Is Śrāddha Certified in Holy Gita & Vishnu Purana? Let's Examine

Is Śrāddha Certified in Holy Gita & Vishnu Purana? Let's Examine

Creatures residing in the region of Brahm-Kaal suffer in 84 lacs life-forms viz: animals, reptiles, birds, Ghosts, Phantoms, Pitras, Human Beings, and so on. Why are these life forms obtained is an enduring question people would want to know?. This is because the creatures residing in Kaal’s twenty-one universes are cursed to suffer due to the fault they committed in the eternal world Satlok / Sachkhand which is the native place of all souls. A spiritual practice that is devoid of the injunctions of scriptures, that is, arbitrary conduct leads souls to attain different life forms whereas the true worship of Supreme God granted by an enlightened saint helps soul obtain human life in which true worship can be performed and the ultimate goal of human life which is to attain emancipation can be achieved. Another reason is that unscriptural practice such as carrying out Śrāddhas of deceased ancestors means worshipping Ghosts, Phantoms, etc., Pilgrimage, and visiting holy shrines- Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Churches, etc. leads souls to suffer in the life form of a ghost, phantom, pitras, etc. The soul does not attain emancipation and remains in the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth. 

Regarding the Śrāddha ritual, it has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda in the nectar speech by great Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj 

Garib, Bhoot Ramaye so Bhoot hai, Dev Ramae so Dev |
Ram Ramae so Ram Ahi, Suno Sakal sur bhev ||

The focus of this write-up will be in providing evidence from holy scriptures regarding whether carrying out Śrāddha is certified in holy scriptures? The following will be discussed. 

  • What is the Śrāddha Ritual/Pitru Paksha?
  • What is the Significance of the Shraddha Ritual?
  • Worshipping Deceased Ancestors Forbidden in Vedas and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita
  • Evidence in Markandeya Purana Performing Śrāddha is ‘Avidyā’
  • Description of Śrāddha Karma in Markandeya Purana
  • Salvation Cannot be Obtained by Carrying Out Śrāddhas
  • Myth in Vishnu Purana Regarding Śrāddha Ritual
  • Knowledge of Sage Aurav About Shraddha Ritual in the Vishnu Purana
  • True Worshipper Attains Emancipation in the Vishnu Purana
  • Knowledge of Sage Parashar is Unreliable in the Vishnu Puran
  • How Can Salvation be Attained?

What is the Śrāddha Rituals / Pitru Paksha?

Derived from the two Sanskrit words ‘Shrat’ meaning truth or faithfulness and ‘dha’ meaning ‘to direct one’s mind towards’; Śrāddha collectively means an activity performed with reverence to express unconditional love and respect to the dearest departed souls. The very first day of Pitru Paksha is called ‘Pratipada’ that ends with no moon day called ‘Sarvapitri’, Amavasya. Śrāddha is also called the ‘Pind Daan’ ceremony where ‘Pind’ indicates body and ‘Daan’ means charity hence, the Śrāddha ritual means providing charity to the body of the deceased ancestors.     

Śrāddha Ritual also called Pitru Paksha is done with reverence by the Hindu community that involves offerings to deceased ancestors with the belief that after death the well-being of the soul will happen and they will get rid of bad karma and will bless their family members. This is the way to express gratitude towards the dead family members where several rituals are performed by the male members of the family during a specified duration which lasts for 16 days commencing from Purnima (full moon) to Amavasya (dark night) followed immediately after the fortnight of Ganesh festival usually in the month of Ashwin-Bhadrapada (Hindu Lunar Calendar) each year, during Krishna Paksha, that is, in September (Gregorian Calendar) since the male members are believed to be the descendants and have right to perform all rites related to Śrāddha such as giving ‘Dakshina’ to priests, offering Pindadan, Tarpan, feeding Brahmins, Crows, Cow, Ants, etc. It is believed that during Śrāddha if the crow consumes the offered food then it is an indication that it has reached their deceased ancestors in heaven and they are satiated because the myth is that Yamraj has blessed the crow stating if people will feed you during Pitru Paksha then the Pitras will get satisfaction. 

Point to Ponder 

  • Do Pitras really reside in Heaven?
  • Do Pitras remain hungry in Heaven? 
  • On one hand, people believe Heaven is a beautiful place abundant with scenic beauty, food, and a blissful environment. If this is true then the question arises- Is there a scarcity of food in heaven that the need arose to offer them food?
  • If there is so much scarcity of food, water in Heaven then why do seekers wish to attain Heaven? 
  • Can feeding Pitras once in a year satiate them completely? When they were alive they used to have meals 3-4 times a day.
  • Shall we believe that all our ancestors have reincarnated as crows and if they are fed it signifies our ancestors are satisfied? 
  • If even after performing all shradh related rituals, our ancestors are not at peace and their souls keep tormenting their families, then what is the point of conducting these rituals?
  • Do the ancestors get liberated after performing Shradh?

The fact is that the belief amongst Hinduism regarding Śrāddha rituals holds no evidence in our holy scriptures. Cunning business-minded priests befool innocent devotees claiming it to be a compulsory religious practice and earn a huge amount of money. However, this is a myth. This is completely arbitrary conduct hence, useless as our holy scriptures certify since the soul can never be liberated by performing Śrāddhas (evidence Gita Chapter 9 Verse 25). 

Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23 explains that arbitrary conduct which is against our scriptures does not help seekers attain supreme peace and salvation. Śrāddha ritual is arbitrary conduct. Let us proceed to understand- Is there some significance of this ritual?  

What is the Significance of the Shraddha Ritual?

Śrāddhas / Pitru Paksha are carried with the belief that they appease the departed souls of the ancestors. They get satiated with Śrāddha rituals and in turn, provide prosperity, protection, and nourishment in their families which is merely a trend/myth and holds no scriptural evidence.  

It has been mentioned in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 Verse 25 that ‘Worshippers of gods go to gods, worshippers of pitras go to pitras, worshippers of ghosts/evil spirits go to the evil spirits, and worshippers who worship according to scriptures are benefitted by me ie. they enjoy for some time in heaven and great heaven constructed by the speaker of Gita; Brahm-Kaal. This means those who carry out Śrāddhas, do not attain salvation. 

It has been observed in many families that as long as the same departed soul was alive the family members used to ill-treat him/her. They had strained relations and have no affection within themselves but after death, due to ignorance, they carry out their Śrāddhas with the wrong belief that they will shower blessings. Showing kindness after their death holds no significance. People feed crows believing their ancestors have become crows and since they have accepted their offering they are satisfied. Without a Satguru who provides true spiritual knowledge people remain ignorant and continue performing useless practice. 

It has been mentioned in the nectar speech of Great Saint Garibdas JI Maharaj.

“Jeevat baap ke lattham lattha, muye gang pahuchaiyan |
Aur Jab aawe aasauj ka mahina, Kauwa baap banaiya |
Re Bholi si duniya Satguru bin kaise sariya ||"

According to Brahm Purana, the seeker has to first please his deceased ancestors before pleasing and worshipping Gods. It is believed that during the ‘Aasauj’ month, that is, Pitru Paksha when the Śrāddha ritual is carried out, the soul of deceased ancestors gets nourished and attains salvation. If the same is not done then those ancestors torment family members because they do not get peace and wander on earth as spirits and ghosts.

Then the question arises why worship Pitras? Why should the useless ritual of Śrāddha be performed? 

Samved Mantra No.1400 Utarchik Adhyay Mo.12 Khand No.3 Shlok No.5 mentions clever people (fake Saints/Priests/Brahmins) instead of guiding innocent devotees towards the true path of worship of Supreme God Kabir Dev, misguide them to perform wrong practice like carrying out Śrāddha, worshipping divinities, ghosts, phantoms, worshipping Brahm (Kaal/Satan), Keep fasts, visiting places of Pilgrimage, holy shrines, temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras which is against our scriptures.

Having understood that carrying out Śrāddhas is a useless practice let us dig deep and analyze; Is Śrāddha ritual certified in holy scriptures?.

Worshipping Deceased Ancestors Forbidden in Vedas & Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

The narrator of Vishnu Purana mentions the death of Lord Shri Krishna in part 5 chapter 37 on page 413-415 which proves that Vishnu Purana was not available before that. The sages used to orally tell the devotional practice which is against the scriptures. Therefore, Kaal-form Brahm provided the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita while entering in the body of Shri Krishna; proof in chapter 4 verse 1-3 the God who is the giver of the knowledge of Gita has said ‘Arjun! I gave this spiritual knowledge first to Surya. Surya gave this knowledge to his son Vaivaswat Manu, Manu told Ikshvakshu then this spiritual knowledge reached some Raj Rishi. This scriptures based knowledge was destroyed for a long duration’. 

Aforesaid, proves that sage Parashar did not know the way of worship mentioned in Gita/Vedas. Shri Parashar Ji has given his opinion of performing Śrāddha ie. worship of dead ancestors in Vishnu Purana in the third part, chapter 14-16 from page 206 till 215. A detailed description has been written. Whereas worship of deceased ancestors (Śrāddha), worshipping ghosts (Phantom) and worshipping deities, etc. have been forbidden in Vedas and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. 

It has been clarified in Gita chapter 9 verse 25 that those who worship ghosts {Phantom-Karmas like picking bones of the dead, thirteenth Kriya (ritual), monthly rituals, offering Pind, etc. are Phantom Karmas which has been mentioned in Vishnu Purana Part 3, Chapter 13, Verse 1-41 on page no. 203-206} will be received to Ghosts meaning they will become phantom and go to the predecessors. Those who will worship deities (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv, etc) will be obtained to divinities meaning they will get the title of the servants and will attain their favorite deities. Then they will finish their virtuous deeds in Heaven and will go to Hell, later will suffer in the life form of other creatures. 

It has been said in Gita Chapter 9 Verse 23 and 24 that those seekers who worship other deities with reverence, worship me (narrator of Gita; Brahm-Kaal). The meaning is those seekers only make efforts to attain God but their worship of other deities is arbitrary. (Verse 23) because those seekers do not know the true essence of me and my practice (because only the enlightened saint will tell the complete procedure to attain Salvation about whom it has been mentioned in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34 and Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1-4 and 16-17). That is why those seekers who abandon scriptural worship and do arbitrary practice with reverence; fall meaning such devotionless seekers suffer in the body of different beings (Verse 9/24). 

