Special Message Part 5: Incomplete Worship of Kaal Brahm


Sat Saheb

Hail Satguru Dev!

Hail to Bandichor Kabir Sahib Ji

Hail to Bandichor Garib Ji Maharaj ji

Hail to Swami Ram Devanand Ji Guru Maharaj Ji

Hail to Bandi chor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj

Hail to all the saints.

Hail to all the devotees.

Hail to the righteous men.

Hail to Shri Kashi Abode.

Hail to Shri Chhudani Abode.

Hail to Shri Karontha Abode.

Hail to Shri Barwala Abode.

Sat Saheb.


Kabir dandvatam Govind guru, bandhu avijan soye. Pehle bhaye pranam tin, namo jo aage hoye.

Kabir guru ko kijiye dandvat, koti-koti pranam. Keet na jaane bhring koon, yon guru kar hain aap samaan.

Kabir satguru ke upadesh ka, suniya ek vichar. Jai satguru milte nahin, jaate narak dwar.

Narak dwar mein doot sab, karte khichaantan. Unse kabahu nahin chhoota, firata charon khan.

Kabir char khani mein, bharamta kabahu na lagta paar. So phera sab mit gaya, mere satguru ke upkaar.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, amarpuri ke dere ki.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, Jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, satlok ke dere ki.

Nirvikaar nirbhay tuhi, aur sakal bhaymaan.

Eji sadhu aur sakal bhaymaan. Sab par teri sahibi, sab par teri Sahibi tujh par sahab na. Nirvikaar Nirbhay.

Children!  By the immense grace of the Supreme Father, Almighty Kabir Ji, today you have obtained the shelter of Supreme God, Almighty, Omnipotent God, Supreme God Kabir.

Virtuous souls!  How much is the world filled with?  The population of the entire world is seven and a half billion. Among these, you have come in God’s refuge. Your luck is so good that it cannot be compared with anyone else.

teen lok ka raaj, jai jeev ko koee dey.

laakh badhaee kya kare, jai nahin naam se neh..


Children!  The rule of three worlds, the kings of three worlds are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Teen lok ka raaj hai Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

Uncha Dham Kabir Ka, Satlok Parvesh

If you don't do true devotion. Look, Everyone is doing devotion, the sages left no stone unturned and dedicated themselves to attaining God.  Totally destroyed the body.  But bushes cannot be cut with a hammer. To cut bushes, a sharp axe is needed. Or there should be a saw. Therefore, without resources who do opposite work.  No matter how long one continues to do, one will not get any success in it.  No matter how hard you try, without true devotion, God cannot be attained.  This had been the reason that these sages did a lot of worship but Kaal has given them incomplete knowledge, its incomplete and confusing knowledge.  Like there is only one mantra in all four Vedas which is for Brahm Devotion.  There is no mention of any other devotion.  Nor is there any other mantra.  In Yajurveda Chapter Number 40 Verse 15 -:

Om Kartu Samar, Kilve Samar Kartun Samar. 

It is written in it that while doing work, chant the Om mantra with special aching and do it considering the basic work of your life.  Now what will be achieved by the Mantra Om?

Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Purana, in the sixth Skand, Goddess Durga makes it clear to the Himalayan king.  Because the Himalaya King was a worshipper of Goddess.  And he was demanding salvation.  Because the king has a lot of money. All facilities are available.  but in the end, they are also futile. It doesn't look good.  He asks for salvation.  Then Durga ji says ‘King!  You leave everything else.  Give up all worship.  Chant the mantra Om.  By chanting Om you will attain Brahm.  Who lives in the divine sky form Brahmaloka.  May your welfare happen.  Now tell, that by chanting Om mantra one attains Brahm. Brahmaloka is attained.  It has been made clear in Gita Chapter 8 Verse 13 that the knowledge giver of the Gita is Brahm, Kaal. 

Om Iti Ekaksharam Brahma Vyavaharanam Maam Anusumaran Ya: Prayati Tajam Deham Sa: Yaati Pramam Gatim. 

Om is only one Mantra of me Brahm.  The one who leaves the body while chanting it till last breath, attains the ultimate state of mine, the ultimate State which comes from Om. 

At the time when Brahma ji and Vishnu ji fought with each other, Kaal appeared there in the form of Shiva and explained to both of them that you are not God.  Where do you consider yourself a god?  And listen, as a reward for your tenacity, I have given you one job each.  Origin is given to Brahma, maintenance is given to you.  Similarly, Shankar was given destruction.  And this one Om letter of mine has been formed from the five syllables, this is my mantra.  Chant this.  May your welfare happen.  One, it has been proved that he was Brahm who met  Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in the form of Shiva Ji.  Children, this is True Spiritual Knowledge.  conclusion of all spirituality.

Now the ongoing context is that the sages did a lot of meditation.  They ruined their bodies.  Made day and night one. 

