Special Message Part 9: Believe in God Like a Faithful Wife


Sat Saheb

Hail Satguru Dev!

Hail to Bandichor Kabir Sahib Ji.

Hail to Bandichor Saint Garib Ji Maharaj.

Hail to Swami Ram Devanand Ji Guru Maharaj Ji.

Hail to Bandi chor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji.

Hail to all the saints.

Hail to all the devotees.

Hail to the righteous men.

Hail to Shri Kashi Abode.

Hail to Shri Chhudani Abode.

Hail to Shri Karontha Abode.

Hail to Shri Barwala Abode.

Sat Sahib

Garib namo namo Sat Purush kun, namaskar Guru keenhi.Surnar munijan saadhva, santon sarvas deenhi.

Satguru Sahib Sant sab, dandautam pranaam. Aage peechhe madhya huye, tin kun ja kurbaan.

Kabir satguru ke upadesh ka, suniya ek vichar. Jai satguru milte nahin, jaate narak dwar.

Narak dwar mein doot sab, karte khichaantan. Unse kabahu nahin chhoota, firata charon khan.

Kabir char khani mein, bharamta kabahu na lagta paar. So phera sab mit gaya, mere satguru ke upkaar.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, amarpuri ke dere ki.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, Jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, satlok ke dere ki.

Nirvikaar nirbhay tuhi, aur sakal bhaymaan.

Eji sadhu aur sakal bhaymaan. Sab par teri sahibi, sab par teri Sahibi tujh par sahib na. Nirvikaar Nirbhay.

Children! You are hearing the Satyanarayan Story, true knowledge from the boundless grace of the Supreme Father, Supreme God Kabir Ji. And where are you getting it from? Children! The entire history has been narrated to you as Garib Das ji says-

Garib Sadho Seti Maskari Choron Naal Khushal. Mal Akhada jitenge, Yugan Yugan ke Maal.

This means that they believe in these fake saints and “Choron Naal Khushal.” Like you are being told in "Bahde Ke Ang" about what kind of wrong worship they do, they are confused by Kaal.  As Kaal had said to God Kabir, that I will mislead them all on the wrong path.  I will firmly establish all practices against the scriptures. When your messenger comes, your Saint, your soul, you will send to tell the true knowledge, then before that I will colour them in wrong knowledge like this -

Jaao jogjeet sansara, jiv na mane kaha tumhara. Jiv tumhara kaha na mane, hamari ore ho vaad bakhane. Deval, dev, tirath, jap tap mun lai.

Tirath vrat aur deval poojai.

That is, I will make them so staunch on temple deity, pilgrimage, fast, idol worship in the temple, that they will argue with your saint. No one will listen.

So here Garib Das ji says - Sadho Seti Muskari, Choro Naal Khushhal.  With These thieves, fake saints they are happily engaged with them.  Who will take them into the mouth of Kaal.  And make fun of saints and devotees.

 "Mal akhada jitengay, yeh yugan-yugan ke maal."

Children!  You are wrestlers of several eras.  ‘Maal’ means wrestler.  You are a wrestler in this arena of devotion. Don't know from how many births you have been doing this rehearsal, practice of devotion. And you will be victorious. Whoever sits with his hands folded, or doing wrong practice, how will they come closer? How will they attain God?

So you are very lucky. You are not an ordinary soul. You are a special soul. Looking back, there were  kings and emperors, as we read in history. They were such great kings, they had such great grandeur  Where have those grandeur gone now? There is no trace of them. They are being kicked around becoming dogs.

So children! Don't look at anyone else. Whether we are poor or rich today, you are all special favourites of God, you are all His beloved, beloved daughters, and beloved sons. He has placed you on an elephant.

So it is said : 

Hathi ke asvar ko, swan Kaal nahi khaye

You are out of the range of Kaal. If you yourself get down from the elephant, break the rules, then Kaal will kill you, eat you. So Children! Now you have to keep in mind that we should not break any rule. And apart from the Supreme God, apart from Kabir Sahib, even in a dream we should not pay attention to any god, goddess, or God whom we have been considering as God. The meaning of attention is that you do not want them in your heart. Otherwise, you have to live with love with everyone. Respect everyone, respect everyone appropriately.

Tino deva kamal dal basen, brahma vishnu mahesh. Pratham

Inki vandana, phir sun satguru updesh.”

First praise them, do their religious practice. Do not worship them. There is a difference between worship and religious practices. Worship is like a devoted wife, it is her nature, not a matter of control. Apart from her husband, she does not have feelings towards anyone as a husband. She respects everyone else. Be it a brother or a brother-in-law, grandfather, father-in-law, father-in-law, whatever relatives come. And in her house, she behaves well with everyone - mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law. But even in her dreams, she does not see any stranger. We have to reach that level. Then He will be happy. Now, what is said?

 "Sukarmi Pativrata ka Ang”" –

In this, Garib Das ji has said some amazing speeches  about  this direction, this context, this episode.

Garib sukarmi pativrata so, aan upavan mool. Ek purush se paras hai, pativrata samtool.

Sukarmi Pativrata that is, the true chaste devotee, is the one who does good deeds. who does not worship other gods, that is, the devotee who is devoted to one God, is the chaste devotee.”

