Secret of Satnam by Nanak Ji in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Secret of Satnam by Nanak Ji in the SGGS

Pious Guru Granth Sahib is a collection of various sacred speeches sung by respected Shri Nanak Dev Ji which glorify Satguru and the true name; Sachhanam that was provided by Akaal Purush Kabir Saheb to him which is called ‘Satnam’. This is the true salvation mantra and works only when it is provided by a Tatvadarshi (enlightened) saint since there is a proper way to chant Satnam. Due to a lack of true spiritual knowledge the whole Sikh community is misled on the concept of What is Satnam in Sikhism?. Hence, mistakenly chant ‘Satnam Waheguru’ whereas respected Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji wrote it down as "Ik Onkar Satnam" meaning "there is only one God and the mantra to attain Him is Satnam”. Shri Nanak Dev Ji has laid a lot of emphasis on the importance of Satnam in the attainment of God. He says in Raag Siri, Mehla 1, SGGS ‘Tera ek naam tare sansar, mein eho aas eho aadhar’ means there is only one mantra to attain God. By chanting true naam the soul transcends from this region of Kaal. Satnam is such an effective mantra to attain the immortal world Sachhkhand. 

So what is Ek Naam about which Guru Nanak Ji talks? Moving ahead, this write-up will provide evidence from the holy scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib which will remove the ambiguity prevalent in the Sikh religion regarding what is Satnam?. 

The following will be the highlight of this article. 

Let us first understand what is Satnam?

What is Satnam?

God-loving souls have been wandering in search of eternal peace since the day they were separated from the happiness-giving God/Param Akshar Purush/Satpurush. The holy scriptures and various nectar speeches of great eye-witnesses of God have proved that there is a three word (coded) mantra to attain God, to attain emancipation which works only when is provided by a true spiritual leader ie. by an enlightened Saint in three-phases. This evidence is found in pious Yajurveda Adhyay 10 Mantra 25 which states that a beneficent Saint of the world will elaborate the incomplete sentences of the Vedas ie. the coded words and one-fourth Shlokas by completing them. 

The Sachidanand Ghan Brahm nectar speech ie. Sukshma Veda, pious Kabir Sagar, chapter Amar Mool Bodh Sagar, page 265 also provides evidence of Naam Jaap in three stages to attain emancipation. 

The same has also been stated in the sacred speech of respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji that only he is a Satguru who gives Name initiation in three-stage and tells the method of chanting those mantras through breath (Exhale and Inhale) with which the souls land back to the eternal world Satlok.

Chahaoon ka sang, chahaoon ka meet, jaamae chaari hataavae nit || 
Man pavan ko raakhae band, lahe trikuti trivaeni sandh ||
Akhand mandal mein sunn samaana, man pavan sachch khand tikaana || 

Satnam is the two-word (indicative) salvation mantra whose evidence is found in pious Shrimad Bhagawat Gita Chapter 17 verse 23 which is ‘OM-TAT-SAT’. The first two-word mantra ‘OM-TAT’ (coded) is Satnam. Evidence of the same mantra is also found in other holy scriptures like Samved Mantra no. 822 Samved Utarchik Adhyay 3 Khand no. 5 Shlok no. 8, and pious Quran Sharif in Surat-Shura (Surah-Shura) 42 Ayat 1 which is ‘Ain-Seen-Qaaf’. The first two-word (coded) mantra ‘‘Ain-Seen” is Satnam.

Note: The receiving of complete three mantras ‘OM-TAT-SAT’ means the seeker has attained Aadinaam ie. Sarnam. This is the mantra of Param Akshar Purush.

To attain Salvation it has been told that the worship of three Gods is a must and their mantra is only provided by a Tatvadarshi Saint who explains their coded mantras to seekers since he is the knower of the Vedas and all holy scriptures; then only a soul can be liberated from the web of butcher Brahm-Kaal who is the owner of twenty-one universes. 

Let us first explain who are those three Gods whose right way of worship helps the soul attain emancipation?.

Who Are The Three Gods?

There is evidence in Rigveda Mandal no. 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 2 & 3 and in Atharvaveda Kand No. 4 Anuvaak No.1 Mantra No.1,3, and 4 that there are three Gods who have a specific mantra to chant. These three Gods are the pillars of spirituality. As stated above Gita Adhyay 17 Shlok 23 mentions attainment of the complete God (Akaal Purush/Satpurush) is only possible by chanting three mantras ‘OM-TAT-SAT’ (coded). Sukshma Veda ie. the nectar speech of Supreme God which describes there are three Gods.

