Real Salvation Story of Sant Maluk Das with Life History


God Kabir nurtures the three realms in three ways. One, He stays in His immortal abode Satlok where He is seated on a royal throne like a King and manages everything from there. Second, He acquires an infant form and plays divine spectacle in every Era. He meets His steadfast devotees and preaches true spiritual knowledge to free  His beloved souls whom Kaal ensnares for his benefit since all 21 universes are under his dominion. The Third state is Satpurush/ Shabad Swaroopi Ram KavirDev acquires the form of a sage/ saint and appears anywhere anytime, does sermons, and tells real spiritual knowledge through couplets, proverbs, verses, and poems.

In this article, we will go through the true story of a great devotee respected sant Maluk Das whom Param Akshar Brahm met in the third state and took the devout soul in His refuge and liberated him from the clutches of butcher Brahm Kaal.

The following will be the highlights of this interesting article

  • Life History of Maluk Das
  • Maluk Das Considered God Kabir A Swindler
  • Maluk Das’s encounter with Dacoits
  • God Kabir took Maluk Das in Refuge

Life History of the Great Sant Maluk Das Ji

Reference: Book ‘Mukti Bodh’, the writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, Chapter ‘Paribhasha Prabhu ki’, Who saw God? Where does He reside? on pages 238-241.

Sant Malukdas Ji was born in the house of Kakkar Khatri family of Kada, District Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh which was a very rich family of farmers. He was the head (Chaudhary) having 800-900 acres of land. His previous name was 'Mallu'. Chaudhary Maluk das Ji had unwavering faith in God since childhood due to which even his parents did not like him. When Maluk Das Ji grew up, he used to do farming work and was a prominent person in his area. He had good fame in the village. Respected Maluk Das Ji attained Supreme God Kabir Ji at the age of 42.

Who knows what efforts God makes to take the virtuous souls under his shelter? There is a nectar speech of God Kabir

Sau chal chider mein karun, apne jan ke kaaj

To liberate His beloved souls from the web of Brahm Kaal God does several divine acts. It is also said that God stays with His pious soul always until He frees him till the earth and Sky remains means until the Holocaust.

Gail-Gail lagya phirun, Jab tak dharti akash।।

Maluk Das Considered God Kabir A Swindler

Once, God Kabir had come to the village of Maluk Das  to conduct spiritual discourse at the house of one of his devotees. When God used to visit the homes of his devotees, the devotees became dedicated to worshipping God.

One day God was doing Satsang at one devotee's house and the next day he would do Satsang at another devotee's house. Similarly, other devotees were inspired to get satsang done at their homes. On days when God would hold spiritual discourse at a devotee's house, he would also have food there. And the devotee would try to feed the best food to God. In the food prepared for God, halwa was made of pure clarified butter the fragrance of which reached the neighbouring houses also.

One day while Chaudhary Malukdas was passing near a house where God was doing Satsang he saw the crowd and smelled delicious ‘Halwa and Kheer’. He asked the owner of that house ‘brother! What’s happening in your house that you are preparing delicious food, Who is this cheater who has arrived in your house for whom you prepare ‘Halwa’ of clarified butter?’ He was the Chaudhary of the village and they were poor people in whose house God came to do discourse.

Being scared the poor owner said ‘Chaudhary Sahib, our Guru Ji has come. He is a perfect saint, consider him as God Himself. We have prepared food for him only’

On the other hand there has been opposition to the precious knowledge of God since the beginning and that is why some people of that village complained to Chaudhary Maluk Das Ji that a swindler comes to the village who goes to the houses of poor people every day and eats good dishes. And he conducts Satsang at night which the sisters and daughters of the village also go, so now you see that nothing goes wrong in the village.

Maluk Das was the worshipper of Lord Shri Krishna. Maluk Das Ji was a virtuous soul. He thought in his mind that one should not fight with saints. I will first look at everything with love only.  Then I will talk to this swindler later.

To get to the bottom of the matter Maluk Das Ji went inside the house and sat quietly and started observing what was going on. Maluk Das Ji kept an eye on God Kabir for 3 days, then he thought that he would have to talk to him and see who is he. God Kabir was sitting in a simple dress wearing one necklace as sages/ saints used to wear. Maluk Das Ji went to God Kabir and said, ‘O Devotee! Who are you? What are you doing? It has been the third day that I am observing you.

You eat good kheer, and halwa every day, You are strong, why don't you eat it after doing work? Earn and eat from your hard work. Why are you misleading people?’

God Kabir Saheb Ji said, ‘Look Chaudhary Sahib! My name is Kabir and I am a weaver from Kashi. God is merciful, He lets me sit and even without doing any work He provides me delicious food and I eat a lot of kheer and halwa. I am doing the duty of God as instructed by Him.  I sing the praises of God. And if everyone starts doing the same as I glorify God then God will give everyone Kheer, Halwa to eat every day. You can also get kheer and halwa’.

Maluk Das Ji was surprised to hear this and he did not like it because till today we have been hearing the same old fable that if you don't work, you won't get food. But the Supreme God is so powerful that if we all praise His true devotion and glory, then God will do it while sitting at home. Maluk Das Ji said, ‘Will your God feed me without working?’ Then God Kabir Ji said that ‘if you have faith in God, he will definitely feed you’. Kabir Sahib said that ‘God provided us food even inside our mother's womb. No one was there with us. If by having complete faith in God we will do true devotion and quit all evils then He can do anything for His disciples.

