Why Didn't Demon Ravana Get Salvation? Unveiling Reason

Why Didn't Demon Ravana Get Salvation? Unveiling Reason

The demonic figure in Hindu mythology, Ravana who existed during Treta Yuga is backed by several enigmatic truths that have remained hidden to the world to date. This is the result of ignorance of our contemporary religious gurus who could not understand the very nature of the set-up of Brahm Kaal’s realm hence, could not put forth the correct interpretations about this well-known character of epic Ramayana as mentioned in our ancient holy scriptures due to which the world is unaware about several facts related to Ravana which will be dealt with in this article.

Here, we will describe the most intriguing aspect as to why being a great scholar and a staunch worshiper of Lord Shiva, Ravana falls in the category of a villain in Hindu mythology who remained trapped in the suffering of 84 (chaurasi) and remained deprived in the attainment of salvation. Suksham Veda is the answer to all such enduring questions. So let’s get started and based on the following let us explore the unspoken hidden facts about Ravana that had been scripted but remained unknown to the world to date.

  • How were demons formed?
  • What is the history of Ravana?
  • Who transformed Ravana into a Demon?
  • Deception of Elusive Ravana
  • Blunder of Lankapati Ravana
  • Mandodri’s attempt to convince her husband Ravana failed miserably
  • Ravana misbehaved with Almighty Kabir incarnated in sage Muninder form
  • Hanuman burnt the Golden Lanka of Ravana
  • Miserable Demise of Ravana
  • Who killed Ravan – Adi Ram or Shri Ramchandra
  • Lankesh Ravana could not spoil Sita’s Sanctity
  • Arbitrary worship performed by Ravana vs Scriptural worship performed by Vibhishan
  • What did Ravana achieve by worshipping the demigod Tamogun Shiva?
  • Ravana’s revered deity Shiva is a demigod
  • Whose worship would have granted Ravana emancipation?

Ref: Book Mukti Bodh by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in the chapter “Paarakh ka ang” page no 248 speech number 244-256, 258-317, chapter summary of Kabir Charitra Bodh on page no.494-496,

How Were Demons Formed?

Arbitrary practices prevalent in Brahm Kaal’s realm are a curse on humans which is the endowment of ignorant spiritual preachers. In the path of spirituality, a true guru plays a pivotal role. Shreds of evidence mentioned in Suksham Veda prove that in the early days ‘Nigure’ means those devotees who turned away from their spiritual Gurus, who became traitors and started misusing their accomplishments gained through hatha yoga/ meditation/ severe austerity.

Such ‘Gurudrohi’ started troubling and ill-treating others and started doing all sorts of nuisance due to which they were called demons. Earlier the same devotees used to attend discourses and obeyed and respected their gurus but under the influence of Satan Kaal vices like ego, pride for post and power, arrogance, enmity, jealousy etc. dominated them and they started revolting and acting according to their whimsical desires. In reality, they were to obtain the post of sages, on the contrary, they became monsters due to performing evil acts.

In this connection, respected Saint Garib Das Ji Maharaj says

Sangat mahe kusangat upje jaise ban mein baans|

Aur aappa ghis ghis aag lagade, kar de ban khand ka bhi naash||

Later, such seekers became enemies to other sages and started misbehaving and fighting with others. They were not used to letting them perform Yagya and other religious activities. This is how demons were formed.

Note: It becomes hard to get welfare for such souls unless they come into the shelter of a true guru and do correct worship of Almighty Kabir by remaining in the prescribed rules of devotion.

Moving ahead, we will know about Ravana, a monster who became proud of his devotion. Performed arbitrary worship, and gained accomplishments but failed to achieve the most important purpose of human life which is attaining salvation hence, remained in the huge trap of Brahm Kaal.

What is the history of Ravana?