  1. Kshar Purush ie. Jyoti Niranjan Brahm-Kaal. His mantra is ‘OM’
  2. Akshar Purush ie. ParBrahm, his mantra is ‘TAT’ (indicative)
  3. Param Akshar Brahm ie. Satpurush/PuranBrahm (complete God), His mantra is ‘SAT’ (indicative)

Note: The focus of this write-up will be in explaining ‘OM-TAT’ which is Satnam taking references from holy scriptures. 

Having understood that there are three Gods and each has a specific mantra let us dig deep into spiritual knowledge and throw light on several pieces of evidence provided in the sacred speeches of respected Shri Nanak Dev Ji regarding Satnam. 

Evidence of Satnam in the Sacred Speech of Shri Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji has glorified his spiritual teacher, Satguru at many places in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and has told that he received the true salvation mantra Satnam from his guru which made him eligible for the attainment of Salvation. Singing the same glory; Guru Nanak Dev Ji in one of his sacred speech says

जै पंडित तू पढ़िया, बिंन दो अखर दो नामा  |
प्रणब नानक एक लघाएं,  जै कर सच समाना ||

Jai pandit tu padhiya, bina dou akhar dou nama |
Parnav Nanak ek laghayen, jai kar sach samawa ||

Meaning: Guru Nanak Ji says, ‘O Pandit! Even you might have read several holy scriptures Vedas etc and you consider yourself to be knowledgeable but the truth is if you do not have a two-word true name ie. Satnam then the rest of your knowledge is a waste. The first mantra of Satnam ie. ‘OM’ will relieve you from the web of Kaal and the second ‘TAT’ (coded)  mantra will help you reach the eternal world. Trust my words. A complete saint provides ‘Satnam’. 

Further, Nanak Ji in another sacred speech says:

सोए गुरु पूरा कहावे जो दो अक्षर का भेद बतावे |
एक छुड़ावे एक लखावे तब प्राणी निज घर को आवे ||

Soi guru pura kahavey jo do akhar ka bhed batawey |
Ek Lakhavey ek chudawey tab prani nij ghar ko aavey ||

Meaning: Guru Nanak Ji says, ‘He is a real saint who tells the secret of the two-word mantra ‘Satnam’. One word (mantra ie. OM) relieves the soul from Kaal’s region, the power of the second name (mantra ie. TAT) provides a vision of the eternal world upon reaching the eleventh door. Chanting a two-word mantra ‘OM-TAT’ helps the soul attain the immortal abode. Then the soul is liberated and goes to its native place Sachhkhand. 

In Raag Basant Mehla 1 paudi no. 3 Aadi Grath (Punjabi) page no. 1188 Nanak Ji says that with Satnam his arrogance destroyed and then I had the vision of God ie. I saw God in the form of a Satguru. Kabir Saheb/Purna Parmatma/Akal Murat showed me Sachkhand and provided me Satnam in Kashi, Varanasi where he was playing the divine spectacle of a weaver. He said:- 

Nanak hawmo shabad (Satnam) jalaiyan, Satguru sache daras dikhaiyan ||

Now, the question arises:-

  • How did Nanak Ji obtain Satnam? 
  • When did Nanak Ji obtain Satnam? 
  • Who granted Nanak Ji Satnam? 

Let us try to find answers to these enduring questions. 

How did Nanak Dev Ji Obtain Satnam?

The virtuous soul Nanak Ji was born in a Hindu family in a village named Talwandi of District Lahore in West Pakistan on Vikrami Samvat 1526 (1469 A.D.) in Kartik Shukla Purnima. His father was Shri Kalu Ram Mehta (Kshatriya) and the mother was Shrimati Tripta Devi. A learned man Nanak Ji was well versed in languages like Persian (Farsi), Punjabi, and Sanskrit. Pandit Shri Brijlal Pandey Ji was his guru from whom he used to study pious Shrimad Bhagwat Gita. The God-loving soul Nanak Ji did holy bhakti of Brahm-Kaal for ages. He used to chant the ‘OM’ mantra also Hare-Krishan, Krishan-Krishan, Ram-Ram, Radhey-Radhey Shyam Milade and believed his devotion was supreme. The same soul of Nanak Ji was King Ambresh in Satyug, King Janak (the father of Sita Ji) in Treta Yuga, and Nanak Dev Ji in Kalyug. 

