Intoxication Free World

Intoxication Free World

Majority of the world’s population is involved in intake of intoxicants of one kind or the other, not realizing the bitter fact that they are adding in their life account, some heavily paid sins! Numerous people want to leave their habit of intoxication, but, every effort ends in vain.

With the heart mending true spiritual knowledge provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, an Intoxication Free World is soon to emerge!

Ill Effects of Intoxication

  • Alcohol or any type of intoxicant directly hits the nervous system and makes it weak. The person becomes fragile with every intake and his brain starts malfunctioning. No matter what type of narcotic a person consumes, intelligent people will have to realise the fact, that these intoxicants are our body’s and soul’s greatest enemies.

Kabir, bhaang bhakhe ball buddhi ko, Aafu ehmak soe.
Doye amal avgunn kehyo, Gyaanvant sunn loe!

  • Intoxication has made the lives of people take a dramatic downturn! People who get intoxicated, be it by any means, spoil their own life and play negatively with the lives of people attached with them. A father, who is supposed to take care of his family, gets drunk and thrashes his wife and children! Is this the humanity, the so-called learned world talks about?!
  • To all the people who think that they wipe off sorrows from their lives by getting drunk, the reality lies in the fact, that you do not sway your problems away; instead these people lose their senses, making them act like demons! Intoxication is the biggest enemy of this human body, as consuming these harmful substances is a heinous sin and the bad deeds get aggravated to a huge extent through every single intake.
  • Cigarette smokers pollute the environment and increase the chances of asthmatic attack for other people too. No matter what type of narcotic a person intakes, he spoils his own body to a great extent. Physical problems surround such a person, with their immune system getting weak with every passing second.
  • Besides snatching the health, peace and happiness from a person’s life, intoxication plays negatively on the spiritual aspect too. Our body has Chakras on the backbone, wherein the gods and goddesses reside as guests. Whenever a person inhales the smoke, be it by way of a hookah or cigarette, these gods and goddesses suffer. This can be compared to inviting a guest at your place, making them have good food and then dumping and locking them in a room full of smoke! What would that person think about you? Similarly, people worship in ways that please them and then dunk this garbage inside, leading to the result that the gods and goddesses won’t help such a person in times of pain, even if they have the ability to do so!
  • People intake narcotics and simultaneously pray to gods and goddesses, the result of this worship being futile. Intoxication causes an all-bane situation and a person who consumes these harmful substances, can in no way attain mental peace and happiness.

Bhaang tamaakhu chhotra, Aafu aur sharaab.
Kabir kaun karein bandgi, Ye to bhaye kharaab!

  • Life has taken such a dramatic downfall in the current phase of Kalyug, that not just men, even women have started consuming intoxicants! Not realizing the importance and preciousness of this human body which is granted for the sole motive of attaining salvation, people are found consuming these harmful substances, adding heaps of bad deeds in their life’s account!

Kabir, kalyug kaal pathaaiyaan, Bhaang tamaakhu feem.
Gyaan dhyaan ki sudhh nahi, Basein inho ki seem!

  • Wise people who understand the value of this human body, should in no case, consume intoxicants because it makes the precious life of a human, similar to that of an animal. Realising the importance of every single breath, people should comprehend, that it’s never too late to walk on the correct path.

Kabir, avgunn kahu sharaab ka, Gyaanvant sunn ley.
Maanush so pashuva kare, Dravya gaanth ka dey!

Intoxication is a Heinous Sin as per the Constitution of God

Madira peeve kadwa paani, Sattar janam swaan ke jaani!

People who drink alcohol even once, are cursed with 70 consecutive births of a dog. This is due to the fact that they dig inside their body, these bitter and poisonous substances. Now, they get 70 births of a dog at a stretch, to have bitter substances and the vomit of people as their food. Just give a thought on what will happen with the people, who do not spare a day without these intoxicants!

Wandering in these mortal universes since yugas, this human body is the rarest of all treasures which is granted for making good the loss and attaining salvation! People consume tobacco, which is the deadliest of all sins because it closes the chakras through which the soul can land back on the immortal abode, Satlok!


Kutankala heen yug yug kalesh,
Sukhan maan mera mai kehta hamesh.
Talak sa tamaakhu shila ghot pees,
Dei naak naasa kamal me kasees!

hose who smoke hookah as well as the ones who prepare hookah, are Kafirs (Infidels) as per the constitution of God. Your body is a pious treasure, which can make your soul reach the immortal abode through true worship. Ban these evils for good!

Kaafir bhaang bhasodi bhar hi, Kaafir hukke ku sir kar hi.
Kaafir ghatt me dhooma dehi, Kaafir naas naak me lehi!

Maans machli khaat hai, Surapaan se het.
Te narr narak hi jaenge, Maata pita samet!

People who eat the flesh of animals or consume narcotics are directly destined to hell, along with their family members, who themselves did the same. When people are in the cover of a human, they do not realise the harsh reality that they can actually become an animal, but, so were those souls thinking who are suffering in the cover of an animal currently!

Those people who intake intoxicants, can in no case, attain salvation. For walking on the path of true worship, first & foremost, you need to get rid of these sinful deeds and only then can you initiate the most imperative task of this human life.

Kabir, amal aahaari aatma, Kabhu na paave paar.
Kahein Kabir vichaar ke, Tyaago tatav vichaar!

Come Under Saint Rampal Ji's Refuge & Sway all Evils Away


  1. People run from drug de-addiction centers to occultists for leaving the habit of intoxication, but, are unable to do so. After coming under the divine refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, lakhs of people have eliminated these evils from their lives because scripture based worship is the ultimate cure for all problems and sufferings.
  2. With the divine blessings of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, devilish houses have been transformed into peaceful homes, as lakhs of people have left their habit of intoxication forever! The power of word of the True Guru is immense and therefore, without the need of any medicine, this malpractice leaves the lives of His disciples.

    Guru mehar karein to, Kaaga se hans bana dein!
  3. Even after taking medicines and the government playing its role, people are not able to leave intoxication. They do every thing to sway this evil away, but, all efforts end in vain. After reading the pious books written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, miracles start happening in that person’s life and just by coming under Saint Rampal Ji’s refuge, all malpractices get vanished.
  4. None of the disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj consume intoxicants of any kind. Leave aside actual consumption, they do not even touch these harmful substances because the true mantras granted by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj have unbound power to sway all evils away.
  5. The power of spirituality is much above science as lakhs of people have got rid of their habit of intoxication, just by coming under the shelter of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Chain smokers and drunkards are living a guilt-free life after following the true method of worship provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.
  6. It is written in Vedas, that God can strike off the curse of bad deeds done in the past, therefore, just by chanting the true mantras of worship provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people leave intoxication from that very second itself. Real worship can cure all evils!


Satguru maarya baan kass, Khaebar gyaasi khainch.
Bharam karam sab jar gaye, Lei kubuddhi sab ainch!

With the tireless efforts of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people are realizing the value of this precious human life and are leaving all social evils for good. Not just the spiritual field, the divine spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj are bringing about revolutionary transformations on the social aspect as well and are making people truly human. An intoxication free world will soon, become a reality!

With folded hands, we sincerely request every person to listen and understand the true spiritual knowledge provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. If you want to leave your habit of intoxication, the solution is extremely simple. Come under Saint Rampal Ji’s refuge, which will not only sway all evils away, but, will make you attain the ever happy, plentiful and immortal abode!