Is Surya Dev a Fireball or Hindu Lord! True Profile Revealed


Completely Explained Full Profile of Hindu Lord Surya Dev

Kshar Purush/Jyoti Niranjan/ Kaal Brahm after being expelled from Satlok due to his misconduct became revengeful and hence started torturing innocent souls/children of Almighty Kabir by misleading them to perform arbitrary worship. He is cursed to eat grime of one lakh subtle human bodies daily and produce 1.25 lakhs daily. He is scared if ignorant trapped souls will come to know his reality that he is Satan/Shaitan and eats subtle human bodies then no one will stay in his world therefore he keeps them ignorant of the true way of worship of Almighty Kabir with which souls get liberated and reach to the immortal abode Satlok having gone where creatures never return to this deceased world and become the permanent resident of Sachkhand and lead a happy everlasting peaceful life.

It has been mentioned in Sachhidnandghan Brahm speech means in Suksham Ved

Sur Nar Munijan teeintis karodi, bandhe sabhi Niranjan dori ||

God Kaal misguides souls to worship many Gods like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Durga, Hanuman, Surya Dev and many more whose worship cannot provide seekers with any benefit since their powers are limited and can only provide work done (Evidence Shri Durga Purana Skand 3) These God's themselves are trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death and are not the provider of salvation. Hence, their worship is useless. In this regards Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23 states ‘He who acts according to the whimsical desires by abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures neither attains perfection, nor salvation and not even happiness’ meaning worship should be done in accordance with holy scriptures and not by our will then only fruitful results are obtained.

Based on evidence from holy scriptures and speech of great man whom God met, here we will know facts about Surya Dev who is worshipped by seekers considering him to be the God and will try to understand

  • Whether Lord Surya is a worshipable God or not?
  • Whether the worship of Surya Dev grants salvation?

The following will be discussed.

  • Who is Lord Surya?
  • Surya Dev described by Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj
  • Evidence Srimad Bhagavad Gita- Lord Surya obtained true spiritual knowledge
  • Hindus and Muslims Worship Lord Surya
  • Establishment of Lord Surya Pilgrimage
  • Will the worship of Lord Surya provide seekers with any benefit?
  • Lord Surya is not the Provider of Salvation
  • Role of Surya Dev in Holocaust
  • Who is worshipable God?

Who is the Lord Surya or the Sun God?

Lord Surya also known as Aditya, Bhanu, Ravi, Pushan, Bhaskara, Prabhakaran, Vivasvan etc is associated with the fire God. He is a rotating fireball in the galaxy which is the source of light and energy. He is portrayed to be riding on a Chariot drawn by seven horses carrying weapons like Trident, Chakra, Gada, Wand and Conch Shell. Son of sage Kashyap and Aditi- Surya Dev’s wives are Usha/Sandhya and Chhaya. Mythology describes more about Surya Dev which is well known to devotees.

Here we will provide a vivid description of Surya God as narrated in the nectar speech of respected great Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj who was from village Chudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana whom Almighty Kabir met and provided true spiritual knowledge.

Let us proceed to find out who Lord Surya is? As described in the nectar speech of respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj.

Surya Dev Described by Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj

Ref: Book 'Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ -- 'Explanation Asurnikandan Rameni’ done by Enlightened Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Page 134-136.

Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj was the eye-witness of God Kabir whom Almighty met and took him to His eternal world. He showed him all universes and made him familiar with His situation. Then sent him back in the body. Familiar with God Kabir respected sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj glorified immortal Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush/Shabad Swaroopi Ram.

In the following speech, Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj talks about who is Lord Surya?

Kashyap putra Suraj sur gyaani |Teen lok main Kiran samaani || Saath hazaar sangi baal khelam | Beena raagi ajab balelam || Teen koti yodha sang jaake |Sikbandi hai puran sake ||

Haath khadag gal pushp ki mala |Kashyap sut hai roop vishala || Kausat mani jadya viman tumhara|Surnar munijan kart juhara || Chand sur chakve prithvi maahi |Nis - vaasr charno chit laahi || Peethe Suraj sanmukh chandaa |Katen triloki ke phandaa ||

Taaraayan sab swarg samoolam |Pakhe rahe satguru ke phoolam ||

Let us explain the meaning of this speech to understand about Surya Dev

Speech - Kashyap putra Suraj sur gyaani | Teen lok main Kiran samaani ||

Explanation- Shri Brahma Ji's son was Shri Kashyap Ji. Sage Shri Kashyap Ji's son was Shri Surya Dev who is the chief of all light sources in one universe under whom there are several Suns etc which are the source of light. About Shri Surya Dev it has been said that he is very intelligent.

