How Sage Muninder Gave Salvation to Bhagat Vibhishana?


Submissiveness, Benevolence, Humbleness, truth, kindness, and dedication are a few qualities that have been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech in Sukshma Veda which are a must that a devotee should possess to attain God. God remains far from an egoist, a proud person whereas a seeker, a devotee who has submissiveness, the servile spirit is blessed by God.

This article will focus on narrating the true account of one great devotee named Vibhishana who attained emancipation by the grace of Sage Muninder (God Kabir) since the virtuous soul possessed the most important quality of a true devotee which is submissiveness. He was loving to the Almighty who took him in His refuge and preached him true spiritual knowledge.

Let us know more about devotee Vibhishana based on the following.

  • Who was Vibhishana?
  • How did Vibhishana obtain true devotion?
  • Vibhishana was enthroned in Lanka
  • Terrible demise of Ravana, brother of Vibhishana
  • The servile spirit in Vibhishana rewarded him with liberation
  • Sant Garibdas Ji glorified the loyalty of Vibhishana

Who was Vibhishana?

Vibhishana in Treta Yuga was a pious soul and a great devout. He was the youngest son of sage Vishrava, a Brahmin from the Pulstsya clan and his mother was Kaikesi who was a demon. Despite belonging to the demon race, the noble soul Vibhishana inherited the qualities of righteousness and devotion from his Brahmin father.

Epic Ramayana provides evidence that Vibhishana was crowned as the King of Lanka after the defeat and death of Ravana (his eldest brother) by Lord Rama in the war. Unlike Ravana, Kumbhkaran and other demons in Lanka who used to do arbitrary worship like performing severe austerity/ hatha yoga/ meditation and worshipping trinity Gods, demi-Gods especially Lord Shiva considering him to be the supreme God whose worship has been prohibited in pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Verses 23 and 24, Vibhishana was the true worshiper of God Kabir who used to perform ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ which is the right way of worship proven in holy scriptures since this is the only way to attain salvation, attain Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm/ Almighty KavirDev.

God Kabir comes in all four Eras in the realm of Brahm Kaal intending to liberate His beloved souls from Kaal’s trap. He preaches true spiritual knowledge and grants true salvation mantras chanting which seekers attain emancipation and lands back to their native abode Satlok.

In this connection, God Kabir says ‘Sau chal chider mein karun aapne Jan ke kaaj’ which means God performs several divine acts to take His beloved souls into His shelter. Respected sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj in this context tells about God Kabir ‘

Gota marun swarg mein, Aur Jaa baithun pataal |

Garib Das dhoondhta phirun,  mein apne heere moti Laal ||

God keeps finding His beloved souls in Kaal’s world from Heaven to Hades and takes them in his shelter.

So how did Vibhishana come to the refuge of God Kabir?

How Did Vibhishana Obtain True Worship?

God Kabir appeared as sage Muninder in Treta Yuga. He took Nal and Neel in His refuge who were cousins brothers and were architects and warriors in the army of Lord Ramchandra. Sage Muninder went to Sri Lanka. As planned, One day sage Muninder Ji sat on the way beneath a tree aside from the road from where a pious soul named Chandravijay who used to go for a walk every day was passing by as usual. He was a Bhaat.

Note: People from the Bhaat community are the ones who used to sing hymns or narrate stories glorifying kings and Queens in their Palace and entertain them for which they used to get some remuneration for their survival.

God-loving souls easily get attracted towards sages/ saints. God says:

‘Sadhu darshan Ram ka, Mukh par basey suhaag | Darash unhi ko hote hai, Jinke pooran bhaag ||

Kabira darshan sant ke, Parmatma aavey yaad | Aur likkhey mein wohi samay, Baki ka samay barbaad ||

Chandervijay Bhaat saw sage Muninder Ji. By the mere appearance of God Kabir, the soul feels elated. Here, God says

Jin milte sukh upjey mitey koti upaad |  Bhawan Chaturdas dhoondiyo wo Param sanehi saadh ||

Chandravijay bhaat felt happy at the sight of sage Muninder. He went to him, greeted him and requested to come to his house and give him an opportunity to serve him. God preached him true spiritual knowledge, gave initiation and took him in His shelter. After Chandervijay, God Kabir in Muninder form took his rest 15 family members also in his refuge. Karamvati was the wife of Chandervijay Bhaat who used to entertain Queen Mandodari, wife of Ravana, King of Lanka by cracking lame jokes and glorifying the valour of the King.

