Awareness of Religious Hypocrisy

Awareness of Religious Hypocrisy

As the world lies in a deep slumber of spiritual ignorance, the Almighty God Himself descends to provide the true spiritual knowledge, which alone stands as the truth in this mortal land where everything is fake! This human body is the most priceless possession, as only in this cover, can we follow the true method of worship by coming under the refuge of the Real Saint and land back on the immortal ever happy & plentiful abode.

Numerous gurus are present in the current era, who are negatively playing with the precious lives of naive devotees. Through this article, let us understand the myths and false notions that had been spread by these so-called intelligent minds, which cause more harm than good.

MYTH 1: God is Formless

Many saints destroyed their body by going to jungles and mountains, with the sole motive of attaining God! While numerous fake gurus misled the devotee community by telling that God is formless, let us see the proofs from our own Holy Books that clearly state the fact that, “God is in form”.

Holy Vedas

  1. Rigved- Mandal 9, Sukt 82, Mantra 1,2 & 3; 

God, who has divine brightness and is the destroyer of sins, is worthy of being viewed just like a king. This line stresses on two important facts. Firstly, God has unbound power to strike of any bad deeds of His disciple and secondly, God is in form just like a king!

  1. Yajurved- Section 5 (Adhyay), Mantra 1;

Agne TanuH Asi | Vishnve Tva Somasya Tanur' Asi ||

Meaning: Clearly is it mentioned in this mantra, that God has a body and He nurtures each and everyone, with the main aim of letting His souls know the true spiritual knowledge. He reduces His effulgence when He descends on this mortal land, while in reality, the brightness in one hair follicle of His, is equal to the light of crore suns and moons put together! A similar description of God is given in Yajurved- Adhyay 1, Mantra 15, where it is written that God has a body and is in form.

Holy Quran

  1. Quran Sharif - Surat Al Furqan
    Verse 25:59: God created nature in 6 days and then sat on His throne, putting emphasis on the fact, that God is in form.

Holy Bible

  1. Bible- Genesis, Sixth Day of Creation;
    1:26- Then God said, "And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small."
    1:27- So God created human beings, making them be like himself. He created them male and female.

    Conclusion: In the Genesis section of Holy Bible, it is written, that God created humans in the same form as He is, reinstating the fact that God is in form. He categorized them in two categories, male and female.

Holy Guru Granth Sahib

  1. Guru Granth Sahib- Page 1257, Malaar Mehla 1, Ghar 2;

Baage kaapad bole bain, Lamba nakk kaale tere nain.
Kabhu Saheb dekheya bhaind, Uda ud Chda Asmaan,
Saheb Samath tere tain!

Meaning: Guru Nanak Dev Ji met God, who was his Guru Himself! He wears white clothes and has a long nose. His eyeballs are black and He is in form. He goes to His native land with an extremely fast speed and He is the Real God, who should be worshipped by all!

Thus, the false notion that had been spread by the fake gurus stands contradictory to what has been mentioned in the Holy Books of all religions. The reality is that, God is in form and has a human-like body!

MYTH 2 : There are Many Gods

Since childhood, all have heard a sentence, “GOD IS ONE” and then, we are told a tsunami of names of gods and goddesses! This sentence is absolutely true, but, we were not made aware of the fact, making us take things as they were being carried on by the society.

All holy books, be it of any religion, sing the praise of one God and clearly mention His name as well.

Holy Vedas

  1. Rigved- Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18; 
    “Rishimna ya rishikrit swarshaH sahastraneethH padviH kavinam| 
    Trteeyam dhaam mahishH sisha sant somH viraajmaanu rajti stup" ||

    Meaning: God delivers the true spiritual knowledge by the use of poems and proverbs, due to which He gets recognized as a renowned poet!
  2. Rigved- Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17;
    “Shishum jagyaanm hry tam mrjanti shumbhanti vahin marutH ganen|| ​
    Kavirgeerbhi kavyena Kavir sant somH pavitrm atyeti rebhan||

Meaning: Supreme God, for delivering His true knowledge, Himself appears on this mortal land in the form of a child. He stands anywhere and starts reciting the ultimate knowledge in the form of verses having a poetic touch, known as Kavir (Kabir) Vaani! Because of the melodious and poetic insight, people start calling Him a poet (Kavi), while the fact is that, He is God Himself and His name is Kavir Dev!

