The Grandeur of A True Guru In Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

The Grandeur of A True Guru In Guru Granth Sahib

The term "guru" is based on the syllables gu (गु) and ru (रु), which means someone who "dispels the darkness of ignorance." The Guru is a counselor who helps in the birth of the mind and realization of one's soul. He is an inspiration who guides his disciple regarding spirituality. A guru is one who diverts us from worldly evils by providing true spiritual knowledge and puts us on the path of true devotion and paves the way to salvation. 

Holy Guru Granth Sahib mentions various speeches narrated by respected Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which glorifies the true guru since there is a firm belief in the Sikh community that Guru Nanak Dev Ji attained salvation by the grace of His guru. Guru Nanak Ji glorified Satguru (true spiritual leader) in his nectar speeches which are scripted in holy Guru Granth Sahib. 

Almighty Kabir met pious soul Guru Nanak Dev Ji and took him to Sachkhand / Satlok. He made him aware of his native place which is eternal.  Kabir Saheb imparted Shri Nanak Ji the true spiritual knowledge and gave him ‘Satnaam’ (true salvation mantra) chanting which he became the permanent resident of Sachkhand / Satlok. 

One of the nectar speeches of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji glorifies Satguru Kabir Sahib.  

गुरू सेवा बिन भक्ति ना होई, अनेक जतन करे जे कोई |
बिन सतगुरु भेंटें मुक्ति ना कोई, बिन सतगुरु भेंटें महादुख पाई ||

“Guru sewa bin bhakti na hoee, anek jatan karey jey koee
Bin Satguru bhentey mukti na koi, bin Satguru bhentey mahadukh payee” 

Meaning: Glorifying the importance of a Satguru in human life Shri Nanak Ji has said that without serving a Guru worship is impossible no matter one might make several attempts. Without acquiring a complete guru one cannot attain salvation and the miseries of human life cannot finish without the grace of a Satguru.

This write-up will provide evidence from holy Guru Granth Sahib regarding the same.

A Brief About Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the founder of Sikhism. He was born in the year 1469 in a Hindu family in a village named Talwandi of district Lahore in West Pakistan present-day Nankana Sahib in Punjab region, in Pakistan. Nanak Ji was a learned man. He was well versed in various languages such as Farsi (Persian), Punjabi, and Sanskrit. Reciting a path from pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita was his routine. God-loving soul Shri Nanak Ji was the worshipper of Brahm-Kaal and used to chant the ‘OM’ mantra with great reverence believing him to be the supreme power. The same soul of Nanak Ji was King Ambresh in Satyug. At that time, Lord Vishnu was his venerable deity. In Treta Yuga, the same soul of Nanak Ji was King Janak who was the father of Sita Ji. In Kalyug the same soul became famous by the name ‘Nanak’.

Almighty Kabir Met Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a virtuous soul. He was a great devout and had a deep desire to attain God. One day while Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sitting in deep meditation on the shore of river Bein remembering God; at that time Almighty KavirDev acquiring the form of ‘Zinda Baba’ came and met Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Pretending Himself to be an ordinary devotee who has longingness to attain God; Kabir Saheb requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji to guide him ‘How can God be attained?’ Ignorant that God himself is standing in front of him Guru Nanak Ji asked Kabir Saheb, ‘have you acquired any Guru?’ ‘Zinda Baba’ ie Kabir Saheb Ji introduced Himself that His name is Kabir. He is a weaver by profession and has come all the way from Kaashi (Varanasi). He has taken initiation from Swami Ramanand Ji and he is His guru. He has been wandering in search of God for a long time but no one has been able to explain to him the true path of worship with which He can attain God’.

Guru Nanak Ji Preached Kabir Sahib

Considering Kabir Ji as an inquisitive Guru Nanak Dev Ji started preaching Him that holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita mentions about ‘OM’ mantra. Satogun equipped Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shri Krishan is the complete God. For the attainment of Heaven, this is a modest way. Without a guru emancipation is impossible. By worshipping the formless Brahm; Heaven (Swarg) can be attained. Therefore, chant the ‘OM’ mantra.

Kabir Saheb asked, ‘Whom shall I acquire guru?. A complete guru is not found who can remove all my doubts and provide me the correct way of worship.’ Tactfully, to impart true spiritual knowledge to Nanak Ji, Kabir Saheb told him, ‘Although I have acquired Swami Ramanand Ji my guru; but my doubts could not be resolved by him’. Nanak Ji was confident of his spiritual knowledge and said, ‘make me your guru. Your welfare is certain’.

Kabir Sahib Provided Tatvagyan To Guru Nanak Ji

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda in the nectar speech of Kabir Sahib

कबीर, सौ छल छिद्र में करू अपने जन के काज |
Kabir, Sau chal chidr mein karun apne jan ke kaaj

Meaning: To relieve His soul from the trap of Butcher Kaal God Kabir plays several tactics. 

Kabir Sahib told Nanak Ji ‘before I make you my guru; I want you to resolve certain queries’. Giving reference of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 12, chapter 4 verse 5, chapter 7 verse 15, chapter 7 verse 18, chapter 15 verse 4, chapter 18 verse 62 and so on Kabir Saheb Ji asked Guru Nanak Ji several spiritual questions which Nanak Ji could not answer and got surprised to hear the true spiritual knowledge about which he was completely ignorant. 

Then Kabir Sahib Ji asked ‘Did you get that Tatvadarshi (enlightened) Saint who can tell you the complete way of worship of the supreme God (Satpurush). Nanak Ji said ‘No, I haven’t yet’. God Kabir Ji said, ‘Nanak Ji! the worship which you are doing is incomplete and cannot provide you emancipation. I am a Tatvadarshi Saint who has the complete knowledge of Purna Parmatma (complete God)’. Then God Kabir explained the complete creation of the Universe to Nanak Ji. He made him aware of ‘Who is butcher Brahm-Kaal? And How did all souls get trapped in his region and why do we all suffer?’.

