How Did God Kabir Saved The Kingdom of Bijli Khan Pathan

How Did God Kabir Saved The Kingdom of Bijli Khan Pathan

In the spiritual history, there exist numerous accounts of divine intervention, where the Almighty has manifested His presence to protect and guide humanity. One such remarkable tale of God's benevolence is the story of Bijli Khan Pathan, a devout ruler who faced an existential threat to his kingdom. As fate would have it, Bijli Khan's unwavering faith and devotion to God Kabir, the revered saint and spiritual master, became the beacon of hope that saved his kingdom from destruction.

This extraordinary narrative serves as a testament to the boundless power of faith, devotion, and the unconditional love of God Kabir. As we delve into the details of this miraculous event, we are reminded of the timeless truth that the Almighty is ever-present, guiding and protecting those who seek refuge in Him. Through the story of Bijli Khan Pathan, we gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of spirituality and the infinite grace of God Kabir, who has been a source of inspiration and guidance for countless seekers throughout history.

Let us know in detail about the experience Bijli Khan Pathan had with Supreme God Kabir 600 years ago based on the following:

  • Who was Nawab Bijli Khan Pathan?

  • How Did Bijli Khan Pathan Take the Shelter of Kabir Sahib Ji?

  • Fight Between Bijli Khan Pathan and Veerdev Singh Baghel

  • God Kabir Ji Went for Satlok  

Who was Nawab Bijli Khan Pathan?

Bijli Khan Pathan was the Nawab of Maghar city near 25 km from Gorakhpur city in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. Now there is a separate district named Saint Kabir Nagar in the Name of God. He was contemporary to God Kabir Ji’s Manifestation nearly 600 years ago in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh. He along with the residents of Maghar became a devotee of God Kabir Ji inspired by one of His divine acts. The story is as follows. 

How Did Bijli Khan Pathan Take the Shelter of Kabir Sahib Ji?

Nearly 600 years ago in Maghar, there was an equal population of Hindus and Muslims. Once there occurred a severe drought in Maghar. The Aami River flowing near Maghar had also dried out.. 

To get rid of that draught, both Hindus and Muslims performed their respective spiritual practices performed but all in vain. The king of the city gets more troubled seeing his public in trouble. Bijli Khan Pathan also got both Hindu and Muslim spiritual practices performed but nothing helped Foretellers, Astrologers, Palmists etc said that there had been no chance of rain for 2 years, and the area doesn't have that much puny Then, some of the relatives of the residents of Maghar told them about God Kabir Ji that— "He is the Supreme God Himself. He can do whatever He wants. Pray to Him." Those residents discussed this with the king. King Bijli Khan Pathan sent a letter to the king of Kashi Veer Dev Singh Baghel saying that such and such they were facing a huge problem due to water scarcity. "We heard about a Saint Kabir Sahib Ji of Kashi, who can end this problem. Kindly send that Saint here in Maghar. It is not raining here."

Veer Dev Singh Baghel had already taken Initiation from God Kabir Sahib Ji. He had listened to the SatSangs of God Kabir Ji and was well aware of the Law of God. He responded with—

"Bijli Khan Pathan, you are saying that you’re dying without water and you are calling the Saint by order? You should come here by yourself and pray to Him to show Mercy to you. Even if I send Him by order and He didn’t shower Mercy on you, then, it’ll be futile. He is the Supreme Saint. He is Allah."

Bijli Khan Pathan understood it. He asked the soldiers who had gone to deliver his letter to Kashi, "Did you ask someone else there? How is that Saint?" Soldiers said, "To whichever person we asked, all said that He is the Supreme God Himself. Upon whomever, He showers His Mercy, all of his troubles finish." Bijli Khan Pathan, then, departed to Kashi with his soldiers.

Bijli Khan Pathan reached Kashi. Veer Dev Singh Baghel and Bijli Khan Pathan both went to visit God Kabir Ji in His Hut. Veer Dev Singh Baghel did Dandvat Pranam in front of God Kabir Ji. Bijli Khan Pathan told God Kabir Ji about his problem. God Kabir Ji said, “You need to go to saints and sages then. I am just a labourer person and worship God.” Bijli Khan Pathan said, “We have visited many other saints and got many spiritual practices perfomed by both Hindu and Muslim religious leaders. But, nothing worked. Kindly You shower Your Mercy on us." God Kabir Ji said, "Alright. I am just a devotee of God and will pray to Him if He listened to me."

Bijli Khan Pathan asked God Kabir Ji to sit on one of the horses. God Kabir Ji sat on the horse and went with Bijli Khan Pathan to Maghar.

