Bhagat Dhanna Jatt: A Unforgettable Story of Honesty

Bhagat Dhanna Jatt: A Unforgettable Story of Honesty

Devotee Bhagat Dhanna Jatt, a pious and humble soul hails from a farmer's family from the Jatt community in Rajasthan who found inspiration in the spiritual grandeur of Almighty Kabir. Ever-absorbed in God, devotee Dhanna even while occupied in working for his livelihood had unwavering faith in devotion due to which he was blessed to have an audience of God.  His boundless faith in God is evident in a true account that happened almost 400 years ago that will be dealt with in detail in an ongoing write-up which will prove that Supreme God, Param Akshar Brahm is always with his firm devotees who do His true worship and He keeps the dignity of His devotee and avoids untoward incidents from the life of His worshipper.

This truth will also be proved here that all seekers get the reward for their devotion from Kabir Sahib itself as has been mentioned in pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 16, 17 that Satpurush only nurtures everyone while entering the three realms.

Let us move ahead and do a profound study and see how God blessed His dear devotee Bhagat Dhanna Jatt. The following will be discussed

  • About Bhagat Dhanna Jatt
  • Humble Bhagat Dhanna Jatt Fed Hungry Sages
  • The dramatisation of sowing Sorghum seeds by Dhanna Bairagi
  • Growing of Gourd (Tumba) in the field of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt
  • Miracle Almighty did to Bhagat Dhanna Jatt
  • The honesty of devotee Dhanna
  • God took the wife of Devotee Dhanna in the refuge
  • Dhanna Bhagat inspired King Wajid for true devotion
  • Moral of Bhagat Dhanna Ji's true story

About Bhagat Dhanna Jatt

Dhanna Jatt was a very virtuous soul. He was born in a poor Hindu Jatt family of farmers in Rajasthan almost 400 years ago. He was a highly religious man, a Vaishnav devotee who used to serve needy, saints, holy men and scholars regarding them to be the embodiment of God. He used to worship idols out of ignorance until he was blessed to have a divine audience. He became popular as Dhanna Bairagi when the bhakti movement in India was at its peak hence devout Dhanna earned spiritual heights. Dhanna Jaat being a strong believer in God has several mystical stories in account. The innocence and true devotion in Dhanna's unwavering determination succeed him to be deeply connected to God. Moving ahead let us go through one true incident that happened with firm Devotee Dhanna where God did a miracle and kept his faith intact proving that omniscient and omnipotent God can do anything and everything for His true worshipper.

It has been mentioned in the nectar speech of Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm 

Jo Jan meri sharan hai taka hun mein das |
Gail-Gail laagya phirun, jab tak dharti aakash||

Humble Bhagat Dhanna Jatt Fed Hungry Sages

Reference:- Sukshamveda, Nectar Speech from ‘Amargranth’, Chapter ‘Sumran Ke Ang Ka Sarlarth’ Speech no. 110, from the book ‘Mukti Bodh’ Translated by Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji  Maharaj 

This true story is from almost 400 years ago when farming in Rajasthan was totally dependent on rain. It was considered a great fortune to a place like Rajasthan to have rains shower because, at that time there was no other means of irrigation except depending on rainfall. Poverty was at its peak.

Once it rained in the village of Dhanna Jaat. After it rained all the villagers took Sorghum (Jowar) seeds and went to sow them in their respective fields. Dhanna Bhagat also went to sow the seeds of Sorghum (Jowar) in the field. He met four sages/saints coming on the way. He was glad to see them, hence Saint Dhanna stopped his bullock cart and tied them with a tree. He greeted sages ‘Ram-Ram' and prostrated to them. He asked them ‘How are you?’ To which they replied that ‘Devotee! Our condition is the worst. We haven't got anything to eat for the last two days, we are very hungry, we are starving and are going on a pilgrimage. Our life is about to finish.