Garib, Sukarmee pativrata so jaanie, ek purush se raat. Niradave niravairata, na duje se baat.

To remain engrossed in only one God.  And no relation to other deities.

Garib, suvaal sukhn kisko kahe, pativrata jo naar. Hukum adool na mete hi, so pativrata paar.

It is said that the order, the order of your God, do not ignore it.

Guru vachan nishchay kar maane, poore guru ki seva thaane.

Garib ghar aangan ek saar hai, vachan ullanghan na hoi. Aanpurush se olne, pativrata hai soi.

To speak to another man. Cover it from the heart. Not behind the curtain.

Garib, aan purush se hasant hai, chandi chor chudail. Jisase kya ghar baas hai, ghar mein base ghudail.

Ghudail bhootni, chudail chandaal.

That if  someone's wife laughs with another man, makes fun, she is Chandi, a thief, a witch.

Aur aisi se kya ghar baas hai ghar mein basai ghudail Bhootni.

That means it is also towards the soul and God.  And it is also worldly and practical.

Garib, ek purush apna sahi, dooja aan aneet. Apne peev se raatiye, aur shila sab bheet.

Have a relationship with your husband, your man, one God, baaki aan aneet. Consider others useless and wasteful person. Apne pati se, peev se raatiye get engrossed in your Almighty.

Aur shila sab bheet. And consider other Gods and Goddesses as stones and walls as none is of any worth.

Garib, sukarmi ghar mein rahe, pativrata so naar. Aan purush se preetdi, na rakhiye ghar baar.

This is also practical advice. If your wife loves someone else, leave her immediately. Do not keep her at home. Similarly, Kabir Sahib says that whoever will have faith in anyone else, other than me, I will immediately expel them. They will be removed from my heart.

Garib, Pativrata sooni nahi, rakhwale hain Ram. Kalpavraksha karunamayi, chauki aathon yaam.

That whoever is chaste devotee is not alone. Almighty is his protector. For 24 hours (aatho yaam) Lord keeps an eye on him 24 hours.

Garib, jyon bacha gau ki nazar mein, yon Sai koon sant. Bhakton ke peeche phire, bhagat vachhal bhagwant.

Like a cow keeps an eye on her calf.  If any dog or other animal comes near it, she runs to it for protection. So God is with you in this way.

Garib, pativrata paani chali, paanvdi nahin paav. Vastra ang vinang hai,  aapai det odhaaye. –Oye hoye--

Garib Das ji says, just like earlier used to go to the wells to draw water.  And the devotee is so poor that he or she doesn't even have shoes on their feet.  That is, it is said that “Vastra ang vinang hai, even if she does not have clothes, then Almighty himself will make arrangements for his children. He is so much a companion.

Garib, pativrata jameen par, jyon jyon dhar hai paav. Samrath jhaadu det hai, na kaanta lag jaaye. –Oye hoye--

"Hey bandi chhod!"

It is said that ‘Pativrata’ means such a steadfast devotee who has faith in the Almighty and does not believe in anyone else.  Every step he takes in his journey of life, God ahead –Oye hoye-- “Samarth jhadu det hai” brooms to clean his thorns-form sins and deeds.  That no thorn should touch my child, my son or daughter, that is, karma should not cause any sorrow.

Garib, Pativrata bhookhi rahe, vahaan samarth ghar soch. Aise pati ki istri ke, kaal karam hoye moksh.

That if the chaste devotee is hungry for some reason, there is tension in the house of God.  And even when one has to go through such a phase, there is no blame in the mind.  Then what is said, such a chaste devotee, a devotee with such feelings, Kaal karam hove moksh.

Nukte upar reejhega re, koti karam jal jaaye tumhare.

It has the same meaning.

Garib, pativrata batiya karein, aan purush mukh jode. Sahib bahut risaat hain, pal mein baithe tode. –oye hoye--

That my devotee, devotee of God, Garibdas Ji says that if any day even a little bit he turns towards another worship, develops a feeling.

Ki pativrata batiyaan karein, aan purush mukh jode. Sahib bahut risaat hai, pal mein baithe tode.

God becomes very sad and angry. In an instant, he breaks relationships. He removes them from his heart. Their name is broken. They go into the trap of Kaal.”

Garib, naino aan na dekh hi, shravan sunai nahin bain. Rasna se bole nahin, so pativrata ain.

Ain means special. “Naino Aan Na Dekh Hi” Naino means everyone has to be seen, but no god should be seen with the same vision, nonsense vision, or attachment-form vision. Just like it is also telling about worldly life.  And “Shravan Sunai Na Bain” Do not listen to the glory of any other deities or God.  And “rasna se bolai nahi”, do not support those who sing the glory of other gods. So pativrata ain.

That Chaste devotee is special

Garib apne piya ke palang par, rahe zameen se laag. So piya ki sej chadhai, jiske mote bhag.

Here, it is being said that a chaste woman has such a strong attachment to God. She has such a yearning. The closer God is to her. So, children! You have to have such an attachment with your God. Then, the Almighty will come near you, and will be with you. And it has been told about ones who do wrong practices, I will tell again about it which was remaining.