Providing shreds of evidence from all holy scriptures like Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Shri Durga Puran, Shri Shiv Puran, pious Quran Sharif, etc. Almighty Kabir provided true spiritual knowledge to Shri Nanak Ji. Listening to the hidden spiritual facts Nanak Ji got amazed and said, ‘no one to date has told all this to me. It’s getting hard for me to believe you’. Noticing the disinterest of Nanak Ji, Kabir Saheb left. 

Misconception, Guru Nanak Ji was Guru of Kabir Sahib

The people present there asked Nanak Ji ‘who was this man and why was he greeting you as Gurudev?’ Nanak Ji told them, ‘he is some weaver from Kaashi and was talking all rubbish. He was telling that Shri Krishan Ji is in the cycle of birth and death, he is mortal, and that my way of worship is also wrong. When I started speaking he accepted his defeat and left’. 

Note: Due to this fake explanation those ignorant Sikhs considered Nanak Dev Ji the guru of Kabir Saheb and this misconception still prevails.

Although Nanak Ji misled innocent and uneducated Sikh people at that time, at heart he had accepted that my spiritual knowledge is incomplete and the facts which that ‘Zinda Baba’ has told from all holy scriptures are authentic which have never been told to me by any religious guru, rather I am misled. Therefore, Nanak Ji’s desire to meet that same ‘Zinda Baba’ intensified, ‘If next time I would meet the same saint I will not argue rather would ask the answer to many questions.

Satpurush Kabir Sahib's Second Audience To Nanak Ji

Almighty Kabir is Omniscient. He makes several tactics to liberate his dearest souls from the trap of Brahm-Kaal therefore, after some time Kabir Saheb again met Nanak Ji on the same shore of Bein river and told, ‘trust my words, Nanak Ji! There is one immortal God, Satpurush worshipping whom the creatures get relief from the illness of birth and death once for all. You should also do the same worship and land back to your native place’. Shri Nanak Ji said, ‘I will examine you. I will hide in this Bein river. If you will be able to search me I will trust your words’. Saying this Nanak Ji jumped into the river and acquired the form of a fish. Param Akshar Purush / Zinda Baba caught Nanak Ji in the form of fish and took him 3 km away in the upstream. 

It has been mentioned in the nectar speech of Guru Nanak Ji in Shri Guru Granth Sahib- Siri Mehla Pehla, ghar 4 page no. 25

तू दरिया दाना बिना, मैं मछली कैसे अंत लहा |
जहा-जहा देखा तहा-तहा तू है, तुझसे निकस फूट मरा |
न जाना, मेऊ न जाना जाली| जा दुःख लागै ता तुझै समाली ||रहाऊ ||

Tu dariya dana bina, mein machli kaise ant laha
Jahan-jahan dekha tahan-tahan tu hai, tujhse nikas phoot mara
Na jaana, meu na jaana jaali, Ja dukh lagey ta tujhe samali – Rahau

Meaning: Guru Nanak Ji says ‘I became a fish; How did you find me?. God, you are the knower of even the subtlest things inside water. Even the fish catcher (a diver) could not identify me. Since we have been separated from you (have been expelled from Satlok) we are bearing pain. In agony, I remember you, only you resolve my miseries. 

Note: Aforesaid discussion is after Nanak Ji met Kabir Saheb Ji in Kashi-Varanasi.

Kabir Sahib Showed Sachkhand To Nanak Ji

After this, Nanak Ji accepted that Kabir Saheb is the supreme power. Nanak Ji requested God Kabir to show him Satlok/ Sachkhand. He wanted to see ‘Akaal Purush’. Then God Kabir took the virtuous soul to Satlok. Glorifying ‘Akaal Purush’ (Kabir Sahib) Nanak Ji said ‘Wahe Guru, you can be attained with Satnaam’. This entire process took three days then God Kabir released the soul back to the body. 

Creation of Universe

Nanak Ji went to Varanasi in search of ‘Akaal Purush’ because Kabir Saheb told him ‘I reside in Kashi and am playing a divine spectacle of a weaver’. Nanak Ji met the weaver Kabir Saheb, the same he saw in Sachkhand/Satlok. 

It has been mentioned in the sacred speech of Guru Nanak Sahib in SGGS, Raag Siri Mahla 1

फाई सुरत मलूकि वेश ,उह ठगवाड़ा ठगी देश |
खरा सिआणा बहुता भार धाणक ( कबीर ) रूप रहा करतार ||

Fahi surat Maluki wes, uh thagwada thagi des |
Khara siyana bahuta bhaar, Dhanak roop raha kartaar||

Thereafter, Nanak Ji started saying ‘Satnam, Wahe Guru’. 

Note: Following the words of Nanak Ji presently all Sikh devotees also chant ‘Satnaam, Wahe Guru’ but they are unaware of the correct salvation mantra.

Important: The precious secret mantra ‘Satnaam’ is only available with great Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. God-loving souls desirous of attaining Salvation must take His refuge. 

Moving ahead this write-up will provide evidence regarding the magnificence of Satguru as narrated in the sacred speech by Guru Nanak Ji that is scripted in pious Guru Granth Sahib. 

