Special Message Part 4: Importance of Satsang for Souls


Sat Saheb!

Hail Satguru Dev!

Hail to Bandichor Kabir Sahib Ji.

Hail to Bandichor Garib Das Ji Maharaj.

Hail to Swami Ram Devanand Ji Guru Maharaj Ji.

Hail to Bandi chor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Hail to all the saints.

Hail to all the devotees.

Hail to the righteous men.

Hail to Shri Kashi Abode.

Hail to Shri Chhudani Abode.

Hail to Shri Karontha Abode.

Hail to Shri Barwala Abode.

Sat Saheb.


Kabir dandvatam Govind guru, bandhu avijan soye. Pehle bhaye pranam tin, namo jo aage hoye.

Kabir guru ko kijiye dandvatam, koti-koti pranam. Keet na jaane bhring koon, yon guru kar hain aap samaan.

Kabir satguru ke upadesh ka, suniya ek vichar. Jai satguru milte nahin, jaate narak dwar.

Narak dwar mein doot sab, karte khichaantan. Unse kabahu nahin chhoota, firata charon khan.

Kabir char khani mein, bharamta kabahu na lagta paar. So phera sab mit gaya, mere satguru ke upkaar.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, amarpuri ke dere ki.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, Jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, satlok ke dere ki.

Nirvikaar nirbhay tuhi, aur sakal bhaymaan.

Eji sadhu aur sakal bhaymaan. Sab par teri sahibi, sab par teri Sahibi tujh par sahib na. Nirvikaar Nirbhay.

Children!  Virtuous souls of God!  Make your life successful based on the knowledge given by God.  In this, first of all, one has to come to the post of Chaste. That is, one should not talk or think about any other deity even in dreams, that this happiness can be obtained from him. The servant sees that Sarnam has been taken. Have made a tradition to take Sarnam By telling lies and the truth. Took the Sarnaam. Then they say that no benefit has been obtained Went to get the exorcism done. Got the exorcism done. Showed to the astrologer, showed hand. Your hand has been seen the same day when you broke the name. Took the Sarnam by lying. The name expires on the same day it is taken. All your names are finished.  So to attain God, be true and pure. Because you have to go to your true home. Purify your soul so much that He accepts us.  Children!  God Kabir Ji tells us again and again that this world is not good. This is the world of Kaal. There is no creature happy inside these 21 universes.

Therefore, we have to remember this sorrow here.  And it's the truth. Just like someone who becomes happy swells up in that joy. The one who gets sad spends his life crying.  So tell how will things be resolved. This knowledge will become the basis of your living and moving forward in the journey of life. Therefore you will have to listen to this knowledge again and again.  You were not listening to Satsang.  I got to know because those who are old have thought that they have acquired all the knowledge. And they start explaining it to others.  It's a good thing. Explain to others also. It's very nice.  But to explain means to apply it to yourself also.  Follow those things yourself.  So now this Servant is seeing that if they had followed then they would not have broken their name after taking Sarnam.  So follow it.  This knowledge that God has given you is a special blessing on you today.  Knowledge is the Same which has been told to you by doing Satsang in thousands.  And it has been recorded and its video and audio have been made.  You can hear them.  So why do you have to be told it again? You had become lax.

You had taken it lightly. You definitely used to serve, but your dedication had diminished.  So see now, God tells you that this is a dirty world.  No one has remained, and no one will remain.  One day everyone will go.  These incarnations went, Ram and Krishna, who are considered gods, also died and went.  Shri Ramchandra ji took Jal samadhi in Saryu river, completely saddened with sorrows.  At last, when his sons also turned against him, his wife Sita disappeared into the ground.  It became completely dark. After returning from there he jumped straight into the Saryu river and died.  You know how Shri Krishna ji died - A hunter shot an arrow.  Because of that arrow, because of the poisonous arrow, he died. And you know how Kabir Sahib’s departure to Satlok happened? - Two kings were standing and thousands of soldiers of both were standing.  And the audience was very large.  People of all religions came to see where the person who died in Maghar goes. A sheet was Spread on the ground and some fragrant flowers were spread an inch high.  God lay down. He covered a sheet over himself and made a celestial announcement: Look, pick up the sheet, there is no dead person in it.  There was a heap of flowers as much as the body.  And said, divide them in half. When they looked up, they saw God was going up to Satlok.  One is this God.  This is the Real God and they are the Fake God.  We were considering them God.  They are not God, they are not divine.