Demon king, ten-headed, Dashagriv/ Lankeshwar/ Dashananda/ Lankapati Ravana was a devout worshiper of Tamogun Lord Shiva. A powerful ruler in Treta Yuga and a great scholar of Vedas was also recognised to be well knowledgeable in other fields like poetry, astronomy, medicine, etc.  Born in a Brahmin family, his father was sage Vishrava and his mother who belonged to the demon clan was Princess Kaikasi. Portrayed as the primary antagonist in the Hindu epic Ramayan Ravan despite being born to a Brahmin father never behaved like a Brahmin. He was more inclined towards the Asur (demon) behaviour which answers the question often asked: was Ravana born evil?

His upbringing and the deep influence of his gurus clubbed with inherent demonic genes from his Mother’s clan made him evil. His evil behaviour as scripted in ancient texts reveals he was a perverted kind of person. Women were his weakness. He misbehaved with several women including a few celestial nymphs. He used to consume liquor and also eats meat of 100 oxen every day.

Ravana received a divine blessing from Brahma, rendering him invulnerable to any but a human. He gained possession of Kuber's Pushpaka Vimana. It instilled in him a fearless demeanour towards the gods. He was cruel and had imprisoned 33 Koti deities of Heaven during his reign. Despite being a strong ruler and having gained several accomplishments he was defeated in war with Lord Ram and attained Hell. Why? This million-dollar question will be answered in this write-up.

Who Transformed Ravana into a Demon?

Devoid of true spiritual knowledge, the ignorant preachers/ gurus/ Mandaleshwars have been the reason for the destruction of their disciples for several Eras. Similar was the case of Ravana. The ignorance about the true spiritual knowledge of his gurus became the reason for the downfall of the famous demonic figure Ravana in Treta Yuga. He was a Brahmin by birth who obtained knowledge from his guru. Highly ambitious Ravana wanted to become a King and lead a lavish life. Unscriptural worship told by his gurus rottened his mind and heart. Gradually, the demonic nature inherited from his mother aggravated.  His Gurus told him that Tamogun Lord Shiva is the supreme power. He is Maheshwari, Mritunjay, Kalinjay and provider of accomplishments (Riddhi-Siddhi)

The following speech from Suksham Veda certifies the same

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book written by Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in Speech no 35 on page no.134

Riddhi-Siddhi dataa Shambhu gosaain|

Dalidar moch sabhai ho jaayee||35

Ravana’s gurus told him that if Shiva/ Shankar was pleased with him he could make him a millionaire. His ignorant gurus told him Shiva is glorified in the Veda not knowing that not Shiva but Param Akshar Brahm is supreme God. He is in reality glorified in Vedas. He is the ocean of happiness and a provider of Riddhi-Siddhi.

Agreeing with gurus, Ravana started worshipping arbitrarily as instructed believing his worship to be scriptural which was a myth. Considering Shiva, the son of Brahm Kaal to be the supreme God Ravana worshipped him, did hatha yoga/ hard penance, and gained accomplishments which he started misusing. He became arrogant. Result, his noted account of the abduction of Sita and misbehaving with several celestial nymphs etc, eating flesh, consuming alcohol, to war etc. were his personality traits. His transformation to the devil was the outcome of his ignorant gurus.

To please Lord Shiva, Ravana offered his Torso ten times. Shiva Ji blessed him granted him back his 10 heads and revived him. He made him wealthy to the extent that Ravan made Golden Lanka. But by not finding an enlightened saint all wealth became a waste since his way of worship was wrong. He could not take even one gram of gold with him after death.

Kabir, sarv soney ki Lanka thee, vo Ravan se Randhiram

Ek palak mein Raj Virajey, Jam ke padey Janjeerum ||

His entire clan came to an end and Ravan was thrown into hell.

Aavat sang na jaat sangati, kya hua dar bandhey Haathi

Ek lakh poot sava lakh naati, uss Ravana ke aaj diya na baati ||

Ravana had a huge family but all died. Today,  there is no one alive as his heir. In this deceased world of Kaal, everything is destructible. Even he, the owner of 21 universes.