Speech - "Saath hazaar sangi baal khelam | Beena raagi ajab balelam || Teen koti yoddha sang jaake | Sikbandi hai puran sake ||

Explanation - When the Sun God rides on the chariot, he is accompanied by 60 thousand children dancing and 30 million warriors who walk back and forth. 60 thousand children run playing in front of the chariot of Lord Surya who are skilled in playing instruments like Veena etc. and sing melodious hymns. 3 crore warriors walk behind the chariot of Surya Dev who are ‘Sikbandi’, that is, they are warriors in complete form. ‘Purna Sakae’ means their bravery is highly glorified.

Speech - Haath khadag gal pushp ki mala | Kashyap sut hai roop vishala || Kausat mani jadya viman tumhara | Surnar munijan kart juhara ||

Explanation – Surya Dev the son of sage Kashyap sits on a Chariot holding a ‘Khadag’ (sword). A ‘Kaustabha gem’ is fixed around his Chariot and there is a garland of flowers around the neck of Sun God. ‘O the son of sage Kashyap! Your form (body) is huge. Your ‘Juhari i.e. respect through hymns is performed by other ‘Suras’ (deities) and ‘Nars’ (devotees) and sages. Everyone respects you.

Speech - Chand sur chakve prithvi maahi | Nis-vaasr charno chit laahi ||

Explanation - The light of Sun God and its satellite moon is ‘Chakve’, that is, ‘Chakravarti’ means it is everywhere on earth. With this speech, the message has been given to the devotees that such a great man - Surya Dev should be respected ‘Nisha (Nisha means night) and Vasar (Vasur means Day). His glory should be remembered.

Speech - Peethe Suraj sanmukh chandaa | Katen triloki ke phandaa ||

Explanation – Front and back means at every place collectively Sun and moon remove the darkness of the three worlds means to destroy the darkness and spread the light which is under Surya Dev.

Speech -Taaraayan sab swarg samoolam | Pakhe rahe Satguru ke phoolam ||

Explanation - The above light source which is under Lord Surya, all the stars and heaven etc., including them, are the flowers of entire origin/creation meaning Satlok etc. all above regions including Satguru means Almighty Kabir who met Sant Garibdas Ji in the form of Satguru. Those flowers are blossoming means the entire creation is the flower of the garden of God Kabir.

Lord Surya is best described in the above-mentioned nectar speech. Moving ahead we will know that Sun God obtained true spiritual knowledge.

Lord Surya Obtained True Spiritual Knowledge- Evidence from Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Almighty Kabir provided the true spiritual knowledge about the creation of universes and how souls got trapped in the web of butcher Brahm Kaal first to Lord Brahma then this knowledge reached to other sages, saints which has been scripted in the nectar speech of Sachidanand Ghan Brahm ie. in Suksham Veda. The same is certified in the holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

The knowledge giver of Gita tells Arjun in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 1-3 regarding the same eternal way of devotion that 'he gave this immortal way of devotion to God Surya. Then Surya Dev said this to his son Manu. Manu further gave this knowledge to his son Ikshwaku. Then it reached some sages/saints. This is how this tradition was carried on. Later, this great knowledge disappeared for a long time. Long before Dwapar Yuga, it became extinct. Manu, Ikshvaku etc. all have come in the first phase of Satyuga. Since you are my dear friend, therefore, I have given the same knowledge to you that you should keep a secret.

Ponder: Butcher Brahm Kaal is always scared that if creatures/souls will become familiar with his crooked intention meaning Kaal's trap then they will all worship true God, Almighty Kabir and Kaal Lok will become empty. That is why he asked Arjuna to keep this knowledge secret.

