Special Message Part 6: The Complete Srishti Rachna


Sat Saheb

Hail Satguru Dev!

Hail to Bandichor Kabir Sahib Ji.

Hail to Bandichor Garib Das Ji Maharaj.

Hail to Swami Ram Devanand Ji Guru Maharaj Ji.

Hail to Bandi chor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Hail to all the saints.

Hail to all the devotees.

Hail to the righteous men.

Hail to Shri Kashi Abode.

Hail to Shri Chhudani Abode.

Hail to Shri Karontha Abode.

Hail to Shri Barwala Abode.

Sat Saheb.

Garib Namo Namo Satpurush kun namaskar guru keenahee Sur nar munijan sadhwaan santon sarwas deenahi

Satguru sahib sant sab dandwatam parnaam aagey peechey madhye hue tinkun ja qurbaan

Kabir satguru ke upadesh ka, suniya ek vichar. Jai satguru milte nahin, jaate narak dwar.

Narak dwar mein doot sab, karte khichaantan. Unse kabahu nahin choota, firata charon khan.

Kabir char khani mein, bharamta

 kabahu na lagta paar. So phera sab mit gaya, mere satguru ke upkaar.


Jai jai satguru mere ki, jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, amarpuri ke dere ki.

Jai jai satguru mere ki, Jai jai satguru mere ki.

Sada Sahibi sukh se basiyo, satlok ke dere ki.

Nirvikaar nirbhay tuhi, aur sakal bhaymaan.

Eji sadhu aur sakal bhaymaan. Sab par teri sahibi, sab par teri Sahibi tujh par sahab na. Nirvikaar Nirbhay.

Children! By the boundless grace, infinite grace of Supreme Father God Kabir Ji, you have obtained refuge in the Supreme God.  Your fate, your destiny, your luck cannot be estimated, how much you are filled with virtues. You are given an example that no matter how poor or rich you are today, you have come to the refuge of God, there is no dearth of your devotional rituals, the wealth of devotion that can lead to salvation, there is no shortage.  But in this time, in this human life, in this period of devotion, those who will not come for shelter in this period of devotion, this is a period of devotion.  A new era has started, this is the Salvation era, Bhakti Yuga ( period of devotion), Satyug of Kaliyug has started.  This Satyug will belong to those who will come in the refuge of the Almighty.  Children!  You are given an example, you are not engaged from today, you have been engaged in the devotion of God for many ages.  Actually, from the day we left our God, our father and came with this Kaal, after a few days we realized his nature and nonsense.  The wealth that we had brought was looted.  And then he makes us work.  Go on earth, do devotion, gain virtues, come to heaven. Come to the great heaven Brahmalok.  They have hotels there.  They are running their business with the money of our devotion. These 21 universes are running like this.

Like the example was given, when this servant was working as a junior engineer, was at his job.  Labour was working. They were sitting under a tree in the afternoon and we were also eating food there.  We also went under it as there was no shade anywhere else.  A sister was crying. When I asked her, she told me that I was a girl from a very rich family.  With whom I got married, I myself had a love marriage.  He was our servant there.  At that time he seemed fine.  He used to speak happily and spoke very lovingly.  When I ran away with him, my family also disowned me.  The money I had brought while running away from home. He spent it all on alcohol.  Now he tells me to work as a labourer.  I work as a labourer and he drinks alcohol.  If I don't give money, he beats me.  A child, about two and a half years old, maybe three years old, was sleeping beside her in the sand.  She was feeding milk by holding the younger child close to her breast. He was small about 1 year old.  Even now I have come to work.  Now what solution did we have?  Now we realize that this injustice happened to us.  We came with him.  At that time he looked like a hero to us.  He was doing penance by standing on one leg.  And we were attracted to him. And coming here, he made our life miserable. He looted all our wealth. Now we can return to our home after becoming as rich as before and with as much desire as we had to come here with this scoundrel. He will accept only when there is so much desire to go back. So, the Supreme God will accept you only when there is such a strong desire to return to that home.

