Top Mudras: Chanchari, Bhuchari, Agochari, Khechari & Unmani

Top Mudras: Chanchari, Bhuchari, Agochari, Khechari & Unmani

Since inception man has been trying hard to attain God (or attain salvation) because, since the day the soul has been separated from God, it has realized that the shelter of God is the ocean of happiness. And in that process, for ages men have tried various ways to attain God like performing force worship (Hatha Yoga) by doing penance for several years in forests or performing various types of gestures but haven't been successful. God was never attained; rather such seekers landed up gaining some powers (Siddhi) which did not provide them with any benefit. This is the trick of Brahm Kaal in whose world souls are trapped for ages and are trying a way out to get rid of since there are only sufferings on earth. No one is happy. There is a mention of five such gestures (Mudrayen) in Sachidanandghan Brahm’s speech ie. in the nectar speech of God which proves that since ages sages/saints/great sages have been trying to attain everlasting peace means are trying to attain God but all their efforts went in vain.

This article aims to provide information on one such way of attaining God tried by our contemporary sages/saints which is performing Mudrayen (a way of physical devotion) with evidence from holy scriptures and will prove that these activities were useless and a sheer waste of human birth. We have a history of devotees who were engaged in performing Mudras (posture) but remained unsuccessful on the path of attaining salvation and ended up suffering in the lives of 84 lakh life forms. God is attained by the right way of worship as mentioned in our holy scriptures.

Let us know about those five Mudras (gestures) in detail. The following will be discussed

  • What are Mudras (Gestures)?
  • What are the five types of Mudras (Gestures)?
    - Chanchari Mudra
    - Bhuchari Mudra
    - Agochari Mudra
    - Khechari Mudra
    - Unmani Mudra
  • Chanting ‘Shiriyam’ mistaken as Satnam by Saints
  • What are Amrit Kriya, Swans Kriya and Kundalini Shakti?
  • Khechari Mudra nullifies the power of Kundalini Shakti
  • What is the benefit of performing Mudras (Gestures)?
  • Why Mudras (Gestures) cannot grant salvation?
  • Who is a Tatvadarshi Sant?
  • Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Tatvadarshi Sant
  • Worship of Almighty Kavir Dev grants salvation

What are Mudras (Gestures)?

Mudras also called posture or gesture are the advanced form of Yoga which helps one to reach a higher state of consciousness. These are the forms of physical devotion which mean the recitation of mantra (in form of Shabd). By practising Mudras one gains accomplishments meaning limited supernatural powers but does not attain salvation.

There are five types of gestures (Mudras) stated in Suksham Veda. Let us go through them.

What Are Five Types of Top Mudras (Gestures)?

Supreme God Kabir has clarified in Sachidanandghan Brahm’s speech about the five Mudras and has detailed the actual truth behind it. He has disclosed that there are two sorts of powers acting in these 21 universes of Satan (Kaal Brahm). One is Supreme God Kabir Himself and the other is Satan (Kaal Brahm). Both powers act upon souls in accordance with their deeds and destinies. Both the powers are resembled by their word (Shabd). For recognizing the true Shabd of God Kabir, we should be aware of the true spiritual knowledge.

Ref: Holy Kabir Sagar Chapter 29 “Panch Mudra” on page 181. It mentions in detail five gestures and the achievements that happen with its practice to seekers.