Children!  "Bahde ka ang" remains, let me tell you a little of it.

Muslaman madari rola, bhool gaye hain mursheed maula.

Musal must phiravai peera. Pag mein langar loha janjeera.

It is further said that

bhojan chhod rudhir kyun khai. Daya bina darvesh kasaai.

"Now God tells us about Jainism. 

Mukh mundai aur jhootha khavai, aap dast levai nahi bhavein. Ghori piṅḍ Jain sab dharma, bhool gaye Sai ghat ghar ma.

All these Jains and others who have forgotten God. They do not have true knowledge.

Jaini yog viyogam saadhya, bhool gaye us agam agadha.

Jains practise very difficult and restrained methods. But neither do they have a guru nor do they make a guru. Neither have any favoured deities.  Nor they chant any mantra.  Neither is there any God. They worship only the idols of those who have been Tirthankaras.

Bina bandgi jhootha riska, vaishya putra kahavai kiska.

That your condition is such that without devotion absolutely nothing will be of any use to you, you don't have any mantra. And if a prostitute has a son, whose son will he be called?  Whose heir will he be?  Such is your situation today.

Jaini julm gulm yu gaila, jaise hai teli ka baila. Ghar hi kos pachas pyara, bhool gaye sahib darbara.

Jaini julm gulm yu gaila

Pulls out the hair from the head. There is complete bleeding.  And it is said that tears should not come.  And one should not cry.  Then he will be a firm Jaini.—Oye hoye--


Jaini julam gulm yu gaila, jaise ho teli ka baila.

In the olden days, oilmen used to keep a mill. A long wooden beam was inserted into it and rotated by oxen. A single ox was tied to the beam and its eyes were blindfolded. The ox would then continue to circle around in the same place. So it is said that your devotion is like that oilman's ox. It is circling around in the same circle. That is, you are born and die. You become a dog, a donkey, a pig, then a king or a prince according to your karma, even a god. Then you become a donkey or a dog again. This is that oilman's ox, circling around in the same place.

Jaini julam gulm yu gaila. Jaise hai teli ka baila, Ghar hi kose pachaas piyara bhool gaye Sahib darbara| Jaini janam jua jyon haaro. Paancho indri kas kas maaro. Mann moorti ka marm nahi jaana. Taate janma-janma hoye swaanna. ---Oho--

Ki Jaini janm jua jyon haaron,

Just as you lose in gambling, you will lose your life.  And from there, you practise so restrainedly

”paancho indri kas kas maaro.”

You maintain a lot of restraint, but what will happen without devotion?

Jaini jal thal purusha viraje. Jaa ki sakal ghadaval baaje. Ghat-ghat mein nirgun nirvana. Jaini jaaki saar na jaani.

Jaini jiv daya bahu baana. Karta karm kahe agyana. Jaatak seti aita hoi. Paramananda lakha nahi koi.

Now, telling to Jains. What do they do? Like children! You are taught a lot of things. This is basic knowledge. This is True Spiritual knowledge. This is the essence of knowledge. Now, what is it? Like, in any religion one is born, a few people become famous. Why don't the rest, who also do the same practice? It is because of their past deeds. Like, you are doing devotion, you are doing amazing devotion. And each mantra has a lot of value. And for some reason, a defect came into your mind, Kaal entered, you quit devotion.

So, however much your battery was charged with your true devotion, that power was deposited. Now, in whatever religion, caste the soul will take birth, that past deeds, that devotion will definitely show its effect, influence. And because of that, he will be inspired to practise that religion firmly. Like, we also read and see in the newspapers, that a billionaire, a millionaire couple, both husband and wife, took initiation into Jainism. And distributed all the wealth. They donated everything. They were devotees of God in their previous birth. They had done true devotion. And they had yearning, balance was left due to which they became emotionally trapped and got stuck in the web of Kaal.

So what do they do? These Jainis,  They go to the Jain temple and do their penance, do some praise, they say that the bells start ringing on their own in the temple. Just by this, they consider their devotion successful. God says, 'You do not have any mantras, nor a respected deity, or any god. They don’t believe in God at all.  The living being is considered the doer.  Now what is said –oho--

Jaini janma jua jyon haaro, paancho indri kas kas maaro. Man moorti ka maram na jaana, taate janma-janma hove swaanna. Yo bhi bahada hai, bahade se bheda alaida. Yo bhi bahada, bahada kyon jaana, hum satguru bheten yun jaana.

Jaini jal thal purush viraje, jaaki sakal ghadaavala baaje.Ghat ghat mein nirgun nirvaani, Jaini jaaki saar na jaani.

What accomplishment do you show by ringing the bell? Innumerable bells are ringing of that Almighty. Innumerable instruments are played in Satlok.

Jaini jeev daya wo banaa karta Karam kahe agyana –Oye hoye--

Jainis show amazing compassion towards living beings. And you consider the action as the doer. Don't believe in God. This is your ignorance. 

Ja tat seti aita hoyee.

The God who created the entire universe

woh Paramanand lakha nahi koi.

Neither did you understand, nor see that Supreme Father, the Supreme God.

