Special Message Part 2: Don't Ruin Your Life for Money


Sat Saheb

Hail Satguru Dev!

Hail to Bandichor Kabir Sahib Ji

Hail to Bandichor Garib Das Ji Maharaj

Hail to Swami Ram Devanand Ji Guru Maharaj Ji

Hail to Bandi chor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj

Hail to all the saints.

Hail to all the devotees.

Hail to the righteous men.

Hail to Shri Kashi abode.

Hail to Shri Chhudani abode.

Hail to Shri Karontha abode.

Hail to Shri Barwala abode.

Sat Saheb.

Kabir dandvatam Govind guru, bandhu avijan soye. Pehle bhaye pranam tin, namon jo aage hoye.

Kabir guru ko kijiye dandvatam, koti-koti pranam. Keet na jaane bhring koon, yon guru kar hain aap samaan.

Kabir satguru ke upadesh ka, suniya ek vichar. Jai satguru milte nahin, jaate narak dwar.

Narak dwar mein doot sab, karte khichaantan. Unse kabahu nahin chhoota, firata charon khan.

Kabir char khani mein, bharmata kabahu na lagta paar. So phera sab mit gaya, mere satguru ke upkaar.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, amarpuri ke dere ki.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, Jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, satlok ke dere ki.

Nirvikaar nirbhay tuhi, aur sakal bhaymaan.

Eji sadhu aur sakal bhaymaan. Sab par teri sahibi, sab par teri Sahibi tujh par sahab na. Nirvikaar Nirbhay.

Blessings to the beloved souls of the Supreme Father, God Kabir Ji. May God make your dedication unwavering. May you remember the sorrow of this dirty world. The yearning to go to your home should become special in you. This Servant reminds you of one thing repeatedly and you also feel, you also know that neither we will stay here nor has anyone stayed. Then the time in between, the human life that we have got, is obtained for devotion, salvation and for doing good deeds.  How much time do you have? - For 10-12 years, the child is innocent till 15, 16. Then, the joys of youth come, and the body is healthy. After that, marriage happens. After marriage, the focus is on the family's upbringing, by the time he gets free from it he grows old. In old age, there is pain in the joints, knees ache, sometimes headaches, and sometimes dental issues. Eyesight diminishes, high blood pressure, and sometimes diabetes. So, there are so many troubles come on him. It becomes difficult to survive. So, look at the process of this small task. If liberation is not achieved, the complete Satguru is not found, then what will happen in the next birth?

"Phir peeche tu pashua kiye, gadha bail banai. Yeh 56 bhog kahan man borai, kahin kuradi charne jaai. Oho!"

Now children!  Whatever happiness we consider happiness, we want to have money, become a minister, become a chief minister, that’s all. We should be glorified and famed.  Nothing is achieved merely by saying this listening to it, or imagination. It is achieved through the penance and religious deeds of the previous birth. If auspicious deeds are not performed in this life then we will remain here itself. That means no auspicious deeds will be accumulated. In the next life, he will be born as a dog, even if today someone is the President of any country.  So what bad thing will happen to us?  Look, we want money, the poor have only one yearning in their mind, that the wealthy man is happy.  The wealthy man thinks the king is happy.  Now, let me give you a small example: Abrahim Sultan Adham was both a king and wealthy.  Had a lot of money.  18 lakh horses, countless treasure.  And had  left no stone unturned in doing nonsense.  He had 16000 marriages done.  So devotee souls!  God took out his beloved soul from the hell which he was considering as happiness. –oye hoye--  Think about it, this is the True Spiritual that extracts the essence and gives it to you.

Some say that I should become an M.L.A. bless me. We do not consider him a devotee, we tell him to go and do politics. Then see, when you are in trouble, then come to us. So our rules have been told by our God, whatever rules have been given to you. So children! You have been told many stories. Have narrated many Discourses.  Who was Abrahim Sultan?- He was Samman who had beheaded his son for the honour and dignity of his Gurudev and to offer food to him.

Now God says,

Nukte upar rizhega re"

Garib Das ji says "Nukte upar rizhega re, Koti Karm jal Jaye tumhare. 

Now these satsangs are recited so that your soul completely detaches from here and your faith establishes only in Satlok. His faith in Satlok did not develop at that time? And he continued to repent, ‘O God! If I would have been wealthy, I wouldn't have to behead my son. O God! If I would have been wealthy. In that birth too, God had given him a lot, it was all given due to his same yearning. And that became the enemy of his life. He could not  liberate. And then, in the next birth, he became the Emperor of Naushehra. He had 70 treasurie, meaning he had 70 million wealth. He didn't give a single penny to charity. God went there and gave him a shock.