Evidence Magnificence of Satguru in Pious Shri Guru Granth Sahib

Please read numerous evidence in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on the pages below about the fact that Guru Nanak Ji had met a guru Ji, who had given initiation to Nanak Ji. Shri Nanak Ji has also clarified that without a vakt (living) guru one’s bhakti cannot succeed. He has even emphasized that he should be a ‘Poora Guru’ (Complete God). Those reverent people who do not go in the refuge of the vakt guru (living guru) are violating the orders of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

It is a matter of consideration that Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the nectar speech of great men and is respectable and so are Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Holy Four Vedas, and nectar speech of Supreme God Kabir Ji, which is the fifth Ved ie. Sukshma Veda. These are legislation of God. Like, there is a constitution of a country. It is not the Prime Minister. There is a need for the Prime Minister so that he protects the public according to the legislation and gets them their rights.

  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 1342 Prabhaati Asatpadia Mehla 1 Bibhaas
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 1039 Raag Maaru Solahe Mehla 1
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 946 Ramkali Mehla 1 Sidh Gosti
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 466 Aasa Mehla 1
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 1171 Mehla 1 Basantu Hindol Gharu 2
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 1040 Maaru Solahe Mehla 1
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 33 Siri Raag Mehla 3
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 1348 Mehla 5 Bibhaas Prabhaati Mehla 5 Asatpadia
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 436 Raagu Aasa Mehla 1 Chhant Gharu 1
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 437 Raag Aasa Mehla 1 Chhant Gharu 1
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 879 Ramkali Mehla 1 Gharu 1 Chaupade
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Raag Aasavari, Mehla 1
  • “Raag Basant Mehla Pehla” Paudi no. 3 Aadi Granth (Punjabi) page no. 1188

In Shri Guru Granth Sahib page 721 in Mehla 1 Shri Nanak Dev Ji has mentioned the name

हक्का कबीर करीम तू, बऐब परवर दीगार |
नानक बुगोयद जनु तुरा, तेरे चक्रां पाखाक ||

‘Hakka Kabir Kareem tu, Be-aeb Parvardigar
Nanak bugoyad janu tura, tere chaakran paakhaak’  

Meaning: O (Hakka Kabir) Sat Kabir! You are Supreme power (Karim) the kind God. You only are (Be-aeb) flawless (Parvardigar) the nurturer of all. I (Nanak) is saying my emancipation has happened. I am like the dust of your servants’ feet.  

Shri Nanak Ji has stated on page 437 in SGGS

‘‘नानक गुरु समानि तीरथु नहीं कोई साचे गुरु गोपाल।’’

“Nanak Guru samaani teerathu nahin koyi Saache Guru Gopal 

It is a message of the Guru Sahibs to the people that find the complete guru (Poora Guru). A complete guru is equivalent to God only. A complete guru would be one who would be the recipient of favor of the Supreme God; like Shri Nanak Dev Ji. Like, in Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi (in the Punjabi language) on page 272-273, Mardana asked Prahlad that – Who else has come here? Prahlad said that only two great men have come here. First (Supreme God) Kabir Ji, second – Shri Nanak dev Ji; only one more will come who will be like these. He will be from the land of Punjab, from the Jaat caste. Please see the photocopy of Page 272-273 of “Janam Sakhi” in the book “Dharti Par Avtaar”.

It is a request to the entire human society that the third great man who has spiritual knowledge similar to Shri Nanak dev and Supreme God Kabir is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. All the Sikh Guru Sahibans have said this that salvation is not possible without a Guru. Vakt guru (Living guru), who will have the authority, will give Naam-updesh (initiation). It would be beneficial only to take Naam from him. Taking naam from an unauthorized person also does not lead to salvation. 

It has been clarified in Shri Guru Granth Sahib, page 946 that –

बिन सतगुरु सेवे जोग न होई। बिन सतगुरु भेटे मुक्ति न होई।
बिन सतगुरु भेटे नाम पाइआ न जाई। बिन सतगुरु भेटे महा दुःख पाई।
बिन सतगुरु भेटे महा गरबि गुबारि। नानक बिन गुरु मुआ जन्म हारि।

Bin satguru seve jog na hoyi | bin Satguru bhetey mukti na hoyi |
Bin Satguru bhetey naam paaiya na jaai | bin Satguru bhetey mahadukh paai |
Bin Satguru bhetey maha garbi gubaari | Nanak bin Guru muaa janm haari |

In this eternal message, Shri Nanak Ji has clarified that without going in the refuge of a living guru (Vakt Guru) neither a living being would attain salvation nor his arrogance would get destroyed, which keeps a living being away from God. Without serving a Satguru i.e. going in the refuge of a Satguru, religious practice cannot become successful. Without the refuge of a guru Ji, naam cannot be obtained. Without naam, salvation is not possible. Even from a fake guru, no task can be accomplished. Without a true guru (Satguru), one will bear terrible suffering and without the refuge of a guru, one dies losing one’s human life like a gambler defeated in a gamble. Shri Guru Nanak dev Ji is strictly saying that obtaining the refuge of a guru makes your life successful. This human life is invaluable; it will not be obtained again and again. Please read the following vaani (speech) for evidence: -

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 1342 - Prabhaati Asatpadia Mehla 1 Bibhaas

बिभास सतिगुरु पूछि सहज घरू पावै।।3।। रागि नादि मनु दूजै भाइ।। अंतरि कपटु महा दुखु पाइ।। सतिगुरु भेटै सोझी पाइ।। सचै नामि रहै लिव लाइ।।4।। सचै सबदि सचु कमावै।। सची बाणी हरि गुण गावै ।। निज घरि वासु अमर पदु पावै।। ता दरि साचै सोभा पावै।।5।। गुर सेवा बिनु भगति न होई ।। अनेक जतन करै जे कोई।। गिआनु धिआनु नरहरि निरबाणी।। बिनु सतिगुरु भेटे कोई न जाणी।। सगल सरोवर जोति समाणी।। आनद रूप विटहू कुरबाणी।।3।। भाउ भगति गुरमती पाए।। हउमै विचहु सबदि जलाए।।

