How Did Supreme God Kabir Preach Sat Bhakti to Garuda Dev

How Did Supreme God Kabir Preach Sat Bhakti to Garuda Dev

The existing religious practices prevalent in the realm of the owner of 21 universes means Brahm Kaal are merely to mislead naïve devotees who do so aiming to attain God and salvation but in reality, these practices do not fulfil their desire since they are arbitrary practices mean are against the injunctions of holy scriptures.

Therefore, Almighty descends into this mortal world of Brahm Kaal and preaches to His beloved souls the true spiritual knowledge and tells them the right way of worship with which they will attain emancipation and will land back to their native eternal abode called Satlok where the Supreme God, Satpurush Kabir Saheb Himself resides.

In this connection God KavirDev met Garuda, the mount of Satogun equipped Lord Vishnu in Treta Yuga. Garuda Dev the giant bird is called the king of birds who took shelter from God Kabir after which he became a steadfast devotee and became eligible for the attainment of salvation

This article will provide insights into the wrong way of devotion happening in the deceased world of Jyoti Niranjan/Kaal. This write-up will also highlight that innocent devotees be it humans or even divinities in Brahm Kaal’s realm are ignorant of true spiritual knowledge, they do not know the correct way of worship. Like, How can Param Akshar Brahm be attained? Supreme God, the merciful Supreme being showers grace and opens the eyes of dormant souls through the power of His true knowledge and proves that God is the one and only Kabir who is the ocean of happiness and provider of Salvation.

The following will be the highlights of this article

  • A brief about Garuda Ji
  • Kabir Saheb preached true spiritual knowledge to Garuda Dev
  • God Kabir took Garuda Dev in refuge
  • The divine bird, Garuda facilitated the expansion of the age of a Brahmin boy
  • The essence of Garuda Purana narrated by God Kabir
  • Garuda severed the Serpent Noose of Lord Ram and his army during the war
  • Who is a worshipable God?

A Brief About Garuda Ji

Reference: ‘Spiritual Book Yatharth Bhakti Bodh’ the writer of this book  is Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on page no.142 speech no 57-60

Garuda, the giant bird is the King of Birds (Pakshiraja) who is the Vehicle of ‘Trilokiye’  Shri Vishnu Ji. Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj mentions Lord Vishnu and his mount Garuda Ji in his nectar speech which certifies the same.

Vishnu nath hai  asur nikandan|
Santo ke sab Katey phandan ||57||
Narsingh roop dhare gururaya|
Hrinyakush kun Maran dhaya ||58||
Shankha  Chakra Gada Padma Virajey |
Bhaal Tilak Jakey urr saajey ||59||
Vahan Garuda Krishan aswara|
Laxmi dhore chanwar aparaa||60||

Meaning: Shri Vishnu Nath Ji is the destroyer of demons and cuts all the bondages of his worshippers/seekers. He saved his devotee Prahalad and killed demon King Hrinakshipu acquiring the form of a Lion-Man, God ‘Narsingh’ after which the people felt a sigh of relief. Lord Vishnu holds Conch, Chakra, Mace and Padam. There is Tilak on his forehead. It’s adornment and graceful. Garuda is Lord Vishnu’s  Vehicle. Vishnu Ji was born as Shri Krishna. Goddess Lakshmi respects her husband (Vishnu Ji) by moving Flabellum over him.

Excerpts from Suksham Ved prove that Garuda Dev considered his master Shri Vishnu as supreme God unless he met Almighty Kabir who provided him true spiritual knowledge, granted true salvation mantras which made him believe that ‘Kabir is God’.

Let us move ahead and read the fact mentioned in holy Kabir Sagar which is the fifth Veda meaning it is Sachidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech uttered from the Lotus mouth of Supreme God and read their conversation.

Kabir Saheb Preached True Spiritual Knowledge to Garuda Dev

Reference: Kabir Sagar Chapter 11, Garuda Bodh on page 65 (625)

Supreme God Kabir Sahib told Dharamdas Ji ‘I preached to the King of Birds, Varun Ji, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. I told him about the creation of the Universe. Garuda dev was amazed hearing the story of the eternal world, the glory of Satpurush. He did not believe it. He was thinking, what is this I am hearing today? Am I dreaming? Have I gone to some other world? The world and God I have heard, is moving like a film in front of me. When Garuda was lost in these thoughts, then I said ‘O King of Birds! Have you considered my narrative false? You have become silent. Ask a question if you have some doubt, and get it resolved. Kindly forgive me, if you are hurt by my words. Hearing these words of mine the eyes of ‘Khagesh’ were filled with tears and he said ‘O God! Who are you? What is your purpose? You have told such a bitter truth that is not digestible. The immortal God that you have told in the immortal world, if this is true then we have been deceived. If this is false then you deserve condemnation, you are a criminal. If this is true then Garuda, your servant is special.

