Sant Ghisa Das: A True Worshipper of Merciful God Kabir

Sant Ghisa Das: A True Worshipper of Merciful God Kabir

The divine land of India had always been blessed by saints. The saints sent by God or God Himself had been sanctifying this earth from time to time. These saints or the supreme God come into this deceased world to preach true spiritual knowledge. The firm devotees, the virtuous beloved souls become their disciples. Then they do true devotion to Almighty KavirDev and become eligible for the attainment of salvation. This article will focus on explaining one such steadfast devotee named Ghisa Das Saheb who was fortunate to have been blessed to land back to his native place, the everlasting world Satlok by the grace of God Kabir.

Based on the following let us know the details

  • Revered Supreme God Kabir Dev Met Respected Ghisa Das Sahib Ji
  • Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat Gained Knowledge
  • Jeeta Ram Became Disciple of Sant Ghisa Das
  • Sant Ghisa Das was expelled from Khekra
  • Village Khekra flourished by the grace of Sant Ghisa Das 
  • Sant Ghisa Das Ji chanted Satnam Mantra

Revered Supreme God Kabir Dev Met Respected Ghisa Das Sahib Ji

Reference: Book ‘Parmeshwar Ka Saar Sandesh’ writer is Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Chapter 2, Page 70

In Uttar Pradesh in district Meerut there is a holy village Khekra in which in Vikrami Samvat 1860 in 1803 Ghisa Das Sahib Ji was born. When he was seven years old, Supreme  God Kabir descended in full body from Satlok (Ritdham) and gave the audience to Ghisa Das Ji while he was playing in fields outside the village. The revered God Kabir Saheb told his beloved soul to worship God and delivered a nectar sermon to him for one hour. There were several other children present there, also there was an old lady. Listening to the glory of Satlok and Satpurush from the lotus mouth of God Kabir, respected Ghisa Das Saheb expressed his wish to go and see Satlok.

Then God took a pious soul to a nearby secluded place approximately 200 yards away and said ‘Son come, I will grant initiation to you’. After giving the mantra He gave the nectar water from his ‘Karmandal’ to Ghisa Das Ji to drink and gave sugar candy. The darkness of evening was approaching. Then God KavirDev disappeared. After some time the seven years old child Ghisa Das became unconscious. The old lady named ‘Bhateri’ who was observing everything went to the village and informed the parents that one Jinda Mahatma gave enchanted water to your son to drink because of which your son became unconscious after that the Jinda Mahatma disappeared. His parents at a higher age were blessed by the baby boy (Ghisa Das) by the grace of some saint.

Listening to this news his parents became unconscious. The fellow villagers went to the place where Ghisa Das Ji was lying unconscious and brought him home in the same condition. When the parents gained consciousness after some time then seeing the serious condition of their son they started crying. The next morning, child Ghisa Das came to senses. Then he told everyone that God Kabir Himself came in Jinda Baba form and met him.

The same Supreme God Kabir Sahib stayed in Kashi as a weaver for 120 years and departed in full body to His immortal abode Satlok. He said that ‘God took him to Satlok yesterday and has sent him back today’. The parents took a sigh of relief seeing the child alive and healthy and did not pay attention to what the child was talking about?’. At a young age, respected Ghisa Das Sahib got married to a girl named ‘Vijatiya’ and started preaching the knowledge of God Kabir. He used to tell everyone that Kabir from Kashi who belonged to a weaver community is the only supreme God. He is in form.

Chaudhary Jeeta Jaat Gained Knowledge

Reference: Book ‘Jeene Ki Rah’ written by Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Pages 100-103

There was one Jaat named Jeeta Ram in village Khekra, district Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh approximately 275 years ago. The owner of 900 acres of land Jeeta Jaat was the village head and the richest and powerful person. He was the Jury of the village Panchayat who always stood by truth and did not support falsehood. Respected Ghisa Das Ji used to do discourse in that village Khakhra at that time. He was from a cobbler community which at that time was counted as untouchable since this social evil of caste discrimination was at its peak. Ghisa Das was getting popular as a saint since people of the nearby places listening to his sermons and taking initiation from him started becoming free from crises.

Ghisa Das Ji used to do Satsang in the evening since people used to work in the day to earn their livelihood. The spiritual discourse by Sant Ghisa Das Ji was done on two days in a month. Both Men and women used to attend the Satsang during the night and the presence of women in Satsang during the night became a topic of discussion amongst people in the village. They started discussing that it is not safe for the women to go to Satsang at night. Anything might go wrong therefore, the Satsang should be stopped.

The Panchayat meeting was held in village Khekhra in which a decision was made to stop the satsang, and Chaudhary Jeeta Ram Ji the head of the village Panchayat was allocated the responsibility to deliver this message. Chaudhary Jeeta Ram went to Saint Ghisa Das Sahib Ji where he was doing Satsang. The decision taken by the Panchayat had become known to everyone in the village.