Bibhas Satiguru poochhi sahaj gharu paavae ||3|| raagi naadi manu doojae bhaai || antari kapatu maha dukhu paai || Satiguru bhetae sojhi paai || sachae naami rahae liv laai ||4|| sachae sabdi sachu kamaavae || sachi baani hari gun gaavae || nij ghari vaasu amar padu paavae || ta dari saachae sobha paavae ||5||Guru sewa binu bhagti na hoyi || anek jatan karae je koyi || Giaanu dhiaanu narhari nirbaani || binu Satiguru bhetey koyi na jaani || sagal sarovar joti samaani || aanad roop vitahu kurbaani ||3|| bhaau bhagti gurmati paaye || haumae vichahu sabdi jalaaye ||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 1039 -Raag Maaru Solahe Mehla 1

ऐसे जन विरले संसारे।। गुर सबदु वीचारहि रहहि निरारे।। आपि तरहि संगति कुल तारहि तिन सफल जनमु जगि आइआ।।11।। घरू दरू मंदरू जाणै सोई जिसु पूरे गुर ते सोझी होई।।

Aise jan virle sansaare || guru sabdu vichaarahi rahhi niraare || aapi tarhi sangti kul taarahi tin safal janmu jagi aaiya ||11|| gharu daru mandaru jaanae soyi Jisu poore gur te sojhi hoyi ||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 946 - Ramkali Mehla 1 Sidh Gosti

सिध गोसटि नामे नामि रहै बैरागी साचु रखिआ उरि धारे।। नानक बिनु नावै जोगु कदे न होवै देखहु रिदै बीचारे।।68।। गुरमुखि साचु सबदु बीचारै कोइ।। गुरमुखि सचु बाणी परगटु होइ।। गुरमुखि मनु भीजै विरला बूझै कोइ।। गुरमुखि निज घरि वासा होइ।। गुरमुखि जोगी, जुगति पछाणै।। गुरमुखि नानक एको जाणै।।69।। बिनु सतिगुर सेवे जोगु न होई।। बिनु सतिगुर भेटे मुकति न कोई।। बिनु सतिगुर भेटे नामु पाइआ न जाइ।। बिनु सतिगुर भेटे महा दुखु पाइ।। बिनु सतिगुर भेटे महा गरबि गुबारि।। नानक बिनु गुर मुआ जनमु हारि।।70।। गुरमुखि मनु जीता हउमै मारि।। गुरमुखि साचु रखिआ उर धारि।। गुरमुखि जुगु जीता जमकालु मारि बिदारि।। गुरमुखि दरगह न आवै हारि।। गुरमुखि मेलि मिलाए सुो जाणै।। नानक गुरमुखि सबदि पछाणै।।71।।

Siddh gosti naame naami rahae bairaagi saachu rakhiaa uri dhaare || Nanak binu naavae jogu kade na hovae dekhahu ridae beechare ||68|| gurmukhi saachu sabdu beechaare koyi || gurmukhi sachu baani pargatu hoyi || gurmukhi manu bheejae virla boojhae koyi || gurmukhi nij ghari vaasa hoyi || gurmukhi jogi jugati pachhaanae || gurmukhi Nanak eko jaanae ||69|| binu Satigur seve jogu na hoyi || binu Satigur bhetey mukti na koyi || binu Satigur bhetey naamu paaiya na jaai || binu Satigur bhetey maha dukh paai || binu Satigur bhetey maha garbi gubaari || Nanak binu Gur muaa janmu haari ||70|| gurmukhi manu jeeta haumae maari || gurmukhi saachu rakhiaa ur dhaari || gurmukhi jugu jeeta jamkaalu maari bidaari || gurmukhi dargah na aavae haari || gurmukhi meli milaaye so jaanae || Nanak Gurmukhi sabdi pachhaanae ||71||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 466 - Aasa Mehla 1

मः 1।। मिटी मुसलमान की पेड़ै पई कुमिआर।। घड़ि भाँडे इटा कीआ जलदी करे पुकार।। जलि जलि रोवै बपुड़ी झड़ि झड़ि पवहि अंगिआर।। नानक जिनि करतै कारणु कीआ सो जाणै करतारू।।2।। पउड़ि।। बिनु सतिगुर किनै न पाइओ बिनु सतिगुरु किनै न पाइआ।। सतिगुर विचि आपु रखिओनु करि परगटु आखि सुणाइआ।। सतिगुर मिलिऐ सदा मुकतु है जिनि विचहु मोहु चुकाइआ।। उतमु एहु बीचारु है जिनि सचे सिउ चितु लाइआ।। जगजीवनु दाता पाइआ।।6।। किरपा करे जे आपणी ता गुर का सबदु कमाहि।। नानकु कहै सुणहु जनहु इतु संजमि दुख जाहि।।2।।

M:1 || miti musalmaan ki pedae payi kumiaar || ghadi bhaande ita keeya jaldi kare pukaar || jali jail rovae bapudi jhadi jhadi pavhi angiaar || Nanak Jini kartae kaarnu keeya so jaanae kartaaru ||2|| paudi || binu Satigur kinae na paaiyo binu Satigur kinae na paaiya || Satigur vichi aapu rakhionu kari pargatu aakhi sunaaiya || Satigur miliye sadaa muktu hai Jini vichahu mohu chukaaiya || utamu ehu beechaaru hai Jini sache siu chitu laaiya || jagjeevnu daata paaiya ||6||kirpa karey je aapni ta gur ka sabdu kamaahi || Nanaku kahae sunhu janhu itu sanjami dukh jaahi ||2||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 1171 - Mehla 1 Basantu Hindol Gharu 2