God told Dharamdas Ji that ‘I said, ‘O Garuda Dev! Your doubt is obvious, but you have acted with patience. This is your greatness. But the information that I am giving about the eternal man (God) and Satlok is the ultimate truth. My name is Kabir. I am a resident of the same eternal world. Kaal Brahm has confused you. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva also do not know this. Garuda Ji, You ponder! The creature is born and he starts residing happily. The family expands. He grows old in their upbringing, to meet the end of worldly traditions and considers himself blessed seeing his family he is forced to abandon the same and leaves the world. He is crying and is counting the last breaths. The family is also sad. What is this custom? Is this appropriate?

Garuda Dev said ‘O KavirDev! This is the rule of the world. Whoever is born will have to die. God said ‘Does anyone want to die? Does anyone like old age? Garuda Dev answered ‘No’. Almighty Kabir Ji said ‘How will it be felt if there is neither old age nor death? Garuda Dev Ji said, nothing like it. If this happens then there will be joy but this is a dream-thought. ‘O Dharamda! I said, ‘What do you believe about Vedas and Puranas, are they true or false? Garuda dev Ji said, the ultimate truth.

In Devi Purana God Vishnu himself has said ‘O Mother! You are a pure figure. This whole world is arising from you. I, Brahma and Shankar exist by your grace. Our ‘Avirbhav’ (Birth) and Tirobhav (death) happen. Hearing the solid evidence (exact proof)  from God Kabir Ji’s Lotus mouth Garuda Dev fell at His feet. He appreciated his fate and said that ‘Lord who knows the creation of the universe, origin of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Goddess Durga and Niranjan, that creator is Almighty. Till today no one has told this knowledge. Had some creature known, be it some Sage or great Sage then he would have surely narrated the story. I have heard sermons of great Manadaleshwars. No one has this knowledge. They even do not know about the Vedas and Gita. You have hidden yourself. I have identified you. God! Kindly take me to your Shelter.

God Kabir Ji said to Garuda ‘First you take permission from your master, Shri Vishnu Ji that I want to get my welfare done. I have found one great saint. I have heard his knowledge. If you give permission then let me get my welfare done. I am your servant, you are my master. We have to stay together all the time. If I will take initiation secretly then you will be sad. Garuda did the same. He told everything to Vishnu Ji. Shri Vishnu Ji said ‘I do not deny you, you are free. You did good, you told the truth. I do not have any objection.

Supreme God Kabir Took Garuda Dev In Refuge

Further Satpurush KavirDev told His dearest child that ‘O Dharamdas! I gave initiation to Garuda of the first five mantras (mantras for practice to open Lotuses of each deity) Garuda Dev said ‘O Garuda Dev! These mantras are of these deities. The mantra of eternal man is not there. God Kabir Ji said that ‘these mantras are not for their worship’. These are to favour these gods and are the key to getting rid of their web. These mantras are to control them. Like to attract the OX, if one keeps saying Ox-Ox then he does not even look at the speaker. When his name to attract him is called ‘Hurr-Hurr’ then he immediately becomes active. He comes running towards the one who produces sound. The person who produces sound makes his buffalo conceive by him.

Similarly, if you keep chanting some other mantra of Shri Vishnu Ji, he does not bother. If you will chant this mantra then immediately get attracted to Vishnu Dev Ji. These deities are the prime gods of three realms (earth, Heaven and Netherworld). They can only provide sacraments as destined. By chanting this mantra more of our virtues and devotional earnings are accumulated. As a result of it, these deities help the seeker. In this way, the difference in their worship and practice has to be understood.

As we have to eat Mangoes then we will work hard, will serve then money will be obtained and we will get Mangoes to eat. Service is not worship. At that time our revered is Mango. The effort to attain respect is service. Similarly, our revered God is Kabir Ji and the immortal world. For that, we serve Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji, Shri Shiv Ji, Shri Ganesha and Shri Durga Ji, we practise. But We worship the Supreme God

Garuda Ji became delighted and to discuss this nectar knowledge he met Shri Brahma Ji. He told him ‘I have heard an amazing knowledge from one great Sage. I found his knowledge to be true. He said that you (Brahma) Vishnu and Shiva are mortal, and are not the Complete God. You can provide only as destined. You cannot increase anyone’s age. You cannot increase or decrease anyone’s Karma. The complete God is some other. He resides in an immortal abode. He destroys one's sinful deeds. He postpones death. He increases his age. The evidence has been told in Vedas. It has been said in Rigveda Mandal No 10 Sukt 161 Mantra 2 that ‘if the disease of the patient has become acute and has died even then I will release that devotee from the God of death. I will provide him with a new life. I give him a complete age to live.

In Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 161 Mantra 5 it has been said that ‘O the creature being reborn! You continue doing devotion. Even if your vision will be lost then I will heal your eyes, I will be obtained to you means will be attained to you.

Brahma Ji has memorised the Veda mantras, and he immediately understood. But based on folklore prevalent in the world, Brahma Ji considers himself Prajapati means creator of everyone. To memorise Vedas is a different thing. To understand Vedic mantras is a special knowledge.