The devout soul Nanak Ji used to go for a bath every day on the river Bein near Sultanpur where he used to reside with his sister Nanki and brother-in-law Shri Jairam Ji. One day while he was doing meditation and remembering God; at that time, acquiring the form of Jinda Baba Almighty KavirDev came and met Nanak Ji. Pretending himself to be just an ordinary man God Kabir Saheb started a spiritual discussion with Nanak Ji and expressed his desire that he has been wandering in search of God and has certain questions that no one has been able to answer. Nanak Ji told Jinda Baba that you should acquire a Guru because salvation is impossible without the guidance of a Guru. Upon inquiring if Jinda Baba had acquired a Guru; God Kabir Saheb replied that He is a weaver from Kashi, Varanasi. Although Swami Ramanand Ji is his Guru; he is also unable to resolve his spiritual queries. Kabir Saheb tactfully put forth the desire to hold Nanak Ji his Guru. Nanak Ji being confident about his spiritual knowledge agreed to be the Guru of weaver Kabir in the form of Jinda Baba and assured that now your welfare is certain.

Considering Jinda Baba to be an inquisitive Nanak Ji started explaining to Kabir Saheb that Shri Krishan Ji alias Vishnu Ji is the supreme power. Srimad Bhagavad Gita mentions the ‘OM’ mantra which is the modest way to attain Salvation. Hence, you should chant the ‘OM’ mantra. The dialogue was held between God Kabir and Nanak Ji in which through shreds of evidence which were provided by Kabir Saheb proved to Nanak Ji that Sri Krishan Ji is not the speaker of the knowledge of pious Gita Ji and he is not God. Kabir Saheb taking references from holy scriptures proved that Brahm-Kaal is the giver of the knowledge of Gita Ji and he has trapped all souls in his twenty-one regions and tortures them in 84 lacs life forms. The souls are trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death and that they can only be liberated by chanting true salvation mantras Satnam and Sarnam after taking initiation from a Tatvadarshi Sant.

Kabir Saheb gave Nanak Ji the true spiritual knowledge and told that the speaker of Gita Ji in Chapter 18 Verse 62 tells Arjun that ‘by all means, you go in the refuge of only that eternal Supreme power, by His grace you will attain the supreme peace and the eternal abode’. Kabir Saheb said I am in search of that supreme God. Nanak Ji got amazed after listening to the thoughts of Jinda Baba and accepted the fact that he is ignorant but due to arrogance Nanak Ji did not show much interest the first time in the words of Kabir Saheb since he believed his knowledge is superior. Kabir Saheb then disappeared. By then the seed of devotion was sown in Nanak Dev Ji and he had a strong yearning to attain God therefore, wanted to meet Jinda Baba the second time intending to know more. He himself also verified in Gita Ji those shreds of evidence that were provided by Kabir Saheb. 

God listens to his dearest souls who remember him from the heart. After six months, God Kabir Saheb gave Nanak Ji His second audience on the same bank of river Bein and then explained to him the entire creation of the universe and provided him true spiritual knowledge. This time Nanak Ji trusted every single word of Jinda Baba and expressed the desire to see the amazing eternal world Satlok/Sachkhand and meet the creator ie. Param Akshar Purush. Kabir Ji then took the pious soul Nanak Ji to the immortal abode. He showed him his entire creation and explained that Satlok is the native place of all souls. By their mistake, all are trapped in the fake world of Brahm-Kaal. Nanak Ji felt elated seeing the highly radiant amazing Satlok. He saw Akaal Purush/Supreme God enthroned in His actual form. His body was highly effulgent. He was sitting on a throne under a big radiant dome and a whisk (Chanvar-चंवर) was automatically continuously moving over His head. Then Nanak Ji believed that God is in human form. Nanak Ji then expressed a desire to remain forever in such a wonderful place Sachkhand. He does not want to return to Kaal’s region. 

Kabir Saheb told Nanak Ji that you have to go back on earth and do true devotion to attain God. He will provide true salvation mantra Satnam and Sarnam chanting which the soul gets spiritually charged. Then only he becomes eligible to become the permanent resident of this amazing eternal world. The soul cannot attain that high spiritual power by any other method of devotion. No other mantra can help souls accumulate spiritual powers to the extent which helps them attain emancipation. By chanting Satnam and remaining in the rules of true worship the soul gains spiritual powers in very less duration which otherwise cannot happen with any other Sadhana done even in millions of human births. This is such an effective mantra. Devout soul Nanak Ji used to trust Saints therefore, believed the words that truly there is such a strong mantra hence, agreed. 

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This entire process took three days then God Kabir Saheb released the soul back into the body of Shri Nanak Ji and later provided him salvation mantra. 

This was how Nanak Ji obtained Satnam. 

Back on earth when Nanak Ji came to the senses and after the realization of God Kabir in human form he saw in Satlok he glorified God and Sachhanaam, he said ‘Waheguru Satnaam Waheguru’. 

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj in his nectar speech in Sukshma Veda has mentioned 

Jhanki dekh kabir ki nanak kiti Wah, WaH sikha k gal padi ab kaun chutave tha.”