बसंतु हिंडोल महला 1 ।। साचा साहु गुरु सुखदाता हरि मेले भुख गवाए।। करि किरपा हरि भगति दड़ाए अनदिनु हरि गुण गाए।।1।। मत भूलहि रे मन चेति हरि।। बिनु गुर मुकति नाही त्रै लोई गुरमुखि पाईऐ नामु हरि।।1।।रहाउ।। बिनु भगति नहीं सतिगुरु पाईऐ बिनु भागा नही भगति हरी।। बिनु भागा सतसंगु न पाईऐ करमि मिलै हरि नामु हरी।।2।।

Basantu Hindol Mehla 1 || saacha saahu guru sukhdata hari mele bhukh gavaay || kari kirpa hari bhagti dridaay andinu hari gun gay ||1|| mat bhoolahi re man cheti hari || binu guru mukti naahi trae loyi gurmukhi paaiye naamu hari ||1|| Rahaau || binu bhagti nahin Satiguru paaiye binu bhaaga nahin bhagti hari || binu bhaaga satsangu na paaiye karmi milae hari naamu hari ||2||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 1040 - Maaru Solahe Mehla 1

मारू महला 1।। सचु कहहु सचै घरि रहणा।। जीवत मरहु भवजलु जगु तरणा।। गुरु बोहिथु गुरु बेड़ी तुलहा मन हरि जपि पारि लंघाइआ।।1।। हउमै ममता लोभ बिनासनु।। नउ दर मुकते दसवै आसनु।। ऊपरि परै परै अपरम्परू जिनि आपे आपु उपाइआ।।2।। गुरमति लेवहु हरि लिव तरीऐ।। अकलु गाइ जम ते किआ डरीऐ।। जत जत देखउ तत तत तुम ही अवरू न दुतीआ गाइआ।।3।। सचु हरि नामु सचु है सरणा।। सचु गुर सबदु जितै लगि तरणा।। अकथु कथै देखै अपरम्परू फुनि गरभि न जोनी जाइआ।।4।। सच बिनु सतु संतोखु न पावै।। बिनु गुर मुकति न आवै जावै।। मूल मंत्रु हरि नामु रसाइणु कहु नानक पूरा paaiya ||5||

Maaru Mehla 1 || Sachu kahahu sachae ghari rehna || jeevat marhu bhavjalu jagu tarna || guru bohithu guru beri tulha man hari japi paari langhaaiya ||1|| haumae mamta lobh binaasanu || nau dar mukte dasvae aasnu ||oopri parae parae aparamparu Jini aape aapu upaaiya ||2|| gurmati levahu hari liv tareeye || akalu gaayi jam te kiya dariye || jat jat dekhau tat tat tum hi avru na dutiya gaaiya ||3||sachu hari naamu sachu hai sarna || sachu gur sabdu Jitae lagi tarna || akathu kathae dekhae aparamparu funi garbhi na joni jaaiya ||4|| sach binu satu santokhu na paavae ||binu gur mukti na aavae jaavae || mool mantra hari naamu rasaainu kahu nanak poora paaiya ||5||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 33 - Siri Raag Mehla 3

सतगुरि मिलिऐ सद भै रचै आपि वसै मनि आइ।।1।। भाई रे गुरमुखि बूझे कोइ।। बिनु बूझे कर्म कमावणे जनमु पदारथु खोइ।।1।। रहाउ।। गुर कै सबदि जीवतु मरै हरि नामु वसै मनि आइ।।1।। सुणि मन मेरे भजु सतगुर सरणा।। गुर पदसादी छुटीऐ बिखु भवजलु सबदि गुर तरणा।।1।। रहाउ।। त्रै गुण सभा धातु है दूजा भाउ विकारु।। पंडितु पड़ै बंधन मोह बाधा नह बूझै बिखिआ पिआरि।। सतगुरु मिलिऐ तकटी छूटै चउथै पदि मुकति दुआरु।।2।। गुर तो मारगु पाईऐ चूकै मोहु गुबारु।। सबदि मरे ता उधरै पाए मोख दुआरु।। गुर परसादी मिलि रहै सचु नामु करतारु।।3।। इहु मनुआ अति सबल है छडे न कितै उपाइ।। दूजै भाइ दुखु लाइदा बहुती देइ सजाइ।। नानक नामि लगे से उबरे हउमै सबदि गवाइ।।4।।18।।51।। सिरीरागु महला 3।। किरपा करे गुरु पाईऐ हरि नामो देइ दड़ाइ।। बिनु गुर किनै न पाइओ बिरथा जनमु गवाइ।। 
मनमुख कर्म कमावणे दरगह मिलै सजाइ।।1।। मन रे दूजा भाउ चुकाइ।। अंतरि तेरै हरि वसै गुर सेवा सुखु पाइ।। रहाउ।।

Satguri miliye sad bhae rachae aapi vasae mani aai ||1||bhaai re gurmukhi boojhe koyi || binu boojhe karm kamaavne janmu padaarathu khoyi ||1|| Rahaau || Gur kae sabdi jeevatu marae hari naamu vasae mani aayi ||1||suni man mere bhaju Satgur sarna || Gur padsaadi chhuteeye bikhu bhavjalu sabdi gur tarna ||1|| Rahaau || trae gun sabhaa dhaatu hai dooja bhaau vikaaru || panditu padae bandhan moh baadha nah boojhae bikhiaa piaari || Satguru miliye trikriti chhutae chauthae padi mukti duaaru ||2|| guru to maargu paaiye chukae mohu gubaaru || sabdi marey taa udhrae paay mokh duaaru || guru parsaadi mili rahae sachu naamu kartaaru ||3|| ihu manuaa ati sabal hai chhade na kitae upaai || doojae bhaai dukhu laaida bahuti deyi sajaayi || Nanak naami lagey se ubre haumae sabdi gavaai ||4||18||51||Siriraagu Mehla 3 || kirpa karey Guru paaiye hari naamo deyi dridaayi || binu gur kinae na paaiyo birtha janmu gavaayi || manmukh karm kamaavane dargah milae sajaayi ||1|| man re dooja bhaau chukaayi || antari terae hari vasae gur seva sukhu paayi ||Rahaau ||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 1348 Mehla 5 - Bibhaas Prabhaati Mehla 5 Asatpadia

