Why Lord Krishna Took the Test of Mordhwaj and Tamradhwaj

Why-Lord-Krishna-Took-the-Test-of-Mordhwaj-and -amradhwaj

Gods in 21 universes means in the realm of Satan Brahm Kaal viz.  Goddess Durga,  Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, etc. possess very limited powers and all are mortal. The source of power to these demi-gods in 21 universes is the root means Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush who nurtures entire universes since He is the creator. But due to the lack of true spiritual knowledge naïve souls consider these demigods to be the doer and supreme power.

Hence, worship them aiming to attain a blissful life till they survive on earth and finally attain Heaven which according to them is the ultimate happy and peaceful realm, which is a myth. The ultimate everlasting happy abode is Satlok where Supreme God KavirDev Himself resides.

History provides evidence of various steadfast devotees who sacrificed their lives intending to attain God and were completely dedicated to these demi-Gods in the realm of Brahm Kaal.

In this article we will read about one such dedicated devotee named King Mordhwaj who sacrificed his son Tamardhwaj with the hope of attaining Heaven and wasted his precious human birth which was provided to do true devotion of Satpurush, possessing innumerable powers through whose worship salvation is attained rather than worshipping demi-Gods like Shri Krishna possessing minimal powers who himself is trapped in the web of Brahm Kaal and hasn’t been able to attain emancipation. Therefore, his worshippers like King Mordhwaj also remained deprived of attaining liberation.

The following will be the key highlights of this write-up

  • Source of powers to gods in Brahm Kaal's realm.
  • Shri Krishna revived Mordhwaj's son Tamardhwaj
  • King Mordhwaj's dedication glorified In Sachidanand Ghan Brahm's speech
  • Almighty Kabir glorifies devout Mordhwaj In nectar hymn
  • Sant Garibdas Ji glorified King Mordhwaj in nectar speech
  • Shri Krishna Ji revived Tamardhwaj but why couldn't he revive Abhimanyu?

Source of Power To Gods In Brahm Kaal's Realm

Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1,2 talks about the inverted tree with roots above, trunk and branches hanging downwards indicating that the upside down hanging world like a Peepal tree gets its nourishment from roots.

Oordhvmoolam’, adhHshaakham’, ashvttham’, praahuH, avyyam’,

Chhandaasi, yasya, parnaani, yaH, tam’, ved, saH, vedvit’ ||1||

Meaning: The root of the tree is  Purna Parmatma/ Satpurush Kabir Sahib. The thick trunk is Akshar Purush/ ParBrahm attached to it the thin trunk is Kshar Purush means Brahm Kaal and the three branches are three qualities viz. Rajogun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamogun Shiva. The leaves and twigs are people residing in 21 universes. The enlightened saint decodes the secret of every division of this world like a Peepal tree.

God Kabir says:

Kabir, Akshar Purush ek ped hai, Niranjan (Brahm) vaaki daar |

Teeno deva shaakha hain, paat roop sansaar ||

Through the above mentioned, it is clear that there are three realms and three Gods.

  • One, Param Akshar Brahm who possesses innumerable powers and is the origin of the entire creation. He is immortal.
  • Second God is ParBrahm means Akshar Purush the Lord of only seven quadrillion universes. He and his realms are mortal.
  • The third God is Brahm Kaal/ kshar Purush the Lord of only 21 universes. He and his realm are also mortal. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are his three sons

The source of powers to all is Complete God KavirDev

This hierarchy and setup can be well understood by an example. Like, there is a thermal plant from where the electricity is supplied to every house. Inverters get charged with the electricity with which bulbs, fans etc. work but they work till the battery of the inverter is full. As soon as the battery discharges the inverter stops, subsequently, all facilities stop functioning.

There is a difference in the power of inverters. With only a few bulbs and fans running. The strong power inverter can run bulbs, fans, coolers, and motors. If the inverter's capacity is even stronger then a few more electrical appliances may work until the battery lasts but the capacity of the thermal plant (root) is much more powerful.

In this way, consider Purna Parmatma/ Param Akshar Brahm to be the thermal plant, the only powerful source of energy and Akshar Purush, Kshar Purush, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva to be inverters with limited powers.

