How Supach Sudarshan Ji Made Pandavas' Yagya Successful?


God Kabir Himself comes on earth to provide His information. God has told us that

Ved mera bhed hai, mein na Vedan ke mahi|
Aur jaun Ved se mein milun, wo Ved jaante nahi||

God tells, I have created the entire universe. Vedas are also my creation and they contain my information. Vedas glorify me. Kaal Brahm is created by me only. God comes from eternal abode Satlok to the realms of Kaal to provide true spiritual knowledge to his beloved souls and tells information about himself and his beautiful creation.

God comes in all four Eras on earth. In Satyuga the name of God is Sat Sukrat. In Treta Yuga, the almighty appears by the name of Muninder. In Dwaparyug God plays a divine spectacle in the form of Karunamayi. He incarnated as an infant on a Lotus flower from where some childless couple picks him and does his upbringing. He performs this divine play in all four Eras. Then, He grows up pretending to be an ordinary child and performs activities like an ordinary person does. Vedas certify the same. Also God plays the role of an enlightened saint.

In Kalyug God appeared by His real name Kabir. In this article we will study the divine Play of God Kabir in the form of sage Karunamayi during Dwaparyuga when He took one pious soul named Supach Sudarshan in refuge and how did He increased the honour of His steadfast devotee by blowing the conch shell in the religious sacrifice performed by Pandavas where all dignitaries of Earth, deities of Heaven several perfect men including Lord Krishna failed miserably. The following will be the key highlights.

  • Who was Supach Sudarshan?
  • How Supach Sudarshan attained Salvation?
  • Ashwamegh Yagya performed by Pandavas in Dwapar Yuga
  • Blowing of Conch by Supach Sudarshan in Yagya of Pandavas

Who was Supach Sudarshan ji?

Supach Sudarshan was the pious soul born in the Valmiki (Shudra) caste in Dwaparyug who was blessed by Almighty Kabir. He was a steadfast devotee who used to perform scriptural worship as granted by God. This rewarded him in attainment of eternal everlasting Sanatan ultimate abode means Satlok.

How Supach Sudarshan attained Salvation?

When God came to Dwaparyug He performed the divine spectacle in the form of sage Karunamayi. He descended on a fully grown Lotus flower in a Pond as an infant. At that time one childless couple belonging to the Baalmeeki caste took him and did His upbringing. Their name was Bheeku and his wife was Godavari. One pious soul in the same Balmeeki community named Supach Sudarshan had become His disciple. The parents of Sudarshan Ji had not accepted the knowledge of God Kabir in spite Sudarshan Ji had tried a lot to convince them many times. It is said

‘Ghar ka jogi jogda, bahar ka jogi siddh’

Because God used to reside in the same colony of Baalmeeki. Therefore, it was not easy to accept Him as God. Whereas Sudarshan Ji had identified that Kabir (Karunamaye) is God since God took him to Sachkhand, familiarised him with His situation, showed all realms. Then he became a steadfast devotee of Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush Kabir Saheb.

Sudarshan’s parents died but they did not take initiation from God. When the last time of Sudarshan Ji came God asked him ‘Sudarshan, are you ready to go to Satlok?’ He replied ‘Yes, I am absolutely ready. You have provided such true spiritual knowledge. If we remain entangled here we will keep suffering’. God said ‘Alright Son! Do you have any desire here because it won’t liberate you then you will remain in recurrence’. Sudarshan Ji said ‘No, there is no desire but I have a request. My parents were good souls, they were humble but did not take your refuge. They are still trapped in Kaal’s web. God I request, if you feel appropriate  please accept. Kindly take them in your shelter in some birth and emancipate them’. God thought he got stuck. This is a weakness, he has the seed of desire remaining. This is a huge Kaal’s trap. Here God says

Ichha dasi Jum ki, ya khadi rahe darbaar|
Aur paap punya do beer hai, ya Satkhasmee naar||

Note: In the very first Satyug, at the inception in 21 Universes of Brahm Kaal God Kabir came in the form of His Son Sehajdas/ Jogjeet where both had a long discussion and Kaal requested Sahejdas to liberate few souls in three Eras viz. Satyug, Tretayug and Dwapara and liberate as many souls as you want in Kalyug. Kaal said

Chautha yug jab Kalyug aavey, tab tab sharan Jeev Bahu aavey ||
Aisa vachan har mohe deejey, tab tum gavan sansar hee kijey||

God gave acceptance because He knew well that they will be happy in the first three Eras. All are good souls, have a lot of virtues in account, have a stout body and whatever benefit they get is due to the sacraments, virtues earned in previous human births and they think their present worship is providing them all prosperity. Therefore, God chose the fourth Era means Kalyug to liberate millions of His beloved souls trapped in Kaal’s web. He knew well that in Kalyug souls will become empty of virtues. Whatever worship they would do will be the duplicate one produced by Satan Brahm Kaal  with which they will not have any benefit. Then when I will come or will send my servant, my representative, the enlightened saint in Kaal’s realm and provide true spiritual knowledge they will get all happiness. With the power of Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm their problems will be resolved. Then they will accept that Kabir is God, Almighty the ocean of happiness. They will quit arbitrary worship.

