Creation Of Universe - Beginning

This is a true story of ‘Creation of Nature’ but someone reading it for the first time might feel that it is baseless. However it is the most authentic account with ample evidences from our Holy Scriptures

In the beginning,

there was only one place ‘Anami (Anamay) Lok’, which is also known as Akah Lok. The Supreme God used to live alone in the Anami lok. The real name of that God is KavirDev i.e. God Kabir. All the souls were contained in the body of that Supreme God.

Almighty KavirDev (God Kabir) then created three other lower Loks (places), Agam Lok, Alakh Lok & Satlok with the power of his word (Shabd).

History of Creation of Nature / Universe

After creating the three loks, God Kabir then descended to Satlok and did further creation in Satlok. With the power of his word He created 16 islands from 1 word. Then with 16 words he gave rise to sixteen sons. He created one Mansarover (a very big lake in Satlok) and filled it with nectar.

Birth of Akshar Purush (Par Brahm)

God Kabir entrusted the rest of Satlok’s creation work to His son, Achint, and gave him the power to do it. Achint created Akshar Purush (Param Brahm) with the power of word and asked him to assist in the work of creation. Akshar Purush went to Mansarover to take a bath and started enjoying there and fell asleep. He did not come out for a very long time.

Birth of Kshar Purush (Jyoti Niranjan)

Then, on Achint’s request, to wake Akshar Purush from sleep, God Kabir took some nectar from that Mansarover and made an egg out of it. God Kabir inserted a soul into that egg and then dropped the egg in the ‘nectar’ water of Mansarover. The thunder of the egg disturbed Akshar Purush’s sleep. He looked at the egg in anger and it broke into two halves. From it, came out Jyoti Niranjan (Kshar Purush) who later came to be known as ‘Kaal’.

God Kabir's order to Akshar & Kshar Purush

Then, God Kabir ordered (through an ethervoice) both of them to live in Achint’s island (dweep). After getting the permission, both Akshar Purush and Kshar Purush (Kael) started living in Achint’s island.

By doing so God Kabir showed children’s foolishness to them, so that they do not crave for power and realize that nothing can be successful without the Almighty.

God Kabir then himself did the rest of the creation in Satlok and produced all the souls by the power of his word and gave them a human form like Himself

How were the souls caught in Kaal's trap?

Jyoti Niranjan's Desire & Meditation

After a long time, Kshar Purush (Jyoti Niranjan) thought that we three (Achint, Akshar Purush & Kshar Purush) are living in one island and others are living in their own separate islands. So with a desire to obtain his own island, he meditated by standing on one leg for 70 yugas (ages).

In return for his meditation God Kabir granted 21 Brahmands (Universes) to Jyoti Niranjan. These were empty, so with desire to do creation in these universes, Jyoti Niranjan meditated again for 70 yugas. God Kabir gave him 3 qualities and 5 elements this time. With these, Jyoti Niranjan did some construction in his universes. As he felt lonely in his universes, he meditated again for 64 yugas to ask God Kabir for some souls. While Jyoti Niranjan was meditating, many souls got attracted towards him.

God Kabir said to Jyoti Niranjan that I can give you more universes for your meditation but cannot give souls, however if the souls want to go with you at their own will then I can let them go.

Jyoti Niranjan asked the souls to accompany him

On hearing this Jyoti Niranjan went to all the souls and asked them to accompany him to his universes. The souls were already attracted towards him and hence expressed their desire to go with him but only if God Kabir gave them the permission to go.

How were the souls caught in Kaal's trap? (contd.)

Souls consented to go with Jyoti Niranjan

Jyoti Niranjan told God Kabir about his conversation with other souls. God Kabir said that I will allow those souls to go with you who give consent in front of me. God Kabir and Jyoti Niranjan went to all the souls. God Kabir said that whichever soul wants to go with Jyoti Niranjan should express their consent by raising their hand. Nobody dared in front of the Father. After some time, one soul dared and said, “Father, I want to go”. And then in imitation of him, all other souls [who are now trapped in Kaal’s (Brahm’s) 21 brahmands] gave consent too. God Kabir asked Jyoti Niranjan to go back to his 21 brahmands (universes) and said that I will send all these souls to you.

Uptill now, these 21 brahmands were in Satlok only.