Children!  You have come to this dirty world. God used to tell at that time, told Dharamdas ji that you have come to the wrong place. You have been confused here.  This incomplete knowledge has made you entangled.  You don't know the way, your home has been forgotten.  So Children! From that very day when you got separated from God, you are realizing that there is no happiness that we are searching for.  Happiness means ultimate peace.  Now as we read Vedas, keep reading Geeta, kept reading Vedas. It has been clarified in the 10th verse of the 40th chapter that some call God corporeal.  Some say formless.  Some say that He appears as an incarnation.  Some say He never appears, never takes birth.  How is the Almighty?  What kind of divine act does He perform?  This knowledge. you ask from the Enlightened saint   It is also said in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34, that ‘to know the true spiritual knowledge of that Supreme father,  God, the divine Spiritual Knowledge, by going to the saints and paying obeisance to them and asking questions in a sincere and humble manner, that enlightened saints will preach you true spiritual knowledge. It has been made clear in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 32 that Knowledge told by Sachchidanand Ghan Brahm from his lotus mouth is True Spiritual knowledge.  After knowing that, birth and death do not happen again.

Children!  In the first verse of Gita Chapter 15, it is said, to know the world as a tree hanging upside down.  At the top is its root and at the bottom are its branches in the form of three qualities.  The saint who tells all the parts of it separately SahVedavit: That Veda well, Veda means knowledge.  These four Vedas i.e. four types of knowledge, are these four Vedas.  Sahvedavit: That is, he is the knower of Tatvgyan.  Understands the meaning of Vedas. 

So children!  God himself had come in the form of Satguru.  And he had told this same True Spiritual Knowledge in his speech by speaking from his lotus mouth.

Kabir, Akshar Purush ek ped hai, Kshar Purush i.e. Jyoti Niranjan vaaki daar |

Aur Teeno deva shaakha hain, ye paat roop sansaar ||

Today, this Servant has got this knowledge by grace, by the blessing of my Gurudev, and by the mercy of God Kabir Saheb.  So Children!  It became clear that no one had this knowledge.  The servant has it.  Or God had it. My Gurudev had it.  Sant Garib Das ji had it.  This was not explained further in detail.  Now we search for happiness,  consider the rich as happy, the rich consider the king, the king considers Indra, the king of heaven, Indra considers Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.  And Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh themselves are sad.  Not happy themselves.  They too meditate and perform penance in search of that happiness.  Even they do not have complete spiritual knowledge.  It is a confusing knowledge.  It is said in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62, that ‘Arjun!  you go in the refuge of that God with all your heart.  It is only by his grace that you will attain ultimate peace i.e. happiness, ultimate happiness, peace means happiness. You will attain ultimate peace and Sanatan ultimate abode.

So Children!  First of all, you should know who we are. Where have we come from?  And what is the purpose of this human life?  If you have considered the purpose of human life to be just this: we are born, receive education or not, got married, had children, raised them, performed their marriage ceremonies, then hope for their children, fine that's ok. Well, during this time, various events happen, Some die, some survive, some become sick, some become lepers.  And then die, Is this the only purpose of human life? Even animals and birds do these things. So, what was the need of human life? We have now understood this.

So, first of all, we were in Satlok. Satpurush was seated on a throne shaped. Like a lotus flower. From there, he created four realms above: Akah Lok, Agam Lok, Alakh Lok, and the lower one Satyalok. Four thrones in each abode were prepared in this manner. He sat on the throne under different names and in different forms.  Sitting in Satlok, Satpurush our father, created another creation inside Satlok.  First of all 16 islands were created with one word (Shabad).  Then 16 sons were created from 16 words. You have been told many times about nature's creation.  He has a son named Achint. To end his confusion, so that he may not interfere in between, God asked him to create the rest of the creation.  Achint created a person, a young man, with his word power.  He was called Akshar Purush.

Akshar Purush went and slept in that Manasarovar out of joy.  Their body does not function with breaths. There is Nectar water. One cannot die by drowning in it.  There is no death in Satlok, this body is like this.  For many years he did not wake up, for a long time.  Then Achint appealed to God. Akshar Purush is in sleep.  The universe cannot be created.  Please wake him up.  Then Almighty said, "Child, let the one whose job it is do it. If someone else does  it, he will be called foolish." This is not within your control. Don't make such a mistake in the future. With folded hands, he asked for forgiveness, ‘O Lord!  There will be no mistakes in future. We came to know about our status.  Then God took some nectar water from that Mansarovar, prepared an egg from it with his power,  and left it in the lake. It became very big in size like magicians do. 

So Children!  In the egg that God left in the water, he inserted the soul of Jyot Swaroopi Niranjan i.e. inserted one soul.  It went down making Garh, Garh, Garh, Garh.  Akshar Purush woke up from that rumble.  Just as someone wakes up a sleeping person, meaning there is something in his mind when waking up the sleeping person who sleeps with joy and who has no fear of anyone he gets very angry.