Note: Demigods like Shiva/ Shambhu/ Shankar do have power and can revive a dead person as long as the seeker has breaths remaining in his account. Else they are incapable of extending age even by a single breath. Ravana had breaths remaining therefore, Shiva could revive him.

Important: Param Akshar Brahm only has veto power. He can increase the age of His true worshiper. Evidence Rigveda Mandal no.10 Sukt 161 Mantra no.2

Thus, Ravana’s transformation to a demonic nature was the outcome of his so-called gurus whose level of spiritual knowledge was zero. Whatever little they knew was all unscriptural, legends and arbitrary.

Deception of Elusive Ravana

Deception is the nature of Brahm-Kaal and the same demerit is present in the souls living in his 21 universes whether they are gods, demons or humans. In the episode of demoness Chandranakha/ Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana mentioned in the Hindu epic Ramayana tells Laxman cut her nose and on her complaint about the disgrace she suffered and her description of beautiful Sita makes Ravana plan to kidnapping her.

For this evil act, Ravana sought assistance from his maternal uncle Maricha thus triggering the battle between Ram and Ravana. Elusive uncle Mareecha acquired the form of a golden deer and became an ally in Sita’s kidnapping. The abduction of Sita by the elusive Ravana was done by deception, this is a well-known episode in devotee society.

The point of mentioning this true episode here is to reveal the true nature of deception in Satan Kaal’s realm where everything is fake. Innocent souls are trapped in the Trigunmayee Maya, in illusion and practice arbitrarily thereby, they spoil their birth and doing so, do all evil acts like demon Ravana and keep suffering in 84. This is a dangerous Kaal’s trap. People do not have correct spiritual knowledge. All this is the endowment of fake gurus. The ignorance spread by spiritual gurus has been described in the following speech

Evidence Kabir Sagar, Chapter Jeev Dharm Bodh page 106 (2014), page 597 in summary of Kabir Sagar

Chandranakha bhagini Ravan ki|  Sarupan Kha tehi kahai vipraji ||

Laxman taas se vivah kahe nataa| Naak Chandranakha ka kahai ku kataa||

Sab galti Ravan ki ginayee| Laxman ki kubuddhi nahi batee||

Ramchandra ko Ram bataya| Asal Ram ka naam mitaya || Yeh Brahman ki hai kartutee| Gyan bin sab prajaa hai sooti||

Meaning: Chandranakha was the name of the sister of Lankapati Ravana. She was made Surpankha. She wanted to marry Laxman. Laxman cut her nose. In that revenge, Ravana also committed a big mistake. But Brahmans gave one-sided knowledge. The foolishness of Laxman should also have been described. Shri Ramchandra was said to be the creator of the universe. The one who is the creator, in reality, his name is completely erased. All this is the doing of Brahmans.

Blunder of Lankapati Ravana

Vices like lust, greed, arrogance, anger etc. inherited from butcher Brahm Kaal by beings in his realm are the cause of their destruction. Satan Kaal misbehaved with his sister in the eternal world Satlok hence, was cursed and expelled. Similarly, Ravana was evil-personified and responsible for several misconducts. The inhumane nature of Ravana to covet and then ruin the sanctity of someone’s wife or any female became a reason for his downfall.  When his sister Surpankha described the beautiful Sita, Ravana went on to play foul and abducted her by deception, acquiring the form of a hermit. In Lanka, he tried his level best to make Sita surrender to him but all his efforts went in vain.

Kidnapping Sita by deception was his blunder which became the reason for his ruin, subsequently fierce battle of righteousness vs unrighteousness was fought in Treta Yuga between him and Ramchandra.