Made him do some charity.

The same soul became I

Abrahim Sultan Adham in the next birth.

Now, whatever deeds one has performed, God will give the results. But now what to lick in this joy, wealth, and this throne ? In the next life, he will become a dog. God knows, we are unaware children. Therefore, God went through so much trouble with Sultan Abrahim Adham to rescue him from that hell. How much effort did God made to liberate one being! And children! look how much arrangement God is making for you. From Where is He proclaiming His glory to you? From Where is He awakening you and inspiring you, children! This world is not good. Don't sit here with your eyes closed.  Abrahim Sultan Adham was in bliss. He had a lot of  grandeur, was a wealthy King. A Naulakha garden was built and he used to sleep in it during the day. There was no problem.  He was considering it happiness.

God Kabir says :

Jhoothe sukh ko sukh kahe, yeh maan raha manmod. Yeh sakal chabeena kaal ka, kuch mukh mein kuch gode."

So, God wanted to rescue that soul from hell. He knew that this beloved soul, this was a four-days, 10-days nonsense.  After that,after 5, 10, 20 years will suffer in innumerable births. That's why God wanted to get him out of that hell. And we ask for money from God?  You only ask for this much:

Kabir Sai itna dijiye, jismein kutumb samaave. Hum bhi bhukhe na rahe, atithi na bhuka jaave.

In this, everything was asked for. "Ja mein kutumb samavai" requirement of the family, all facilities for the family Currently, you also need a car, a small, clean house, and even good food. He will provide you all this because He is wealthy, rich, and the owner of the entire creation. You are a child of world's millionaire God Kabir. If you walk the right path, following your parents' wishes, just as any parent wishes to provide happiness to his children, no matter they themselves might remain in sorrow, God came from Satlok to rescue that lovely soul. Just as you have been shown evidence from the Vedas multiple times, read and recited them, the videos have been prepared, you read and see. Watch them. The Vedas testify that the Supreme God resides above, in the highest realm. He is seated there. He comes from there and meets pious souls. He shows them the true path of devotion. Speaking with his own mouth, he imparts divine knowledge, He tells deep knowledge, true spiritual knowledge, the fundamental truths, utters nectar speech And when he performs a divine play of a Saint Satguru, he gets many followers. And in them he is like a hero just as a commander is adorned with his army. In the same way He becomes revered among them. And the words he speaks are very enjoyable for his followers, it is lovable, because it is filled with discussions of the divine and is uttered from the mouth of God.

So, here Garib Das Ji has told

"Sunat gyaan galtna, pad pade samaana॥

Amarlok se Satguru aaye roop dhara karavana।

Dhundhat oont mahal par dole, bujhat shah biyaana।

Dooja roop dhara kaasid ka, yaatri ka, musafir ka mahal saraay bakhaana।

Yeh do mahal humare hain tu panthi phire Ayaana –aye hai--

Teeja roop khwaas ka dhara, phoolon sej bichhana

3 korde tan par khaaye, marat chot haivana।।

Kahe khwaas suno Abrahim, kaisa khilmat khaana

Ek ghadi sejaa par odhe, tan ka chaam udaana।

Hait husan sab door kiya, darsha takht biraana।

Gaib khwaas bhaye tivaari, kampan lage prana||

Amarlok se Satguru aaye (Oye hoye) sunat gyaan galtna, pad pade samaana.

After hearing all the knowledge from the mouth of his Satguru and following the method told by God, he became ‘Galtan’ relax, and devoted.

But before that:

Amarlok se Satguru aaye roop dhara karvana.

Acquiring the form of a person, a camel herder, who used to raise camels, God appeared from Satlok on the roof of the king's palace, where he was sleeping. Holding a stick in his hand, God began to strike on the roof. There was a loud noise. Ibrahim Sultan woke up from his sleep and said, "Who is making this noise? Capture him!" The soldiers went and captured him. He asked, "Who are you?" God replied, "I am a camel herder." So what were you doing on the terrace? God said. "King one of my camel is lost, I was looking for it. Let me see if I find it on your terrace". King Ibrahim said, "Oh, naive person! This is a king's palace. Can a camel climb to the terrace? It can never happen. You are mad." Before that, King had imprisoned many saints, saying, "Tell me who is God? Show Him to me."