Meaning the whole Sikh community mistakenly chant ‘Satnaam Waheguru’ which is merely an indication towards the true salvation mantra but this is not the correct mantra. Satnam (OM-TAT coded) is provided by the true spiritual leader and this is chanted through breath (Shwans-ushwans). There is a proper way to chant Satnam. The Tatvadarshi Sant tells How to chant Satnam?. Presently, Only Sant Rampal Ji maharaj is the Tatvadarshi sant and incarnation of supreme God Kabir.

Let us proceed to know when did Nanak Ji obtain Satnam?

When did Nanak Ji Obtain Satnam?

When Nanak Ji took a dip in river Bein and did not return for three days people accepted that Nanak Ji is no more alive. Great distress was being expressed in the family. But to their surprise, Nanak Ji was seen meditating on the bank of river Bein on the third day in the morning. When Nanak Ji returned home he abandoned his job at the store of Nawab. He went to his workplace and plundered the goods of the store. He started counting and got stuck on the number ‘Terah’ (13) and said everything is ‘Terah’ (yours-means GOD’s) nothing in this world is ours. 

Later, when the account was done it was found that the government owes Rs. 760/- to Shri Nanak Ji. He was requested to continue Job but familiar with God the devout soul Nanak Ji refused to work saying now I will not do this Job. I will serve the Sachcha Darbar (GOD). He has sung

Onkar-Satinamu karta purkhu nirbhau nirveru |
Akaal moorti ajooni sab guruprasadi ||

God has ordered me to do some other Job. He described the true account of his visit to Sachkhand and meeting Akaal Purush. By now he had the divine vision.  

After this, as told by Jinda Baba also Kabir Saheb Ji in Satlok; Nanak Ji chanting ‘Satnam Waheguru’ went to Kashi Varanasi in search of God. His first Udaasi was in Kashi. This evidence is in the book “Jeevan Das Guru Sahib”. The writer is Shri Sodhi Teja Singh Ji. The publisher is Chattar Singh, Jeevan Singh on page no. 50. 

Nanak Ji reached Kashi, Banaras, and met Swami Ramanand Ji, the guru of Kabir Ji. Both discussed their visit to Sachkhand since Kabir Saheb blessed both and showed them the eternal world. Then Nanak Ji realized that other seekers of Kabir Saheb are also knowledgeable. Therefore, Nanak Ji in his sacred speech mentioned in Raag Tilang in Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Mehla 1 on page no. 721 has said 

“Hakka Kabir kareem tu, beaeb Parvardigaar
Nanak bugoyad jan tura, tere chaakraan paakhaak”

Nanak Ji greeted God Kabir Saheb “Hakka Kabir”.    

Nanak Ji saw the same Almighty Kabir whom he met him in Satlok also on the bank of the river Bein was sitting in a hut playing the divine spectacle of a weaver. His eyes got filled with tears of happiness and he sang. 

Neech jaat pradeshi mera, khin aavai til jawai | 
Jaaki Sangat Nanak Rehnda, kyonkar maunda pavey ||

Aforesaid, sacred speech has been scripted in pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib on page 731.

Nanak Ji prostrated to God Kabir Saheb. Then Kabir Ji provided the true salvation mantra Satnam to Nanak Ji. After this, Shri Nanak Dev Ji eulogized his Guru Kabir. Earlier Nanak Ji used to chant the ‘OM’ mantra mistakenly considering it to be the true salvation mantra. After receiving the Satnam (OM+TAT) mantra he did true worship and attained salvation. This evidence has been mentioned in “Raag Siri”, Mehla 1 in Guru Granth Sahib on page no. 24 hymn no. 29.

Who Granted Nanak Ji Satnam?

The aforesaid proves Param Akshar Purush/Akaal Purush/Satpurush Kabir Saheb granted Nanak Dev Ji the true salvation mantra Satnam chanting which Nanak Ji was liberated from the trap of Brahm-Kaal and is now relishing all comforts in Sachkhand/immortal abode where God resides. He is relieved from the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth forever. 

Moving ahead, the subsequent shreds of evidence from pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib will be discussed, henceforth.    

Evidence & Secret of Satnam in Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi

Ref: Bhai Bale Wali JANAM SAKHI (in the Punjabi language). The Publisher is Dr. Jwahar Singh Kripal Singh & Co., Publisher Pustakawali, Gali No. 8, Bagh Ramanand, Amritsar.

Topic: ‘Samundar Ki Sakhi’ on Page 547

Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi is a valid book which is considered a symbol of true knowledge just like Guru Granth Sahib whose knowledge is considered as the ultimate truth by the Sikh community because it is the knowledge heard by Bhai Bala Ji who was the eye-witness of what Shri Nanak Dev Sahib Ji had spoken. 