Mandodri’s Attempt To Convince Her Husband Ravana Failed Miserably

In Treta Yuga, Almighty Kabir appeared in Sage Muninder form and took Queen Mandodari, wife of Ravana and Vibhishan, brother of Ravana in refuge. God Kabir preached true spiritual knowledge to both. Inspired by Tatvagyan, Mandodri thought that she should tell about the same to her husband, Ravana so that his welfare could also happen. Else being born into a Brahmin family he is ruining his deeds by doing all evils like eating meat, consuming alcohol etc. She was also aware that Ravana had abducted Sita. Mandodari, a devoted disciple of Sage Muninder, implored Ravan to return Sita to Lord Ram. He has done a blunder by abducting Sita and the pervert man is trying hard to maintain a relationship with her.

Sage Muninder had already told Mandodri that Ravana’s life was at stake. He should return Sita with all due respect back to Shri Ramchandra since Sita is not an ordinary woman. But all his efforts went to waste.

Ravana’s evil acts were being added up in his bad account. He was incurring a lot of sins. Mandodri told Ravana that your practice was wrong. You worship Tamogun Lord Shiva who is not the complete God. Ravana did not give a heel to Mandodri’s statements rather got hurt by her words and glorified Shiva/ Shankar saying he is an all-powerful God who granted him all comforts and made him a millionaire (granted golden Lanka) in response to his worship. He blessed me with accomplishments and a warrior son like Meghnath who defeated Lord Indra and conquered heaven. Do you want me to bow to a beggar like your guru?

Mandodri tried her best saying that out of ignorance you are speaking Ill about the saint with whose powers you are not familiar. Finally,  Arrogant Ravana did not agree with Mandodri and refused all her pleas. When her pleas fell on deaf ears, she sought the intervention of her revered Gurudev, sage Muninder.

Ravana Misbehaved With Almighty Kabir Incarnated In Sage Muninder Form

At the request of disciple Mandodri, Sage Muninder met Ravana. Kabir Saheb, appearing as Sage Muninder in Treta Yuga, approached Ravan's doorkeepers, urging them to grant him an audience. However, they initially refused due to Ravana's ongoing secret meeting.

Kabir Saheb vanished from that spot and materialized where Ravan was positioned. Ravana grew incensed, witnessing how his guards permitted Kabir Saheb's entry. Kabir Saheb demonstrated to Ravan how He had arrived there and entreated him to release Sita, recognizing her as the embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi. He implored Ravan to seek forgiveness from Lord Ram, who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Upon hearing this, Ravana became furious and leapt from his throne with the intent of attacking Kabir Sahib. He swung his sword at Kabir Sahib a total of 70 times. However, Kabir Sahib, holding a stick of a broom, managed to block each strike, creating a sound reminiscent of two iron pillars colliding. Kabir Sahib then forewarned Ravana of his impending demise if he failed to return Sita, and subsequently vanished from the scene.

Important: The condition of all the misled souls trapped in the Trigunmayee Maya of Brahm Kaal is pitiable and it’s difficult to convince them. Similar was the case of Ravana. Here God Kabir Saheb says:

Kabir, ye Maya atpati, sab ghat aan adi||

Kis kis ko samjhaun ye kuen bhaang padi||

Ravana was deeply under the effect of ignorance-form intoxication of fake materialistic pleasures of Satan Kaal’s realm. The wealth and accomplishments achieved by worshipping Tamogun Shiv Ji had made him arrogant to the extent that he was unable to identify Supreme God KavirDev disguised in sage Muninder form.

It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Jhoote sukh ko sukh kahe ye maan Raha mun mode||

Ye sakal chabina Kaal ka kuchh mukh mein kuchh gode||

Vibhishan, the brother of Ravana was also present there at that time and later described the entire episode of Ravana’s misbehaviour against Gurudev Muninder Ji to Queen Mandodari.

Kabir Sahib also conveyed to His disciple Mandodari that He had attempted to persuade Ravana, but the latter remained adamant about not returning Sita to Lord Ram. Upon hearing this, Mandodari came to terms with the likelihood of becoming a widow.