So what is said, Garib Das ji says?

This is all fake mockery

" Maya aadi keenh chaturaai, jhoothi baazi pind dikhayi. Taaka pratibimb daarya hai."

There is all the happiness in Satlok, the body is indestructible and immortal.  Not only is God immortal, but all the people living there are also immortal.  There is no old age.  And no pain, no disease, no sorrow. 

So children! How is our condition made here? We do not have complete knowledge. So for that, we have created some limits, on the basis of God's knowledge, follow them.  People used to ask questions to Sant Garibdas ji.  Divine Sant Garibdas ji used to answer them.

"Avadhoo hum to praptan ke vaasi, teerth jaa na Deval poojai, na javein Vrindavan Kashi.

Aisa darpan manj humare, hum darpan ke mahi. Ainak dariya chishme joye, noor nirantar jahi.

Rahni rahe so rogi hoi, karni kare so kami. Rahni karni se hum nyare, na sevak na swami.

Indri kasata soye kasaai, jag mein bahe so baura.

Aisa khel vihangam humara, jeeto jam kinkar jaura.

Thakur to hum thok jalaaye, Hari ki haat uthaai. Ram Rahim majoori karte, us dargah mein bhai.

Shesh Mahesh, Ganeshwar poojain, patthar pani dhyavain. Ramchandra Dasharath ke poota, se karta thahraven.

Ek na karta, doye na karta, nau thahraaye bhai. Dasvan bhi dhundhar mein milsi, sat Kabir duhai.

Ayodhya Dashrath doo naahi the, tab Ramchandra kahan hote. Sur asuran ki raadh mandi hai, trigun dinhe gote.

Jab janme naahi Ramachandra raja, tab kya ratati baazi. Ved Quran nahi jab hote, to kya padhte pandit kazi.

Shesh Mahesh Ganesh na siraje, gaura nahi gawara. Brahma Savitri nahi hote, tab kahan the puraan athaara.

Krishna Vishnu Kanhawa Bhagwana, nau avatar nawela. Naad bind mein khelan aaye, aakhir phokat mela."

So Children!  You read it, you heard it, they all died. They are perishable.  God's beloved soul Garibdas ji has given us completely different decisions that whatever you are seeing, this body of yours is perishable.  When there will be fire in 21 universes, 21 universes will be destroyed.  First one universe will burn and then all you creatures will shift to another universe.  And until you get free from here, this misery will remain with you. 

Look children!  We eat the same food every day, in the afternoon, morning and evening and also we keep drinking tea and milk.  We like everything at the right time, the food tastes good, we eat the same bread in the morning, afternoon and evening. We feel interested and hungry.  If we are hungry we are healthy.  Similarly, this knowledge, which is the nectar speech of the Lord, nectar that is given to you to drink, as many times you listen to it, if the yearning in your soul remains the same, then your soul is innocent.  No sin has overpowered you.  And when food doesn't taste good then consider that you are ill.  If you fall ill, the treatment is you will have to take a bitter pill. They have to be eaten even if one does not want to.  Similarly, listen to this satsang even if you don't want to.  And as you keep hearing it everything will be fine.  So every time you listen to this, your soul should think that truly, you will have to listen to this every day.  Like, we wash clothes every day, wear them every day, we have to wash them daily only then they will remain clean.  Of course, it appears clean to you but there is dirt somewhere due to wearing it every day.  Therefore, keep chanting, serving, donating and keep doing morning, afternoon and evening prayer and keep chanting mantra,  Listening to knowledge together. Make a routine, Children.

Garib Das ji tells

Drishti pade so dhokha re. Khand pind brahmand chalenge thir nahi rahsi loka re. thir nahi rahsi loka re.

This body that you see is a deception.  Immediately after death, it cannot be kept at home for two days because it will be infested with insects and smell bad. One gets rid only after burning it.  And after burning, it turns into two handfuls of ashes.  Today we feel happy after seeing this.  Don't know what all we apply,  lipstick etc.  And wear very beautiful bright coloured clothes.  Oho! It’s soil, get the work that has to be taken from this soil.—oye hoye--  Look how this mind makes you do all this nonsense.  And then after getting it done, it destroys life and takes side.  Then the soul wanders and suffers becoming a dog or a donkey. With this wonderful knowledge of God strength and courage comes to the soul. Then it becomes firm that we were really doing wrong. Then it leaves the company of the mind.