Due to boastfulness, Brahma Ji said that ‘no one apart from me in the world knows Vedas. These mantras have been misinterpreted. For such people, God Kabir has said that

Kabir, jaan boojh saachee tajay,karey jhooth se neh।
Taki sangat hey Prabhu swapan mein bhi naa dey।।

Brahma Ji got very annoyed hearing Garuda's words and said, ‘Your wisdom is of birds. You trust the one who tells you anything. Don’t you have your wisdom? At that very moment, Brahma Ji called Vishnu, Mahesh, Indra, deities and sages. The meeting started. Brahma Ji told the reason for their being called that today Garuda is telling a new thing that Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh are mortal. The complete God is some other. He resides in the eternal world. You are not the doer. Hearing this Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji got very annoyed and gave the example of Brahma to Garuda (speaking Ill by finding fault). Then all of them took a collective decision that let us find the truth from Mother, Goddess Durga. All went to Goddess. They asked the same question ‘Is there any other complete God other than us (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)? Are we mortal?

The mother replied straight forward ‘Since when did you have this misunderstanding (confusion) that you are eternal and the doer of the world? If it is so then you are even my creator (father) whereas you are born from my womb. In reality Almighty only is eternal. He only is the creator of everyone. Hearing this the meeting dissolved, and everyone left but Brahma, Vishnu Shiva were not able to digest this truth.

Divine Bird, Garuda Facilitated Extension of Age of A Brahmin Boy

Trinity Gods called Garuda. Garuda saluted them and sat when instructed. All the three Gods said ‘O the King of Birds! How will you believe that we are not the creator of the world? If you want then examine us. Garuda Ji stood up, flew and came to me. (Kabir Ji) and narrated the entire episode. Then I said that in Bang country (present Bangladesh) there is a 12-year-old son of a Brahmin. He is about to die. He is a guest for a few days. To take that child to my shelter I told him the status of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva as I told you, Garuda. That child argued a lot and did not agree with my knowledge. When I told that child ‘that only three days are remaining for completion of your age if your Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are all-capable then ask them to get you safe. Saying this I disappeared. The child is restless. Take that child to these deities. They will not be able to do anything. Then talk to me carefully. I will tell you what has to be done further.

Garuda Ji went along with that child to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Garuda explained to that child that ‘you tell those Gods that we are your worshippers. My grandfather, great-grandfather, father and I have always worshipped you. Only two days are left of my life. What is my age, I am young. Kindly extend my age’. The child requested the same then all three tried but in vain. Then they pondered, let’s go to Dharamraj (Chief Justice). He has the account of everyone. We will get an extension from him. With this thought, everyone went to Dharamraj. 

All the three Gods told him ‘First tell us how much is the age of this Brahman child? Dharamraj saw the register and said that ‘tomorrow he will die’. All three Gods said ‘You increase the age of this child’. Dharamraj said ‘This is impossible’. All three said ‘We do not come to you repeatedly, today the question is of our honour and dishonour. Since we have come so Keep our honour.

Dharamraj said ‘neither even one second can be increased nor can it be decreased. If you grant him your age then I can increase. Hearing this everyone turned pale. At that time, they started saying that only the Supreme God can do this. They immediately walked from there and told Garuda that if there is some other supreme power then get his age extended. Garuda contacted Kabir Ji through meditation (rang him). God Kabir Ji told him through meditation that ‘you bring water for him from Mansarovar. There you will find a devotee named Shravan’. I have explained everything to him. You may take nectar. Garuda Ji did as was instructed. That child was given nectar to drink. I went to that child. Garuda Ji explained everything to that child that nectar is merely an eyewash. He is Almighty. He gave water after sanctifying it.

Child! You take initiation. With this nectar, you will remain alive for 10 days. The child took initiation from me. When the child did not die for 15 days then Garuda told all three Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva that ‘that child is alive. He has taken initiation from my Guru Ji. He has blessed that child to live a complete life. Brahma, Vishnu, Shuva all three again went to Dharamraj, Garuda also went along with. Three gods asked Dharamraj how is that child alive. He should have died. When Dharamraj checked his account then his age was extended.

Dharamraj said ‘this happens from above and happens rarely. Who can know the divine spectacle of that God? The three Gods were shocked but due to pride, despite witnessing live none agreed to the truth. They did not abandon their gesture of pride. Garuda had firm belief.

Kabir, Raaj tajna sehej hai, Sehej triya ka neh। Maan badhaaee irshya, durlabh tajna yeh।।

At the end of this Garuda Bodh, the episode of Vasuki Snake Girl has been incorrectly written. In this Garuda has been portrayed as the post of Guru. It is not like this. Whatever is done is done by God Kabir Ji.