Then Kabir Sahib said, "Just as a camel cannot climb to the terrace similarly, God cannot be attained through your foolishness. Khuda cannot be attained. Saying this, God disappeared. After a few days, you have already been told this entire story, God Came in the form of a traveller. Travellers used to walk on foot and it got night then they used to spend the night in inns or innards (resting places). So, God reached the king's palace, carrying his belongings just like travellers used to travel. King was sitting outside, his Soldiers were along with him. When God arrived there, he said, "Oh innkeeper! Oh innard keeper! I pointing towards the King. I have to spend the night. I am a traveller." tell me the room and rent a room. The king said, "Oh naive man! O naïve traveller, Do you even know where you are standing? No! I am the king, and this is my palace, not an inn. God said, "Who was here before you? Tell me, who was here before you?" "My grandfather, great-grandfather were here. Where did they go? They died and have gone to Allah/ Khuda and ‘Bacchu’ How long will you stay here? That's why I called it an inn. Open your eyes." Saying this, God disappeared. Ibrahim fainted. He was afraid, who was this angel? The same happened that day also. After that day as usual he used to go to relax every day, he went to his Naulakha garden.

Look Children! How much is God wandering for you? God acquired the form of a maid, a woman and wearing the same uniform arranged his bed. Look

"Jo Jan meri sharan hai taka hu mai Daas"

Children! Look for his one beloved soul. Children! He is our Father. And we came into this world of Satan and became devil, are spoiled. Relate how much hardship did He endure for His beloved soul. ,

Kabir Sahib says:

"Jo Jan meri sharan hai taka hu mai Daas"

There he became a servant took the form of a maid, to rescue His beloved soul from the conspiracy of Kaal What you consider as a kingdom and pleasure is your enemy. What is said further:

"Dooja roop dhara kaasid ka,  mahal saraay bakhaana"

He says God Kabir Sahib took another form of a traveller and called king's palace inn. And what he said?

"Yeh do mahal humare hain tu panthi phire Ayaana"

This is our palace, you are an unknown traveler roaming around.  Where have you come from?

"Teeja roop khwaas ka dhara, phoolon sej bichhana

3 korde tan par khaaye, marat chot haivana " –Oye hoye--

That Satan considered his God as a maid and thought, how did this attendant lie down on my bed?  God had arranged a bed for him and himself lay down on it.  The costumes of the maids were different from those of Queens'. In anger, the king picked up the whip.  One whip hurts so badly that even a horse starts sweating. Whips were meant for horses. On the other side, it was kept there to punish.  ‘Patapat patapat’ He lashed, three lashes, in anger at Almighty.

3 korde tan par khaaye, marat chot haivana।।

Kahe khwaas suno Abrahim, kaisa khilmat khaana

Ek ghadi sejaa par odhe, tan ka chaam udaana। 

"In three different places, marks appeared. And the skin came off, and God laughed. He laughed heartily. The king broke into a sweat, thinking,  this whip hit her behind, and this woman is laughing?' He grabbed her hand. God was laughing, clutching his stomach. Like we laugh heartily. He grabbed her hand to ask, 'Tell me, why are you laughing?' She replied, 'I am laughing because I slept for a second on your dirty bed. I was whipped three times. My skin was revealed. And ‘bacchoo’ what will happen to you? Who sleeps day and night?' (Oye hoye)"

Jo sove divas aur rata uska ke haal vidhata

After Saying this God disappeared.

Now, children! You already know the whole story, then he went to roam in the jungle, to hunt. There he took three dogs. After many efforts, God did to rescue his beloved soul from hell. (Oye, hoye oye)

Then it is said that when he understood the knowledge, now that kingdom started looking like hell.

Gaib khwaas bhaye tihvari, kampan lage prana.

Utari cheeri lai fakeeri, pahara tosa khana.

Mulmul khasa door bagaya, taki pahar hamana

It is said that he took off his beautiful royal clothes and wrapped himself in a blanket.

16 sanhas suheli chhodi, 18 lakh turana.

Satguru shabde lee fakeeri, Ibrahim sultana. –oye hoye--

16,000 women, each more beautiful than the other, and 18 lakh horses. And by the words of the Satguru, listening to his thoughts, he renounced his royal life and embraced a life of asceticism. He left his home. This is a brief description of the wealth what he actually had.

Heere moti mukta chhode, arbon dravya khazana.

70 khan 72 umre, taje ameer deewana.

Mewa maan badhaayi chhodi, amrit bhojan khana.

Nange pairo bhaye pyaade, pragat chhad nishana.

Ghode jode sab hi chhod chale, anant fauj dilkhana.

