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Definition of Heaven by Saint Rampal JI

The definition of heaven can be explained by means of an example. Consider heaven to be a hotel (restaurant). Like, in India, a rich man in summers goes to cold places in cities like Simla or Kullu Manali. There he stays in a hotel in which the room rent and the food-expenses have to be paid. After spending a hefty amount in two or three months during his vacation, he has to then return to his sphere of actions. Then he is back doing hard labour for the rest of the year. The same thing happens in subsequent years i.e.spend your own earnings for couple of weeks or months and then return home. If however in some year, the earnings are not good, then even may have to suffer for the want of that comfort of two months.

Consider heaven to be similar: - After doing worship on this Earth, one goes to heaven-like hotel for some time. Then after spending one's virtuous earnings, one has to again suffer in hell and in the bodies of the 84 lakh life forms on the basis of the sinful deeds.

Until one will find a Tatvdarshi saint, the sufferings in the above mentioned birth-death, heaven-hell and 84 lakh births of various living beings will continue because only the 'Satnaam' and the 'Saarnaam' of the Supreme God destroys the sins. The sins are not destroyed by the worship of other gods. One only gets the predestined fruits of all the deeds.

Therefore in Gita Adhyay 8 Shlok 16, it is said that upto Brahmlok (Mahaswarg / the Great Heaven) all the loks are destructible. When even Heaven-Great Heaven will not remain, then where will the worshipper find refuge; please think.

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Q.1 What is the true meaning of Heaven?

Heaven is like a hotel where an individual, after performing virtuous deeds on Earth, enjoys a period of comfort and luxury akin to a vacation. However, this heavenly stay is temporary, and the individual must eventually return to the cycle of actions and will face hardships if the virtuous earnings are insufficient.

Q.2 Why is finding a Tatvdarshi saint essential to get rid from cycle of heaven and hell?

The cycle of birth, death, heaven, and hell can only be transcended by finding a Tatvdarshi saint. According to Suksham Ved, only the 'Satnaam' and 'Saarnaam' of the Supreme God, as revealed by such a saint, can destroy sins and liberate an individual from the recurring cycle of heaven and hell.

Q.3 What is the significance of the term 'Satnaam' in destroying sins?

According to Suksham Ved, 'Satnaam,' which is the true mantra of salvation, is crucial for destroying sins. Other forms of worship, do not have the efficacy in eliminating the consequences of one's actions.

Q.4 Why sins are not destroyed by the worship of other gods?

According to our Holy scriptures only the worship of the Supreme God, through the mantra provided by a Tatvdarshi saint, has the power to annihilate sins. Other forms of worship lead to the fruition of predestined outcomes without addressing the root cause of sins.



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Harikesh Yadav

I am the worshipper of Lord Vishnu and aim to attain heaven so I chant the mantra 'Om Bhagavate Vasudeva NamaH'. Am I practicing correctly?

Satlok Ashram

'Om Bhagavate Vasudeva NamaH' mantra is useless and hold no evidence in any holy scripture. It has been forbidden in Pious Gita Ji. Attainment of heaven is useless since after finishing virtues the seeker returns to suffer in 84 lacs life forms. You should aim to attain eternal world Satlok. For that you must worship the creator of the entire universe which means Almighty KavirDev.

Dheerendra Singh

Remembering about Heaven enthralls me so I worship day and night to attain that happiness abode.

Satlok Ashram

Heaven is not the happiness abode. It's destructible, staying there is temporary. After the virtuous deeds are finished the seeker is thrown out to suffer in hell and 84 lakhs life forms. You should worship Almighty KavirDev to attain eternal happiness.

Sadhna Tiwari

One should Worship Lord Vishnu which means attainment of heaven and happiness forever.

Satlok Ashram

Heaven is the temporary dwelling place where the seeker with good amount of virtuous deeds go, enjoys all comforts there on his/her own cost of devotional earnings and after finishing them returns back to suffer in 84 lacs life forms and hell. So worshipping aiming to attain heaven and happiness forever is a myth. To attain permanent peace and happiness one should Worship Supreme God the creator of the entire universe means Almighty KavirDev and attain salvation and become the permanent resident of eternal world Satlok where there is no old age, no birth and death.