How Kamali Got Salvation by The Grace of Almighty Kabir

How Kamali Got Salvation by The Grace of Almighty Kabir

The complete salvation of the soul cannot happen without taking refuge in a complete saint and doing true devotion to Satpurush Kabir Sahib. Therefore, God Himself appears in this deceased world and plays the role of an enlightened saint and tells the true way of devotion. The blessed souls who come into His shelter become eligible for the attainment of immortal abode Satlok where God resides.

The happiness realm is where there is no old age, no death, no sorrow.  Almighty Kabir stays with those beloved pious souls who come in His shelter in all four ages and ensures their emancipation in the specified duration in the middle generation of Kalyug as per His commitment. In this connection, God came and met a devout soul named Kamali.

Let us know all about such a great devotee through the following facts as mentioned in this article.

  • Who was Kamali?
  • Earlier human births of Kamali
  • A brief about Kamali as Rabiya and Bansuri in earlier human births
  • Earlier human births of Sheikhtaki, the father of Kamali
  • God Kabir restored the life of Kamali
  • Kamali facilitated Maharishi Sarvanand for a meeting with Kabir Sahib
  • Sant Garib Das Ji certifies, Kamali attained liberation

Who was Kamali?

Kamali was the adopted daughter of Kabir Sahib who restored her life after she died at the age of twelve years and was buried in the grave. This incident took place 625 years ago when God was playing divine spectacle as a weaver in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

In reality, Sheikhtaki the Muslim religious guru in Delhi of King Sikander Lodhi was her biological father who was jealous of Kabir Sahib and out of arrogance, pride and envy challenged Kabir Sahib to bring his dead daughter to life then he will accept His powers and He being Allahu Akbar. The same was done by God thereafter, He brought up Kamali as His daughter because she refused to accept Seikhtaki as her father.

Note: Evidence from Rigveda Mandal no.10 Sukta 4 Mantra 4 states that Almighty KavirDev does not bear any woman when He descends on earth.

In this connection, God Kabir also restored the life of a 10-12-year-old boy as a bet put forth by Shekhtaki. That boy was named Kamal whom God Kabir kept with him as His adopted son similar to Kamali. He was the foster father of Kamal and Kamali. Neeru-Neema were the foster parents of Kabir Sahib at that time. Kabir Sahib did not marry hence, had no wife

Earlier Human Births of Kamali

Reference: Book Musalman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran’ written by great enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on page no. 183

As per His rule, God Kabir appears in all four ages in the realms of Brahm Kaal and meets His steadfast devotees. He imparts them true spiritual knowledge, grants true salvation mantras and charges their devotional battery to liberate them in the specified duration in Kalyug according to His commitment to Brahm Kaal.

It has been mentioned in the nectar speech of Sacchidanad Ghan Brahm i.e. In Kabir Vani

Garib, Jo Jan meri sharan hai, taka hun mein Das |
Gail-gail lagya phirun, jab lag dharti Akash ||

Garib, jyon baccha gau ki Nazar mein, yon saai ne sant |
Bhakton ke peechey phirey, wo bhakt vatsal Bhagwant ||

God Kabir manages everything in three ways. In one stage He is enthroned as a King in His immortal abode Satlok from where He runs all the universes with His power. The second stage is when He descends in the form of a saint in the realms of Brahm Kaal and meets His beloved souls. The third stage is He appears as an infant on a Lotus flower in a pond from where a childless couple picks him and brings him up as their child. God does these spectacles to take his beloved children (we souls) into His shelter intending to liberate souls from the web of butcher Brahm Kaal.

In this connection, God Kabir descended on a lotus flower in a pond as an infant in Satyug from where a childless Brahmin couple named Vidhyadhar and Deepika took him and did His upbringing. Then in Treta Yuga the same soul of Pandit Vidhyadhar became sage Vedvigya and Deepika was again his wife named Surya. Then both found God Kabir as an infant and did His upbringing. In between they had other births in other life forms as well and as humans In other communities.

In Kalyug, the same soul of Deepika/ Surya was born in a Muslim family as Rabiya. After this, she spent one human life as a whore. Then the same soul was again born in a Muslim family as Bansuri. Then she was born to the wife of Sheikhtaki and was named Kamali.

A Brief About Kamali as Rabiya and Bansuri in Earlier Human Births

Reference: The nectar speech of respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj in holy scripture ‘Granth Sahib’ in ‘Parakh Ka Ang’ in speech no. 56 – 59 and in ‘Abla ke Ang’ speech no. 363 – 368. It provides evidence about the birth and life history of Rabiya, Bansuri and Kamali.