As is the difference in various motors with various horsepower. For example, Akshar Purush is the Lord of Ten Thousand Skills. Consider his horsepower to be ten thousand. Kshar Purush is the Lord of only one thousand skills meaning his motor is of one thousand horsepower. Similarly, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva each possess four skills so their motor can be considered to be four horsepower. Almighty Kabir has innumerable powers and infinite universes are running with His command.

Having understood that Lord Vishnu possesses limited powers and the source of power is Satpurush.

Note: In Shri Vishnu Purana there is evidence where Lord Vishnu admits that most of the time he remains engrossed in performing tenacity with which he gains power since he had to fight with demons to maintain the equilibrium of creation. 

Let us proceed and read the true story of King Mordhwaj and find out how Lord Krishna (alias Lord Vishnu) revived Mordhwaj’s son Tamardhwaj. What are the powers of Shri Krishna?

Shri Krishna Revived Mordhwaj's son Tamardhwaj

Reference:- Sukshma Veda

'Kabir Sagar ka Sarlaarth' on page 432-433 in Chapter 'Summary of Kamaal Bodh'. The writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Arjuna became proud that apart from him no one is a superior servant of Shri Krishna. To curb Arjuna's pride Lord Krishna performed a spectacle. Shri Krishna Ji took Arjuna along with him to King Murdhwaja and stayed in his garden. Both were attired as sages. Shri Krishna created an artificial Lion with his power and was carrying him along with him. King Mordhwaja was the disciple of Shri Krishna. King Mordhwaja had to coronate his son Tamardhwaj meaning he had to appoint him his successor.

For that occasion, to honor Tamardhwaj he organized a religious sacrifice. That day, Shri Krishna had changed his form due to which King Mordhwaja and his family members were unable to recognise Krishna Ji. When King Mordhwaj requested both sages to have food then Shri Krishna said "First feed my Lion. He eats human meat and the special thing is today whoever will become the food of the Lion, will attain Heaven. This is the promise of a Saint. Listen! Do not catch hold of any wanderer or a labor. Today this Lion will eat the meat of your family member".

First, King Mordhwaj told his queen and son that the mother should take care of her son since the son is grown up now and is capable enough to rule. I will become the food of Saint's Lion.

The Queen (mother) said "I am a loyal wife. If the husband dies before the married woman then the life of the wife becomes hell. Tamardhwaj is young and does not have any experience as a ruler. As a wife, I have fulfilled my responsibility by providing the successor to the throne. Your (King Mordhwaj) experience as an emperor will be the guiding factor for Tamardhwaj and under your guidance, he will rule properly. Hence I will become the food of Saint's Lion".

Tamardhwaj said "I had not served my mother and father. If either of you will die then by not being able to fulfill my obligation as a son I will be entitled to sin. Therefore, by protecting your life and completing my debt as a son I will go to the court of God with an illuminating face".

In the end, Shri Krishna gave the final verdict that "both of you, husband and wife, rip apart your son Tamardhwaj from the middle with a woodcutter. Throw away the left part of the body. The Lion will eat the right part since the left part is not sacred".

At that very moment, the King and Queen asked for a saw used to rip the wood and both started cutting Tamardhwaj. Guised as a sage Shri Krishna had also warned that "In case, any of you three would have tears in eyes then this Lion will not eat meat".  Husband and wife made their son sit and started cutting him from the middle. The King and the queen did not cry and made their heart like a stone. The son had tears in his eyes. By then, he was ripped from the middle. 

Shri Krishna said, "The son has tears in his eyes. His reverence is not true. Therefore, neither we nor the Lion will eat food. Being upset we are going".

King Mordhwaj said, "He was a child. Rip me, I will not cry. The Queen also said the same".

Then the voice came from the son that "O God! You know everything. Being seated inside my heart, you know the truth why did I cry? I did not cry fearing death. I cried because I am a sinner. My whole body isn't worth being used for your service. This opportunity was received with so much difficulty to entrust my body at your service".

Shri Krishna had said "In this auspicious time, whoever will donate his body in the form of food to this Lion will directly go to Heaven. All three people tried to grab the opportunity. All three were saying ‘Take our body, the second one was saying take mine".