Hanuman Ji Burnt the Golden Lanka of Ravana

Hanuman Ji was the great devotee of Shri Ramchandra who went as the messenger to convince Lankapati Ravana to surrender to Lord Ram and return Sita so that war could be averted but arrogant Ravana did not agree. Resulting in the well-known episode of Burning of Golden Lanka by Shri Hanuman Ji well known to the world.

The point is, that arrogant Ravana, the powerful King became helpless in front of the messenger of Shri Ram means Hanuman and could not save his Lanka which he obtained after severe austerity.

Also, as one Hindi proverb goes ‘Vinash kale vipreet buddhi’, meaning when the destruction approaches then the intellect averts. 

Ravana did not understand the divine’s indication. This is a huge Kaal’s trap. Gaining few accomplishments and becoming a millionaire Ravana started considering himself a winner, superior to even Gods as he had imprisoned even deities and stored nectar of immortality in his navel. He considered Ram and Sita to be just ordinary sages. That was his other fault which became fatal.

Important: Hanuman also took refuge in Almighty Kabir a few years later after the battle was over due to which he became eligible for the attainment of salvation. In this prime time of devotion, as mentioned in Sukshma Veda (Kabir Sagar page 113, chapter 12, Hanuman bodh), the soul of Hanuman will be born again and will take shelter from Almighty Kabir. Then finally, those souls will be liberated by the grace of Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush KavirDev.

Miserable Demise of Ravana

The entire army of Shri Ram finally reached Lanka crossing Ram Setu built by the grace of Sage Muninder  (Almighty Kabir) to war with Ravan. A fierce battle was fought between both armies. Finally, Ravana was killed and Shri Ram won the battle, releasing his beloved wife Sita from Ravana’s imprisonment.

In this connection, It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Mard gard mein mil gaye, Ravan se randhir

Kansh, Kesho, Chanaur se, Hrinyakush baalveer|| 

Teri kya buniyaad hai, Jeev dharam dhar let|

Garibdas, Hari naam bina, Khali parsi khet||

The King of Lanka, Ravana had worshiped Tamogun Shankar. He had imprisoned 33 Koti deities with his power. What happened to him? The whole world knows. The worshiper of Tamogun Shiva was called a demon who died a dog’s death. The destruction happened, and his demise was terrible. He became an object of condemnation.

According to Srimad Bhagavad Gita 16:23 worship opposed to the injunctions of holy scriptures neither leads to happiness nor salvation.

Ravana undertook penance to please Lord Shiva. But this practice is prohibited in Srimad Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas. Hence, it is futile.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita disregards all those who worship the three gunas viz; Satgun-Vishnu, Rajgun-Brahma and Tamogun-Shiv. Evidence in Srimad Bhagavad Gita 7:20 states those who worship the three gunas are evil-doers, fools and men with demonic nature as they do not even worship Brahm / Kaal (Satan)-Father of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Ravan wasted his precious human life in his arrogance and failed to attain the sole purpose of human life i.e.  “attain salvation”.

Next, we will read the most important fact unknown to the world to date which is scripted in Sukshma Veda.

Who killed Ravan, Adi Ram or Shri Ramchandra?

It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Ram Ram sab Jagat bakhane Aadi Ram koi birla Jane||

Hindu devotees worship Ramchandra of Ayodhya but there is one Aadi Ram unknown to devotee society.

Who is Aadi Ram? The creation of the universe detailed in the holy Kabir Sagar answers this question. Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush/ eternal God KavirDev is Aadi Ram who has existed from time immemorial.. He is the one who created the whole universe in 6 days and sat on the throne on the 7th day.

Appearing as Sage Muninder in Treta Yuga He took Nal and Neel, Mandodari, Vibhishan, Hanuman and a few more in His refuge. He only helped Shri Ram build Ram Setu. He helped Shri Vishnu Ji alias Shri Ramchandra Ji kill Ravana in secret form by shooting an arrow in Ravana’s navel. The truth is, Killing Ravana was beyond the power of Shri Ramchandra.

