Way of Worship Opposite to the Injunctions of Scriptures is the Cause of Decline


In Holy Gita Adhyay 9 Shlok 23, 24, it is stated that those who worship other gods, they are also worshipping me alone (i.e. they are performing way of worship which keeps them in Kaal's trap). But this worship of theirs is not in accordance with the injunctions of scriptures (which means, is against the scriptures. Meaning is that one should not worship other gods). Because I only am the enjoyer and the master of all yagyas. Those devotees do not know me properly and therefore they face decline: the sufferings of hell and the 84 lakh births of various life forms.

Like, in Gita Adhyay 3 Shlok 14-15, it is said that, the God, who is situated in all the yagyas i.e. is honoured, to whom the yagya is dedicated, that God (Sarv Gatam Brahm) is Purna Brahm. He only, making deeds the basis, grants them to all the living beings. But until one finds a Complete Saint, Kaal (in the form of man/mind) only enjoys the pleasure of all the yagyas. Therefore, he is saying that I am the enjoyer and master of all the yagyas.