Speech of Balaji - Guru Angad Dev Ji was the next Guru after Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He is called the second guru. Mardana requested that I have although seen the sea but not Sri Lanka where Ramchandra Ji fought the battle with Ravana. Guru Nanak Ji told them to close eyes then took both Bala and Mardana on their request to Lanka. When they opened their eyes they saw they were standing on Sea Shore. Guru Nanak Ji told Bala and Mardana to follow him and chant ‘Wahe guru-Wahe guru’. The same was done. Guru Nanak Ji started chanting Satnam. All of them were walking on the sea as if they were walking on the earth. Then Mardana thought to chant the same mantra OM-Soham which Guru Nanak Ji was chanting but doing so he started drowning in the sea. Then Nanak Dev Ji told Mardana not to imitate Guru Ji but remain firm on his words. Then again Mardana started chanting Wahe guru-Wahe guru and he started walking on water as if he was walking on earth. 

Note: God Kabir gave instructions to all great men whom He met and gave Satnam that do not disclose this true salvation mantra.  

Topic: ‘Sakhi Koona Parvat Ki Chali’-Page 299-300, “Goshti Siddhan Naal Hoi”

Bala Ji has narrated and the second Guru Shri Angad Ji has written. In Janam Sakhi on page no. 299-300 in “Sakhi koona parvat ki chali’ there is a conversation “Goshti siddhan naal hoi”. There is an episode in it that Guru Nanak Ji went to Mount. Kuna. He was accompanied by Bhai Bala Ji and Mardana Ji. Some Saint of the Nath Panth used to live in the cave of Mount Kuna. In the spiritual discussion with him, Nanak Dev Ji said in response to the question that “Ekamkaar hamara naabm apne guru ki bali jaaun” (ऐकंकार हमारा नाबं अपने गुरु की बलि जाऊँ). Mardana asked Guru Ji! do you have any Guru?. Then Nanak Ji replied Mardana! I have such a great Guru who does not come in the sight without the grace of Kartar (God). That guru only gave me the true salvation mantra Satnam.

Topic: 'Siddhan Naal Goshti Hoi’ on Page 252- ‘Aage Sakhi Hor Challi’

In “Aage Saakhi hor chaali” it has been mentioned that they went to Meena mountain. Then Mardana asked that Guru Ji! What is the name of the guru who met you? Then Guru Nanak Ji said Mardana, his name is Baba Zinda. As far as water and wind are concerned, they all move with his command even fire and mud are also within his command. Then Mardana asked, we are with you only then when did that Guru Ji met you? Guru Nanak Ji replied that ‘Mardana! when we met at that time, you were not with me. Mardana asked ‘When did you go?. Nanak Ji said ‘At that time, when I took a dip in the Bein river in Sultanpur. Then I stayed with Him (God Kabir/Akaalpurush) for three days. Bhai Bala is aware of this. Mardana! He is such a guru whose authority is providing shelter to the entire universe. He is the Master of all. He is called Jinda Baba. O Mardana! Jinda is one who is not under the subjugation of butcher Brahm-Kaal rather Kaal is under Him. Then Mardana asked, what is His color? and where is He seated?. Then Guru Ji said that His color is red but no redness match with that redness and His follicles are golden in color but even gold does not match with Him. And he does not even speak; and every single follicle sings Shabad “gehar gambhir-gehar gambhir”. Then Mardana said, "You are great Guru Ji! apart from you who else can remove our doubts?". Now let us move towards the mountain....... 

Important: Aforesaid, proves that Nanak Ji met his guru who was in Jinda form. The same Baba Jinda took Nanak Ji to the eternal world Sachkhand and later provided him Satnam. He was none other than the creator of the universe Param Akshar Purush KavirDev.   

God Kabir Told Nanak Ji to Keep Satnam Secret in Bhai Bala Wali Janam Sakhi

Ref: Page No. 309: “Sachkhand ki Sakhi”

Jinda Baba took Nanak Ji to Sachkhand as stated above on his desire. He saw the amazing highly illuminating eternal world ‘Satlok’ where Satpurush was enthroned on a big beautiful sparkling throne. Many deities were standing around Him with folded hands in a queue waiting for their turn. The brightness of one hair follicle of the body of Satpurush was more than the combined light of millions of Suns and Moons. Nanak Ji prostrated Akaal Purush. That place was becoming extremely beautiful by the presence of Lord Vishnu. Supreme God Akaal Purush warmly welcomed Nanak Ji and said ‘You are a part of me, there is no difference between you and me. You have been sent in that world to preach Satnam, remain firm to that’. Listening to the words of Akaal Purush then Nanak Ji said that ‘I have disclosed Satnam as per your wish and will tell the same further with your due permission.  

