Dowry Free India | A Short Video | Sant Rampal Ji

दहेज का खात्मा This short video showcases the scenario of a girl named "Diksha" who visits a family of disciples of Sant Rampal Ji and gets astonished to discover that the family considers accepting and giving dowry a sin. Despite numerous efforts by the government, this demon of dowry remains an unscalable mountain to climb. Millions of families [...] Read more

Story of Timur Lang

Who was Timur Lang & how did he become a ruler? Unknown to the masses is the fact that God Kabir granted Timur Lane the kingdom of 7 generations. This short video (in Hindi) gives an account of how God Kabir met Timur and his rise to power.

Does Shri Krishan in Bhagavad Gita talk about some other Supreme God?

Is there some other Supreme God that Shri Krishan Ji is talking about in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita? The popular belief amongst devotee society is that Shri Krishan Ji has given the knowledge of Gita and he himself is the Supreme God. Whether Shri Krishan Ji spoke Gita or not, is a matter of a separate debate. We will here address the question whether [...] Read more

Blunders in the Translation of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita gives perfect knowledge, but translators have made sinister blunders during its exegesis, which changes the entire purport of the message in Gita. These blunders prove how ignorant all these translators are (have been), and how abysmal their knowledge, and level of understanding of Gita is (was). Given below are a few [...] Read more

The Most Important Verse in Quran

Which is the most important verse in Quran Sharif / Majid? The most important verse in Quran is Surah Al Furqan, verse no 58 and also 59. But why is it so? Background Belief The accepted fact amongst the Muslim faith is that "Quran" is a word of God. In other words, it is believed that the knowledge of Quran has been given by God. Although this [...] Read more

Way of Living | Sant Rampal Ji | Web Video Series

A person’s journey of life begins at birth. His/her destination is pre-determined. Here in this holy book, there is a detailed description of the path of a person’s journey of life. The goal of a human being (man/woman) is attainment of salvation. Ruined families will become prosperous after reading this book. A family that will have this book [...] Read more

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