Special Message Part 7: Srishti Rachna in Kabir Sagar


Sat Saheb

Hail Satguru Dev!

Hail to Bandichor Kabir Sahib Ji.

Hail to Bandichor Garib Das Ji Maharaj .

Hail to Swami Ram Devanand Ji Guru Maharaj Ji.

Hail to Bandi chor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj ji.

Hail to all the saints.

Hail to all the devotees.

Hail to the righteous men.

Hail to Shri Kashi Abode.

Hail to Shri Chhudani Abode.

Hail to Shri Karontha Abode.

Hail to Shri Barwala Abode.

Sat Saheb.


Garib namo namo Sat Purush kun, namaskar Guru keenhi| Surnar munijan saadhva, santon sarvas deenhi 

Satguru Sahib Sant sab, dandautam pranaam| Aage peechhe madhya huye, tin kun ja kurbaan

Kabir satguru ke upadesh ka, suniya ek vichar. Jai satguru milte nahin, jaate narak dwar.

Narak dwar mein doot sab, karte khichaantan. Unse kabahu nahin chhoota, firata charon khan.

Kabir char khani mein, bharamta kabahu na lagta paar. So phera sab mit gaya, mere satguru ke upkaar.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, amarpuri ke dere ki.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, Jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, satlok ke dere ki.

Nirvikaar nirbhay tuhi, aur sakal bhaymaan.

Eji sadhu aur sakal bhaymaan. Sab par teri sahibi, sab par teri Sahibi tujh par saheb na. Nirvikaar Nirbhay.

By the infinite grace of the Supreme Father God Kabir ji, children, you have been born in such an auspicious time, Now your suffering of innumerable births will be over. This world is not good. There is no happy thing here. Today, we have been made fools by the Kaal. A maze has been created. We have been stopped by toys in the form of property and children. Just a lure has been set, in a minute either they will die themselves or the toys will break and then they will cry by hitting. This is a dirty world. We got trapped here by our own mistake. You have read and heard in the “Creation of Nature" that we lived in Satlok. There was no suffering there.

When a person does not have any suffering, then he feels like doing nonsense. This soul has now fallen so low. And the one who has some suffering, like in the body, or in the family, or there is a lack of any wealth and property, then he does not have interest in anything, he remains sad. He does not like to do nonsense. But God is the ocean of happiness. After coming to his shelter, there remains no suffering. And he keeps a little bit suffering himself, so that his intelligence remains intact. And when they are seen very sad, he suddenly does such that we keep thinking: ‘O God!  If we had not taken shelter today, it would have been a huge loss. There was going to be a lot of sadness, there was going to be a lot of pain.  Don't know what all would have happened. So from this, one is that God is remembered in sorrow. Then suddenly, he gave such strong happiness, amazing because of that miracle, the almighty was remembered for many days.”

Therefore God Says

"Sau chhal chidr mein karu apne jan ke kaaj. Sau chhal chidra karu Hundred. (Oye hoye)”

Why? Because we belong to him. He is our father. An example is given like Ibrahim Sultan Adham, he had become his own, in Samman’s body he did not step back from beheading his own son.  Beheaded in the name of Almighty.  Now he has accepted him as his own. Like we read in Prayer

Dinan ke ji Dyal, bhakti birad dijiyo

Khane jaad gulam apna kar lijiyo

God Accept us as your own. When He accepts as His own, such a devotement will be there like Ibrahim did , Samman did. Neki and Seu did.

Nukte Upar Rijhega Re Koti Karm Jal Jaye tumhare

Devotement is not just about cutting off your head. No! devotement is also like a devotee told, that it's been two to four months since I had taken Initiation, my wife had come to know. There used to be some  argument every day. One day I was coming to Satsang. Got a call on the way, it was around 2010-11. That the only son is very sick. Where are you? Come fast. I said that you have money, the hospital is right next to you, show him there. The doctor has to treat, you have the money. I am going to Satsang. She started to tell nonsense, so I cut the call.