Children!  They took the mantra Om from the Vedas.  Because earlier there were Vedas.  Puranas are the creations of sages which are later things.  They started having experiences and wrote down the legends they had heard.  Some true, some false.  Some from the Vedas and some from their own experience.  It is a collection of Puranas.  On the other hand, in the third Skanda of Devi Mahapuran, Narad ji questions his father Brahma ji.  ‘O Father!  Please solve doubt of my one question.  Who created this universe?  How was it created?  So Brahma ji says, ‘Son Narad!  What answer should I give to this?  When I became conscious.  Came to senses.  I was sitting on a lotus flower.  And there was nothing else in that vast area of water. There was Water and water only.  Then I thought how did I originate here?  And who is my creator?  Who created me?  So at that very moment there was a eathervoice son!  Do penance, do penance.  I meditated for 1000 years.  Then the eathervoice said, now create.  Garib Das ji has made it clear in a couplet in two lines that

"Tapo-tapo kar vakya sunaya. Srishti racho bal meri maya. Lok racho bal meri maya."

So the sages took Om chanting from the Vedas.  And Brahma Ji is their first guide, first Guru.  They have learned and understood the Vedas from him. Only.  He is the father of these Brahmins.  Sages are his children, so they took penance from Brahma Ji that Brahma Ji had received a eathervoice from God.  That's why they kept doing penance also. Then they chanted Om mantra and messed it up and practised.  Kaal Brahm had made this eathervoice. It was their confusion that God did, they consider him  to be God, but He is simply not visible.  So, through this chanting and penance, they gained powers. 

They became atoms. Miracles started happening.  So they accepted this as their salvation and the final achievement of devotion. By chanting the mantra Om, they will go to Brahma Loka.  Will enjoy their virtues there for thousands of years.Will have fun.  Will do all nonsense which does not happen on earth.  What else is there in heaven except nonsense.  Those dancers and singers, prostitutions.  This mind considers only that as happiness.  So, this is how the stones are carried here, and this is how it will be carried there.  Then after completing those good deeds and having fun there, they come back to earth.  As is clarified in Gita Chapter 8 Verse 16, even after going to Brahmaloka, they are in recurrence.  Come back to birth and death.  So this is Tatvgyan.  Now the essence of all the scriptures has come out.  Attainment of Brahma Loka by chanting Om mantra.  Those who go to Brahmaloka are in recurrence. Their birth and death happens.  So what salvation has been achieved?  What liberation is this? 

Garib Das ji says -

Yeh harahat ka kuwa loi, ya gal bandha hai sab koi. Kidi kunjar aur avatara, harahat dore bandhe kai baara.

Now powers came with penance.  Like in sage Chunak, Garibdas ji said that he had such amazing powers that if he wanted, he could destroy the earth.  And in the next moment can make it as it is.  There were so many Powers.  And Kaal is not happy to see them either, lest they become God he would have no value.  There was a Mandhata Chakravarti king who ruled over the entire earth.  He used to do a test every year, 2 years, or 10 years to check if any king was rebelling against my rule. Whether they were under his authority or not. So, they released a horse as a test. It is written on it that whoever does not accept the subordination of the respectable king Chakravarti should tie this horse and Get ready for war.  So it roamed all over the earth.

Nobody caught the horse. It was written on it. It was written on it that the king had a 72-crore army.  So no one had the courage.  Thousands of soldiers were passing by Sage Chunak's hut.  Ahead was the horse who was riderless.  No one is sitting on it.  So the sage asked, what is this horse like?  Why is no one riding this horse? The soldiers said that there is such and such reason.  We roamed everywhere but no one caught the king's horse.  That means no one accepted the war.  The second one said, whose mother fed milk, who would hold the king's horse?  The 72-crore army is ready to do this and do that.  Sage said, brother!  If no one has caught it then I will catch it.  And tell this to your king.  Sage Chunak accepted his war. The horse was tied there to a tree.  The soldiers said, “Hey pauper!”  You don't have grains to eat, why are you kidding?  And you will fight with Mandhata Chakraborty?  Why are you bargaining hardship?  Do worship your Ram.  He said, "This is in my fate." I have accepted it, now you go.  The king sent 18 crore armies, in one crore army they say there are around two lakh soldiers.

Such was their counting in olden times.  That means 36 lakh soldiers were sent to kill one sage.  So that fear instils in the public.  No one else should have the courage.  And it is said, Garib Das ji has said that he was such a dynamic ascetic that he made four atoms with his power.  He dropped one atom and destroyed an 18 crore army, killing all completely.  Created a massacre.  Then second and third, in this way 72 crore armies were destroyed.  The king fell face down.  Saved his life.  Now how has Garib Das ji compared them?  How have these sages been exposed?

Garib 72 akshoni kha gaya, chunak rishishwar ek. Deh dharen jora, phire yah sabhi kaal ke bhekh. –oye hoye--

They are of Kaal. It was a walking death.  Jaura, Death.  This jaura. 

“Deh dhare jaura phire''

These sages are death in the human body.

‘Ye Sabhi Kaal ke bhekh’ –oye hoye--


72 akshoni kha gaya, chunak rishishwar ek. Rishi, Rishish, rishishwar. 

Considered the greatest sage. Such were his actions. 