The following nectar speech from Suksham Veda certifies the same.

Hum hi Ravan maar Lanka par kari chadhaee|

Hum hi dus sir maar devtan ki bandh chutaee||

Hum hi Ram Raheem Kareem Puran Kartara|

Hum hi bandhey setu chadhe sang padam attharah||

This was a myth to date that Shri Ramchandra killed the demon King Ravana but evidence from Sukshma Veda proves it was not Shri Ramchandra but Aadi Ram, the creator of entire universes means Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush/ Shabad Swaroopi Ram, KavirDev who killed Ravana in secret form.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh, speech no.,161, page 142-143

Ravana Maharavan se marey| Setu baandh sena dal tare||161

Important: Almighty KavirDev helps these demigods during crises. Vishnu Ji/ Shri Ram sought help from sage Muninder to kill Ravana. God Kabir does everything but gives credit to Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and glorifies them. He does so to maintain the faith of devotees in worship since people are not aware that Kabir is God. Tridevtas are also the children of KavirDev. It's just that they have obtained these higher positions due to their virtues but are trapped in Satan Brahm Kaal’s web.  At the destined duration, the whole world will know the truth.

Lankesh Ravana Could Not Spoil Sita’s Sanctity

As mentioned in ancient texts, Ravana’s misbehaviour with a celestial nymph (Apsara) Rambha (who was also his Daughter-in-law) became the reason for the curse that he would never be able to have sexual intimacy with any woman without her desire and if he would force a woman for a relationship his head would split into several pieces.

In Treta Yuga, Sita, wife of Shri Ramchandra Ji is believed to be the form of Goddess Laxmi alias Durga. Ravana under the effect of a curse could never even touch her despite attempting several means like frightening her through ferocious ogresses to giving an ultimatum of taking her life.

Yet, Sita did not surrender to Ravana and her sanctity remained intact and during her ordeal by Shri Ramchandra she came out unharmed. Ravana being a great and powerful ruler who even imprisoned 33 Koti deities and had a huge empire could not spoil Sita’s sanctity. His strength fused in front of a faithful wife, Sita.

Arbitrary Worship Performed By Ravana VS Scriptural Worship Performed By Vibhishan

God can never be attained by unscriptural practice. Innocent souls worshiping triple Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva can never attain salvation. It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Teen dev ki Jo karte bhakti unki kade na hove mukti||

Despite being the steadfast worshiper of Tamogun Shiva, Ravana remained in the trap of Brahm Kaal and was thrown to hell and suffered in 84, whereas his brother, Vibhishan took refuge in Sage Muninder, and performed true devotion according to the scriptures. He was gifted the royal throne of Lanka by Shri Ramchandra after the terrible demise of Ravana who obtained it after severe austerity. The servile spirit in Vibhishan paid off. Vibhishan’s welfare happened by the grace of Almighty KavirDev. Almighty showered grace on True worshiper Vibhishan as the following nectar speech of respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj certifies.

Garib, Aadheeni ke paas hai Puran Brahm Dayal |

Maan badhaai mariyo beadbi sirkaal ||

Dasa tan mein darsh hai, sabka hoja das |

Hanuman ka hate le Ramchandra ke paas ||

Vibhishana ka bhaag badhera

Das bhaav aaya tis neda |

Das bhaav aaya biswey beesa, aur tako Lunk bhaee baksheesh ||

Das bhav bin Ravan roya, Lunk gawayee kul bigoya |

Bhakti Kari Kiya abhimana, Ravan samool gaya jug Jana ||

Aisa dasa bhaav hai bhai, Lunk bakastey baar na laayee ||

Arrogance is a hindrance in the path of devotion therefore, Ravana suffered whereas Vibhishan was humble therefore, was rewarded. Another nectar speech of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj says