Holy Quran

  1. Verse 25:52: Fala-Tutiyal-Kafiran-ve-Jahidhum-Bihi-Jihadan-Kabiran”
    Meaning: Lord Kabir has been mentioned in Quran as ‘Kabir’ / Kabira’ / ‘ Kabiran’ / ‘Khabira’ or ‘Khabiran. It is written, that people should not listen to the disbelievers of Lord Kabir, because He is the ultimate God.
  1. Verse 25:59:  All'ji khalakassmaavaati val'arj va ma bainhuma fi sittati ayyaamin' summastwa alal'arshi arrh'maanu fs'al' bihi Khabiran' (Kabiran') |

Meaning: The God who narrated Quran Sharif told Prophet Muhammad that, the One who created nature in six days and sat on His throne on the seventh day, is Lord Kabir Himself.

Holy Bible

  1. Iyov 36:5 - Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

See, El is Kabir, and despiseth, not any;

Meaning: Supreme God is Kabir, but despises no one. He is firm in His purpose and descends on earth to take His souls back to the ever happy abode.

Holy Guru Granth Sahib

  1. Guru Granth Sahib, Page 24, Raag Siri- Mehla 1, Shabad 29;

Faahi soorat malukki ves, eh thagvaara thaggi des ||
Kharaa syaana bahuta bhaar, dhaanak roop raha kartaar ||3||

  • The weaver (dhaanak) of Kashi, who has an innocent face and simple outfit is disguising us all, by playing this role, while in reality, He is God himself! He is omniscient and the most intelligent of all.
  1. Guru Granth Sahib, Page 721 - Rag Tilang- Mehla 1;
    Yak arj guftam pesh to dar gosh koon Kartaar l 
    Hakka Kabir kareem tu beaib Parvardigaar ll

Meaning: Guru Nanak Dev Ji is praying in front of the Creator of all universes, that You are the one who holds supremacy on all souls and You are free from any sort of evil and wrongdoing. You are Lord Kabir and You alone, are the truth, we have been searching for!

  1. Bhai Baale Saakhi- Hindi translation, Page 189;
    Khaalak Aadam Sirjiya, Aalam Bada Kabir
    Kayam Daiam Kudarti, Sir peeran de peer ll

Meaning: Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, that the One who gave birth to Adam, is none other than Supreme God Kabir! Worship Him as, He Himself, is the Guru and Creator of all other gurus and saints.

MYTH 3 : Taking a dip in River Ganga leads to Salvation

  1. Fake gurus have misled the devotee community by saying, that taking a dip in Ganga leads to salvation. If this is the case, then the animals who stay underwater in Ganga itself, should be the first ones to attain liberation! Also, what is the need to worship if attaining salvation is this easy? The fact is that, all these notions are self-made and do more harm than good.

Teerath jall me kachh aur machha, Jeev bahaut se rehte hain.
Unki mukti na hoti, Vo kasht bahaut sa sehte hain!

  1. Numerous micro organisms stay underwater, which can’t be seen by naked eyes. When you take a single dip in Ganga, many micro organisms get killed, adding on to the list of bad deeds done by you!

Teerath snaan kare jo praani, Jeev bahaut se maare hai.
Jall me suksham jeev rehat hain, Snaan karat singhaare hai!

MYTH 4 : Fasting provides Benefits

  1. If fasting leads to salvation, then why do people die during famines? Also, while keeping fasts, all that people remember, is food itself and wait for the time when they can consume something! Not just this, people do idol worship which is banned in our Holy books itself.

Vrat kare se mukti ho, To akaal pde kyu marte hain.
Shivling pooja shaalig sewa, Anjaane me karte hain!

MYTH 5 : Idol Worship leads to Liberation

  1. If God could be attained by worshipping stones, then people would have worshipped mountains instead! The fact is that, the Almighty God can be attained only through scripture based worship by coming under the refuge of the Real Saint.

Patthar pooje Hari milein, To mai poojoon pahaad. 
Us se to chakki bhali, Pees khaaye sansaar!

  1. On one hand, the fake gurus say that God is formless and on the other hand, they make people do idol worship, which is purely in form! Where is the so-called intelligence playing its role?
  2. People themselves make an idol of a deity and then ask that same idol to grant them benefits. These practices are arbitrary in nature and were being carried out by naive devotees because of absence of true spiritual guidance.

    Aape leepe aape pothe, Aape banawe hoi.
    Us maata se budhiya pote maange, Akal kahan pe khoi!