Saar shabd dil andar bhedya, avigat amal deewana.

Chadhat gayat, chadhat gayand Indra ki naai, suraj arth chipana.

Sena sang rang dal badal, garad jaat asamana.

It is said that he was so majestic that when he mounted an elephant and led his army forward and backward, used to go to other kingdoms, He was as majestic as Lord Indra. When his army marches, it would raise so much dust that a storm approached the sky. He was that magnificent. The sun would even hide itself due to the dust he raised, Such was the glory attributed to the kings. When he surrendered to the Supreme Lord, took initiation. After taking refuge, God said, "Now, enlighten everyone, you line up the Muslim brothers, children as well."  It was God in the form of Guruji.  Because he performs divine play in three forms. one as a child, one as a Sage or saint residing somewhere by setting up camp to liberate souls there And sometimes He appears as He appeared in front of Garib Das ji.  He came and then went away. He does it like this also.  At that time, He used to live in an ashram in a village and perform spectacles.

So, it is told once devotee Ibrahim Sultan went to Mecca. It was time for Hajj. And he slept with his feet towards Mecca.  Muslim brothers started saying, don't disrespect brother. Turn your feet this way." He replied, "Turn my feet to that side where God is not there, Khuda is not there." So they turned his feet in all four directions, and Mecca revolved with him. and as they pointed his feet upwards, Mecca also went up; it was no longer below.

"Dason disha ku Makkah phera, charano baandh Kurana." Das gareeb Kabir purush kun, amar kiye Sultana. –oye hoye--

Now what is said that

Dason disha ku Makkah phera, charano baandh Kurana."

He used to explain that complete knowledge is not within the Quran. The book is good; it's a holy book. However, it does not contain complete knowledge. And acquire a Guru, take mantra from Satguru, he has complete knowledge of Quran, Puranas and Vedas. People who become conservative listen very little. Because at that time, no one had knowledge of the scriptures. Nevertheless, efforts continued. Some people did understand, those who desired God.

So Children!  In this way, today the Supreme Father has left no stone unturned for you.  See how he is taking you out from this dirt. Without listening to such spiritual discourse one becomes trapped in such a way. of course, you chant mantras from the surface. It's good that you chant mantras, serve, and give donations; your wealth has been accumulated this way. It will stay with you. Now children!  The service, Chanting, charity and devotion that you are doing, are starting to add up, your bank balance is getting accumulated but if you do not have the faith to get out of here then it has become your enemy. You will be reborn, and then you will have happiness. You will become Indra, and you will get the status of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, tell. You will become a deity or Kings on Earth. And then you will be paupers like you are today. Then your wisdom will be fixed, by the time your intellect will be corrupted.  So you have to understand these things properly.  Then what is said? Sultan Adham tells further He began to explain to those who were not believing, were accepting small pleasures in their homes as complete happiness.

Then he explained to a person who had nothing in his home. They were two husband and wife.  A cow was tied. He started explaining to them, "Come and do devotion. Hold the path of God. I was King Ibrahim Sultan Adham. I left everything for the sake of God. This is only a matter of two days, then you will become animals, birds, and will burn in the fire of ‘dojakh’.

They said "You do your work. You come here early in the morning to preach. Either, You are not Ibrahim Sultan Adham. You speak lies. And if you are Ibrahim Sultan Adham, then there is no one as foolish as you. After leaving all your wealth, you're wandering."

Now, children! According to their understanding, they were kids, were saying correct, but for the one who had God with him and for whom everything appeared as hell, how could he believe them?

Raandi dhaandi na taje Garib Das ji has told that Ibrahim said this!  Raandi means woman and Dhandi means cow.

Raandi dhaandi na taje, yeh nar kahiye kaag. Yeh balkh bukhara chhod diya, thi koi pichli laag."

"pichli laag" there were some past impressions, therefore he left everything today. Children, you also carry these past impressions. Otherwise, who wakes up early in the morning? Kaal wants to put you to sleep, and then misfortune follows. Then, he turns you into a dog to roam in the streets. Even there, you won't feel like getting up. Have you seen dogs? They are emperors;  When the vehicle comes very close, then he will stand a little and will be on the side when the wheels are right above his head else he thinks I am resting. Because they were once in palaces, and that habit still exists today. So now, you have to improve and understand. 

Children!  Apart from the true spiritual knowledge that God has told, no one on this earth has True Spiritual Knowledge. And without that true spiritual knowledge, there is no salvation for living beings.