I came to the ashram. I kept the phone off. The next day I switched on the phone. At the same time the phone came that the boy was cured. A miracle happened. The doctor is also surprised. How did this happen? Then I took a sigh of relief. Then when I went there, they asked how does your guru Ji look? Does he wear white clothes? Is he tall? Is there white hair on the head? I looked at their faces. Son told his mother. That such a man came and pulled me from the messengers of Kaal, snatched me away, brought me back and left me in this body. Then tears came from my eyes and he also said that we will also go there. Then the whole family took initiation. After that, he said that the boy has not had a fever for 4 years.

Children! This is called

Nukte upar rijhega re, koti karm jal jaye tumhare. Kahe Kabir, suno bhai sadho, mein to hoon vishwas mein.

So children! Trust your Almighty.  You have come to the dirty world.  You will have to surrender so much.  This much trust will have to be placed on the Almighty.  You had heard in Creation of Nature that Kabir Saheb told Dharamdas ji:

Dharmdas yeh jag bauraan | koi na jaane pad nirvana ||

Yahi kaaran mein katha pasaara | jagse kahiyo Ram niyaara ||

‘O Dharamdas!  No one in this world is familiar with the method to attain nirvana or salvation.  No one has knowledge.  Now Dharamdas does not agree at first, but  witnessing God with his own eyes, he says yes to everything.  What is said: That's why I had to  tell you all the knowledge.  Had to tell the whole story.  That no one is familiar with the path of God's salvation and God. Neither does anyone have original knowledge.

Yahi gyan jag jeev sunaao. sab jeevon ka bharam nashaao ||

Bharam gaye jug Ved Purana, Adi Ram ka bhed na jaana||

Bharam gaye jug Ved Purana,

Adi Ram/ Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm was not known. Because Vedas contain incomplete knowledge, they have limited knowledge. The Puranas contain the experiences of the Sages, which are of their own level. Which does not match with Vedas is useless. Now what is said:

Ram Ram sab jagat bakhaane. Aadi Ram koi birla jaane || --oho--

Everyone says Ram-Ram, Allah, Khuda.  But no one knows the one who is Adi Ram, the eternal God, the first one.  The intelligent ones will immediately accept the story that I am going to tell you.

Gyaani sune so hirdae lagaai | murakh sune so gamya na paai ||

If a fool listens, he will not understand it.

Ab mein tumse kahon chitaai. Tridevan ki utpatti bhaai || Kuchh sankshep kahon guhraai. sab sanshay tumhre mit jaai || Maa Ashtangi pita Niranjan ye jam daarun vanshan anjan

600 years ago Supreme God Kabir Ji told this knowledge of Gita, Vedas and Puranas in his simple language in Suksham Ved to Dharamdas Ji. And he wrote it down, children! Today it is in front of you.  Now that right time has come because all you children, son and daughter, are educated. The scriptures are with you and the history of the world is in front of you.  What kind of world is this?  No peace during the day, no peace at night.  Even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are worried.  Open your eyes children!

Then what is Said :

Pahile kinh Niranjan raai peechhe se Maya upjaai ||

First created "Jyoti Swaroopi Niranjan" in an egg.  Later Durga was created.

Maya roop dekh ati shobha Dev Niranjan tan man lobha ||

Kaamdev Dharmrai sataaye Devi ko turatahi dhar khaaye ||

Pet se Devi kari pukaara hey Sahib mera karo ubaara||

Ter suni tab hum wahan aaye | Ashtangi ko band chhudwaye ||

God says, flaw came in Kaal Niranjan’s mind, he became attracted after seeing the beauty of Maya. Inspired to do dirty deeds. She too belonged to the same father. To protect her honor, she made a miniature form and went into the stomach through his open mouth. 

Pet se Devi kari pukaara hey Sahib mera karo ubaara||

Ter suni tab hum tahaan aaye | Ashtangi ka band chhudwaye ||

Took her out of his stomach.  Both were expelled from there, that go away from her. 