Shabd phans phansaa sab koi shabd nahi pehchana ||
Prathamhin Brahm swayam iccha te panchon shabd ucharaa ||
Sohang Jyoti, Niranjan, Rarankar, shakti aur Onkara ||
Panchon tatv prakriti teeno gun upjaya ||
Lok dweep charon khan chaurasi lukh banaya ||
Shabdai Kaal kalander kahiye shabdai marm bhulaya ||
Panch shabad ki Asha mein sarvas mool gawanya ||
Shabdai Brahm prakash bhent ke baithe munde dwara ||
Shabdai nirgun shabdai sargun shabdai Ved pukara ||
Shudh Brahm kaya ke bheetar baith kare sthana ||
Gyani yogi pandit au siddh shabd min murjhana ||
Panchai shabd panch hai mudra kaya beech thikana ||
Jo jihsank araadhan karta so tihin karat bakhana ||
Shabd Jyoti Niranjan Chanchari mudra hai nainan ke manhin ||
Tako jane Gorakh yogi maha tej tap manhin ||
Shabd Onkar Bhuchri mudra trikuti hai sthana ||
Vyas Dev tahi pahichana chand surya tihi jana ||
SohaM shabd agochari mudra bhanwar gupha sthana ||
Shukdev muni tahi pahichana sun anhad ko kanaa ||
Shabd Rarankar Khanchari mudra daswein dwar thikana ||
Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh aadi lo Rarankar pahichana ||
Shakti shabd dhyan unmuni mudra basey akash sanehi ||
Jhilmil-jhilmil jyot dikhawe jane Janak videhi ||
Panch shabd panch hai mudra sau nishchay kar janaa ||
Agey purush puran niHakshar tinki khabar na janaa ||
Nau naath chaurasi siddhi lo panch shabd mein atke ||
Mudra saadh rahe ghat bheetar phir ondhey mukh latke ||
Panch shabd panch hai mudra lok dweep yamjala ||
Kahe Kabir akshar ke aagey niHakshar ka ujiyala ||

In the aforementioned speech it is mentioned “Santo shabdai shabd bakhana” meaning all saints tell the glory of Shabd (mantra) The complete God Kabir Sahib has told that the mantra is of Satpurush as well; which is symbolic of Satpurush and Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal’s) symbolic is also mantra (Shabd). Kabir Saheb has told in His sacred verses that words (Shabd) Jyoti Niranjan, Onkar, Soham, Rarankar and Shakti are the words resembling the five Mudras. The group of yogic mudras ie. Chanchari, Bhuchari, Agochari, Khenchari and Unmani respectively are connected with the organs of perception. Performing the recitation of these words cannot grant a devotee salvation because these all lead souls to the mouth of Satan (Kaal Brahm) after death as a result they continue to rotate in the lives of 84 lakh life forms.

The same evidence is also given in the book 'Ghat Ramayan' by Tulsidas Hathras wale on page number 27:

Paancho naam kaal ke jano, tab dani mann shanka aano |
Surti Nirti lae loksidhaun, Aadinaam le kaal giraun |
Satnam le jeev ubhari, Aaschal jaun purush darbari ||

Let us move ahead and know more about all five Mudras.

  • Chanchari Mudra
  • Bhuchari Mudra
  • Agochari Mudra
  • Khechari Mudra
  • Unmani Mudra

Chanchari Mudra (Gesture)

Chanchari Mudra is attained by the physical devotion and recitation of the word (Shabd) Jyoti Niranjan. Gorakhnath Ji attained this Mudra by doing excessive austerity of the word Jyoti Niranjan which is very difficult for a layman to achieve. As a result, he attained some supernatural powers which made him quite famous in society. But in spite of gaining such accomplishments, he remained deprived of salvation and ended up serving as food to Satan (Kaal Brahm) after his death. He could never attain the eternal world Satlok.

Bhuchari Mudra (Gesture)

Bhuchari Mudra is attained by the seeker by the recitation of the word (Shabd) Onkar. This Mudra was attained by the great sage Vedvyas. But in spite of such struggle, he remained in the mouth of Satan (Kaal Brahm) and could not achieve salvation.

 Agochari Mudra (Gesture)

Agochari Mudra is attained by the continuous recitation of the word SohaM with which the seeker goes to the ‘Bhanwar gupha’ made in Kaal’s world. Recitation of SohaM Shabd was practised by sage Sukhdev and upon doing so he was able to reach just heaven made in the kingdom of Shri Vishnu Ji but could not escape the cycle of birth and death.

Khechari Mudra (Gesture)

Khechari Mudra was attained by the recitation of the word (Shabd) Rarankar. By its recitation, a devotee can reach up to the tenth door which is called the ‘Sushmana door’. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv practised Khechari Mudra and remained in Kaal’s trap; they could not attain salvation. It has been testified in Holy Devi Puran in chapter 3 page 123 published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur where Lord Vishnu accepts in front of Goddess Durga that we three Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv are in the vicious cycle of birth and death and are living by her grace.