Drishti pade so dhokha re. Khand pind brahmand chalenge thir nahi rahsi loka re. thir nahi rahsi loka re.

Rajgun Brahma, Tamgun Shankar, Satgun Vishnu kahave re. Chouthe pad ka bhed niyara, koi birla sadhu paave re.

Children!  It has been clarified in Markandeya Purana that these are the three qualities. And these three are gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, call them Guna, call Rajgun, call Satgun.  Call Rajgun or Brahma, call Satgun or Vishnu, call Tamgun or call Shankar, these are the addressee about themselves.  This is information about them only.

So Kabir Saheb says

Gun teeno ki bhakti mein, --oye hoye-- in devotion of three qualities Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, Tamgun Shivji ki bhakti mein bhram raho sansar. Kahe Kabir nij naam bina, kaise utaro paar.

It has been told in Gita Chapter 7 Verses 12 to 15 that whatever is happening through the three Gunas creation of living beings by Rajgun-Brahma Ji, preservation by Satgun-Vishnu Ji, destruction by Tamgun-ShivJi, whatever is happening I am only its main cause. The Knowledge giver of Gita is saying after entering into Shri Krishna.  So those who do devotion to these three gunas, it is said in the 15th verse of the 7 chapter that they do not agree, they have become firm on it. Such individuals who have a demoniac nature, who are lowest among men, the evil-doers, fools, do not even worship me

Here Garib Das ji tells

Rajgun Brahma, Tamgun Shankar, Satgun Vishnu kahave re. Chouthe pad ka bhed niyara, koi birla sadhu paave re.

Three are these and the fourth is their father, Jyoti Niranjan Kaal.

Kabir Saheb says ‘inn Charon ko chhode, jo panchaven ku dhyaave. Fifth satpurush, kahe Kabir so ham par aave.

"Rig Yajur hai, Saam atharvan charo ved chit bhangi re. Sukshm ved baache sahab ka, so hansa satsangi re." --oye hoye--

Garib Das ji made it clear that all the four Vedas i.e. Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, Atharveda contain incomplete knowledge and there is confused knowledge in them.  They confuse the mind.

Sukshm ved baache sahab ka, so hansa satsangi re." –oye hoye--

So children!

You are listening to Suksham Ved. You are reading Suksham ved. You are a companion of truth. You have obtained true spiritual knowledge. Garib Das ji says

Teen lok aur bhawan  Chaturdas (in 14 realms) koi nahee Satsangi –aye haye—

Saying this sounds as if it would be a lie. But all are full of truth. Dharamdas ji had asked, ‘O God!  What you are saying is all true. I have seen.  Are these Vedas false? it is not written in them?  Because our religious gurus have never told us?

Kabir Sahab Says,

"Ved Kateb jhoote nahin bhai. Jhoote hain jo inko samjhe nahin."

Kabir Ved mera bhed hai, main vedan mein nahin. Jaun Ved se mein milun, yeh Ved jante nahin.

So, what is said,

alankar agh hai anuraagi, drishti mushti nahin aave re. Akah lok ka bhed na jane, yeh charo Ved kya gave re.

When you do not have knowledge of Satlok, Alakh Lok, Agam Lok, Akah/Anami Lok, then why are you memorising these four Vedas?  What song are you singing?  What are you narrating?

"Aave - Jaave so hansa kahiye, paramhans nahin aaya re. Panch tatva teen gun tura, ya to kahiye Maya re.

Aave - Jaave so hansa kahiye,

paramhans nahin aaya re. Panch tatva teen gun tura, ya to kahiye Maya re.

Sun mandal sukh sagar dariya, paramhans parvana re.

Satguru mile bhed lakhaya, hai Satlok nidana re.

Agamdeep amarapur kahiye, hil-mil hansa khele re. Das garib desh hai durlabh, sacha Satguru bele re.

Das garib desh hai durlabh, sacha Satguru bele re

Drishti pade so dhokha re, khand pind brahmaand chalenge thir nahin rahsi loka re.

thir nahin rahsi loka re.

Agamdeep amarapur kahiye, hil-mil hansa khele re. Das Garib desh hai durlabh, sacha Satguru bele re."

