An Inspiring Story of Bhagat Pipa and Pativrata Sita Ji


Sant Pipa Thakur, or Rao Pipa was a virtuous soul. Sardar Pipa belonged to a royal Rajput warrior community. He was a great Bhagat of ‘Shakti’ Goddess Durga. He used to organise discourses of saints. The ruler of Gagron (Nagaur), Pipa Bairagi was unaware that there was some other Supreme God above Maa Durga who was the real creator of entire universes and the provider of salvation unless he came in the refuge of Swami Ramanand Ji.

At that time, Swami Ramanand Ji was playing the role of the Guru of God Kabir Sahib almost 625 years ago when God descended on earth to propagate his true spiritual knowledge intending to liberate his beloved souls (we children) from the web of Satan Brahm Kaal. Brahm Kaal remains unmanifested since he is cursed to eat filth from the subtle human bodies and tortures creatures, being vindictive.

God had familiarised Acharya Ramanand Ji from Kashi, Uttar Pradesh with true spiritual knowledge. Thereafter, he abandoned arbitrary worship and used to propagate the same true spiritual knowledge along with his team of sages that was told by God Kabir. Bhagat Pipa Thakur also became his disciple.

This article will highlight the true incidents that happened in the life of Bhagat Pipa Raja which made him believe that Kabir is the Supreme God and the rest are demigods in Kaal Brahm’s realm who also are trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death therefore, should not be worshipped. Supreme God does miracles for his steadfast Bhagats to keep their faith intact that only Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush is the ocean of happiness and all troubled souls at the time of crisis get relief from God Kabir who makes the impossible possible since He is Omnipotent, Omniscient.

 Let us dive deep and based on the following let us proceed to know about Bhagat Pipa Bairagi.

  • Reclusion of King Pipa
  • Pipa-Sita stayed in the River for Seven Days and then Came Out
  • God Saved the Honour of Pipa's Wife Sita
  • Piparam Taught the Importance of Ram Naam to a Muslim Women

Reclusion of King Pipa Ji

Reference: Mukti Bodh Book, Chapter ‘Sumiran Ka Ang’ Speech no 109, translated by Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on page no. 90-93.

Garib, Pipa kun parcha huwa, mile bhagat bhagwan |
Sita sudhi sabit rahe, dwaramati nidhan ||

There was a Rajput king Pipa Thakur who used to rule in a city called Gignaur in Rajasthan. (The present name of Giganaur is Nagaur.) He had three Queens. The name of Patrani (first wife) was Sita. Acharya Ramanand Ji used to live in Kashi city (Uttar Pradesh). He used to propagate the knowledge obtained from God Kabir after knowing His spectacle and true spiritual knowledge. Hence, used to move forming groups to several places. Once Swami Ramanand Ji went to Giganore city. The king came to know that Swami Ramanand Acharya Ji had come. He was very famous. King Piparam Thakur was a firm Bhagat of Goddess Durga.

He used to consider the Goddess to be the supreme power. He used to believe that happiness in his kingdom is only by the blessings of the Goddess. The king came to know that Swami Ramanand Ji tells God above Mata Durga and says that Devi Durga’s power cannot end the birth-death cycle and suffering in the bodies of eighty-four lakh living beings. The king did not like hearing this. The king called Swami Ji to his palace and asked ‘You say above Shakti/ Goddess Durga there is another Supreme God’.

By worshipping Devi Durga the birth-death, wandering in eighty-four lakh life forms will remain forever. The suffering of birth-death and eighty-four lakh life forms cannot end without devotion to the Supreme God.  The king said that on every dark moon day, I organise the ‘Jagran’ (awakening) of Goddess Durga, do Bhandara. Goddess appears before me directly and talks to me. Swami Ramanand Ji said that you get it clear from the Goddess itself. We will come to this side. again after six months then we will meet you too. Swami Ji went.

On the next dark moon day, the king organised ‘Jagran’ and the Goddess gave him an audience. The king questioned ‘O Mother! You finish my suffering of birth and death and wandering in eighty-four lakh life forms. Goddess Durga said ‘King, ask for happiness in your kingdom. Ask for its expansion. I will provide all that, but it is beyond my power to end the suffering of birth and death and eighty-four lakhs’. Saying this, the Goddess disappeared. King Pipa Thakur became restless that what is the use of devotion if birth and death will not finish. When will Swami Ji come? Six months is too long a time.

