​​​​​​​Kabir Vat: The Unheard Tale of Jeeva-Datta and God Kabir

​​​​​​​Kabir Vat: The Unheard Tale of Jeeva-Datta and God Kabir

Kabir Vat Vriksha (KabirVad) Origin Story: Bharuch is a city in Gujarat. There is a village named Mangleshwar in that Bharuch district. Along with that village, the river Narmada divides itself into two parts and makes an island. About 600 years ago there was a village named Shukla Tirtha. There were thirty-forty houses in it. To know about the origin story of KabirVad, we'll have to get acquainted with the tale of the two Brahmin brothers named Jiva and Tatva who used to live in that village.

You'll Read About the Following in This Article:

  • Jeeva and Tatva's Bizarre Test
  • Lord Kabir Parmeshwar turned the Dry Branch Green
  • Identification of a Perfect Saint
  • All The Brahmins of Shukla Teerth Village took initiation from Lord Kabir Ji
  • Presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Perfect Saint

The Tale of Two Brahmin Brothers: Jeeva and Tatva

In the year 1465 AD (1408 AD), two Brahmin brothers lived in Shukla Teerth. The elder brother, Jeeva, and the younger brother, Tatva (also known as Datta). Jeeva had a daughter, while Tatva had a son. Both brothers were devoted souls and had realized through Satsang (spiritual discourses) that salvation could not be attained without a Guru. They also concluded that a Complete Guru was essential for complete liberation.

They attended satsangs of various spiritual masters, and whenever they listened to a saint's discourse, they believed that person to be the True Guru. However, their perception changed with each new saint they encountered. This led them to ponder how they could truly recognize the True Guru.

Jeeva and Tatva's Bizarre Test

Now what should be the identity of a complete saint? All the saints tell good things wherever they go. They all sing the glory of the Supreme Lord but don't know how to attain Him. After much contemplation, they concluded. They decided to conduct a test: they would bring a dry twig and bury it in the soil. They would then wash the feet of the saints and pour the sacred water into the pit made by the dry branch. If the branch turned green through the 'Charnamrit' of the saint, they would recognize that saint as the True Guru.

No Guru Could Pass the Test for Years

This test continued for many years, but they were left disappointed. They went to the great saints who had big ashrams and requested them to come home. Some came to their house, some didn't. They started bringing the Charnamrit of Mahamandleshwar and Maharishis to their home. They washed the feet of numerous saints from all around the world and put their Charanamrit in that dry branch. But instead of turning green, that branch started rotting. They followed this method for about a year.  But no saint was found whose feet could turn that branch green. They became disheartened and accepted that there was no True Guru present at that time.

Lord Kabir Parmeshwar Visited Shukla Teerth

Jeeva and Tatva were left hopeless as no Saint could turn the branch green. Both the brothers used to sit and say — 'O Lord, this human body is obtained once after suffering in the lives of 8.4 million types of creatures, but we got it at such a time when there is no True Saint in the entire world. O Lord, it is better that you end our lives and provide us human bodies again when there is a True Saint on Earth.' They used to pray and mourn day and night. Months passed like this. One day, their hope was rekindled when Lord Kabir Parmeshwar Ji visited the village of Shukla Teerth. Tatva recognized Lord Kabir Parmeshwar Ji in the guise of a saint and informed his elder brother Jeeva. Jeeva, however, considered Him to be just another wandering saint and questioned what benefit they would gain from Him, given their previous experiences with renowned spiritual masters.

Lord Kabir Parmeshwar Turned the Dry Branch Green

Upon Tatva's insistence, Lord Kabir Parmeshwar Ji was invited to their home. Tatva first washed His feet, and then they poured the Charanamrit (sacred water) into the pit of the dry branch. Immediately, the branch turned green and vibrant. Overwhelmed with emotions, both brothers received initiation from Lord Kabir Parmeshwar Ji and sincerely prayed, expressing regret for not meeting Him earlier and realizing the loss they had suffered. Lord Kabir Ji explained that He could have come earlier, and even the dry branch would have turned green.

However, they would have considered Him to be an ordinary wandering saint. He further emphasized that these indications are not an identification of a perfect saint. Those who have established great monastic orders have millions of devotees and claim to possess greater spiritual power but are not having the qualities of a True Saint.

Identification of a Perfect Saint

Question: What are the characteristics of a true Guru?

God Kabir Ji replied—

Guru ke lakshan chaar bakhana, pratham ved shastra ko gyana (gyata) |
Dooje Hari bhakti man karm baani, teesre samdrishti kar jaani |
Chauthe ved vidhi sab karma, yeh chaar guru gun jano marma |

Meaning:- The characteristics of a Perfect Guru are as follows:

  1. The Guru possesses knowledge of the Vedas and other holy scriptures, i.e., He has a thorough understanding of the teachings found in Vedas and all other religious scriptures.
  2. The Guru not only preaches the knowledge but also personally practices the way of worship of the Supreme in terms of mind, action, and words.
  3. The Guru possesses equal vision, treating all disciples equally and exhibiting impartial behavior towards them.
  4. The Guru guides disciples and Himself engages in practicing the way of worship, following rituals, prayers, conducting yajnas (sacrificial ceremonies), and reciting mantras according to the prescribed methods mentioned in the Vedas.

All the Brahmins of Shukla Teerth Village Took Initiation From Lord Kabir Ji

When the Brahmins learned that Jeeva and Tatva had taken initiation from Lord Kabir, the weaver of Kashi, and had renounced their spiritual practise, they expelled them from their community. The children of both Jeeva and Tatva had grown up, and finding suitable marriages for them became a challenge. However, Lord Kabir Ji devised a plan. A rumor was spread that Jeeva's daughter was going to marry Tatva's son. This caused an uproar among the Brahmins, who collectively decided to intervene.