What has been told, in the last Sant Garib Das ji has done wonders -: Agamdeep amarapur kahiye that Satlok immortal abode, it has been said in Gita Ji chapter 18 Verse 62, ‘O Arjun!  You surrender yourself to that Supreme God with all your heart.  Only by His grace, you will attain ultimate peace and Sanatan ultimate abode.  This is that eternal supreme abode.  Agam Deep, the uppermost world, front one Amarapur, Satlok, Satyalok, imperishable world, Sanatan Paramdham.

Agamdeep amarapur kahiye, jahan hil-mil hansa khele re. Das garib desh hai durlabh, sacha Satguru bele re.

Das garib desh hai durlabh, sacha Satguru bele re

That after going to eternal abode, going to Satyalok they live there with love.  Have fun the whole day.  Dance and sing there.  It's all fun there.  There is no lack of anything.  No pain.  Here in the summer, the heat scorches the body.  In winter coldness kills.  If it rains, it will be difficult; if there is hail, you will break your head.  Sometimes there is a disease, sometimes there is sorrow, some die, some pass away, some live.  Here havoc is wreaking on you 24 hours a day.  But you have become habituated to dragging this sadness around.  Because there is no option. Now you have a choice.

You can get out of here.  You can get out of here a hundred per cent.  You can leave guaranteed.  Have a little courage.  See when Servant started -: servant got this refuge in 1988.  Until 1994, servant used to explain to everyone. Used to get the initiation from Guruji.  Never even in my dreams had I thought that I would be at the post of a Guru.  This is the work of despicable people to fool the world.  Destroy their life. By becoming a self-proclaimed guru.  Like 2-3 wicked had become.  Sanjay from Delhi and Pawan from Jaipur. They were sinful souls. They have taken the contract from Kaal to destroy you. We couldn't even think in our dreams.

I was doing my devotion, it was guaranteed that God would definitely bless me.  And should also show the path to others because there is no such knowledge, there is no such God.  All verified.  How many wonderful miracles he did for me in every way.  He increased the iron net which is put on the window to protect from mosquitoes.  This was around 1990, only 2 years had passed taking Initiation. After that, there was so much determination that ‘O God!  You are truly Almighty.  So he gives you some shock or the other to everyone so that your faith becomes firm.

So children! Garibdas ji says that everyone lives happily there.  All the souls have fun. All Hans play,  jump around. That country is very pleasant, Satlok. But for that, it is said:

Das Garib Desh Hai Durlabh, Sacha Satguru Bele Re. 

Now if you find a true Satguru, he will take you there. Bele means taking there

Kabir char khani mein bhramata, kabahu na lagata paar.

So phera sab mit gaya, mere satguru ke upkar.

There would have been so much suffering without Satguru. 

Children!  Ever since this soul, all of us creatures, have been separated from our Father, we have realised that we are suffering.  And have come to the wrong place.  A sister was telling.  When Das was J.E.  Labourers were working there, in the afternoon some were sitting under a tree, some were eating food and some were just relaxing. And we also stood there for a while.  A daughter was crying.  So I just asked, what is the problem with you sister?  If you have any pain in the stomach etc. then I will take you to the doctor.  We had a government jeep.  So I asked her, sister, what is the matter with you?  I said daughter, what's the matter?  Tell!  At first, she kept crying a lot.  Then she said, I am a girl from a very good family.  And my karma got destroyed, he was a servant in my house, I came with him.  The parents tried hard to take me back.  I did not go.  Then the family members also gave up. Now he drinks alcohol and I earn.  Two children are born. I am passing my time crying.

Children!  This is your situation today.  We left our father's prosperous house and got attached to this sinful soul, got fascinated by this Kaal and ran away with him, despite refusing.  And what misery has been done to us today by turning us into dogs, donkeys and bitches.  Now don't consider this a normal thing.  This is a very terrible conspiracy.  And no one can reveal it without the capable Kabir Sahib.  Can't even say a word against it.  He is a very big power, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh tremble in front of him.  A ghost haunts the entire family.  Which is the smallest unit, a part of this devil.  And today we are straight confronting Kaal.  Putting him through intense agony By the grace of that capable Kabir Saheb.  Open your eyes. This is how our misery is happening. 