Disappointed, Pipa bairagi, went to the Ashram of Swami Ramanand in Kashi to meet him riding on an elephant. He told the gatekeeper ‘Inform Swami Ji that King Pipa has come to meet him’. Swami Ji said that ‘I do not meet kings, I meet Bhagats and servants’. When the king got the answer, he immediately sold all the elephants, gold crown etc. and then came to the ashram and said that; a sinful slave had come from Giganaur to meet Swami Ji’. Swami Ji became very happy. Bhagat Pipa said ‘Now I will spend my life with you only’. Swami Ji said ‘You go to your palace, I will come soon. I will bring you from your home after making you a proper recluse’. Swami Ji knew that ‘after a few days the Queen would come and will create chaos. That's why he considered it appropriate to make him a recluse in front of her.

Swami Ramanand Ji came after one month. King Piparam Thakur acquired Swami Ramanand Ji as his Guru. Abandoning the Kingdom he urged to go to Kashi along with him. Along with the king, the three Queens also decided to leave the palace and take a recluse. The king got worried. Piparam told Guru Ji that ‘at present they are full of enthusiasm, but will not be able to bear eating simple food, sleeping on the ground and other problems. They will become an obstacle to my devotion as well. Swami

Ramanand said ‘I will provide a solution to this problem’. He told the three Queens ‘You unwear your ornaments and then come with us’. Queen Sita gave up her ornaments and costly clothes wore a simple sari and got ready to accompany her husband. But the other two Queens said that ‘we cannot give up the Jewellery’. Then the king said that ‘Guru Ji, even Sita would become an obstacle’. Swami Ji said ‘Sita! You will have to get naked then you can come with us’. Sita said, Swami J! I take off my clothes now. I wish to attain God. I do not want anything else. Saying this, she started unbuttoning the clothes. Swami Ji said ‘Sita stop, This was your examination and you have succeeded’. 

Regarding such steadfast Bhagats, it is said in Sukshma Veda

Lok laaj maryad Jagat ki tiran Jo tode bagavey | Jab koi Ram bhagat gat paavey ||

Meaning: Only firm Bhagats attain God.

Swami Ji said to King Pipa ‘You take Sita with you. She will not create any hindrance in your devotion’. Then Pipa Ji and Sita Ji were brought together to the Ashram. Both of them performed devotion while staying in Kashi and spent simple life thereafter. They ate whatever they got, and wore simple clothes as they got. They worshipped with reverence.

Pipa-Sita Stayed in the River for Seven Days and Then Came Out

God Kabir Ji tells in His nectar speech

Pipa dariya mein kood gaye jinhe kaisi kari dithayee |
Bhai vo nar pala jeet gaye jinhe sir dhad ki baji laayee ||

Bhagats Pipa and Sita used to hear in the satsang that Lord Shri Krishna's city of Dwarka had drowned in the sea. All the palaces are still present inside the ocean. It was a very beautiful city. After some time when Lord Shri Krishna departed to heaven, the ocean absorbed that holy city inside itself.

One day Pipa and Sita Ji went towards the banks of river Ganga which was far away about four-five km from Kashi city. There was an ashram named Dwarka. A farmer was sitting at some distance under a tree that was away from the ashram.  Pipa and Sita started discussing that Lord Krishna's Dwarka is in the water. Don't know where is it. If someone tells the right place, then we can have God’s audience. The farmer heard everything and said ‘which city are you talking about? Piparam said ‘we are talking about Dwarka city’. The farmer said that ‘Dwarka Ashram is in front’. Pipa-Sita said, ‘Not this, in which Lord Krishna Ji and his wife and milkman, cow herders and Gopis used to live’. The farmer said, Hey! That city is in the water of this river. Go ahead 100 feet from here. Down there in the water is the city of Dwarka’. Saints are innocent and believers.