Satlok mein kinha durachaari Kaal Niranjan dinha nikaari ||

Maya samet diya bhagaai  16 sankh kos doori par aai ||

Ashtangi aur Kaal ab doi mand karam se gaye bigoi || --oye hoye --

Kaal and this goddess (Durga), because she was the first to do this nonsense.  She stood up shamelessly saying that I'm ready to go. Then we thought that he alone took all the loot. We also stood up. Like a teacher asks a question to a child in school, does anyone know the answer to this question?  Raise your hands. Then one will raise hand first and then all do. So this is how it happened with us.  No one remembers, then everyone gets beaten. So after raising, we too got stuck here due to our dirty deeds.  And he made even more mistakes, the first mistake. 

Now it is said:

Ashtangi aur Kaal ab doi mand karam se gaye bigoi

They were lost due to this dirty, bad deed and fell from the sight of God.”

Dharmrai ko hikmat kinha nakh rekha se bhag kar linha ||

Dharmrai kinhaan bhog vilaasa  Maya ko rahi tab aasa ||

Teen putar Ashtangi jaaye Brahma Vishnu Shiv naam dharaaye ||

Teen Dev vistaar chalaaye inmein yeh jag dhokha khaaye ||

Now see, it was said 600 years ago that this Kaal is the father of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and Durga is their mother. And our religious leaders still don't know? They Fight with us, fight and oppose that you lie.

Niranjan dhan tera darbar. Jahan par tanik na nyay vichar.

Vaishya odhey mulmul khasa, gal motiyan ke haar.

Pativrata ko mile na khadi, sukha neeras aahar.

Niranjan dhan tera darbar.

Pakhandi ki puja jag mein, sant ko kahe labar.

Agyani ko param viveki, gyani ko mudh gawar.

Niranjan dhan tera darbar. Jahan par tanik na nyay vichar.

Kah Kabir suno bhai sadho, sab ulta vyavahar.

Sache ko to jhutha batave in jhuthon ka aitbaar.

Niranjan dhan tera darbar. Jahan par tanik na nyay vichar.

children!  600 years ago God used to say that you are considering these liars as true.  And children, 20 years ago, 30 years ago the situation was the same.  No one was believing.  No one was cooperating with Sarvent.  But it is the master's word. Gurudev's blessings were fruitful.  It was said that there will be no saint equal to you in the world.  At that time it seemed as if everyone appreciated their child. But

Sadhu bole sahaj swabhav. Sadhu ka bol mithya nahi ja.

Today it became true.  Almighty had kept this right time and said at that time:

Ki paanch hazaar paanch sau paanch, jab kalyug beet jaaye. Mahapurush farmaan, jag taran ko aaye.

And said to Kaal, that when this much Kalyug will pass, then I will send my saint. Children, now Servants, have come in the thirteenth lineage.  Believe it.  Whatever may happen, don't look that Kabir Saheb was a weaver. The sustainer of the entire creation lived in the hut all his life. Sustainer and nurturer of all and where did he live?  Now tell me, who believes that Kabir is god?  What will happen if we don't believe, will there be any difference in His glory?  Our intelligence was weak. Agree, or not. There was no need for the Almighty to show off. 

Lived in that hut for 120 years. Kept working as a weaver.  Kept playing the role of a poor person.  He remained in the Shudra caste, at that time there was a lot of untouchability.  So our intelligence was not working, that He could be God.  Yes, Spiritual power is definitely there, because of which we are getting a lot of happiness, that is why we were clinging to him   When God performed one spectacle.  Everyone left and ran away.  ThankGod did not turn traitor.  From there, after living for 120 years, God came to Maghar, from Maghar city, in the presence of thousands of people, in the presence of two kings, in the presence of the army, there was a crowd of devotees and pundits.  One sheet was spread below, one covered on top.  And going up did eathervoice.  Pick up the sheet and see what is inside it?  They saw that there were fragrant flowers as big as the body.  When looked up, God was going up. 

So Children!  He was God that day also, Today also and in future also.  People used to say, devotees used to say that our Guruji has done this,  He is God Himself.  They used to say God but there was no space in their heart.  Just like the people of the world used to say that God is like this, he is a Shudra, illiterate, does not even know the Vedas and Kateb.  He has no knowledge about the scriptures. If he is God, why is he passing his time in this poverty?  God Can build a Palace in a second.  God can fill you with wealth.  Now the world will say this only.  The devotee should never listen to his words because he has knowledge.  Similarly today, no matter what anyone says to you, you say that we are benefiting, our Guruji is like this.  These things don't matter.  And wait for the time.  Right now the game is going on.