This proves that Kabir Saheb instructed Nanak Ji to keep Satnam secret. Now, the enduring question to the devotees would be why did God Kabir Saheb tell Nanak Ji to keep Satnam secret? 

Why Was Satnam Kept Secret?

True salvation mantras (Satnam and Sarnam) help souls get relieved from the trap of Brahm-Kaal. When the very first time God Kabir acquiring the form of his son Jogjeet came in the region of Brahm-Kaal and scolded him why does he torture his dear souls in his twenty-one universes? And that He will go and tell his reality that you (Kaal) is not God but a devil. At that time. Kaal tried to misbehave with Jogjeet but in vain. Finally, he surrendered. Then he requested God Kabir (Jogjeet) to liberate limited souls in the first three yugas (ie. Satyuga, Tretayuga, and Dwaparyug) and liberate as many souls as you want in Kalyuga. Because he had the weird intention to mislead souls in making them do arbitrary worship which is devoid of the injunctions of holy scriptures by which souls will not be able to attain salvation and will remain in his trap. He said he will start many wrong religious practices like Pilgrimage, visit and worship in Temple, Mosques, Churches, GuruDwaras, several cults in his (Kabir) name who will chant the wrong mantra assuming they are worshipping Supreme God and will attain emancipation. They will remain ignorant and waste their precious human birth. They will become atheists. 

When the representative of God will come in the fixed prime time of worship in Kalyuga and will tell true spiritual knowledge then his (Kaal) agents and innocent devotees misguided by them will not listen to him rather will revolt. This was the reason why Nanak Ji was instructed by God Kabir not to disclose Satnam and Sarnam otherwise how will He be able to differentiate what is the right way of worship? What is Satnam? How to attain emancipation?

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter Kabir Vaani, Jeev Dharm Bodh page no. 137 and 1937. 

After giving the complete course of salvation ie. all three mantras to devotee Dharmadas Saheb Ji God Kabir gave him instructions

Dharmdas meri lakh duhai, Sarshabad kahin bahar na jaai |
Sarshabad bahar jo padhi, bichlee peedhi hans na tarahin || 

Dharmdas meri lakh duhai, Mool (Saar) Shabad bahar na jaai |
Pavitr gyan tum jag mein bhakho, mool gyan goi (gupt) tum rakho ||
Mool gyan tab tak chupai, jab tak dwadash panth na mit jayee ||

The gist: Humble God Kabir Saheb told Dharmdas Ji not to disclose the secret of Satnam and Sarnam otherwise when the prime time in Bhakti Yug will come ie. when Kalyug will pass 5505 years then the Hans souls will not be liberated. Keep this true spiritual knowledge and true mantras a secret. The same instructions were given to other great men whom God met.

Evidence Nanak Ji Obtained Satnam in Pran Sangli of the SGGS

Ref: Pran Sangli, Part1, The Publisher is Bellwidier Printing Works, 56-A/13, Motilal Nehru Road, Allahabad. Gurumukh Jano ka Sewabhilashi, Satipad Ulthakar, Sampoorna Singh, Tarn Taran, Punjab on page no. 15. 

It has been mentioned in the life history of Guru Nanak Ji that in Samvat 1554 once Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to take bath in river Bein. He met one Saint there; who made Nanak Ji realize ‘why have you been sent in this world? What is the order for you from Sache Darbar (Lord’s place) and what have you been doing? Then Nanak Ji took a dip in the river Bein and remained hidden. People assume that Nanak Ji has left this world. He is no more alive but the reality was Nanak Ji went deep in meditation inside the water and remained near the feet of Satpurush in Sachkhand. He took the name initiation of the true salvation mantra ie. Satnam. He returned after three days. Then he went to his workplace and later plundered the entire store. He abandoned the materialistic world and glorified God roaming across the globe.

Guru Arjun Dev Complied Pran Sangli

The great man who compiled Sri Guru Granth Sahib did not take references that narrate the two-word mantra Satnam to avoid disobeying Guru Ji due to the fear of what happened with Mardana?. He would have drowned and died disobeying Guru Ji. Therefore, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji prepared Pran Sangli and gave it to one King Shivnaabh from Singladeep saying keep this safe. This Granth is my life and gives this to some Sikh children only. If this is found by any ordinary person they will misuse. This will help souls liberate from this world. I have mentioned the procedure as to how to transcend from this world (an indication towards Satnam). Since you have trusted my knowledge, therefore, I am giving this to you. 