Before being born Kamali, she was Rabiya who was birth in the Muslim religion. God Kabir met her at that time in the form of Jinda Baba and preached to her about the creation of Nature.

He provided her true salvation mantras after which she quit arbitrary worship which she used to do earlier as was prevalent in Muslim religion like praying Namaz, celebrating EID, Bakra EID, etc. She did true devotion as provided by God for four years but due to the lack of Satsang she quit it and with Kaal’s inspiration and pressure from the society she again started the same unscriptural practices of Muslim religion. But the longing for Allahu Akbar/ God Kabir remained intact.

As a result, she even refused to marry since she wanted to spend her whole life in devotion to Allah. But due to the pressure from her parents and to keep their respect in society, she finally gave consent for marriage. However, she categorically clarified to her husband that she married simply to keep the honour of her parents and she would not develop any relationship with him as husband-wife.

She only wants to do devotion. Her husband was an officer and a virtuous soul who gave respect to her sentiments and decisions and agreed since he did not want to become a hindrance to her devotion. He treated her like his sister and married another girl.

When Rabiya attained the age of fifty years she expressed her wish to go for Hajj to Mecca and her humble husband allowed her. Evidence from holy scriptures proves that for such a pious soul Rabiya, even Mecca flew from its original place which was 60 miles away from a well on the way to Mecca where she quenched the thirst of a bitch and her puppies.

A celestial announcement was made by the grace of Allahu Akbar that ‘O pious soul! Mecca has come to pick you up, enter into it. She entered Mecca then it flew back to its original destination. In the entire Muslim community, she was highly glorified as being a steadfast devotee similar to Meerabai is glorified in the Hindu community.

After some time Rabiya died and her next birth was again in the Muslim community as Bansuri. The seed of devotion to attain Allah/ God was still profound in her soul and she used to sing hymns according to traditional Muslim religion. There is a belief in the Muslim religion that whoever dies in Mecca attains heaven (Bahisht). Aiming the same, Bansuri in her old age went to Mecca where she beheaded herself. The people glorified that Pious soul Bansuri attained heaven since she sacrificed her life in Mecca.  

Note: Salvation can never be attained by sacrificing like Bansuri. This is the outcome of Kaal’s inspiration with which the soul remains trapped in Kaal’s web and does not get rid of the sufferings of 84 lakh life forms. God is only obtained by ‘Sahaj Samadhi’ simple way of devotion when the seeker takes refuge in an enlightened saint and chants true salvation mantras as obtained from Tatvadarshi saint. By remaining in the prescribed rules of devotion till the last breath the seeker attains emancipation. God is pleased with the true dedication of His devotees and not by tantrums.

Hence, Bansuri was not liberated. Then the same soul was born as a girl in another community and according to her deeds (Karma), she spent her next life as a whore. The next birth of the same soul of Deepika/ Surya/ Rabiya/ Bansuri was of Kamali in Kalyuga almost 625 years ago.

Earlier Human Births of Sheikhtaki, The Father of Kamali

Reference: Book ‘Muktibodh’ on page no 279 written by Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

The soul of Sheikhtaki in Kalyug was a Brahmin in Dwaparyug by the name of Gangeshwar who used to strongly oppose God Kabir. As a result, He was even against his son named Ganesha (the same soul as Seu, son of Samman and Neki in Kalyug) since he was the disciple of God Kabir at that time. With Kaal’s inspiration, he made the same opposition in Kalyug due to which Sheikhtaki (Gangeshwar) became the enemy of Almighty Kabir. He was highly jealous of Him since Emperor Sikander Lodhi after being cured of an incurable skin burn disease by the blessing of God Kabir Saheb used to respect Him a lot and used to glorify Him identifying Kabir as Allahu Akbar.

God Kabir Restored the Life of Kamali

Reference: Book 'Musalman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran’ written by Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on pages 186-188

With the four years of true devotion that Rabiya did she kept on getting continuous human births. The fourth human birth of that soul was Kamali, the daughter of the Muslim Peer Sheikhtaki. 625 years ago when God Kabir was performing a divine act in Kashi at that time emperor Sikander Lodhi became His disciple. His Muslim religious Peer Sheikhtaki was highly jealous of Kabir Sahib.

Since Sikander Lodhi used to glorify God Kabir that He is Allahu Akbar, Shekhtaki denied accepting this truth in spite after giving several bullying to Kabir Sahib he noticed that God was not at all harmed because He is immortal. Sheikhtaki provoked Muslims to support him since the King has become Kafir and calls Kabir Allah whereas Allah is Bechoon (formless). We cannot see Him.

