishment of surviving without food. It has been mentioned in  Sacchidanandghan Brahm’s speech that regarding accomplishment

‘ek siddhi kucch peevey na khavey’

This means seekers with Hatha Yoga/ meditation gains the power to starve yet survive. Sage Bhringi gained this accomplishment and became famous. He was meditating on the outskirts of Ayodhya when Shanta, the daughter of King Dashrath got to know about him. She came for his audience. She saw sage Bhringi was deeply occupied in austerity and used to just lick the wood of a tree once a day for survival and does not eat anything else. She was fascinated.

Someone told her to apply pudding ‘Kheer’ on that part of the tree which sage Bhringi used to lick so that some eatable goes inside his body or else he might die starving, he has gone very weak. The same was done every day by Shanta. After a few days, sage Bhringi opened his eyes. Later King Dashrath invited sage Bhringi to his court and requested him to perform Yagya for him to have a son. The same was done after which Lord Vishnu was born to Queen Kaushalya and King Dashrath as Ram, Bharat with another wife and Laxman and Shatrughan were born. In the meanwhile sage Bhringi and Shanta had developed affection for each other. Later both married.

The moral of this true episode is that all creatures remain in the web of Brahm Kaal by performing meditation and do not attain God. Sage Bhringi did hatha yoga for years to attain God but since meditation is an arbitrary practice prohibited in the scriptures it is useless. Instead of attaining salvation, sage Bhringi got trapped in the family way and got married. All efforts to attain God went in vain.

What happened with Sage Kapil?

Sage Kapil Gained Accomplishments with Meditation and Destroyed Huge Army of King Sagadh

Sage Kapil is believed to be one out of 24 incarnations in Kaal’s world. There was one King Sagadh who performed Yagya to gain virtues equivalent to several Ashwamegh Yagya. He had sixty thousand sons who dig the entire earth to perform Yagya. The goddess Earth seeks help from Lord Vishnu to save her.

Lord Vishnu went to Lord Indra and warned him that King Sagad is performing Ashwameg Yagya, your throne is at stake and if he succeeds you will have to abandon the post of King of Heaven. Fearful, Indra sent a few messengers to dissolve the Yagya.

The messengers took the horse of King Sagadh and tied him with the thigh of sage Kapil who was performing austerity for ages. His eyelids had grown very long which were touching the ground. Sixty thousand sons of King Sagadh went to release their horse and started piercing sage Kapil. He felt pain and got annoyed and opened his eyelids.

With meditation, he gained accomplishments. As soon as he opened his eyelids fire arrows blew from his eyes in which sixty thousand sons of King Sagadh were burnt and died. Kapilmuni instead of attaining God with meditation finally landed up gaining sins in his account by killing sons of the King which he bore later and remained in 84 lacs life forms. The list of failures of sages in attaining God through meditation does not end here.

Let us go through another account of Sage Shobri. How Brahm Kaal cheated him and wasted his life by letting him perform Hatha Yoga/ Meditation where he could not be liberated from his web and failed to attain salvation.

Sage Shobhri did meditation and regretted failing in the attainment of God

Sage Shobri started performing meditation when he was a child. He was a great devout. He performed meditation deep inside water where he got inspired by a crocodile who was enjoying his family life pampering his grandchildren. Sage Shobhri is also thought to have grandchildren and pamper them. He went to the Mandhata King and proposed to marry his daughter.

Sage Shobri by then had grown old. King got scared that if he would deny marrying his young daughter to an old sage he might curse. He has powers. He put the ball in the court of his daughter. He had 50 daughters and told the sage that let my daughter choose you. Whoever will choose you I will marry her with you. Sage Shobri made himself young and handsome with the accomplishments he gained with meditation. All 50 princesses agreed to marry the handsome sage. A beautiful palace was built on the order of Sage Shobhri by architect Vishwakarma in which he happily resided with 50 princesses and his 150 children. It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda that with meditation seekers gain powers to multiply their forms.

‘Ek siddhi bahu chole dhare’

He made his 51 forms, each one had a relationship with one princess but later he realised that being inspired by the loving life of the crocodile to enjoy with grandchildren he wasted his whole life and utilised all his powers but could not attain salvation. He did not get God and remained in Kaal’s web. This is how Brahm Kaal deceives innocent children of God, (we) souls who suffer here on earth.