The situation is the same even today.  These ignorant girls fall in love with anyone and suffer continuously. And then, they experience sorrow throughout their lives, having no place to reside. That situation is yours, children!  And yet he is kind.  He is the father.  Still, He wants us to go back somehow.  Servant still receives requests.  The daughter went away with him like this, and got married. Give wisdom to my daughter to come back. She Will suffer a lot.  Mother-Father knows.  What Laadu will this bastard give?  If one has to get married, wouldn't your parents have done it?  It was such a simple task, why do these children do headache?  Their intellect is corrupt, who does such nonsense?  Be it a boy or a girl.  Similarly, we were mentally corrupt.  We left the house full of prosperity and came with this pauper.

Children, open your eyes! Understand now. This is not a folklore song that I'm telling you. it's the knowledge given by the Almighty. The day, this servant realised it, I understood that a great mistake had been made, and this servant knew that my salvation was certain.

So, children since the day I received this knowledge, the servant realised that things were like this.  Something went very wrong.  We made a big mistake.  And I started doing devotion as best as I could.  Started explaining to others.  Took one tape recorder.  Whatever knowledge I could understand, I put it in small cassettes and started distributing it to others.  Started explaining.  Gradually started making them take Initiation from Guruji.  One day Gurudev handed over this burden to the slave.  He saw that he is true and pure, dedication is true. Many of his devotees were sages wearing red clothes  But God's grace is there wherever it is meant to be.  So now God still says ‘come my children!  You Can never be happy here. 

Be careful even now.  Go to your home.  Where there is no pain, no sorrow, no disease.  There is no lack of anything.  The problem is that we kept hearing heaven, heaven, heaven.  Have we seen it?  Have you seen that heaven? You had just heard.  And we were obsessed with the idea of going to heaven. Did it, he became the resident of heaven.  He passed away. So here it is a big mistake. At first, it was difficult to find a Satguru. If we get, we don't stick to him. Because there are lakhs of people who recite the folktales. And only one or two is there to narrate the True Spiritual Knowledge. Children!  When God Kabir himself came 600 years ago. He performed one Spectacle, he came from Satlok in the form of an infant and sat on a lotus flower.  Neeru Neema, a childless weaver couple, took him.  And the spectacle of upbringing took place.  At the age of 5 years, he defeated the great scholars.  But they were not ready to accept. Their knowledge was completely exposed.  They would have accepted defeat but the public was illiterate and uneducated.  Kabir Saheb used to say, they are telling wrong. They are all fake.  They are telling wrong practice, there is no benefit from this. But they used to mislead. Gurujan Mandleshwar Brahmin Pandit, that he is a Shudra. A person of Shudra caste does not even have the right to acquire education.  What does he  know about Sanskrit language?  What does he know about Vedas and Geeta?  How will he understand  Puran? He tells all lies.

Children!  This whole problem was standing stubbornly here.  And we agreed, absolutely agreed that it is correct.  What basis should we make to consider Kabir ji as God, to understand That indeed he is God.  Whereas so much happiness was given, that we cannot even imagine.  Even though we were tired performing arbitrary worship yet there was no benefit, still we did not realise that he would really be God. We could only see the weaver, ‘dhanak’ Shudra caste and illiterate. We just accepted that there is some power in him. Due to which we are getting some relief.  God even restored the dead. He did not drown when was thrown into Ganga. The elephant came to kill but ran away after seeing God, when he showed. the form of a lion.  Still, those opponents, enemies of the people, false gurus used to spread rumours, he knows magic. 

Scared away the elephant, restores the dead. Doesn’t a magician do? The magician does nonsense, he cannot kill. He tricks by showing sleight of hand. And God restored those who were killed by others. But we did not have education.  We were not familiar with the scriptures.  Due to which this matter remained tangled till now.  At one time Ramanand ji's influence had become too much. Because he was the guide and  preacher of Vaishnav tradition i.e. he was a Guru.  He Was a preacher.  And this Vaishno, Nath, Giri, Puri.  Vaishno are the worshippers of Vishnu. Giri, Puri, Nath are worshipers of Lord Shiva.  They consider their own practices superior and don't accept others correct. Now they say that Gorakhnath was born long ago. Absolutely! 

But He can come and stand anywhere in a subtle form at any time.  But cannot stay there for long, they are there only temporarily. 

So Gorakhnath ji came. The Nath Panthis told him that Vaishno religion is spreading. Our Nath religion is shrinking.  So Gorakhnath said that tell Ramanand that we will have a spiritual debate that day.  The one who loses will become the disciple of the winner. And will also get all the disciples initiated from him.  So Ramanand ji knew that he would show accomplishments. People will clap. We will lose, it will be considered his victory. So he hid, did not want to go.  Then Kabir Saheb said Gurudev!  Wins and losses always happen. 