So, true spiritual knowledge is available with this servant today. Or it was with the Supreme God. It was with my Guru Dev. My Guru Dev did not reveal it to anyone else besides this servant. The Supreme God specially revealed it to His beloved child Garibdas and Dharmdas. But at that time, it had to be kept secret. Now it was to be revealed. Let me narrate a small speech on the glory of that Supreme Father.

"From Ath sukh sagar bodh

Avigat mahal ki sun baat। Eka eka sang naa saath।।

Jaasai hua sakal jihaan। Omkaar panch viman।।

now  I will tell you about the unknown realm, Satlok. And will also tell you about the incorrect devotion that you do here. Firstly, the Supreme God was alone."

Eka eka sang naa saath।

Jaasai hua sakal jahaan। Omkaar panch viman।।


"All of creation has originated from Him. Who is He? This has been told to you."


Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar aad। Avigat dhyaan sun samaadh।।

Kritrim khayaal baaji kiin। Pancho tatv hai gun teen।।

Kurambh kachchh machchha kiin। Dhaul aur shesh shobha diin।।

Dharani gagan paani pavan। Chandr soor chaudah bhavan।।

Chaurasi laakh kritrim jeev। Kabir aap samarth peev।।

Satguru kiya kritrim khyaal। Baaji gaib gaibichaal।।

Naad aur bind ki hai deh। Ja mein bhram karma sandeh।।

Paanch pacchees teeno maahi। Aavaagaman hansa jaanhi।।

Maaya mool ka vaasaa। Jaura kaal rahe hans girasaa।।

Hansa kaun vidhi chhootai। Ke jaura kaal tise lootai"

Now, as Garib Das Ji says, how to liberate this soul? Kaal and death are plundering him. Just as you have accumulated wealth and are practising devotion excellently, you are doing scriptures-based devotion. You are disciplined. So much wealth will be accumulated, don't even ask how much. But then, he will keep you right here. He will keep you here by fooling you again.

Hansa kaun vidhi chhootai। Ke jaura kaal tise lootai"

Then what is said Satguru mile sant sujaan. Toh yeh mitai aawa - jaan.—oho--

Satguru mile sant sujaan, toh yeh mitai aawa - jaan.

The birth and death, repeatedly coming and going here, and then again depart after death. When a  Satguru, a complete saint is found then it will end.

Then it is said those who practice wrong

Nemi nemi kar bhule, adhe mukh peengh kas jhule.

Panch agni lagave peeth, sauda gyaan sakal basiith.—oye hoye--

Those ‘Nemi’ who do unscriptural practices, Some place a sheet-like, sit on it and taking its support perform austerity. Some perform asceticism by sitting amidst five fires. Some are shaven, completely shaving off all hair, apply razor on head and then wanders as sages/saints. Some keep long hair.

"Mundit jata jootam bhes. Duba sakal bina vivek.—oye hoye--

"So, all these people, without discernment and without proper contemplation, are wasting their lives without gaining true Spiritual knowledge.

Hai vrat udasi ain. Maya laage meethi sain.

Bagambariya ootambar oont. So to bandhe tan ke boot.

Gudariya bane bahurang. Bichare firat hai binang.

Some roan completely naked, while others walk as holy saints, wearing beautiful red clothes walk  around.

Aloniya khaat hai nahin laun. Dijai peeth par tees gaun."

Today, some people are engaged in small insignificant spiritual practices and create minor rules, like some do not eat salt, some say we do not eat onions. However, Almighty says that salvation cannot be attained through such practices. In the next life, you may become a camel or a donkey, and salt will be loaded on your back. Then where will you run from this? Means engage in true spiritual practice.

jharane baithate hain moodh. jimai panch grasam rup..—oye hoye--

What some people do? They make a hole in a pot, place it on a tripod, and sit three-four feet below it in winter.  Now look at the poor people carrying stones.

Kabir Sahab Says:

"Charon yug mein sant pukare, kook kaha hamein hel re. Heere manik moti barsave hum, yeh jag chugata dhel re."

He is telling about those who carry stones.

Ek hai gufa dhari siddh, so to pade jamke phand."

"Kutichar mangte hain chun, janm ne bij boya ghun. Arpan karen bahut achaar, pothi liye khar ka bhaar."

"Cheenha nahin ramta Ram, kutumbh ne hue be kaam. Avigat aap hai lyoleen, khoji khoj kar yakeen."

"Pehraein mudra ek kaan, yogi yog ka nahin dhyaan. Kanpatiya kalandar koor, avigat mahal Sahab door."