He saw who woke me up? He  looked angrily.  That anger entered in that egg.  Because of that the egg ripped and cracked.  Jyoti Niranjan emerged from it.  There his name is Kail.  Then God said, both of you come out.  Both came out.  Go live in the world of Achint.  After a few days, this nuisance arose in Jyoti Niranjan's mind.  That "We three are on one island, and our other brothers all live each on a separate island.  I will rule separately; austerity will grant me kingship." He started performing penance, in starting lasting for 70 ages.   Then God said ‘brother, what do you want?’  During that time God created all of us, we souls.  After that Satlok was immediately filled.  We started living there happily.  Our family and everything was created.  During that time we had all the happiness there.  When there is happiness then nonsense arises. Today, as children study in school and children of rich people will watch the film.  And will do all the nonsense.  And the children of the poor are hand to mouth, go to school, college and come back to their homes. 

Similarly, we had happiness there but happiness did not suit us.  We could not handle it.  A nonsense came to our mind, we liked this naked person.  He himself was a beggar in front of God.  And we started loving it.  Like the example was given, that girl started loving her servant and forgot the arrangements of her father who gave her so much happiness, gave birth and nurtured her.  We got this disease from there.  And this is the origin of our suffering, is the root.  So we started liking him.  God made eathervoice, children!  Don't pay attention to him. Don't look at its actions; stay blissful. He is not doing the right thing. We became cautious from outside, but a strong desire developed within us. It's like a contagious disease. It happens like this. Getting too attached to someone out of love and affection leads to this. It won’t go easily. Then what happens? We fell out of God's heart and were rejected. Despite saying this, they are still doing such nonsense. After 70 ages of penance, God asked, "What do you want now, tell?" He said, "Father! O God! Give me a separate Island; give me a separate place. Everyone else has their own island, and we three are on one island. Everyone has one-one island of their own, and we three have one. God gave him 21 universes like 21 plots are given. He went there and thought, 'What do I do with these empty plots? Construction is needed. I should do construction'. He is empty, he does not have anything.  Then, again he performed penance, and asked God after performing austerity for 70 ages, 'Give me some construction materials. 

God said, this material is with your elder brother Kuram.  Take it after humbly praying to him.  And say that God has told.  He went there.  Kuram was concentrating.  Because there too is the desire for God, love comes very quickly and there is joy to the soul in concentrating on the Lord.  He called out.  But he didn't wake up from meditation.  He grabbed his  crown and shook it : Stand up and listen to me.  He said, ‘Tell, what do you want?’  He told Kuram ‘give me the material for creation, father has said.  Kuram said ‘brother, I will ask father first then I will give it, I cannot give like this.  I don't have this authority’.  Niranjan said, ‘do I lie?  Don't you believe me?  Father has said.  He grabbed his crown and shook it.  Due to that shaking, five elements and three qualities emerged.  He took it and ran away.  Kuram complained ‘father! He has mischievously troubled me in such ways. You tell me, I will snatch it away from him’.  Almighty said, ‘he has made a mistake, you don't do it. In his world, he won't remain in peace; he has initiated discord from here. In his realm, in 21 universes, there will be constant outcry. Amongst each other, there will be strife in every home.Those who have allied with him against me will face misfortune like this.

There will be strife in every household. There no peace shall be found,  it is not a place of tranquility. Kuram calmed down . He then meditated for 64 ages. After that, the Almighty asked, 'What are you doing every day? What do you want?, Tell’ He said, please give me some souls, I  feel lonely here.  He had also done some construction there.  God said, ‘brother, I cannot give my souls. My souls are born from my words. I have a special attachment to them.  Yes, there is one thing, if any soul wants to go willingly with you then they can go. I will send them’.  He came to us and we already liked him.  There was yearning from within. Just like we keep telling our children not to watch the movie. Hero, heroine are coming there, don't go .  They will definitely go there.  So the point is that as soon as he came, we surrounded him from all sides.

As a filmy girl or a boy who dances comes here, these college students gather there just as moths landing on a bulb. Even they have nothing to do with them. This disease is from there and it will be cured with antibiotics, this True Spiritual Knowledge.  So he said that ‘I have obtained 21 separate universes. And I will create heaven, create great heaven there.  Will have fun.  Will plant big gardens.  Will you come with me?’  They said, ‘we are ready if Father gives permission’.  Kaal again went to Father and said that ‘Some souls are ready to come with me and want your permission’.  God said, come with me, and made them speak before me.