Children!  Now to what extent will you be able to conquer Kaal? Can you perform such practice?  Even after doing such meditation, he cut bushes with the hammer. It won’t cut.  Took this nonsense and whatever creatures were killed whether kill with weapons or kill with accomplishment.  Those sins are written separately.  Whenever he returns from heaven, from the great heaven i.e. from Brahmaloka because by chanting the mantra Om, he will go to Brahmaloka as well.  There is such a tremendous conspiracy of Kaal that you cannot even imagine. 

Garib Das ji says

Satguru aaye daya Kari aise Din Dayal

BandiChor birad daas ka Jathragni Pratipaal –oye hoye--

That Satguru himself came, God came in the form of Satguru, he is so merciful.  He is Bandichor.  He came and explained this conspiracy of Kaal, explained the entire trap of Kaal.  When after enjoying happiness in Brahmlok, he will be thrown down again.  The soul of sage Chunak will become a dog.  And all the creatures he had killed will become worms on his head and will take revenge by scratching.

Once upon a time, a Guru and disciple were going.  A fisherman was catching fish.  And he was holding the net and throwing fish out. Fishes were dying in agony.  The disciple said Gurudev!  What punishment will this sinful soul receive?  What kind of birth will he have?  Guruji said that I will tell when the time comes.

What did they see after 3, 4, 5 years: A baby elephant was jumping up and down, elephant.  And got stuck between two trees. After getting trapped, he managed to get out with some force but his skin got badly peeled. During the rainy season, there were worms on him, and there were so many, that he started screaming. And worms move all over the body.  The disciples and Guruji were going that way. The disciple asked ‘Gurudev!  In which birth did this creature commit such a sin that he suffered so much pain and got so many worms?  Then he said, son!  Now listen to the answer of that fisherman. He was a fisherman. All the fish that he tortured and killed, they are turned into worms and today after torturing him, are eating him. Garib Das Ji says

Tumne us dargah ka mail nahi dekha

Dharmaraj ke til til ka lekha’. 

Children!  Open your eyes. In Which world are you roaming? Life is for two days, you will die tomorrow, and you will keep wandering. And this rule and royalty, this palace and mansion do not go together.

So Children! Tatv bhed koi na kahe rai jhoomkara. Yah paise upar nach suno rai jhoomkara.—oye hoye hoye--

Kotyo madhy koi nahin rai jhoomkara. Arbo mein koi gark suno rai jhoomkara."

You will not find someone who can tell you this true spiritual knowledge in millions. "Arbon Mein Koi Garak" Complete in All Respect. The population of the world today is seven and a half billion, among the entire world.  Apart from Servant, no one in the world knows this knowledge.  You are fortunate Children!  You are getting the true path of that Supreme God.  Have received the shelter of Almighty God Kabir Ji.  That's why Servant is saying.  So Children!  If you weigh Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh with your fate, they are no closer to you.  They are just eating the cream of their karma, they have no future.  The day you understand this, you will become a true devotee.  And children!  Kabir Sahib is the creator of the entire universe.  Everyone's guardian. The creator of all.  You have received the Supreme God, the Supreme Father, who changes destined deeds. There is no one in the entire creation who knows this spiritual knowledge except this Servant.  So virtuous souls!  Children!  You have received an Omnipotent  God and a complete Satguru and complete spiritual knowledge, have complete spiritual knowledge. 

You have such fate: 

Lakhvar Shura Jhujhi, lakhvar savant deh. 

Lakhvar iti Jahan me Tab Satguru Sharna le. 

You are such a good soul.  Don't take it lightly.  Look how God is blessing you.  He is your father.  He is yours.  Where we have come, he is our enemy.  He has caused us misery.  And he has made many arrangements very wisely to cause us misfortune. Those whom we considered to be in the category of God, considered to be incarnations. Those who came Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Vishnu ji, Shankar and Brahma ji. Even till today they don't know what is happening? Why is this happening?

And today every bit of it has been enumerated before you. This is 100% true.  When your intelligence will work is a different matter.  Just like a small child will pick up something and ask mom or dad, brother or elder sister what is it? They will tell you this is a pen. He asks eh..?  It is a pen.  eh...?  It is a pen.  He keeps saying things like, eh. and will keep it and go away. Neither does he accept that it is not a pen. It is a pen. Nor say it is not a pen.  Because he knows that the person you are asking is a knower.  And mine. That's why when his eh… gets erased and he becomes wise, At that time anyway tell  son or daughter go bring a pen, son-daughter runs away and picks up the pen. He understood where the pen was, what it was like, and what it was used for?  Similarly, your eh… may not go away right now, but still pen is pen.  Almighty God Sat Purush is Kabir Sahib.  And no one in the world has knowledge on earth.  And today that mercy is upon you. You keep doing this devotion.  Children!  Got a very good fate, there is no such thing as happiness in this world.  You understand very well.  Kabir Saheb says that

Jhuthe Sukh Ko Sukh Kahe Ye Maan Raha Man Mode

Yah Sakal Chabina Kaal Ka Kuch Mukh Me Kuch Gode

We are considering this as happiness. We got a house, got a car, got a factory,  got children, that's it.