Tantric Gorakhnath failed to Liberate from Kaal’s Web by Performing Meditation

Gorakhnath is considered to be a perfect man, a tantric who released his Guru Machander Nath from getting trapped in materialistic pleasures and even converted a mud and stone mountain to a mountain of gold. He challenged Swami Ramanand for spiritual debate but failed when God Kabir made him realise his worth. Then he realised that his ‘Alakh Niranjan’ means the owner of 21 universes Brahm Kaal whom he worships also remembers God Kabir. He is in His subjugation. Therefore, accomplishments gained by him through meditation are all useless and with this he cannot attain God so the purpose of meditation stands refuted.

Sage Markandey Through Meditation Could Only Reach Till Brahmlok

A great ascetic, sage Markandey did hatha yoga in the Bay of Bengal and gained accomplishments chanting the OM mantra which is of Brahm therefore, his concentration used to reach only Brahmlok. Even Lord Indra feared losing his throne because of the severe austerity he performed hence sent his wife, Urvashi to dissolve the penance of Sage Markandey. In Spite of gaining powers with meditation, Sage couldn’t be liberated from Kaal’s trap and is still suffering in a vicious cycle of birth and death. Salvation hasn’t yet been attained. Therefore, Hatha Yoga is a useless practice since creatures remain in recurrence.

Meditation Miserably Failed to Kill Vices in Sage Parashar

Sage Parashar was a very learned and famous sage having miraculous accomplishments gained through meditation. With severe austerity/ hatha yoga he gained the power that the child born from him will also have  miraculous powers. As a result he did not maintain any relation with his wife rather he sent his semen through a crow on a leaf to give to his wife. On the way, other crows thought that the crow was carrying a piece of flesh hence, tried to snatch it. As a result the semen of Sage Parashar fell into the river which was eaten by a fish. A girl was formed inside that fish. One fisherman caught that fish and when he cut to eat it the girl came out whom he brought up like his daughter and named her ‘Machodri/ Satyawati’. 
One day sage Parashar boarded a boat to cross Yamuna. That boat was being driven by Satyavati, daughter of that fisherman who allocated his daughter this responsibility to her since he was having food at that time and Sage told him that he is in a hurry and cannot wait. Fearing the sage might curse him if he gets annoyed, the fisherman asked his daughter to take the sage in the boat so that he could cross Yamuna and reach his destination on time. Satyawati was a young and charming girl of 13-14 years by then. Sage Parashar, not knowing that she is his daughter, got fascinated by her beauty and expressed his desire to have a relationship with her to which she denied saying her father and everyone else is observing them. With his accomplishment  sage Parashar immediately made an artificial cover. Then she said that she wants her fishy smell to be transformed into a beautiful fragrance. Sage Parashar created an atmosphere of fragrance around. Finally they had a relationship in the boat itself. As a result, she gave birth to a son who later became famous by the name Maharishi Ved Vyas. The point is vice like lust did not go by performing meditation. Sage Parashar had relation with his own daughter from whom a son was born means both in reality, were brother and sister born from the same father instead of a mother-son relation proving everything in Kaal’s realm is messed up and creatures are trapped in useless practices with which they only gain few powers but finally land up ending suffering in 84 lakh life forms rather than attaining Salvation which is the sole purpose of human life.

Sati Anasuya Transformed Tridev into an Infant with Powers Obtained Through Meditation but Remained in the Cycle of ‘Chaurasi’

Sati Anasuya in Treta Yuga used to lead an austere life and was known for having miraculous powers obtained with Meditation, once transformed Tridev (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) to infants as an outcome of their effort to judge and dissolve her chastity as per the orders of their consorts (Tridevi – Savitri, Laxmi and Parvati) who were jealous of her beauty and purity. They sent their husbands to dissolve her ‘Sati’ (virtuousness/ Chastity) and told Tridev to ask Sati Anasuya to breastfeed them, becoming nude. The Tridev guise as sages came to her and asked her to breastfeed them. She agreed as a gesture of giving honour to guest sages. She transformed Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva into infants Since she had miraculous powers obtained through meditation and breastfed them. Her chastity remained intact, her honour was saved. In spite of having miraculous powers obtained through meditation, she could not rid of the vicious cycle of birth and death and remained trapped in 84 lakh life forms. The accomplishments miserably failed to liberate her. She did not attain God since meditation/hatha yoga is a useless practice with which the welfare (salvation) of the soul never happens.