Swami Ramanand Ji had gone out of the ashram for 15 days to propagate spiritual knowledge. Both Pipa and Sita thought that by the time Guru Ji returned after preaching let us visit Dwarka city of Lord Krishna.  Bhagats Pipa and Sita both formed an opinion and to meet God they dared and went to that place and jumped into the river. Some farmers were working in the fields nearby. They saw that two people had jumped into the river. They have committed suicide. All of them came near the bank of the river. And asked from the farmer’‘why did both of them jumped inside the river to commit suicide?’ The farmer said ‘I had joked that there is God's city of Dwarka inside the river’. They jumped inside the river to see Dwarka’. Older people said that ‘you have done wrong, you have incurred sin by misleading them. Bhagats are very simple. Later, everyone got busy with their own work. This news spread like fire in the surrounding villages and Kashi. The people of Kashi knew that they were King and Queen, and they died.

Note: Almighty Kabir says in His nectar speech

Sau chal chider mein karun apne jan ke kaaj ||

Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm does miracles for his dear Bhagats. Seeing the pure heart of the Bhagats, God created Dwarka in that river. Shri Krishna and Rukmini etc. all the Queens, cowherd boys, and Gopis were all present. God was present in the form of Lord Shri Krishna. Both stayed in Dwarka for seven days. While they were leaving God Kabir sitting in the form of Shri Krishna took out one ring from his finger and put it on the finger of Bhagat Pipa Ji on which; Shri Krishna’ was imbibed. On the seventh day, at the same time, at about 11 a.m. both of them came out of the river from the same place. Their clothes were dry. Both of them stood on the bank of the river and started discussing that now for many days they will not feel good here.

The farmers working in the fields saw that these were the same Bhagats who had jumped into the river. They came running and said ‘You have drowned in the river. How are you alive? You came out on the seventh day, how did you survive? Both of them said that ‘we had stayed with Lord Shri Krishna in Dwarka. We had dinner with them. Rukmani Ji cooked food with her own hands and fed us. They are very nice. Lord Shri Krishna is also very good. See! God has given us his ring (as an impression) His name is written on it. Everyone was surprised to hear all these things. This news spread in the surrounding area and Kashi.

Everyone started coming to see them and see the impression given by God. They started applying (bowing) it to their head. A fair-like atmosphere was seen in the ashram of Swami Ramanand Ji. Swami Ji had also returned after campaigning on the same day. He was surprised to hear this news. Seeing the impression, everyone used to believe. Such an impression (ring) was not on the earth. That ring was kept in an old temple of Shri Vishnu. Some sages say that ‘the ring is still kept in that temple’.  

Important:- The simple meaning of speech no.109 is that God did a miracle to Pipa Ji. He was introduced to God. God and Bhagats met and discussed among themselves. Pipa and Sita (shudhi) remained safe (intact). Dwaramati (Dwarika Nagri) Nidhan means this is a true incident.

Note:- It is said that both Bhagats Pipa and Sita went to the present Dwarka city after getting permission from Swami Ji. This incident happened there in the sea. Whatever it is, we have to see the faith and belief of the Bhagat. Follow it in the same way. Only then will God be attained.

Emphasizing the importance of true devotion and glorifying devout Dharamdaas, Jeeva Dutta and King Pipa, God Kabir mentions them in the following Hymn.

Sat Kabir dware tere par ek daas bhikari aaya hai, bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||
Dharamdaas jyon bhakti Seth nahee, mere Jeeva Dutta jaise ulseth nahee||
Mera Pipa jaisa deth nahee, jisne dariya beech bulaya hai||
Bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||

God Saved the Honour of Pipa’s Wife Sita

God Kabir is the ocean of happiness. To maintain the faith of His dear Bhagats God does miracles.  Once Pipa Raja Thakur was going with his wife Sita. They sat beneath a tree to rest for some time. A millionaire was coming from the other side.  He told Pipa Ji that he was hungry and needed food. Piparam fed him food. Then the millionaire said, ‘give me this lady. I will provide her food and shelter so that she may not suffer wandering’. Pipa agreed thinking he probably needed a helping hand with the household work, cooking etc. so he sent her. Sita went along with the millionaire. He provided her with food and good clothes to wear but had foul intentions. When he went to see her in the room then instead of Sita God showed him the form of a Lioness. Seeing that, the millionaire got scared and ran to Pipa, apologised, and returned his wife Sita with honour.  