Sage Shringi practised Khechari mudra. Let us read his real story stated in the scriptures.

The Real Story of Sage Shringi and Shanta, the Daughter of Dashratha

Once upon a time sage Shringi became a Karma Sanyasi and practised force worship (arbitrary severe austerity) in the forest for years and accomplished ‘Amrit Kriya’ by practising ‘Khechari Mudra (gesture). Due to this he accomplished the power of a meagre diet. He used to practice facing the tree and used to lick the bark of the tree with his tongue once a whole day. Just this much was his food. After a few years, sage Shringi came and sat in a nearby forest outside Ayodhya and started performing his practice. Due to this he became a reason for special discussion and attraction for the people of Ayodhya.

One day Shanta, the daughter of King Dashratha {i.e. the sister of Ramachandra Ji who was born long before Ramachandra} after taking permission from her father also went to see sage, Shringi. She got fascinated by seeing sage, Shringi. After which, Shanta, the daughter of King Dashratha, started trying to wake sage, Shringi. Someone told her that where this sage licks the bark with the tongue, you apply some honey there; also take food along with it. When he opens his eyes you feed him food. Then he will not be able to meditate more. Shanta did the same. Sage Shringi felt delighted after having honey and licked the bark many times. On the second day he opened his eyes and ate pudding (kheer).

After this King Dashratha considered sage Shringi a perfect ascetic and brought him home and made him a Guru. He prayed to get a son. Then sage Shrangi advised King Dashratha to perform (Putroshti) sacrifice aiming to be blessed with a son. The day was decided. In the meanwhile, sage Shringi and Shanta had a love affair. But King Dashratha refused that we are Kshatriya, he is a Brahmin, therefore, marriage is impossible. After that one sage adopted Dashrath's daughter Shanta. Then their marriage happened. After which sage Shringi along with his wife Shanta went to a distant forest. There he built a hut and started living.

The evidence of this is in ‘Ramayana’ scripted by Shri Tulsidas in ‘Bal Kand – Ram Kaleva’ on page no. 274 in the following verses

Boli siddhi sunahu Raghunandan tum hamar nandoi |
Ek baat tum sau hum puche lalla na rakhahun goi ||
Hot byah sambandh saban kon apni hi jatihi mahi |
Nij bahini Shringi rishi ko tum kaise diyo vivahi ||
Ki unko munish le bhagyo ki boi sang lagi |
Aisi baat batawahun lalan tum Raghuvansh adagi ||

Moving on to the next gesture ie. Unmani mudra

Unmani Mudra (Gesture)

Unmani Mudra is attained by the recitation of the word Shakti (Shriyam). This Mudra was attained by King Janak who was the father of Sita Ji in Treta Yuga. But as this worship was incomplete hence it kept him trapped in Kaal’s world. King Janak remained deprived of attaining salvation. Later in Kalyuga, the same soul of King Janak took birth as Guru Nanak Dev whom Almighty Kabir Sahib met and took to immortal abode Sachkhand, provided him true spiritual knowledge and granted him true mantras of salvation. Then the welfare of the soul happened and now the soul is happily residing in Satlok/Sachhkhand.

It has been testified in Holy Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi page number 423 in the Sakhi of Anjit Randhave and in Holy Kabir Sagar (Savsambhedbodh) on pages 158-159 and Kabir Sagar (Agam Nigam Bodh, Bodh Sagar) page number 44 that the previous birth of Shri Nanak Dev Ji was of King Janak.

Chanting ‘Shiriyam’ Mistaken As Satnam By Saints

Many ignorant saints included chanting of Shakti's (Shiriyam) mantra among the five to be Satnam. Satnam is no recitation rather it is indicative of a two-word powerful salvation mantra granted by enlightened saint so as to attain salvation. Satnam is symbolic of the true salvation mantra just as Satlok is also called Sachkhand. 