With this viewpoint God had thought, with so much difficulty one soul was prepared now even he surrenders. There is a flaw in his mind. Sudarshan was confident that once God will commit, my parents will be surely liberated. Then God Kabir said ‘Ok my Son! I will surely liberate your mother and father although they committed a blunder. Anyhow, I promise you’. Then Sudarshan Ji felt a sigh of relief and thanked God for the mercy He showered. Finally, God sent him to Satlok.

Evidence mentioned in holy Sukshma Veda states that later, in Kalyug God took the parents of Sudarshan Ji in refuge. At that time their names were Gauri Shankar and Saraswati. A childless Brahmin couple. They  were forcefully converted to Muslims. Gauri Shankar was named Neeru while Saraswati was named Neema. This true incident took place almost 625 years ago from today when God Kabir played the divine spectacle of a weaver in Kashi, India for 120 years from 1398-1518. God kept His promise and did the welfare of the parents of Supach Sudarshan.

Let’s move ahead and know how once God Kabir increased the honour of His beloved soul and steadfast devotee Supach Sudarshan by acquiring his form and making impossible, possible because God can do anything and everything.

There is a true account mentioned in Sukshma Veda where God in Karunamayi form during Dwaparyug made the Ashwamegh Yagya of Pandavas successful where even Lord Krishna including sages, great sages, saints,  deities, renowned dignitaries on earth, Mandaleshwars etc. miserably failed. He enacted this episode in the form of Sudarshan Ji.

Let us read the whole incident in detail.

Ashwamegh Yagya Performed By Pandavas In Dwaparyuga

References have been taken from the following books:-

  • Hindu Sahibaan Nahee Samjhe Gita, Ved, Puraan on page 304-307, 309-316
  • Paribhasha Prabhu Ki on page 308-314
  • Kabir Bada Ya Krishna on page 349-351, 353-357
  • Kabir Parmeshwar on page 320-322, 325-332
  • Kabir Sagar Ka Sarlaarth on page 503-505, 507-511
  • MuktiBodh, chapter ‘Parakh ka Ang’ on page no.173-185

The writer of all holy books is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

There is a description of Yagya (sacrifice) performed by Pandavas.

God Kabir had come on earth in Dwaparyug as an infant and had sat on a Lotus flower in a Pond. A childless man from Baalmeeki (Shudra) caste named Bheekoo took him to his home and gave to his wife, Godavari. The childless Valmeeki couple became delighted to be blessed by a child as the absence of a child was no longer felt. When God Kabir in the divine spectacle form of a child grew 5-7 years he started preaching spiritual knowledge but no one accepted his knowledge. One person named Sudarshan in the same Balmeeki community became His disciple.

At that time God Kabir’s name was ‘Karunamay’. God showed Satlok to Sudarshan Ji. Then he completely believed that God Kabir is only ‘Karunamay’ and He only should be worshipped. Devotee Sudarshan was quite popular in that area because he used to practise without hypocrisy. Day and night he was absorbed in devotion. After the Mahabharata war the Pandavas had performed a religious sacrifice under the guidance of Shri Krishna which God Kabir had completed acquiring the form of Sudarshan. The entire description has been scripted in the nectar speeches of respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj

Speech no 42-47, 63-66, 1197-1202

Garib, phir Pandon ki yagya mein sankh pachayan ter।
Dwadsh koti Pandit jinhan padi sabhan ki mer ।42।।

Garib, Kari Krishan Bhagwan kun, charnamrit syon preet।
Sankh pachayan jab bajya, liya Draupadi seet।। 43।।

Garib, dwadash koti Pandit jihan aur Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh।
Charan liyee Jagdish kun, jis kun ratta shesh।।44।।

Garib, Balmiki ke baal samee, nahee teeno lok।
Sur nar muni Jan Krishna sudhi Pando payee posh।। 45।।

Garib, sau karori baani kahee, pahile chaule chaav ।
Doojey chailay Krishna kun, liye saadh ke paav।।46।।

Garib, katha Ramayan ras bhari aagam agam agadh।
Balmeek ke charan kun, sabhi charchein saadh।।47।।

Garib, Baal Meek Baikunth pari, Swarg lagayee laat।
Sankh pachayan ghurat hai, gun gandharv Rishi maat ।।63।।

Garib, Swarg lok ke devta, kinhe na poorya naad ।
Supach singhasan baithtey, baajya agam agaadh।।64।।

Garib, Pandit dwadash koti they, sahidey se sur been।
Sehas atthasee dev mein, koee na pad mein leen।।65।।

Garib, Baajya Sankh swarg sunya, chaudah bhawan uchaar।
Teenteeso tat Naa lahya, kinhe na paya paar  ।।66।।