Two wrestlers will wrestle.  Let's see.  Whatever happens will be seen. Ramanand ji agreed that when he is ready then there will be no problem. So that day whoever was the disciple of Ramanand ji , no one applied the outward show offs, kanthi, garland, tilak etc. which is a symbol of Vaishnav tradition.  Because they knew they would lose today. And we will have to become his disciples. It will not be known that we are Vaishno worshippers.  Kabir Sahib said, get ready. Kabir Saheb knew that they would do makeup or not. It doesn't matter. Don't lose courage. They reached. Ramanand Ji sat upwards on the stairs, the platform was made.  Kabir Sahib sat down at the feet of his Guru ji. Separate seats for Ramanand ji and Gorakhnath ji were placed in front. The debate was to be held between both of them.  Gorakhnath ji used to keep a trident with him, a 6-7 feet long trident was buried next to Gorakhnath. When knowledge was discussed.  Kabir Saheb said, Gorakhnath ji! Talk to me first. Defeat me. Then go to my Guruji. Fight with the disciple first. God said -:

Kaun Brahma ka Pita Kaun Vishnu ki Maa Shankar ka Dada kaun hai humko de bata

Nathji began speaking assertively. He thought, He won't accept it so easily. It's said that Gorakhnath flew above the trident in the same Padmasana posture and sat over it with accomplishment. He said, "If you want to debate with me, come and sit next to me." Kabir Sahib said, "The meaning of a discussion is a debate, discussion of knowledge not this drama.

Nathji said, if you have something within you then do it. Otherwise, give up. You fool the world. Kabir Sahib had carried in his pocket the yarn he used to spin on the wheel (charkha). There used to be at least 150 feet long thread in it.  In Haryana, it is called 'Kukdi'.  In English, it is called reel. God took out the reel from his pocket, took one end of the thread and threw it into the sky. It went flying, unbundled, and reached its end 150 feet high.  Then he left the thread.  It stood firm like this. God got up from there and went to the upper end of the thread and sat there in Padmasana.  Kabir Sahib said Gorakhnath ji!  Come here. Sit beside we will debate here.

Gorakhnath considered himself to be equipped with complete accomplishment.  He tried to fly from there, got lifted a little from the trident and then suddenly fell on the ground.  As if he had lost his strength.  Leaving aside flying in the sky, he did not have the courage to get up.  Then he understood that this is not an ordinary saint, a devotee.  So he said, come down, Maharaj!  You won, I lost.  Still, this sinful mind does not agree.  He said that I will take one more test.  Let's go.  Reached the banks of the Ganga, they were at a short distance.  I will hide in it, Find me, Gorakhnath said.  God said, Brother, let's do this also. Gorakhnath jumped into the river and became a fish.  God caught him and placed him on the stool and made him Gorakhnath.  Then he held feet.  Then he asked ‘O Divine!  O God!  Which power are you?  Where have you come from?  There is no one on earth who can stand before me.

God started telling

"Avadhoo avigat se chala aaya. Re mera bhed maram na paya.

Na mera janam na garbh basera, balak ban dikhlaya.

Kashi shahar jal kamal par dera, tahaan julahe ne paaya.

Kashi shahar jal kamal par dera, tahaan julahe ne paaya.

Maat-pita mere kachu nahi, na mere ghar dasi. Julahe ka sut aan kahaya, jagat kare meri hansi.

Julha ka sut aan kahaya, jagat kare meri hansi.

Avadhoo avigat se chal aya. Re mera bhed maram na paya.

Panch tatav ka dhad nahin mere, janu gyan apara. Yeh sat swaroopi naam sahib ka, vohe naam hamara. Sat swaroopi : The true name of the Lord is Sat Kabir and by that name I have appeared today. Sat swaroopi naam sahib ka, vohe naam hamara.

Adhar deep bhanvar gufa mein, taah nij vastu sara.

Adhar deep At the top there is a Bhanvar cave to enter into the last realm.  That essence Satlok Satpurush is there.

Adhar deep gagan gufa mein, taa nij vastu sara. Tera jyot swaroopi alakh niranjan, voh dharta dhyan hamara.

Tera jyot swaroopi alakh niranjan dharta dhyan hamara.

