How Did God Kabir Give Salvation to Arjun and Sarjun


All the creatures residing in the deceased world of Satan Brahm Kaal are the children of Satpurush Kabir Sahib irrespective of belonging to any religion. God comes on earth to liberate them. In this connection, God Kabir met two Muslim brothers, renamed them Arjun-Sarjun and liberated both at the age of 225 years. Let us know in detail about these great devotees based on the following

  • Divine Play of God Kabir
  • Arjun-Sarjun regret their mistake
  • Arjun-Sarjun Took Refuge in Sant Garibdas Ji

Divine Play of God Kabir

When God Kabir was present on earth 625 years ago in Kashi, he had 64 lakh disciples but in spite of true spiritual knowledge being provided to them by God Kabir Sahib in weaver form, none was firmness. They only believed that Kabir had some supernatural powers with which he blessed us hence, our problems were resolved and we get happiness. None of them believed that ‘Kabir is God’ although Kabir Sahib provided sufficient shreds of evidence from all holy scriptures.

But since all were uneducated they could not see the proof themselves and got carried away by the fake spiritual knowledge provided by contemporary sages, saints, Mandaleshwars, Gurus, Brahmins, Mullah and Qaziz.

Therefore, to check the determination of all 64 lakh disciples Kabir Sahib played a spectacle. He roamed around in the Kashi City with one of His disciples who was a famous whore from Kashi sitting on an elephant drinking Ganga water from a bottle pretending as if it was liquor. When people saw Kabir Ji they all started speaking ill about both of them hence, miserably failed in their loyalty. But two of His disciples named Arjun-Sarjun were left to be examined. So what was their reaction, let us find out.

Arjun-Sarjun Regret Their Mistake

Reference: Nectar speech no 112-115 of respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj in Sadgranth Chapter ‘Sarbangi Sakshi Ka Ang’

Garib, Surjan kun Satguru mile, Makke Madine mahi ||
Chaunsath lakh ka mail tha, do bin sabhi jahin ||

Garib, chindalike chauk mein, Satguru baithe jaai ||
Chaunsath lakh garat gaye, do rahe Satguru paye ||

Garib, Surjan Arjan thahare, Satguru ki prateet ||
Satguru ihaan na baithiye, yoh dwara hai neech||

Garib, oonch neech mein hum rahe, haad chaam ki deh||
Surjan Arjan samajhiyo rakhiyo shabad saneh ||

Arjun-Sarjun were two Muslim brothers who had gone to offer prayer in the Mosque of Mecca Madina as per the Muslim tradition. God Kabir met both in the form of Jinda Baba. He preached them true spiritual knowledge and told them the true path of devotion. Both brothers became disciples of God Kabir and had unwavering faith in Him that Kabir is Allah/ God. They did not marry as their only aim was to attain the sole purpose of human life which is the attainment of emancipation.

As per the instructions of Satgurudev Kabir Sahib, they used to go to Mecca-Madina and other religious gatherings of the Muslim religion and used to enlighten forgotten ones with the right path of worship and get them initiated by God Kabir.

When they returned from Mecca Madina they heard people gossiping about their gurudev and his relationship with the famous whore from Kashi who was also His disciple with whom God enacted a drunkard sitting on an elephant who was seen wandering in the main market of Kashi. They did not believe in rumours and said to their guru brothers and sisters ‘What nonsense are you talking about our gurudev? Your tongue will burn on speaking such Ill. What did you understand about your gurudev then?.’ People said 'We are speaking the truth. Go and see yourself.

In reality, God was taking a test of their determination. All 64 lakh disciples had already failed in the loyalty test except these two brothers. God wanted to be sure whether Arjun-Sarjun deserved to be liberated from Kaal’s trap or not.

Then both the brothers went to meet their gurudev Kabir. They went to the house of that whore, where Arjun-Sarjun saw Kabir Sahib sitting on a cot with His legs kept on the thighs of the whore, who was sitting on the ground and was serving His feet with reverence. 

Arjun-Sarjun started giving instructions to Kabir Sahib and said  ‘O Gurudev! You should not sit here. This is the house of a vile, infamous woman’. God Kabir said ‘Arjun-Sarjun, I am omnipresent. I reside everywhere whether high (good place) or low. The body of this girl is made up of bones and flesh. For me it is mud. I don’t find any difference between both of you and this girl. I see the soul within which is the same in all.

O Arjun-Sarjun, understand. Chant the mantras that have been given to you. Earlier you used to call me Supreme God, today you are preaching to me. You have become my guru. Salvation is attained by the remaining disciples. Now there is a flaw in your mind for me.

Now your welfare is impossible. Get out of here. 