It is Said

Khai Khuraka Pehan Poshaka, Yam ka Bakra Palta hai

Bhai tan dhar sukhiya koi na dekhya, jo dekhya so dukhiya ho. Uday ast ki baat karai hai mun sabka kiya viveka ho. Sabka kiya viveka ho.


Ghaate - badhai sab jag dukhiya, kya grihasthi bairagi ho. Sukhdev ne dukh ke dar se, garbh mein maya tyagi ho. Garbh mein maya tyagi ho.

Jangam dukhiya, yogi dukhiya, tapasvi ko dukh doona ho. Aasha trishna sabhi mein vyapai, koi mahal na soona ho. Koi mahal na soona ho.

Saach kahun toh jag nahi maane, jhooth kahi na jaai ho. Brahma Vishnu ye Shivji dukhiya, jin ye raah chalai ho. Jin ye raah chalai ho.

Surpati dukhiya, bhupati dukhiya, runk dukhi bapreeti ho, Surpati dukhiya, bhupati dukhiya, runk dukhi bapreeti ho. Kahe Kabir aur sab dukhiya, ek sant sukhi mun jeeti ho. Sant sukhi mun jeeti ho.

Tan dhar sukhiya koi na dekhya, jo dekhya so dukhiya ho. Uday ast ki baat karai, mun sabka kiya viveka ho. Sabka kiya viveka ho.—oye hoye--

Kabir Sahib says that those who became chakravati Kings. "Rise and Set" ruled from where the sun rose to where it set. No one found happiness even in their dreams. And this Brahma, Vishnu are unhappy. –aye haye--

In Devi Purana, Narad asks from Brahma ji, whom do you worship?  Who is capable?  Brahma ji says that  ‘once I went to Vishnu ji. Vishnu ji was performing austerity and was in meditation for a long time. He woke up very late. Then I asked him ‘O God!  You are the creator and sustainer of the entire universe.  Who are you worshipping?’ He said, Vishnu ji said, ‘I worship goddess. And in my knowledge, in my opinion, there is no power above the Goddess, there is no God. This is the end of their knowledge.  And then what does he say, ‘I do penance and fight with demons.  I kill them.  I do penance.  Then after gaining powers I fight with them.  Whenever I get some time, I can spend happy time with Goddess Lakshmi. –oye hoye--

Saach kahun toh jag na mane, jhooth kahi na jaai ho. Brahma Vishnu ye Shivji dukhiya, jin ye raah chalai ho. Jin ye raah chalai ho.

So virtuous souls!  God has written your destiny with a different pen.  You have received human life at such a time that you have now received the true knowledge.  And devotion to complete salvation is obtained.  That means you are going on, you have taken first name, then you will take Satnam, then you will take Sarnaam, will take Sarshabad   You will go to God's abode.. Like, when children study in school, they keep getting all the certificates. get all the degrees and become successful.  Now you have to succeed.  Failed many times. Failed many times.  Have failed many times. Firstly, you should remember your past mistakes.  Like Kabir Saheb says -: 

Manush Janam Paye kar khove Satguru Vimukha Yug Yug Rove

One is guru drohi, one is turned away from guru. When God Kabir ji was performing a divine spectacle in Kashi, he appeared from Satlok in the form of a child on a lotus flower.  Former virtuous souls named Neeru Neema, Hans, who were weavers, took him home. They were Muslim weavers.  And God had come there for their welfare.  Neeru and Neema were the parents of Supach Sudarshan ji.  And God had promised that child!  Don't feel sad.  I will liberate your parents.  That's why Almighty came to them and got their deeds done.  They looked after him like a child.  Due to which their sacraments became stronger.

So Children!  At that time, from the age of 5, God Kabir ji defeated the great Mandaleshwars with His True Spiritual knowledge, with his power, devotion and logical knowledge. Those perfect men who used to consider themselves superior in spiritual power, He failed their accomplishments.  But we are so stubborn that even after seeing the Almighty in front of us, we did not appreciate him.  We rot in our ego.  There were 64 lakh disciples of that Supreme God.  You are one of them.  And others who are coming now are those same.  And then your future children will be precious, special souls of God.  Because they will start getting to hear the path of God Kabir and the true knowledge directly from the womb itself.  They will definitely cross.  But that depends on you, how determined you remain, and how successful you become. Otherwise you will be very guilty for the coming generations. 

You have received complete knowledge, complete God, you have true Satguru, complete Guru.  So 600 years ago we were tired of doing all devotions, were very sad, and were not getting any support. As soon as we took refuge in Kabir Saheb, we felt such happiness that we could not even express it in words. When they told their happiness to others, they did not believe it.  When they feel happy then they agree.  In this way there were 64 lakh disciples. And everyone used to say that Kabir Saheb is God.  Our Guruji is the God who has come.  Look, he has given us this happiness, he has given us this happiness.  So Children! In this way, 64 lakh disciples, of a poor from Shudra caste who was called uneducate, illiterate, it was not a normal thing for him to have 64 lakh disciples.  But we could not understand from the soul that Kabir is god, this weaver, Kabir is god.