Haad maans lahu na mere, jane Satnam upasi. Taaran taran abhay pad data, mein hoon Kabir avinashi.

Taran taran abhay pad data, mein hoon Kabir avinashi."

Children!  These Nath traditions are worshipers of Lord Shiva.  And everyone is confused, God is still some other.  They raise the slogan of  Alakh Niranjan.  Like we say, Sat Saheb.  There is a similar camp of Naths in Dhanana village also.  A Baba used to come asking for flour.  He used to say Alakh Niranjan whenever he came. They Chant mantra of Kaal and carry stones. Then explained to Gorakhnath ji.  Gorakhnath turned a mountain into gold.  And turned the thick stone into gold and also knew a few magics.

Kabir Saheb said:

"Yeh Gorakhnath Siddhi mein phula. Aur tune toamn haandai phoola.

Yeh jantar-mantar yog na bhai. Aur kaal chakkar jam jaura khai.

Bhram bhakti na bhulo bhaai. Tum ho jam ki firdi maahi.

Aaja Gorakh sharan hamaari. Ham taarai nar aur nari.

Gorakhnath mein sabha ka guruwa.

Gorakhnath Said ‘tera vachan mohi laage kadva’.

Kabir Sahib Said, ‘kadva lage so mitha hoee. Hamari baat samjhe soi.

Understand my knowledge ."

Children! God says "Tera jyot swaroopi alakh niranjana, dharta dhyaan hamara." He also worships me.

And it is said in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 64 that he is my respected God about whom it is said in the 62nd verse of the 18th Chapter that ‘Arjun!  You surrender yourself to that God with all your heart.  And the knowledge of Gita was spoken by Brahm Kaal after entering into Krishna.  So it is said "Tera jyot swaroopi alakh niranjana, dharta dhyaan hamara. Tera jyot swaroopi alakh niranjana, dharta dhyaan hamara." Children!  How Sant Garib ji has explained the wrong practices of these fake gurus.  That everyone is doing it wrong.  Who all ?-

Ath shardarshan ghanore baida

"Shatdarshan shat bhes kahavai. Bahu vidhi dhoon-dhoon dhaar machavai. Tirath vrat karai tarvita. Ved Puran padhat hain Gita. Yo bhi baida hai, baide se bhed alaida. Yo bhi baida.

That is, Baida means useless, it's useless practice. These Shatdarshan. Who are they? Giri, Puri, Nath, Kanpade, these ascetics, Vaishno.  All these are called Shatdarshini.  There are six groups.  Six.

Shatdarshan shat bhes kahavai. Bahu vidhi dhoon-dhoon dhaar machavai.

Watching their practices, one can be sacrificed. Some stand and meditate, some are raising their legs up. Some drink only water for a few days, while others sit by the waterfall. Somehow, everyone is engaged in the wrong practice.

Tirath vrat karai tarvita.

It is forbidden in Gita to fast and should not go on pilgrimage.

Ved Puran padhat hain Geeta.  They Read Gita also. Vedas also.  And also read Puranas.  And do all the work opposite to them.

"Char sampraday bavan dvare, jinho nehi nij naam vichare.

Mala ghaal hue hain mukta, shat dal uva bai bakta." –oye hoye--

Char sampraday bavan dvare, jinho nehi nij naam vichare.

They have never thought about the true knowledge of God, have not pondered over it.  And Mala ghaal hue hain mukta. Wore a garland around neck.  Made 36 types of external pretence. shat dal uva bai bakta."

This Shatdarshini Shatdal. These six groups. All talk nonsense. They don't even know the ABCD of spirituality.

children! If Servant had not told you so much knowledge earlier and would have said this today. You all would have got up and gone away, wondering what he is saying?  And today you firmly believe this, these things remind you that in reality, we were far away from God.  What kind of cruelty happened to us?

Char sampraday bavan dvare, jinho nehi nij nam vichare.

Mala ghaal hue hain mukta, shat dal uva bai bakta.Yo bhi baida hai, baide se bheda alaida. Yo bhi baida.

"Bairagi bairag na jaane, bin Satguru nahin chot nishaane. Barah baat bitamb bilori, shat darshan mein bhakti thagauri.

 –oye hoye-- Bairagi bairag na jaane.