Mukh moonde hain moorad phirosi, jinse sahab hai sau kosi. Rarankar rangi nahi rasna, mun ki kaise mite hai trishna. –oye hoye—

Mukh munden hai moorad phirosi,

By tying a strip on the face

“Mukh munden hai moorad phirosi" 

That means God is a hundred miles away from these ignorant people.

To rarankar rangi nahi rasna, jinaki kaise mite hai trishna.

You did not worship the true Mantra steadfastly. That's why your soul is wandering thirsty.  The thirst will not be quenched by these actions. The hunger for God will not be satiated.  Thirst will not be quenched.

Kaya maya sakal hai mithya, ya to hai sahi gyan ki santha. Paar Brahm jaana nahi neda, bina bandagi sakal bakhera.—Oye hoye--

Kaya maya sakal hai mithya, ya to sahi gyan ki santha. Paar brahm jaana nahi neda.

"You have not gone near the Complete God, you have not acquired the True Guru. You have not found the True mantra, did not obtained Satnam, did not get the True Worship.

Bina bandagi sakal bakhera.

Everything is nonsense. Everything is the trap of Kaal."

Jati sevre Jaini jano, sakal jodiya rup bakhano. PaarBrahm ki nahi aasaa. Yeh chaubison gae nirasa. –aha-- Jati sevre Jaini jano,

Listen to all this.  And they have no desire for Parabrahm. Twenty-four of their Tirthankaras also went into despair.  They also escaped in the same way, attained nothing

Chitr Vichitr patra pothi. Bina bandagi sab hi thothi. Jantar mantar baat btanga. Bina naam jhutha satsanga.

That incantation or nonsense you do after seeing a horoscope is all nonsense.

“Bina naam jhutha satsanga.”

If you don't get the true mantra, if you don't get the right devotion, then all this where you sit in groups, go to listen to satsang, is useless, false.

Children! God's boundless blessings are upon you. You got such amazing knowledge. Now what is told

Gyaan vichitr yog apaara.

Sarv lakshan sab ke sardara..

Rig, Yaju, Saam, Atharvan bhakhain.

Ja main naam mool nahin rakhen.

Sakal sunn mein sahab maula.

Rakt na pit na kaala dhola..

Oh nirbani nazar na aaya. Yog gyan kya rijh rijhaya.

Yo bhi bahada hai, bahade se bhed alaida. yo bhi bahada. bahada kyon jaana, ham satguru bhetein yu jaana..

Rig, Yaju, Saam, Atharvan bhakhain, That means,  read and recite these four Vedas.  And memorise all four also.  For example, the scholars who memorised the four Vedas are called Chaturvedi.  The one who memorised the three Vedas are Trivedi.  And the one who memorised the two Vedas are traditionally Dwivedi.  So here it is called

Rig, Yaju, Sam, Atharvan Bhakhain. 

Bhakhain means to listen to them and tell them. 

“Ja main naam mool nahin rakhen.”

Do not do true devotion. 

Sakal sunn mein sahab maula.

Rakt na pit na kaala dhola. Oh nirbani nazar na aaya. Yog gyan kya rijh rijhaya.

You are happy with this false devotion. You are not attaining anything. What is said now?

Kaya Maya pind aur prana. Ja mein base Allah Rhamana.

Das Garib mehar se paiye. Deval dhaam na bhataka khaiye..

Sant Garibdas Ji says that God can be attained by doing true devotion in this human body. And even after taking the mantra, you need the grace marks. As will be your gesture towards the Guru, accordingly you will get relief.

Das Garib mehar se paiye, mehar Satguru daya karen dil pherain, koti timar mit ja andhere..

That is, if the grace of the Guru, the blessing of the Guru is with you, then your devotion will be successful. So you will attain God from mercy. He will be found by grace.

Deval dhaam na bhataka khaiye.

Do not go anywhere to the temples and pilgrimages.

Virtuous souls!  When God is with you, how does he help you?  As has been told to you, on the basis of the deeds of the previous birth, only God Kabir supports those devotees who are doing wrong devotion in the present.  Because the Almighty will also give the fruit of the previous devotion and will protect him. And he gets even more deluded, that I am doing this worship, going to the temple, bowing my head somewhere, worshiping the idol, I got pleasure from it. I was protected from it. I got this benefit from it.

So children! One will know from this True Spiritual knowledge. Like, this Servant used to go and  worship.  Used to go to Hanuman ji's Salasar.  And used to think that all this splendor is happening only because of him. 

Children! You are trapped in the web of Kaal. Open your eyes.  How much mercy Almighty has bestowed on you.  He has been following you for so many lives. Have mercy on us. If you can't do it on yourself then do it on me. In what condition did God lived for 120 years in this dirty world with you?  This is not worth living even for one day.  He is our Father, saddened by our suffering. And Servant has not taken a breath of happiness even for a single day for 27 years and not even will take. Brother, there is happiness only in Satlok, there is no happiness here. Now see how cruel this Kaal is.

Kabir Saheb says -: 

Tin Putar Ashtangi jae. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv naam dharaye.