What are Amrit Kriya, Swans Kriya and Kundalini Shakti?

Our body system has a lot of nerves inside. Along with blood, there is the production of nectar (Amrit) inside our body. We have a vacuum inside the palate (the top part of our mouth) which is always full of nectar. From there this nectar falls on the nasal cavity continuously by default.

A Kundalini Shakti is present there which is also called a Nagini (or female snake) by Saints. This female snake has two tongues and is present near the navel with its mouth pointing upward always so as to consume the falling nectar by default. By consuming nectar she is destroying it and is not allowing it to go inside our body for nourishment.

All our nerves accumulate at the navel and form a bridge-like structure there which is wrapped by Kundalini Shakti (Nagini). This Nagini doesn't allow the nectar to fall into the nerves. But by mastering Swans Kriya, one can turn Nagini's mouth upside down and loosen its grip on the cluster of nerves. And further, it allows the nectar to go inside the body rather than falling inside Nagini's mouth

Khechari Mudra Nullifies Power of Kundalini Shakti

Khechari mudra gets the pleasure of secreting nectar. While practising Khechari Mudra (Gesture) when one practices touching the palate with his twisted tongue, it tightens the nerves related to our brain and tongue. Inside our palate, there is a minute hole at its bottom as a valve covered by a nerve acts as its cover which doesn't allow the nectar to flow into the body. And the continuous practice of Khechari Mudra to touch the palate opens that minute hole. Following this, the nectar doesn't fall on the nagini either directly or during overflow. It nullifies the power of Kundalini Shakti. It further allows the nectar to circulate inside the body and allows the body to live without food for years. This is how after long efforts; does a seeker gains this accomplishment. This is called Amrit Kriya and it is very difficult for a common man to perform it with perfection.

So the question arises is there any spiritual benefit of performing such gestures?

What is the Benefit of Performing Mudras (Gestures)?

the aforementioned proves that by performing Mudras one can attain some supernatural powers only. But still remains deprived of attaining God and salvation. And these supernatural powers are also attained by doing extreme physical devotion (penance) which is very difficult for a common human being. It is evident from Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 17 Verses 5 and 6 that those humans who do mudras or any form of austerity are considered to be demons in the form of humans. Hence, our Holy Scriptures prohibit doing any sort of such physical devotion which is forced worship/ Hatha Yoga. It is arbitrary practice and hence useless.

By performing Amrit kriya one can live for years without eating. When ancient sages used to go into jungles for meditation they used to perform Amrit kriya and live for years without food. But in the absence of a true method of worship which is to be received either from a Tatvadarshi Sant or God Kabir Himself, these sages remained deprived of salvation even though having Amrit kriya achieved.

This signifies that arbitrary practice is useless and a hindrance in the true devotional path of attaining emancipation.

Why Mudras (Gestures) Cannot Grant Salvation?

It is known to everybody that to attain salvation we need to do worship in accordance with our Holy Scriptures. Also, as per Holy Geeta Ji Chapter 16 Verse 23 it is advisable to worship God in accordance with Holy Scriptures abandoning arbitrary worship.

Holy Geeta Chapter 16 Verse 23 states:-

YaH, shastrvidhim', utsrjya, vartte, kamkaratH, na, saH,
Siddhim', avapnoti, na, sukham', na, paraam', gatim' ||

Meaning:- The one abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures, acts according to his whimsical desires, neither attains perfection, nor supreme state, nor happiness.

In Holy Geeta Ji Chapter 17 Verse 23 it is stated that OM-TAT-SAT is the mantra for attaining God and salvation. It consists of the mantra OM (of Brahm Kaal) along with TAT & SAT which are indicative words to be declared and given with way of recitation by an enlightened Sant only.

Holy Geeta Chapter 17 Verse 23:

Om Tat′, Sat′, itinirdeshH, BrhmnH, trividhH, smritH,
BrahmnaH, ten, vedaH, ch, yagyaH, ch, vihitaH, pura ||

Translation:- Om is the mantra of Brahm Kaal, Tat is the indicative mantra of ParBrahm, and Sat is the indicative mantra of Purna Brahm, in this way, this is said to be the direction of recitation of three types of mantras for attaining Supreme God, and at the beginning of nature, Brahmans used to practice based on this only and they told that the same Supreme God created Ved and Yagya etc.