Detachment does not happen after leaving home.  While living at home, affection should remain with God. As Kabir Saheb defines, what should be renunciation?  -:

Jaise pativrata base peehar mein, aur surat pritam mahin!

Just like when a girl gets married, and then she comes to her parents' house for a few days, she constantly feels a connection with her husband. And she knows that now I am just a guest here for a few days, and my real home is with him. So, when one attains knowledge, our engagement has already taken place. The relationship of all souls has been done above; our engagement has happened. Even before marriage, the girl develops an imagination. Her family members tell her that there is such a boy, such is his home, and such is his business. So she starts imagining before. So today, to go to the house of God, those who got the mantra from the true Guru have got engaged. We all have got engaged, now we should imagine what eyewitness saints have told us about the arrangements there and now we will go there. Those will go, When their relationship will be maintained.

So here it is said,

"Bairagi bairag na jane, bin satguru nahin chot nishaane. Sanyasi dus naam kahavein, Shiv-Shiv karen na sanshay javein. Nirbani nihkachh nisara, bhool gaye hain Brahm dwara." –oye hoye--

These Dashanami Sanyasis are of ten names. One day I asked about their practice. Earlier I used to go there probably they are also devotees and must have something or the other. I asked a Dasnami. What do you practise? He told us that we have ten rules.  Don't do this, don't do this, do this, do this. Take a bath in the morning, do like this. These are ten names just keep chanting them. You count these rules daily.Where did the devotion take place? So children!  The grace that the Lord has showered upon you is not ordinary. No one in the entire world has spiritual knowledge, no one in the world.  This is not a small thing.  And not here, The Servant has spoken in the satsang that you are running on international channels.  And no one is able to speak. They have realised it from within. gurus have realised, but they are misleading the disciples that Rampal lies.  Let the time come it will be known who lies?  Now children!  You are educated, literate.  No one has seen or heard of such amazing knowledge on earth. No one has had such a decision till date, then who is Satguru?  Kabir Sahib says

"Nau man sut uljhiya, Rishi rahe zhakmaar.

Aur satguru aisa suljha de, uljhe na dooji baar."

So from this you should believe that this servant is Satguru. Such knowledge has

never been seen or heard, has Proved from the scriptures. You are educated and understood immediately.  Appreciate your luck. ‘O God!  How did you get mercy on us, the sinners?  We had completely forgotten. Didn't even know ABCD. Your precious life was being destroyed.  So now you will have to remain bounded.  And while remaining within limits, continue doing this devotion till your last breath.  You will definitely go in the ship, your future generations will also come to Satlok directly. Children!  Have faith. I am not a beggar and never was, nor does this slave have any selfishness.  It's been 27 years continuously now and I  haven't taken a breath of happiness.  And neither do I want to. God!  Happiness is there, who has called happiness here?  Even if there is any happiness here, ask it from Almighty.  Kabir Sahib says

"Kya mangu kuch thir na rahaai, dekhat nain chala jag jaai.

Ek lakh poot, sava lakh naati. Us Ravan ke aaj, diya na baati.

Demand, what will you ask?  There were one lakh sons, 1.25 lakh grandsons and all were killed before his eyes.  And he himself was also killed.

Sarv sone ki Lanka hoti, Ravan se randheeram. Ek palak mein raaj viraaji, jam ke pade janjeeram.

So there is no need to ask for this fake drama here.

Drishti padai so dhokha re, khand pind brahmand chalenge, thir nahin raisi loka re.

Thir nahin rahsi loka re."—oye hoye--

What you are seeing is all deception with you. Complete deception. Tomorrow, our own death may occur. This is a deception. Is this body? By burning, it has turned to ash. It needs to be done. And if there is any loss in the house?  Open your eyes.  You and your family will also be protected by staying in the shelter of Kabir Saheb through Satguru.  And if you do nonsense, you will be hurt badly.  God is not a child. If useless had been gathered to take to Satlok, there were 64 lakh disciples, 600 years ago.  He could have taken all in a second.  So you will be taken away after making you 24-carat gold.  If you become this then you will go.  Otherwise, you will suffer here only.

Children!  That's all I will praise today.  I hope you hear it daily.  Look, even I am not lazy in my old age. Even I can also give up.  And God is getting everything done for you.  Don't take this lightly.

To Samjha hai to sar dhar panv

Bahur nahi re esa daanv

May God grant you salvation children! Always be happy. Your determination God should remain firm forever.

Sat Sahib.