Note: Here the word 'Surya' does not represent Lord Surya, the ball of fire. He is a God whose name is Surya like some have names such as Suryakant, Suraj etc. In Gita Chapter 4 Verse 4 Arjun asks the knowledge giver of Gita that is, Brahm Kaal that 'your birth is of this time whereas the birth of Surya Dev is of earlier times. How is it possible that at the beginning you only impart this knowledge to Surya Dev?'.

With this, it is proved that Lord Surya obtained true spiritual knowledge granted by Almighty first to Lord Brahma which later reached Surya Dev.

Further evidence from a pious book proves that Lord Surya is worshipped by both Hindus as well as Muslims in their own way.

Hindus and Muslims Worship Lord Surya Dev or The Sun God

Ref: Book 'Gita Tera Gyan Amrit' page no. 9

It has been said in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 46 by the knowledge giver of Gita that 'Arjun, after finding a big reservoir (Lake) as the faith remains in the small reservoir (Pond) similarly knowing the complete God/Purna Parmatma and His true spiritual knowledge the faith remains in other God's Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and others gods under them like Lord Surya etc.

Similar situations can be understood in Lord Surya. Once a seeker knows that only Satpurush/Param Akshar Brahm is worthy to be worshipped then they do not wish to worship any other God like Surya Dev because his worship does not help the seeker attain salvation. It is useless.

Devotees of pious Hindu and Muslim religions also worship Lord Surya in their own way according to their religious beliefs.

Great enlightened saint Rampal Ji Maharaj gives a true example in his spiritual discourses that Hindus claim Muslims do all reverse practices. We worship the rising Sun whereas Muslims worship the Sun when it sets.

Interpretation: The meaning of both is correct but both of them lack prudence. Hindus worship Sun while it rises to say that 'O the Lord of light! we thank you that you provided brightness after the black night with which we will be able to do our work to survive. Kindly keep blessing us like this.

Muslims know that our elder brothers meaning Hindus have thanked the rising Sun aiming for the welfare of all of us. Let us thank Sun God while it sets that 'O the light-giving Sun, you did great mercy by providing brightness to all the living beings. We thank you. You again bless us like this tomorrow. You too are the creation of Allah Kabir and we are also His children.

In reality, neither Hindus worship Surya Dev nor Muslims. Both worship while facing East-West - Hindus worship God Surya in the morning and Muslims worship Lord Surya in the evening.

Fact: Only complete God/Param Akshar Brahm/Satpurush/Shabd Swaroopi Ram should be worshipped. Other deities, angels like Lord Surya should be respected.

Innocent devotees thirsty for attaining God always wander in search of the Almighty since the day souls have been separated from happiness giving God every creature is at unrest and wants peace and happiness. Brahm Kaal is crooked and misleads innocent seekers by letting them perform arbitrary worship such as pilgrimage which is useless.

Proceeding, let us know how a pilgrimage known as Ashwa Teerth and Bhanu Teerth and Panchvati Ashram dedicated to Surya Dev was established? What is its spiritual significance?

Establishment of Lord Surya Dev Pilgrimage

Ref: Shri Brahma Purana page 162-163 and Shri Markandeya Purana page 173-175

Trapped souls in the 21 universes of butcher Brahm Kaal are suffering day and night. The Supreme Father, God Kabir noticed the pain of His beloved souls when came to the deceased world the very first time He scolded butcher Brahm Kaal for the torture he does to His dearest souls by making them suffer in 84 lakhs life forms. Almighty has an agreement with Kaal to liberate millions of His souls in Kalyuga.

Cunning Kaal told Almighty that in Kalyug he will spoil the conduct of all humans by engaging them in useless devotion like visiting temples, mosques, pilgrimage and like and that no one will listen and believe Him that He is God?

Hence, he has established various pilgrimages where innocent seekers visit in search of God. They worship several divinities. Lord Surya's pilgrimage is one of them.

Come let us find out the truth behind the establishment of Ashwa Teerth and Bhanu Teerth and Panchvati Ashram dedicated to Surya Dev and know its spiritual authenticity.

Sun God (Aditya) is the eldest son of sage Kashyap. His wife is Sandhya (Usha) according to Markandeya Purana the daughter of great sage Vishwakarma. Sandhya used to remain sad for not being able to tolerate the heat of Lord Surya hence she created another woman exactly similar to her with her accomplishment and named her Chhaya and told her to remain like the wife of her husband in her place since you resemble me but not to reveal this secret to Surya Dev and her son.