Saint Gorakhnath Ji had a great prominence in Gorakhpur, which is nearly 25 km away from Maghar. Gorakhnath Ji (in Pitra Loka (ancestor's place)) got worried that another Saint would get praise in his area. Thinking this, Gorakhnath Ji acquired the form of a Sadhu and sat on a small dried-out lake near Maghar on the way of God Kabir Ji. God Kabir Ji saw Gorakhnath Ji. He knew his purpose. He also knew that Bijli Khan Pathan and other people also saw him, and they would think that if He (God Kabir Ji) wouldn't be able to do the work, then they would ask that sadhu. And, hence, they could not reap benefits from Him. Because until we are completely devoted to Supreme God Kabir Ji, He cannot help us.  

For this purpose, God Kabir Ji thought, "Let them get satiated with Gorakhnath as well." God Kabir Ji said, "See Bijli Khan! This Greatman is sitting here. Pray to him, Bijli Khan. He is a great saint. He can do whatever he wants. How you traveled so long to Kashi when God was sitting in your Bani (small forest) itself! Learn to identify saints."

Bijli Khan got off his horse and requested Gorakhnath Ji to solve their problem. Gorkhnath Ji got inside the dried-out lake and peirced his trident into the ground and took that out. Water started running out from there and stopped on getting the lake filled completely with water.

God Kabir Ji said, "See Bijli Khan! Where you travelled so long to Kashi! The Great man was sitting so close to you! Now you got your problem solved, no?" Bijli Khan said, "No, Lord. Not even our animals can satiate for one time with this water. No, Lord. Kindly get it to rain here. Only, then, can we satiate?" Gorakhnath Ji said, "The people of this area don't have so many virtues. It cannot rain here for up to 2 years by any means. Ask anyone else if you think anyone else can do this." Gorakhnath Ji was not considering anyone (especially God Kabir Ji there) more powerful than himself. God Kabir Ji said, "Oh no saint Ji, we were just requesting to you." Gorakhnath Ji said, "Ask anyone else if anyone else can make it rain here." 

God Kabir Ji sat at some distance from Gorakhnath Ji and said to Bijli Khan, “You all go home. I am sitting here and will pray to God.” Now, how could they go? Everyone was dying without water. The Great Soul they were to take to Maghar to relieve in drought also sat there itself. God Kabir Ji again said, ”Bijli Khan, you all go home else you will get wet.” Now, following the Saints’ Words, they departed to Maghar. They could not even reach Maghar when it started raining heavily. All the water bodies got filled. That rain stopped in 2-3 hours. The people in Maghar knew that Bijli Khan Pathan had gone to take a Greatman there. After the rain stopped, the whole Maghar came to see God and fell at His Feet. Gorakhnath Ji went away. Then, God Kabir Ji asked them—

 Tum kon ram ka japate jaapam | Tate kate na teenu taapam ||

 What God do you worship that can not even save you from Teen Taap?

Then, God Kabir Ji delivered His Spiritual Sermons and asked them to practice true worship. Many took His shelter. He said—

 Kya maangu kuch thir na rahayi | Dekhat nain chala jag jaayi ||

 Ek lakh poot sawa lakh naati | Us ravan ke aaj diwa na baati ||

What do you demand from God? Those who do not have any child can demand a child at most. Ravana had one lakh (one hundred thousand) sons and even they did not remain. 

God Kabir Ji started visiting Maghar to keep His devotees firm in His Worship. There was a 60-65 year old Muslim weaver (Julaha). The couple was childless. The old man used to demand a child from God Kabir Ji. God Kabir Ji said, “If you only demand for this, then okay, you’ll get a child.” Tenth month only he got a child. Today there is a whole colony settled there from the descendants of that old man in the name “Mohalla Kabir Karam”, meaning: a Mohalla (colony) settled by the Mercy (Karam, i.e., Reham) of Kabir Ji. Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji once visited there along with many of His devotees. A man met Him there who said, “Our lineage is going on by the Mercy of Kabir Ji. Our grandfather was born by His Blessings.”

God Kabir Ji gave the old man child and made it rain there so heavily. Respected Saint GaribDas Ji says—

 Maasa ghate na til badhe, Vidhana likhe jo lekh |

 Sacha Satguru metkar, upar maar de mekh ||

 , SatGuru Jo chahe so karahi ,        

Fight Between Bijli Khan Pathan and Veerdev Singh Baghel

What Is Kashi Karvat (Kashi Karot)?