Later, this Pran Sangli was also immersed in the water so that Satnam should not get disclosed also Guru Ji’s words have to be obeyed but on the request of one Saint Pran Sangli was taken out from the river when Guru Arjun Dev Ji agreed and as it is it was handed over to that Saint who was told not to show this to anyone. This evidence has been mentioned in the proven history of Guru Pratap Suraj Prakash in 3rd Rashigat in the 32nd part. Later, the 5th Guru Arjun Dev Ji compiled all sacred speeches of Shri Nanak Ji but did not include the same in pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Arjun Dev Ji sent one disciple Bhai Peda to get this precious scripture from the grandson of King Shiv Nabh. 

Ref: Pran Sangli, Publisher-Dr. Jagjeet Singh Khanpuri, Publication Bureau, Punjab University Patiala. Part 1 Punjabi edition.

In the Preface, it has been mentioned that Saint Sampoorna Singh Ji published this edition in Devnagri script which had only 80 chapters and at the end, 113 chapters were finally compiled. Saint Sampoorna Singh Ji assumes that this Pran Sangli originally had 160 chapters but a lot of them were destroyed which contain information about Satnam. Still, a lot of information is intact.

Ref: Pran Sangli (Hindi), Part 2, “Raag Bhairav”, Mehla 1, page 103 

Sadh sangati miliya manu mana | Na main Na Ha-OM-Soham jana ||

The gist: Satnam mantra has been clearly mentioned but they could not understand 

Ref: Pran Sangli, Publisher-Dr. Jagjeet Singh Khanpuri, Publication Bureau, Punjab University Patiala. Part 1, Punjabi edition on page 614 

Question answer series, Mehla 1   

Ajappa jaap Soham hansa jaan, Sun mahal jaka asthan |
Puran purukh Niranjan kartar, Agam purukh ka nahee sumar ||
Naam amolakh Satguru tein paya, Anhad sun mahi jaye samaya |
Soham hansa japmala, japat japat deendayala ||
Aawan jaan rahe sukh payee, Nanak ghat ghat nadri aayee ||
Nirankar di achraj leela, gurmati deyee ta hoye suhela ||
Is mantar ka kare jo jaap, tan ko lage na koi paap ||
Atam Ram tis nadri avai, Ramat Ram wich lavey ||
Uske dekh bhaye tum sudh, Soham hansa jako jaap eh jap wadde partap ||
Soham hansa japo abhimala, tah rachiya jahan kewal bala || 

Nanak Ji reveals Satnam in aforesaid speech and at a lot of other places as well the secret of Satnam has been revealed. 

Ref: Pran Sangli, Bhai Chatar Singh, Jeevan Singh printed from Amritsar on page no. 100

Soham hansa jaaka jaap, e jap jappe hue partap ||
Soham hansa jap bin mala, uh rachiya jehen kewal bala ||

On page 125 Satnam has been mentioned

Nanak sachhe naam bina wo var na paar || 

Let us proceed to find evidence of Satnam in Pentees Akhri-SGGS

Evidence of Satnam in Pantis Akhri of the SGGS

Ref: Sakhi Bhai Lalo Ji, Teyiye taap di katha, Pentees Akhri, Naseehat Nama. Published from Jawahar Publishers, 119/3, Gali Kalan, Bagh Jallianwala, Amritsar on Page no 10

It has been mentioned on page no.7 that everyone knows about ‘OM’. Aatma Shudh means there is only one eternal supreme power. On page no.8 it is written that except Satguru no one can liberate the soul because he only is the provider of true salvation mantra Satnam. Then only the soul attains salvation. On page no.9 it has been written that even Vedas glorify you (God). On page no. 10 It is written that no one is like Vasudeva means Supreme God, the creator, who is the overall controller ‘Nanak OM-Soham aatam saou’.

Note: Procedure to chant Satnam has not been mentioned in Penteesh Akhri. This is told by Tatvadarshi Sant; then only it is effective.   

What is the Significance of Satnam?

As discussed above in Who are three Gods? It was stated that there is one Akshar Purush who is the second God whose mantra is ‘TAT’ (indicative). ‘OM-TAT’ is Satnam. The true worshipper when leaves the body has to pass from the regions of five Lords seated within each human body. This means the clearance from those barriers is a must to reach Trikuti which is only possible after chanting their real mantras provided by an enlightened saint. Then the soul transcends from Kaal’s region with the power of Satnam by giving the devotional earnings of the ‘OM’ mantra to Kshar Purush (Kaal) and TAT mantra to Akshar Purush. Then the SAT mantra (OM-TAT-SAT) of Purna Brahma/God Kabir Saheb helps the soul reach Satlok. The region of Akshar Purush is in between the region of Kshar Purush and the eternal world. Therefore, Satnam is of utmost importance in the attainment of salvation. 

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Do Other Holy Scriptures Provide Evidence of Satnam?