Losing or winning will happen later. Have faith. And this is another point of faith for you, from where what is happening.  It may not last long.  Because this is unexpected. “Bhuto Na Bhavishyati” Neither has this happened, nor will this happen. can not happen.  But the Servant will remain with you.  Earlier also there was no communication for 8 years. Tell me if anyone is missing anything. This is happening to motivate you again. So that your heart does not break. Understand that what is happening is happening by the grace of God. What will happen next will be according to His mercy. And what will happen will be good. Very good will happen. Understand the servant is with you. Have faith. Now children! Listen to the glory of that Lord. God Kabir used to say

Niranjan dhan tera darbar. Yahan tanik nahin sachchi baat,

there is no justice.

Keh Kabir suno bhai sadho yahan sab ulta vyavahar. In sachcho ko to jhutha batave,

that is, me. Kabir Saheb says

aur in jhutho ka aitbaar.

Used to say publicly but who would believe. They had no knowledge. Today you are intelligent, literate, educated.  You will agree.  Don't make the same mistake as before.  You are told all the foul points.  Look at the grace of God, what kind of blessings Almighty has bestowed upon you.  Children!  God left no stone unturned in any way.  And children!  Have faith and be firm in the name of the Lord.  Don't move away from his feet.  If you are unhappy then no one can make you happier than this.  Where did we live?  In Satlok.  It is an ocean of happiness.  There is no pain, no sorrow there.  There is no happiness here. 

Children! There's no happiness even in your dreams.  You have not seen a glimpse of that happiness.  Well, have not seen it, but we should believe the words of those who have seen it.  God himself came and told and then those great men who went to God's realm told.  God had taken them along. Then they were released back so that they could become witnesses here.  And as Dharamdas was such a millionaire, he could not lie.  He was a staunch worshiper of Ram-Krishna, worshiper like us.  When he saw Satlok with his eyes, he surrendered himself and said

Bhakti daan guru dijiyo, devan ke deva ho. Janam paya bhooloon nahin, karhun pad seva ho.

Tirath vrat mein na karun, na deval pooja ho. Mansa vacha karmana, ab mere aur na dooja ho.

So Children!  Whatever these great men told, like Garib Das ji saw. He was a merchant and a Landlord.  He had so much land and was very rich.  And why would he lie? He told what he saw with his eyes.  He spared his precious time and got such a huge "Amar Granth '' written.  Sant Garibdas ji did a wonderful favor to you.  Saint Garibdas ji's contribution to mankind is such that it cannot be forgotten. Till the sun and moon will remain, the name of Sant Garib Das ji will remain.  Such a lovely Speech, so clear and has been spoken from the heart.  And he was an absolutely true and pure human being, a saint.  He was full of devotion. 

This is a self-evident statement as it is uttered from his mouth.  Spiritual Power has a direct effect and removes filth and sin.  And you will hear this  through his representative, the true Guru.  This became icing on the cake.  The point is that God has blessed you so much that you are so dear, so loved that I have no words to describe.  And by whom did you get trapped? This Kaal is absolutely a conspirator. Now let me tell you a Speech.  When he got helpless in front of God Kabir ji, the Almighty appeared in the form of Jogjeet.  In the form of Sahaj Das.  Sahaj Das and Jogjit are two names of one only.  God had come in the form of his Son so that if he comes in his real form then he would go mad.  Can't even talk,  will die.  That's why he comes secretly.  So he started crying, holding his feet.  And didn't leave my feet.  He said, I consider you like my father. 