In the meantime, Shri Krishna made a decision that the Lion will eat the meat of Son Tamardhwaj.  Then it was the turn of the son. Therefore, Tamardhwaj had said "with great difficulty, he got this opportunity and only half of my body could be used for your service. I will only get half the benefit". Shri Krishna was highly pleased and at that very moment, he took out the ripper from his body and revived Tamardhwaj. He authorized all three for the attainment of Heaven.

Seeing this spectacle Arjuna got highly ashamed and said "God! I thought that in comparison to me, no one is your dedicated servant. I stand nowhere in front of their sacrifice".

Teachings From Aforementioned True Incident

  • King Mordhwaj sacrificed his son for a saint considering him a supreme saint, a complete God. No one's welfare happened since the attainment of Heaven is not the ultimate aim of human life. Despite being dedicated neither of the three including Lord Krishna could attain emancipation and all remained trapped in the web of Brahm Kaal.
  • Reviving Tamardhwaj with his power is like the power of the inverter which is limited and cannot be compared to the thermal plant which is the source of electricity with which the inverter gets charged.
  • Shri Krishna had limited power but was not a complete God. Param Akshar Brahm is the thermal power with whose power entire universes are running.

King Mordhwaj's Dedication Glorified In Sachidanand Ghan Brahm's Speech

Reference: Speech No 28 from 'Patibrata Ka Ang' on page no.112.

Garib, Patibrata chooke nahee, tan mun javon sees। Mordhwaj arpan kiya, Sir saate Jagdeesh।।28।।

Meaning:– King Mordhwaj was a steadfast devotee devoted to God. He cut the head of his son Tamardhwaj at the behest of Shri Krishna present there in the form of a sage means he ripped apart the body with a ripper. The pious soul, Mordhwaja cut his son and dedicated him to God (Husband). In this way, if the faithful devotee may have to dedicate their mind, and head to the Almighty then he should not miss this opportunity means he does not let it go. Such a devotee has to give up everything for his respected deity. Then he/she is a true devotee.

Speech no. 1236 on page no.497

Garib, Mordhwaj Mela Kiya, jagee aaye Jagdeesh|

Tamardhwaj aaraa dharya, arpan keenha sheesh||

Meaning:- Emphasizing the importance of Charity, donation, righteousness which is a must in the path of devotion King Mordhwaj is glorified in this nectar speech who obeyed the sage and upon his instruction he cut the head of his son Tamardhwaj. He turned out to be a steadfast devotee.

Almighty Kabir Glorifies Devout Mordhwaj In Nectar Hymn

A new devotee or one who is in class one (in devotional path-form school) if he is a pauper, he demands only money from God or an Ill devotee wishes for good health. God teaches ABCD also through spiritual knowledge. This is the very initial and immature stage of devotion when the seeker is in demanding mode. God is Omniscient, Omnipotent. He knows well what his beloved soul/ children need.

By growing mature in the path of devotion the seeker/ disciple stops demanding because God gives more happiness than our expectations since He is the ocean of happiness. He showers immense blessings. Almighty Kabir quotes an example of devout Mordhwaj and emphasizes that instead of materialistic worldly pleasures the disciple should only demand true devotion, true spiritual knowledge and true salvation mantras from God with which the welfare of the soul happens. The beautiful and heart-touching nectar speech (Hymn) of Sachidanand Ghan Brahm regarding the same has been mentioned.

Sat Kabir dware tere par ek daas bhikari aaya hai, bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||

Taj Narsee Wale thaath nahee, mein Dhanna jaisa Jaat nahee|

Meri Mordhwaj jaisee saanth nahi, Jisne ladkaa cheer chadhaya hai!!

Bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||

Sant Garibdas Ji Glorified King Mordhwaj In Nectar Speech

Reference: Book Yatharth Bhakti Bodh Speech no 77, page 147-148, the writer is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Tamardhwaj Mordhwaj Raja| Ambreesh kar hai pooran kaaja||77||

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj praises several sages like Durvasa, Vishwamitra, Gorakhnath, Sukhdev etc. in his nectar speeches scripted in 'Amargranth' who were the worshippers of Brahm Kaal and had gained accomplishments. Including them King Mordhwaj and his son Tamardhwaj, King Ambreesh are also glorified since they were great devout. He says all of them deserve respect for being steadfast devotees during their respective Eras.