"Bharmi bhram ki baazi, ke bhule pandita kaazi. –oye hoye--

All these pandit and kaazi are forgetting

"Sanyasi udasi jaan, paaya nahin satguru gyaan."—oye hoye--

All these ascetics, renunciants, and Six visionaries have not attained the knowledge of Satguru. Therefore, inspite they are engaged in devotion, are yearning. They haven't found the right path.

But, children! Such grace has been showered upon you. I cannot describe what a noble soul you are. There are no words, where should I begin, and where should I end your glory? First, you are a child,

Somehow, you have wandered a lot, and endured much suffering in this filthy world. You must escape from it. Today you are born, and then you die.

So, children! If I were to compare your destiny today with that of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, they are weak in front of you.

As Garib Das Ji says:

"Oham soham palde, rang hori ho. Chaudah lok chadhave Ram rang hori ho.

Teen lok paasang dhare rang hori ho. To na tule tulaya Ram rang hori ho."

The three worlds of Brahma, Vishnu, heaven, hell, and the 14 realms are not even equivalent to the one remembrance of Satnaam. So, how much do you Chant? And what are these rulers of these worlds in front of you when they aren’t worth one penny before you? You have got such wonderful knowledge, respect it. You are educated, and no more a kid, don’t be carried away by someone

Sanyasi udasi jaan, paaya nahin satguru gyan."

They did not get this knowledge that you have got today.

Ek hai tarak tyagi teer. Andar bahut maya bheer.

Ek hai dandadhari daag. Van ke keejiyenge baagh.

Moni Moniya rehte. Ka dozak doondh mein bahate.—oye hoye--

Ek hai dandadhari daag.—oye hoye--

Those who roam around with a stick are called ‘Dandi Mahatma’. It is said that they roam in the forest and will become a tiger.

Moni, who doesn't speak, talks through gestures.  It is said that

Moni Moniya rehte. Ka dozak doondh mein bahate. 

They will go to hell

Poni karain pawan upas. Naam bin todte hain shwaas.

Patna ghaat mein nahi preet. Jinko kahe kaun atit.

Bajri baandht hain soye. Kaho bin bandgi kya hoye.

Bandhe pawan ka gutka. Ka ghumar paan kyun latka.

Khusro ke kahan hai bind. Murakh samajhte nahi andh.

Ek hai mukut dhari chor. Van khand kijiyenge mor."

As Garib Das Ji has filled such amazing knowledge in small sentences. This knowledge is saturated. Much has been put into little.  Like capsules are made. It is said as you have left home and have become a celibate its good, but if knowledge is not right, devotion is not correct, then salvation cannot be attained." For example, eunuchs have been celibate from birth. Will they attain salvation? The point is that some people become arrogant about just this aspect. Like Sukhdev, who had a misunderstanding that I'm a child celibate. I don't even look at a woman's face." In the end, he had to rub his nose before King Janak Videhi, who had 10,000 queens, and then he became eligible for only heaven. So, these empty talks lead to nothing. self-centred conversations and folktales have always been sorrowful.

Khusro ke kahan hai bind. Murakh samajhte nahi andh.

Ek hai mukut dhari chor. Van khand kijiyenge mor."

Some wear peacock feather crowns on their heads and beg for money in shops. So, in the next life, Kaal will settle the score and will make you a peacock.

Ek to hai ngan hai naaga. jinhone nahin sujatha aaga.—oye hoye--

They are wandering naked, wandering for God but the path is not right.  They are unable to comprehend the future, have no knowledge of the future.  In their next life, he will fulfil their desire by making them dogs and donkeys and they will roam around naked.

Singi baandhte shailee, K kijai Bailghar teli.—oyevhoye--

Topi Kuberi karva, K bhaandi naam bina bharva.

Aakaashi Moni mudra mool, so to gaye Satguru bhool.

Jantar dhoop Google kheva, jin jaanya naahi dil dev.

Bairagi vihangam door, yo to chaal suhangam soor.

Now see, Jaini janam kyun haarya, K dargah beech munh kaala."

Now it is said to the Jains, you roam around naked.  Some practice such difficult asceticism. It is said that Look at your past history of your 24th Tirthankar Lord Mahavir Jain became a king, an emperor, a deity, and even dogs, donkeys, and pigs. Is this devotion?  Is this what you call liberation?

Jaini janam kyun haarya, K dargah beech munh kaala."—oye hoye--


O Jains! Don't waste human life, you will suffer a lot in future.


"Som surti na lagi, so to nahin bairagi.