Devotee Dhanna had Sorghum seeds in the bag which he was carrying and had brought them to sow in the fields. He thought if he didn't sow seeds his children would starve and die. If he won’t feed these four sages then they will die. Dhanna’s wife was an atheist and a quarrelsome lady. She does not use to feed food to anyone in the house and also used to misbehave with Dhanna Bairagi. He thought if I give Sorghum (Jowar) and suppose it doesn’t rain then these millet seeds will be wasted. No matter if my wife is a hindrance in my devotion and charity but I keep God as a witness and let me save the life of these sages. Thinking this Devotee Danna said to sages ‘These are Sorghum-millet seeds, eat them and satisfy your hunger. The hungry sages ate all those Jowar seeds. They thanked Dhanna Bairagi and went.

The Dramatisation of Sowing Sorghum Seeds by Bhagat Dhanna Bairagi

Since Dhana's wife was short-tempered he thought if he won’t do any drama then the neighbour of the field would complain to his wife that ‘Why didn’t you sow Jowar seeds? She will fight with me’ Therefore, he collected pebbles in a bag as if Sorghum seeds have been kept in place of pebbles. Devotee Dhanna dramatised by sowing pebbles riding on the bullock cart and it seemed to people around that he was sowing Jowar in the field. After completing the task, Dhanna returned home along with his fellow farmers. No one could understand the drama of Dhanna Bairagi. God is Omniscient. He knew everything. 

It has been mentioned in Suksham Veda

Cheenti payal baje pair, Sahib sunta hai sab leir ||

Growing of Gourd (Tumba) in the field of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt

Later, It did not rain. Everyone’s sorghum crop just grew by one feet or two feet after two months. In Dhanna's field, thick gourds (tumba/matira) grew in abundance. The whole field was filled with gourds (tumba). The wife of the neighbouring farm owner said to Dhanna's wife that ‘Did you not sow Jowar in the field?’ The gourd creeper has grown in your field in abundance. Dhanna Jaat's wife thought I will deal with my husband later but first let me visit the field. She saw that Millets-Jowar has grown in everyone's fields.

In Rajasthan gourds (Tumbey/Balsumbey) etc. grow in abundance even without sowing, even when there is a scarcity of rain. She got furious. She plucked one gourd and kept it on her head since it was thick and heavy like a very big pumpkin and came home. She shouted at Dhanna Bairagi ‘Whom did you give Sorghum Seeds to eat? Jowar has grown in everyone's field and in your field gourds (Tumbey) have grown. Will the children eat you?’ Saying this, Out of frustration she threw the gourd with speed towards devotee Dhanna Jaat’s head and said ‘Look at your exploits’. Somehow, Dhanna saved his head.

Miracle Almighty Did to Bhagat Dhanna Jatt

God keeps the dignity of his true worshippers. All this happens with the virtues accumulated by seekers in earlier human births by doing true devotion to Almighty KavirDev.  The power of true devotion became evident. The firm devotee Dhanna had unwavering faith in God. It has been mentioned in Sacchidnand Ghan Brahm speech

गरीब, धना भगति की धूनि लगी, बीज दिया जिन दान।
सूका खेत हारा हुवा, कांकर बोई जान ||

Garib, Dhanna bhagati ki dhooni lagi, Beej diya jin daan |
Sooka khet Hara huwa, Kankar boyee Jaan||

Dhanna was safe but as soon as the gourd (Tumba) fell on the ground it broke into pieces. 5 Kgs Sorghum (Jowar) came out of it, very clean seed-like which can be used to sow.  The anger of Danna’s wife subsided all of a sudden seeing millets. She kept the seeds on a sheet in the house and went to the field to bring more gourds. She started plucking gourds and soon there was a heap of Sorghum (Jowar) on the sheet. Even Dhanna Bhagat came from behind. He was happy to see God’s grace being showered on him. The crops of all the other farmers were destroyed because then it did not rain. The news spread like fire in the entire village that millets are grown in gourds in the field of devotee Dhanna.

It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm's speech

धना भक्त का खेत निपाया, माधो दई सिकलात है ||

Dhana bhakt ka khet nipaya, madho dayee siklaat hai ||

Meaning:- Bhagat Dhanna Jatt had so much love for God that fields produced food grains even without sowing seeds by God’s grace. In this way, God did a miracle and blessed his dear devotee.  God does this to his steadfast devotees.