Let us read some nectar speeches from Garuda Bodh

Dharamdas Statement

Dharamdas beenti karein, sunahu Jagat aadhaar।
Garuda Bodh bhed sab, ab kaho tatv vichaar।।

Satguru Statement  (Kabir Speech)

Pratham Garuda saun bheint jab  bhayau। Sat Sahib mein bol sunaun।
Dharmraj suno kahu bujhaai। Jehee vidhi Garuda ko samjhaee।।

Garuda Statement

Suna bachan Sat Sahib jabaheen। Garuda pranaam kiya tabheen।। Sheesh niwaye tin poochaa chahiye। Ho tum kaun Kahan se aaye।।

Knowledgeable (Kabir) Statement

Kaha Kabir hai naam. Hamara। Tatvgyan Dene aaye sansara।। Satyalok se hum chali aaye। Jeev chudawan jug mein prakataye ।।

Garuda Statement

Sunat bachan achambho mana। Satya Purush hai kaun Bhagwana।।
Pratyashdev Shri Vishnu kahavey। Dush autaar dhari dhari javey।।

Knowledgeable  (Kabir) Statement

Tab hum kahya suno Garuda sujana। Param Purush hai Purush purana।। (Aadee ka)
Veh kabahu na martaa Bhai। Veh garbh se deh dharta nahee।। Koti mare Vishnu bhagwan। Kya Garuda tum nahee janaa।।
Jakaa Gyan bed batlavey। Ved Gyan koee samajh na pavey।।
Jisne keenha sakal bistara। Brahma, Vishnu, Mahadev ka sirjanhara।।
Juni sankat veh nahi aavey | Veh to Saheb Akshay kahavey।।

Garuda Statement 

Ram roop dhari Vishnu aaya।  Jin Lanka ka mara raya।। Poorna Brahm hai Vishnu avinashi। Hey Bandichod sab sukh rashi।।
Tentis koti devtan ki bund chudai। Poorn Prabhu hai Ram raai।।

Knowledgeable  (Kabir) Statement

Tum Garuda kaise kaho avinashi । Satya Purush bin Katey na Kaal ki phansi।।
Jaa din Lunk mein Kari chadhai। Naag phans mein bandhe Raghurayee।।
Sena sahit Ram badhayee। Tab tum Naag Jaa mare bhai।।
Tab tere Vishnu bandan se chootey। Yaku poojey bhaag Jake phootey।।
Kabir aisi Maya atpatee, sab ghat aan adee।
Kis-Kis kun samjhaun, kunein bhaang padee।।

Garuda Statement

Gyani Garuda hai das tumhara। Tum bin nahee jeev vistara।।
Itna keh Garuda  Charan liptaya। Sharan Levon avigat raya।।
Kabahun na chodun tumhara sharna। Tum Sahab ho Taran tarnaa।।
Patthar buddhi par pade hai gyani। Ho tum poorna Brahm liya hum jaani।।

Knowledgeable  (Kabir) Statement

Tab hum Garuda kun paanch naam sunaya। Tab vakun sanshay aaya।।
Yeh to Pooja devtan lki data। Ya se kaise moksh vidhata।।
Tumto kkehte kaho doosra avinashi। Wa se Kate Kaal ki phansi।।
Nayab se kaise Sahib darahin। Kaise mein bhavsagar tirahin।।

Gyani (Kabir) Statement

Sadhna ko Pooja mat jano। Sadhna kun majdoori mano।।
Jo koun aamr phal khano chahei। Pehle bahute mehnat karawey।।
Dhan hovey phal aamr khavey। Aamr phal isht kahavey।।
Pooja isht ki kahiye। Aise mehnat sadhna lahiye।।
Yeh sunGaruda bhaya Ananda। Sanshay sool Kiya nikanda।।

Meaning:- Garuda Dev said to the Almighty ‘O God! You gave the name mantra of these Gods. This is their worship. You have said that these Gods are equipped only with 16 Kala. Kaal is equipped with 1000 arts/skills. The complete Brahm is a God of infinite Kala. You have also told us in the creation of the universe that Kaal has stopped you. All three Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva Ji are under Kaal Brahm. ‘O God! How would Saheb (Almighty, Lord) be afraid of ‘Nayab’ (Deputy ie. Subordinate)? Means Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv Ji are Kaal’s subordinates only.

Nayab Tehsildar means the subordinate Tehsildar. So how will the senior be afraid of subordinates? The point is that they are subordinate to Kaal Brahm. You have told their devotion, have given their mantras to chant. How will these Nayab liberate us from their Saheb (Kaal Brahm)?

Then Almighty Kabir Ji told the difference between ‘Pooja’ and ‘Sadhna’ that if someone has the desire to eat the Mango fruit then Mango fruit is revered. The effort to attain that revered thing is called ‘Sadhna’. Like hard work is done to earn money. With that money, Mango is purchased to eat.