बिनु सतिगुर किनै न पाई पर्म गते।। पूछहु सगल बेद सिम्मते।। मनमुख कर्म करै अजाई।। जिउ बालू घर ठउर न ठाई।।7।। जिस नो भए गुोबिंद दइआला।। गुर का बचनु तिनि बाधिओ पाला।। कोटि मधे कोई संतु दिखाइआ।। नानकु तिन के संगि तराइआ।।8।। जे होवै भागु ता दरसनु पाईऐ।। आपि तरै सभु कुटम्बु तराईऐ।।1।।

Binu Satigur kinae na paayi parm gatey || poochhahu sagal bed simritey || manmukh karm karae ajaayi || Jiu baalu ghar thaur na thaayi ||7|| Jis no bhaye gobind daiaala ||gur ka bachnu tini baadhiyo paala || koti madhey koyi santu dikhaaiya ||Nanaku tin ke sangi taraaiya ||8|| je hovae bhaagu ta darsanu paaiye || aapi tarae sabhu kutumbu paraaiye ||1||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 436 - Raagu Aasa Mehla 1 Chhant Gharu 1

आसा महला 1 ।। अनहदो अनहदु वाजै रुण झुणकारे राम।। मेरा मनो मेरा मनु राता लाल पिआरे राम।। अनदिनु राता मनु बैरागी सुन्न मंडलि घरु पाइआ।। आदि पुरखु अपरम्परु पिआरा सतिगुरि अलखु लखाइआ।। आसणि बैसणि थिरु नाराइणु तितु मनु राता वीचारे।। नानक नामि रते बैरागी अनहद रुण झुणकारे ।।1।। तितु अगम तितु अगम पुरे कहु कितु बिधि जाईऐ राम।। सचु संजमो सारि गुणा गुर सबदु कमाईऐ राम।। सचु सबदु कमाईऐ निज घर जाईऐ पाईऐ गुणी निधाना।। तितु साखा मूलु पतु नही डाली सिरि सभना परधाना।। जपु तपु करि करि संजम थाकी हठि निग्रहि नही पाईऐ।। नानक सहजि मिले जगजीवन सतिगुर बूझ बुझाईऐ।।2।। गुरु सागरो 

Aasa Mehla 1 || anhado anhadu vaajae run jhunkaare ram ||mera mano mera manu raata laal piaare ram || andinu raata manu bairaagi sunn mandali gharu paaiya || aadi purkhu aparamparu piaara Satiguri alakhu lakhaaiya || aasni baisni thiru naraainu titu manu raata vichaare || Nanak naami ratey bairaagi anhad run jhunkaare ||1|| titu agam titu agam purey kahu kitu bidhi jaaiye ram || sachu sanjamo saari guna gur sabdu kamaaiye ram || sachu sabdu kamaaiye nij ghar jaaiye paaiye guni nidhaana || titu saakha moolu patu nahi daali siri sabhna pardhaana || japu tapu kari kari sanjam thaaki hathi nigrahi nahin paaiye ||Nanak sahJi miley jagjeevan Satigur boojh bujhaaiye ||2|| Guru Saagro

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 437 - Raag Aasa Mehla 1 Chhant Gharu 1

रतनागरु तितु रतन घणेरे राम।। करि मजनो सपत सरे मन निर्मल मेरे राम।। निर्मल जलि नाए जा प्रभ भाए पंच मिले वीचारे।। कामु करोधु कपटु बिखिआ तजि सचु नामु उरि धारे।। हउमै लोभ लहरि लब थाके पाए दीन दइआला।। नानक गुर समानि तीरथु नही कोई साचे गुर गोपाला।।3।। हउ बनु बनो देखि रही तणु देखि सबाइआ राम।। तभवणो तुझहि कीआ सभु जगतु सबाइआ राम।। तेरा सभु कीआ तूं थिरु थीआ तुधु समानि को नाही।। तूं दाता सभ जाचिक तेरे तुधु बिनु किसु सालाही।। अण्मंगिआ दानु दीजै दाते तेरी भगति भरे भंडारा।। राम नाम बिनु मुकति न होई नानकु कहै वीचारा।।4।।2।।

Ratnaguru titu ratan ghanere ram || kari majno sapat sarey man nirmal mere ram || nirmal jali naay ja prabh bhaay panch miley vichaare || kaamu karodhu kaptu bikhiaa taJi sachu naamu uri dhaare || haumae lobh lahri lab thaake paay deen daiyaala || Nanak gur samaani teerathu nahi teerthu nahi koyi saache gur gopala ||3|| hau banu bano dekhi rahi trinu dekhi sabaaiya ram || tribhavno tujhahi kia sabhu jagtu sabaaiya ram || tera sabhu kia tu thiru thiaa tudhu samaani ko naahi || tu daata sabh jaachik tere tudhu binu kisu saalaahi || anmangia daanu deejae daate teri bhagti bharey bhandara || ram naam binu mukti na hoyi nanaku kahae vichaara ||4||2||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Page 879 - Ramkali Mehla 1 Gharu 1 Chaupade

