How Millionaire Narsinh Mehta Became A True Bhakt of God

How-Millionaire-Narsinh-Mehta-Became-A-True Bhakt-of-God-Kabir

God Kabir is the creator, the doer, the nurturer of the entire universe who while entering three realms sustains everyone. He is an eternal God who resides in the third part of ‘Dhulok’ called Ritdhama. Holy Vedas certify that the Supreme God is seated like a King on the huge throne in eternal abode, Satlok.

Due to a lack of true spiritual knowledge, the naïve souls have remained deprived of this fact. Because of the wrong preachings of contemporary religious gurus, all continued worshipping demi-God Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the incarnations of Lord Vishnu viz. Shri Ramachandra Ji, Shri Krishna Ji. Whatever happiness devotees relish in their human life they give entire credit to their respected deity. Shri Krishna is one revered demiGod popular amongst Hindu devotees.

With one of the true stories of a steadfast devotee named Narsinh Mehta which will be discussed in detail in this write-up, it has been found that God Kabir helped Narsinh Bhagat during the crisis and saved his honour every time but ignorant preachers narrated the story of Narsinh bhagat giving credit to Shri Krishna which is a myth. Whichever soul comes into the refuge of God Kabir in any Era, He ensures to remain with him and blesses that soul by liberating him/her from the web of Kaal.

God Kabir says:

Jo Jan meri sharan hai taka hun mein daas|

Aur gail-gail laagya phirun, jab tak dharti aakaash||

Jyon bacha gau ki najar mein, Yun saain ko sant|

Bhakto ke peeche phire, vo bhakt vacchal bhagwant||

Based on the following let us go through the true account of devotee Narsinh and prove that it wasn’t Lord Krishna who stood as a helping hand for devotee Narsinh rather it was Almighty Kabir. So stay tuned to read this captivating true story.

  • Dramatisation of death by miser devotee Narsinh
  • God Kabir transformed miser Narsinh into a devotee
  • God Kabir became the Charioteer for Narsinh bhagat
  • God Kabir did a miracle in the marriage of Narsinh’s maternal granddaughter
  • God Kabir as ‘Sanwal Seth,’ encashed Narsinh’s Hundi
  • God Kabir preaches importance of true devotion

Dramatisation Of Death By Miser Devotee Narsinh

This true story is about 500 years ago. There was a devotee named Narsinh Mehta from Gujarat. He was very miser despite owning property worth Rs 56 crore. He had only one daughter whom he married. Yet he is not used to spending even a single penny. He was clinging to worldly things, wealth. He was a pious soul but was misled. God Kabir thought that without doing devotion he would waste precious human birth and would become a donkey, a ghost in the next birth.

God performed several spectacles with him to get him rid of the trap of wealth, and illusion (Maya). He, being a millionaire, was registered by the government to make Hundi (currently as there are bank drafts). There were very few rich persons in the early days whom the government used to nominate to make Hundi and Narinh was one of them based on the property he owned.

His wife was a religious lady. One day his wife put forth a desire to go for a bath in the sacred Ganga River as per the ritual to which miser Narsinh denied saying ‘Take a bath here at home itself. There is no use in wasting money going for ‘Ganga Snan’. But her wife insisted a lot hence, finally, he agreed but being miser, told her ‘We will walk till Ganga Ghat’ and both went. He was a staunch worshipper of Shri Krishna. While people take a holy dip some Brahman/ Vipra/ Priests come asking for donations/ charity.

Almighty/ Purna Brahm/ Satpurush/ Akaalmurat/ Shabad Swaroopi Ram/ Aadi Purush came at that place where Narsinh Ji was taking a dip in the holy Ganga river acquiring the form of a priest/ Brahman. God said ‘Seth Ji! Donate when you have come to take a bath in the river Ganges’. He said so, making a base of the folklore prevalent of doing charity, the ritual made by the people of the world. Miser devotee Narsinh denied straight forward. His wife also told him to donate but Narsinh became stubborn and refused. God said ‘Give at least 50 paise’. Narsinh said ‘I will not, I am not carrying enough money’. God said ‘Well! Give 25 Paise’ but he still did not agree. When insisted, finally he agreed to give ‘one taka’ (one Paisa) but said ‘Come to my home. I will give. At present, I only have a limited amount. God accepted.