Similarly, complete God is our respected deity means is a revered deity. The chanting of the mantra of deities is hard work (labour). The chanting of the mantra forms devotional earning that will be obtained, leaving that in Kaal Brahm, and getting free from debts, will attain our respected means worshipable God Kabir Dev (KavirDev). Hearing this Garuda Ji became delighted and the evidence is also found that Guru is a complete Guru. The complete Guru can only resolve doubts and he took initiation. Garuda was taken in refuge in Treta Yuga. Being the Vehicle of Shri Vishnu Ji and listening to his glory frequently and seeing some miracles of Shri Vishnu Ji the faith of Garuda Ji decreased in Guru Ji, but he did not become a traitor. He will obtain a human body in some birth, then God Kabir Ji will take the soul of Garuda Ji in shelter and will emancipate him. After taking initiation Garuda Ji thought of a spiritual discussion with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Garuda Ji went to Brahma Ji and had a spiritual discussion with him.

Garuda Speech for Brahma Ji

Brahma kaha tum kaise aaye। Kaho Garuda mohe arthaye।।
Tab hum kaha suno Niranjan poota। Aaya tumhe jagawan soota।। Janam-Maran ek jhanjhat bhari। Poorna Moksh karao Tripurari।।

Brahma Statement

Humra koi nahee janam data। Kewal ek humari mata।।
Pita humara nirakaar jani। Hum hai poorn Sarangpaani।।
Humra Maran Kabahu nahi Hovey | Kaun agyan mein pakshee sovey।।
Tabahin Brahma vimaan .mangaw। vishnu, Brahma ko turant bulawa।।
Gsye vimaan dono pasaa। Pal mein aan viraje pasaa।। Indra Kuber Varun bulaye। Teintis karore devta aaye।।
Aaye Rishi Muni aur nathaa। Siddh sadhak sab aa jataa।।
Brahma kaha Garuda neend mein boley । Koti jhooth kufar bahu toley।।
Keh koi aur hey Sirjanharaa। Janam-Maran batawe humara।।
Tate mein yeh majlis jodi। Garuda ke mun kya bataa daudee।।
Rishi muni anubhav batata। Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv vidhata।।
Nirgun Sargun yehi bun javey। Kabahun nahi Maran mein aavey।।

Vishnu Statement

Pkshiraaj yeh kya Maan mein aayee। Paap lagey banaa aalochak  bhai।।
Humse aur kaun badera dataa। Hum hai karta aur chauthee mata।।
Tumri matee agyan harlini। Hum hai Poorn Kartar teeni।।

Mahadev Statement

Keh Mahadev pakshee hai bhola। Hriday Gyan inn nahee tola।।
Brahma banavey Vishnu paley। Hum sabka ka karte kaley।।
Aur bata Garuda agyani। Rishi batavey tum nahee mani।।
Chalo mata se poochey bataa। Nirnay Karo kaun hai Vidhata।।
Sabne kaha sahee hai baani। Nirnay karegi mata rani।।
Sab uthh gaye mata pasaa। Aawan samasya Kari prakasha।।

Mother Statement

Kaha mata Garuda batao। Aur karta hai kaun samjhao।।

Garuda Statement

Maat tum janat ho saari। Sachh bataa kahe nyakaari।।
Sabha mein  jhoothi baat banave। Vakaa vansh samoola jaavey।।
Mein suna aur aankhon dekha। Karta avigat alag vishesha।। jahan se janam hua tumhara। Veh hai sabka Sirjanhar।।
ved jaka it gun gavein। Kewal vahi ek amar batawein।।
Mar hein Brahma Vishnu Naresha। Mar hain sab Shankar Shesh।।
Amarpurush Satpur rehta।  Apn mukh Satya Gyan veh kehta।।
Ved keh veh Prithvi par aave। Bhoole jeevan ko Gyan batlavei।।
Kya ye jhoote shastr Sare। Tum vyarth ban baithe sirjanhare ।।
Maan badhai chodo Bhai । Taki bhakti kare Amarpur jaai।।
Mata kehna sachi baata। Batao Devi hai kaun vidhata।।

Mother (Durga) Statement

Mata keh suno re poota। Tum jogi teeno  avdhoota।।
Bhakti  Kari na Malik paye। Apne ko tum amar bataye।।
Veh karta hai sabse nyara। Hum tum sabka sirjanhara।।
Garud kehta hai sachhi bani। Aise bachan kaha mata rani।।
Sab utth gaye apne asthana। Saach bachan kahu nahi mana।।

Garuda Statement

Brahma Vishnu mohe bulaya। Mahadev bhi vahan baith paya।।
Teeno kahe koi do pramana। Tab hum tohe Sakha jana।।
Mein kaha goonga gud khave। Dooje ko swad kya batlave।।
Mein Jaat hun Satguru pasa। Laa pramaan karun bhram vinasha।।
tridev kahe lo pariksha humari। Poorn kare Teri aashasar।।
Humhi mare humhi bachave। Hum rehta sada nirdave।।
Garuda kaha hum kare pariksha। Tum poorn to lun tumhari deeksha।।
uda vahan se Guru pase aaya। Sab vratant keh sunaya।।