Thereafter, Sandhya (Usha) left the palace and went towards North Kurukshetra to perform austerity. Acquiring the form of a mare she started performing tenacity. After some time, Surya Dev got to know this fact hence he went in search of his wife Sandhya. He acquired the form of a horse and wanted to develop a relationship with his wife. Sandhya did not identify Lord Surya and to save her honour she tried to avoid him and hence ran away and reached the banks of river Gautami. Surya Dev identified Sandhya and got desperate to have a relationship therefore, forced her but due to the wrong way of maintaining a relationship two sons of ‘Ashwani Kumar’ called 'Nasatya and Dasr' were born from the mouth of Usha/Sandhya. Another third son was born from the fallen semen of Surya Dev who was named 'Rewant'. Thereafter, that place became famous as 'Ashwa Teerth-Bhanu Teerth and Panchvati Ashram' in remembrance of Surya Dev. Here, there is a separate gathering of several divinities and pilgrimages.

Note: The wrong notion amongst innocent seekers is that a visit to this Pilgrimage will enhance their virtues, they will get happiness and prosperity in life and will get rid of sins. The bath, charity done and its remembrance through Kirtan (singing hymns) will provide seekers with many virtues. It is believed that aforesaid, Sangam has a community of approximately 27000 pilgrims.


  • Will a visit to such a pilgrimage established in the memory of Surya Dev provides any benefit to seekers?
  • Did Surya Dev himself attain salvation?
  • Did his wife Chhaya and their children attain salvation?
  • Will the devotees of Lord Surya attain emancipation by visiting and worshipping at this pilgrimage?

These pilgrimages, temples, Mosques etc have been established but the question is when God is not present there then what is the point in visiting them. Let us proceed to know

  • Does the worship of Lord Surya Provide Seekers with any Benefit?
  • Is this way of worship proven in any holy scriptures?

Will the Worship of Lord Surya Provide Seekers any Benefit?

No holy scripture certifies to worship Surya Dev. He himself is destructible. It is useless to worship Lord Surya. Devotees chant mantras like ‘Om Adityayah Namo Namah’ and ‘Om Surya Devay Namah’ etc. to please Lord Surya aiming to get their welfare done but there is no evidence of these mantras in any holy scriptures. The same is prohibited in Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23-24. Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 clarifies the only mantra to chant is ‘Om-Tat-Sat’ which is

coded; only enlightened saints decode it chanting which salvation is attained, Rest all mantras are worthless.

It has been mentioned in the nectar speech of Sachhidanandghan Brahm that the worship of Trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva is useless and cannot provide seekers emancipation. Leave aside worshipping demi-gods like Surya Dev etc who do not even fall in the first category to be worshipped in Kaal’s world. Innocent seekers due to a lack of true spiritual knowledge simply waste their precious human birth in doing arbitrary worship which is useless. Hence are advised to immediately quit unscriptural worship and make efforts to find out who is worshipable God who can provide salvation?

Proceeding, a true account of a devotee mentioned in a pious book proves the fact that seekers do not get any benefit by worshipping Surya Dev. Only the worship of Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush grants seekers emancipation. Lord Surya is not the provider of salvation.

Lord Surya is not the Provider of Salvation

Ref: Book Musalman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran Chapter "Kadar Khuda ka Kalyug Mein Prakatya" page 116 -117.

Innocent devotees worship Lord Surya considering he will give happiness whereas the reality is Almighty Kabir is merciful and blesses His dear souls with all happiness. God does not want His glory but wishes that his children should have faith in devotion even if they are mistakenly doing devotion towards some other deity till the destined time of devotion in Kalyug comes. Then everyone will become familiar with who is the happiness-giving God?

There is a true story mentioned in this book about the parents of devotee Sudarshan who worshipped Surya Dev aiming to get a son since they do not have a child after marriage but they did not get any spiritual benefit.

Devotee Sudarshan's (whom God Kabir took in the refuge) father was born as Kulpati Brahman and his mother was Maheshwari. One day Maheshwari was worshipping Lord Surya with open hands to bless her with a son. 