Like father, like God.  You are the elder brother.  Something is missing in this world of mine, there is some error, you fix it.  God said, ‘okay, tell me what do you want? Be committed then only will I tell you.  Ok That's done.  Firstly, he said that in the three Eras SatYuga, Treta and Dwapar, liberate few living beings.  Secondly, do not take the living being from my world by force.  Third, explain your knowledge.  Whoever accepts your knowledge is yours and whoever accepts my ignorant knowledge is mine.  My messengers should appear first in Kaliyug, My messenger who will spread my knowledge.  Your messenger representative comes behind.  Build a bridge over the sea in Treta.  At that time my son Vishnu in the form of Ramchandra will fight with Ravana, the king of Lanka, the sea will not give way.  Sixth he demanded, I leave my body in the Dwapara Yuga. 

King Indradaman would like to build a temple in the name of Jagannath on the seashore with my permission, but the sea will hinder him.  That means Kaal says that my son Krishna/ Vishnu will do it.  When he dies he will then want to build a temple. Sea will not allow it.  Then you show that kindness.  And build that temple of Jagannath.  He made many other similar demands.  God said, Amen!  Ok.  Now let me tell you the Speech.

Dharmaraya as vinati thani. Mein sevak dvitiya na jani.

With folded hands the deceiver spoke sweetly.

Gyaani vinati ek hamara. So na kar ho jisse hove mera bigada. Purush deenhi jas mujhko Raju.

Tum bhi deho ho mera kaju. Tab mein vachan tumhara mani. Lejo hansa hamse gyaani.

That means "Kaal" says I have accepted what you said.  Of course, take the soul but there is a condition.

Children!  I am reciting Sacred Speeches to you from Kabir Sagar.  He has committed such atrocities on us.  Accept this as absolutely true, this is the God given knowledge of Almighty.  Now Kaal says, ‘O merciful, you are the giver!  That means Kabir Saheb had come in the form of his son Jogjit, Sahaj das.  And sometimes he takes the form of a Gyani. Because there is also one son of God named Gyani.  So He deceives in such a way that it is not understood which one is he?  So that he doesn't get scared and should face problems.  Because he is also a child of God, he is wicked and is suffering his karma. He is cursed and destroying his karma. He says, Kaal flatters God.

Dayavant tum saheb data. Aiti kripa karo ho tata.

Divine!  Hey big brother!  Be so kind. 

Purush shraap mokun deenha.

God has cursed me.

Lakh jeev nitya grasnan kinha.

Have to eat one lakh daily.

Jo jeev sakai lok tab jaavai. Kaise kshuddha mor mitavai.

If all the living beings go there to your world, then how will my hunger be satisfied? He cried, tried hard, this hypocrite did all the drama.

Then he says

‘jaise purush kripa moh par kinha. Bhav sagar ka raj mohe deenha.

Tum bhi kirpa moh par kar ho. Jo maangu so mohe ko deyo prabhu."

Promise me and grant a blessing being committed.

Satyug treta dwapar maanhi. Teenon yug jeev thode jaanhi.

Choutha yug jab kalyug aave. Tab tav jeev sharan bahu jaave. Pratham dut mam pragate jaai. Peeche ansh tumhara aai. Aisa vachan hari mohe deje. Tab sansar gavan tum kijai.

Kabir sahib Said

‘arey kaal tum parpanch pasara. Teenon yug jeevan dukh daara. Vinati tori leenha mohe jaani. Moku thaga kaal abhimaani.

I made a promise and I understood that you cheated me.  God could not be deceived , he knew how much he would demand.  He was trying to persuade him, oh good brother!  You turned out to be very sharp.  Got the promise fulfilled.  That's okay.

"Jas vinati to moh sang keenhi. So ab baksh tohi deenhi.

Chautha yug jab kalyug aavai. Tab hum apna ansh pathavai.

Kabir Saheb says in the form of Jogjit: When the fourth Yuga Kalyug will come then I  will send my part, my devotee.  And I will run a sect which will give true knowledge to everyone.

Then kaal Says ‘Hey saheb!

Tum panth chalao. Jeev ubhar lok le jao.

Do one thing, tell me that mantra Sarshabad, I will not go near those who have Sarshabad. I will leave them’.  God said, ‘don't act too smart.  I know your tricks.  If I tell you this Sarshabad, your messengers will also be found blabbering further and They will not have rights. Then what difference will I tell?