They insisted on taking the children to their community and organizing their marriages with other Brahmin boys and girls, according to proper rituals and with dignity. This arrangement was carried out accordingly. After some time, the Brahmins of the entire Shukla Teerth village understood the true essence of spirituality, gained knowledge, and received initiation from Lord Kabir, thereby bringing blessings into their lives.

The relocated Shukla Teerth village witnessed a significant event when Lord Kabir Parmeshwar's touch turned the dry branch green. Over time, it expanded to cover an area of 8-9 acres. The land was subsequently cleared and cultivated for farming, and a small ashram was established by local KabirPanthis near the Banyan Tree to oversee its well-being. Presently the tree is known as KabirVat all around the world. People from various parts of the world come here to visit and witness the glory of Lord Kabir Parmeshwar Ji.

Presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Is the Only Perfect Saint

In the present time, only Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji fulfills all the qualities that are required for a Perfect Saint. He is enlightened with Complete Spiritual Knowledge which Lord Kabir Saheb Ji Himself discovered 600 years ago. He is showing scripture-based worship of the Supreme Lord, by performing which one attains complete Salvation and goes to the supreme abode 'Satlok'. For more information about the Ultimate Spiritual Knowledge, visit Google Play Store and download Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Android application.

God Kabir mentions devout Dharamdas, Jeeva Dutta and King Pipa in the following Hymn stating the importance of true devotion.

Sat Kabir dware tere par ek daas bhikari aaya hai, bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||
Dharamdaas jyon bhakti Seth nahee, mere Jeeva Dutta jaise ulseth nahee||
Mera Pipa jaisa dheth nahee, jisne dariya beech bulaya hai||
Bhakti ki bhiksha de deejo umeed katora lyaya hai||


  • In this way, we find that the banyan tree spread over 3 to 4 acres today is the result of pouring Charanamrit of Kabir Saheb on a dry branch by Jiva-Dutta years ago. Because they had vowed that the saint whose feet would turn it green, they would consider him a Complete Saint.
  • Jeeva and Datta found a Tatvdarshi Saint in the form of Supreme God Kabir Saheb and made their life successful. Kabir Saheb is a complete God, He performed many miracles, out of which this miracle is relevant even today and is in front of everyone.
  • The identities of a Complete Tatvdarshi Saint are written in the holy scriptures. Only Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji fulfills those qualities. Presently, Lord Kabir Ji has incarnated in the form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.
  • Devotion to the Supreme God i.e. Param Akshar Brahm is very essential and this is the aim of human life. At all times, Param Akshar Brahma Kabir Saheb resides in the form of a Complete Tatvdarshi Saint. At present, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is playing that role.
  • Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has given unique knowledge to the society and the world. This knowledge is completely based on religious scriptures. The spiritual knowledge given by Him is irrefutable. The devotees of God should listen to His knowledge, understand it and get their welfare done by taking naam-initiation as soon as possible.

FAQs on Kabir Vat Vriksha (KabirVad)

Q. Where is Kabir Vat Vriksha (KabirVad) situated?

Kabir Vat Vriksha (KabirVad) is located in an island near Mangaleshwar village of the Bharuch district in Gujarat.

Q. Who were Jeeva and Datta?

Jeeva and Datta were two Brahmin brothers.  

Q. How did Jeeva and Datta find the True Guru?

After many tests and trials, they washed God Kabir Ji's feet, and then they poured the Charanamrit (sacred water) into the pit of the dry branch. Immediately, the branch turned green and vibrant. After which they found a true Guru in the form of God Kabir Saheb Ji and they performed worship based on the holy Scriptures.

Q. Who was the Guru of Jeeva and Datta?

God Kabir Saheb Ji was the guru of Jeeva and Datta.

Q. In which year the incident of Kabir Vat Vriksha (KabirVad) took place?

In the year 1465 in the village of Shuklatirth near the city of Bharuch.


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Tejas Patel

I'm a resident of Gujarat and I've heard about Kabir Vat and the associated story. However, I find it puzzling how a single test can determine the authenticity of a Guru. I believe a Guru is someone who guides devotees along the right path, and miracles are not the sole basis for determining their legitimacy.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we deeply respect your perspective on our article. It's accurate that a single miracle isn't adequate to judge a Saint as a complete Guru. However, after extensive efforts, Jeeva and Tatva couldn't find a complete Guru. To satisfy themselves, they established a criterion: the Saint whose Charnamrit turns dry branches green would be deemed complete. Witnessing their devotion, Almighty God Kabir Ji visited their home and turned the dry branches green. Moreover, God Kabir Ji provided scriptural-based true knowledge and directed the way of worship towards salvation which are the main characteristics of a complete Guru. We recommend understanding the attributes of a complete Saint and the miracles achievable through spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Gyan Ganga".

Navya Kalra

I sometimes wonder why spiritual events and miracles seem to predominantly occur in India while developed countries progress ahead. I'm inclined to think the story behind Kabir Vat might be more about hypocrisy.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, your engagement with our article is appreciated. While India may be considered less developed economically, it stands as a world leader in spirituality and knowledge of God. Many people worldwide visit India to seek spiritual peace and understanding. The story of Kabir Vat holds authenticity, experienced and believed by those who have found shelter under a complete Saint and witnessed unexpected miracles in their lives. The laws of God and His ability to bestow blessings and miracles upon devotees have remained constant. However, it's the mode of worship and faith in God that determines who experiences such miracles. To better comprehend the power of spirituality and God, we suggest exploring spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading "Gyan Ganga."