Garib, Indra bhaye hai dharm Sai, Yagya hai aadee jugadi।
Shankh pachayan jadi baje, panchgirasi saadh।।1197।।

Garib, Supach Shank sab karat hai, neech jaati bish chook।
Pauhmee bigsee swarg sab, khiley ja parbat runkh ।।1198।।

Garib, kanni kanni baajaa sab sunya, panch ter kyon Deen।
Draupdi ke durbhaav hai, taas thaye muskeen।।1199।।

Garib, Kari Draupdi dilmanjna, Supach Charan pee dhoye।
Baaje Shankh sarv kala, rahe awaaj goye।।1200।।

Garib, Draupadi charnamrit liye, Supach Shank nahee keen।
Bajya shank asankh dhuni, gan gandharv lyoleen।।1201।।

Garib, suni shankh ki ter Jin, hriday bhaav bishbaash।
Jauni sankat na pare, hosee garbh na traas।।1202।।

Speech no. 27 in Saanch Ke Ang

Garib, bhakt siromani Balmiki poori Panchayan naad,
Pandav yagya Ashwamegh mein ekke paya saadh।

Achla Ke Ang Speech no. 97-116

Garib, panchon Pando sang hai, chate Krishna Murari। Chaliye humri Yagya mein, samrath sirjanhar।।97।।

Garib, Pando yagya Ashwamegh mein, Satguru Kiya piyaan । Panchon Pando sang chale , aur chata Bhagwan ।।98।।

Garib Pando yagya Ashwamegh mein, Balmik ki deh। Sankh pachayan baajiya, Rakhya nahee sandeh।।99।।

Garib, Supach roop dhari aayeeya, Satguru purush Kabir। Teenlok ki medni, Surnar munijan bheer।।100।।

Garib, Supach roop dhari aayeeya, sab devan ka dev। Krishnachandr pug dhoiyaa, Kari taas ki sev।। 101।।

Garib, sehas atthasee Rishi jahan, Deva tentees koti। Shankh na Bajya taas tey, Rahe Charan mein koti।।102।।

Garib, Pandit dwadash koti hai, aur chaurasi siddh। Shankh na baajya taans tey, piye Maan ka mudh।।103।।

Garib, Supach roop ko dekhi Kari, Draupadi manee shank। Janee gaye Jagdeesh guru, bajat nahee shankh ।।104।।

Garib, chappan bhog sanjog Kari, Keene panch giraas। Draupadi ke dil duee hai, nahee drad bishbaa।। 105।।

Garib, paanchey Pando yagya Kari, Kalpvraksh ki chaheen। Draupadi Dil bunk hai, kann kann baajya nahee।। 106।।

Garib, Sur nar muni Jan yagya mein, triloki ke bhoop। Supach yagya mein aayeeya, nit bechat hai soop ।।107।।

Garib, chappan bhog na bhogiya, keenhe punch giraas। Khadi Draupadi unmanee, hardam ghaalat shwans ।।108।।

Garib, bolai Krishna mahabali, kyun baajya nahee shankh। Jaanrai Jagdeesh guru, kadhat hai mun bunk ।। 109।।

Garib, Draupadi Dil kun saaf Kari, Charan Kamal lyo laai। Baalmeek ke baal sum, Triloki nahee paye।।110।।

Garib, Charan Kamal kun dhoye kari, le Draupadi Prasad। Antar Seena saaf hoye, Jareyn sakal apraadh।।111।।

Garib, baajya shankh subhaan gatee, kann kann bhayee awaaj। Swatg lok baani sunee, Triloki mein gaaj।112।।

Garib, sharan Kabir jyon gahe, tootey jum ki bundh। Bandichod anaadi hai, Satguru kripa sindhu।।113।।

Garib, Pando yagya Ashwamegh mein, aaye najar nihaal। Jum Raja ki bandhi mein, khal hal parya kamaal।।114।।

Garib, Brahm parayan param pad, Supach roop dhari aaye। Baalmeek ka naam dharee, bandhi chutaayee jaaye ।।115।।

Garib, ye bridbaaney saajheen, jugan jugan Kabir jagdeesh। Tentees koti chutaiyan, jadee torey bhuj  beej।।116।।

Speech no. 37-42 In ‘Maya’s Text’

Ulta Bindu chalaun Para, hum ko Miley poorn kartara।
Yagya rachee jadee Pando Raja, nau Naathon naheen naadu baajya।।37।।

Chaurasi siddh  riddhi sab mohe, Pooran Brahm Dhyan nahee johe।
Koti tentees Yagya Kai mahee Sur nar munijan gintee nahee।।38।।

Chappan koti jahan they jadon। Jinse nahee baajey nadaun।
Kotik baktaa bed uchaari, Naa bhayee yagya sampooran saari।।39।।

Shat darshan ki gintee naheen, anaath jeev jeeme bahu mahee।
Sur nar munijan tapaa Sanyasi,  dandi bistak bahut udasi।।40।।