The Honesty of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt

Bhagat Dhanna was humble and honest. He was not greedy. He told his wife that ‘now do not bring more gourds from the field. By the grace of God, our share is complete. Let us distribute the rest of the Sorghum seeds to other villagers in need’ But his greedy wife did not hear and kept bringing more gourds. Later there were no Jowar seeds found in gourds, rather only flowers were found. Then she stopped. Then humble devotee Dhanna told fellow farmers that ‘God has given the rest Sorghum seeds for you all’. Then he distributed about 10-10 mounds i.e. four-four quintals of millets to all the villagers and kept sufficient Jowar for his family’s survival which was enough to feed them for one year. His honesty was highly praised by the villagers. 

God Took the Wife of Devotee Dhanna in Refuge

This miracle and grace of God enhanced the faith in Dhanna’s wife and after this incident, she also got engaged in devotion. Serving God, holy men and the needy became a priority to her just as that of her husband. Then both husband and wife’s welfare happened by the grace of God.

Dhanna Bhagat inspired King Wajid for true devotion

Once a Muslim King Wajid was going to a nearby city from his Palace with his huge  convoy. On the way one camel from his convoy died all of a sudden and the whole convoy came to a halt. Emperor Wajid was nearly 30 years old at that time and was arrogant that everything happens as per his orders as he is the ruler. He was shocked to hear about the death of that healthy camel. He inquired from his councillors, scholars ‘will he also die some day?’. His ministers said ‘Yes, everyone who is born has to die one day once his time gets over. King Wajid hearing this got deeply hurt. ‘What is this life? What is the use of being the King of an Empire when I will die one day? Here, everything is built on sand, everything is destructible. What is this?’ 
It is said:

‘Eke chot sidhariya, Jin Milan da chah’

He  returned with his convoy and renounced the Kingdom and family. The pious soul had a deep desire to attain God due to sacraments earned in previous human births hence, he went to the Jungle and inside a cave he started performing austerity. Dhanna Bhagat got to know about Wajid Ji performing Hatha Yoga in the Jungle therefore, he went to meet him where he inspired Wajid Ji to quit performing austerity since God/ Allah can never be attained with unscriptural practice and suggested him that  he should take refuge of his gurudev (God Kabir) and do true devotion of Satpurush to attain Allah. King Wajid understood the true spiritual knowledge as explained by Dhanna Jaat that human birth is obtained only to attain God. He got convinced and took initiation from Kabir Sahib and became eligible for the attainment of salvation.

Moral of Bhagat Dhanna Story

The simple meaning of the aforementioned speech in this true story is that Dhanna Bhagat had such a passion for God and religious deeds that witnessing God he sowed pebbles and as it has been mentioned in the nectar Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm speech that

देते को हर देत है जहाँ तहाँ से आन ||

Dete ko har det hai jahan tahan se aan ||

God does anything and everything for his dear devotees. He turned the dry field green in which pebbles were sown. He made the dry field green with Gourd (tumba) creepers. Moreover, God filled Gourds with Sorghum seeds. All those who are steadfast for God get the same benefit as Dhanna Bairagi.

The heart touching  nectar speech (Hymn) of Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm glorifies devout Narsee,  Dhanna Jaat, King Mordhwaj  for whom only true devotion in life was priority.

Sat Kabir dware tere par ek daas bhikari aaya hai,

bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||

Taj Narsee Wale thaath nahee, mein Dhanna jaisa Jaat nahee|

Meri Mordhwaaj jaisee saanth nahi, Jisne ladkaa cheer chadhaya hai!!

Bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||


Human beings firm as Devotee Bhagat Dhanna Jatt can easily achieve the sole purpose of human birth which is God-realisation provided they follow the thumb rule of believing in one God, the creator of entire universes means God Kabir. His dedication to God sets a clear example of religious history because of the unique spiritual merit he possessed. God KavirDev, who blessed Dhanna Bhagat has descended yet again on the pious land of Haryana, India for the welfare of mankind and is doing miracles day and night to his steadfast devotees. Everyone must listen to His spiritual sermons and take initiation to become a permanent resident of our native place Satlok.

