Way of Living | Book by Sant Rampal Ji

Way of Living | Book by Sant Rampal Ji

The Book “Jeene Ki Raah (Way of Living)” is worthy of being kept in every home. By reading and following it, you will remain happy, both in this world and the other. You will be saved from sins. The unrest in the house will end. Sons and daughter-in-laws will serve their parents extraordinarily. God will reside in the home. Evil souls like ghosts-spirits, manes (pitra)-bhairav-betaal will not even come near that family. Demi-gods will protect that devotee family. A devotee, who on reading this book will take initiation and worship according to the rules, will not have an untimely death.

Ruined families will become prosperous after reading this book. A family that will have this book will read it. As a result of which, they will become de-addicted because there are such pieces of evidence in this book that touch one’s soul. One will have so much aversion to alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicating substances that even on mentioning their names, one’s soul will tremble. The entire family will lead a happy life. The journey of life will pass easily because the path of life will become clear.

In this book, you will find all the information about – who is Complete God? What is His name? What is His way of worship? The human life will become successful. There will be no vice in the family. God’s grace will always shower on it. By getting the supreme way of living, one’s journey will become easy.

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