Eliminating Social Evils

Eliminating Social Evils

In this world where people are cursed for sins that are carried out unknowingly, there are people who are found indulging in vices knowingly as well. Malpractices like meat consumption, intoxication, female foeticide & infanticide, adultery etc. have taken a toll on the thinking abilities of people and have converted them into devils!

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has initiated and led a strong movement against all sorts of social evils, that are barriers in the path of worship as well as great hindrances for humanity.

Meat Consumption

  1. When an animal gets killed on the roadside, people can’t dare to look at it. Strikingly, the same beautiful creature is ruined by the butcher in a similar fashion and is eaten by humans, acting like demons! Is this the quality of intelligence that people possess?
  2. People talk about the proteins that they get from eating the flesh of animals. In no case can you become healthy, by putting another soul in pain! Also, God has ordered human beings to be vegetarian. Clearly is it mentioned in all Holy books that grains, fruits and leafy vegetables are provided for everybody to eat.
  3. Humans should in no case consume the flesh of animals because they are God’s children too. A single bruise gives immense pain to us; think about these creatures whose life is snatched away for the taste of your tongue! They can do nothing but silently cry, the voice of their suffering stands at a place similar to yours in God’s court. Gone are the days when people used to be empathetic. At least act sympathetically and understand the miseries you’ll have to face by committing this heinous sin.
  4. Those who consume the flesh of animals and/or consume intoxicants land directly in hell, along with their parents, who were themselves involved in such wrongdoings! Do not fill your life’s account with the curse of bad deeds.

    Maans machli khaat hai, Surapaan se het.
    Te narr narak hi jaenge, Maata pita samet!

  5. By listening to the divine spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people leave their ill habit of meat consumption, which in turn removes the burden of bad deeds from their life’s account. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is restoring the lost zest in humanity.


  1. According to the constitution of God, those who kill animals and/or eat their flesh are kaafirs (infidels). Also, people who smoke hookah stand as infidels in the court of God because they involve themselves in a heinous sin.

    Kaafir so jo murgi kaate, Ve kaafir jo seena chaate.
    Kaafir gooda ghatein salaai, Kaafir hukka peevein anyaai!

  2. A great evil that takes away happiness from the lives of countless people is undoubtedly, intoxication. With every intake, the physical and mental capabilities of a person get spoiled. Due to the heart mending spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and the true method of worship provided by Him, people are living a peaceful life by getting rid of their habit of intoxication.

Female Foeticide & Infanticide

  1. Those people who kill girls, be it through female foeticide, female infanticide or any other means, are infidels (kaafirs). Not just boys and girls, all souls including those in the cover of animals or bacteria stand at par in the eyes of Almighty God, whose name is Kabir.

Ve kaafir jo kanya maare, Ve kaafir jo bann khand jaare. 
Ve kaafir jo naar hitaahi, Ve kaafir jo tore baanhi!

  1. Males are born through females only, but still, people do not understand the offence that they involve themselves in by torturing and killing girls. Also, on one hand, people worship various goddesses and on the other hand, the same people entangle themselves with heavily paid sins by carrying out female foeticide and female infanticide.
  2. A girl who worships God is far better than a boy, who is a saakat (a person who doesn’t worship himself and doesn’t let others worship too). That boy can be compared to a piece of flesh (galthana) that hangs under the neck of a goat, which doesn’t give any milk nor does it help in excretion i.e. completely useless.

    Naam japat kanya bhali, Saakat bhala na poot. 
    Cheri ke gall me galthana, Jisme doodh na moot!

  3. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has told the value of this human body and the effects of snatching it away from someone else. Female foeticide and female infanticide are ill practices that are followed because of societal pressure or the burden of dowry, but, because of the pious spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, His disciples have abandoned all these evils.


  1. People who snatch away the dignity and respect of a woman, are cursed to get seventy births as a blind human, animal or any other life form! People should in no case, engage themselves in such malpractices because these are acts of sheer shame and stand against humanity.