Point to Ponder

Having read that Shri Krishna revived Tamradhwaj the readers, and devotees just by this act consider him to be the Supreme God. But there is another side of the coin which raises the question as asked by devotee Dharamdas from Almighty Kabir.

Let us go through their conversation.

Shri Krishna Ji Revived Tamardhwaj But Why Couldn’t He Revive Abhimanyu?

Reference:- Book 'Kabir bada ya Krishna', Chapter 'Brahm Sadhak ka Charitr', on page no.203-204 written by Respected Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Steadfast devotee respected Dharamdas questioned Almighty Kabir 'O Supreme God, O the liberator! Shri Krishna got Tamardhwaj, the son of King Mordhwaj ripped apart from the middle with a ripper due to which he died and then he revived him immediately, and there wasn't even any trace of the ripper. This true incident proves that God Krishna was the Supreme power. Kindly resolve my doubts on this issue. 

Almighty Kabir Ji replied Dharamdas! Undoubtedly Shri Krishna revived Tamardhwaj, the son of King Mordhwaj but why couldn't he revive his real nephew Abhimanyu who was the son of her sister Subhadra when he died at an early age in the Mahabharata war? He was the only son of Pandavas.  Shri Krishna had tears in his eyes. Subhadra was crying. Pandavas' lineage was getting destroyed. There was complete silence.

Satpurush Kabir Sahib told the reason to devotee Dharamdas that 'Tamardhwaj had breaths (age) remaining in his account therefore, Lord Krishna was able to revive Tamardhwaj. Whereas, on the other hand, since the breaths (age) of Abhimanyu was finished therefore, Shri Krishna alias Lord Vishnu who is the Lord of only three realms (Earth, Heaven and Netherworld) became helpless and hence,  could not revive his nephew. Abhimanyu’s life was over. These demi-gods cannot change destined Karma since they possess very limited powers. To dissect the body and then to join it, is the job of just the left hand of these Trinity Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

Even a magician does this act. He shows some person ripped from the middle and then revives him.

But Param Akshar Brahm/ complete God increases the age. He only can change destiny. He is the Lord of innumerable universes. His powers are incomparable. Vedas glorify Him mentioning he is ‘Amit Auja’ (possessing unlimited powers). Shri Krishna can neither increase nor decrease anyone's age nor can he change even a bit as destined in one's life. He can only grant whatever has been written in one’s destiny. This proves Shri Krishna is not a complete and powerful God.

God Kabir preaches true spiritual knowledge and has told the difference between the powers of the so-called Gods, Lord Krishna.

Lord Vishnu gains power through austerity which is very limited. Shri Krishna alias Shri Vishnu is the Lord of only 16 skills bearing only four arms. As mentioned above the source of their accomplishments is only Param Akshar Brahm. He chants mantra given by Almighty 

In this connection, respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj says in his nectar speech

Garib, Maasa ghate na til badhe, Vidna likhe Jo lekh|

Aur saccha Satguru met kar upar maar de mekh||

Garib, Jum jaura ja se dare, mite karam ke lekh|

Adli asal Kabir hai, kul ke Satguru ek||

Meaning:- The destiny that has been made of the creature based on his deeds can only be altered by the complete God and no one else. Almighty met child Garibdas Ji in Jinda Baba (Sant/ Satguru) form. In the aforementioned speech, it has been said that Param Akshar Brahm completely erases the destined Karmas forever. He can also increase the age of His true and steadfast devotee. He revives even the dead. The evidence of the same has been mentioned in Rigveda Mandal No 10 Sukt 161 Mantra no 2.

Therefore, the knowledge giver of the pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 18 Verses 62 and 66  tells Arjuna to go to the refuge of Param Akshar Brahm who is the root of all powers (thermal plant). He is the Supreme God, the creator of entire universes, the provider of salvation.


God Kabir says:

Mahima kije sant ki, tan man dhan sab de|

Sir mange Tala nahi, Mordhwaj lukhele||

Meaning: When found, respect the true saint, the enlightened saint (evidence Gita Ch 4:34 and 15:1). Do not step back even if you may have to cut and offer your head to an enlightened saint. Look at King Mordhwaj. The Tatvadarshi sant is the true representative of the Supreme God. Since, he preaches true spiritual knowledge, grants true salvation mantras.