So Children!  God came to us with him.  And God said “Brother, tell me who wants to go with him?  Raise your hands.  We became numb and even embarrassed.  Now How?  And we couldn't even live without him, we got so much fire.  Like this, Those who fall in love, the lovers. It is the same fire which destroys them due to lack of spiritual knowledge.  Boy and girl get married.  Then misfortune happens. They get married at the wrong place, then they are ruined. Destroy two houses.  Then no one spoke, everyone became numb.  First of all one soul stood up shamelessly.  And raised both hands. I want to go.  There, gender, female and male were created later by God. After he raised his hands, we all raised ours. We thought he would go, and we remained So, children!  Almighty said, 'Okay, Jyoti Niranjan, you go to your realm, on your island. I'll send them to you according to my convenience.' We were transformed into subtle forms and were inserted into that girl's soul. Just as you see countless microorganisms in a small space, similarly, we were inserted into her in miniature forms.”

He was given the form of a girl and said, "Go, daughter!" And asked his son, Sahaj Das, ‘Take your sister to Jyoti Niranjan, to Kael, and inform him that within her all the souls are inserted who have said 'Yes. And she will produce as many living beings be it girl, boy, male or female as you want with word power. Sahaj Das went, left the girl there, and explained everything to him. Upon seeing the girl's youthful body, flaws arose within him. He named her "Adi Maya, Adhya Maya," later she was known as "Durga Ashtangi, and was called Tridev Janani. When he intended to commit indecency, the goddess said, "Hey Jyoti Niranjan! You are my elder brother, you were born before me by the word power of God.  Later I was born, I'm your younger sister. Such immoral action doesn't look good. I have the power to create, I will produce as many living beings as you instruct through my word." He had a flaw in him, he tried to do nonsense, so he opened his mouth to do nonsense, she took a subtle form and went into his stomach. 

From the stomach, she Called out to God.  ‘Protect me’.  Then God came there, acquiring the form of Sahaj Das. And took out the girl by cutting his stomach with a nail, Just as, when an elephant is struck with an axe, immediately the wound heals; such is their body, this is another body, that radiant body instantly healed. And the girl was taken out, similar to how children are delivered by operation these days. Then he was told, ‘Listen the words, from today onwards, your name will be Kaal. Listen to your father's words." He was Himself the father but was playing the role of Sahaj Das, doing of  Jogjit. He is also called Jogjit, Sahaj Das is also his name.  From today your name will be Kaal. You will eat One lakh human beings every day.  And no one will be happy in this creation of yours.  Both of you get out of here.  Get out of here. They stopped at a distance of 16 Sankh Kose. 

So these 21 universes moved from there like an aircraft.

Now Children!  Now after coming here, our misery started. We became sad, then we started calling God!  ‘O God! O Almighty like whatever fake knowledge we were given, we started doing devotion.  So Children!  Now he has created such a maze.  You can never get out of here.  You will cross only after coming into the shelter of God Kabir Ji.  Now what happened? When we practice here, first of all, whether it’s done or not. Be it a sinner or someone who is a virtuous person everyone, he has made a Tapatshila above in the 21st universe.  That Tapatshila keeps burning on its own. Just like the sun keeps shining on its own. 

A big, wide and beautiful rock is placed on top of it. It is so hot and creatures are thrown on top of it.  There was an outcry, ‘O God!  Save me, O God!  Hey Father!  Oh God of happiness!  Now He is kind.  We all are his souls, He cannot see us in pain. He Came and stood there in front of us.  God came there in the form of his son Sahaj Das, in Jogjit form. There are two names of the same soul.  As soon as he arrived there, the flame of Tapatshila i.e. the flame of Tapatshila of living beings stopped completely.  The flame kept burning, the fire kept burning.  That hot rock kept burning as it is but they had no pain.  When they opened their eyes they saw a beautiful face with a radiant body and said to him, ‘O God!  protect us. Hey Almighty!  What karmic punishment are we suffering here?  Because here it is told that a living being experiences the fruits of his deeds, whether auspicious or inauspicious." God replied, "The suffering you are experiencing here is not due to any action performed here. You had made a blunder in Satlok. In a few moments,  the entire story was narrated that the servant had told you. Then they said, "O God! We have worshiped this Kaal thinking him to be God. O Supreme God! Protect us. O God! We have made a huge mistake.”


Almighty said,

"Jab tum jao dharo jag nar deha, tab tum karna 'Mam' shabad sneha.

Jor karu to mera vachan nasai.”

I cannot force it. Now I have to tell a little more about the episode, that when God came to the Tapatshila, Kaal also came to eat them at the same time. They were told, "Look, he is the one you call formless. He has come. He roasts and eats you. That is why you have been put in the cycle of birth and death. And if he was not cursed, he would not have given you human birth. This is also a boon to you, that for this reason, he is giving you a human body. And in this human body, I can take you back by explaining and giving you true knowledge. But now nothing will be done.”