Back home the moment Narsinh reached, God came in the same Brahman/ Vipra form and met the servant at the door and told him to inform Seth Ji to give him one taka as promised at Ganga ghat. I have to go ahead for some work’. The servant gave the message that a priest was standing at the door and asking for one taka as you had promised. Narsinh thought this Brahman was obstinate and told the servant, ‘I have just returned and am too tired. Let him come tomorrow. I will give. God agreed and went to the garden outside the bungalow of Seth Ji. God in the Brahmin form spread the sheet and laid it to rest.

The next morning God went again to Narsinh’s house and told the servant to bring his one taka. The servant went to the owner. Narsinh thought today this obstinate is after my life just for one taka tomorrow he may demand Rs. 100/-. Narsinh intending to escape from the priest told his servant to tell him that ‘ Since the day Seth Ji has returned from Ganga ghat he is unwell. He has a high fever. You need to wait till he recovers’. God was playing a spectacle therefore, agreed to wait. He would spend the day roaming around and return in the evening to the garden to rest.

After three days, Seth Narsinh inquired from the servant if the priest had gone. He was told that the Brahman hasn’t gone anywhere and is still waiting for his ‘one taka’ (one Paisa). Listening to this, miser Narsinh went down to such a low level that he told his servants to tell the priest (God Kabir) that Seth Ji has passed away. The servant went and, enacting sadness, told Brahman that ‘our Seth Ji has died due to illness’. They did not even think that if such a big millionaire died won’t this news would spread like a fire in the city and lots of people would gather. Yet that ignorant lied.

God said ‘Well! Birth and death is a part of life. Now I will go after his cremation is completed. The servants returned and gave the message. Narsinh thought this priest was very stubborn and ordered his servants to prepare a pyre for his cremation. Maybe the Brahmin would trust that truly Narsinh has died and may go. The servants started carrying wood to the Cemetery. God also picked one thick wood and accompanied servants to the Cemetery. Narsinh said ‘Make my fake hearse and take me to the cemetery. Beware! Do not light the fire’. The same was done and four servants lifted his hearse and put it over the pyre.

God who was holding a wooden stick said to Narsinh ‘O worthless Seth! You turned out to be a master. You are ready to give up your life for just one Paisa. Fine, I wave off your donation’. Seth Narsinh said ‘Sure?’. God said ‘Yes, sure’. Saying this God moved ahead a bit and disappeared. Miser Narsinh ordered the servants to pick all the woods back home and he also collected the remaining small woods and tied them in a bundle in his dhoti and returned home. He was such a big miser. Then he took a sigh of relief that finally I got rid of that obstinate Brahman.

God Kabir Transformed Miser Narsinh To A Devotee

Next day Narsinh thought it’s been a few days since I haven't been able to move out of the house because of that Brahman. Today, let me go out for a long walk. From behind, God Kabir/ Purna Brahm came to Narsinh’s house acquiring his form and told the servants ‘Beware of that priest today. He might come in my form. Do not let him get inside my house at any cost. Beat him if he insists’. Instructing the servants, God entered inside the house.

After an hour or so Narsinh came back but the guards/ servants at the door stopped him and did not allow him to enter the house saying ‘You are an imposter. You have troubled our Seth Ji a lot. He was saying correctly that you will come disguising his form and you did the same. Narsinh was agitated to get inside the house saying ‘Crorimal! You are worthless! I am your Seth, your master. You are threatening me. I will expel you from your job, move’. Servant Crorimal said ‘Our Seth Ji is sitting inside the house, get lost you, cheater, else we will beat you’.