When Chaudhary Jeeta Ram reached there, the devotees present in the Satsang thought that Chaudhary Sahib had a Jaat mind. He will misbehave with the saint. Jeeta Ram has brought a stick with him from home which he put along with a tree on the way, and then he came to meet sant Ji. He was of the opinion that devotees do not fight. It does not look nice that the arbitrator should carry a stick in the Satsang gathering. Sant Ghisa Das Sahib Ji was preaching in Satsang. Chaudhary Sahib thought ‘First let me listen to what Sant Ji is telling, later I will speak with him.’

Note: The same knowledge was delivered in the discourse that has been told in the account of Harlal Ji.

 Jeeta Ram Became Disciple of Sant Ghisa Das

 It has been mentioned in Sachidanand Ghan Brahm Speech

 Avinashi kun maran chalya wo Jeeta numberdara |
Milee nazar mein nazr dhani se paap bhasam hua sara ||
Geesa roop mein darshan Kartaaraa divya drishti khul jaati hai |
Satguru apna sathi hai, Satguru hardum saathi hai ||

Chaudhary Sahib became emotional. Tears started flowing from his eyes. He got up and put his head at the feet of Saint Ghisa Ji and said, “O Gurudev! I am a criminal whether you punish or forgive me but I confess that I have committed a grave mistake. I am a worthless person. I have brought the message of Panchayat to stop your Satsang. Forgive me, Lord. You may continue doing Satsang as much as you want; nobody will stop you.” Saint Ghisa Ji said, “Chaudhary Sahib! Do what you have come to do.” Jeeta Jaat again started crying and said, “Forgive me, Forgive me; Give me Naam Diksha (mantras).” After this, Chaudhary Jeeta Ram Jaat became a devotee. He himself also started listening to the Satsang at night.

In every home of village Khekhra, people started criticising Chaudhary Jeeta Ram Jaat’s going into the refuge of Saint Ghisaram Ji. People started saying, “Saint Ghisaram is a magician; he knows incantations. He has brought Chaudhary Sahib under his control by casting a magic spell on him. He knows hypnotism. The entire family, his sons, brothers and uncles, all  turned against  Chaudhary Jeeta Ram Jaat and Saint Ghisaram. The villagers started saying to Chaudhary Jeeta Ram, “Chaudhary Sahib! You seem to be tending to fall in old age.” Spirituality seems to have struck (ghaam) Chaudhary Jeeta Ram, that is, he had been strongly influenced by spiritual knowledge. He used to say, “O Villagers! It is my fortune I am blessed to have become a devotee, and louche in your eyes. God willing, may all of you become louche like me! Without becoming worthless the purpose will not be served.”

Sant Ghisa Das was Expelled from Khekra

 A few days later Panchayat in the village was held, and Saint Ghisa Das ji and Devotee Jeeta Ram were issued an order to quit the village. Both the guru and the disciple immediately left that village and went to a far-off village. There also they started delivering sermons and explaining knowledge to the people. Many people became their followers.

After the departure of the saints, there was chaos in the village of Khekra. Untimely deaths started occurring. Resentment of God began in the houses of the members of the Village Panchayat. The fodder of some members started catching fire; some animals started dying. A few families got haunted by ghosts; someone’s daughter became a widow; someone got paralysed. The animals of the villagers got gripped with disease. Troubled people went to an exorcist to find out the reason behind the chaos in the village.

The exorcist told them that – “A saint and a devotee used to live in your village. Since they have left the village, therefore, so much disaster is happening. If they come back the village will again flourish, otherwise, it will get ruined. Those people came back to the village and held a Panchayat meeting and told everything. Then the council members agreed and went to the other village to bring back saint Ghisa Das Ji and devotee Jeeta Ji.

Devotee Jeeta Das said to Guru Ghisa Das Ji, “Gurudev! It seems that the villagers have come to expel us from here as well. Look, they are coming.” Saint Ghisa Das Ji said, “Fine, let's pack up. We will depart from here.” By then the Chaudhary Sahib of the village came near and kept his turban at the feet of Saint Ghisa and Devotee Jeeta Ji. Everyone said, “Maharaj Ji! Forgive us. Since the day you have left the village, it has been ruined. Please save it if you can. Otherwise, we will also live with you here.” The villagers of the current village by then also gathered there. They came to know about the entire incident. The people of the current village said, “Saint Ji if you return then we will be ruined. Since you two holy men have come, no one in the village has even had a quarrel. It has rained twice. See, the crops are growing good.”