Merciful God Kabir actually fulfils every demand of His devotee but we do not identify who is God? due to a lack of true spiritual knowledge. While she was worshipping; Almighty Kabir acquiring an infant form appeared in the hands of Maheshwari. She considered it to be the blessing of Surya Dev and brought a child-form God Kabir home. They were very poor. They started getting one gram of Gold every day from beneath the pillow of child-form God Kabir thereafter. They again mistakenly considered receiving gold to be the blessing of Lord Surya.

When God Kabir grew 5 years old He gave them true spiritual knowledge but they did not believe Him considering him to be just a child. They did not identify God Kabir in that human birth rather kept performing arbitrary worship of Surya Dev who was incapable of providing them with any benefit due to which the infant form God Kabir disappeared. Both husband and wife thereafter regret the whole life in the separation of their son. But for whatever duration they unknowingly served God Kabir they were blessed with further frequent human births. 

God Kabir again met these childless couples in infant form in their human births but every time they failed to identify God hence remaining trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death. They did not attain salvation. Finally, the same souls were liberated as Neeru Neema when merciful God Kabir took them refuge in Kalyug.

Note: The point is the worship of Lord Surya is useless since souls cannot attain emancipation. Only with the true worship of Almighty Kabir does the soul gets rid of birth and death forever and attains God.

Surya Dev is mortal. When 21 universes of Kaal destroy everything in his world also destroy nothing remains. Lord Surya plays important role in Holocaust? Let us know through evidence.

Role of Hindu God Surya Dev in Holocaust

Kaal- Brahm, ’Ksharpurush’, plays the role of the chief minister in one universe and has made his three sons Rajguna Brahma, Satguna Vishnu, Tamoguna Shiva his ministers of three departments. Apart from them, under them, there are a lot of other Deities; some 33 million like ‘Varun’ God of water, Lord Surya who is in-charge of all light sources. We see the fireball, the Sun, there are a lot of Suns in this solar system and Surya Dev is in-charge of all these light sources. He is a separate minister.

Gita Chapter 4 Verse 5 and 9, Chapter 2 Verse 12, Chapter 10 Verse 2 clarify that including Kshar Purush all his 21 universes are perishable. Shreemad Bhagwat Sudha Sagar’ in ‘Dwadash Skandh’ page no. 935- 936, the second chapter ‘Kalyug ka Dharm’ provides the description of how the end of Kalyuga will happen?

Suksham Veda also talks about the role of Surya Dev in the Holocaust. It has been mentioned that at the end of Kaliyuga, seven Suns will come very near to earth due to which there will be fire on the whole earth. One universe will destroy along with all beings. There will be particles and dust all around. Fireball Surya will bring that one universe to ash. All beings will go to the next universe automatically according to God's rule. At that time, Durga and this Brahm- Kaal also die. Surya Dev’s role in Holocaust proves that nothing in the 21 universes of Brahm Kaal is everlasting. Kaal dies, Durga dies even Surya Dev.

Later, like earlier immortal God/ Puran Brahm recreates this earth.

For more information also listen to

Having understood that Lord Surya is mortal and not the provider of salvation the seekers would want to know

  • Who is worshipable God?
  • Who can provide souls emancipation?

Let us find out what the evidence says?

Who is the real Worshipable God?

Holy scriptures provide evidence that Almighty the creator of entire universes descends on earth in every Era aiming to impart true spiritual knowledge to His beloved souls and provides them emancipation.

Rigveda Mandal no.9 Sukt no.86 verse 26 says ‘That Kavirdev descends like lightning, like electric power, means with speed, he meets admirable people’. Where does He reside? It’s made clear in Verse no. 27 ‘That God resides in the third region of ‘Dhoolok’, up above there’.

In Rigveda Mandal no. 9 Sukt no.54 Verse 3 it is made clear that ‘He is like Sun, that world motivator God is calm in nature, that world illuminator, ’Vishvani Punani’, by purifying all regions, ‘Bhooloko Drishtee’ means He is situated in the top most region, upwards, top of the entire universe. He resides on top of all universe, up there, means ‘Ishtathee’ means presently He is sitting there, and He comes from there with speed like electricity. He only is worshipable.