MYTH 6 : Ancestor Rituals & Worship make the soul attain liberation

  1. Clearly is it mentioned in Holy Gita, that those who worship ancestors, they themselves become ghosts! Fake gurus have misled the innocent devotees because these self-made rituals stand as their earning source, making them play with the devotee’s feelings and precious lives, for their self benefit.

Bhoot ramein so bhoot hai, Dev ramein so dev.
Ram ramein so ram hai, Suno sakal sur bhev!

  1. People do not take care of their parents while they are alive, but, take their leftover bones and ash to Ganga for the sake of the soul attaining liberation. Also, after a stipulated period, the fake gurus carry out ancestor rituals, where they tell the family members to feed a crow, saying that their father has got the cover of a crow now. In the absence of true spiritual guidance, a procedure, which had been carried out for making the soul attain liberation, actually led him to get the cover of a crow! Is this the salvation that was supposed to be attained?

Jeevit baap ge lattham lattha, Mooe gang pahaunchaiya.
Jab aave asoj ka mahina, Vo kaua baap banaiya.
Re bholi si duniya, Satguru bin kaise sariya!

MYTH 7 : Going on Pilgrimages provides benefits

  1. Going on pilgrimages and ancestor worship can in no case, lead to salvation of the soul as these arbitrary notions are banned according to our Holy books and scriptures. Only the true method of worship of Almighty God Kabir can land us back to the immortal abode.

Teerath vrat aur pittar pooja, Koi na kisi kaam ki.
Lekr naam Guru se bhakti, Kro Kabir Bhagwan ki!

MYTH 8 : God can be attained through Extreme Meditation (tapp)

  1. While people do hatthyoga and various sorts of tapp, all these efforts stand completely futile as far as attaining salvation is concerned, as tapp leads to command & jurisdiction, but, in the next birth, the soul is put in the cover of a dog or a pig! Our Holy books mention karamyoga as correct while hatthyoga (extreme form of meditation) is banned.

Tapp se raaj, Raaj madd maanam.
Janam teesre, Shukar swaanam!

  1. The devotee community is greatly misled by the fake gurus, who tell them to do hatthyoga by controlling their senses. Tapp leads to power and the person who possesses power indulges in doing various bad deeds because of which, the soul gets destined to hell. Therefore, tapp can’t lead to salvation and the cycle of birth & death continues.

    Tappeshwari so raajeshwari, Raajeshwari so narkeshwari.

MYTH 9 : All donations are fruitful

Chanting some mantra and giving donation without coming under the refuge of the Complete Saint is a futile effort. Only that donation is fruitful, which is given with a pious heart as per the directions of the True Guru.

Guru bin maala ferte, Guru bin dete daan.
Guru bin dono nishfal hain, Chahe poocho ved puran!

MYTH 10 : Animal Sacrifice can provide one Relief

People get animals killed in the name of worship, saying that they are sacrificing the life of that animal for God, but the fact is that, these deities do not consume flesh and in no case, can grant you benefits for doing the same! This is a heinous sin and is a direct ticket for hell.

Durga kae le murga daudein, Chandi kae le bakra.
Bahaut kafeek shhare me honge, Chhaati deeje lakda!

MYTH 11 : There is no need to make a Guru

  1. While the Sikh community doesn’t believe in coming under the refuge of a guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji has clearly mentioned the importance the True Guru as-

Bin Satguru bhente mukti na hoi, Bin Satguru bhente maha dukh paai!

Those who don’t come under the refuge of the True Guru suffer a lot and can, in no case, attain salvation.

  1. Due to lack of spiritual guidance, the Sikh community chants the mantra “Waheguru”, while in reality these were the words said by Guru Nanak Dev Ji when he saw the magnificence of Almighty God Kabir.

Jhaanki vekh Kabir ki, Nanak keeti wah.
Wah sikhan de gall padi, Ab kaun chhudave tah!

  1. The status of a Guru is above God because He is the One who makes us aware of our existence and stands as a connection between us and God. Those who have full faith on the Complete Saint, get freed from the vicious cycle of life and death.

Guru bade Govind se, Mann me dekh vichaar.
Hari sumre vo rehgye, Guru sumre hoe paar!

MYTH 12 : The curse of bad deeds can't be struck off

  1. While a false notion has been spread by fake gurus that the curse of bad deeds can’t be striked off, the reality lies in the fact that the power of Almighty God knows no bound and the Real Saint can strike off the curse of bad deeds done in the past. Not just this, the true mantras when granted by the Complete Saint have so much power that life extensions are granted.