Tin dev vistaar chalave. Inmein yo jug dhokha khaye.—aye haye--

These three worlds, these Trinity gods are arranging all this drama.  They are arranging it.  From the quality of One, creation happens, that is, living beings are created.  Due to the influence of Satgun of Vishnu, we nurture our children with love and affection for each other.  And Shankar Ji kills.  Tell what is this?  Earlier we used to hear that one creates,  Brahma, Vishnu nurtures, and Shiv Ji kills.  Now we know why they are doing this?.  Is it a matter? First,  create and then kill? –aye haye-- O Liberator, This is being done by Kaal. Damm it!  Now eyes are open. Children! This has been explained by Sant Garibdas Ji in a more concise way.

Aadi Ramaini Adli Sara, Ja din hote dhundhukara. Satpurush kinha prakasha, hum hote takht Kabir khwasa.

That at the time when there was all darkness, Supreme God was alone. Then Sat Purusha manifested light and created everything.  We lived there with Kabir Saheb.

Man mohini sirjee Maya, Satpurush Kabir ek khayal banaya. Dharmaray sirje darbani, 64 yug tap seva thani. Purush prithvi ja koo deeni. Raj karo deva adheeni. Brahmand 21 raj tum deenha. Man ki ichha sab jag leenha. Maya mool roop ek chhaja. Mohe liye jinhu Dharmaraja.

“Dharamrai” Kaal is also called Dharamraj.

Dharm ka man chanchal chit dharyaa. Man Maya ka roop vichara. Chanchal cheri chappal chiraga. Yake parse sarvas jaga. Dharmaray kiya man ka bhagi. Vishay vasna sang se jagi. Aadi purush adli anuragi. Dharmaray diya dil se tyagi.

Expelled him.

Purush lok se diya dhahai. Sahaj das ke deep chal aaye bhai.

It means that he was expelled from Satlok, including twenty-one universes, along with Durga. And we were inside Durga in seed form. He came near the island of Sahaj Das. Then, he started pleading before his brother Sahaj Das to keep him in his realm.  I have made a mistake. I have fallen out of the  heart of Supreme God, keep me with you.”.

Sahaj das jis dweep rahnta. Karan kaun kaun kul pantha.

Sahaj das asked who are you? From where you have come, tell me?

Dharmaraya bole darbani. Suno Sahaj das, Brahmagnani. 64 yug hum seva kini, purush prithvi humko deeni. Chanchal roop bhaya man mora. Man mohini thagiya bhora. Satpurush ke na mun bhaaye. Purush lok se hum chale aaye. Agar deep sunat badh bhagi. Sahaj das meto man paagi.

O Sahaj Das Ji!  Take away my sorrow.  Keep me with you.

Bole Sahej Daas Dil Daani, Hum To Chaakar Sat Sahdaani. Satpurush Se Arz Guzaru, Jab Tumhara Vimaan Utaru.

Sahaj Das said ‘brother!  I am a servant of Satpurush. That means we all are his children and sons. But decorum is also important.  Sahaj Das said, I am the Almighty’s servant.  I will pray to him. I will do as he orders. So in the same way, we should not do anything of our own free will. As per the orders of Guru Ji, you should consider Guru Ji as the form of God, then only the matter is resolved. All work should be done after taking orders from Guruji.

Bole Sahej Daas Dil Daani, Hum To Chaakar Sat Sahdaani.  

Satpurush Se Arz Guzaru, Jab Tumhara Vimaan Utaru.

Sahej Daas Ko Kiya Piyana, Satlok Liya Parwana.  

Satpurush Sahab Sarbangi, Avigat Adli Achal Abhangi.

Sahaj Das went to Satpurush. And stood in the court and appealed, Divine!  O God!  O mighty power!  One of your servants has come to me.  He says I will stay here, keep me. What is your order Lord? Whatever you say I will do.”

Dharmaraya Tumhara Darbaani, Agar Deep Chal Gaye Praani.  

Kaun Hukum Kari Arz Avaja, Kahaan Pathaao Us Dharmaraja.

Hey Divine!  Give the order, where should I Send him ?.  

Bahi awaaj adli ik saacha. Vishay Lok Jaa Tino Vacha.—oye hoye--  

God said, feeling very sad, send these sinful souls out into this world, into this dirty world.

Aur Tino Vacha.

I am not saying this from outside. I am telling you with my mind, actions and words, expel them from here.

Bahi Awaz Adli Ek Saacha. Vishay Lok Jaa Tino V


Tino bachcha I am saying with mind, actions and words, send them away.

Sahej Daas Vimaan Chale Adhikayi, Chin Mein Apne Deep Chal Aayi.  

In seconds Sahaj Das arrived silently on his island.

and then told him

Hum To Arz Kari Anuraagi, Tum Vishay Lok Jao Badbhaagi. –Oye hoye--  

Sahej Daas had tears in his eyes. Oh, you scoundrel, what a great injustice you have done! Now go from here. It's God's order not to keep you. Go to that impure world, the materialistic world Good man. And it must be said emphatically: "Go, good man! You have made such a big mistake.”

Dharmaraya Ke Chale Vimaana, Maansarovar Aaye Praana.  

Maansarovar Rehna Na Paaye, Jahaan Kabira Roop Mein Thaana Laaye.  