Village Khekra Flourished by the Grace of Sant Ghisa Das

When the people of Khekra village made a special request Sant Ghisa Ji and Bhagat Jeeta Ji both agreed to return and said to the people of the current village that ‘we will keep visiting from time to time. On every full moon day, all of you come to Khekra. God Kabir will settle everything.” As soon as both of them returned, the entire Khekhra village started flourishing again. The animals became healthy. The next day it rained heavily. The villagers became happy. People of the 36 communities were elated. All the disaster ended. Till today fares are organised in the name of Saint Ghisa Das Ji and Bhagat Jeeta Das Ji in that village.

In this context, Saint Garibdas Ji says in His nectar speech

Garib, jis mandal sadhu nahin, nadi nahin gunjaar |
 Taj hansa vah desra, jam ki moti maar ||

Meaning: Where the saints are not given the respect that place never flourishes. There,  a disaster happens. Hence, It has been suggested that whenever and at whatever age, one finds a true spiritual leader one should start doing devotion.

Saint Garibdas Ji has said: -

Garib, chali gayi so jaan de, le rehti koon raakh |
 Utri laav chadaayiyo, karo apoothi chaak ||

Meaning: - Gone is gone, leave aside the worry of life and save whatever is remaining, that is, devote your remaining life in doing devotion, charity and service. For example, earlier a leather bucket was used for pulling out water from the well to irrigate the fields. In that leather bucket, two three quintals of water used to get filled. A thick rope was tied on a wooden wheel and water was pulled with it. If the rope slipped off the wheel, it gets difficult to pull it. It was somehow put back on the wooden wheel, then it was easy to pull the leather bucket out from the well. That was the true method to get actual benefit from it. Therefore, if one has not taken the shelter of a Satguru, then his rope has slipped off. Every task of life has become difficult. Fix that rope of life back on the wheel, and then pull it, and it will become easy, that is, make your way of living easy by taking shelter of Guru Ji. 

Sant Ghisadas Ji Chanted Satnam Mantra

Evidence from Suksham Ved proves that Sant Ghisa Das Ji  used to chant the Satnam mantra as granted by God Kabit which liberated him from Kaal’s realm. Its evidence is found in his speech.

  “OM-Soham japle bhai, Ramnaam ki yahe kamai

Means that chanting the true salvation mantra of God cures the long illness of birth and death of the soul; Satman is the only solution.


Almighty KavirDev who took the pious soul Ghisa Das Ji to Satlok and liberated him after granting true salvation mantra has descended again on the holy land of Haryana and is playing divine spectacle in the cover of great Enlightened saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Everyone must take refuge, and do true devotion to go back to their native abode Satlok.

FAQs about "Sant Ghisa Das: A True Worshipper of Merciful God Kabir"

Q.1 Who was Sant Ghisa Das Sahib Ji?

Sant Ghisa Das Sahib Ji was a devout follower and worshipper of the merciful God Kabir. He was a saint born in Khekra village, Uttar Pradesh, in Vikrami Samvat 1860 (1803 CE).

Q.2 How did Sant Ghisa Das Ji encounter Supreme God Kabir Dev?

At the age of seven, while playing in the fields, Ghisa Das Sahib Ji had a divine encounter with Supreme God Kabir Dev, who descended from Satlok and imparted spiritual knowledge to him.

Q. 3 What was the significant event that led Chaudhary Jeeta Ram to become Sant Ghisa Das's disciple?

Chaudhary Jeeta Ram, a prominent figure in Khekra village, attended one of Ghisa Das Ji's spiritual discourses. Overwhelmed by the teachings, he became emotionally moved and eventually became a devoted disciple of Sant Ghisa Das.

Q.4 Why was Sant Ghisa Das Sahib expelled from Khekra village?

The village Panchayat, influenced by societal biases, decided to stop Sant Ghisa Das's nightly spiritual discourses. When Chaudhary Jeeta Ram conveyed this decision, he was profoundly impacted by the saint's teachings and became his disciple. Subsequently, both Ghisa Das Ji and Jeeta Ram were ordered to leave the village.

Q.5 What happened to Khekra village after Sant Ghisa Das Sahib and Jeeta Jaat left?

Once they departed, the village faced various troubles, including untimely deaths, diseases among animals, paranormal activities, and crop failures. Recognizing the adverse effects, the villagers requested their return.

Q.6 How did Sant Ghisa Das Sahib and Jeeta Ram's return benefit Khekra village?

Upon their return, the village witnessed prosperity and relief from the misfortunes. The environment improved, animals became healthy, and agricultural output increased, bringing joy and stability to the villagers.

Q.7 What was the spiritual mantra practiced by Sant Ghisa Das Ji?

Sant Ghisa Das Ji chanted the Satnam mantra granted by God Kabir Ji, which is described as the means to liberation from the cycle of birth and death, according to evidence found in Suksham Ved.


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