Brahmins had spread a rumour that whoever died in Kashi would reach heaven and whoever died in Maghar would go to hell. They asked devotees to not die in Maghar. Rich Baniya people started leaving their old parents to Kashi for their last years on the insistence of their old parents. Then, those fake Gurus asked those rich people to leave the elderly in their (Brahmins') own house for the stay and asked those devotees to pay them only for the expense of the elderly.

No doubt they asked for more money than needed. And, then, the greedy they had 5-6 elderly in their house to take care of. Readers, it is the condition in older ages that it gets difficult for the old person to even sit or stand by themself or to think clearly. As a result, the helpless they wherever do the toilet, spit, or bowels. This irritated those fake Brahmins.

They planned a way to get rid of the problem: They again rumoured, "God sends a saw (Karont) at Ganga Ghat. Whoever wants to reach heaven early may get themself beheaded by giving x-amount of fees to us." Yes, they started the business of cutting off the heads of human beings. The naive devotees did get themselves beheaded by asking for money from their children.

 While, God Kabir Ji used to say, "One needs to worship correctly. Then, whoever had performed worship rightly, they may die wherever; they'll only reach the place they were worshipping for." But, why would we listen to Him? We still believed those false Brahmins.       

God Kabir Ji Went for Satlok  

To make His pious souls believe His Words, God Kabir Ji decided to leave the Earth for Satlok from Maghar itself. God Kabir Ji invited all the Brahmins, the priests, the Mullahs, the Qazis, and the Astrologers as well so that they may check their books, etc. and tell the truth to the naive devotees about where God Kabir Ji would go after leaving this materialistic realm.

God Kabir Ji along with thousands of spectators reached Maghar on foot in three days. Bijli Khan Pathan was already given the message of His arrival. He had made the necessary preparations. Bijli Khan Pathan thought that after God Kabir Ji’s demise, they should struggle to get His Body's last rites to be performed according to Islam only, even if it took a fight with Hindus. That's why he had prepared his army as well. On the other hand, the king of Kashi Veerdev Singh Baghel also had a similar thought of having the Body's last rites be performed according to Hinduism. That's why he had also taken his army to Maghar.

Bijli Khan Pathan requested God Kabir Ji to take a bath as he had arranged enough drinking water for all the spectators, though that was not enough for all to have a bath. On God Kabir Ji’s questioning, he told that there was an Aami river flowing near Maghar that dried due to Shiv Ji’s curse. Long story short, God Kabir Ji made water flow again in that Aami river. He and all the spectators took a bath in that river. Everyone drank that sweet water and hailed God Kabir Ji.

After this, God Kabir Ji went to that place from where He had to leave the mortal world. God Kabir Ji asked for two sheets: one for lying upon; and another to cover His Body with. Devotees covered the sheet with flowers in reverence that God was about to lie on that. God Kabir Ji sat on that sheet and questioned Birdev Singh Baghel and Bijli Khan Pathan about why they had brought their armies along. Both of them couldn't answer their intent and hung their heads.

Other Hindus and Muslims said that they would have His Body's last rites performed according to their religion, or else they would fight. God Kabir Ji reproached them, “Oh Unworthy! Did I teach you this only in 120 years? Do you still consider Hindus and Muslims different? Beware, if you fought! Whatever you find beneath the sheet, divide it into halves, but don't fight, my children.”

Hindus and Muslims were still adamant about having the fight. Omniscient God Kabir Ji knew that. He lay on the flowers and covered Himself with the other sheet. After a while, God Kabir Ji from above the sky said, “Lift the sheet. You'll not find the dead there. Oh, Brahmins! Check your books and tell the innocent devotee society about where I am going — whether in hell, or even above heaven. And, children, whatever you find there divide it in halves among the Hindus and the Muslims, and don't fight.”

Everyone looked above and saw a mass of bright light going above. They lifted the sheet and found a heap of fragrant flowers in the shape of God Kabir Ji’s Body. Seeing this, both the Kings hugged each other. All the Hindus and the Muslims hugged each other and cried bitterly as if both the parents of small children died. They were reproaching themselves that they couldn't give happiness to God even in His last time on the Earth. 

Hindus took one sheet and Muslims took the other. The fragrant flowers were divided into halves and given to both Hindus and Muslims. Bijli Khan Pathan gave 500 Bigha land to Hindus and Muslims both at the place in Maghar. Hindus burnt the flowers and Muslims buried them at a distance. Bijli Khan Pathan got a memorial built there that has both: a temple for Hindus where they performed the last rite according to their religion; and a mosque for Muslims where the Muslims performed the last rite according to their religion. Between the temple and the mosque is a small gate and there is not even any prohibition, anyone may go and worship at any place.