Agastya Rishi Drank Seven Oceans With Powers Attained Through Meditation But Remained Deprived In Attaining Salvation

Sage Agastya a noted recluse used to meditate for six months and for another six months he used to wander. While roaming, once he met a King who did not have any child hence, seek  blessings from sage Agastya. With his blessing a daughter was born to the Queen. When that Princess grew 12 years, Sage Agastya came to the King’s city and upon King’s request he stayed in his palace for seven days where the Princess served him. In Spite being a recluse vices like lust did not go and he demanded the Princess from the King for which the King had to agree with a heavy heart  being scared of curse that Sage might give. He married the Princess of her daughter’s age. He spent his whole life in meditation/hatha yoga with which he gained accomplishments. In this connection, once he drank seven oceans in one gulp. Upon request from Gods he later rinsed them entirely. Meditation gave him powers followed by vices like lust, arrogance but he remained deprived in attaining  salvation.

Emperor Wajid Quit Meditation to Attain Allah

The muslim emperor Wajid shocked after the death of a Camel was also deeply hurt that one day he will die no matter he is the King. Death is a universal truth. He renounced his Kingdom and family and went to Jungle to perform severe austerity and became a recluse. Unless the soul does not get engaged in true devotion it keeps wandering and performs useless practice like austerity,  meditation/ hatha yoga. Dhanna Jaat the great devotee of God Kabir met him and  inspired Wajid Ji to quit meditation saying

‘Din mein bhaje so dhongi kahiye, raat mein bhaje so chore |

Gupha mein bhaje so mooshta, Bhakti ki gati aur ||

Meaning the right way of worship is other than meditation. God can never be attained with such practice.  Convinced with this speech King Wajid quit austerity and did ‘Sahej Samadhi’ with which he became eligible for attaining salvation.

Devotee Dhruv became a Pole Star by performing Hatha Yoga/ Meditation  but did not attained Salvation

History witnesses how a young boy named Dhruv, aged 5 years performed hard penance /Hatha Yoga and pleased Lord Vishnu who granted him a boon after which he obtained the Kingdom on earth as well as became a Pole Star. Hatha Yoga provided him powers but he miserably failed in getting liberation from the web of Brahm Kaal hence, remained deprived in attaining God. His precious human life was wasted in ruling which was actually given to do true devotion to the Almighty.

Demon Hiranyakashipu Obtained Boon Of Immortality With Meditation But Had A Terrible Demise

Lord Brahma granted a boon to demon Hiranyakashipu to remain immortal which is an act of foolishness in the mortal realm of Brahm Kaal hence, had a miserable demise when Almighty in man-lion form means as God Narasimha slayed him and saved his steadfast devotee Prahlada.

Swami Ramanand could only reach Trikuti with Meditation

625 years ago God Kabir descended on earth and acquired Swami Ramanand Ji his Guru to keep intact the tradition of Guru-disciple. With true evidence mentioned in the nectar speech of God Kabir, it is proved that Swami Ramanand, the Vaishno sage used to perform meditation and with accomplishments gained, he could reach only Trikuti and not beyond. He failed to cross 21 universes of Kaal Brahm and was unaware of how salvation could be attained. Unless God Kabir blessed him with Satnam and Sarnam, the true salvation mantras. After becoming familiar with God Swami Ramanand abandoned hatha yoga and did Sahaj Samadhi and became eligible for attainment of emancipation. Then his welfare happened.

Head of Radhasoami Sect, Shivdayal, Allegedly Became a Ghost Through Meditation

Shivdayal Ji, the founder of the Radhasoami Sect, engaged in meditation for 17 years within a room before he began granting initiation to others. Subsequently, he introduced two daily sessions of meditation lasting 2.5 hours each for his disciples.

Following his passing, it is believed that he possessed his disciple named ‘Booki’ and started manifesting through her, even engaging in daily activities such as eating and smoking hookah. This possession persisted until Booki Ji's death. The question arises as to why someone believed to have attained salvation in the Radha Soami faith would return to Earth and inhabit their own disciple's body. This raises doubts about the authenticity of the claim. The account of this occurrence can be found in the book titled "Jeevan Charitra Swami Ji Maharaj," authored by Lala Pratap Singh Seth and published by the Radha Soami Trust, specifically on page number 80.