Satguru (Kabir) Statement

Garuda suno bang desh ko jaao। Balak marega kaho use bachao।।
Din teen ki aayu shesha। Karo jeevit Brahma Vishnu Mahesha।।
Phir hum paas aana Bhai। Hum balak ko devein jivai।।
Bung desh mein Garuda gayo, balak liya saath।
Tridevon se arz kari, Jeevan de balak Karo sunaath।।

Tridev Statement

Dharamraj par hai lekha sara। Base Jane sab vichara।।
Garuda aur balak sare। Gaye Dharmraaj darbare।।
Dhsrmraj se aayu jani। Din shesh bakhani।।
Yaki aayu badhe nahi। Mrityu ati niyade aayee।।
Tridev kahan aaye rakho lajaa। Hum kya mukh dikhavein Dharmaraja।।
Dharm kahe aapne aayu de Bhai। To balak ki aayu badh jaai।।
Chale teeno na nahin paar basayee। Bane baithe they samarth rasyee।।
Sun Garuda yeh Satya hai bhai। Aayee mritya na taalee jayee।।

Garuda Statement

Samarth mein gun Aisa bataya। Aayu badhave aur amar karwaya।।
Ab mein jaaun samarth pasa। Balak bachne li poori aashaa।।
Gaya Garuda Kabir ki sharnaa। Daya Karo ho Saheb jsrnaa (vishwaas)।।

Kabir Sahab Statement

Suno Garuda ek amar bani। Yeh Amrit le balak pilani।।
Jeeve balak Umar badh javey। Jug bichre balak nirdave।।
Balak Lana mere pasaa। Naam daan kar Kaal vinasha।।
Jaisa kaha Garuda ne keenha। Balak kun Jaa Amrit deens।।
Le balak turant hi aaye। Satguru se deeksha paye।।
Aashirwas diyaSatguru Swami। Daya kari Prabhu antaryami।।
Badla Dharmraaj ka lekha। Brahma, Vishnu Shiv aankhon dekha।।
Gaye phir Dharm Raj darbara। Lekha phir dikhaun tumhara।।
Dharamraj jab khataa khola। Achraj dekh mukh se bola।। Parmeshwar ka  yeh khel nirala ।  Uska kya karat hai kalaa।।
Vo samarth rakhanhara। Vane lekh badal diya sara।।
Sau varsh yeh balak jeeve। Bhakti Gyan sudha ras peevey।।
Yeh bhi lekh isi ke mahee। Aankhon dekho jhoothi nahi।।
Dekha lekha teeno Deva। Achraj hua kahun kya bheva।।
Bole Brahma Vishnu Mahesha। Param Purush hai koi vishesha।।
Jo chahe veh Malik karsi।  Vaki  sharan phir kaise marsee।।
Pakshiraj tum saache paye। Nahak hum magaj pachaye।।
Karo tum jo Maan mun tera। Tumhara Garuda bhaag badera।।
Poorn Brahm avinashi dataa। Sachh mein hai koi aur vidhata।।
itna keh gaye apne dhama। Garuda aur balak kari pranamaa।।
Bhakti Kari balak chit laayee। Garuda aru balak bhaye Guru bhai।।
Dharmdas yeh Garuda ko bodha। Ek-Ek vachan kaha mein sodh।।

Let us move ahead and understand what message does God Kabir Sahib want to convey to the devotee society through ‘Garuda Purana’?

The Essence Of Garuda Purana Narrated by God Kabir

The Garuda Purana, one of the 18 Mahapurana manuscripts of Hinduism contains information about the afterlife, what happens to the soul after death? It is the theory of  Karma and subsequently rebirth to 84 lakh life forms.

Human life is determined based on virtues and sins (evil deeds) performed by creatures in various human births, the attainment of heaven and relishing comforts there and then suffering in hell as well has been described in the text. The Garuda Purana highlights that while in human birth individuals should adhere to the path of righteousness and perform auspicious, good deeds, should enhance virtues and should not be engaged in evils so that sins are not accumulated in one’s account because sins incur distress in life whereas virtues grant a prosperous life. This is essential because the souls will not be liberated until sins are not nullified.

But Brahm Kaal has misguided creatures by engaging them in wrong practices. The maze of Trigunmayee Maya, Kaal’s trap has been solved by God Kabir. He has exposed the huge trap of Kaal stating that the sole purpose of human birth is to attain emancipation which is possible only by the true devotion of Almighty KavirDev who destroys even grave sins of His steadfast devotee (evidence Yajurveda Chapter 8 Verse 13).