Today sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Satguru on earth taking whose refuge the welfare of all disciples is possible and everyone who will be initiated by him will land back to the Sanatan ultimate abode. Therefore, without delay, all must grab this golden opportunity and become permanent residents of your native eternal realm, Satlok.


FAQs : "Why Lord Krishna Took the Test of Mordhwaj and Tamradhwaj"

Q.1 Who was King Mordhwaj?

King Mordhwaj is a mythological figure, known for his extreme devotion and willingness to sacrifice for adherence to dharma as tested by Lord Krishna.

Q.2 What was the nature of the test that Krishna subjected King Mordhwaj to?

Krishna, disguised as a sage, asked King Mordhwaj for human meat from his family members to feed his lion, testing the king’s and his family's dedication to dharma and their willingness to sacrifice.

Q. 3 How did King Mordhwaj respond to Krishna's test?

King Mordhwaj, demonstrating profound devotion, agreed to the request and decided to offer his own son to fulfill the sage's demand, proving his adherence to duty above personal love.

Q.4 What was the outcome of the test imposed on King Mordhwaj?

Upon seeing the family’s willingness to sacrifice, Krishna revealed his true identity, restored the son to life, and praised the family for their unwavering devotion and faith.

Q.5 What does the story of King Mordhwaj and Krishna illustrate about Krishna’s powers?

The story illustrates that Krishna, despite being a powerful deity, has his actions and powers confined within the Kaal Brahm and can only provide the destined benefits.

Q.6 Why could Krishna not revive Abhimanyu in the Mahabharata, as he did with Tamardhwaj?

Krishna, as depicted in the Mahabharata, is a God with significant powers but not unlimited powers, operating within the bounds of the three realms can't make any alterations in one’s destiny. Abhimanyu's death was predetermined and an essential part of his destiny, which even Krishna could not alter. On the other hand, Tamardhwaj's life was not fated to end at that point, which allowed Krishna the scope to revive him.

Q.7 What does the narrative suggest about the concept of heaven?

The narrative suggests that attaining heaven is not the ultimate goal in spiritual evolution, as it is a temporary state, unlike the eternal liberation which transcends the cycle of birth and death.

Q.8 Who is considered the ultimate source of all creation and power in the narrative?

The ultimate source of all creation and power in the narrative is described as Param Akshar Brahm or the Supreme God, who is beyond all deities and material existence.


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Rushikesh Dubey

Shri Krishna is a divine entity capable of miraculous deeds, including reviving the dead, as shown when he revived the son of Mordhwaj. However, we should not question His decisions, such as not reviving Abhimanyu. There may be reasons beyond our comprehension for His actions, as the ways of God are often inscrutable.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, thank you for your thoughts. It's important to clarify that Lord Krishna, as described in our scriptures, governs only the three realms of Kaal Brahm and doesn't have the power to alter predetermined fates. This limitation was evident when he could not revive Abhimanyu. According to our teachings, the ultimate divine power is Almighty God Kabir Ji, who is the source of strength for all deities, including the Hindu Trinity, who are his children. The Suksham Ved reveals that Almighty God Kabir Ji has historically aided the Gods during times of distress. Presently, followers who have received initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj experience life enhancements, which isn't observed among worshippers of Krishna Ji. For deeper understanding, we recommend reading "Gyan Ganga" book and listening to the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj for comprehensive spiritual knowledge.

Sanjay Singh

As a devotee of Krishna Ji, I'm troubled by the continuous suffering in my life despite sincere worship by my family. We face financial distress, health issues, and domestic strife. Could you provide some guidance?

Satlok Ashram

Dear Sanjay, we are truly empathetic to the challenges you've described. Our mission is to disseminate true spiritual knowledge that can alleviate such sufferings. According to our teachings, while Lord Krishna has divine authority, he does not possess the ability to alter destiny or eradicate sins, which means his followers must endure the consequences of their past actions. In contrast, Almighty God Kabir Ji has the unique power to absolve sins, leading to tangible improvements in the lives of his devotees, as evidenced by numerous testimonials available through social media and other sources from followers of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. We suggest exploring these resources, including the "Gyan Ganga" book, to find solace and potential solutions to your difficulties.