The same evidence is in Gita Chapter 7 Verse 15, 20 till 23 in which it has been said that I only have granted some powers to other Gods (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh) but for those people with low intelligence; being their unscriptural worship it is useless. It has been clarified in Gita Chapter 7 Verse 15 that the seekers whose intelligence has been stolen by Trigunmaye Maya (Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji, and Shri Shiv Ji) due to momentary benefit, as per their nature worship only them. Those with demonic nature, lowest amongst men, evil-doers foolish people do not even worship me. This means they do not worship Brahm-Kaal (speaker of the knowledge of Gita Ji). 

In Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23-24 it has been made clear that those seekers who abandon scriptures-based worship and perform arbitrary practice; do not get any benefit meaning they do not gain any accomplishment, no benefit, nor do they attain salvation. This means seekers who abandon worship described in Shastras (Vedas) and do arbitrary worship as instructed by a person, Sage or Saint are useless. Therefore, it has been said in Gita Chapter 16 Verse 24 that which practice is worth doing (Kartavya Karma) and which is worth giving up (Akartavya Karma). For this only, the holy scriptures (Vedas) is the evidence. The path of devotion told by someone based on folklore should not be accepted.

Let us proceed and find out what evidence Markandeya Purana provides regarding the Shraddha ritual?

Evidence in the Markandeya Purana Performing Śrāddha Is ‘Avidyā’

There is evidence in Markandeya Purana (published from Gita Press Gorakhpur) in Chapter “Tale of the origin of Ruchi Manu” on page 242-244 that in the Vedas; performing Śrāddha etc. is called ignorance (Avidya) meaning practice that is devoid of injunctions of holy scriptures is said to be the arbitrary practice. Part of the story; Markandeya Rishi tells:- In earlier days, a sage named Ruchi was practicing celibacy by adopting the knowledge from Vedas. He was a child celibate and by that time he had grown old. At the time, when Sage Ruchi saw his deceased ancestors (father, grandfather, first grandfather, and second grandfather). They said, ‘Son! Why didn’t you get married? By worshipping all deities, dead ancestors, sages, and guests the householder attain the virtuous realms. With the pronunciation of ‘Swaha’ (to the gods), with ‘Swadha’ word (to the deceased ancestors), and by donating food (to Bali Vaishwadeva), etc he offers their share to ghosts, creatures, and guests. Son! This is what we believe. 

Ruchi said - Pitamaho! In Vedas, the path of Karma-Kand (to offer Pind) is said to be the practice of the fools. Then why are you directing me to that wrong practice? Pitra said, ‘This is true that in Vedas, Pitra-worship is called Avidya (ignorance) there is no doubt about this. Still Son! You should lawfully marry a woman, lest your birth will be rendered fruitless due to not getting the benefit of this world. Ruchi said, ‘Pitron! Now I have grown old. Who will give me a woman? How can a pauper (poor) like me afford a woman?’. Pitra said, ‘Son! If you will not listen to us then we will fall also you will fall. Markandeya said, ‘saying this, then the fathers disappeared. Ruchi got worried about their words. He tried for marriage. Performed austerity. By doing celibacy and getting a wife he became a householder. Then he carried out Śrāddhas of dead ancestors. 

Point To Ponder: The ancestors of sage Ruchi by performing unscriptural worship, Śrāddha, etc have become Pitra. Then they are misleading their son who was practicing according to the holy scriptures, Vedas. The dead ancestors are also accepting that the Karma Marg (performing Śrāddha etc.) is called ‘Avidya’ (ignorance) in Vedas. The ancestors; basis folklore are preaching their Son Ruchi that by worshipping Pitras, Gods, and ghosts one attains the virtuous realms. It is a matter to ponder; why did Pitras not attain those virtuous regions? They themselves did arbitrary worship and are dying of hunger. They are trying to make Ruchi also become a Pitra. They themselves are saying that if you will not carry out Śrāddha then we will die. This means that the ancestors only get food by performing Śrāddha. Then where did their virtuous deeds go? The reality is that by doing Pitra Puja they became Pitras. The Pitra life form is very painful. Its age is also long. After bearing this life form then the body of other creatures will also have to be borne. 

This proves carrying out Śrāddha is arbitrary conduct hence, useless.                               

For detailed information also read Markandeya Puran

Description of Śrāddha Karma in the Markandeya Purana

It has been written in Markandeya Purana (published from Gita Press Gorakhpur) in chapter “Description of Śrāddha Karma” on page 92 “The three generations before Prapitamah who reside in Hell, who are in the life forms of animals-birds, and those who are situated in the life form of ghost-phantom, etc. to all of them the Yajman, who duly performs Śrāddha, satisfies. The grains which are scattered on earth (while carrying out Śrāddha ritual), with that, the ancestors in the Vampire’s life form gets fulfillment. The water that drops from bathing clothes, with that, the ancestors in tree life form gets fulfillment. After bathing the water drops of the body that falls on the earth, with that, those Pitras get fulfillment who have become deities. By offering Pind, the food particles that fall on the earth, with that, those ancestors in animals and birds life form get the fulfillment. Śrāddha that is carried out with money earned by the wrong means, with that, the Pitras who are in Chandal, etc life forms get fulfillment. 

Please Ponder: Our ancestors who are in aforesaid life forms, the main reason for that is; they did not perform scriptures-based worship. Had they done Sadhana as mentioned in pious Gita Ji and pious Vedas then they would not have suffered in aforesaid, life forms. 