Jab tum jaao dharo jag nar deha, tab tum karna 'Mam' sat shabad saneha.

Whenever you will attain human life in this world, believe in my true knowledge, in real knowledge.  And make your life successful by performing activities as my saint tells, and accumulate devotional wealth. Then I will bring you.

Children!  At that very moment, Kaal arrives, Jyoti Niranjan And after seeing God in the form of Jogjit, in the form of his brother, in the form in which he had expelled Kaal from there, Kaal became terrifying.  And said, Jogjit, why did you come here?  If you have come with an order of Purush, Almighty, then first reveal that.  What is the message of the Almighty?  And then Sahaj Das, that is, God in his form told that ‘Brother, God has sent me.  And you see what misery you have caused to your brothers and sisters.  Someone has been made a dog, someone has been made a donkey, someone has been made a bitch, someone has been made a fool. You are roasting on Tapatshila. 

So he started saying, ‘What do you have to do with this matter?’  In the form of Sahaj Das, God said, ‘God has sent me.  And I will go down and say that this is Kaal whom you worship.  He eats you and roasts you on Tapatshila.  And have shown them also.  Those who were coming. Then all were blown by showing them that ‘look, he is your God. Then it's not remembered, he makes unconscious, he has made all the arrangements.  And I will tell you that you have stopped them and I will tell them true knowledge and true devotion.  And I will take them out of Kaal’s trap and will take them back to Satlok.  So it is said that at that very moment after hearing this he became very angry.

The Supreme God tells Dharamdas that he ran to kill me, that let me teach you a lesson." Go down and show me. He took the form of an elephant, very terrifying. Raised his trunk to kill me. First, I chanted Satnam, which rendered him completely ruined. Then I grabbed his trunk and threw him down to the netherworld. Then I went along with him too. There, he had also created a fake Kuram. Kurm intervened and mediated between us. He apologized and held my feet. I will never make a mistake again. I will not be rude to you. Forgive me. Almighty said, "Come on, let's go there in the 21st universe, then took to the upper universe.” Then he did not leave feet and said, "Forgive me. And do not take the creatures in four ages yet, be committed. There are some shortcomings. Fulfill those. I consider you to be like my father, you are the elder brother. God said, "Yes, tell me what you say? What do you want to ask? I committed.  That take a few creatures in four ages. God said, "Okay’. And first in each

Era, first my messengers with my knowledge, my saints should go. And then your messenger should come. God said, "Amen!" He also asked for many other things. Then he said, "Tell me one more thing. When you go or your saint goes, tell the mantra you will give, that is Sarnam. I will not touch the one who has it. I will not say anything to him. God said, "Do not make me so foolish. If I will tell you that mantra, you will tell that to everyone through your messengers. Then what difference will my saint go and tell? I cannot give it brother.”

Then he said

Jao Jogjit Sansara jiv na Mane Kaha tumhara ।।

"I will confuse everyone before your saint comes. I will spread ignorance for millions of years. I will entangle all in idolatry, pilgrimages, and fasts.”

Jaiyo jogjit sansara. Jeev na maane kaha tumhara.

Aur dwadash panth karun main sajaa. Naam tumhara le karun aawazaa.

Dwadash panth naam jo lehi. Hamare mukh mein aan samohi.

aur anek panth chalaoon like radhasoami, dhan dhan sataguru etc,

ya vidhi jeevon ko bharmaun..

God is his father, he knew, that he will first make all these false stories and will say that Gita and Vedas are true. And then I will give my true knowledge to my children and I will send my servant in Kalyuga. By that time, all of them would have spoken nonsense and their books would have been written and their videoes would have been prepared. Now they are not fit to say that this was not said like this. The servant is sent. Now a tape has been put on their mouths. They have all failed.

So children! This is mercy on you . God used to tell the creation of nature 600 years ago, which the servant has proved today from all the scriptures.”