Kamdhenu Kalp Vraksh hi lyaye, teen lok ke Surnar aaye।
Panchey Pandav Krishna shareera, jinsai yagya bhayee nahee theera।।41।।

Ek Baalmeek neechey kul sadhu, Jin shankh Panchayan poorey naadu।
Ye aur ginau Maya ke poota, Brahma Jogni sabaheen dhoota।।42।।

Raag Areel speech no. 35 5.15

Sehas atthasee dev koti  tentees re। Brahma Vishnu Mahesh sudha Jagdeesh re ।।5।।

Indr Barun Kuber jahan Dharamrai hai। Anant koti sur Sant su jagee upay hai।।6।।

Pandit dwadash koti bipr Sehdev se। Khebat Bina jihaaj kaho kaun khebse।।7।।

Jahan Pundreek Parasur Narad Byas re। Gorakh Dutt Digamber aur Durbaas re।।8।।

Jahan Markandey Pipladik Roomi Rishi re। Kapil Muni jagi manhee na baajya Shankh re।।9।।

Nau jogeshwar nirbhay Kaagbhusand re। Jahan bawan gadee Janak bhakti prachand re।।10।।

Jahan Shukdev Dhru Prahalaad bhakti ke khamb re। Jagee rachee Krishna Dev Kiya aarambh re ।।11।।

Bajya Supach ka Shankh Swarg mein dhuni suni। Gan Gandharv galtaan Sakal gyani gunee।।12।।

Balmeek ke Shankh kun kiye surmaal re। Draupad suta Kai Dil mein aayee bhranti re।।13।।

Kanee Kanee baajya Sankh Swarg bhayee sail re। Pandon taap bidhwans bhaye sab bund phail re।।14।।

Aisa acharj keenh Deen kai Shir dharee। Hariha mehboob kehta daas Garib dhanee nar Kabir hari।15।।35।।

Raag Bilawal Hymn no. 22 speech no.2-8

Binjan chattison parosiya, wahan Draupadi Rani। Bin aadar satkaar re kahin Shankh na bani।।2।।

Punch girasi Balmeek, punchain bar bole। Aagey sankh punchayana, kapaat na kholahein ।।3।।

Bolat Krishna mahabali, Tribhivan ke saajaa। Balmeek Prasad se, kun kun kyon na baajaa।।4।।

Prem punchayan bhook hai, ann jug ka khaajaa। Unch neech Draupadi kahaa, kun kun youn na baajaa।।5।।

Draupadi seti Krishan dev, jad aisai bhakhya। Balmeek ke charan ki, tere nahi abhilasha।।6।।

Balmeek ke charan ki, layee Draupadi dharaa। Sankh Panchayan baajiya, kun kun jhankaaraa ।।7।।

Sunat Panchayan sankh re, Yagya sampoorn saari। Pund Raja prasann hue yeh leela nyari।।8।।

 Raag Aasaavri Hymn no.13 speech no.10

Uspur seti mehrum naheen, Anhad naad ghurannain। Das Garib, duni gayee dojikh, deve gaari gurannein ।।10।।

Raag Binod Hymn no.9 speech no. 4-7

Koti baishno gaye re, pandit dwadash kodee। Balmeek ke charan ki re, rahi jagee mein lodee।।4।।

Krishbachand Parmatma re, Charnabrat liya tahee। Panch pund aur Draupadi re, lage Supach Kai paai।।5।।

Aise mehenge Sant hai re, Sahib sauhungaa jaani। Pandon jagee asked mein re, charan liye bhagwan।।6।।

Panch girus upaad thaa re, kun kun baajya Sankh। Garibdas tihun lok mein, sunya raav aur runk।।7।।9।।

The meaning and gist of aforementioned speeches has been explained ahead.

Blowing of Conch By Supach Sudarshan in Yagya Of Pandavas

Without the grace of Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent God no work of a person can become successful. Only the authorised can make the religious rituals successful. Moving ahead, highlighting below mentioned, let us know how God Kabir in Sudarshan form made impossible, possible.

  • Supach Sudarshan Shattered Bheem’s Pride
  • Supach Sudarshan fixed the intellect of Draupadi

As is known to everyone that warrior Arjuna refused to fight in Mahabharat war and had given up arms. Amidst the two armies in the battlefield he sat at the rear side of the Chariot and started crying. At that time God Kaal entered into the body of Shri Krishna like a ghost and started persuading him for war. Then Arjun said, "God! I will not do this heinous sin. It’s better that I may beg and survive’. Then Kaal Brahm said ‘Arjun you fight, you will not incur any sin’ (Evidence in Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Verse 33, Chapter 2 Verse 37, 38).

Finally, Arjun agreed for war and there was a terrible fight. Millions of people including all Kauravas died. The Pandavas win the battle. Lord Krishna told Yudhishthir to be throned as King but he refused  saying he will not rule the Kingdom equipped with sins. In this war millions of people have died, their wives are widows and children have lost their father’. Then Shri Krishna told Yudhishthir to take advice from Bhishma Ji. Yudhisthir agreed.