The answer is YES. There is evidence of Satnam in other holy scriptures as well and in the sacred speeches of several eye-witnesses of God who have attained emancipation and have penned down their experience of obtaining Satnam from Satguru. 

Satnam was also provided to few other devout souls viz Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj, Saint Dadudas Sahib Ji, Saint Gheesadas Saheb Ji, Dharamdas Saheb Ji, etc. To know more also read Satnam in Sukshma Veda


God Kabir Saheb says

Bade badhayee na karein, bade na boley bole |
Aur Heera Kabahu kahe naheen, mera lakh taka hai mole ||

Great Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is providing the same salvation mantras Satnam and Sarnam to date which were granted to respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji and all great men since he is none other than God Kabir Saheb/Akal Purush/Satpurush. He is Satguru, the Tatvadarshi Saint, the knower of all holy scriptures. He has a complete course of emancipation. Come take refuge and get your welfare done. 

Video | Secret of Satnam & Guru of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with evidence from Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Pran Sangli and Janam Sakhi

Yajur Veda


FAQs about Secret of Satnam by Nanak Ji in Guru Granth Sahib

Q.1 What was the secret space created by Guru Nanak?

Shri Nanak Dev ji got initiation from Almighty Kabir Saheb Himself and He revealed the mantra of Satnam to Shri Nanak Dev ji. But also told him to keep this mantra as secret which will be disclosed to everyone at the right time in Kalyug by an enlightened Sant. At present that enlightened Sant is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Q.2 What Guru Nanak said about universe?

Shri Nanak Dev ji told in his holy verses that this universe is being created by one and only Almighty God Kabir Sahib.

Q. 3 What does Satnam Waheguru mean?

This phrase was used by Shri Nanak Dev ji when he went to Kashi, Varanasi in search of Kabir Sahib and took the Satnam mantra from him. And upon seeing the same God as Kabir Sahib in Kashi as in Sachkhand, he said the phrase Satnam Waheguru out of happiness to have received the salvation mantra. It means I obtained Satnam from the same God as in Sachkhand (Waheguru is referred to Kabir Saheb).

Q.4 Why do Sikh say Sat Shri Akal?

Sat Shri Akal is yet another name to call that Almighty Kabir Saheb. Sat means true and Shri Akal means immortal God. It has other synonyms also as Sat Saheb, Sat Purush etc.

Q.5 Is Guru Nanak a Hindu?

After taking initiation from Kabir Sahib, Shri Nanak Dev ji preached about one Supreme God Kabir Sahib irrespective of any religion and considered humanity as his biggest religion.

Q.6 Do Sikhs say Satnam?

Sikhs have misinterpreted the meaning of Satnam. Satnam is the name of the mantra to be chanted but it is not the exact mantra. Satnam is to be disclosed by a Tatvdarshi Sant who is none other than Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Q.7 Who wrote Mool Mantra?

Mool Mantra is referred to the mantras of salvation which is being created and given by only Almighty God Kabir.

Q.8 Did Guru Nanak believe in RAM?

Shri Nanak Dev ji believed in Aadi Ram who is the creator of entire universe. He was the guru of Shri Nanak Dev Ji who is none other than Kabir Saheb Himself.

Q.9 Why did Guru Nanak disappear for 3 days?

God Kabir came and met His pious soul Nanak Dev Ji imparted the wealth of true spiritual knowledge to him. Afterwards, He took Shri Nanak Dev ji's soul to Satlok (Sachkhand) where he stayed there for 3 days. That's why he disappeared for 3 days.

Q.10 Why Guru Nanak was not a Prophet?

Shri Nanak Dev ji was a messenger of God Kabir not any Prophet. Because of the worship given by God Kabir, he attained some supernatural powers because of which he appeared to be a Prophet or God but he is like us ordinary humans.


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Ishu Randhawa

How can true salvation mantras be obtained?

Satlok Ashram

The enlightened Saint is only authorised to grant true salvation mantras. At present Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is Satguru who is providing scriptures-based true devotion and granting true salvation mantras.

Gurvinder Singh

What is the significance of Satnam?

Satlok Ashram

Satnam mantra relieves trapped souls from the region of Brahm Kaal and heads towards Satlok via crossing the region of Akshar Purush. The Satnam mantra is very powerful and plays an important role in the attainment of Salvation.

Chitra Sahani

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his writings has mentioned about Satnam. What is it?

Satlok Ashram

Satnam is the true mantra (coded) chanting which seekers get liberation from the web of butcher Brahm Kaal. Guru Nanak Ji was blessed to have obtained it from his Guru who was none other than Almighty KavirDev. Its evidence is in holy Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 also in various sacred speeches of Nanak Ji.