After taking refuge in sage Muninder, Karamvati started talking sense. Instead of cracking useless lame jokes, she used to narrate the true spiritual knowledge as obtained from sage Muninder which appealed to Mandodri who also took refuge in sage Muninder. She used to explain the same to Ravana but out of arrogance and being blinded by the materialistic life he was relishing, Ravana refused to accept taking shelter of Gurudev Muninder Ji and continued worshipping arbitrarily.

Vibhishana, brother-in-law of Queen Mandodri was a pious soul hence, when Mandodri told him about sage Muninder and the true and amazing spiritual knowledge He preaches, Vibhishana decided to come to his refuge. Sage Muninder gave him initiation. Thus, Vibhishana obtained true devotion and became a steadfast devotee.

Listening about the humbleness of Mandodari and Vibhishana people often wonder

  • From where do Mandodari and Vibhishana have such good thoughts amidst a place where all demons used to reside?
  • How do Vibhishana and Mandodri have such pious thoughts?

Now people will believe the reason behind the generosity of both Mandodari and Vibhishana. With true devotion, the seeker becomes humble and submissive because he understands the law of God that the sole purpose of human birth is the attainment of salvation by true devotion. Rest everything in Kaal’s realm is fake. God loves submissiveness, and politeness in a devotee and not arrogance.

Vibhishana was Enthroned on Lanka

Vibhishana the true worshiper got the royal throne of Lanka as a gift after the assassination of Ravana who obtained it after severe austerity whereas Vibhishana got it so easily. God Kabir says,

 ‘Je tane raaj paath bhi chahiye dhar le dhyan hamara’.

Whoever wishes for a prosperous life here on earth in the twenty-one universes of Brahm Kaal will get all happiness and comforts by the grace of God Kabir only since He is the ocean of happiness and provider of prosperity. Vibhishana spent a luxurious and peaceful life by the grace of God Kabir ruling Lanka for thousands of years thereafter, and finally became the permanent resident of the eternal abode Satlok aiming at which he performed true devotion.  Including Vibhishana, Queen Mandodari, Chandervijay Bhaat, his wife Karamwati and other (all 16) family members along with other residents of Lanka who took refuge in sage Muninder and did true devotion till their last breath attained emancipation. All went to Satlok flying in the aeroplane which came to pick them up from Satlok.

Terrible Demise of Ravana, Brother of Vibhishana

Ravana was killed by the grace of God Kabir since Lord Ram was incapable of doing so. The royal throne of Lanka which he obtained after performing severe austerity of his revered  Lord Shankar did not go with him. He left all treasure here on earth itself and departed empty-handed. It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Kabir, sarv soney ki Lanka thee, vo Ravan se Randhiram,
Ek palak mein Raj Virajey, Jam ke padey Janjeerum’

Evidence from holy scriptures proves that Ravana the worshiper of Tamogun Shankar remained trapped in Kaal’s web and attained hell. It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

‘Mard gard mein mil gaye Ravan se randheer ||
Kans, kesh chanaur se, Hrinyakush balveer ||

Whereas the true worshiper of Almighty Kabir, Vibhishana attained salvation and went to Satlok. Therefore, it has been told in pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse  12 to 15 that ‘whose intellect has been stolen by the momentary pleasure that is obtained from the devotion of three qualities ie. Rajogun Brahma, Satogun Vishnu and Tamogun Shiva are demonic, the lowest amongst humans, evil-doers, and foolish people who do not even worship me (Kaal Brahm).

Ravana was a scholar and demonic in nature and worshipped the incomplete and mortal God Shankar and had a terrible demise. Vibhishana had a servile spirit hence, departed to immortal abode in the aeroplane of God with all due respect.

In the same Chapter 7 Verse 18, the knowledge giver of Gita, God Kaal Brahm says that ‘only one or two humble souls worship me because they did not find an enlightened saint. Those noble souls remained dependent on my very inferior attainment. They were not completely Liberated’. Ravana remained trapped in Kaal’s web Therefore, God Kaal tells in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 that ‘O Arjun, by all means, you go in the shelter of that complete God means ‘Tat Brahm’, Param Akshar Brahm. By His grace only you will attain supreme peace and Sanatan ultimate abode, Satlok. Vibhishana was in the refuge of Param Akshar Brahm hence, went to Sanatan ultimate abode, ‘Shashwatam sthan’ Satlok.