Narsinh tried hard to get inside the house. The servants hit him as instructed. The ground slipped from below his feet. He got helpless. Finally, Narsinh had to run away and thought ‘That imposter is a big player and is just after my life. In this way, he will grab all my property.

Worried Narsinh went to the police station and filed a complaint that someone fake as Narsinh had entered my house and wanted to grab my property. Then the case was taken to the court. The court immediately took a decision and seized his account books keeping in view that he is a fake Narsinh, a duplicate one. He is a cheater, an imposter. The hearing was the next day.

Both God in Narsinh form and original Narsinh were presented in front of the honourable Judge. Both resembled each other. First, the statement of the original Narsinh was recorded. He was asked to tell details recorded in the accounting book. He talked about the expenses incurred in his daughter's marriage, the expenses of the house he constructed and other expenses. Then the statement of God in Narsinh form was recorded. God told everything written in the accounting book from A to Z. Through God's spectacle the court found the original Narsinh to be guilty and God was declared the true Narsinh. Seth Narsinh was ordered to quit everything.

Seth Narsinh got distressed and went to the Jungle. He started praying to his respected deity, Lord Krishan ‘for which sin am I punished? This tricky imposter has grabbed all my property. Then God Kabir again appeared to him in the form of the same Brahman/ Vipr and asked ‘Son Tell me! Is this property yours or mine?’. Narsinh said ‘You are dishonest, it is mine but today I am helpless’. God said ‘Silly! it wasn’t yours even before. You were simply mistaken. It was mine earlier and even today it belongs to me. You were simply a poor wanderer and are a miser. You do not donate even a single penny.

It is said:

Kaya apni hai nahi, ye Maya Kahan se ho|

Charan Kamal mein dhyan rakho, inn dono ko kho||

Meaning: When your body is not yours, fool how can this property, silver coins be yours?

You are worthless! By accumulating this wealth you will become a donkey, you will go into the life-form of a snake. This wealth will not remain with you. It is said

Nanga aaya Jagat mein, nanga hee tu javey|

Beech mein khwabi khayal hai, ye mun Maya bharmave||

Wo prithvvipati chakve gaye, jinke chakar chalant|

Ravan sarikhe kaun gine, Bhai aise gaye anant||

Agam Nigam kun khoj le, buddhi vivek vichaar|

Uday ust ka raaj mile, to bin naam begaar||


Then God said ‘I can return you the entire property on one condition provided you utilise it fully in righteousness, in organising charity, if you will donate in religious rituals. You have accumulated money by taking heavy interest, by sucking the blood of the poor. You will have worms in your body and will have a miserable death. You will become a dog and will suffer from itching.

Moreover,  this money will not remain with you, you are worthless. You have married your only daughter as well. What will you do with this money, this property? If you do charity your sins will be cut. You will get God's support. God Kabir preached to him for quite some time then Narsinh understood it all. He said ‘God! I will obey you, and will act according to your instructions. God became his guru and granted him initiation and said ‘Son! Organise a community meal with all the money you have. This property will become the enemy of your life. Neither will you be able to live nor die.

From that day onwards he utilised his entire property in righteousness and became a pauper. Then he went to the forest along with his wife who fully supported him since she was religious. Both started residing in a hut with a firm belief in God. Miser Narsinh started performing devotion and became a steadfast devotee.

God Kabir Became The Charioteer for Narsinh Bhagat

It was time for the marriage of his maternal granddaughter. His daughter came to invite him. Narsinh said:

Mein nirdhan kangaal beti, na mere paas daam|

Par aaunga beti, mein sumrunga Ram||

Narsinh by then was a pauper and had nothing to give in the marriage yet committed to his participation. People consoled him not to worry since God was with him. Somehow he got a dilapidated bullock cart to travel to his daughter's home to attend a marriage.