God says that recitation of Garuda Puran should ideally be done by humans while being alive so that one gains knowledge of good deeds to be done but the path of Garuda Purana is recited by family members after the soul departs which is useless practice because he missed the opportunity of doing good deeds and following the Correct way of worship. Then the soul attains the life form of an animal, bird, reptile, ghost, Pitras etc. Here God says

Ye dum tootey pinda phootey, ho lekha dargah mahi|
Uss dargah mein maar padegi, Jam pakdenge bahin||

Meaning: Once the person dies nothing can be done. Then his account is done in the court of the Chief Justice, Dharamraaj (Yama). There the creature will be ill-treated and will be beaten.

Then it is said after death

Kul parivaar Tera sakal kabila |
Masnad ek thehraai, baandh peenjri aagey dhar liya, phir marghat kun le jayee ||
Agni laga diya jadlumba, phoonk diye uss thaain |
Puraan uthaa phir Pandit aaye peeche Garuda padhaee ||

Meaning:  After death, the family members form one opinion and the body is burnt to ash. The soul is standing in a queue in the court of Dharamraj to have his account done. Whereas, here the Priest guides the recitation of Garuda Purana for the salvation of the dead. What is its use now after death? Emphasising the importance of true devotion God Kabir says, by not doing true devotion what will happen?

Nar seti tu pashua kijey gaddha bail banayee, ye chappan bhog Kahan mun bohre kahin kurni charne jaai ||

Meaning: The precious human birth is wasted. Further, there will be distress and misery to the soul. In 84 lacs life forms of dogs, pigs, ghosts, pitras, snakes, etc where will the creature get delicious food to eat which he/she enjoyed while in human birth? It has been mentioned in Garudaa Puran that after death the messengers of Yam take the soul from the path which is very hot and the feet of the soul burns, there are bhandara going on but he is not provided food and water when he needs. He is tortured by Yamdoots. Here, on earth, the family members organise recitation of the path of Garuda Purana, carry out shraddha offer pind, and do the thirteenth and yearly ritual which is all useless.

Further, God says

Pretshila pe ja viraje pitron pind bharaai| 
Bahur shraadh khan ko aaye ye kaag Bhai kalmayee||

God Kabir condemns such wrong practices prevalent in Kaal’s realm stating

Aachhe din pachhe Gaye guru se Kiya na hait, ab pachhtaye kya hote hai jab chidiya chug gayee khet ||

Meaning: The human being when faced with harassment after death realises the blunder he made by not taking refuge in a real saint. God plays the role of a Satguru imparts true spiritual knowledge and does the welfare of the soul. Therefore, it has been said

Satguru aaye daya karee aise deendayal, bandi chod braddaas ka jatharagni pratipaal ||

With the right way of worship told by merciful God/ Satguru, no one will become a ghost, donkey, swine, dog etc and will go to Satlok in the aeroplane with God. They will be liberated. For devotees engaged in true devotion, therefore, it is said:

‘Jai Satguru ki sangat karte, tere sakal karam kat jaayee |
Amarpuri par asan hota jahan dhoop na chaai ||

This proves, the facts mentioned in Garuda Purana are for the betterment of humans but have not been rightly understood therefore, humans suffer and remain in a vicious cycle of birth and rebirth but this cycle can be broken with true devotion to the supreme God about whom the knowledge giver of pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita tells in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 4 that, ‘after finding the enlightened saint the seeker should search for that Supreme place of Supreme God having gone where one does not come in recurrence’. That eternal abode is Satlok, the residence of Almighty Kabir.

Thus, the essence of Garuda Purana has been rightly narrated by God KavirDev. He also clarifies that so-called gods in Brahm Kaal’s realm are incomplete gods.

Let us read the true account from Epic Ramayana to understand.

Garuda Severed The Serpent Noose Of Lord Ram And His Army During War

The major misconception in Kaal’s realm is - Who is God? Hindus believe there are 33 Koti divinities. They worship Goddess Durga, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman, Shanidev, Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati Ji, Suryadev and the list is very long. Similar situations are in other religions. But The irony is none of them is God.

Holy scriptures of all religions prove Almighty Kabir is Rab/God/Allah/Khuda/Ish. He only is worshipable. Quoting the example of the war held in Treta Yuga between Lord Ram and the King of Lanka Ravana God proves the same that the Gods in 21 universes are only demi-Gods who are trapped in the web of Kaal. If they have not been liberated then how can they provide salvation to their worshippers?

A speech mentioned in Sukshma Veda states

Katey bandhan vipatti mein, kathin kiyo sangram
Chinho re nar praniyan, yeh Garuda bado key Ram ||

Epic Ramayana revolves around the life of Shri Ramchandra Ji, King of Ayodhya in Tretayuga who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. We all know while in exile Ravana abducted Sita, the wife of Lord Rama and to bring her back a severe battle was fought between the armies of both warriors Ram and Ravana. A weapon ‘Serpent Noose (Naagpash)’ attacked Lord Ram, Laxman, Sugreev, Hanuman etc, the entire monkey army and other soldiers which tied them from head to toe. No one was able to move hence, stood still. At that time of crisis, Garuda was called by Lord Ram (aka Lord Vishnu). He severed all snakes, released them from ‘Nagpash’ and saved his master and his army.