There was another empty space and Kabir Saheb himself sat there.  Lest this scoundrel stay here. Said run away from here.

Bank Naal Ki Visami Ghaati, Tahaan Kabira Roki Ghaati.  

In Paancho Mil Jagat Bandhana, Lukh Chaurasi Jeev Sataana. –Oye hoye--

Children!  Both the Guru and the disciple recounted the history separately. Almighty Kabir  and his son Garibdas Ji.

In Paancho Mil Jagat Bandhana, Lukh Chaurasi Jeev Sataana.

Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvar Maya. dharmaraya ka raaj pathaaya..

These five, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Durga and Kaal, together have bound the entire world.  It is so tightly held that no one can open it without God Kabir. 

In Paancho Mil Jagat Bandhana, Lukh Chaurasi Jeev Sataana.

In 84 lakh types of bodies, the creatures are being tortured. They are being harassed. These five have together committed this tyranny.

Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvar Maya. dharmaray ka raaj baithaya.

Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar and Maya and the fifth is this Kaal. They have set up this Kaal 's web.

Yo Khokhapur jhoothi baaji, bhist baikunth dagasi saaji.

It is said that this place is Deceptive Town,

Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar, Maya. Dharmaray ka raj bithaya. Yo Khokhapur jhoothi baaji, bhist baikunth dagasi saaji. –Oye hoye--

They say that these 21 universes are “Deceptive Town”. Hollow. A beautiful shiny cover (box) has been made on the top. Inside, there is something else. Look at your body now. Kabir Sahib says that Skin has wrapped over bones, flesh and blood. And You are roaming around happily in this. And come, I will give you a body made of light in Satlok. In which there is no disease, no leprosy, no pain.”

Yo Khokhapur jhoothi baaji, bhist baikunth dagasi saaji.

This heaven, we call it heaven, Muslims call it ‘Bahishta’.  It is said that you have been completely cheated. This is a hotel to rob you.

Kritrim jeev bhulaane bhai. Nij ghar ki to khabar na paai. –Oye hoye--

Everyone has been confused by these artificial creatures and artificial toys. No one has knowledge of their real abode Satlok.

Sava lakh upje nit ansha. Ek laakh vinashe nit hansa.—Oye hoye--

Kabir Saheb says, Garib Das ji is telling that he produces 1.25 lakh human beings. And eats one lakh daily.

Sava lakh upje nit ansha. Ek laakh vinashe nit hansa. –Oye hoye--

Utpatti khapti ya pralay pheri. Harsh shok jam jaura jeri.

Paancho tat hai pralay maahi. Satgun, Rajgun, Tamgun jhanai.

Aathon ang mili hai Maya. Pind Brahmand sakal bhramaya.Oye hoye--

Ya main surati shabd ki dori. Pind Brahmand lagi hai khori.

Swansa paras mun gah rakho. Khol kapaat ameeras chaakho.

That Chant the mantra we give in this. And live with faith.

Sunaaun Hans shabad sun Dasa. Agamdeep hai ag hai vaasa.

Hey Soul!  Let me tell you further. There is a Satlok above and that is your real abode.

Bhavsagar Yam dand jamana. Dharmaraya ka hai talwaana.

Paancho upar pad ki nagari. Baat vihangam banki dagari.

Hamara Dharmaraay su dnava.

My command works on this Kaal.

Hamara Dharmaraay soo daanva. Bhavsaagar mein jeev bhramava.

Hum to kahein agam ki vaani. Jahaan avigat adli aap Kabir binaani.

Bandi chhod humara naamam. Ajar amar hai asthir thamam.

Yugan-yugan hum kehte aaye. Jamjora se Hans chhutaaye.

Jo koi maane shabad humara. Bhavsaagar nahi bharme dhaara.

Ya mein surti shabd ka lekha. Tan andar man kaho kin dekha. Das Garib Kabir ki vaani. Khojo Hansa shabad sahdaani.

Children! This is a time of trial for you. This is a short time. It is Kabir God giving .This time will not last long. But whatever time is left, I will break the body of this Kaal. I will prepare you again with this ball of spiritual knowledge and make you so strong that you will be able to fight with Kaal.

Now what is said, You have been told a very good way to get out of this Kaal.  Satnam has been mentioned.

Om Soham mantra saaram. Surati nirati se karai ucharan. Om Soham mantra japiye. Yog yukti ya dhunni tapiye.

Do this ‘dhuni’ penance and chant the Satnam that has been given to you.

Sala karma surati ke maheen. Mann pavna jahan nirati samaheen. Andh kapat naam se khulein. Surati peeng chadh hansa jhulaaye. Surati hasini ku jo dekhein. Anant koti Brahmand parekhe.

See how profound the knowledge is.

Saar shabd ka Soham anga. Suno purush ka nij prasanga.—Oye hoye--

Garib Das Ji has filled every single part, even half  of his speech with such amazing knowledge. He has saturated it. Those who have received Sarnaam will understand this speech that the servant is now going to tell.

Saar shabd ka Soham anga. Suno purush ka nij prasanga. –Oye hoye--

The Soham word is a single part of the Sarnaam word. So, it is also necessary to match it with the Sarnaam word. And children! Some people who do Satnam jaap are saying that they do their remembrance in their own way. They take the Sarnaam word between Om and Soham. This is a very big mistake. All their efforts will be wasted. The Saranaam mantra should be chanted in the same way as it has been told.