Both Shri Krishna and Yudhishthir went to Shri Bhishma where he was lying on the bed of arrows counting his last breath. Bheeshm Ji tried his best and counselled Yudhishthirto accept the throne and rule but all in vain. Yudhishthir refused saying ‘he does not want to go to hell ruling this blood-soaked Kingdom’. Then Lord Krishna told Yudhisthir to perform one religious sacrifice (Dharmyagya) doing which he will not incur sins of killings in war. Yudhishthir agreed, the same was done. Then he accepted the throne and became the King of Hastinapur. (Evidence Sukhsagar,  first Skand, Chapter 8, 9 from page 48-53)

After some time, Yudhishthir started having terrible dreams. Like several females are crying badly, breaking their bangles. Their children are crying asking about their father as if saying ‘O King! Kill us too and send us to our father. Most of the time he would see the chopped body without a neck, sometimes the torso was seen lying separate. There was outcry all around. Out of fear, Yudhishthir had Several sleepless nights. The whole night he used to walk and became restless. His health started deteriorating. 

Draupadi, his wife noticed the miserable condition of Yudhishthir and inquired the reason behind but he avoided. Then one day Draupadi narrated Yudhisthir’s pitiable condition to Arjuna, Bheem, Nakul and Sehdev. All four brothers went to their eldest brother Yudhishthir and requested him to tell the reason of his worry. Then he told about his dreadful dreams. All went to Shri Krishna to seek help. Lord Krishna advised them to perform a ‘Ashwamegh Yagya’ to neutralise the effect of sins incurred in Mahabharata war. (Gita Chapter 3:13).  Agreeing to Shri Krishna a day was fixed and preparations started for a huge Yagya in which all people on earth, sages, saints, perfect men, gods, goddesses from Heaven were invited.

The benefit of feeding as many people will enhance their virtues and the special privilege should be given to sages, saints. Amongst them the real benefit will be by satiating the supreme saint who will provide complete benefit of sacrifice. To witness the completion of Yagya one ‘Panchmukhi’ conch shell was placed on a decorated seat placed at a height. When the supreme saint, possessing all spiritual powers, will eat food then the conch shell will produce a loud sound continuously that will be heard in all realms, entire earth including Heaven.

The specified day arrived and the Yagya started after which a huge community meal was given and all respected invitees had food including 88 thousand sages, 33 koti deities, 9 Nath, 84 Perfect men, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Even Lord Krishna ate food in Bhandara but conch shell did not sound which symbolised that Yagya was not complete. Then Yudhishthir asked Shri Krishna ‘O Madhusudan! All dignitaries including common people, all guests have had food but the conch shell did not sound. Tell us the reason?’. Shri Krishna said ‘none amongst them is a true saint (having obtained Satnam and Sarnam).

Then Yudhishthir got surprised that Mandaleshwars like sage Vashisht, Markandey, sage Lomash, 9 Nath (like Gorakhnath), 84 Perfect men even he (Shri Krishna) ate food but conch shell did not blew sound. Lord Krishna said ‘all of them are hungry for fame. None is desirous of attaining God (Param Akshar Brahm).

All perform arbitrary worship that is against the injunctions of holy scriptures and impress and fool the public through show-off of their accomplishments. The naïve people glorify them and keep hovering around them. They themselves will go in animal life forms and will let their followers suffer in Hell.

It has been stated in Sukshma Veda

Garib, Sahib ke darbaar mein, gahak koti anant |
Chaar cheez chahe hai Riddhee, Siddhe Maan Mahant ||

Garib, Brahma, Rudr ke ghaat ko, kholat hai koi ek |
Dwarey se phir jatey hai, aise bahut anek ||

Garib, beejak ki bataa kahein, beejak nahee baat |
Prithvee dooban utrey, kah-kah meethee baat ||

Garib, beejak ki batan kahe, beejak nahee paas |
Auron ko pramodaheen, apan chale niraas ||

(Evidence in Gita Ch.9:20 and 21, Ch.16:17-20, 23)

Then Shri Krishna showed to Yudhishthir the upcoming births of those Mahamandaleshwar  with his power in which some had acquired the form of a worm, some had that of a Sheep-goat, OX-Lion etc. Seeing this Yudhishthir said ‘O God! Then the earth is devoid of Saint’s. Lord Krishna said ‘if the earth will be devoid of a real saint then fire will break here.

All creatures will fight with each other and die. The balance here remains due to the power of the complete saint. From time to time I (Lord Vishnu) come on earth and finish people with demonic nature with which saints remain happy’.

Then Lord Krishna said that there is a great saint towards north of Delhi means in Kashi (Varanasi). We need to invite him. Yudhishthir said ‘Bheemsen was allocated the responsibility to invite all saints and people in that side.

Let us ask him if he had invited him or not’. When asked, Bheemsen said ‘I met him. His name is Supach Sudarshan. He is a householder saint in the Baalmeek caste who resides in a hut. He refused to come to Yagya.’