This is the request of this servant (writer-Rampal Das) to the entire mankind that wake-up now, the mistakes that have been done earlier should not be repeated. With the practice that this servant (Rampal Das) tells, with that your ancestors (up to seven generations) no matter in whichever life forms (Pitra, ghosts, Vampire, animals-birds, tree, etc) they may be, they all will be relieved from their existing life forms immediately and will obtain human life. Then, at present, if they will receive the devotional practice (true worship) from this servant (Rampal Das) and will worship remaining in rules all through their life; then they will surely attain salvation. Innocent devotees are misled by fake religious gurus therefore, they remain trapped in the web of Butcher Brahm-Kaal and do not attain salvation. 

Moving ahead let us try to understand the same trap of Brahm-Kaal.

Salvation Cannot be Attained by Carrying Out Śrāddha

Ignorant devotees debate about carrying out Shraddh that “If someone’s parents (Pitras) are hungry, they appear and say ‘he is not Son who does not fulfill their wish?” then what should they do?. 

The answer to them is- If someone’s child has fallen in the well and shouts save me. Father, come on I am dying. That father would be a fool who gets emotional and jumps into the well-intending to save his son and dies by drowning. He will not be able to save the child either. He should arrange a long rope and then drop that in the well. The child may hold the rope then pull him out from the well. Similarly, the ancestors have become Pitra by doing arbitrary worship abandoning scripture-based worship. They are dragging the child also to become Pitra. Therefore, the devotees are requested to understand the true spiritual knowledge and get their welfare done. This servant (Rampal Das) has the method provided by Bandichod God Kabir which will do the welfare of the seeker; along with this, their ancestors who are in the Pitra life form will also be relieved and will get a human birth. By doing true worship in this Bhakti era, they all will attain complete salvation in one or two human births. 

Please Ponder: As explained in the legend of sage Ruchi that the Pitras are scared that if our Shraadha will not be carried out then we will get down meaning we will fall (die). They like the Pitra life form which is highly painful. They are not willing to abandon it. 

Important: This is a huge trap of Brahm-Kaal which needs to be understood by innocent seekers. The souls out of ignorance wish to remain in whichever life form they obtain due to their deeds and do not want to leave. This will be well understood by an example discussed below.

Rebirth of a Sage to A Swine

This is like a story where “Once upon a time a sage came to know about his future birth. He told his sons that my next birth would be from a Sow at the house of a certain person. I will be born a pig and the identity of that Sow will be that she will have a lump in her neck. I will be born from her womb. My identity will be that I will have a lump on my head which will be visible even from a far distance. Children! purchase me from that person and kill me and get me liberated. The children agreed. Filled with tears in eyes that sage again said, ‘Children, in the case due to greed if you will not purchase and kill me, then I will have to bear great pain in the life of a swine, therefore, you should definitely complete this task. The children gave the sage complete confidence. After some time, the sage died and took birth with a lump on his head along with other children from the same Sow who had a lump in her neck. The children of that sage purchased that swine. When the sons of that sage started killing the swine he said, ‘do not kill me, what will you achieve by destroying my life’. Then the sons of that sage’s previous birth said, ‘Father! You had only instructed us’. Then that sage in the life of swine said, ‘With folded hands, I request you, do not kill me. I have a heart with my brothers (other pigs). Spare my life’. The children of Sage left the child Pig and did not kill.

In the same way, the creature does not want to abandon life in whichever life-form he is born. Whereas, everyone's body will be finished one day. Therefore, one should act with discretion rather than drowning in sentiments. The Sadhana that this servant (Rampal Das) will tell, with that you will get several benefits thereby, will achieve the goal of human birth. 

Vishnu Purana provides evidence regarding the Śrāddha ritual which is a myth. Let us study.

Myth in the Vishnu Purana Regarding Śrāddha Ritual

People of the world question that satisfying deceased ancestors through Śrāddha etc, is also a great spiritual work. This should be definitely done. It has been written in part 3 Chapter 15 Verse 1 till 53 on page no 210- 213 in Vishnu Puran (Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, the translator is Munilal Gupt) that satisfied with Śrāddha the deceased ancestors fulfill all the wishes. Hence, mistakenly continue performing Śrāddha Karma and worshipping Pitras. Here, it is imperative to mention that evidence from Puranas are not reliable since these are the personal experience of some seeker/devotee/sage/saint. Unlike Vedas, these are not the words of God. This write-up will provide sufficient shreds of evidence from holy scriptures that will prove the fact that the knowledge of the speaker of Vishnu Purana is unreliable, hence carrying out Shraadhs is a useless practice. It is arbitrary, salvation cannot be attained by carrying out Shraadhs.

Knowledge of Sage Aurav About Shraddha Ritual in the Vishnu Purana

In Vishnu Purana in part 3, Chapter 15 Verse 55-56 on page 213 it has been written that “(Sage Aurav is telling to King Sagar) - O King! Seekers who perform Shraadha, with them the Pitras, all gods, etc get satisfaction. O Bhoopal! The foundation of deceased ancestors is the moon and the moon’s base is Yog (scriptures-based practice), therefore, in Shraadh you must invite an ascetic (the seekers who perform scriptures-based true worship). If in Shraadh one-thousand Brahmans are having food and in front of them there is one ascetic (True worshipper) then he along with the host can emancipate everyone. 

Note: The meaning of the releasement of Pitras is that they will get rid of the life form of Pitras and will obtain a human body. The absolution of the host and Brahmans means that the true worshipper will preach to them about the true spiritual knowledge with which they will become eligible to attain emancipation. 