Digambar doogari chadh jaai, bahujal bahor gote khai.

Mansa mool hai maahi, ka maya lagi gal maahi.

Madaari madan ka sikka, ka naam bin khaat hai dhakka.

Galeri gaal kyun peetai, ka satguru sant na bheṇṭe.

Binda de Sindhu lilaṭ, Yam ke maariyegen kaat.

Binki baat hai bhondu, bhule Turk aur Hindu.

Hadire poojate hai bahor, yeh sab gaye gaarat gor.

Satguru saakhi samajh le bhaai, ka saarnam roshnaai.

Aur sab khyaali khwabi khyaal hai bande, andar samajh le andhe.—oye hoye--

Garib bhekho se Bhagwant ka, mahal door hai deep.

Mand basai sujhai nahin, jyoon moti madhya seep.

Agami agam hai raasa, satguru saakhi samajh le bhaai. Ke Sarnaam rasnai

Aur sab khwaabi khyaal hai bande, te andar samajh le andhe."

O spiritually blind understand God’s knowledge when it is obtained from complete Satguru then is your well-being.

"Agami agam hai raasa, taragun door kar paasa.

Panthon se puraatan raah, nagari nahin paave tha.

Bhule hain vintabi baat, aught panth baanka ghaat.

Avigat sare koom sailaan, hansa dhar hai koi dhyaan.

Gaibi gaib ka danka, ka makari man bich makka.

Kaabe ki lakhaaun raah, mastik hai masi tala."

That means now Muslim brothers are also told along with the Hindu seekers that come, let me show you the path to the real Kaaba. In Satlok, where God is sitting, that is Kaaba.  That is the temple.  That is the palace.  And for that consider your head as your mosque.

Kufri chhod de kufrum, sare ka hoga nafram.

Gau ku maar mat bhaai, ka mitti maans na khai.

Bakri hai sare ki ruh, so to maar daari kyun.

Murgi ande na foro, ki chashme sare ko jodo."

Do not commit this sin; look towards God. When you go there, how will you face Him whose children you are killing?

‘Sare mein hota hai hisaab, murgi door kar kabaab.

Hilwanam hanoj na maar, jai tujhe chahiye deedar.

Dil ko saaf kar hakka, lagai nahin gaeb ka dhakka."—oye hoye--

Clear your mind and practice devotion with a true mind. Otherwise, someday you'll experience such a shock – either paralysis will strike, or cancer will develop, or a child will die. Then you will cry bitterly, and only then will you understand how is the pain of others."

"Mani ko pees le mahi. Satguru ka karo yakeen.

Gumbaj mein bang na dijiye. Kyon aita shor kyun kijiye.

Those Muslim brothers who perform Azan are told that God is not deaf.  He also listens to his innermost thoughts

Gumbaj mein bang na dijiye. Ke aita shor kyun kijiye.

Chinti payal baaje pair, sahab sunta hai sab lehar.—oye hoye--

If the anklet on an ant's leg were made, how much is the leg of an ant, what anklet would be made? If even that makes a noise, God hears it as well."

Gumbaj mein bang na dijiye. Kyon aita shor kyun kijiye.

Chinti bajje payal pair, sahab sunta hai sab lehar.

Kitaaba purush ki padhiye. Arsi aras ku chadiye.


Read the book of above which will tell you the path to Satlok.


Shabd tu maan le mora. Yeh sab chhod de tora.

Sab dekhta hai Rahman. K kyon karta julm shaitan.

Haqiqat samajh le khooni. K inn mein ruh ko suni.

Gareeb doo deen shatdarshanam, inka kaha byaan. Ek patthar paani bande, ek gumbaj masjid pichaan.

Haleemi het kar hansa. Cheenho jaat kul vansha."

"Deenha garbh mein dera. K sangati kaun tha tera."

When you were in your mother's womb, you were experiencing pain all alone, and there was no one else there. And the day you leave this world, you will be all alone, with no one accompanying you, for whom you are doing everything and condemning your karmas."

Kabir Sahib says

Hidaki de de rovegi tu surata! jab tu chalegi akeli

O soul! When you depart alone, you will weep bitterly. When you leave, no one will be with you. Only your deeds will accompany you and be revealed."

Now what is said

"Haleemi het kar hansa. Cheenho jaat kulvansha.

Deenha garbh mein dera. K sangati kaun tha tera.

Jahaan tha ghoraa dhundhukaar. Wahaan to nahin tha parivaar.

Yukti yoga jaat na paat. Eka ek sang na saath.