Therefore it becomes evident from our Holy Geeta that there is no mention of performing any sort of Mudras for attaining God. And performing these will not help devotees in attaining salvation. On the path of attaining salvation, it is equal for a devotee whether he performs any sort of Mudras or not. Instead one should look for a Tatvadarshi Sant who can provide a devotee with an authentic way of worship to attain salvation.

So How to know the traits of an enlightened saint?

Who is a Tatvadarshi Sant?

Tatvadarshi Sant is the one who is the authorized person meaning the representative of God who is well familiar with God or God Himself comes to impart true spiritual knowledge. He provides the right way of worship as mentioned in our Holy Scriptures (evidence Holy Geeta Chapter 4 Verse 34). But in the present scenario and amidst thousands of fake saints and gurus around it is very difficult for a common man to identify the true one. Hence there is a need to study our Holy Scriptures and identify the right guru who can give you the right path to attain salvation.

A Tatvadarshi Sant is the only one who can explain the creation of the universe in relevance with Holy Geeta Ji Chapter 15 Verse 1-4, 16,17. He describes in detail the upside down hanging world like a tree with its complete parts. The one who can explain this completely in all respects is considered to be Tatvadarshi Sant.

God Kabir has said that one who explains this is an enlightened saint.

Kabir, Akshar Purush Ek Ped hai, Niranjan vaki daar |
Teeno deva sakha hai, paat roop sansar ||

So who is that enlightened saint on earth presently who describes the upside-down hanging world like a tree?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Only Tatvadarshi Sant

In the present scenario and the traits as explained by Supreme God Kabir Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj stands complete on all identifications of being a Tatvadarshi Sant in all respects. He not only explains the true creation of the universe to us with respect to the Holy Scriptures but along with that, He is also giving us the true way of worship to cure deadly diseases. Amidst this present scenario of falling levels of humanity, a Tatvadarshi Sant not only gives the way of worship to rely upon but also gives us the right way of living to protect us from all bad evils existing in society. Therefore, it is upon us now to understand our benefit by going into the refuge of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to make our human birth valuable.

To know more you can download the free sacred book Gyan Ganga written by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Worship of Almighty Kavir Dev Grants Salvation

All holy scriptures provide evidence that Kabir is God. 600 years ago He descended on the divine land Kashi, India and gave true spiritual knowledge. He was Almighty the creator of universes who comes in all four Eras to liberate His dear souls. The devotees should take refuge in enlightened saint and do true worship of the same Almighty as told by him and chant true salvation mantras with which salvation is attained. Rest all practices such as five gestures (Mudras) explained above cannot relieve souls from the trap of butcher Bram Kaal.


Seekers who practised these five mudras like ‘Nau Naath’ and 84 perfect ascetics remained just confined to this physical body made up of five elements and kept enjoying this false rhythm which is heard within the body (Pind). The real eternal abode ie. Satlok is way far from this body (Pind) and (Und) Brahmand. Therefore, all remained in recurrence, remained upside down hanging in the mother's womb meaning the disease and suffering remained of birth and rebirth. Whatever achievement happens with these five gestures is till Kaal (Brahm) because the native abode of complete God is Satlok and the radiance of His body is much more than both Kshar Purush, Brahm as well as Akshar Purush, ParBrahm.

For His attainment, only the enlightened saint provides true spiritual knowledge and salvation mantras which are different than the above-mentioned five mantras whose evidence is in Kabir Sagar Chapter ‘Anurag Sagar’ on page 151, in Chapter ‘Bhavtaran Bodh’ on page 57 and Chapter ‘Anurag Sagar’ on page 152

It is advised to take refuge in enlightened Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and chant true salvation mantras instead of performing useless mudras. He is that Tavadarshi sant on earth today who only is authorized to grant true salvation mantras chanting which seekers attain emancipation by remaining in prescribed rules of worship.