Sant sandhichhap sarshabd mohe dije gyani. Jaise dyoge hum sahdani.

Tell me that Sarshabad which you will provide to Hans.

Jo jan moko sandhi sarshabad batave. Takey nikat kaal nahin javai. I will not go near them.

Kah dharmaray jao sansara. Aano jeev naam adhara.

Jo hamsa tumhare gun gaave.

That is, by accepting your knowledge, whoever will listen, narrate and sing your glory.

Tahi nikat hum nahin javen.

Jo koi lehe sharan tumhari. Mam sir pag de hove paari. –oye hoye—

The one who takes refuge in you, will go ahead by stepping on my head, it is not in my control.

Hum to tum sang keenh dithaee. Tat jaan keenhi dhadhakai.

That I had joked with you by considering you as an elder brother. Argued with you childishly.

"Kotin avagun balak karahi, pita ek chit nahi dharahi.

If a child makes millions of mistakes, the father does not pay attention to those mistakes.

Then he says, have absolutely crossed the limits of flattery.

jo pita balak devai nikari. Tab ko raksha kare humari. Sarnaam dekhoon jehi satha. Ta hi hans main nivaun matha.

So Children!  He said that whoever has this Sarnam, I will bow down my head in front of him. 

Kabir Saheb says

jai tohe sandhi batayi,

if I will tell sarshabad

 to jeevan ko bahu dukh dai. Kaho prapanch jaan hum paava, kaal chale nahi tumara daava.

Kabir Sahib Said ‘’I have understood all your nonsense.  I have understood your trick and your conspiracy.

Dharmaraya toh hai pragat bhakha, gupt unk veera hum rakha. Je koi leve naam hamara, taahi chhod tum ho jaana nyaara. Jai tum mor hans ko roko bhai, to tum kaal rahan nahi paai.

If you will stop my Souls, then you must remember what I will do to you. See to it.  Now he saw that he will not tell Sarshabad. He changed Gaze.

Beshak jao gyaani samsara, jeev na maane kaha tumhara. Kaha tumhara jeev na maane. Hamari ore ho vaad bakhaane. Dradh fanda hum racha banaai, ja mein sakal jeev uljhaai.”

"Now he says, 'Everyone is tied up in such a conspiracy.

Ved shastra samrati gun gaana. Putra mere teen pradhana. Brahma Vishnu Mahesh.' Tinho bahu baaji rach raakhya. Hamari mahima gyan mukh bhakha.

That is, I have three main gods, and all my messengers who have gone have sung the praises of my glory.

Deval dev paashaan poojai. Teerth vrat jap tap man laai. –oho—

Deval temple, and Dev Gods and goddesses, pashaan

I will make them worship stones. And I will keep them entangled in pilgrimages, vows, false chanting, and austerities.”

"Pooja jisme dev aradhi, yeh mat jeevo ko raakhu maadi. Yajna hom aur nem achara, aur anek phand mein daara.

God Kabir Saheb says, I said, we also call him Gyani.

Hamne kaha suno anyaayi, aur kato phand jeev le jaai. Jete phand tum rache vichaari, satshabad se sabai bidaari.

I will destroy them all,

jin jeev hum shabad dridhavai. Phand tumhara sakal mitaave,

To whom I will give the true mantra, all your bonds will automatically be destroyed.

Jab hi jeev cheeni gyaan humara, taje bhram sab pol pasaara.

That everyone will understand your conspiracy. 

Then what is said:

purush sumiran saar veera, naam anchal janaavo ho. Sheesh tumhare paanv dekar, hans lok pathaavo ho.

That means my devotees will chant this mantra, and will place their feet on your head and you will not be able to stand in front of them. Will step on your head and go up.  What does he says now, now

Dharam Rai Kaal says -

Panth ek tum aap chalao, jeevo ko satlok le jaao. Dvadash panth karun mein sajaa, naam tumhara le karun aavaaja. Dvadash yam sansar pathaaun,

I will send my (Kaal’s) 12 messengers.