Tate das bhaav kar bhakti keejey, sabhi laabh prapt keejey ||

Garib, sant diwane daras ke, yug yug bhakti dilas ||

Sada Ram das rehte hai, mun mein moti aas ||

Garib Ram kare so hote hai, apne sir nahi lehe ||

Apne sir jo letey hai, ta mukdar padenge ||

Garib, Ravan apne sar layee, Vibhishana leyee na koi ||

Dus mastak Ravan katai, ve Lankpati they soee ||

Garib, wo raaj Vibhishana ko diya, nirbani nirbunch ||

The aforementioned proves arbitrary worship in Kaal’s realm is useless whereas scriptural worship pays.

Ravana attained hell worshipping demigod Tamogun Shankar. Vibhishan was enthroned the crown of Lanka worshiping Supreme God KavirDev. Till he survived he spent a peaceful, happy and dignified life on earth and was also blessed in the afterlife.

What Did Ravana Achieve Worshiping Demigod Tamogun Shiva?

Lord Rama as well as Ravana were worshippers of Lord Shiva. While on the one hand, Shri Ramchandra Ji worshipped Lord Shiva to establish righteousness, Ravana, on the other hand, worshipped Lord Shiva out of selfishness and to fulfil his ambition and establish unrighteousness. Evidence in Suksham Veda says that during the war between Shri Ram and Lankapati Ravan, Lord Shiva supported Lord Ram and his army and not Ravana.

Ref: Book Yatharth Bhakti Bodh, Speech no 44 on page no 136

Rakshas bhanjan virad tumhara| Jyon Lanka par padam attharah||44

Pleased by the worship of Shri Ramchandra, Lord Shiva sent an army of 18 million soldiers to fight with the army of demon Ravana. Lord Shiva’s nature is ‘vrad’ meaning one who is the destroyer of demons.

Speech no 45 on page no 136

Kotyo Gandharv kamand chadhavey| Shankar Dal gintee nahi aavey||45

Crore of Gandharvas with bows and arrows were fighting with the army of Ravana. Lord Shankar's army was huge

Speech no 46 on page no 136

Marey haak dahaak chinghare| Agni chakra baane tun jaarey||46

The army of Lord Shankar was shouting, roaring and horrifying the soldiers in the army of Ravana. They were attacking with fire-arrows and fire-discs which were burning the bodies of soldiers of Ravana’s army.

Finally, great destruction happened. Ravana died. He could not carry even one gram of gold with him despite being the King of Golden Lanka having obtained it after severe austerity which was too dear to him.

In this connection, it has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Bhakti bina kya hot hai, yeh bharam raha sansar

Rati Kanchan paya nahee, Ravan chalti baar||

The whole world is misled in Brahm Kaal’s realm. Devotees are ignorant about the correct way of worshiping the Supreme God and practice arbitrary things like Ravana. By worshipping Shiva Ji, Ravana gained nothing except the false materialistic comforts of Brahm Kaal’s world which were transitory.

Ravana’s Revered Deity Shiva is Demigod

Despite Ravan's scholarly and devout background, he remained arrogant and cruel. It's worth pondering why, despite Ravan's deep devotion to Lord Shiva, he displayed a cruel and unmerciful nature, lacking compassion for others' suffering. If Shiva is a Supreme Power (as believed)

  • Why couldn't his worship restrain Ravana's actions?
  • Why didn't Lord Shiva intervene to prevent Ravana's heinous crimes against the innocent?
  • Why couldn’t Shiva grant Ravana emancipation?

The answer lies in the understanding that Lord Shiva, while revered, does not possess the authority to alter one's destiny or interfere in the natural order of the universe. He is a demigod possessing very limited powers. Srimad Bhagavad Gita 9:20-22 proves that those who worship Brahm Kaal (the knowledge giver of Bhagavad Gita and Lord Shiva's father, owner of 21 universes) even if they do not attain salvation and remain in recurrence (Gita 8:16). Then how can worshipping Lord Shiva lead to the attainment of salvation? He is trapped in the cycle of birth and death and isn’t liberated.