The knowledge giver of the Gita tells in Chapter 2 Verse 17 that ‘Arjun! We all (you, I and all living beings ) are in the cycle of Birth – Death. Only God (Purna Brahm) is immortal through whom all universes have been organised. Nobody can destroy that Immortal Sat Purush. His power only is present in every living being and every particle like the Sun. Even when far its light and warmth have an effect on the earth.

As the Sun is the source of light, Solar power plants get power from the distant sun. All the fans and bulbs get connected with power to continue to work. In the same way, the complete God is seated far away in Satlok and is giving power to the soul as a power plant for all beings. All beings and the Universe are moving with the power of that Supreme God.

Bhagavad  Gita  Chapter  8  Verse  3  and  8,9,10,  Chapter  15  Verse  17  tells  ‘Worshipable  God, Purushottam/Param Akshar Brahm is other than knowledge giver of Gita. His mantra has been said in Chapter 17 Verse 23.

In Gita Chapter 13 Verse 15-16 the knowledge giver of Gita tells ‘just as Sun located far influences earth in the same way God is seated in Satlok has the impact of His power in all universes. He dwells inside and outside all the moving and non-moving beings. Even when residing in Satlok Supreme God dwells inseparably in the heart-lotus (chakras) of every living being. Being subtle His correct state cannot be known means we cannot see Him with our eyes and He only is situated very near and also far away. The point is that the knowledge giver of Gita tells about a God other than himself who is worthy to be known and worshipped who is the creator.

In Gita Chapter 13 Verse 17 it has been said that ‘Param Akshar Brahm/Complete God is said to be even the light of the lights and is other than illusionary Kaal. He only is worthy to be known and attained through true spiritual knowledge. He is situated in the heart of everyone in a special way. Like the Sun, despite being situated far is visible in every water pot although it is not in those pots but keeps influencing those vessels, providing its warmth. Similarly, God situated in the eternal world far, has an impact of His power everywhere.

In Gita Chapter 13 Verse 31 it has been said that Param Akshar Brahm is beginningless and His power is formless (Nirgun), this God while residing in the body also, in reality neither does anything nor is He affected. The meaning is just as the Sun situated far away is visible on a water pot and continuously influences us with his power which is formless means with its warmth in the same way Supreme God though resides in eternal world Satlok; dwells in every soul in the form of shadow. 

Just as the radiation of the Sun generates massive heat on a concave lens and keeps its natural influence, in the same way, a devotee who worships according to scriptures becomes like a concave lens due to which he gets maximum benefit from God’s power. On the other hand, a devotee who follows an arbitrary way of worship against scriptures only gets the result of his deeds. He is like a convex lens.

In Gita Chapter 13 Verse 33 it has been said that ‘as one Sun brightens the entire universe similarly complete God / Param Akshar Brahm illuminates the entire universe.

Rigveda Mandal No. 9 Sukt 86 Mantra No. 26-27, Rigveda Mandal No. 9 Sukt 54 Mantra No. 3 and Suksham Veda tells that ‘the body of Supreme God/Param Akshar Brahm is highly illuminating. The brightness of His one hair follicle is even more than the combined light of millions of Suns and Moons. That immortal God purifies everyone and provides benefits to everyone. He only should be worshipped .

Kotin Bhanu uday jo hoi, ete hi puni chandr lakhoi ||
Purush rom sam ek na hoi, aisa Purush deedara hai ||

Further Almighty Kabir tells 

Aage Alakh lok hai bhai, Alakh Purush ki tahan thakurai ||
Arban soor rom sam nahin, aisa Alakh nihara hai ||

Meaning: Further there is Alakhlok and God is seated here as Alakh Purush. Here the light of million Suns also cannot match the brightness of Satyapurush/Param Akshar Brahm Kavir Dev

Hence proved, that only Kavir Dev is worshipable.


The above-mentioned facts prove that Surya Dev is mortal. Innocent seekers mistakenly worship Lord Surya and waste their human birth. Human birth is highly precious. Every breath should be utilised in true worship of Almighty Kabir instead of wasting in useless worship of Lord Surya or any other deity. 

Readers/Seekers/Worshippers are advised to take refuge in great enlightened saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who is none other than God Kabir Himself and has come for the welfare of whole mankind. He is providing a true way of worship. He is the provider of salvation. Take initiation and become eligible for the attainment of salvation.