Lord Krishna asked Bheem to provide complete detail as to what happened? Bheem said ‘Sant Sudarshan refused to come, saying ‘by eating the food of your sins the saints will be blamed. You have incurred sins by killing millions of soldiers. Today you are enjoying the Kingdom. The widow wives and children of those dead soldiers  cry badly day and night. They curse you for the miserable life they are leading. You will not be able to lead a peaceful life no matter if you may perform crore of such religious sacrifices/ Dharam Yagya.

Who is going to eat such wicked food? If you want to invite me then first pledge to me the reward of 100 religious sacrifices/ Ashwamegh Yagya  then I will eat your food’. Hearing these words of Sudarshan Ji, Bheem said that I told h im that ‘you are an amazing man. You are asking for the fruit of 100 Yagya. This is our second Yagya. How can we give you fruit of 100? It’s better you do not come. Without you, will the religious sacrifice be not done? When Lord Krishna himself is with us then will the Yagya not get complete without your arrival?’

Listening to the whole description Shri Krishna told Bheemsen that such objectionable behaviour should not be done with Saints. The end of seven seas can be found but Satguru, Saint of (Kabir Sahib) is incomparable. There are not even three worlds equal to one hair of that great sage Sudarshan Valmeeki. Come with me to bring that beloved Hans (virtuous soul) of the Supreme father, Almighty.

Then all five Pandavas and Shri Krishna went towards the hut of Supach Sudarshan riding on a Chariot. Then they walked barefoot for 12 km (one Yojan) just before reaching the hut and the Charioteer took the empty Chariot behind them.

At that time God Kabir himself sat in the hut acquiring the form of Supach Sudarshan  and secretly inspired original Supach Sudarshan to go to meet some saint/ devotee outside somewhere in which the travelling was to happen for many days.

Seeing the radiance and power of Supach in Satguru form the Pandavas were highly influenced. Lord Krishna prostrated to Supach Sudarshan so did all five Pandavas. God Kabir in Supach Sudarshan form asked Shri Krishna ‘O Tribhuvannath! How have you arrived at the door of the poor?  It is my great fortune that today Deenanath Vishambharnath himself has come to give me an audience’. All were made to sit with honour. Then Lord Krishna said ‘O Omniscient! You are familiar with the entire situation. Pandavas have performed Yagya which is not getting complete without you. Kindly bless them. Sudarshan Ji pointing towards Bheem said ‘this brave man came to me and I made my situation clear to him’. Lord Krishna said ‘O Supreme God! You have said in a speech that

Sant Milan koo chaliye, Taj Maya abhimaan|
Jo-jo pug aage dhare, so-so Yagya samaan||

All five Pandavas are Kings today. I am Dwarkadheesh and we all have come barefoot to seek your blessing. Pride is nowhere near us. Also Bheem has apologised by lying at your feet for his misbehaviour he did that day. We all have come for your audience. Accept the sacrificial results of the steps of your six servants, keep one hundred for yourself and donate the rest to us beggars so that our well-being can also happen. Seeing so much gesture of submissiveness in all of them Jagatguru Sahib Karunamaye in Sudarshan form became delighted.

Kabir, Sadhu bhukha bhav ka, dhan ka bhookha nahi |
Jo koi dhan ka bhookha, vo to Sadhu nahee||

Supach Sudarshan Shattered Bheem’s Pride

Prior to this when Bheem went to invite Supach Sudarshan the first time he was arrogant and boasted a lot about his valour and was proud of winning the Mahabharata war. Then God (Sage Karunamayi) taught him a lesson and shattered his arrogance. The garland of  God Kabir Ji (In Sudarshan form) was hanging on a hook. God asked Bheem ‘Wrestler! Bring my Sumarni. Then I will accompany you’. Overconfident of his bravery Bheem tried his level best to unhook the garland but all efforts went in vain. God Kabir said ‘why is it taking a lot of time to unhook my ‘Sumarni’, Bheem?’. He surrendered saying ‘it isn’t happening with me’. Then God simply pointed His hand towards the hook and the garland came in His hand. God said ‘Bheem! You were boasting of your valour just now. You killed twenty-twenty with just one blow of a Mace. Where has your bravery, your power gone?’ Bheem felt ashamed and lowered his neck.

Finally, Kabir Sahib agreed when all of them realised that Supach Sudarshan is no ordinary man and is equipped with divine powers. Then God (Sage Karunamaye) went along with Shri Krishna and Pandavas to the Yagya area. It is said:

Bhakti kare bin bhaav re so Kone kaajaa, Vyanjan chattison parosiyan tan Draupadi Rani, bin aadar satkaar re Kai sank na bani||

Meaning: without due respect and gesture of devotion if someone does Charity or any meritorious deed etc. it is useless.

Supach Sudarshan Fixed The Intellect of Draupadi

Sudarshan Ji was attired in simple dhoti below the knees, having small beard, rough and uncombed hair, torn footwear, shabby clothes yet radiant body. Seeing him the Mahamandaleshwars seated on beautifully decorated thrones placed at height thought the conch shell cannot blow even in seven births by such an unholy person. He is like a lamp in front of the Sun to us.