Aur naam Kabir le panth chalaaun. –oye hoye-- Pratham dut mere pragat jai, peeche ansh tumhara aai. Yehi vidhi jeevon ko bhramaao, apne naam purush ka bataao.


I will call myself God,

dvadash panth naam jo lehi. Hamare mukh mein aan samohi.”

Children!  God says

Arey Kaal Prapanch Pasara. Teen yug jeevan dukh aadhara.' Vinati tor maan main leeni. Moko thage Kaal abhimaani. Choutha yug jab Kalyug aai, tab hum apna ansh pathai. Kaal phand chhute Naraloi. Sakal srishti parvanik hoee. –oye hoye--

After your messenger is gone, I will send my messenger, my saint, my part.”

Chautha yug jab Kalyug aai, tab hum apna ansh pathai. Kaal phand chhute Nar loi.

The entire creation will take Initiation and everyone will be freed from the trap of Kaal.

Aur sakal srishti parvanik hoee.

The entire creation will be initiated. The whole world will take initiation after listening to his knowledge.

Ghar-ghar dekho bodh vichara. Satnaam sab thaur uchaara. –oye hoye—

In every home I will be talked about.

Ghar-ghar dekho bodh vichara. Satnaam sab thaur uchaara. Panch hazar panch sau pancha, tab yeh vachan hoga saaccha. –oye hoye--

Ki jab Kalyug beet jaave jab aita, sab jeev param purush pad cheta.

What an amazing thing God had said which has become true today children.

Ki ghar-ghar dekho bodh vichara. Choutha yug jab Kalyug aayee, tab hum apna ansh pathai. Kaal phand chhute Naraloi. Sakal srishti parvanik hoee.

The whole world will take initiation, will obtain mantras.

 Ghar-ghar dekho bodh vichara. –Oye hoye--

My knowledge will be discussed in every household.

Aur satnaam sab thaur uchaara.

Satnaam will be given everywhere and everyone will chant it.  And the five thousand five hundred and five that I am telling will be true at that time.

Tab yeh vachan mera hoga saaccha. Kalyug beet jaaye jab aita, sab jeev param purush pad cheta. –Oye hoye--

All living beings will become knowledgeable about that supreme position of the Satpurush that has been told in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 4, that after attaining True Spiritual Knowledge from enlightened saint, one should search for that supreme position of Supreme God, where after going, the seeker does not comes back to this world.

So here God Says :

Panch hazar panch sau pancha, tab yeh vachan hoga saaccha. Kalyug beet jaave jab aita, sab jeev param purush pad cheta

When 5505 Kaliyuga will pass then this speech of mine will become true.  And the whole world will become aware of that supreme position of God and everyone will chant Satnam in every house.

 Children!  This is immortal story, is Satnarayan story.  God had predestined.

"Panch hazar aur panch sau panch jab Kali Yuga beet jaaye. Mahapurush farmaan, jagtaran ko aaye. –oye hoye-- Panch hazar aur paanch sau panch jab Kali Yuga beet jaaye. Mahapurush farmaan tab jagtaran ko aaye.—Oye hoye-- Hindu Turk adi sab, jete jeev jahaan. Satnam ki saakh gahai, paavai pad nirvaan.”—oye hoye--

All the Hindu, Turks etc. i.e. children of all religions, all the living beings who are in the world will take Satnam.  And with the power of Satnam, the true mantra, all will attain complete salvation. 

Like we will start a new sect, everyone will come together in that sect like all the sects and all the religions -:

"Yatha saritagan aap hi, saritagan dariyaen apne aap mile Sindhu mein dhaaye.”

Like rivers, rivers automatically flow from the seas and fall into the sea with speed.  No one can stop.

Yatha saritagan aap hi, mile Sindhu mein dhaaye.” sat- sukrat ke madhy timi, sabhi panth samaay. –Oye hoye--

In this way, all these sects and religions that have been created will forcefully come into my true sect.  No one will be able to stop them.  When they will have knowledge.

Jab lag poorn hove nahi, theek ka tithi baar. Kapat chaturi tab lo, aur swasam ved niradhaar.