The vehicle limped and started moving. He was accompanied by 16 blind men (soordas), his friends in which there was one wise blind man named Shikshan. It was very difficult to run that dilapidated cart. The Oxen would stop in between, and at times some nails would come out of the wheel. No one even knows how to ride a bullock cart. Worried Narsinh thought with this speed they would not be able to reach even in 10 days and the marriage was just after 3 days.

Then he remembered God. Narsinh as well as all 16 Soordas were worshippers of Shri Krishna. He was also tense since he did not have money. He wanted to go so that his daughter would be pleased as she knew well that her father was no longer a millionaire and could not give anything in marriage.

God always helps His true and steadfast devotees. God Kabir came there acquiring the form of a carpenter carrying all the tools like a saw, nails, ripper etc. God asked Narsinh to allow him to sit in the cart since he also had to go in the same direction and needed his help to travel. Narsinh said ‘the condition of the cart is the worst. It is hardly moving. Even the OX sits often and stops running’. God said ‘I am a carpenter. Let me fix your cart’. Narsinh said ‘I do not have money to pay for your service’. God said ‘don’t worry, anyways I will sit in your cart. That’s sufficient’. God set the cart with his power but showed it as if a carpenter had corrected it. Then God said ‘You sit and sing hymns of God. I will drive this cart.

In this connection, a mesmerising hymn has been sung by God Kabir Ji

Gadi aale Manne bithale ek baar gadi thaam, Bhai re mein haar liya -3

Narsi Ji jab Yun bole, ye Gadi meri purani hai-2

Prabhu Ji jab Yun bole, ke mere se chaani hai

Naam Krishna jaat ka khati, mein janu Sara kaam, Bhai re mein haar liya

Gadi aale Mane bithale…..

Prabhu Ji jab Lage sawaran, layee haath mein aari ji-2,

Narsi Ji ki wa tooti gadi, har ne aa ke sanwari ji-2

Narsinh bolya mein shabad sunadu na Devan ke daam, Bhai re mein haar liya, Gadi Wale Mane bithale…..

Solah soordas baithe gadi mein, rate Ram ki mala ji-2

Pawan samaan gaddi chaali, Jab Bhagwan bane gadiwala ji-2

Bhakton ka rakhwala ji wo mun mein ho ghanshyam, Bhai re mein haar liya, Gadi aale Mane bithale…..

Bailon upar hath pher diya, bal bailon mein aaya ji-2

Kai dino ka panth vikat tha, pal mahi pahunchaya ji, wo Parbhu khati chalya gaya bhai kar santo parnaam, Bhai re mein haar liya

Gadi aale Mane bithale…..

Krishan to rathwaan bane, ye Kabir bane rakhwala ji. Jo Satguru ke sharna aa gaye, vo bhagat Jeet Gaye palaa ji, Sant kare nahee taalaa ji, Parmeshwar kare nahee taalaa ji, vo saare sab ke kaam, Bhai mein haar liya. Gadi Wale manne bithale…

The essence Now, with this truth we will no more believe in false theories of fake religious preachers that Shri Krishan helped Narsinh. It was in reality, God Kabir Ji who blessed Narsinh bhagat.

It has been mentioned in Pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 17

UttamH, purushH, tu, anyaH, Parmatma, iti, udaahrtH,

YaH, loktryam, aavishya, bibharti, avyyaH, iishwarH ||17||

God Kabir nurtures everyone while entering in all three realms. He takes care of everyone. He is the only Supreme God. First, he lets his devotees do virtues then on that basis He helps him.

God drove a bullock cart and covered the distance in 2-3 hours. As the night was approaching, God stopped the cart when the daughter's house was left just 7 Kose (one kose is approx 3 km) away. God said ‘I have reached my destination. Now you may cover the rest of the distance which is near’. When God was driving, the cart was running smooth like an aeroplane and everyone was engrossed deep in devotion. The 16 blind men including Narsinh travelled comfortably because Purna Brahma was sitting beside them.