Jab hi Satnaam hriday dharo, Bhayo paap ko naash.
Jaise chingaari agni ki, Padi purane ghaas!

  1. Everything happens as is destined, but as soon as you come under the refuge of the Real Saint, miracles get transformed into a vibrant reality! The curse of bad deeds can definitely be striked off. Till now, people had no spiritual knowledge because of which, the false notions had made home in the minds of everybody.

    Maasa ghate naa til badhe, Vidhna likhe jo lekh.
    Saacha Satguru met kar, Upar maarein mekh!


MYTH 13 : There is no Rebirth

The Muslim community lives in a vague belief that there is no rebirth, while the fact remains the opposite.

  1. Quran Sharif- Surah Al Anbiya- 21:104; The day we will fold the heaven like the folding of a [written] sheet for the records. As we began the first creation, we will repeat it. [That is] a promise binding upon us. Indeed, we will do it.

This line stands contrary to the belief of muslims, wherein it is clearly mentioned that rebirth does exist and there is a cycle of life and death that goes on. The fact is that, there are rebirths and every soul remains trapped in the cycle of life and death till it attains salvation, by going under the refuge of the “Illamwala/Baakhabar” Saint.

MYTH 14 : Heaven is the Ultimate Abode

  1. The knowledge possessed by the so-called gurus is arbitrary and is not based on scriptures. According to them, heaven is the ultimate abode that needs to be attained, while the fact is that heaven is itself mortal, where the soul gets a limited stay! The immortal abode, Satlok, is way above heaven, which has been told only by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, taking all the Holy books & scriptures as the base.

    Sankhon lehar mehar ki upjein, Kehar nahi jahan koi.
    Das Garib achal avinaashi, Sukh ka saagar soi!

MYTH 15 : Changing Guru is a Sin

  1. People don’t even listen to the true spiritual knowledge provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj because a false notion has been spread by the fake gurus, that changing your guru is the greatest sin, saying, that it is as bad as changing your husband! The insecurity of fake gurus is clearly highlighted through this line because they possess no spiritual knowledge. Also, this is an absolute lame logic because unless you come under the refuge of the Complete Guru, you can change as many as you want, because they were not actually gurus.
  2. When a disease doesn’t get cured from a particular doctor, we run from hospital to hospital in search for a doctor who can cure the problem. Similar is the case with worship too. Until you come under the refuge of the Real Saint, you can change as many because they were not really gurus and were playing with your precious human life. They have no spiritual knowledge and can’t grant you benefits. The idea is to save your precious human life from getting wasted.

Reality of Fake Gurus

As the world is full of fake gurus who are busy misleading the devotees in the name of worship, let us dig into their reality.

  1. Fake gurus act as the greatest villains as they are playing with the precious human life of people, which is the deadliest of all sins! While money making is their only objective, they take undue advantage of people’s sufferings and charge them exorbitantly high for doing practices & rituals, that can grant them no relief at all.

    Jhoothe guru ke littar laavo, Ghar se kaad ghaseeto.
    Inke peete paap nahi hai, Inko nishchay peeto!
  2. The fake gurus mislead the devotees by telling them that Shri Krishna and Hanuman Ji are God, giving a lame logic that their power is so much that they picked up Govardhan and Dronagiri mountains respectively. If this is the case, then Sheshnaag has held the entire universe. Now, who is God amongst them?

Only the Real Saint, who is none other Saint Rampal Ji, has proved from all Holy books, that God is One only and His name is Kabir!

Shri krishan govardhan utha rho, Dronagiri hanumant. 
Sheshnaag sab srishti utha rha, Inme kaun bhagwant!

  1. People worship with their heart and soul, but still face numerous troubles because the method of worship followed by them is arbitrary and non scripture based. Till now, no other guru except Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has provided evidences regarding the spiritual knowledge imparted by them.
  2. Fake gurus are the greatest enemies of the entire humankind as they are playing negatively with the priceless lives of innocent devotees. The golden age is soon to emerge when everyone will self realise, that Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only True Guru, who has provided scripture based worship, which is the ultimate cure of all problems.

    Pandit chaturaai re.Raja doobe maan me, 
    Gyaan gali me bank hai, Tann dhoor milaai re!
  3. Naive devotees have been misled by fake gurus, to an extent that they are ready to follow any arbitrary method of worship, but, they won’t listen to the true spiritual knowledge, which is the greatest treasure for the entire humankind.