Both had renounced home in childhood itself to attain Allah. They felt as if the ground had slipped from below their feet. They immediately realised that a great mistake had been made by them. Immediately, both fell at the feet of Kabir Sahib to apologise and requested to shower mercy on them to grant them salvation in this life itself. They knew well that He is supreme power and they are blessed to have obtained His refuge. If they lose this chance of attaining salvation then they will have to regret it. Do not know when they will obtain the next human birth and when will God take them in His shelter and grant salvation?

Arjun-Sarjun Took Refuge in Sant Garibdas Ji

God said ‘Now your welfare won’t happen in this form of mine. A defect has arisen in your mind. No matter what you say. It is said

‘Ye dhaga Prem ka, mat todo chatkaye |
Toote se mile nahi aur mile to gaanth pad jaye ||

The relationship between Guru and disciple is amazing. In case a defect comes then it won’t heal up easily. Satguru should be given respect like God and there can never be any fault in God.

Both did not leave the feet of Kabir Sahib and continued apologising for their mistake crying. They asked ‘Gurudev, when will our welfare happen?’ God Kabir is merciful and the ocean of happiness. He blessed both and said ‘Your Satguru, my disciple will be born in a place 30 miles away towards west from Delhi in a small village in Samvat 1774. Till then you will remain alive in this body. I will keep guiding you in your dreams. I will meet that devotee and will give him authority to initiate people. You take initiation from him and do true devotion. At that time God Kabir did not disclose the name of Garibdas Ji

When Sant Garibdas Ji was 10 years at that time God Kabir met him. He took a pious soul to the eternal world Satlok and then left him in the body after three days. Then God Kabir appeared to Arjun-Sarjun in their dream and told them about Sant Garibdas Ji. He gave them complete information about his village, his parents etc.

At that time, Arjun-Sarjun were residing in a village called Humayunpur in Kharkhoda, district Sonipat in Haryana State along with a farmer's family. They were aged 225 years by then. Both had the same dream and told each other about God’s audience when they woke up in the morning. They inquired from the farmer who used to serve them ‘Is there some Chudani village here?’. The farmer said, ‘Yes, there is a village called Chudani’.

Arjun-Sarjun requested him to take both of them to Chudani’. The farmer dropped both in a bullock cart. There they met respected sant Garibdas Ji who provided both mantra initiation. They stayed with him for some time. Performed true devotion and attained salvation by the grace of Almighty Kabir after taking refuge in sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj. Their bodies were buried in the graveyard and a small monument was made which was demolished by Sant Bhooriwale later saying that ‘here, there will be only one remembrance of Sant Garibdas Ji else people will start worshipping both of them also which will be wrong. The disciples are not worshipped. This will be the incorrect practice’.


At present Almighty is again present in the holy land of Haryana State as great enlightened sant Rampal Ji Maharaj who has come for the welfare of the whole world. With the true devotion that he is providing all humans will be liberated. So this time no one should miss the golden chance and should go to the same eternal abode where great devotees Arjun-Sarjun have gone and are residing happily.

FAQs about "How Did God Kabir Give Salvation to Arjun and Sarjun"

Q.1 Who were Arjun-Sarjun, and how did they come in contact with God Kabir?

Arjun-Sarjun were two Muslim brothers who, while on a pilgrimage to Mecca Madina, came in contact with God Kabir, who appeared in the form of Jinda Baba. They became disciples of Kabir and dedicated their lives to attaining salvation.

Q.2 Why did God Kabir test the determination of His 64 lakh disciples, including Arjun-Sarjun?

God Kabir tested the determination of His disciples, including Arjun-Sarjun, to ensure their loyalty and faith. He wanted to verify whether they truly believed in Him as the Supreme God or were swayed by rumors and external appearances.

Q. 3 How did Arjun-Sarjun react when they heard rumors about their Gurudev Kabir Sahib?

Arjun-Sarjun did not believe in the rumors and defended their Gurudev Kabir Sahib. They expressed their unwavering faith in Kabir Saheb and condemned those spreading false information.

Q.4 Why did Arjun-Sarjun apologize and seek mercy from God Kabir?

Arjun-Sarjun realized their mistake in judging their Gurudev and immediately fell at His feet to apologize. They sought mercy and requested salvation, understanding the severity of their error.

Q.5 How did God Kabir Ji guide Arjun-Sarjun after realizing the flaw in their minds?

God Kabir informed Arjun-Sarjun that their welfare could not happen in His current form due to a defect in their minds. He directed them to a future Satguru, Sant Garibdas Ji, who would be born in a village 30 miles west of Delhi in Samvat 1774.

Q.6 Who was Sant Garibdas Ji, and how did Arjun-Sarjun come in contact with him?

Sant Garibdas Ji was the Satguru predicted by God Kabir Ji . Arjun-Sarjun, guided by God in their dreams, found Sant Garibdas Ji in Chudani village. They received mantra initiation from him, performed true devotion, and eventually attained salvation.


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