Dharmdas yeh jag bauraana | koi na jaane pad nirvana

Yahi karan mein katha pasara jagse kahiye Ram niyaara |

Yahi Gyan jag jeev sunaao | sab jeevon ka bharam nashaao

Bharam gaye jag ved puraana Aadi Ram ka bhed na jaana

Ram Ram sab jagat bakhaane Aadi Ram koi birla jaane

Gyaani sune so hirdae lagaai murakh sune to gum na paayee

Ab main tumse kahun chitaai | tridevan ki utpatti bhaai

Kuchh sankshept kahun guhraai | sab sanshay tumhre mit jaai

Maa Ashtangi pita Niranjan | ye jum daarun vanshan anjan

Pahle kinh Niranjan raai | peechhe se Maya upjaai

Maya roop dekh ati shobha | Dev Niranjan tan man lobha

Kaamdev Dharmrai sataaye | Devi ko turatahi dhar khaaye

Pet se Devi kari pukaara | Hey Sahib mera karo ubhara

Ter suni hum tab wahan aaye | Ashtangi ko band chudwaya

Satlok mein kinha durachaari | Kaal Niranjan dinha nikaari

Maya samet diya bhagaai | 16 sankh kos doori par aai

Ashtangi aur Kaal ab doi mand karam se gaye bigoi –oye hoye--

Dharmrai, this Kaal

Dharamrai ko hikmat kinha nakh rekha se bhag kar linya

Dharmrai kinhaan bhog vilaasa | Maya ko rahi tab aasa

Teen putar Ashtangi jaaye | Brahma Vishnu Shiv naam dharaaye

Children! 600 years ago, the Almighty told us. This immortal Speech could not be understood to us”

Teen Dev vistaar chalaaye in mein yeh jug dhokha khaye

Purush gamya kaise ko pave Kaal Niranjan jug bharmaavae

Teen lok apne sut dinha | sunn Niranjan baasa linha __oye hoye--

After giving three worlds to his three sons, three sons were born to Durga; they were named Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva –oye hoye--.  And these three gods are running his expansion as it is said in Gita Chapter 7 Verse 12, that I am the cause of whatever is happening through these three gunas.

Teen lok apne sut dinha sunn Niranjan baasa linha.—oye hoye--

It is said that kaal has hidden up in secrecy.”

Alakh Niranjan sunn thikaana | Brahma Vishnu Shiv bhed na jaana –oye hoye

Even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh don't know where he hides and resides. This is whom they call formless.  He has sworn and pledged to Durga that I will not come in front of anyone. You handle all the work yourself. 

Teen Dev so usko dhaavein. Niranjan ka ve paar na paavein

These three gods also meditate.  But due to the wrong path, they could not even understand their fourth entity, Jyoti Niranjan

Now Saint Garib Das ji has revealed the knowledge of the Almighty.

Drishti padhe so dhoka re Khand pind brahmand chalenge. Thir nahi rahsi loka re. Thir nahi rahsi loka re

Rajgun Brahma, tamgun Shankar Satgun Vishnu kahawe re. Chauthe pad ka bhed niyara Koi birala sadhu paava re

This fourth identity is Kaal Niranjan. Here Kabir Saheb says that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh also meditate.

Teen Dev so usko dhyavein meditate on him Niranjan ka vo paar na paavein

Aur Chauthe ko chhod, panchve ko dhyave. Kahe Kabir so ham par aave

The fifth is Almighty himself

Then what is said

Alakh niranjan bada batpara Teen lok jeev kihne aahara –oye hoye--

Batpara, deceiver that is Kaal is a big deceiver, he is eating the living beings of three worlds

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv nahi bachaye. Sakal khaye pun dhoor udaye

That is  Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva ji will not be spared either, he will kill them too. And will eat –oye hoye--

Tinke sut hai teeno deva. Andher jeev karat hain seva –oye hoye--

Children! Inmortal Speech

These are three sons of this Kaal Brahm, Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, and Tamgun Shivji. And these blind, ignorant, and blind people only worship them. It has been made clear in Gita Chapter 7, verses 12 to 15. That whatever is happening through these three gunas Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, Tamgun Shiv i.e. birth, keeping them here, then killing, through these three qualities Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, Tamgun Shivji, and whose knowledge has become firm in the worship of these three gods. Their intellect has been corrupted. Their knowledge has been stolen. Those fools who possess demonic nature, evil-doers, lowest amongst humans, this Kaal says that they do not even worship me. –aye haye-- And here, Almighty is saying the same thing, “Tinke Sut hain” Three Gods are his sons.

Tinke sut hai teeno deva. Andher jeev karat hain seva. They worship them.

"Akal purush kahu nahin chinha. Kaal paaye sabahi gah linha.

Akal purush, satpurush who never dies, has not been understood by anyone.

Brahm kaal sakal jag jaane. Adi Brahm ko na pahchane.

Nobody knows Adi Brahm, Sanatan God, Param Akshar Brahm.

Teen dev aur avatara, taako bhaje sakal sansara.

Teen gunon ka yeh vistara, dharmadas main kahun pukara.