Lord Krishna arranged the throne himself for Sudarshan Ji because Krishna Ji is a pious soul. Then he told Draupadi that the great saint Sudarshan Ji had come, prepare food for him. He is a perfect man. Draupadi is seeing that not even a single sign of a saint is visible. He is a poor householder. Neither are his clothes saffron, nor is there a garland on his neck, not even he has applied Tilak. He neither had big matted hair on his head, nor had his head shaved, nor was he carrying any tongs, bag or kamandal.

Then Draupadi cooked a variety of delicious food for Sudarshan Ji and placed all dishes in a big silver plate. She thought today this saint will relish delicious food and will keep licking his fingers. He would not have eaten such delicious food in his life.

Sudarshan Ji took a portion of all varieties of dishes (pudding, sweets, halwa, curd, dahi bade, vegetables, lentils etc.)  on the plate and prepared a mush (Khichdi) of it.

Draupadi thought maliciously that this foolish nigger does not even know how to eat food. Which type of a Saint is he? How will he blow the conch shell? He remained a Shudra only. Because the cook intends to be praised by people for their art of cooking. She prepared delicious food by all heart for hours. If there is a shortcoming like less salt in food and the eater points it out, she feels it. Saints are simple, down to earth hence, eat without complaining as is served, rather they only praise. Saints have named salt as ‘Ramrus’. Sudarshan Ji divided the entire mush on the plate into five portions and ate in five times. The conch shell sounded five times then it did not sound.

Vyanjan chattison parosiya jahan Draupadi Rani|
Bin aadar satkaar ke, kahee shankh Naa baani ||

Punch girasee Valmeeki, punchey bar boley|
Aagey shankh pachayan, kapaat na kholey ||

Boley Krishna mahabali, tribhuvan ke Saja |
Balmeek Prasad se, kun kun kyon na baajyaa||

Draupadi  seti Krishna Dev, jab aisey bhakha |
Balmeek ke charno ki, tere na abhilasha ||

Prem punchayan bhookh hai, ann jug ka khaajaa|
Unch neech Draupadi kaha, Shankh kun kun Yun nahee bajaa||

Balmeek ke charno ki, layee Draupadi dharaa|
Shankh punchayan baajiya, kun-kun jhankaria ||

Yudhishthir Ji came to Shri Krishna and said ‘O God! By your grace the conch shell has produced sound. Our work is completed’.  Shri Krishna thought why didn’t the Conch shell sound continuously even after great Saint Sudarshan Ji had eaten food? Then with his divine eyes he saw that there is a flaw in the mind of Draupadi because of which the conch shell did not blow continuously rather sounded only five times and then became silent.

Lord Krishna said this conch shell should sound longer then the religious sacrifice will be completed. Yudhishthir asked ‘God! Now which Saint is left, who has to be brought?’ Shri Krishna said ‘no saint is as great as Sant Sudarshan who is fully equipped with devotion. Even three worlds are not equal to his one hair. There is a flaw in our own house let us fix that’.

Here God Kabir says:

Satguru ke Darbaar mein kamee kahe ki Naa, Hansa mauj nahee paavtaa, Teri chook chakri maa||

Lord Krishna told Draupadi that you cooked a variety of delicious dishes but had arrogance. Without due respect the religious rituals (Yagya, hawan paath) do not get successful. What have you considered this ordinary-looking man? He is the complete God. The three worlds are not equal even to his one hair. You have evil thoughts for this great man due to which your inner consciousness has become dirty. With his eating the sound of conch shell would have reached till Heaven and the entire Universe would have echoed. It sounded just five times so that your confusion should vanish. It did not sound with any other saint’s eating food. You purify your mind and consider him the Supreme God. You wash His feet and drink that nectar water (Charnamrit) so that your sinful heart purifies. 

Immediately, Draupadi apologised to Saint, washed feet of Supach Sudarshan (God Kabir in Karunamayi form) which had mud and drank ‘Charnamrit). When she drank half of it Shri Krishna said ‘Draupadi, sister! Give me also so that my welfare could also happen’. Then Shri Krishna drank the remaining half. Immediately, the conch shell blew so loud that the sound was heard till Heaven.