Who is an ascetic/a true worshipper? Who is a Yogi? Let us study the definition of a Yogi.

Definition of a Yogi

It has been said in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 53 that Arjun! When your intellect confused by the misleading words will become steady on one divine element, will remain steadfast on true spiritual knowledge then you will attain the state of perfect yoga’. The meaning is one who does true worship only becomes eligible to attain salvation. He only has the wealth of true name-Sadhana (devotion). He is rich in the devotional earning of God (Ram).

Important- Therefore, this servant (Rampal Das) will provide you scriptures-based worship with which you will become Yogi (True worshipper). Your welfare as well as the welfare of your dead ancestors (Pitras) will happen.

Moving ahead we will study that Vishnu Purana provides evidence that a true worshipper attains emancipation. 

True Worshipper Attains Emancipation in the Vishnu Purana

Like it has been mentioned in Vishnu Purana part 3 Chapter 15 Verse 13-15 on page 210 ‘While doing the Śrāddha (worship) for the gods, the Brahmins should be fed together in the odd numbers (Nos. 3,5,7,9) and they should face towards East and at the time of performing the Śrāddha (worship) for ancestors they should sit in even numbers (Nos of 2,4,6,8) while facing North and then offer them food. 

Point to Ponder: In the same Vishnu Purana, it has been written in part 3 Chapter 15 Verse 55-56 on page 213 that one ascetic (true worshipper) alone can emancipate a thousand Brahmans and everyone along with the host. Why not search for a Yogi (true worshipper) with whom all benefits will be received?  

God Kabir in His nectar speech has said- 

Eke saadhe sab sadhe, sab sadhe sab jaaye |
Maali seenchey mool ko, phale phooley aghaye ||

This servant (Rampal Das) also performs and makes others perform religious rituals (worship with reverence) doing which seeker does not become Pitra, a ghost rather attains complete salvation and the ancestors who have become Pitra, ghost by doing wrong worship (arbitrary worship abandoning scriptures) are also relieved.  

The same evidence has also been written in Vishnu Purana on page 209 in the third part in Chapter 14 Verse 20-31 that those who do not have money to carry out Shraadh should say “Oh ancestors! Be satisfied with my devotion because I do not have money to perform Śrāddha’. 

The readers should ponder: When the Pitras are satisfied with devotion (earning by chanting mantras) then what is the need for other rituals? All this travesty has been done by the ignorant Gurus only for their nourishment. Because it has been written in the Gita Chapter 4 Verse 33 that the Yajna (religious ritual) performed with Gyan Yagya (Sadhana that is done on basic true spiritual knowledge) is superior to Dravya Yajna (performed by money).

Another topic for consideration is that in Vishnu Purana, the order of worshiping deceased ancestors is of a Sage, and in Vedas and Gita Ji, the worship of ancestors and deities is prohibited which is the order of Brahm (Kaal form Brahm). If the Sadhana is done according to the Puranas then it is the disregard of God’s order due to which the seeker is subject to punishment. 

Let us try to understand aforesaid, with the help of an example. 

Once, a man became a friend with a police constable (S.H.O.). That man said to his constable friend that my neighbor troubles me a lot. The constable (S.H.O.) said, “Hit him with a rod. I will deal with him myself.” Obeying the order of the constable friend, that man hit his neighbor with a rod. Because of an injury in the head, his neighbor died. Being the officer of that region, that police officer arrested his friend and put him in prison. That man received a death sentence. His constable friend could not help him in any way. Because it was the constitution of the King that if someone will kill somebody, then he will receive a death sentence. That foolish man violated the constitution of the King by obeying the order of his S.H.O. friend and consequently lost his life. 

Important: Similarly, Holy Gita Ji and Holy Vedas; this is the constitution of God in which there is an instruction of worship of only one Purna Parmatma (Supreme God); the worship of other Gods, Pitras, Ghosts is prohibited. In Puranas, there is an order of the Rishis (SHO). By obeying their orders and violating the constitution of God, one will have to bear hardships one after another. Therefore, arbitrary worship of other gods is a hindrance to the attainment of complete salvation.

Another Example - My (Rampal Das’s) revered Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji at the age of 16 years suddenly left home one day in search of a complete God. He put the clothes that he used to wear daily; near the bones of a dead animal in a dense forest near his own fields. Since he did not reach home in the evening; the family members searched for him in the forest. It was night. They recognized his clothes and picked up bones of the animal with an unhappy mind knowing them to be the bones of the child; and thought that the child went into the forest. Some violent animal might have eaten him. They performed the last rites. All rituals were performed, thirteenth-yearly ritual, etc. and also continued carrying out Śrāddha. After attaining the age of 104 years, Swami Ji suddenly came to his village Bada Paintawas, Tehsil Charkhi Dadri, District Bhiwani, Haryana. Swami Ji’s childhood name was Shri Haridwari Ji and he was born in the holy Brahmans clan. 