Question: What are the five names of Mudrayen (Gestures)?

Answer: Chanchari, Bhuchari, Agochari, Khechari, Unmani

Question: Who practised Khechari Mudra?

Answer: Sage Shringi

Question: Can practising Mudra lead to salvation?

Answer: No

Question: Which verse of Holy Geeta Ji prohibits us from doing austerity?

Answer: Holy Geeta Ji Chapter 17 Verse 5 and 6

Question: How to attain salvation?

Answer: Salvation can be attained by going under the refuge of a Tatvdarshi Sant who is none other than Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.


More FAQs about "Top Mudras: Chanchari, Bhuchari, Agochari, Khechari & Unmani"

Q.1 What are Mudras in the context of spiritual practice?

Mudras, also known as gestures or postures, represent advanced forms of physical devotion within the realm of Yoga. These practices involve recitation of mantras (Shabds) and are believed to grant limited supernatural powers but do not lead to salvation.

Q.2 How do I activate mudras?

Mudras are activated through the recitation of the true Mantra of salvation after initiation from a complete Guru. This initiation automatically activates the Mudras.

Q. 3 Does mudras really work?

Each Mudra corresponds to specific words (Shabds) and practices: Chanchari, Bhuchari, Agochari, Khechari, and Unmani Mudras are connected to sensory organs, yet they don't lead to salvation; instead, they bind souls to the cycle of life and death.

Q.4 Which mudra is very powerful?

We can't say a particular Mudra is powerful. But Khechari Mudra is widely famous. Khechari Mudra influences Kundalini Shakti and the secretion of nectar within the body. Khechari Mudra, associated with the word 'Rarankar,' was practiced by prominent figures like Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. However, such practices don't lead to salvation but grant certain physical accomplishments.

Q.5 Can we do mudras daily?

Yes, mudras can be practiced daily. However, instead of focusing on a specific mudra, it's more beneficial to recite the true Mantra of salvation daily after taking initiation from a complete Guru, as it encompasses the benefits of all mudras.

Q.6 Can I do mudra while sleeping?

Rather than practicing mudras during sleep, it's more effective to recite the true Mantra of salvation at any time and in any place. This practice yields greater benefits than performing mudras.

Q.7 Can mudras cure diseases?

There's no definite confirmation that mudras can cure diseases. Additionally, their practice can be time-consuming and challenging in today's fast-paced life. Instead, the true Mantra of salvation from a complete Guru, as mentioned in our holy scriptures, have the potential to cure even the deadliest of the diseases.

Q.8 How do I unlock my 7 chakras?

The Brahm Gayatri Mantra, given by a complete Guru at the initial stages of true worship, can unlock the 7 chakras. This is a process that isn't easily achieved by practicing mudras alone.


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Suniti Sharma

The practice of mudras is known to have bestowed immense power upon individuals in the ancient period. Neglecting the potential of mudras would be unwise, as they are believed to contribute to maintaining a healthy body.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we acknowledge your interest in our article. While the prolonged practice of mudras may grant some spiritual powers, the path to true salvation remains distant for those who engage in arbitrary spiritual practices not sanctioned by scripture. As per our Holy scripture, such practices are deemed fruitless. Instead, for genuine benefits, including a healthy body and a peaceful, happy life, initiation from a complete Saint and following the right way of worship through chanting the true Mantra, as prescribed in our scriptures, is recommended. We advise seeking complete spiritual knowledge by listening to the discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Gyan Ganga."

Sumit Jatav

In today's fast-paced life, finding time to perform mudras seems nearly impossible. What alternative methods can one pursue to achieve a healthy body and peace of mind?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. Indeed, in the hustle and bustle of modern life, individuals often lack the time for personal practices such as mudra meditation. Moreover, performing mudras does not assure the attainment of a healthy body and peace of mind. To truly benefit, it is crucial to engage in worship based on scriptures, which alone can provide the promised benefits outlined in our Holy scriptures. Therefore, we recommend understanding the scripture-based worship provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj through His spiritual discourses and the book "Gyan Ganga."