Then Maluk Das Chaudhary said ‘Today I have come from home without eating, if your God feeds me today then I will become your disciple and if it does not happen then I will make you work as a labourer in my field for your whole lifetime. Is it acceptable to you?’ Then God said ‘Yes, it is acceptable’.

Sant Maluk Das’s Encounter with Dacoits

Saying this, Maluk Das Ji went far away in a lonely place 4-5 km in the forest on the opposite side of his fields and sat on top of a tree. After some time, the village shepherds came there to graze sheep. They had 2-3 cows also. That was some festival day for them.

After seeing the shadow of the same tree, they started cooking kheer there. At the same time, hearing the sound of the horses of the bandits in the forest, they ran away from there. There was a well also and the decoits stopped to drink water. When the robbers came there, they saw that someone had prepared Kheer there. With the intention of eating the kheer, the bandits picked up the kheer and then one of the bandits said, ‘Who knows, the people of the village may have mixed poison in it to mislead us, so first we will feed this Kheer to someone else and only then we will eat it’.

When they looked around, they saw Maluk Das Ji sitting on a tree. They brought him down and Malukdas Ji refused to eat the kheer, then they brought him down at gunpoint, forcefully beat him and fed him the kheer. Malukdas Ji himself prayed to God Kabir Ji ‘O Guru Dev, please protect me today, I will remain a slave at your feet for the rest of my life’. When they asked the reason for refusing, Sant Maluk Das Ji told the whole story that he was not eating Kheer because of this reason. The robbers released him.

God Took Sant Maluk Das in Refuge

Maluk Das Ji came straight from the forest to Almighty Kabir Ji. God disguised as an ordinary Guru asked Maluk Das. ‘Did God feed you food today?’ He told the whole story and said ‘God, you have saved my life today otherwise they would have killed me. Your God lets eat pudding by beating’.

In this way, God took the pious soul of Maluk Das in refuge. God Kabir Ji introduced the virtuous soul of God to His real knowledge and took him to his supreme abode, Satlok. And sent it again after two days. Shri Maluk Das Ji remained unconscious for two days. Then on his return from Satlok he uttered the following words:

Japo re man Satguru naam kabir |

Ek samay guru murli bajayi, kalindi ke teer |
Sur nar munijan thakat bhaye the, ruk gaya jamna neer ||  Japo re man....

Kashi taj guru Magahar aaye, dono deen ke peer |
Koi gaade koi agni jalave, dhoondh na paya sharir || japo re man.....

Char daag se satguru nyara , ajaro amar shareer |
Das Maluk salook kahat hai, khojo khasam kabir || japo re man....

Malukdas Ji has also called God Kabir as a Satguru and said that he is Kabir Saheb with an immortal body, free from ‘Chaar Dagh’, that is, one who cannot be destroyed in any way. In the end, Kabir Saheb is also called Khasam i.e. Swami, which proves that Malukdas Ji considered Kabir as his supreme guru and God. This is also an indication that Murari is addressed to Kabir Ji only.

Maluk Das Ji has clearly said in his nectar speech that it is the Supreme God Kabir Saheb who is immortal and who is not born from any mother's womb. To which our holy scriptures also testify. That God resides in his abode, Satlok. One should worship only one God and currently Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is telling the same method of devotion which is described in the scriptures.

With the true devotion shown by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, we can go back to our abode Satlok to God Kabir.

Therefore, all are requested not to consider Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji as a common man, but based on his true spiritual knowledge decide that in reality, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is telling the true devotion that is described in the scriptures. So, without delay, take initiation (Naam Diksha)   from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and get the welfare of yourself and your family.


Dadu Nanak Naad bajaye | Maluk Das Tulsi chadh aaye ||

The great devotees like Sant Maluk Das Ji has been glorified in this nectar speech by respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj mentioned in Suksham Veda stating that God Kabir met the devout soul who did true devotion then his welfare happened means Maluk Das Ji attained salvation.  Similarly, all true seekers can attain.

FAQs about "Real Salvation Story of Sant Maluk Das with Life History"

Q.1 Who is Sant Maluk Das Ji, and what was his background?

Sant Maluk Das Ji was born in a wealthy family in Kada, District Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He was the head of a prosperous farming family and later became a devoted follower of God Kabir.

Q.2 Why did Maluk Das initially doubt God Kabir's identity?

Maluk Das initially doubted God Kabir when he observed the divine discourse at a devotee's house and questioned the lavish food preparations, considering Kabir a swindler.

Q. 3 How did God Kabir respond to Maluk Das's skepticism?

God Kabir explained to Maluk Das that he was a weaver from Kashi, doing God's duty, and God provided him food without any worldly work. He encouraged Maluk Das to have faith in God.

Q.4 How did God Kabir intervene during the encounter with dacoits?

After being forced to eat the kheer, Maluk Das prayed to God Kabir for protection. The dacoits released him unharmed, leading Maluk Das to acknowledge God Kabir's divine intervention and increased his faith in Almighty God Kabir.

Q.5 What transformation did Maluk Das undergo after the incident with the dacoits?

Maluk Das recognized God Kabir's divine nature, took refuge in Him, and later spoke of Kabir as his Satguru and Supreme God with an immortal body, free from destruction.


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There are diverse beliefs and interpretations regarding the spiritual figure Kabir Sahib Ji. Some consider him a Satguru, some a Saint, and others a messenger of Satpurush. This variation in perspectives leads to conflicting knowledge. It's confusing when attempting to follow Kabir Sahib Ji exclusively. What could be the reason behind this disparity, and who is the right Saint to follow?

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