After God Stepped down the condition of the cart continued to be the same. It was hardly moving. The OX also used to stop and sit often. Since a lot of jerks were experienced, the blind men asked Narsinh ‘why is the cart not running smoothly now? Have you taken it aside from the metal road to the mud road which has pits?’. Narsinh said ‘Well! Cart is running on the same road’. Blind men asked ‘how far are we from our destination?’ Narsinh said ‘the person who was driving has stepped down. He was saying 'We are just 7 Kose far’.

In the meantime, Narsinh saw a passer-by with whom he inquired ‘How far is Junagarh?’. He said it's just 7 Kose. The blind man named Shikshan asked ‘Narsinh, where has that man gone who fixed the cart?’ Narsingh said he has stepped down. He reached his destination and has gone. Now he isn’t visible. Shikshan said ‘O worthless Narsinh! He was God. We are blind but you can see. Why didn’t you hold God’s feet? How smooth this cart was moving when he was driving. Again it is moving with great difficulty on the same road. Narsinh you made a mistake. Narsinh said ‘even I was lost in hymns. Now he has gone.

God Kabir Did a Miracle In The Marriage Of Narsinh’s Maternal  Granddaughter

Finally, they all reached their daughter's house. The mother-in-law of his daughter taunted and mocked Narsinh saying ‘what will this pauper give in marriage? He will give pebbles. This worthless owned property was worth 56 crore which he squandered. He has come to insult us. What will he put on the plate?’

Narsinh had tears in his ears. He said ‘God, I will live as per your wish. No matter if people respect or insult me.

Here, God says:

Mum Sant sharan Aadar-anadar Karo kyon na koi, aur mum sant sharan Jagat jaan chhoi||

Meaning: God says ‘After coming into my shelter, do not worry if someone insults or disrespects you. The people of the world only talk nonsense. They are ash. Let the right time come then God will prove.

God says:

‘Kalpe Karan kaun hai, kar sewa nihkaam, aur mun iccha phal deunga jab pade mere te kaam’

Here it was God’s work. He did a miracle. Two stones, one of Gold and one of silver dropped from the sky onto the plate which ‘Samdhan’ was holding. She was shocked. Also, silver coins started showering from the Sky. God filled the entire cart with 150 clothespins to give in dowry and said ‘You beggar, take as much as you want. Do not speak ill about my devotee’. Saying this Supreme Father, Purna Brahm disappeared. He was nowhere visible.

Narsinh was the worshipper of Shri Krishna. He thought Lord Krishna was doing all this. It is said

Kare karave saayian, mun mein lehar uttha|

Aur Dadu sir dhar jeev ke vo aap bagal ho jaa||

Almighty lets Krishan Ji and Ramachandra Ji be glorified but in reality, He does everything.


God Kabir As ‘Sanwal Seth,’ Encashed Narsinh’s Hundi

Reference: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book, Speech no.10 on page no.196-197, the writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Roti chaar bhariya ghaali, Narsi ji ki hundi jhali|

Sanwal shah sada ka shahi, Jaki hundi tat par lahi||10||

Meaning: At the time, when devotee Narsi spent all his property in righteousness and charity and started living outside the city in a hut along with his wife he did not have even one rupee with him. When he was the owner of property worth 56 crore the King had registered him to make ‘Hundi’

What is a Hundi?

Currently, as the bank draft is made similarly, at that time Hundi was made.

When Narsi Mehta Ji became a Pauper his registration for making Hundi was cancelled. Four saints came to the city to get Hundi prepared for Rs. 500/-. The people of the city mocked Narsinh saying nowadays Narsinh does not talk properly and is doing drama by sitting in the Jungle saying ‘I have become a Pauper now’. If someone pressurises then he makes a Hundi. You may go to him. The saints went to Narsinh and gave him Rs.500/- and asked him to make Hundi to which he refused. The saints said that ‘the people of the city were saying the correct. Narsinh does not even talk properly. We will surely get the Hundi prepared’.