At last, Shekhtaki challenged that if Kabir would restore the life of his dead daughter who was in grave then he would accept ‘Kabir is God’. God accepted and a day was fixed. The announcement was made all around that Kabir had accepted the challenge of Sheikhtaki and would restore the life of his dead daughter. Several people gathered. The dead body of a 12-13 years old girl,  was taken out from the grave and was laid on the ground in front of Kabir Sahib.

First God Kabir told Sheikhtaki to try restoring his daughter’s life.

People around said ‘Lord, had Sheikhtaki been capable of restoring then who would let his daughter die? To save the life of their children people happily spend their entire wealth. God, you do the honour’. Revered Kabir Sahib said ‘O the daughter of Shekhtaki, come alive’.  God said this thrice but all efforts went in vain. Seeing God Kabir fail, the wicked Sheikhtaqi started dancing and rejoicing, saying ‘The hypocrisy of the hypocrite has been caught’. In reality, it was God’s spectacle to prove that Sheikhtaqi is arrogant about his post and is jealous. He wasn’t sad about his daughter not coming to life but was happy to see Kabir’s defeat.

In this context Kabir Sahib says

‘Kabir, Raj tajna sehej hai, Sehej tirya ka neh |
Maan badhaee irshya, durlabh tajna ye ||

Then Kabir Sahib said ‘Sit down Shekhtaqi, have patience’. Then Kabir Sahib ordered that ‘O soul, wherever you are enter this dead body by Kabir’s order and come alive’. Immediately, the dead body shivered and the girl stood up.

Note: Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 161 Mantra 2, Sukt 162 Mantra 5 and Sukt 163 Mantra 1-3 provide evidence that Almighty Kabir can resurrect the dead.

Then the girl immediately prostrated to Kabir Sahib. Then by the grace of Kabir Sahib, she recalled her previous human births. She preached for 1.5 hours there and glorified Allah Kabir stating that she quit true worship granted in her previous birth due to which she is continuously getting human births but could not be liberated. This was her last human birth as the daughter of Sheikhtaqi and further she had to suffer in 84 lakh life forms, had God Kabir not showered mercy. She told people around that whom you consider just a weaver Kabir is no ordinary man. He is Allahu Akbar descended from the immortal abode Satlok for the welfare of we humans.

She also told people that all must take His refuge to get their welfare done. Only Kabir Sahib can liberate trapped souls from the web of butcher Brahm Kaal. No religious practice, be it prevalent in Hindu or Muslim religion, can provide salvation to creatures. He is the Savior, the creator of entire universes’. The people present there highly glorified Kabir Sahib that you did amazingly. God named the girl ‘Kamali’ and adopted her as a daughter and did her upbringing since Kamali refused to accept Sheikhtaki as her father. God gave her initiation also thousands of people present there identified the power of God and took His shelter.

When Kamali grew young Kabir Sahib married her to one of His devotees in Multan city.

(evidence on page255-256 in the book ‘Musalman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran)

Kamali Facilitated Maharishi Sarvanand for a Meeting With Kabir Sahib

There was one great sage by the name ‘Sarvanand’ 625 years ago in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, India. He was a Brahmin, a scholar who had defeated all contemporary scholars in scriptural debate and hence was arrogant of his intelligence. He thought to rename himself from ‘Sarvanand’ to ‘Sarvajeet’ considering himself to be the winner in spiritual knowledge and to gain recognition and fame in society.

Therefore, he went to his mother and put forth the same desire. His mother Sharda Devi was the disciple of Kabir Sahib. She said ‘Sarvanand, if you will defeat my Gurudev Kabir in scriptural debate then I will name you ‘Sarvajeet’. He was so overconfident about his spiritual knowledge and was ignorant that Kabir is God, the knower of all Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Quran, all holy scriptures and entire spirituality that he agreed and said ‘What spiritual knowledge does that illiterate weaver Kabir possess. I will defeat him in the debate and will come soon. His mother said ‘Bring in writing from Kabir Gurudev if you defeat him in scriptural debate’. Sarvanand agreed and loading an OX with all holy scriptures, Vedas, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, etc. he went to the weavers colony to meet Kabir’. Untouchability was at its peak at that time. He felt very thirsty and was looking for drinking water. He saw ‘Kamali’ drawing water from the well so he asked her to quench his thirst.

After drinking water he noticed that people around were seeing him, a Brahmin drinking water from the well in the weavers colony who were Shudras, the untouchables. Immediately, he pretended as if he was ignorant and said to Kamali ‘Oh| is this the weavers' colony, why did you give me water to drink from the well of untouchables?’. Kamali said ‘You should have asked this before drinking water. In the weavers colony, the well also belongs to weavers. You were about to die of thirst. Had I not given you water to drink?