When I (Rampal Das) got to know, I also reached to have his vision (Darshnarth). I asked Swami Ji’s sister-in-law who was around 92 years of age what she felt after our Guru Ji left home. The old lady told me that when I got married I was told that my husband had one brother named Haridwari who was eaten by some violent animal in the jungle. His Shraadh is being carried out. I was also told to take out his Shraadh. The old lady told me that I have done his 70 Shraadh from my hands. Whenever the crop used to be the worst or any family member used to fall ill and we used to ask the reason from our Purohit (Guru Ji) then he used to tell us that Haridwari has become Pitra and he is troubling you. There has been some mistake in carrying out Śrāddha. This time I will perform all rituals with my hands. Earlier I did not get time, because I had to go to many places in one day to perform the Śrāddha ritual. Therefore, the child was sent. Till then offer something (Bhentain) so that he can be pacified. Then whatever he used to say, 21 or 51, we used to offer out of fear, then during Śrāddha Guru Ji himself used to perform Śrāddha. Then I said, Mother! Leave this practice now which is against Gita Ji else you will also become a Phantom. Then I explained her Gita Chapter 9 Verse 25. Then that old lady said, ‘I also read Gita’. This servant (Rampal Das) said you have read Gita but have not understood. Further, stop this useless practice. The old lady replied, No brother, how can we give up carrying out Śrāddha? It is a centuries-old tradition. 

Knowledge of Sage Parashar is Unreliable in Vishnu Puran

The conclusion of the description about which you have said in Shri Vishnu Purana that “ Shri Parashar Ji has told to his disciple Shri Maitray Ji that the question that you had asked me about Shraddha ritual (worship of ancestors) the same question King Sagar had asked from sage Aurav Ji of Bhrigu clan. Listen to what the sage Aurav had told King Sagar about the Śrāddha ritual (worship of ancestors). The complete discussion can be read in Shri Vishnu Purana part 3 chapter 13-16 on page 203-215. 

First of all, we will analyze the true spiritual knowledge of the speaker of Shri Vishnu Purana; Maharishi Parashar Ji. Let us decide how much scholar was Shri Parashar Ji?.

  • Knowledge about the distance of Sun with Moon, and Earth 
  • Myth regarding Creation of Nature
  • Wrong interpretation of Planets
  • Tale of Sun God and wife Sandhya
  • Ignorance regarding the formation of days and nights

Knowledge About the Distance of Sun, Moon & Earth

The first evidence: Great Sage Shri Parashar Ji has given the information of the planets in Shri Vishnu Purana part 2 in Chapter 7 Verse 5 on page no. 126-127 in which he has told Sun to be close to the earth and its distance is one-lakh Yojan means 13 Lakh Kms. After this, he was told that the Moon, Sun are also at a distance of one-lakh Yojan whose distance from the earth is 2 lakh Yojan (26 lakh kilometers). 

Please Ponder: At present (from the discovery up to 2006) this has been clear that the moon is closest to the earth whose distance from Earth is many times less in comparison to the Sun. 

Myth Regarding Creation of Nature

The second evidence: Shri Vishnu Purana part 1 Chapter 5 page 17- the information is given as how were days and nights made? Shri Parashar Ji said that Prajapati; when Brahma Ji was equipped with the desire of the creation of nature then Tamogun enhanced. First of all, Asuras were born. Brahma abandoned that body, that renounced body became night. He held another body from which Deities were born. Prajapati Brahma also renounced that body. That abandoned body happened to be the day. The readers should think, are these the thoughts of a scholar?

Important- The general knowledge of the speaker of Shri Vishnu Purana is also not correct then how can the spiritual knowledge told by him be correct? 

Wrong Interpretation of Planets

Then Shri Parashar Ji has given another interpretation of the planets:- The speaker of Shri Vishnu Purana, Shri Parashar Ji in Shri Vishnu Purana (published from Gita Press Gorakhpur) in second part Chapter 8 Verse 1-7 on page 129 has told about Sun’s chariot (which is burning in the sky of fire), “The expansion of Surya’s chariot is nine-thousand Yojana. The distance between its yoke and chariot is eighteen-thousand Yojana. Its axle is one and a half crore seven lakhs. That means it’s one crore fifty-seven lakh Yojana long in which its wheel is attached and a lot much has been written. The readers should ponder can this knowledge be of some scholar?

Tale of Sun God and Wife Sandhya

In this very Shri Vishnu Purana, Shri Parashar Ji has told about the same fire-body on page 166-167 in third part Chapter 2 Verse 1-13 that, “Surya was married to Vishwakarma’s daughter Sandhya with whom he had two sons- Manu and Yama and a daughter Yami. Saddened by her Husband’s warmth Surya’s wife, Sandhya went to the forest to perform austerity. She acquired the form of a mare and started doing penance and in her place, she created another woman similar to her appearance and named her ‘Chhaya’ and Sandhya told Chhaya, ‘you be the wife of my husband’. Do not reveal this secret to anyone. My husband will consider you as ‘Sandhya’ to which ‘Chhaya’ gave consent. Surya considered ‘Chhaya’ to be ‘Sandhya’, and she gave birth to two children; one son and a girl. One day when the secret was revealed, Surya went to his father-in-law Vishwakarma and told him, “You sharp my warmth, scared with my ‘Tej’ your daughter has gone into the forest”. Shri Vishwakarma Ji raised Surya on ‘Bhramiyantra (Saan) and cut (lessened) his warmth. That residue (a cut piece from the lathe) fell on the earth, with which Shri Vishwakarma Ji made Lord Vishnu’s Chakra, the trident of Lord Shiva, and built the aircraft of Kuber, etc. 