Now Children ! At that time those 64 lakh disciples, all of them used to say that our God Kabir Saheb is Divine.  But it was not settling in their heart.  They accepted it because their happiness was observed. Then there were some people who were so misleading as Brahmin people or any other Muslim peer whose livelihood was going to be stopped.  They said that Kabir is a magician, knows spells  And what is this? Brahmins used to say, What does he know about the Vedas? What does he know about Gita? It's all written in Sanskrit. What does he know about Puranas? So, children! We accepted this. Our Soul was weak.  We were not educated. We accepted that It is true that Kabir Saheb cannot have knowledge of Vedas, cannot have knowledge of Geeta, cannot know Puranas.  Because he is uneducated. These scriptures are written in Sanskrit language. So Kabir Saheb says

Ved mera bhed hai, mai nahi vedan ke mahi

Aur jaun ved se mein milu yah ved jante nahi

So we did not believe this, we did not believe it.  So children!  Unless we believe that our master is Kabir Saheb, he is God so children!  We cannot recognize God. 

Now we are educated and the amazing benefit you have got from this education is that you have recognized God. Even small children are educated.  Even the elderly are educated.  And Servant has presented the scriptures to you face to face.  So virtuous souls!  Today you have a hundred percent belief that Kabir is god. Those who do not believe in this, the same thing will happen to them which happened 600 years ago.

Virtuous souls!  That God was God even that day, Kabir Saheb, and even today he is God.  When he used to live in a hut and used to work as a poor weaver, Used to act For 120 years, then he left the hut and went to Maghar.  And from there he went to his Satlok with full body.  People used to say, this weaver, this Dhanak, this poor man who does not even get food on time.  You call him God? Why are you becoming a fool? 

So Children!  We had accepted God who held a bow in his hand and killed the one who speaks and who was born of a king. Children!  He was God that day also and He is God even today. And will be Almighty in future.  This mistake should now be erased.  Similarly, you will find people saying many things about this servant.  You talk such and such this is how you are benefiting.

Once Kabir Saheb was going with a shawl over his shoulder.  When he used to walk with a shawl on his shoulders, everyone understands that he was going to another city or village.  A disciple asked Gurudev, where are you going?  God said, brother, I am going to hell, will you come to hell?  He said, I am coming now.  I will definitely come.  What will you do there?  Will suffer.  Even the hell where you are will become heaven. 

Children!  The same process is happening here in front of you today.  It has become even higher than heaven from where my message, the message of my God, is reaching my children.  Now just as Ram and Krishna were called Gods. Didn't call Kabir ji God.  At that time Kabir ji used to say , listen to two things.

It has been said

Samudr paat Lanka gayo, Sita ko Bhartar Aur Agastya Rishi ne saato pee liye, inn mein kaun kartar!!

If you consider Shri Ramchandra ji as God because he built a bridge on the sea and went to Lanka. So sage Agastya drank all seven seas in one gulp.  Sea did not even listen to Ramchandra ji.  He Kept standing knee deep in water for 3 days.  Then he was told that Nal-Neel had this power in their hands and even Nal-Neel could not do that work.  Then God himself went and drew the line there.  Then those stones flowed on the sea.

Kabir Saheb says:

Kabir kate bandhan vipatti mein, kathin kiyo sangraam. chinho re nar praaniyo, yah garud bado ke ram ?

Now tell me, is Garuda bigger or is your Ramchandra ji stronger?  Ramchandra ji was tied by a serpent-noose.  At that time, serpent-noose was a weapon, fighting was done with such Spiritual power. So many snakes were born that the entire army of Ramchandra ji was tied like a reed.  Everyone's hands were placed below in putting in the middle neither can move nor can walk, they were shackled till their feet. The snakes entangled themselves like this.  Then Ramchandra called Garuda.  His vehicle. The Garuda bird came and ate the snakes.  Many Garud were born.

Kabir sahib says

Kante bandhan vipatti mein

In the distress of your Ram, in danger Garuda cut the bonds.

Ab samajh lo re praniyon! Garud bada ke yeh Ram?

Govardhan Shri Krishna ne dhara, Dronagiri Hanumant. Aur Sheshnag

you say he lifts the entire earth then who amongst them is God?

Is this a trait of your gods? –aye haye--

Ek na bhula, do na bhuli, bhuli sab sansari.

Mere sadho bhai maine sab jag bhula paya..

So, children! Now you should have so much faith that the knowledge that God gave, eye-witness saints have told, cannot be wrong. Apart from this, what we got to hear was all folklore, legends and entirely false. It's clear now.

Now what is said :

Samjha hai to sir dhar panv bahur nahi re esa daanv

Without devotion, how does a person suffer? How does one depart after destroying this precious life, and what hardships follow him thereafter? All this is told many times by Sant Garibdas ji in his immortal speech. Children!  Pay attention.  Have dedication. This is not a matter of saying or listening, it is a matter of doing. Don't take it lightly.  Look, this Servant has been preaching for 27 years. And before that i used to do devotion and also used to propagate.  used to make others get initiation from Guru ji.  This responsibility was handed over to this Servant from 1994.  After that, this Servant has kept his foot on his head till today.  So Servant was struck by this thing which Garib Das ji had told in his speech.