रामकली महला 1 ।। जा हरि प्रभि किरपा धारी।। ता हउमै विचहु मारी।। सो सेवकि राम पिआरी।। जो गुर सबदी बीचारी।।1।। सो हरि जनु हरि प्रभ भावै।। अहिनिसि भगति करे दिनु राती लाज छोडि हरि के गुण गावै।।1।। रहाउ।। धुनि वाजे अनहद घोरा।। मनु मानिआ हरि रसि मोरा।। गुर पूरै सचु समाइआ।। गुरु आदि पुरखु हरि पाइआ।।2।। सभि नाद बेद गुरबाणी।। मनु राता सारिगपाणी।। तह तीर्थ वरत तप सारे।। गुर मिलिआ हरि निसतारे।।3।। जह आपु गइआ भउ भागा।। गुर चरणी सेवकु लागा।। गुरि सतिगुरि भरमु चुकाइआ।। कहु नानक सबदि मिलाइआ।।4।।10।।

Ramkali Mehla 1 || Ja hari prabhi kirpa dhaari || ta haumae vichahu maari || so sevaki ram piaari || jo guru sabdi bichaari ||1||so hari janu hari prabh bhaavae || ahinisi bhagti karey dinu raati laaj chhodi hari ke gun gaavae ||1|| Rahaau || dhuni vaaje anhad ghora || manu mania hari rasi mora || gur poorae sachu samaaiya || guru aadi purkhu hari paaiya ||2|| sabhi naad bed gurbaani || manu raata saarigpaani || teh teerth varat tap saare || gur miliya hari nistaare ||3|| jah aapu gaiya bhau bhaaga || gur charni sevku laaga || guri Satiguri bharmu chukaaiya || kahu Nanak sabdi milaaiya ||4||10||

Some excerpts from Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Raag Aasavari, Mehla 1

साहिब मेरा एको है। एको है भाई एको है।
आपे रूप करे बहु भांती नानक बपुड़ा एव कह।। (प. 350)
जो तिन कीआ सो सचु थीआ, अमत नाम सतगुरु दीआ।। (प. 352)
गुरु पुरे ते गति मति पाई। (प. 353)
बूडत जगु देखिआ तउ डरि भागे।
सतिगुरु राखे से बड़ भागे, नानक गुरु की चरणों लागे।। (प. 414)
मैं गुरु पूछिआ अपणा साचा बिचारी राम। (प. 439)

Sahib mera eko hai | eko hai bhaai eko hai |
Aape roop karey bahu bhaanti Nanak bapura ev keh || (Page 350)
Jo tin kiaa so sachu thiaa, amrit naam Satguru diaa || (Page 352)
Guru poore te gati mati paai | (Page 353)
Boodat jagu dekhiaa tau dari bhaage |
Satguru raakhe se bad bhaage, Nanak guru ki charno laagey || (Page 414)
Main guru poochhia apnaa saacha bichaari ram | (Page 439)

In the above-mentioned nectar-speech, Shri Nanak Sahib Ji is himself accepting that Sahib (God) is only one, and my Guru Ji gave me the updesh mantra. He only acquires various forms i.e. he only is Satpurush; he alone acquires the Jinda form. He is only sitting in the form of a weaver who plays the role of an ordinary person, i.e. devotee. Seeing the entire world burning in the fire of birth-death and results of deeds by doing scripture-opposed worship, with the fear of life being wasted, I ran and took refuge in the feet of Guru Ji.

बलिहारी गुरु आपणे दिउहाड़ी सदवार।
जिन माणस ते देवते कीए करत न लागी वार।
आपीनै आप साजिओ आपीनै रचिओ नाउ।
दुयी कुदरति साजीऐ करि आसणु डिठो चाउ।
दाता करता आपि तूं तुसि देवहि करहि पसाउ।
तूं जाणोइ सभसै दे लैसहि जिंद कवाउ करि आसणु डिठो चाउ। (प. 463)

Balihaari guru aapne diuhaari sadvaar | 
Jin maanas te devte kiye karat na laagi vaar |
Aapinae aap saaJio aapinae rachio naau |
Duyi kudarti saaJiye kari aasnu ditho chaau |
Daata karta aapi tu tusi devahi karhi pasaau |
Tu jaanoyi sabhsae de laesahi Jind kavaau kari aasnu ditho chaau | (Page 463)

Meaning: That Complete God acquiring the form of a Jinda came on river Bein i.e. He came to be known as Jinda. And Himself creating the two worlds – above (Satlok, etc) and below (loks of Brahm and ParBrahm), sitting in a form on the throne above in Satyalok, is passionately seeing the worlds created by Him. He is Himself swayambhu i.e. does not take birth from a mother’s womb. He appears Himself. 

This same evidence is in Holy Yajurved Adhyay 40 Mantra 8 

कविर् मनीषि स्वयम्भूः परिभू व्यवधाता
“Kavir Maneeshi SwayambhuH paribhu vyavadhata.”

Meaning: That God Kabir is omniscient (the meaning of ‘Maneeshi’ is omniscient) and (is SwayambhuH) appears Himself. He is (paribhu) eternal i.e. is the very First God. He is the (Vyavadhata) Creator of all the brahmands i.e. of all the different loks.

एहू जीउ बहुते जनम भरमिआ, ता सतिगुरु शबद सुणाइया।। (प. 465)
Ehu jeeu bahute janam bharmiaa, ta Satiguru shabad sunaaiya || (Pg 465)

Meaning: Shri Nanak Sahib Ji is saying that this soul of mine kept wandering in the cycle of birth and death for a long time. Now the Complete Guru has given me the true Naam (mantra).