Whose worship would have granted Ravana emancipation?

Ref: Kabir Sagar Chapter 6 ‘Sarvagya Sagar’, page 127 (403). In Summary of Kabir Sagar book written by Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Pages no 179-180

How many creatures did the Supreme God liberate in which Era?

Description of Treta Yuga

Puni Tretayug kahin vichari। Saat hans Tretayug taari।। Pratham Rishi shregi samjhay। Doosre Ayodhya madhukar aaye ।। Tinsay shabd kahyo taksaara। Chauthe Bodh lachan Kumar।। Pachvey chali Ravan lagee gayau । Yahan bhent Mandodari se bhayau ।। Gardi Ravan shabd na manaa। Mandodari shabd pehchana ।। Chate chali Vashisht lagi aaye। Brahm nirupan unahin sunaye।। Saatve jungle mein Kiya vasa। Jahan mile Rishi Durvasa ।।

Saat Hans saton guru keenha। Param tatvunhee bhal cheenhaa। Saton guru Treta mein bhayau। Dei updesh sau hans pathayau ।।

Almighty Kabir is the provider of emancipation who incarnated as Sage Muninder in Treta Yuga. He met Ravana at the request of Ravana’s  Queen Mandodri, a disciple of Sage Muninder but arrogant Ravana deeply under the influence of intoxication-form illusion of Brahm Kaal’s realm failed to identify Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush and did not agree to leave the worship of Tamogun Shiva and take refuge in Sage Muninder.

Had he agreed and done true devotion quitting unscriptural worship of Shiva and not behaving according to his whimsical desires Ravana would have become eligible for the attainment of emancipation as stated in the aforementioned nectar speech from Sukshma Veda which clarifies how many souls attained emancipation by the grace of Almighty in Treta Yuga. But Ravana remained deprived of salvation due to his stubbornness, ignorance and pride.

The evidence of Almighty KavirDev being the supreme God and provider of salvation has been mentioned in Rigveda Mandal no.9 Sukt 86 Mantra no.,26, 27, Rigveda Mandal no.9 Sukt 82 Mantra no.1,2,3, Rigveda Mandal no.9 Sukt 54 Mantra no.3, Rigveda Mandal no.7 Sukt 2 Mantra no.3, etc. in Holy Kabir Sagar, in Bhagavad Gita 15:1-4, 1617, 18:62 and 66 and at several other places.

Conclusion: Wrong religious practices clubbed with vices in Kaal’s realm are dangerous for creatures. Worshiping Tridev is a useless practice. Also, turning away from Guru leads to massacres like the formation of devils/ traitors and the involvement of creatures in useless activities due to ignorance like the misdeeds done by Ravana. He is a legendary example who could not be liberated worshiping Shiva and following ignorant Gurus.

Therefore, seekers need to take refuge in Satguru who tells the real worship of Almighty KavirDev, practising which the welfare of humans is possible. By not doing true devotion Ravana’s end was miserable.

Garib, Maya ka ras piye kar, phoot gaye  do nain | Aisa Satguru hum milyaa, baas diya sukh chain || 

Ravana had made a Golden Lanka. He accumulated so much wealth yet how terrible his end was. At present also, everyone is focused only on accumulating wealth. The sole purpose of human birth is to truly worship Supreme God Kabir Sahib and attain salvation. Only a Satguru means an enlightened saint provides this knowledge.

Today, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only real saint on earth providing true spiritual knowledge and granting true salvation mantras due to which creatures will not become devils and will not suffer in 84 lacs life-forms like Ravana rather get liberation from Brahm Kaal’s web.

Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is no ordinary man. He is the same Almighty Kabir (sage Muninder) playing a divine spectacle. Take his refuge, do true devotion and become eligible to be the native of the eternal abode Satlok.