Saheb se chit laga le re man garbh gumani. 

O mind!  Arrogant!  Concentrate on God and remember God.

It is Said

"Naabhi kamal mein neer jamaya, tera deenha mahal banaya.

Neeche jatharagni jalai thi, vah din yaad karaye.

Nain naak mukh dwara dehi, nakh shikh saaj banaya."

"From your nails to the head,  crown. Your entire body,  your eyes, nose, and mouth, body beautiful and from your nails to the top of your crown, all your arrangements have been made so lovely."

"9-10 maas garbh mein rakhya, vahaan teri kari sahaay. Daant nahi jab doodh diya tha, Ami maharas khaye.

Neeche sheesh charan oopar ko, --oho-- vah din yaad karaye.

Neeche jatharagni jale thi, tere lagi na taati baay. Baahar aaya bharam bhulaya, baaje toor shahnaay.

Tu hi, tu hi to chhod diya, chala adham kis raah."

When you were in your mother's womb, you knew everything. There was fear, and you remembered that human birth is not obtained repeatedly. And I will get my welfare done by taking initiation from a complete saint. No one belongs to anyone. Once outside, it's forgotten. Now, I will remember, will search for the complete saint, and will take the Initiation from the complete Guru. I won't do wrong, I'll work, but I'll focus more on God's remembrance. Now it is said

"Tu hi, tu hi to chhod diya, chala adham kis raah."

Now, the remembrance of God that you had, you left behind. Oh God! Oh Supreme Being! You used to remember in times of sorrow when you were in your mother's womb. Now, you've forgotten. Oh wretched one! Oh worthless soul! Now, which path have you embarked on?"

"Daai aai ghooti pyai, mata god khilai. Jo din aaj so kaal nahi re, aage hai dharmaray.

As it is today, after death when you will go to the court of Dharmaraja. There you will face misery again.

Dwadash varsh khelte bite, phir leenha byah karaye. Taruni naari se gharbaari, tu chala mool gavaaye."

It means that in the past, marriages used to happen at the age of 12, marriage was done. It is said, "You were only focused on this task. The marriage happened, entire life was devoted to raising a family. Devotion should have been practised alongside, what pain will it cause if you don't do it? It is told. It is said that got married, had children and then died after their upbringing and marriage. 

Phir jo din aaj so kaal nahin re, aage phir dharmaraya.

Then you go there and stand with your face down, saying, Oh God!  A mistake was made.  God, please give human life again.  I will not make mistakes again.  Then God shows ‘O worthless!  You have made such and such mistakes a thousand and lakhs of times.  See this.  All the previous births are shown to him.  Then he cries. Oh God!  A mistake has been made. Then God says

Achhe din peechhe gaye, guru se kiya na hait. Ab pachatawa kya kare, chidiya chug gayi khet.

What is said -

Dvadash varsh khelte beeta, leenha byah karaye. Taruni naari se gharbaari, chaalya mool gawaay.

Raaton sove janm bigove, dhundi khet kamaaye. Bina bandgi tera baad jaat hai, tera janam akarath jaaye.

Kaale kaag gaye ghar apne, baithe swet bugaaye. Daant jaṛ tere ukhaṛ gaye, ab rasna bhi tutlaaye.

It is said that you fell asleep at night. When you woke up in the morning, you went to the fields.  Without devotion your life is destroyed.  You grew old.  Hair turned white.  Your tongue started stuttering.  Teeth and roots were uprooted. 

"Jam kinkar sirahane baitha, kharch kade ka khaye. Rasna beach jo mekh maar hai, saino daam bataye."

Now, at the last moment, the tongue of the unfortunate person becomes silent. First, the messengers of Yama silence the tongue that the person might not say 'Ram' or reveal that Yama's messengers are standing. And then, they complete the count of their breaths because life is built with breaths."

Then it is said

Aise soom bahutere jagat mein, dhara dhakya rah jaye.

Kul ke log jungle mein le jake, phir deenha thok jalaye.

Now the same people, the family members will pick and burn in the crematorium.  Where the body will not burn, they will bash it and burn its chest.

Phir peeche tu pashuva keeje, gadha bail banaay.

chaar pahar jangal mein dole, to nahin udar bharaay.

Now Children!  These things are not just for saying.  These are not ordinary things.  These are absolutely proven things, and 100% true.  So how much pain will it cause?  In human life, when we feel hungry we eat food.  Feel thirsty, drink water on time.  If there is any problem in the body, we get treatment from the doctor.  Whenever we want, we make laddu, jalebi, halwa and kheer as per our capacity and eat it. What misery befalls this creature by not performing devotion.

Phir peeche tu pashuva keeje, gadha bail banaay.

chaar pahar jangal mein dole, Tera to nahin bhare.