“Raag Basant Mehla Pehla” Paudi no. 3 Aadi Granth (Punjabi) page no. 1188

नानक हवमों शब्द जलाईया, सतगुरु साचे दरस दिखाईया।।
Nanak havmo shabd jalaaiya, Satguru saache daras dikhaaiya || 

It is also clear from this speech that Nanak Ji is saying that by Satyanaam (Satyashabd) vice – aham (arrogance) got burnt, and the true guru granted me his audience i.e. I saw Gurudev. It is clear from this that Nanak Ji had definitely met some Satguru in form. It has been proved above and below. Complete God Kabir Sahib (Akaal Murt) Himself comes from Sachkhand and in the second form came from Kashi (Banaras), granted His clear audience and showing around Sachkhand (Satyalok) gave true Naam-updesh in Kashi (Banaras).


The true spiritual leader by awakening masses from the deep slumber of superstition, orthodoxy, hypocrisy, and blind faith spread in the society provides genuine and authentic devotion. The complete Guru is a complete God. The same ‘Jinda Baba’ who met Guru Nanak Ji has descended on earth for the welfare of human beings. He is none other than the great Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He is the same ‘Hakka Kabir’ as greeted by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 

The sacred speech of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Siri Mehla 1, in SGGS on Page 24 states

तेरा एक नाम तारे संसार, मैं एहो आस एहो आधार |
नानक नीच कहे विचार, यह धाणक रूप रहा करतार ||

Tera ek naam taare sansaar, main eho aas eho aadhaar।।
Nanak neech kahe bichar, yeh dhaanak roop raha Kartar।।

Saint Rampal Ji provides ‘Satnam’ and ‘Sarnaam’ (coded salvation mantras). He has a complete course of emancipation. Salvation is possible only by taking refuge of a complete Guru. The readers are advised; identify the Savior of the world and get your human birth successful. 

FAQs about The Grandeur of A True Guru In Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Q.1 What is Guru according to Guru Granth Sahib?

A Guru has an important role in one's life according to Holy Guru Granth Sahib. Because by the direction of Guru one can attain any sort of happiness and salvation from this cage of Satan (Kaal Brahm).

Q.2 What is the message of Guru Granth Sahib ji?

Holy Guru Granth Sahib ji is one of holiest scripture of Sikh religion and it tells us about the way to live our life as told by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He inspired us through his verses to worship Almighty God Kabir to attain salvation.

Q. 3 What are the moral teachings of Guru Granth Sahib?

Holy Guru Granth Sahib asks us to live our life on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and His Guru Kabir Sahib. And not to run after accumulation of money rather than live for fulfilling the prime goal of this human life which is attaining salvation.

Q.4 What is Guru in Sikhism?

A Guru is the one who not only enlightens the way to attain salvation but also gives us the right way of living to lead our lives as given by Supreme God Kabir. A Guru can also be called as a Tatvdarshi Sant or Complete Saint as per Holy Gita ji. And presently He is none other than Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Q.5 What is the importance of Guru in Guru Granth Sahib ji?

A Guru is very important as explained by Guru Nanak Dev ji in Holy Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Nanak Dev ji himself acquired Kabir Sahib as his Guru when he witnessed Him on the throne of all universes in Satlok (Sachkhand). Hence he always preached about the importance of Guru in enlightening the true spiritual path.

Q.6 What are the important features of the Guru Granth Sahib?

Holy Guru Granth Sahib at various points highlighted and exposed the identity of Satan (Kaal Brahm). Moreover it also brings in front the identity of Supreme God Kabir and tells the importance of acquiring a Guru to attain salvation. For example, on page 721 of Holy Guru Granth Sahib Kabir Sahib has been mentioned as the "Parvardigar" (Almighty God).

Q.7 What is the importance of Guru in ones life?

Guru is very important to all of us. Although in the race to attain name and fame we have forgotten the value of a Guru and seem to have neglected our Holy Scriptures but they are important and valuable. A guru should be real and should be well versed with all holy scriptures. We are experiencing our destinies and can die anytime but to be immortal we have to attain salvation and go to Satlok where the creation is the same. And it can be done by acquiring a Complete Guru and studying our Holy Scriptures.

Q.8 Why is Guru Granth Sahib unique?

Holy Guru Granth Sahib is unique because of the true spiritual knowledge given in it as given by Supreme God Kabir to Shri Nanak Dev ji. As the true spiritual knowledge seems to have diminished but Holy Scriptures like Holy Guru Granth Sahib have made it alive.

Q.9 What is unusual about the Guru Granth Sahib?

Holy Guru Granth Sahib has revealed the identity of Satan (Kaal Brahm) who has a selfish motive in killing us because he has been cursed. People seem to have ignored it but it is the truth.

Q.10 What are the 2 facts about Guru Granth Sahib?

Holy Guru Granth Sahib has clarified that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme God. And it has also revealed that to attain salvation Satnaam is a mantra which is to be chanted after receiving it from a Complete Saint who is none other than Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in today's date.


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Bimal Roy

Does Guru Nanak Dev have a Guru?

Satlok Ashram

Evidence from SGGS prove that Kabir Sahib was the guru of Nanak Dev Ji.

Manoj Sinha

What makes a Great Guru?

Satlok Ashram

A real Guru is one who shows the right path of devotion by which God can be attained. Who knows the element of God and provides true salvation mantras. Several features of a great Guru have been mentioned in pious SGGS and other scriptures. For details kindly visit our website.

Mamta Singh

How does one choose a Guru?

Satlok Ashram

Certain traits of real Guru have been mentioned in Sukshamveda, Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15:1-4, 16, 17. Pious Guru Granth Sahib Page 1039 Raag Maaru Solahe Mehla 1, 1171 Mehla 1 Basantu Hindol Gharu 2 etc. Accordingly one should acquire him.