It is said

saar shabd ka Soham anga.

Suno purush ka nij prasanga.—Oye hoye—

Soham is a part of the Sarshabad Just as Satnaam is of two syllables, it also becomes of two syllables when combined with this.

Suno purush ka nij prasanga.

Satpurush Paramatma ka phir nij prasanga

that is  Listen to the true Spiritual knowledge, real Knowledge of the Supreme God. Do this remembrance. To understand how Soham is a part of Sarshabad. Listen to True Spiritual knowledge from that Saint who has true knowledge of Satpurush.

Ashta kamal dal poorna paaya. Surati hasini hans samaaya. Soham surati shabd se aayi. Anant lok jaaki thukarai.


Satguru mile jab tatvadarshi. mool Mantra koi hansa parasi.

Samadhan hai Satguru samulan. Garibdas nij paaya moolan.

Satguru mile koi tatvadarshi. mool mantra koi hansa parasi.

That only good Souls, Hans,  will accept this knowledge, this God, this knowledge of God who is a virtuous soul.

Samadhan hai Satguru samulan.

That Satguru has the complete solution to get out of this trouble of birth and death, and from the trap of Kaal.

Garibdas nij paaya moolan.

That we have found our True mantra and True knowledge. Which this servant has today.

Dharmadas meri laakh duhai. Yeh mool gyan aur yeh saar shabad kahi bahar na jayi. Kyunki mool gyan tab tak chhupai, jab tak dwadash panth na mit jaai.

Bhajan karo us Rab ka, jo data hai kul sabka. Bhajan karo us Rab ka, jo data hai kul sabka. Bina bhajan bhay mite nahin Yam ka, samajh bujh re bhai. Satguru naam daan jin dinya, un santon ko mukti paai.

Sat Kabir naam karta ka, kalap kare dil deva. Sumran kare surati se laapai, paavai har pad bheva.

Aasan band pawan pad parche, nabhi naam jagaave. Trikuti kamal mein padam jhalakai, ja se dhyan lagaave.

Sab sukh bhugta jivit mukta, dukh daridra doori. Gyan dhyan galtaan hari pad, jyon kurang kasturi.

Gaj moti hasti ke mastik, unmun rahe deewana. Khawai na peevai mengal ghume, aath vakht galtaana.

Aise tat pad ke adhikaari, palak alakh se jodai. Tan man dhan sab arpan kar hi, nek na maatha morai.

Bin hi rasna naam chalat hai, nirvaani se neha. Garibdas Bhodhal mein deepak, nyu chaani nahin sneha. ---Oho--

What a lovely thing has been said.

Bhajan karo us Rab ka, jo data hai kul sabka. Bhajan karo us Rab ka, jo data hai kul sabka. Bina bhajan bhay mite na Yam ka, samajh bujh re bhai. Satguru naam daan jin dinya, un santoon ko mukti paai. Sat Kabir naam karta ka, kalap kare dil deva. Sumran kare surati se laapai, paavai hari pad bhava.—oho--

Bhajan karo us Rab ka, jo data hai kul sabka. Sat Kabir naam karta ka, kalp kare dil deva. Aur sumiran karein, surati se laapai. Paavai haripad bheva. ---Oho—

The method of remembrance has been told: to engage in remembrance and with focused attention in the heart, weepingly contemplate. Lapai means to lament.  Like many times this soul becomes so detached, so emotional towards its God, remembering His qualities, O God!  How wicked and despicable we are that we have left you. It is said that weep on those qualities of the Master, that is, by remembering Him and creating a yearning in the heart like a lamentation, engage in remembrance.

Sat Kabir naam karta ka.

Then what is said

Bina bhajan bhay mite nahin Yam ka, samajh bujh re bhai. Satguru naam daan jin dinya, un santon ko mukti paai

Those devotees to whom Satguru has given Mantra will get salvation.  And those who do these artificial things, about which you were told in

“Bahde ka Ang”. 

And Will explain further, there is a lot of matter in this.

Bina bhajan bhay mite nahin Yam ka, samajh bujh re bhai.

What is said

Nirbaan niranjan chin bhaiya, dukh daridra moksha kare karta. Garbhavaas mite, nij naam ratai, kyun yugan-yugan chole dharta. Chundit mudit pakad liye inse Yam kinkar na darta. Tu kaun kahaan se aan fansa, dekho aag birani kyun jalta.


Drishti pade so dhokha re, khand pind brahmanda chalenge, thir nahi rahsi loka re. Thir nahi rah si loka re.

Ponder! whether you will live in this world?  Will have to go one day.  And we don't even know when that will happen. So who is the root of this? It is Kaal who is stopping us. And his three gods, all of them are keeping us under deception. This son, this daughter, this body.  This body is just two handfuls of ashes as soon as we die.  We roam around happily in it the whole day.  Forgot the work that had to be done.  Kaal engaged us in nonsense.  This mind is a sure messenger of Kaal.  Now the soul has to be strengthened with this knowledge.