That is, the bull is taken to the field and ploughed.  There is fodder nearby, he gets hungry, he feels like eating, but who will let him eat now?

Sir par seeng die man baure, dum se machchhar udae.

kandhe jua, jyote kuaan, kondhon ka bhus khae. –oye hoye--

It is said that you were given horns on head and a tail.  Tail.  Now with it whether you fly away mosquitoes, or ventilate. Now look at the fans, coolers, ACs. What has been said?  But it is not child's play that you will get it just like that.  Now you will work hard, do labour, serve God, will do devotion, you do charity. Then If you obtain human life, you will get it again.  And without devotion and by doing wrong devotion, one does not even get human life.  We have to escape, we will go to Satlok.

Still, What is said

Sir par seeng die man baure, dum se machchhar udae.

You will have one tail, turn it into a fan or consider it a cooler. And the tails of many ill-fated animal's tail are cut. A stick of one and a half feet keeps shaking. So many deeds of a person fall away. Works in the fields. In the barley crop, there are a lot of thorns in it, he eats it when he starves.

"Tooti kamar pajawa chadhe, kaga maans gilaye.

Phir piche tu khar kiijega, kurdi charne jaaye.

"Khar - Donkey. After that, you will become a donkey and go to graze."

Tooti kamar pajawa chadhe, kaga maans gilaye."

Oh, it is amazing. After that, he will become a donkey today Those who are eating cashews, raisins, kheer, and sweets  will become donkeys and go for grazing, those Who do not perform devotion today. And on top of that, the backs of donkeys, male and female, get injured by carrying heavy loads, from keeping loads in sacks, and then the Potter, the owner lets them go. They go to the jungle to satisfy hunger. They eat grass. And the crow sits on their waist, pecking at their wounds, it eats flesh of that split wound. Tears flow from their eyes, both from the male and female donkey, whichever animal it may be. So much suffering is endured, and so much torment is inflicted without this little thing. How much injustice will befall us if we don't engage in devotion? Children! Open your eyes. (Oye hoye hoye)

"Phir piche tu khar kiijeyega, kurdi chugbe jaaye. Tooti kamar pajava chadhe, tera kaga maans gilaye.

Sukhdev ne 84 bhugti, kahan rank kahan raay.

Aisi maya kaal bali ki, Narad muni bhramaye.

Dhruv Prahlad aur Kabir naam de, rahe nishaan guraye.

Daas Gareeb Kabir ka chera, shabdai shabd samaaye.

Now, God's son, Gareeb Das ji, is telling that even Sukhdev became a donkey once. Now, who else will he forgive? The sages have been caused misery.

Aisi maya kaal bali ki, Narad muni bhramaye.

Dhruv Prahlad aur Kabir naam de, rahe nishaan guraye."

This means that they believe Dhruva and Prahlada to be ordinary men who are liberated. By doing devotion they attained salvation . But how much have they attained? Brahma's one day which is equal to 1008 era, this have respite till then.  In this 1008 years  which is Brahma's one day, they will remain in heaven till then. After that they will come down again.  It also depends on devotion.  Like Dhruv will remain there for one era in heaven. 

So in this way God tells that Kabir Sahib achieved complete salvation.  There will be liberation now  From Sarnam, SarShabd.

Dharmadas meri laakh duhai, sarshabd kahin bahar na jaai. Mool gyaan kahin bahar na jaai..

Till now God had not revealed Sarnam and Sarshabd to anyone.  Now it is revealed.

Children now you will get salvation. And it will happen easily.  You are no less fortunate than Namdev and Dhruva Prahlad, even more fortunate than them.  Because you will get salvation directly.  They will have to be born again Sometime in this Kaliyuga.  Accept this as true.  Don't consider this as a child's talk.  I am not a ‘doom-bhaat’ (poor folk-singer) who rubs his mutters in vain, I speak absolute truth.  But if you take it lightly then the same misery will start.  This cycle will start again.

Yeh harhat ka kuan loi, Yeh gal bandha hai sab koi.

Keedi, kunjhar, aur avataara, Harhat dor bandhe hain kai baara.

Children!  Think, as today is a human life, assume that you have got the next human life.  Again the same procedure. Took Birth, studied, grew up, got married. Then children are born, their upbringing . Then died. Then suppose there are still one or more births.  Then died. Grew old and sometimes died in between.  Some children die.  Sometimes we die, such misfortune is happening, get rid of it.  And now that time has come, children!  Have unwavering faith in the Almighty.

Kabir Saheb says:

Naam Sumar le Sukarm kar le kaun jaane kal ki, khabar nahi pal ki

We are living in such a worthless world where there is no rule, no justice. There is no trust even for a second; who knows what might happen in a second. Yet, we puff up and continue to wander. Why? When someone else faces misfortune, we think it won't befall us. Kaal deceives everyone. Now we have come under the shelter of God Kabir Saheb.  Now we can say if we are within rules.  So now we are in the shelter of God. We are out from these attacks of Kaal. But the day the name is broken, because when there is happiness, the mind definitely moves towards nonsense.  And makes one make mistakes.  First of all it gets the name broken and then harms. keep this in mind.