Ego, and pride become the reason for the downfall of a person no matter if he may be a powerful King like Ravana. Hence, the seeker must be humble to receive God’s blessings like Vibhishana.

Servile Spirit in Vibhishana Rewarded Him Liberation

Reference: AmarGranth of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj

‘Pranaam Yagya’ Prostration to God, Gurudev is a method of true devotion mentioned in Sukshma Veda since it destroys pride in the seeker and the servile spirit develops in the devotee. God tells that devotion is successful only to that devotee who has submissiveness in nature, who has the gesture of a servant (daas). Respected Sant Garibdas Ji has given a beautiful description in his nectar speech in AmarGranth quoting examples of devotees who served God with the gesture of a servant, and remained polite versus devotees full of arrogance. He quotes examples of two brothers, humble Vibhishana and egoist Ravana in the following nectar speech.

Garib, Aadheeni ke paas hai Puran Brahm Dayal |
Maan badhaai mariyo beadbi sirkaal ||

Dasa tan mein darsh hai, sabka hoja das |
Hanuman ka hate le Ramchandra ke paas ||

Vibhishana ka bhaag badhera
Das bhaav aaya tis neda |
Das bhaav aaya biswey beesa, aur tako Lunk bhaee baksheesh ||

Das bhaav bin Ravan roya, Lunk gawayee kul bigoya |
Bhakti Kari Kiya abhimana, Ravan samool gaya jug Jana ||

Aisa dasa bhaav hai bhai, Lunk bakastey baar na laayee ||
Tate das bhaav kar bhakti keejey, sabhi laabh prapt keejey ||

Meaning: The above-mentioned nectar speech is from Sukshma Veda which means there should be a servile spirit in the devotee due to which his devotion becomes successful. If a seeker does devotion and also has pride, and ego then his devotion is useless. The example of Hanuman Ji has been given. He was loyal and submissive towards Shri Ramchandra Ji as a result he was loving to Shri Ram. Ravana was the King of Lanka. He worshipped Lord Shiva yet had arrogance due to which he lost the kingdom of Lanka and also became the reason for the destruction of his clan, and had a miserable death.

On the contrary, Vibhishana was polite and was initiated by sage Muninder who told him the right way of performing devotion which is ‘Sahaj Samadhi’. Vibhishana was polite due to which Shri Ram gifted the kingdom of Lanka to Vibhishana. Therefore, to obtain prosperity, and happiness on this earth the devotee should have a servile spirit and humility.

Politeness is the jewel of a devotee. It has been mentioned in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34 that ‘to know the path of complete liberation of the Supreme God the seeker must take refuge in an enlightened saint and giving up deceit should serve him and politely question him about the knowledge of God.Then that saint who knows the Supreme God in essence will instruct the true spiritual knowledge to those who possess a servile spirit.

The same evidence has also been stated in Gita Chapter 2 verses 15-16. Vibhishana was polite to his gurudev sage Muninder. He was happy with him hence, he preached to him about God and took him to Satlok. Till Vibhishana lived on earth he spent a peaceful and luxurious life by the grace of God Kabir.

Sant Garibdas Ji Glorified Loyalty of Vibhishana

Reference: Sukshama Veda AmarGranth Sahib of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj from Chapter ‘Sukarmi Pativrata ka Ang’

Garib, sant diwane daras ke, yug yug bhakti dilas ||
Sada Ram das rehte hai, mun mein moti aas ||

Garib Ram kare so hote hai, apne sir nahi lehe ||
Apne sir jo letey hai, ta mukdar padenge ||

Garib, Ravan apne sar layee, Vibhishana leyee na koi ||
Dus mastak Ravan katai, ve Lankpati they soee ||

Garib, wo raaj Vibhishana ko diya, nirbani nirbunch ||

God is the one and only KavirDev. All holy scriptures provide sufficient evidence. He is the creator of entire universes. He is the root of creation. He is only worshipable. Rest are all demi-Gods with limited powers be it Akshar Purush, the owner of seven quadrillion universes or Kshar Purush, the owner of 21 universes or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva the department heads viz. Rajogun, Satogun, Tamogun respectively. The evidence of the same has been mentioned in pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1-4, Shiv Purana, Durga Purana, Markandeya Purana and holy Vedas.