FAQs about "Bhagat Dhanna Jatt: A Unforgettable Story of Honestyi"

Q.1 Who was Bhagat Dhanna Jatt?

Bhagat Dhanna Jatt was a virtuous soul born in a poor Hindu Jatt family of farmers in Rajasthan almost 400 years ago. He became known as Dhanna Bairagi due to his devotion during the peak of the bhakti movement in India.

Q.2 What was the incident involving hungry sages and Bhagat Dhanna Jatt?

Bhagat Dhanna encountered four hungry sages while carrying Sorghum seeds for farming. Despite the risk of his family's well-being, he selflessly fed the hungry sages by giving them the seeds meant for sowing. Knowing his wife's temperament, Dhanna collected pebbles and dramatized sowing them to avoid conflict, making it seem like he was sowing Sorghum seeds in the field.

Q. 3 What miracle did Almighty Kabir perform for Bhagat Dhanna's crops?

Although it didn't rain, Bhagat Dhanna's field produced thick gourds abundantly. When his wife questioned this, a gourd miraculously broke open, revealing clean Sorghum seeds inside, which were suitable for sowing by the blessing of Almighty God Kabir Ji.

Q.4 How did Bhagat Dhanna's honesty manifest after the miraculous crop growth?

Despite the abundance, Dhanna advised his wife to distribute the surplus Sorghum seeds to other villagers in need. He only kept enough for his family's survival, earning praise for his honesty. Dhanna's honest warning went unheeded, and when his wife kept bringing more gourds, only flowers were found inside, and no more Sorghum seeds were present.

Q.5 How did Bhagat Dhanna's wife transform after witnessing the divine miracle?

The miracle increased Dhanna's wife's faith, leading her to engage in devotion and serving God, holy men, and the needy alongside her husband.

Q.6 How did Bhagat Dhanna influence King Wajid to turn towards true devotion?

Dhanna encountered King Wajid, who was contemplating the transient nature of life. Dhanna guided him for scriptural practices and inspired him to take refuge in God Kabir for true devotion.

Q.7 What is the moral of Bhagat Dhanna's story?

The story emphasizes the power of true devotion, selfless actions, and the divine interventions that occur for steadfast devotees. It teaches the importance of faith, honesty, and serving others.

Q.8 What does the phrase "Dete ko Har det hai, Jahan tahan se aan" mean in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm's speech?

This phrase translates to "God gives everything to his dear devotees from wherever he wants by haviing whole hearted devotion and complete faith." It underscores the idea that God can perform miracles and fulfill the needs of his devoted followers.


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Prem Kumar

Your article suggests that Dhanna Bhagat Ji experienced miracles of God through worshiping Kabir Sahib Ji, despite his devotion to Shri Krishna Ji. How does this event relate to Kabir Sahib Ji, who is considered a Sant in Kalyug?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we value your interaction with our article. Kabir Sahib Ji appeared in Kalyug, yet the almighty God Kabir Ji manifests in all Yugas to offer genuine spiritual knowledge and guide devotees towards good karma and its resulting experiences across multiple births. We highly recommend understanding complete spiritual wisdom by listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book 'Gyan Ganga'."

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I've heard Dhanna Bhagat Ji's story and found it inspiring. Despite worshipping the Shaligram Shila, I haven't experienced any miracles in my life. I never question God, but I seek clear guidance on this matter.

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Dear reader, we value your perspective on our article. Miracles by God occur for those who engage in true worship according to the scriptures by taking initiation from a complete Saint. Dhanna Bhagat Ji's good karma in a previous life stemmed from involvement in scripture-based worship, guided by the Almighty God Kabir Ji in any form, leading to his experience of miracles. Worshipping the Shaligram Shila isn't mentioned in our Holy scriptures, and the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Ji declares that worship against scripture is futile. Therefore, we recommend understanding complete spiritual knowledge by listening to the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book 'Gyan Ganga'."