Narsinh understood and got scared that the Saints were confused and might curse him. Immediately, he wrote on the paper the name ‘Sanwariya Seth (Sanwal Shah)’ the  authorised person who will cash Hundi. The saints had to go on pilgrimage to Dwarka. Therefore, he wrote the name of the place ‘Dwarka’ and gave the Hundi to the saints. Then they left for Dwarka. Narsi Ji organised the community meal with those Rs. 500/-.

On reaching Dwarka, the saints inquired about ‘Seth Sanwal Shah’ and told about the Hundi to be encashed. The millionaires in Dwarka saw that the Hundi was of pauper Narsinh. Now he is bankrupt. You have been cheated. The saints inquired throughout Dwarka about Seth Sanwal Shah but there was no one by this name. The saints realised they were in great difficulty. Without money how will they go to nearby places of pilgrimage?

On the other side, by the grace of Almighty Narsinh had the power of divine vision. He meditated to know if God had encashed or not his Hundi, me, the poor. He saw that the saints were very sad and were looking at the paper again and again. Narsinh Ji inquired from his wife ‘Had the entire stuff brought from those Rs. 500/- is utilised in Bhandara or is some material left?’. The wife said ‘some wheat flour (Palothan) is remaining which is used for preparing bread. Narsinh Ji said ‘Cook bread out of it, I will bring some hungry passers-by’.

God Himself met Narsinh Ji in the form of a saint. Narsinh Ji requested God (in saint form) to come to his hut and eat food. Four breads were cooked from that wheat flour (Palothan). God was given all four breads and he ate them all.

After some time, God acquired the form of ‘Sanwal Seth’, a Marwari Seth wearing a big turban with a notebook in hand and a pen in the ear and met those saints in Dwarka and told them ‘I am Sanwal Seth. Give me Hundi. I will give you cash Rs. 500/-. The saints gave the Hundi paper. Sanwal Seth (God) took those saints to the same main market where other millionaires were insulting Narsinh. At the crossing, a sheet was laid and God started banging new silver coins over the sheet spread on the ground and was counting loudly, one, two, three, four, five.

All millionaires, businessmen of the market of Dwarka gathered and noticed that this rich man is not from Dwarka. After giving silver coins,  Rs.500/- Sanwal Shah said that ‘tell Narsinh, he may give Hundi worth lakh rupees I will encash the entire’. Saying this statement he (God) disappeared.

The meaning of aforementioned speech no.10 becomes clear with this story.

(Bhariya, Bharya=wife). ‘Sanwal Shah sada ka Shahi’ means God is an all time millionaire. ’Hundi tat par lahee’ means God encashed Hundi as the draft is encashed (10)

No matter, the credit for all doings is given to Shri Krishan or Ram Chandra Ji but the fact is, Purna Brahm does mercy on everyone. He is the doer.

Here, Respected Sant Garib Das Ji says:

Narsinh Ji ki Hundi chaali, Sanwal Shah kahaya, dhyoti ka jab byaha hua tab wahan bhaat bharan kun aaya||

God Kabir encashed Narsinh’s Hundi and when the granddaughter (dhyoti)  was getting married God Kabir only gave ‘bhaat’ (dowry).

God Kabir Preaches Importance Of True Devotion

God Kabir does several spectacles to relieve His beloved souls from Kaal’s trap.

Materialistic comforts are a hindrance to the attainment of salvation. God Kabir says:

Tote mein bhakti kare soi sahi sapoot, ye Maya dhaari muskhare Naa jane kitne Jaa liye oot||

A true devotee should only demand devotion from God rather than materialistic comforts so that his welfare happens.

In this connection God says:

Sat Kabir dware tere par ek daas bhikari aaya hai, bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||

Taj Narsee Wale thaath nahee, mein Dhanna jaisa Jaat nahee|

Meri Mordhwaj jaisee saanth nahi, Jisne ladki cheer chadhaya hai!!

Bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||


God Kabir takes care of everyone and removes all hurdles in the life of his true worshippers but has remained unnoticed, unglorified till now due to ignorance. It is said

Jagat ka pekh na pekhya, dhani ka naam na lekha|

Aforementioned, the narrative of Narsinh Bhagat highlights that God Kabir was always with his steadfast devotee and not Shri Krishna about whom even Narsinh was ignorant. God is not hungry for fame. He only wants the welfare of his beloved souls no matter if demigods are glorified but the faith in devotion should remain intact.

Today, the same Almighty Kavir Dev has descended on earth and is doing wonders in the life of his devotees, the same as he did almost 500 years ago with Narsinh Mehta from Gujarat thereby, keeping intact the belief in devotion. He is none other than Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj incarnated for the welfare of the whole mankind. Take his refuge, do true worship and attain salvation by following the scriptural way of worship granted by him which is all proven.


FAQs : "How Millionaire Narsinh Mehta Became A True Bhakt of God"

Q.1 Who was Narsinh Mehta?

Narsinh Mehta was a devotee from Gujarat who lived around 500 years ago. Despite owning property worth Rs 56 crore, he was known for his miserliness.

Q.2 What prompted God Kabir to intervene in Narsinh Mehta's life?

God Kabir saw that Narsinh Mehta, despite being a pious soul, was overly attached to his wealth and was misled by it. God Kabir intervened to save him from wasting his human birth and becoming a donkey or a ghost in his next life.

Q. 3 How did God Kabir first attempt to teach Narsinh Mehta a lesson?

God Kabir appeared as a Brahman/priest asking for charity while Narsinh was taking a dip in the Ganga, to which Narsinh miserably refused, demonstrating his miserliness even in religious matters.

Q.4 What unusual tactic did Narsinh Mehta use to avoid giving charity?

Narsinh went to the extent of pretending to be dead and staging a fake funeral to avoid giving a promised charity of one paisa to God Kabir, who appeared as a Brahman.

Q.5 How did God Kabir further test Narsinh Mehta?

God Kabir transformed himself into Narsinh's form and convinced Narsinh's servants that the real Narsinh was an imposter, which led to Narsinh being beaten and not allowed into his own house.

Q.6 What realization did Narsinh Mehta have after losing everything?

After losing all his possessions and undergoing severe trials, Narsinh realized the impermanence of material wealth and the importance of devotion and righteousness.

Q.7 How did Narsinh Mehta change after his realization?

Narsinh Mehta became a true devotee, renouncing his wealth and dedicating his life to devotion and charity, thereby transforming from a miser to a pauper by choice.

Q.8 What miracle did God Kabir perform at the marriage of Narsinh's maternal granddaughter?

Despite Narsinh's impoverished state, God Kabir, disguised as a carpenter, helped him reach the marriage and showcased a miracle that highlighted Narsinh's unwavering devotion.


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Everyone knows Narsinh Mehta was a devout follower of Lord Krishna, and it's widely acknowledged that Lord Krishna aided him. Your version seems fabricated and intended to deceive. It's hard to imagine anyone believing this narrative.

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Dear reader, we appreciate your interaction with our content. The account of Narsinh Mehta as a follower that we've shared is indeed factual, and we have provided evidence to support that it was God Kabir Ji who assisted Narsinh Mehta. Today, God Kabir Ji continues to support those who seek refuge in Him and are initiated by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. However, we observe that devotees of Lord Krishna are not experiencing such miracles now. This underscores that through the correct form of worship, Almighty God Kabir Ji extends His support to His devotees, and numerous miraculous events are being witnessed by those who have embraced initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and followed the genuine path of worship to Almighty God Kabir Ji. We encourage you to delve into the spiritual teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj available across various social media channels and to read the book "Gyan Ganga" for authentic spiritual insight.

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Initially, I dismissed the story as fictional, but the evidence presented made me reconsider. Could it really be Kabir Saheb Ji? I've always heard about His miraculous deeds.

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