After that, Sun became a horse and went to the forest to meet ‘Sandhya’. Mating in the form of a Mare with Sandhya they produced three sons. Two were produced from the mouth of the Mare they are called Ashwani Kumar whose names are (1) Nasatya (2) Dasr. Both these sons 'Ashwani Kumar’ became Vaidhya of the gods and the third son ‘Retah-straav’ was born from where Sun’s semen fell at that time. When he in horse form was trying to make intimate relation with Sandhya in Mare-form; from towards her mouth. From that fallen semen ‘Retah-straav’ was born on the earth itself. He was born sitting on a horse with a bow in his hand at the place where this fireball (fire body) Surya acquired the form of a horse and had a relation with Sandhya in Mare-form. Where they produced two sons; Ashwanikumar (Nasatya and Dasr). That pilgrimage became famous by the names Ashwa Tirath, Bhanu Tirath, and Panchvati Ashram. The two river daughters of Surya; Aruna and Varuna came to meet their father, where both met in the Ganga river that is the superior pilgrimage. Bathing and donating in that pilgrimage provides renewal wealth. By remembering that pilgrimage, doing Kirtan, hearing (Listening) all the sins of a person destroyed and he becomes happy. 

Note: Aforesaid, has been taken from Markandeya Purana published from Gita Press Gorakhpur; page 172-175 chapter ‘Tale of Vaivast Manwantar’ and ‘concise description of Sawarnik Manwantar’, and Brahma Purana Chapter “Jansthan, Ashwa Tirath, Bhanu Tirath and glory of Aruna-Varuna Sangam, and from Vishnu Purana part three Chapter 2 Verse 1-13 on page 166-167). 

Ignorance Regarding Formation of Days & Nights

In this very Vishnu Purana, it has been told in part 2 Chapter 8 Verse 41-52 and page 132 that the Sun moves at a brisk pace during the day, sometimes at a slow speed in the night, in this way, Sun completes its one day-night cycle by moving in a circle. (The idea of the speaker of Purana is that the day and night are formed by the Sun’s orbit around the earth, whereas presently (discovered till the year 2006) it has been made clear that the earth revolves on its own due to which days and nights are formed and in one year (364 days) the earth also revolves around the Sun due to which big and small days and nights are formed. The speaker of Puranas has also written that in the evening the terrible monster named Mandeha wants to eat the Sun. During the evening, he has a fierce battle with the Sun.

Conclusion: With the aforesaid, write-up of Purana, the spiritual and general knowledge of sage Shri Parashar, the speaker of Purana is revealed that he was not a scholar. Then, how can the Śrāddha ritual told by that great man which innocent seekers perform can be considered superior?. 

Whereas it has been written in the holy Vedas and the holy Gita Ji etc. Prabhudatt scriptures; that Shraddha ritual and the worship of deities is the devotion done by foolish people. In the preceding article you read in the episode of Ruchi Rishi, in which the knower of the Vedas, sage Ruchi is providing evidence of Vedas to his deceased ancestors that Śrāddha ritual, worship of the gods, ghosts (phantom) worship has been said to be the practice of fools. Then why are you inspiring me to do devotion which is against the scriptures?. Sage Shri Ruchi and the four dead ancestors are also supporting the fact that, indeed, Śrāddha rituals, worship of the gods, and phantom (ghosts) worship have been prohibited in the Vedas. These are called the worship of the foolish. There is no doubt at all. After this, the ancestors forced his innocent descendant sage Ruchi to abandon the scriptural practice and perform arbitrary conduct (worship) which is against the scriptures, due to which sage Shri Ruchi by abandoning scriptures-based worship wasted his human life by doing arbitrary worship and obtained the life form of Pitras (Dead ancestors). 

Shrimad Bhagawad Gita Ji (which is the gist of all the four Vedas) in Chapter 16 Verse 23-24 says that those seekers who by abandoning the ordinances of scriptures follow the way of worship according to whimsical desires, neither gain any accomplishment nor attain salvation and not even they get any happiness meaning the life of that Yogi (devotee) performing unscriptural devotion gets spoiled. This evidence is in Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23. In Verse 24 it has been written that the scriptures (four Vedas) are the evidence as to which practice needs to be accepted and which needs to be abandoned. Folklores (legends) of others need not adhere. 

In Vishnu Purana part 3 Chapter 14 Verse 10-14 it has been told about Śrāddha by Shri Sanatkumar that Tritiya, Kartik, Shukla Naumi, Bhadrapada Krishna Trayodashi, and the Amavasya of Maghamas, all these four dates are endless virtuous. At the beginning of the lunar or solar eclipse, the three Ashtakas or at the beginning of Uttarayana or Dakshinayana, who also offer water along with sesame to the deceased ancestors, as if, perform Śrāddha for one-thousand years. The ancestors only tell this supreme secret. 

Please Ponder: Aforesaid, the method of Śrāddha has been told by the ancestors and not by the speaker of Vedas or basis Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. 

It has been written in Shri Vishnu Purana part 3 Chapter 16 verse 11 on page 214 that 

“Kshirmekshafana Yadoshtramavikmev Ch |
Marg ch Mahish chaiv Vajryechhkamani” ||

Translation: The milk of a hoofer, camel, sheep, deer, and buffalo should not be used in the Śrāddha ritual. 