With this true episode, God gives the message that He Is always with his firm Bhagats protects their honour and does miracles. The audience in the form of Lioness was the spectacle of God Kabir to teach the millionaire a lesson. Also, the faith of the firm Bhagat Pipa Ji remained intact.

Piparam Taught the Importance of Ram Naam to A Muslim Woman

Once Pipa Bairagi was going to the city. He met a Muslim woman who used to sell oil. Pipa Ji said that Muslim female ‘Daughter, say Ram-Ram’. In Muslims, there is a belief that the ‘Ram’ name is said only when someone dies. She disagreed to say ‘Ram’ and said ‘why would I say Ram? Has someone died in my family? You say, Ram. To which religion do you belong to, that you are asking me to say Ram?’

It is said

Telan kahe Tera kaun isam |
Pipa kahe Tera mariyo khasam ||

Pipa Ji said when your husband dies then you will remember God means Ram and will say ‘Ram-Ram’. After this, that Muslim lady went home. Her husband who was feeding cattle a few minutes ago died all of a sudden. All neighbours came as soon as the news of the death of Muslim oilmen spread. Pipa Ji also went and told the Muslim lady ‘Now say Ram, your husband has died’. Then she realised her mistake and apologised for not remembering God’s name. Even neighbours and all present there felt guilty.

Here God did a miracle. Pipa Ji held the arm of the dead oilman and said ‘Hey brother, stand up’ and that Muslim fellow stood up. Then Piparam Thakur preached to them all that does not differentiate the name of God. Call Him Ram, Allah, Saheb or Khuda. All souls are His children and are the same. God is one only.

Ram kaho, Allah kaho, Saheb kaho chahey  Khuda |
Aur sarv aatma uss Sahib ki wo nahi kahu se juda ||

The faith in a Bhagat like Piparam was the outcome of virtues and devotion done in previous human births. Taking a dive inside the river or sending his wife with a millionaire was because Bhagat Pipa had firm faith in God that nothing would go wrong with him. God is with him always and He will protect our honour. Similar to Rajput King Pipa, God Kabir Ji blessed many and did their welfare


Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj glorifying great Bhagats like Pipa Thakur and a few more says in his nectar speech

Pipa, Dhanna, chadhey Wajida | Seu, Samman aur Farida ||

Such steadfast Bhagats attain God. The same Almighty who kept the honour and belief of His Bhagat Piparam intact is in Haryana State in India at present and is blessing millions of His disciples across the globe even today. He is playing the divine act in the form of the great enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.  Take initiation from him and become eligible for the attainment of salvation.

FAQs about "An Inspiring Story of Bhagat Pipa and Pativrata Sita Ji"

Q.1 Who was Bhagat Pipa Thakur, and what was his belief system before encountering Swami Ramanand Ji?

Bhagat Pipa Thakur was a royal Rajput warrior devoted to Goddess Durga before encountering Swami Ramanand Ji. He believed that Goddess Durga was the supreme power responsible for the well-being of his kingdom.

Q.2 What prompted Bhagat Pipa to seek out Swami Ramanand Ji?

Upon hearing that Swami Ramanand Ji preached about a supreme God above Goddess Durga who could liberate souls from the cycle of birth and death, Bhagat Pipa became curious and sought clarification from Swami Ji.

Q. 3 How did Bhagat Pipa's encounter with Swami Ramanand Ji transform his life?

After meeting Swami Ramanand Ji and receiving spiritual guidance, Bhagat Pipa renounced his kingdom and became a disciple of Swami Ji, embracing a life dedicated to devotion and simplicity.

Q.4 How did God intervene to protect the honor of Pipa's wife, Sita?

When a millionaire attempted to take Sita away, God Kabir Ji intervened, showing the millionaire a vision of a lioness instead of Sita. This scared the millionaire, who then returned Sita to Pipa with apologies.

Q.5 How did Pipa demonstrate the universality of God's name despite different religious denominations?

Pipa emphasized that God's name transcends religious boundaries, encouraging everyone to call upon Him using various names like Ram, Allah, Saheb, or Khuda, as all souls are children of the same Supreme Being.

Q.6 What was the outcome of the incident involving the Muslim woman and her deceased husband?

The incident led the Muslim woman and those present to realize the universality of God's name and understand the unity underlying different religious beliefs.


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