Note:- It has been mentioned in Sachhidanand Ghan Brahm's speech 

Shodas Bhanu hansko roopa, Beena Sat dhun baje anupa ||
Hansa karat chanwar shir bhoopa, Satpurush darbara hai ||

Meaning: The liberated souls get the highly illuminating body in Satlok whose brightness is equivalent to 16 Suns. There, the body is made up of one ‘Noori element’ which is highly radiant. At this place a melodious voice of Veena (musical instrument) continuously sounds. Hans (souls) whisk Flabium on Satpurush. 

So without wasting even a second rush to take initiation from great enlightened saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and become the permanent resident of Satlok/Sachhkhand by performing true devotion.


FAQs about "Is Surya Dev a Fireball or Hindu Lord! True Profile Revealed"

Q.1 Is Surya Dev a Hindu Lord or a Fireball in the galaxy?

Surya Dev, also known as Lord Surya or the Sun God, is associated with the source of light and energy, depicted riding a chariot drawn by seven horses. Surya Dev is the chief of all light sources in one universe under whom there are several Suns, etc which are the source of light. Lord Surya is described through the speech of respected Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj, as a powerful and respected figure associated with light sources and possessing a massive celestial presence.

Q.2 Can worship of Surya Dev provide us salvation?

According to Suksham Ved, the worship of Surya Dev does not lead to salvation. While worshipped by many, his worship is useless in terms of attaining salvation as he is not the provider of ultimate liberation. Devotees who worship Surya Dev remain trapped in the cycle of birth and death and do not achieve ultimate salvation.

Q. 3 Are there pilgrimages or places dedicated to Surya Dev?

Yes, pilgrimages such as Ashwa Teerth, Bhanu Teerth, and Panchvati Ashram have been established in remembrance of Surya Dev. However, according to Suksham Ved visiting such places does not offer spiritual benefits or liberation.

Q.4 What is the evidence provided regarding Lord Surya and spiritual knowledge?

The article discusses evidence from Srimad Bhagavad Gita stating that Surya Dev was granted spiritual knowledge by the Supreme, which reached him through a lineage, but this knowledge has disappeared over time.

Q.5 Does the worship of Surya Dev in Hindu and Muslim traditions correct?

According to Suksham Ved, while both Hindu and Muslim devotees worship Surya Dev, this worship is not validated or considered significant for spiritual liberation.

Q.6 Does Surya Dev's involvement relate to the end of the world or Holocaust?

According to Suksham Ved, Surya Dev plays a role in the destruction or Holocaust at the end of Kaliyuga, contributing to the destruction of one universe.

Q.7 Who is deemed the real worshipable God above Surya Dev?

Our Holy scripture endorses Kavir Dev (Almighty God Kabir Ji) as the only worshipable God, who is the creator & sustainer of the entire universe along with provider of salvation, contrary to Surya Dev or any other deity. By seeking refuge in enlightened saint (at present SatGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj) and following the true way of worship provided by him can provide all the benefits and liberation from the cycle of birth and death to the devotee.


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Every Saturday, we worship Surya to shield our family from negative influences. Our lives are filled with happiness and peace. It's important for everyone to honor and worship Surya Dev.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, while we acknowledge your commitment, worshiping Surya Dev is not in line with our Holy scriptures. Worship that deviates from these scriptures is considered futile. Although you might be leading a content life, it could be a result of your previous good Karma. Not following the true path of worship may lead to future challenges due to the impact of bad Karma. We strongly advise you to delve into genuine spiritual knowledge and the correct way of worship by reading the book Gyan Ganga and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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In our community, we revere the Sun as God and have upheld this worship for generations. Despite our longstanding dedication, I haven't witnessed any direct benefits, and we are currently facing difficulties.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, while we appreciate your engagement with our article. Your commitment to Sun worship is not valid as our Holy scriptures do not endorse this practice. Engaging in worship that goes against these scriptures does not bring about any beneficial outcomes. The challenges in our lives are often a consequence of past sins, which can only be absolved through true worship guided by a complete Saint. We strongly recommend understanding the true spiritual knowledge by reading the book Gyan Ganga and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.