Here it has been mentioned in the nectar speech of respected Sant Garibdas Ji

Uss Balmeek ka Charnamrit Piya thare Krishnachandra Kartaara, tab vo Shankh kun-kun Jhankaaraa||

Bhakti kare bin bhaav ke so kone kaajaa aur Vidur ke jeeman chale gayee so Duryodhan Rajaa||

Finally, the Yagya of Pandavas became successful. It is said

Teentees crore yagya mein aaye wo sahans atthasee sare, Dwadas koti Ved ke waqta, wo Supach ka Sankh bajaa re||

Mun tu paavega apna Kiya re, bhogega apna Kiya re||

Chappan crore jahan they Yadav unse Sankh na baajya nadu|

Ek Balmeek nichey kul Sadhu, Jin Sankh pachayann poora naadu||

Evidence in nectar speech in ‘Parakh ka Ang’

Garib, reeb Supach Shank sab karte hai, Neech jaati bish chook। Pohmee bigsee Swarg sab, Khiley jo Parvati runkh।।

Garib, karee Draupadi dilmanjana, Supach charan pee dhoye। Baji shankh sarv kala, rahe awajum goye।।

Garib, Draupadi charnamat liye, Supach Shank nahee keen। Baajya shankh akhand dhunee, Gun gandharv lyoleen।।

Garib, phir pundon ki yagya mein, Shankh pachayan ter। Dwadush koti Pandit jahan, padee sabhan ki mer।।

Garib, kari Krishna Bhagwan kun, Charnamrit syon preet। Shankh punchayan jab bajya, liya Draupadi seet।।

Garib, dwadush koti Pandit jahan, aur Brahma Vishnu Mahesh। Charan liye Jagdeesh kun, Jiskun ratta shesh।।

Garib Valmeeki ke baal samee, naahee  teenau lok। Sur nar muni Jan Krishna sudhi, Pundaun paayee paush।।

Garib, Valmiki baikunth pari, Swarg lagayee laat। Shankh pachayan ghurat hai, Gun gandharv Rishi maat।।

Garib, Swarg lok ke devta, Kinhey na poorva naad। Supach singhasan  baithatey, Baajya jyon agam agaadh।।

Garib, Pandit dwadush koti they, Sahidey se sur been। Sehans atthasee dev mein, Koi na pad mein leen।

Garib, baajya Shankh Swarg sunya, Chaideh bhawan uchaar। Tenteeso tatt na laahyaa, Kinhey na paya paar।।

Aforementioned true episode proved that without the grace of Almighty no work will become successful, no task will be accomplished.


Similar to Dwaparyug the same Supreme God Kabir has now descended in this destined prime time of devotion as fixed by him and is blessing people with His divine power. Similar to Supach Sudarshan, Almighty Kabir is playing a divine spectacle in the cover of great Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He is providing scriptural worship, granting true salvation mantras. It is advised, everyone must take His refuge and get your welfare done.

FAQs about "How Supach Sudarshan Ji Made Pandavas' Yagya Successful?"

Q.1 Who was Supach Sudarshan Ji?

Supach Sudarshan Ji was a pious soul born in the Valmiki (Shudra) caste during Dwaparyug. He became a steadfast devotee of God Kabir Ji and attained salvation through true spiritual knowledge.

Q.2 How did Supach Sudarshan Ji attain salvation?

Supach Sudarshan Ji attained salvation by becoming a devoted disciple of God Kabir Ji. Despite facing challenges and opposition from his own family, he embraced the true spiritual knowledge provided by God Kabir Ji (Sage Karunamayi Ji) and ultimately reached the eternal abode, Satlok.

Q. 3 What divine role did God Kabir Ji play in Dwaparyug?

In Dwaparyug, God Kabir Ji manifested in the form of sage Karunamayi. He performed divine plays, including appearing as an infant on a Lotus flower and later enlightening souls with true spiritual knowledge. One such devotee of God Kabir Ji during this era was Supach Sudarshan

Q.4 How did Supach Sudarshan Ji contribute to the success of Pandavas' Yagya?

God Kabir Ji, in the form of Supach Sudarshan Ji, played a crucial role in the success of the Ashwamegh Yagya performed by the Pandavas. By eating the food prepared by Draupadi with utmost devotion, Supach Sudarshan Ji made the conch shell sound, signifying the completion and success of the religious sacrifice.

Q.5 What lesson did Bheem learn from God Kabir Ji during the invitation to Supach Sudarshan?

God Kabir Ji, in the form of Supach Sudarshan, exposed the arrogance of Bheem by asking him to unhook a garland. Despite Bheem's boasting of strength, he failed to unhook it, and God Kabir Ji pointed out the inconsistency in his claims, showcasing that true strength lies in humility and devotion, not just physical power.

Q.6 Why did Draupadi initially have doubts about Supach Sudarshan Ji and how it affected the success of the Yagya?

Draupadi initially had doubts about Supach Sudarshan Ji being a true saint because of his simple appearance, wearing torn clothes, and lacking traditional saintly attributes. She judged him based on external factors, not realizing the divine presence within him. Draupadi's inner thoughts, tainted by arrogance and prejudice towards Supach Sudarshan Ji, created a flaw in the Yagya's success due to impure intentions.

Q.7 How did the purification of Draupadi's thoughts lead to the success of the Yagya?

The purification of Draupadi's thoughts, achieved through an apology to Supach Sudarshan Ji, washing his feet, and drinking the Charnamrit, contributed to the success of the Yagya. With a cleansed and humble heart, the conch shell sounded loudly, signifying the completion of the religious sacrifice.


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