Review:- At present (Till the year 2006) everyone is using the milk of buffalo in Śrāddha which is forbidden in Puranas. In Shri Vishnu Purana part 3 Chapter 16 Verse 1-3 on page 213 it has been written (ancestors remain satiated by offering meat in Shraddh).

“Havishyamatasya Mansaistu Shashasya Nakulasya Ch |
Saunkarchaag Laideinraurvaigaynvayain Ch ||

Bhragavyeshv tatha maasvradhya pitamahaH

Khadagmansmativaatr Kaalshaakm tatha madhu | 
Shastaani karmandyatyanttriptidani ||

Translation: Havi, Matsya (Fish) Shashank (Rabbit) Nakula, Shukar (Boar) Chaag, Kasturi antelope. Black antelope, Cow (Blue cow/ forest cow), and Sheep, their meat, and from Gavya (cow’s ghee, milk) the ancestors remain more satiated for one month and always remain satisfied with the meat of Warghrinus bird. (1-2) In the Śrāddha ritual, the meat of Rhinoceros, black Shaak, and honey are extremely expensive and extremely satisfying. (3) In Vishnu Purana Chapter 2 part 4 page 233 also the evidence of meat usage in the Śrāddha ritual is clear.

Review: According to the knowledge instructions of the above Purana, by performing Śrāddha Karma, instead of virtuous deeds only sins will be received.

Is this order of performing Śrāddha with meat as stated above, that is, this provision is justified or not? Therefore, the way of worship mentioned in Puranas and virtuous devotional deeds are against the scriptures. Which are harmful in place of providing benefits.

Important: The translator of the above-mentioned Verse 1-2 has twisted some translations. In the original Sanskrit language, it has been clearly said to use cow’s meat in the Shraddha ritual. The Hindi translator has written ‘Gavya’ instead of cow’s meat in the vault and has written ‘with the ghee and milk of cow’. 

Please ponder - Can Hinduism use the above-stated meat in Shraadh Karma?. Never. 

Therefore, Śrāddha should not be performed in this way, instead religious sacrifice should be done with reverence according to the method as told by a complete saint. That is chanting the Name-Mantras, the five Yajnas, three times reciting a speech-path which this servant (Rampal Das) tells. By which, Pitra, ghosts, etc. will be benefited and the seeker will attain complete salvation and his Pitra (ancestors) who are suffering in ghost or Pitra life form, will also be relieved from that life-form and by immediately obtaining human body they will get this true worship. As a result, they will also attain complete salvation.

Aforesaid proved that the knowledge of Sage Parashar mentioned in Vishnu Purana is unreliable. Proceeding this write-up will discuss; How can salvation be attained?  

How Can Salvation Be Attained?

Satguru holds importance in the path of devotion because it is the true spiritual leader only (Yajurveda Adhyay 19 Mantra 25) who is completely aware of the true path of worship who provides emancipation to the souls, Else liberation of the soul is impossible. Today the society is educated and understands well that these fake spiritual gurus befool innocent devotees and simply mint coins in the name of wrong spiritual practice. The majority of seekers have zeal in them to attain salvation, attain God. They are advised to search for the enlightened saint whose identity has been told in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1-4 and 16-17 who provides true scripture based worship, grants true salvation mantras. That real Saint in none other than Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who is fully aware of that Supreme God explained in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 worshipping whom humans beings do not return in this deceased world and from whom this ancient creation/Srishti has extended. 

God Kabir Saheb tells in His nectar speech

Je Satguru ki sangat karte, Sakal karm kat jahin |
Amarpuri par aasan hote, jhan dhoop na chaheen || 


The Tatvagyan by God Kabir regarding carrying out Śrāddha has been well explained by respected great Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj.

Agni laga diya jad lamba, phoonk diya us thaee | 
Puran uthakar Pandit aaye, peeche Garud padhai |
Nar seti phir pashuwa kije gaddha bail banayi |
Chappan bhog kaha man borey kite kurdi charne jaayee |
Pret shila par jaay viraje pitron pind bharai |
Bahur shraddh khane ko aaye kaag bhaye kali mahi |
Jai Satguru ki sangat karte sakal karam kat jayee |
Amar puri par aasan hote jahan dhoop na chaayee ||

The aforesaid speech is from the fifth Veda (Suksham means Swasam Ved). In which it has been made clear that while offering Pind means while carrying out Śrāddha etc. rituals if still, they fall in the life form of animals-birds or ghosts, phantom then what benefit is received from that Shraddha ritual? Then it has been said if they would have taken refuge of a Satguru (the knower of true spiritual knowledge/ enlightened saint), that is, they would have done worship as told by him then all their sins would have been destroyed. Neither they would have become animals, nor birds, nor ancestors, and not even phantoms. They would have directly obtained Satyadham (Shashwat Sthan) going where they would have never come in this world in any life form (evidence Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34, Chapter 15 Verse 1-4 and 16-17, Chapter 18 Verse 62, and Chapter 9 Verse 25). 

Aforesaid, proves that Śrāddha rituals are not certified in our holy scriptures, hence, should be immediately abandoned. This is the advice to seekers that human birth is highly precious and every single breath should be utilized in remembrance of Supreme God. Therefore, seekers must stop performing arbitrary conduct and should take name initiation from Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and do true worship with which their welfare, as well as the welfare of their ancestors, will happen and everyone will attain emancipation and get rid of becoming ghosts, Phantoms, Pitras, etc. All will reside in the eternal abode Satlok and will attain supreme peace.