Naam Sumar le Sukarm kar le kaun jaane kal ki, khabar nahi pal ki

This is a profound truth. Do devotion and do good deeds. What is the trust of tomorrow?  Not a moment is to be trusted.  Now, see, people were roaming happily and we saw people who passed away, and there was no one to offer them water. Died in accidents, used to make big stories and used to boast a lot, we witnessed many such people. And then, when we embraced the path of initiation, we got the knowledge of devotion, this true knowledge of devotion we started remembering all those things.  Oh God!  What could have been done?  O God!  It was complete oppression.  I became like a mad person when I understood this true knowledge.

Oh, it is amazing.

Now see, we used to roam around happily, measuring the entire earth. but the work that was needed to be done hadn't even started. "Oh Liberator! This thought didn't leave my heart for many days. It was like someone survives after an accident but fear remains for many days. So, this was the state of servant. ‘O Supreme God! You showed immense mercy. O Master! How you took me in refuge. Look how the great storm would break,  would have become a dog, become a donkey, worms would have infested on head. I would have sat on the streets there would have been no one to take care in the streets. No food, no clothing, no shelter. Children, until this fear resides in your body, you cannot engage in devotion, cannot attain salvation. Devotion won't happen without fear, and fear is also true. It's not a lie, not something meant to scare.


ye sansaar samajhta nahi, kehnda shaam-dopahare nu. Garibdas yeh waqt jaat hai, rovoge is pehre nu. Garibdas yeh waqt jaat hai, rovoge is pehre nu.

Children! Don't miss out. These words are not just meant for saying and hearing, these are meant to be done .

Yeh sansaar samajhda nahi, kehnda shaam-dopahare nu. Garibdas yeh waqt jaat hai, rovoge is pehre nu.

Children!  That's all for today.  May God grant you salvation and always keep you happy.  May your yearning, your dedication increase in Almighty.

Sat Saheb.


FAQs : "Special Message Part 5: Incomplete Worship of Kaal Brahm"

Q.1 What is the importance of the mantra "Om"?

The Gita Ji states that by chanting the mantra "Om," one can attain Brahmaloka (the abode of Brahm), but this does not lead to complete salvation as one remains in the cycle of birth and death.

Q.2 What is the significance of Sage Chunak's story?

The story of Sage Chunak is used to illustrate that even great sages with immense spiritual powers ultimately failed to attain true salvation, as their actions relied on the limited knowledge provided by Kaal Brahm which bound them to the cycle of birth and death.

Q. 3. What is the role of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh?

Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are the rulers of the three worlds, responsible for creation, maintenance, and destruction respectively. However, they are not the ultimate Supreme God

Q.4 What are the consequences of not following true devotion?

Not following true devotion leads to incomplete spiritual practices, resulting in repeated cycles of birth and death and suffering in various forms, including negative rebirths and karmic retribution.

Q.5 What is the role of a true Satguru in achieving salvation?

A true Satguru, who has complete spiritual knowledge, is essential for guiding devotees towards true devotion and ultimate liberation.

Q.6 How does the discourse describe the future of those who follow the teachings of Kabir Saheb?

Those who follow the teachings of Kabir Saheb and engage in true devotion are promised eternal happiness and liberation from the cycle of birth and death, eventually reaching Satlok, the abode of Supreme God.


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Prarambh Acharya

We believe that Om is the supreme mantra, as stated in the Vedas. Since no other mantra is deemed superior in Vedas, how can the Om mantra be considered inferior?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we deeply appreciate your engagement with our article. The attainment of the Om mantra leads to Brahm loka, from where a devotee returns to the cycle of birth and death. This is why the Holy Geeta Ji mentions the achievement through the Om mantra as inferior. In Holy Geeta Ji, Chapter 17, Verse 23, it is also stated that the mantra of the Supreme God is "Om Tat Sat," presented in a coded form. Only a complete saint can reveal this mantra, guiding a devotee towards complete salvation. We kindly invite you to understand the true mantra of complete salvation by reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Apeksha Sharma

In this era, when the whole world sings the glory of Ram and Sita ji, I find it puzzling why some people try to defame the worship of Lord Ram. Lord Ram is the supreme God and our protector, and nearly all gurus provide the Sita Ram, Ram-Ram mantra. We find joy in worshipping Lord Ram.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we truly value your perspective on our article. Revealing the truth is not defamation. If anyone spreads incorrect information about Lord Ram, it is indeed defamation. However, we are simply sharing the truth as conveyed by our scriptures. While the majority may follow certain practices, the true path is often chosen by few. We acknowledge that many gurus chant Ram Ram and Radhe Radhe, but these mantras are not mentioned in our Holy Vedas and Geeta Ji, rendering them ineffective according to Geeta Ji. If you are currently happy and living a good life, it is the result of your past good karma, not necessarily your present worship. For further insights, we recommend watching the video "Sanatan Dharm ke Patan ki Kahani," which elucidates the teachings of our scriptures. Additionally, you can read the scripture-based book "Gyan Ganga" and listen to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj available on various social media platforms.