Drishti pade so dhokha re, khand pind brahmand chalenge, thir nahi rahasi loka re. Thir nahi rahasi loka re.

Rajgun Brahma, Tamgun Shankar, Satgun Vishnu kahave re. Chauthe pad ka bhed nyara, koi birla sadhu paavai re. Birla sadhu paavai re.

See, it is told in Markandeya Purana that these are  three gods and these are three qualities.

Kabir Saheb Says

gun teeno ki bhakti mein, bhram raho sansar. Kahe Kabir nij naam bina kaise utro paar.

Teen dev ki jo karte bhakti, unki kade na hove mukti.

600 years ago, these things seemed bitter to us and we thought they were false. But today, they have all come true. They were true that day, and they are true today. These three are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The fourth is their father. No one knows about this fourth one either. Only a rare/ Complete saint tells about it. 

Ab chauthe ko chhode, paanchve ko dhyaavai.

That is, whoever meditates Satpurush, Satlok, develops faith in him.

Kahe Kabir vah hum par aave.

Rig, Yaju, hai Sam, Atharva charon ved chitbhange re. Sookshma ved baanche saheb ka, so hansa satsangi re.

Alankaar agh hai anuraagi, drishti mushti nahi aave re. Akah lok ka bhed na jaane, yeh charon ved ke gaave re.

“Akah Lok” which is called Akah Lok, is actually the “Anami Lok”. But no one said anything about all the worlds above.  There is a group of four imperishable worlds above them, which is also called Amarlok.  All these are called Amarlok.  So you know nothing about Akah Lok.  No matter how much you sing these four Vedas And remember it, there's no use of it.

Aave - Jaave so hansa kahiye, paramhansa nahi aaya re. Paanch tatva teen gun tura, ya to kahiye maya re.

Sunn mandal sukh saagar dariya, paramhansa parwana re. Satguru mahli bhed lakhaya, hai Satlok nidaana re.

Agamdeep amarapur kahiye,--oye hoye-- agamdeep amarapur kahiye, hil mil hansa khele re. Daas Garib desh hai durlabh, saacha Satguru baile re. Daas Garib desh hai durlabh,  saccha Satguru baile re.

Chal hansa Satlok hamare chhodo yeh sansara re.

It is being told about that

Agamdeep amarapur kahiye, jahaan hil mil hansa khele re. Daas Garib desh hai woh durlabh, saacha Satguru baile re.

Children!  You are getting to read Suksham Ved.  So!  Children, you have received that complete Satguru, true name, true God and true knowledge.  Luck like yours doesn't exist in the Earth, in the 21 universe.  You will be liberated.  May the Lord give you salvation.  Give you strength.  Protect you. Note it that you reside in Satlok. Stay within limits.  May God give you salvation.  Give wisdom.  May you always be happy.

Sat Sahib.



FAQs : "Special Message Part 9: Believe in God Like a Faithful Wife"

Q.1 What is the central theme of the Satyanarayan Story as narrated by Garib Das Ji?

The central theme of the Satyanarayan Story is the importance of true devotion to the Supreme God, Kabir Ji, and the dangers of following misleading practices and false saints. It emphasizes the need to focus solely on God Kabir and avoid idol worship and other rituals not aligned with true spiritual knowledge.

Q.2 How does Kaal mislead people according to the teachings of Suksham Ved?

Kaal misleads people by firmly establishing practices against the scriptures, such as temple worship, idol worship, pilgrimages, and fasts. He ensures that people become so staunch in these wrong practices that they argue with true saints and do not listen to the message of true devotion.

Q. 3. What is the significance of being a 'Sukarmi Pativrata' as per Garib Das Ji?

A 'Sukarmi Pativrata' is a chaste devotee who performs good deeds and remains devoted to one God, disregarding other deities. Such a devotee's faithfulness and exclusive devotion to the Almighty are likened to a devoted wife who respects all but has feelings only for her husband.

Q.4 How does Supreme God Kabir Ji view the worship of other gods and goddesses?

Supreme God Kabir Ji views the worship of other gods and goddesses as a betrayal. A true devotee should have no attachment or devotion towards any other deity besides Kabir Ji. Respecting everyone is essential, but worship should be reserved exclusively for the Supreme God.

Q.5 What is the analogy used to describe the futile devotion of Jains according to the teachings?

The analogy used to describe the futile devotion of Jains is that of an oilman's ox, which is blindfolded and circles around in the same place. This represents the cycle of birth and death without achieving true spiritual progress, as they lack true knowledge, a true guru, and the true mantra.

Q.6 What is the role of Supreme God Kabir Ji in protecting his devotees?

Supreme God Kabir Ji is a constant protector who keeps an eye on his devotees 24/7. He ensures that no harm comes to them and helps them overcome their karmic obstacles, much like a cow protecting its calf from danger.

Q.7 What is the ultimate goal for devotees according to the teachings of Garib Das Ji?

The ultimate goal for devotees is to attain true devotion to Supreme God Kabir Ji, receive the true mantra, and follow the guidance of a true Guru. This leads to liberation from the cycle of birth and death and the attainment of eternal bliss in Satlok, the true abode of souls.


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