    Pardwaara istri ka khole, Sattar janam andha ho dole!
  2. Those people who consume meat and do adultery are cursed in a similar way; their life will get ended by decapitating their head from the body. Doing these sins for a single time leads to 70 consecutive happenings of this kind.

    Sura paan madd maansahaari, Gawan kre bhoge parr naari.
    Sattar janam katat hai sheesham, Sakshi Saheb hai jagdeesham!

  3. The power of true mantras imparted by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is so much that as soon as a person becomes His disciple, all malpractices vanish from that person’s life. Through the tireless efforts of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, a radical transformation has been brought about in the lives of numerous people and habits of intoxication, adultery etc. are no where to be seen in His disciples.


  1. People feel happy on cheating others, but, feel miserable when someone else does the same with them. The time has come to sway greediness away because in the end, no money is yours! Only the account of good and bad deeds travels with the soul.

    Kabira aap thagaaiye, Aur na thagiye koe.
    Aap thage sukh hot hai, Aur thage dukh hoe!

  2. Those who involve themselves in corruption or charge exorbitantly high, are badly mistaken that they are becoming rich by carrying out such acts. In reality, all of this gets converted into a debt, which will have to be paid off in the next birth with a very high interest amount.


  1. Those who steal or involve themselves in misconduct are burdening themselves with the curse of major sins. A thief can’t ever become rich in the true sense and faces destruction! Getting involved in such activities is a direct ticket for being put in the cover of 84 lakh life forms.

    Chauraasi ki chaal kya, Mo seti sun le.
    Chori jaari karat hai, Jaake munhde kheh!


  1. By committing suicide, people do end their precious human life, but in no case, can their sorrows vanish! More precious than gold, the ones who commit suicide, destroy their human body, which is aspired by gods and goddesses as well. Such people can’t ever receive peace and happiness because they become ghosts and suffer in the cover of eighty-four lakh life forms.

    Kanchan kaaya naash hove, Tann thok jalai re.
    Murakh bhondu baawre, Ye mukti kraai re!

  2. The method of worship provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is scripture based and has provided the true way of living to so many people. Committing suicide is not a way out to end your troubles. All your problems will actually vanish on reaching the immortal abode, Satlok, which can be made possible only by coming under the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Arbitrary Rituals & Traditions

  1. Various non-scripture based practices are followed by people, continuing the old tantrums that their families used to follow, such as ancestor worship and marriage rituals. All of these practices are arbitrary in nature and cause more harm than good!
  2. People follow various customs that have not been testified by any Holy book such as touching the feet of elders. In no case, can respect be portrayed through this act, as it is a feeling that comes from within and all that children need to do is to actually take care of their parents and relatives.

Filthy Entertainment

  1. The world community at large has been misled through the vulgar entertainment shows that are showcased on various sorts of electronic and printed media. It has greatly devastated the minds of people, making this society a dangerous place to live in.
  2. It is rightly said, garbage in, garbage out! As you feed in your brain, similar will be the outputs. Filthy movies, serials and web series have dumped trash in the brains of majority of people. Now is the time to initiate peacefulness by sowing pious seeds of true wisdom.
  3. People listen to songs and dance in this world, which is no more than a fake fantasy! The disaster of death can take a toll on your life any second, leaving you with nothing, but repentance. Attain the ever joyous abode, Satlok by following the scripture based method of true worship provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.
  4. The disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj follow a modest way of living and do not sing or dance. Through the heart fulfilling spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people have completely banned watching movies and vulgar shows, understanding that the treasure of human body has been granted for the sole purpose of attaining salvation.

No matter what your past has been like, it is never too late to initiate the goodness in yourself. Make yourself guilt free by leaving these habits that lead you to an all bane situation.

Garib, yo hai panth Kabir ka, Satlok ku sael. 
Anant koti kull panth hai, Koi naa paave gael!