The Genesis of Durga, & Misbehaviour of Kaal

The Genesis of Durga

God Kabir gave a girl’s appearance to the soul who gave the first consent, but did not create any female genitals. He inserted all the souls (who had consented to go with Jyoti Niranjan) in that girl’s body. God Kabir named her Ashtra (Aadi Maya / Prakriti Devi / Durga), and said that daughter, I have granted you ‘word power’ (shabd shakti). You may produce as many living beings as Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm) says.

Sahaj Das takes Durga to Jyoti Niranjan

God Kabir then asked His son Sahaj Das to take Prakriti Devi (Durga) to Jyoti Niranjan. Sahaj Das took her to Jyoti Niranjan and said that Father has inserted all those souls who had consented to go with you in this sister’s body and has granted ‘word’ power to her. Prakriti will produce as many living beings as you want with her word (shabd). After saying this Sahaj Das returned to his island.

Jyoti Niranjan tries to molest Durga

The girl, being young, looked beautiful and attractive. As a result sexual desires arose in the mind of Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm) and he started misbehaving with Prakriti Devi (Durga) . Durga said that Jyoti Niranjan I have the power of word, granted by Father. I will produce as many living beings as you will say. Please do not start the custom of intercourse. You and I have originated from the same Father and you are my elder brother. This act between a brother and a sister will lead to a heinous sin. But Jyoti Niranjan ignored all her appeals and by his word power made female genitals on her body and then tried to rape her. Immediately, Durga, in order to save herself and finding no other way out, acquired a miniature form and via Jyoti Niranjan’s opened mouth, entered into his stomach. From there, she requested her Father God Kabir to save her.

Expulsion of Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) from Satlok

Jyoti Niranjan punished for misbehaviour

On hearing the plea of Prakriti Devi (Durga), God Kabir, in the form of His own son Yog Santayan alias Yogjit, instantly appeared there. God Kabir took the girl out of Jyoti Niranjan's (Brahm) stomach and said that Jyoti Niranjan, from now on you will be called ‘Kaal’. You will have births and deaths and therefore, your name will be Kshar Purush (Perishable God). You will eat one-lakh human beings and produce a lakh and a quarter, daily. You both, along with the 21 brahmands, are expelled from here. Immediately, 21 brahmands started moving from there like an aircraft, passed Sahaj Das’s island and came 16 sankh Kos away from Satlok and stopped.

(one Sankh = one hundred quadrillion i.e. 1017; and one Kos = approximately 3 k.m.)

Birth of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv

After being ousted from Satlok, Kaal (Brahm) said to Prakriti (Durga) that who can harm me now? I will do what I want. Prakriti again pleaded him to have some shame. Prakriti said that Firstly, you are my elder brother. Secondly, I have come out of your stomach, so I am your daughter now and you are my father. It would be highly sinful to malign these pure relationships. Father has given me word power. I will produce as many living beings as you will say with my word. Jyoti Niranjan ignored Durga’s all appeals and said that I have already got the punishment I deserved; I have been expelled from Satlok. Now I will do what ever I wish. On saying this, he forcefully married Durga who then later on gave birth to three sons viz. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv.

Kaal's Pledge

After marrying Durga, Kaal pledged that he would not appear before anyone from now on. Kaal said to Durga that no one would be able to get a sight of me by any means like recitation, meditation etc.. I will remain hidden and perform all the tasks secretly via you and our three sons (Brahma, Vishnu Shiv).

Kaal keeps Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv in Ignorance

Kaal (Brahm) keeps the three sons unconscious through Durga until they grow up. When they grow up, Kaal (Brahm) brings Brahma into consciousness on a lotus flower, Vishnu on a snake bed (Shesh Shaiya) and Shiv on a Kailash mountain.

He then makes Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv assemble, gets them married via Prakriti (Durga), and appoints them as ministers of one department each, in three loks [Heaven (Swarglok), Earth (Prithvilok) and Nether world (Patal lok)].

In one brahmand Kaal makes Brahma the minister of Rajogun department, Vishnu Ji of Satogun department and Shiv Shankar Ji of Tamogun department, and himself secretly holds the post of a Chief Minister as MahaBrahma – MahaVishnu – MahaShiv and thus ultimately performs all the tasks via Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv.

Responsibilities of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiv

God Brahma - to create bodies of 84 lakh species of life i.e. producing living beings by compelling them for reproduction of offsprings under the effect of Rajogun.

God Vishnu - to nurture these living beings (according to their actions), and maintain the state by developing love and affection.

God Shiv Shankar (Mahadev) - to destroy living beings because their father Kaal (Brahm) has to daily consume one-lakh human beings.

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