The web of Kaal is spread by three qualities, Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, Tamgun Shiv

Gun teeno ki bhakti mein, bhool-pado sansar. Kahe

Kabir nij naam bina, kaise utro paar.

Worship of three qualities

In Gita Chapter 7 Verse 15 it is said whose knowledge has been stolen away by the Trigunmayi Maya, are confined till here, those fools with demoniac nature, the lowest among men, evil-doers, do not even worship me.

God Kabir used to say

Teen dev ki jo karte bhakti unki kade na Hove mukti.

Children! This used to be so bitter at that time, that we became enemies of God. That he tells all lies. And today all has been proved true from the same scriptures which we used to consider true.

Children! The soul bursts out, this world is dying, wandering, and is not recognizing its God. What mercy the Almighty has done on you is amazing, priceless has been done. Children, take care of this grace of Almighty. Do not consider it as children's writing. What will happen, this is a two-day life. We will die by beating our feet like this. The kings and emperors have gone away whose history we used to hear. Today there is no trace of them. In such a dirty world, what will you consider your own? Now, as it

started today, that

Duvvidha durmati chaturai mein, janm gaya nar tora re. Ab bhi aan milo satguru se, karo guru gyan par gora re.

Now what does the Guru tell, what does the Satguru tell

"Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar."

Koti janam tujhe bhramat ho gaye, kuch na haath lagya re. Kookar sookar khar bhaya bhore, kauva hans buga re. Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar.

Koti janam tu raja kinha, mitee na man ki aasa. Bhikshuk ho kar dar-dar handya, mila na nirgun raasa. Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar.

Indra Kuber Ish ki padvi, Brahma Varun Dharmaraya. Vishnu Nath ke pur ko pahuncha, bahur apootha aaya. Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar.

Asankh janam tane martaa ho gaye, jivit kyun na marai re. Dwadash dar madhya mahal math bore, bahur na deh dhare re. Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar.

Dozakh bhisht sabhi tain dekhe, rajpat ke rasiya. Triloki se tirpat nahin, yeh man bhogi khasiya. Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar.

Satguru mile to ichha mete, pad mil pade samaana Satguru mile to ichha mete, pad mil pade samana  Chal hansa us lok pathaun, jo aadi amar asthana. Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar.

Char mukti jahan champi kar hai, maya ho rahi dasi. Char mukti jahan champi kar hai, maya ho rahi dasi. Daas Garib abhay pad parasai, milai Ram avinashi. Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabad sindhu ratnagar.

Now what does Satguru tell

"Man tu sukh ke sagar chal re, chal re sukh ke sagar,

Why are you suffering in this filthy world?

Yahan Koti janam tane bhramat ho gaye, kuch nahi haath laga re. Kookar sookar, dog, donkey, pig khar bhaya bore, kauva hans buga re

Koti janam tu raja kinha, mitee na man ki aasa.

Will you remain in this cycle? Today, a human birth is obtained, okay, have children, have property, or it isn’t and gets puffed in it. And then will die. If any sacraments remain of humans then one will obtain human birth. Then, again the same procedure,  process. Then will die. Then birth happened, then again the same process. Is this any life? And go there where there is no birth and death.

Children, sacrifice yourself on this Supreme God. This is not the writing of children. And how much grace God Kabir Sahib has bestowed on you. Look, where is the eathervoice coming from? From where He is feeding this nectar to His children. You are so dear to the Almighty. Like a small child is to the mother. She feeds by holding close to her breast. Sometimes she looks at head, sometimes at  feet, whether there are any blemishes, etc or not. So, children! Today, your father is showering so much love upon you. From where, He is feeding you nectar while you are sitting at home. And He also keeps taking care of you, no messenger of Kaal, ghost, Bhairav or any other god should give trouble to my children.  Children!  Trust this omnipotent God. May God keep you in shelter.

It is Said

sadho seti muskari, yeh choro naal khushhaal. Mal akhada jeetenge, yeh yugan-yugan ke maal.

You are the wrestler through the ages. You have been exercising in this arena of devotion since before. Okay, no success has been achieved, now is your final game. And there will be no shortage in your diet, food. Believe in the Almighty. Sacrifice yourself. To whom you are clinging to. This property and children will not go with you. Note it. You know it too, but now these children of yours if they stay in the shelter, there will be no attack of Kaal. You yourself will suffer the attack of Kaal by breaking your name. By doing nonsense. He will keep you like the eggs of the tateeri in Mahabharat war were kept safe. Will make a hundred reasons. And do you know from where I am speaking about this?. And what is happening here?  Will you still not understand this God?