Scripture based worship provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj stands as the ultimate cure for all problems and lands the soul back on the plentiful and immortal abode, Satlok! We humbly request all of you to listen to the divine spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, which is the only truth in this world where everything is fake. Come under His refuge by taking initiation and make your human life successful.


FAQs about "Eliminating Social Evils"

Q.1 How can one remove social evils?

According to Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, the eradication of social evils requires a spiritual awakening and adherence to scriptural teachings. He emphasizes the importance of abandoning wrongful practices, embracing righteous living, and following a disciplined, scripture-based path of worship. Through spiritual discourses and adopting a truthful way of life, individuals can rid themselves of these social vices.

Q.2 What are the different evils of society?

There are various societal evils that Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj aims to combat. These include:

  • Meat consumption
  • Intoxication (such as alcohol and drug abuse)
  • Female foeticide & infanticide
  • Adultery
  • Corruption
  • Theft
  • Suicide
  • Arbitrary rituals & traditions
  • Filthy entertainment (such as vulgar movies and shows)

Q. 3 Who fought against social evils?

There were many reformers in the past who fought against social evils, namely, Kabir Saheb Ji, Ravi Das Ji, etc. At present, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is leading a movement to fight against these social evils. He imparts spiritual teachings to guide people away from these wrongful practices and towards a virtuous way of life.

Q.4 What are the causes of social evils? Explain.

The causes of social evils are rooted in human actions that deviate from scriptural teachings and moral values. These practices are often driven by ignorance, societal pressures, greed, lack of empathy, and a deviation from the true purpose of human life, according to the teachings of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Q.5 What are the roots of evil?

The roots of evil, stem from actions that contradict spiritual teachings and moral principles. The wrongful spiritual practices, ignorance, societal norms, and the allure of immediate gratification are considered to be the roots that lead individuals astray from righteousness.

Q.6 What are the major societal evils addressed by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj?

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj addresses various societal evils, including meat consumption, intoxication, female foeticide & infanticide, adultery, corruption, theft, suicide, arbitrary rituals & traditions, and filthy entertainment. He condemns these practices as they deviate from scriptural teachings and moral principles, advocating for their abandonment to lead a virtuous life.

Q.7 How do Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj's teachings provide a solution to societal problems?

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj's teachings offer a solution by guiding individuals toward a disciplined, scripture-based path of worship. His spiritual discourses aim to transform lives, leading followers away from societal vices and towards moral righteousness. By adopting these teachings and practices, individuals can purify their lives, contributing to the elimination of social evils and promoting a virtuous society.


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Melvin Joseph

I appreciate some of the social evils addressed by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, but I don't agree with entire article. For instance, meat consumption is a common practice globally and serves to maintain biodiversity by preventing overpopulation of certain animals. It seems acceptable to consume meat for this reason.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we're grateful for your engagement with our article, and we're glad it's prompting thought. Our article is based entirely on the holy scriptures of various religions, not on personal opinions. Actions prohibited in these scriptures are considered sinful and lead to suffering in life. Meat consumption is deemed a heinous sin and is strictly prohibited by God. To save oneself from such sins, which are the cause of suffering, we recommend understanding true spiritual knowledge based on Holy scriptures. This can be achieved by listening to Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's spiritual discourses and reading the book Gyan Ganga.

Samrat Verma

Your article effectively addresses societal issues, but I find some points, such as entertainment and traditions, hard to grasp. Each religion has its own traditions, and respecting them is important. Additionally, in a life filled with stress, entertainment like watching movies is like a necessary escape.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. While human life is indeed precious, focusing on unnecessary activities and entertainment detracts from the true aim of life—to get rid from the cycle of birth and death and attain salvation. Our intention isn't to challenge any religion or tradition. However, engaging in scriptural worship is crucial to finding lasting happiness. Ignoring scriptural worship and adhering to arbitrary traditions has led to human suffering. The solution lies in worshiping Almighty God according to scriptures, which can lead to a happier life. We suggest understanding the true spiritual knowledge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj through the book Gyan Ganga and by listening to his spiritual discourses.