Then Sarvanand asked Kamali to fill water in his Pot to the brim and give it to Kabir very carefully so that the water does not spill while carrying it. He told her to give whatever reply Kabir gave. Kamali did the same. Kabir Sahib put a needle in that brimful pot and asked Kamali to provide it to Sarvanand who could not understand what Kabir Ji replied. Then he went to Kabir Saheb and asked him what putting the needle in a pot meant. Kabir Sahib told him that His spiritual knowledge is so heavy (true) that it will settle deep in the heart just as the needle sunk and settled at the base of the pot and your knowledge is baseless which will overflow. Later, Sarvanand had a scriptural debate in which he was defeated by Kabir Ji. Then he accepted Kabir as Almighty and took his refuge. In this way, Kamali Facilitated the meeting of Sarvanand and God KavirDev.

Sant Garib Das Ji Certifies, Kamali Attained Liberation

Reference: Sukshamveda, Nectar speech no. 108 on page 151, Yatharth Bhakti Bodh by

Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Meera Bai aur Kamali, Bhilnee nache de de tali ||

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj has mentioned in his nectar speech that God Kabir blessed a few souls like Meera Bai, Kamali, and Bhilni by granting them salvation mantras, such pious souls now rejoice about being liberated.

Conclusion: It has been mentioned in Yajurveda Chapter 8 Verse 13 that Param Akshar Brahm/ Supreme God forgives even the grave sins of His true devotee.

In the same holy Yajurveda Chapter 5 Verse 32, it has been mentioned that Almighty Kabir is the enemy of sins. He destroys the sins of his seekers and forgives them. Thus, creatures become eligible for the attainment of salvation.

After several births, finally, Kamali’s welfare was finally achieved by the grace of God Kabir.

The aforementioned, true account proves emancipation of creatures is possible only by taking refuge in Satguru. Today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only true spiritual leader on earth who is none other than God Kabir Himself descended on earth for the welfare of the whole mankind. He is providing true spiritual knowledge and granting true Salvation mantras which he gave to Kamali. Everyone must take initiation from him to attain salvation.

FAQs about "How Kamali Got Salvation by The Grace of Almighty Kabir

Q.1 Who is Kamali?

Kamali was the adopted daughter of Kabir Saheb Ji, who was brought back to life by Kabir Saheb after she died at a young age. She was born into a Muslim family and later adopted by Kabir Saheb.

Q.2 What were the earlier human births of Kamali?

Kamali, previously known as Rabiya and Bansuri, had multiple human births in different communities, retaining a deep longing for God in each life.

Q.3 Who was Sheikhtaki, and what role did he play in Kamali's life?

Sheikhtaki was Kamali's biological father, a Muslim religious guru who challenged Kabir Saheb Ji's powers. He tested Kabir Saheb Ji's abilities by challenging Him to bring Kamali back to life.

Q.4 How did Kabir Saheb restore Kamali's life?

Kabir Saheb accepted Sheikhtaki's challenge and brought Kamali back to life after she had been buried. Kabir Saheb Ji's divine powers ultimately resurrected Kamali, showcasing His supremacy.

Q.5 How did Sarvanand come to accept Kabir Saheb's spiritual authority?

Sarvanand, initially skeptical of Kabir Saheb Ji's spiritual knowledge, engaged in a scriptural debate with Him. However, after being defeated and witnessing Kabir Saheb Ji's wisdom, Sarvanand accepted Kabir Saheb Ji as Almighty and took refuge in Him.

Q.6 What evidence supports the liberation of Kamali?

Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj certified in Amar Granth Saheb that Kamali attained liberation, along with other pious souls like Meera Bai and Bhilni, by receiving salvation mantras from Kabir Saheb Ji.

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From what I've learned from books, Kamali was believed to be born to Kabir Saheb Ji and Loyi. However, this article presents a different perspective on Kabir Sahib Ji's life history, causing confusion.

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Dear reader, your feedback on our article is highly valued. It's evident that there exists considerable confusion surrounding the life history of Kabir Saheb Ji, primarily because many individuals have attempted to conceal the truth about his divine nature as the almighty God Kabir Ji, who descended to Earth to impart genuine spiritual knowledge. Understanding him requires the grace of the almighty God. As affirmed in Kabir Sagar, he neither had a birth nor a wife or children. He revived a young dead girl almost 600 years ago whom he adopted and did her upbringing. She was named Kamali whose biological father was Sheikhtaki, a Muslim peer of Emperor Sikandder Lodhi. For deeper insights, we recommend delving into the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to spiritual discourses by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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I've come across numerous accounts glorifying Kabir Sahib Ji's feats, but I've always been puzzled about his true identity, considering that ordinary individuals can't perform such remarkable miracles. The article sheds some light on this matter, and I'm eager to learn more about him.

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