Let us move ahead. Here we would like to tell that the readers should not get hopeless by reading these true accounts and develop a feeling that none of those sages/saints were liberated from Kaal’s trap then what will happen to us? How will we attain emancipation? Remain hopeful that seekers who did ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ simple meditation mean true devotion to Almighty KavirDev were fortunate to attain emancipation. Let us read about the successful journey of a few fortunate devouts.

Great Men did Sahaj Samadhi (Simple Meditation) and Attained Salvation

God Kabir descends in this deceased world intending to provide true spiritual knowledge and grants true salvation mantras to His steadfast devotees. There were a few blessed souls whom Almighty KavirDev met and liberated from the clutches of butcher Brahm Kaal.

All those great men never did Hathyog rather performed ‘Sehej Samadhi’ (Simple meditation) which means they chanted true salvation mantras after obtaining initiation from an enlightened saint and by remaining in the prescribed rules of devotion as stated by God they became the permanent resident of eternal world Satlok. None of them did Hatha Yoga/  meditation. They all had families, they used to work for their survival together and they performed scriptural practice. Those were respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji, respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj, respected Malook Das Sahib Ji, respected Dadu Saheb Ji, respected Ghisa Das Sahib Ji. It has been said in Sacchidanandghan Brahm's speech

Naam uthat, naam baithat naam sovat jaag ve ||
Naam khate naam peety naam seti laag ve ||

Naam Khumari nanka chadi rehvey din raat ||

Nanak Naam chaddi kala aur tere bahane sabda bhala ||

625 years ago when God Kabir appeared in Kashi he set an example by doing worship along with doing his weaving work for survival. He did not do meditation by closing his eyes or ears. He preached that God is attained by chanting true mantras. Hatha Yoga is a wrong practice. This has been prohibited in the pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Holy scriptures provide evidence that the enlightened saint provides true spiritual knowledge and grants true salvation mantras. Seekers must take refuge to get their welfare done. But in the present scenario when there are so many spiritual preachers grown like mushrooms, how to identify who is the true spiritual leader whose refuge should be taken by devotees so as to attain salvation/moksha/ nirvana?

How Do We Find An Enlightened Saint?

The way to identify an enlightened saint is mentioned in Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita 15:1-4. However, to ease your work, presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Barwala-Hisar, Haryana, India is the enlightened saint as Srimad Bhagavad Gita mentions. So, without wasting your time take initiation from Him and move forward on the true way of enlightenment, peace and Eternal bliss. To know more, read the 'Gyan Ganga' book.

‘Sahaj Samadhi’ (simple meditation) leads to Attainment of Worshipable God Kabir

God Kabir tells in His nectar speech that simple meditation (dhyan yog) leads to attainment of God. The seeker should be firm on his loyalty towards God and should not worship any other demi God

Jyon pativarta pati se rati aan purush nahi bhavey |
Base pihar mein surat pritam mein aise dhyan lagavey ||

The devotees have to practice ‘Surat-Shabad-Abhyas’ in ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ means simple meditation. Whichever mantra Guru Ji means the enlightened saint has given the seekers concentration should be over that mantra. Keep remembering God all the time while walking, eating, working, while travelling. This is simple meditation according to Saints and God Kabir, the creator of entire universes is attained in this way only which is the sole aim of devotion by humans.


Meditation is a transformative technique to enhance mental, and physical well-being and to cultivate spiritual awareness. If meditation is performed in the right way by connecting with a complete Saint, meditation or chanting mantra can heal even deadly diseases and increase lifespan as well. With simple meditation, one attains complete Salvation which is impossible with Hatha Yog. Above mentioned evidence challenges the notion of meditation as the ultimate solution for inner peace and salvation.

The true essence of meditation lies in maintaining a connection with the Supreme God through devoted thoughts and actions, known as "Sahaj-Samadhi." By following the guidance of an enlightened saint and leading a life aligned with divine principles, genuine inner peace, self-discovery, and lasting tranquillity can be achieved.