God Kabir says

‘Eke sadhe sab sadhe, sab sadhe sab jahin |
Mali seenchey mool ko phale phooley agahin ||

This means that only the roots of the tree should be watered, the various parts of the plant like the trunk, branches, leaves, fruits and flowers will automatically grow since the plant gets nourishment from roots only. Similarly, only God Kabir should be worshipped and no other demi God as none is the provider of prosperity and salvation and the only aim of human birth is doing true devotion to attain emancipation.

In this connection, in this nectar speech it has been said that seekers who remain firm on ‘Pativrata dharma’ means remain loyal to the devotion of Supreme God/ Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush KavirDev and do not worship any other God are blessed by Almighty and they get liberated from the trap of Kaal.

Like Ravana worshipped Lord Shankar, means he did arbitrary practice which was not certified in holy scriptures. He was even beheaded 10 times. As he did devotion he was rewarded. But since he fell from ‘Pativrata’ therefore, remained in the vicious cycle of 84 (chaurasi), lost Lanka after obtaining it with severe austerity and attained hell whereas Vibhishana remained firm on ‘Pativrata’ means loyal to the worship of Kabir Sahib. He did true devotion after taking initiation from sage Muninder hence, received the throne of Lanka easily as a gift, ruled it for several years then attained salvation.


Aadheeni ki maang bhara le, tu chaliye naad jhuka ke |
Sant Samagam baraat Teri, tan le javega byah ke ||

By quoting this speech God Kabir emphasizes that the devotee who is polite has submissiveness and is dear to God and He assures that one day He will take His beloved soul to His eternal world. Further, God says

Kabira unchi naak ko, ainthat hai Sansaar |
Tatey Hari haathi Kiya, naak diya gaj chaar ||

Harijan ko uncha navey, Tera janam unt ka hoye |
Teen jagah teda bhaye, uncha takey soye ||

God tells that an arrogant seeker suffers in this world and wanders in 84 lakh life forms, becoming an elephant with a long trunk or a camel with three humps. The point is the seeker should be humble, and polite and should give up arrogance to attain God as Vibhishana did and get freedom from the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth and becoming animal, bird, reptile, ghost, deceased ancestor, demi god etc.

Therefore, all virtuous souls are requested that similar to sage Muninder in Treta Yuga today God Kabir is present on earth in the cover of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Like Vibhishana all must take initiation from him and become eligible for attainment of emancipation. As of date, only He is the enlightened saint authorized to grant true salvation mantras of Satpurush Kabir Saheb.

FAQs about "How Sage Muninder Gave Salvation to Bhagat Vibhishana?"

Q.1 Who was Vibhishana?

Vibhishana was a pious soul in Treta Yuga, the youngest son of sage Vishrava and demoness Kaikesi. Despite belonging to the demon race, Vibhishana inherited qualities of righteousness and devotion from his Brahmin father.

Q.2 How did Vibhishana come to the refuge of God Kabir?

Vibhishana came to the refuge of God Kabir through the guidance of sage Muninder, who appeared as God Kabir in Treta Yuga. He initiated Vibhishana into true devotion, leading him on the path of Sahaj Samadhi.

Q. 3 What was Vibhishana's role in the Ramayana?

After the defeat and death of Ravana in the Ramayana, Vibhishana was crowned as the King of Lanka by Lord Rama. Unlike other demons, Vibhishana was a true worshiper of God Kabir and ruled Lanka with true devotion.

Q.4 How did Ravana meet his terrible demise?

Ravana, despite being a scholar, had a terrible demise due to his worship of Lord Shankar and arrogance. His worship did not lead to salvation, and he faced the consequences mentioned in Sukshma Veda.

Q.5 Who is the enlightened saint for true salvation?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the enlightened saint authorized to grant true salvation mantras of Satpurush Kabir Saheb. Seekers are encouraged to take initiation from him for the attainment of emancipation.

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This blog provides insightful knowledge about Vibhishana's spiritual journey, emphasizing the importance of true devotion and humility. But why is there a contrast between Vibhishana's worship and Ravan's worship?

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Dear reader, we value your opinion on our article.Absolutely! The narrative of Vibhishana's devotion beautifully illustrates the significance of true spiritual knowledge. Vibhishana used to worship God Kabir, while Ravan practiced arbitrary rituals in the worship of Lord Shiva. The main aim of human life is to worship the Supreme God by taking shelter under a True Spiritual Teacher. Currently, God Kabir is present in the form of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, guiding us towards salvation. Don't miss the opportunity to take shelter under Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and worship God Kabir for ultimate liberation. For more information, we will recommend you to understand the spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and read the book Gyan Ganga.


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