Children! Your parents are Blessed from whom you are born. Sacrifice yourself. Forget the world. Have such strong faith in your Almighty that apart from Him you do not think of anyone else even in your dreams. No one is seen even in dreams. After attaining chaste position, what will God do?

Garib Pativrata jameen, par jyon-jyon dhar hai paanv. Samarth jhadu det hai, na kanta lag jaave. –aye haye--

This much He will be together. He is with us even today but we are children and we cannot see Him.  Even today, He is with you, saving you from many sorrows.  You believe.  May God give you salvation.  Keep you happy always.

Sat Saheb


FAQs : "Special Message Part 6: The Complete Srishti Rachna"

Q.1 How did Supreme God use the power of word in the creation process?

Supreme God used the power of word (Shabd) to create various entities, including Akshar Purush, Kshar Purush, Adi Maya and all the living beings. This divine word power facilitated the creation of universes and living beings, demonstrating the omnipotent nature of God's command and the fundamental role of word power in creation.

Q.2 What is the origin of the suffering experienced by souls in the 21 universes?

The origin of suffering lies in the souls' separation from Supreme God and their subsequent attraction to Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal). Despite being warned by God, the souls chose to follow Kaal, leading to their entrapment in the cycle of birth, death, and suffering within the 21 universes created by Kaal

Q. 3. What is Tapatshila, and why are souls subjected to it?

Tapatshila is a perpetually burning rock where souls are subjected to extreme suffering as a consequence of their actions. It serves as a form of punishment and a reminder of their mistakes in choosing to follow Kaal instead of Supreme God in Satlok.

Q.4 How did Akshar Purush come into existence, and what was his role?

Akshar Purush was created by Achint using word power and initially slept in Manasarovar, a lake of nectar. His role was to aid in the creation of the universes, but his prolonged sleep delayed the process, leading to further interventions by Supreme God to advance creation.

Q.5 Who is Adi Maya (Durga Ashtangi), and what role did she play in creation?

Adi Maya, also known as Durga Ashtangi, is the embodiment of creative energy sent by Supreme God to assist Jyoti Niranjan in populating the 21 universes. She has the power to create living beings through her word, and her presence allowed for the propagation of life in Kaal's realm.

Q.6 What role does Durga (Adi Maya) play in the material world?

Durga, or Adi Maya, plays the role of the creative force in the material world, assisting Kaal in populating his universes. She has the power to create living beings and instill life, making her an essential figure in the proliferation and maintenance of life in Kaal's domain.

Q.7 How can souls achieve liberation from Kaal's realm?

Souls can achieve liberation from Kaal's realm by seeking the true spiritual knowledge imparted by Supreme God Kabir Ji and his enlightened saints. By understanding and following this knowledge, souls can get rid from the cycle of birth and death and return to Satlok, the eternal abode of Supreme God.

Q.8 How does Supreme God Kabir Ji assist souls in achieving Salvation?

Supreme God Kabir Ji assists souls in achieving salvation by imparting true spiritual knowledge and guiding them back to their original divine state. His teachings and the sacred mantra (Sarnam) protect and enlighten souls, enabling them to get rid from Kaal's domain and return to Satlok.


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Shiva Gupta

The depiction of nature's creation in the article initially seemed like a fabricated tale to me, but upon reading it in its entirety, I found it somewhat plausible. However, this enigma appears beyond human comprehension and can only be understood by the Supreme God.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, thank you for engaging with our article. It's understandable that the concept of nature's creation may seem unfamiliar at first. However, as you delve into the evidence presented, its validity becomes apparent. Indeed, understanding the creation of nature requires insight from the one who orchestrated it all. Almighty God Kabir Ji, the creator of the universe, has provided comprehensive knowledge about creation through divine revelations. For deeper spiritual insights, we recommend reading "Gyan Ganga" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, available on various social media platforms.

Reena Maurya

Why is this period considered the only Bhakti Yuga when people worship God at all times? Couldn't every era be called a Bhakti Yuga, and salvation be attained by chanting the mantra of our preferred deity?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your inquiry. This era, known as Kalyug, has been specifically chosen by God Kabir Ji to unveil the mysteries of spirituality that were previously concealed. It's designated as a Bhakti Yuga to disseminate spiritual wisdom and reveal the mantra of salvation, which was previously inaccessible. While devotion to any deity is commendable, complete salvation can only be achieved through the mantra prescribed by Supreme God Kabir Ji. Various pieces of evidence support this assertion. For a comprehensive understanding of spirituality, we recommend reading and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.