Rahtaa niraadhaaram dheer. Wahaan to diya chausa kheer.

Jatharagni se liya raakh. Antar naam deenha saakh."

Even there, the Supreme God arranged for your sustenance, for the nourishment of your body.

Vacha bandh ho aaya. Dhani ka naam bisaraya –oye hoye--

There, the vow was taken, you held your ears, you made a resolution that, 'O God! Going outside, I will not forget You. O Supreme God! I have seen no one belongs to anyone.' I will acquire a complete Guru. With whatever feeling the soul speaks with whichever body he/she comes with, it speaks with the same emotions. But the soul is masculine, not feminine. Still, here, two forms have been created of us. Therefore, In the same way, we have to address it. From there, you have come after taking the vow.

Garib Das Ji says."

"Gareeb us samarth ki reech chhupai, kul kutumb se raata.

Aur garbh ke andar vachan bhare the, kahaan gayi vah baata.

Have you forgotten those things now?  Like someone breaks a promise to his dear friend and says, "well!"  You Forgot those days.  What were you saying that day? So, in this way, Bandichhor reminds you, so that our eyes somehow open.

Vaacha band ho aaya. Dhani ka naam bisaraya.

Now, the first thing that is done is to remind what you have forgotten. You were saying ‘I would never forget’. Now, you are reminded again, children. Hold it again.

Maya ki lagi hai pavan. Bisaraya naam chaaya kaun.

Jagat ka paikh na pekhya. Dhani ka naam na lekha."—oye hoye--

Children, my heart feels like continuing it for two-three hours.  Let me fill your soul with this immortal story of God. so that all your impurities are washed away, and your radiance shines.

Let your dedication be towards that Supreme God. Children! This is how it will be. Attend this class. You had definitely heard lot's of satsang before, and you might have thought that you've gained the final knowledge and Now let's explain it to others. It's a good thing. But listen once again, be careful.  Avoid evils. Be subservient

"Aadheeni ke paas hai, poorna Brahm dayal. Maan badhaayi maariyo, be-adbi sarkaar."

So, while applying all these formulas, ensure your well-being. Remember the glory of the Supreme God many times during the day. That 'O God! What great compassion you have shown.' We, worthless humans, never even remember you, and you came to save us again."

"Sau chhal chhidra mein karun, apne jan ke kaaj. Hirnakushp jyoon maar doon, narasimha dhar ke saaj.

Look from where and what is happening today, children!  Open your eyes. Use this to measure the power of your capable God. Fine, May God grant you salvation and keep you always happy.

Sat Saheb…



FAQs : "Special Message Part 2: Don't Ruin Your Life for Money"

Q.1 Why should we prioritize spiritual pursuits in this lifetime?

Life is short and fleeting, filled with various stages and responsibilities. Without focusing on salvation and good deeds, we risk being trapped in the cycle of rebirth. Material pursuits alone do not lead to true happiness or liberation. Spiritual devotion and righteous actions are essential for spiritual growth and eventual liberation.

Q.2 Who was Abrahim Sultan Adham and why is his story significant?

Abrahim Sultan Adham was a wealthy king who renounced his lavish lifestyle to pursue spiritual enlightenment. His story illustrates the fleeting nature of worldly pleasures and the importance of devotion.

Q. 3 3. Why did God Kabir take various forms to guide Abrahim Sultan Adham?

God Kabir took different forms to help Abrahim understand the true path to liberation. His efforts demonstrate the compassion and dedication of the Supreme Father towards guiding his devotees.

Q.4 How did Abrahim Sultan Adham's perspective on wealth and happiness change over time?

Initially, Abrahim saw wealth and grandeur as happiness, but through spiritual realization, he understood the fleeting nature of material pleasures. His story emphasizes the importance of spiritual wealth over material possessions.

Q.5 What is the message conveyed through Abrahim Sultan Adham's encounters with God in various forms?

These encounters illustrate the journey of a soul towards enlightenment, showing that true happiness lies in spiritual fulfillment rather than worldly achievements.

Q.6 What warning does the story of Abrahim Sultan Adham offer to those pursuing material wealth and power?

The story warns against the attachment to material wealth and power, highlighting that excessive pursuit of worldly desires can lead to spiritual downfall and rebirth in lower forms.

Q.7 What does the story of Abrahim Sultan Adham teach us about the consequences of ignorance and attachment?

The story illustrates that ignorance and attachment to worldly pleasures can lead to suffering and prevent spiritual progress, ultimately trapping the soul in a cycle of rebirth.


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