Jaise hali beej dhun, panthi se batravey |
Vamey khand pade nahi, aise dhyan lagawey ||

Meaning: God Kabir Sahib gives an example of ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ in this speech that how easily and sincerely the seeker should do simple meditation to attain God. Just as the farmer while ploughing and sowing seeds in the field concentrates on his work and if a passerby asks for an address of some location he tells it without getting his work of sowing seeds disturbed and without getting distracted. In the same way, God should be remembered with ease while working and fulfilling our routine task . The devotee should remain focused no matter whoever or whatever hindrance might come. Hath Yog/ forced practice for attaining God is completely worthless. God is only attained with Sahaj Samadhi not by force practice /Hatha Yoga


FAQs about "Does Meditation Lead to Attainment of Salvation? Check Facts

Q.1 Can meditation lead to the attainment of Nirvana or Moksha?

No, meditation alone cannot lead to Nirvana. Despite popular beliefs, there is no concrete evidence of individuals achieving Nirvana solely through meditation, there is a lack of credible historical evidence supporting the belief that individuals have achieved Nirvana through meditation.

Q.2 Is the practice of meditation supported by holy scriptures for attaining Nirvana?

No, forced meditation, such as Hatha Yoga, is refuted in holy scriptures like the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The scriptures caution against worship contrary to their injunctions, indicating that meditation alone does not lead to salvation.

Q.3 Why did even trinity gods fail to conquer vices through meditation?

Despite their powerful positions and extensive meditation practices, the trinity gods were unable to overcome vices like ego, pride, and lust due to following arbitrary practices against scriptures. Their experiences illustrate that meditation alone cannot eradicate vices.

Q.4 What is Sahaj Samadhi meditation, and how does it differ from other forms of meditation?

Sahaj Samadhi meditation is a simple form of meditation where one focuses on a true salvation mantra provided by an enlightened saint. It differs from other forms and is superior because it emphasizes natural, effortless meditation over forced practices. It aligns with the teachings of enlightened saints and focuses on devotion to the Supreme God rather than physical exertion.

Q.5 Who are some examples of individuals who attained salvation through Sahaj Samadhi meditation?

Respected figures such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj, Malook Das Sahib Ji, Dadu Saheb Ji, and Ghisa Das Sahib Ji are cited as examples of those who attained salvation through Sahaj Samadhi.

Q.6 What role does chanting true salvation mantras play in Sahaj Samadhi meditation?

Chanting true salvation mantras, provided by an enlightened saint, is central to Sahaj Samadhi meditation. The essence of meditation lies in maintaining a connection with the Supreme God through devoted thoughts and actions, known as Sahaj-Samadhi. By following the guidance of an enlightened saint and leading a life aligned with divine principles, genuine inner peace, self-discovery, and lasting tranquility can be achieved

Q.7 Can Sahaj Samadhi meditation heal diseases and increase lifespan?

Yes, according to Suksham Ved, Sahaj Samadhi meditation, when performed correctly under the guidance of an enlightened saint, can potentially heal diseases and increase lifespan and transformative effects on mental, physical, and spiritual well-being can be experienced.


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Krishna Pratap Ojha

Salvation is indeed a broad concept, and in this age of Kaliyuga, it may seem unattainable for us humans. Personally, I engage in meditation primarily for peace of mind and a healthy body, without the need for a Guru.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. While meditation can certainly contribute to peace and physical well-being, it cannot suffice in the time of negative karma. In such situations, the guidance of an authorized saint is required . The true way of worship, as prescribed by a complete saint, has the power to eradicate sin and shield devotees from the consequences of bad karma. The precise method of meditation outlined in the Suksham Ved is presently available through Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. For further insights, we recommend reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to spiritual discourses by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Meera Rajput

I am taken aback that all Maharishis and great saints have engaged in the same meditation, despite it being denied in our Holy scriptures. Your article has provided me with deeper insights into these scriptures, for which I am grateful. However, I am still grappling with confusion. Where can I find clarity?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we value your engagement with our article. It is believed that from an ant to the deities, all creatures are misled by Kaal Brahm, who obstructs true spiritual knowledge of God. Fortunately, the merciful God Kabir Ji descends to this realm to impart genuine spiritual knowledge as mentioned in the Vedas. You are indeed fortunate to grasp this true knowledge of God Kabir Ji. For further clarity and insights, we suggest reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to spiritual discourses by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.