    Guruan gaam bigade santon, Guruan gaam bigade.
    Aise karam jeev ke laadiye, Eeb jhade na jhaade!
  4. People are busy reading their Holy books and scriptures, but are not able to comprehend the true meaning & implication of the words written. Fake gurus have misled the devotee community by concluding wrong statements, which are self-made notions.

    Gita aur bhaagot padhe, Nahi boojhein shabad thikane nu. 
    Mann Mathura dil Dwarka nagri, 
    Kaha kare barsaane nu!
  5. The so-called god attained saints meditate for hours and people mistakenly feel that they have attained the most pristine state of life. The reality lies in the fact, that they are sowing for themselves unwanted seeds, which can in no case, lead to salvation.

Dimb karein dungar chadein, Antar jheeni jhool. 
Jagg jaane bandgi karein, Ye bovein sool babool!


Paakhandi ki pooja jagg me, Sant ko kahein labaad.
Agyaani ko param viveki, Gyaani ko moodh gawaar.
Niranjan dhann tera darbaar, Jahan pr tanik na nyay vichaar!

After reading all these things which are cent percent true, in the end, let us realise that this world is a wild dream where people worship fake gurus due to lack of spiritual knowledge and the false notions spread by these so-called gurus. This ever sorrowful mortal land is the kingdom of Kaal, who is the butcher and he doesn’t want anyone listen to the true spiritual knowledge provided by the Real Saint, who is none other than Saint Rampal Ji. This is because he doesn’t want a single soul to understand the reality of this world, so that they remained trapped in the cycle of life & death.

Parbhi len jaat hai duniya, Humra gyaan kinhe na suniya!

Almighty God Kabir is waiting for His beloved souls to recognise Him and descends every now & then to save us from this deadly trap of life & death! He has descended yet again, in the cover of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to save us. After coming under Saint Rampal Ji’s refuge, devotees receive financial, health and spiritual benefits, which are by-products of true worship, the ultimate benefit being, attaining lasting peace and happiness by reaching the immortal abode, Satlok!

Almighty Lord Kabir says -

Itni vaani bol di, Jitna baalu ret.
Par is bhoole jeev ko, Ek nahi aa rahi het!

Understand the reality that these self made tantrums can lead you towards nothing. Recognise your Actual Parent, who is doing tireless efforts just for His souls and has provided complete scripture based worship, which stands as the ultimate truth. Do listen to the pious spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and come under His refuge for making your human life successful.


FAQs about "Awareness of Religious Hypocrisy"

Q.1 What is the misconception about God's form?

The article debunks the misconception that God is formless, presenting evidence from various holy books that emphasize God being in a human-like form.

Q.2 What does our Holy scripture say about the belief in multiple gods?

Despite numerous deities in various religious practices, the holy scriptures, including the Vedas, Quran, Bible, and Guru Granth Sahib, affirm the existence of one supreme God named Kabir.

Q. 3 What does Suksham Ved say about the belief that salvation comes from bathing in the Ganges (Ganga)?

Suksham Ved refutes the notion that salvation is attained by taking a dip in the Ganges, suggesting that such beliefs are self-made and rituals like these can cause harm instead of providing salvation.

Q.4 Can fasting and idol worship provide any spiritual benefits?

Sukhsam Ved argues against the belief that fasting leads to spiritual benefits, stating that this practice does not grant salvation and often involves idol worship, which contradicts holy scriptures. God cannot be attained through worshiping stones or idols, and such practices are arbitrary.

Q.5 What is the perspective of Suksham Ved on donations and animal sacrifices for religious purposes?

Suksham Ved suggests that mere donations or animal sacrifices without the guidance of a true guru and scripturally-based worship are futile and do not lead to spiritual benefits.

Q.6 According to our Holy scripture, what is the significance of having a true spiritual guru?

Our Holy scripture emphasizes the necessity of a true spiritual guru, citing that without coming under the refuge of a genuine guru, one cannot attain salvation or any other benefits.

Q.7 What is the stance of Sukham Ved on pilgrimages and ancestor worship?

Suksham Ved dismisses the belief that going on pilgrimages or performing ancestor worship can lead to salvation, asserting that such practices are arbitrary and not scripturally supported.

Q.8 What does Suksham Ved say about extreme meditation (Tapa) for spiritual progress?

Suksham Ved argues against the effectiveness of extreme meditation (Tapa) for salvation, claiming that while it may grant power, it does not lead to liberation and might result in a lower rebirth.


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