Point to Ponder: Lord Ram, Maryada Purushottam Ram, Lord Vishnu is ‘Trilokiye’ meaning his power is in all three realms viz. Earth, Heaven and Netherworld. He is considered all-powerful but cannot save himself and his army. He became helpless whereas Garuda turned out to be more powerful than Lord Ram since he saved Ram and all soldiers. So who is God? Who should be worshipped? Shri Ramchandra or Garuda.

No one has an answer to this question. Not even Brahm Kaal or Goddess Durga. This proves, that so-called gods in Kaal’s world are incomplete gods having very limited powers. They cannot alter one’s destiny, rather can only provide work done means can provide prosperity or distress as is destined in one’s life due to Karmas.

The solution is with Param Akshar Brahm. So who is a worshipable God? Let us know with evidence

Who is a worshipable God?

Evidence from holy scriptures proves KavirDev, the creator of entire universes is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. He is worthy to be worshipped since He is the destroyer of sins, the ocean of happiness and the provider of Salvation.

Rigveda Mandal No. 9 Sukta 96 Mantra 18 , Rigveda Mandal No. 10 Sukta 4 Mantra 3,

Atharvaveda Kand no 4 Anuvaak no 1 Mantra 1-7. Yajurved Adhyay 5 Mantra 1, 6, 8, Adhyay 1 Mantra 15, and Adhyay 7. Pious Srimad Bhagwad Gita 15:17, 2:17, 8:3, 18:62 etc prove that Almighty Kabir is worshipable. Hence, Garuda also worshipped Him after gaining knowledge.


As aforementioned, the description proved that devotees/seekers perform wrong devotion by worshipping demi-Gods like Garuda Dev in Brahm Kaal’s 21 universes. All are confused and are far away from true spiritual knowledge. They do not know what happens to the soul after death as is evident in Garuda Purana. The right way of worship is provided by the enlightened saint whose identity has been told in Gita Chapter 15 Verse,1-4.

Today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Tatvadarshi sant on earth. He is Almighty KavirDev Himself in his cover who is providing true spiritual knowledge and granting true salvation mantras as he provided to Shri Garuda Ji in Treta Yuga with which his welfare happened. Today the welfare of human beings is happening the same as that of Garuda Ji. All must take His refuge without giving a second thought. God Kabir says

Teen lok aur bhawan Chaturdas sab jug saude aahee
dogune, tigune kare chaugune kinhun mool gawayee||

Meaning: Every single breath which is the original wealth should be utilised in the remembrance of God by taking shelter of the real saint and remaining in the prescribed decorum of true worship till the last breath the seeker should multiply it two times, three times and even four times so that his welfare happens because human birth is given by God to attain liberation from Kaal’s trap.

FAQs about "How Did Supreme God Kabir Preach Sat Bhakti to Garuda Dev

Q.1 Who is Garuda Dev and what is his significance?

Garuda Dev is the giant bird known as the King of Birds and serves as the mount of Lord Vishnu. He holds immense importance in Hindu mythology and is revered for his loyalty and devotion.

Q.2 How did Supreme God Kabir preach true spiritual knowledge to Garuda Dev?

Supreme God Kabir encountered Garuda Dev during Treta Yuga and imparted to him the true knowledge of spirituality, revealing the nature of the eternal world and the supremacy of Satpurush Kabir Saheb.

Q.3 What transformation did Garuda Dev undergo after receiving spiritual guidance from Kabir Saheb?

Upon receiving true spiritual knowledge from Kabir Saheb, Garuda Dev became a steadfast devotee and acknowledged Kabir Saheb as the ultimate Supreme God, leading him towards salvation.

Q.4 What was the response of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva upon learning the truth from Garuda Dev?

Despite witnessing the divine spectacle orchestrated by Kabir Saheb, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva remained entrenched in their pride and refused to accept the truth that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme God, demonstrating their reluctance to abandon their preconceived notions.

Q.5 What is the significance of Garuda Purana?

According to Suksham Ved, Garuda Purana highlights the afterlife, the consequences of karma, and the cycle of rebirth. After death, the soul faces judgment based on its deeds in the court of Dharamraj (Yama). God Kabir Ji warns against the uselessness of performing rituals like reciting Garuda Purana after death and emphasizes the importance of true devotion during one's lifetime.

Q.6 What does Suksham Ved say about the worship of demi-gods like Garuda Dev?

Suksham Ved and Holy scriptures explain that worshiping demi-gods like Garuda Dev is a wrong practice prevalent in Brahm Kaal's realm. He emphasizes the need for true spiritual knowledge and devotion to attain salvation.

Q.7 What is the difference between "Pooja" and "Sadhna"?

God Kabir Ji explains that "Pooja" refers to the reverence given to deities, while "Sadhna" refers to the effort made to attain that God/salvation. He emphasizes the importance of true devotion and righteous actions over mere rituals.

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