In this way, God Kabir Ji averted the fight between Hindus and Muslims. Veer Dev Singh Baghel took some flowers also to Kashi and built a memorial at present-day Kabir Chaura. Both the memorials are still present today.


The extraordinary tale of God Kabir's intervention in saving Bijli Khan Pathan's kingdom is a resounding testament to the limitless power of the Almighty. Through His divine grace, Kabir Sahib not only protected the kingdom from devastation but also revealed the ultimate truth of spiritual salvation. This miraculous event serves as a shining example of the transformative power of faith, demonstrating that true deliverance lies in surrendering to the will of God.

As we reflect on this remarkable story, we are reminded of the boundless compassion and mercy of God Kabir, who extends His loving kindness to all, regardless of their background or beliefs. May this inspiring account guide us on our own spiritual journeys, encouraging us to seek refuge in the divine love and wisdom of Kabir Sahib. By embracing His teachings and grace, may we too experience the joy and peace that arise from surrendering to the will of the Almighty.

The same Almighty Kabir has descended on earth to bless the whole  mankind and is playing divine Play in the body of Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. It is highly recommended to take His refuge to get your welfare done.


FAQs : "How Did God Kabir Saved The Kingdom of Bijli Khan Pathan"

Q.1 Who was Nawab Bijli Khan Pathan?

Nawab Bijli Khan Pathan was the ruler of Maghar, a city near Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India. He was a contemporary of God Kabir Ji and became a devout follower of Kabir Sahib Ji inspired by His divine acts.

Q.2 How did Bijli Khan Pathan take shelter in Kabir Sahib Ji?

Bijli Khan Pathan sought Kabir Sahib Ji's help during a severe drought in Maghar. After failed attempts by Hindus and Muslims to bring rain through their respective spiritual practices, Bijli Khan Pathan traveled to Kashi to request Kabir Sahib Ji's intervention. Kabir Sahib Ji agreed to help and ultimately brought rain to Maghar.

Q. 3 How did Kabir Sahib Ji demonstrate his divine power to Bijli Khan Pathan?

Kabir Sahib Ji demonstrated His divine power by making it rain heavily in Maghar after Bijli Khan Pathan's failed attempt to get water from Saint Gorakhnath Ji, who had filled a dried-out lake but couldn't end the drought.

Q.4 What is the Kashi Karaunt, and how does it relate to God Kabir Ji's Teachings?

The Kashi Karaunt was a practice where devotees believed that dying in Kashi would lead to heaven, and there was a practice of beheading oneself at the Ganga Ghat for this belief. God Kabir Ji opposed this false notion and taught that true salvation comes from correct worship and devotion to the Almighty, not from the place of death.

Q.5 What was the significance of the fight between Bijli Khan Pathan and Veerdev Singh Baghel?

The fight between Bijli Khan Pathan and Veerdev Singh Baghel represented the religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims regarding the last rites of Kabir Sahib Ji's body. Both wanted to perform the rites according to their respective religions, which Kabir Sahib Ji resolved through His divine intervention.

Q.6 How did God Kabir Ji prove His divinity to the people of Maghar?

God Kabir Ji proved His divinity by causing it to rain heavily in Maghar, ending the severe drought, and performing other miraculous acts, such as making water flow in the dried Aami River.

Q.7 What message did God Kabir Ji convey through His departure to Satlok?

God Kabir Ji conveyed that true spiritual liberation comes from following His teachings and that He transcends religious boundaries. His departure left behind a symbolic heap of fragrant flowers, uniting Hindus and Muslims in their reverence for Him.

Q.8 What happened to God Kabir Ji's body after His departure?

After God Kabir Ji's departure, His body transformed into a heap of fragrant flowers. Hindus and Muslims divided the flowers and performed their respective last rites, avoiding any conflict.


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It seems unrealistic to believe that a body can be turned into flowers. This story appears fake, and people in the 21st century are too informed to be easily deceived.

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Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. Regardless of the century we live in, the power of God cannot be denied. Maghar stands as evidence where Almighty God Kabir Ji ascended to the eternal abode of Satlok, leaving behind fragrant flowers in place of his body. Two shrines, built by both Hindu and Muslim communities, honor Kabir Saheb Ji. The couplets of saints who have met God also provide proof of this miracle of God Kabir Ji. We encourage you to gather accurate information before forming a judgment. For more details, read the evidence-based book "Gyan Ganga" and listen to the scripture-based spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj available on various social media platforms.

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I have visited Maghar and can confirm this story is true. However, I believe considering Kabir Saheb as God is incorrect. Kabir Saheb was a messenger of Lord Ram and devoted his life to Lord Ram.

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