Hey Dharamdas!  God says that today I am expressing this thought and you are writing this in the Swasam Veda chapter, till that time people will all remain bullshitters. 

Kapat chaturi tab lo,

and these Swasamveda, these things of mine will appear to be completely baseless and completely false.  That this cannot happen.  Look, children, what a wonderful thing Bandichor has said! spoke the absolute truth that.

Jab lag poorn hove nahi, theek ka tithi baar.

That is, before the right time 5505 of Kalyug, prescribed time , all my words will seem false.  And everyone will remain clever like this and will commit fraud.  But then, on the basis of this knowledge, all men and women will be purified, all men and women of all religions will be purified with that knowledge, when the right day arrives.  That means when that destined  day comes, all men and women will be pure.

jab theek ka din aavant. kapat chaturi chhodakar, sharan Kabir gahant. –Oye hoye--

Children!  That right day has now come. The name of the Almighty became famous everywhere.  Four-five lakh children are listening to satsang at a time. We could not even build such a big Ashram.  O liberator! The whole world has become an Ashram of my Bandichor.  Every house became an Ashram.  And what kind of kindness my Divine has shown to his children.  Children!  Then what is said is that one has become many,--Oye hoye-- that is, earlier there was one religion, Sanatan Dharma.  Before that, Adi Sanatan Dharma.  Now many religions and sects have been formed.

Ek anek ho gae, punah anek ho ek. Hans chalen satalok sab ,Satnam ki tek.

That means everyone will unite. And all the souls will go to Satlok with the power of devotion of this true mantra –Oye hoye--.

Ghar-ghar bodh vichar ho, durmati door bahaaye. Kalyug mein sab ek ho, baratain sahaj subhaayein. Kahan ugra kahan shoodra ho,

Be it a scoundrel, a dacoit, a robber, or a small caste,

Hare sabki Bhavpir. 

God, that saint sent by me will come and remove everyone's sorrows.

Hare sab ki bhavapeer.

So samaan samadrishti hai, samarth sat Kabir.

He will be of equal vision. He will give equal love to everyone with the same vision. He will have the same behavior for everyone. He will give the same true mantra, Satnaam, SarShabad. He will be the powerful Sat Kabir only.”

Hail Bandichor  Kabir Saheb

Hail Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj ji

Children! You are lucky. Your parents are great who gave you birth. –Oye hoye—

Look at the equipment that the Lord has created for you. Man did not have the intelligence to create a machine to cut fodder for animals before. We have seen them cutting with a sickle. And now, after 1997, look at how science has reached the peak. Let the people who do nonsense, do nonsense with it. And we will make our lives successful. We will attain Salvation. With these machines, we have seen the scriptures. We have found all the truth. And sitting at home, children are starting to listen to satsang. Put the headphones in the car, in the car. Sitting at home, sitting in the shop, sitting in the field. Put headphones on while driving the tractor. That is, the Almighty has done something amazing for you, children. He has broken the pen for you today.

Virtuous Souls! May God give you salvation. May He Keep you in His feet. Always be happy. Recognize this Almighty. If you still don't recognize him, then tell me which method shall I adopt? Which will make you understand that you are completely trapped in the web of Kaal. Your misery has been done. You don't understand children. Your eyes should open with this knowledge. Kabir Saheb says that He has kept all of you foolish. This is a son, this is a daughter. This is a big car and a mansion. Do devotion. It's okay, God has given you, no problem.  You had good deeds, it is good. Otherwise,

Hidaki de de rovegi tu surata! jab too chalegi akele –Oye hoye--

When you leave this world, no one will be with you.  And you will cry badly.  And Yama's messengers will drag you away.  And after coming under the shelter of Kabir Saheb,

Dharmaraya  darbaar mein, deyi Kabir talaak. mere bhoole chooke hans ko, pakadie mat kajak..

God will be with you.  The messenger of Kaal cannot come nearby.  You have such a wonderful Mantra that even Kaal cannot come close to.  As soon as this Mantra is chanted, all the messengers of Yama will run away.  So Children!  Maintain this mercy of God.  May the Almighty give you salvation. Keep you happy always.

Sat Saheb.