Concept of God & Tirthankar's in Jainism (Jain Religion)

Concept of God & Tirthankar's in Jainism (Jain Religion)

Since the time the soul has separated from God, it is restless and is wandering in search of eternal peace. Human life revolves around karmas (deeds). Auspicious deeds done by humans provide him / her all the comforts and happiness in human life whereas sins result in grief and sorrow. Followers of the Hindu religion, Jain religion, and Buddha religion strongly believe in Karmas.

The soul wants to get rid of the agony of birth and rebirth; therefore, the soul in human birth follows various religious practices to enhance its auspicious karmas and reduce sins. The fact remains that human birth is obtained to attain salvation by doing true worship which is scriptures based. If focus from this prime motive is deviated then the human birth is a sheer wastage. Rest, all activities even creatures in other life forms are also doing. The affection with family members, fulfilling their responsibilities and like; this even other creatures are equally performing. Then, where does the difference lie between the humans and those animals and birds and other species?

The difference is; humans are intelligent and can easily understand the concept of God and can worship to attain their prime motive ie. salvation. Today we are humans and have lots of facilities in life but we forget that after death we will become animals. The region where we are living is called the region of Satan God ie. Brahm-Kaal. He deceives innocent souls and misguides through fake religious practices so that the souls remain in his trap and should never know about the true way of worship, about the concept of God;  through which souls would be able to attain Nirvana (salvation). 

Attaining Nirvana means getting victory in crossing over the cycle of births and rebirths by leading the spiritual life which destroys bad Karmas. The same concept of Nirvana (Moksha) is the spiritual goal in Jainism for the ascetics and to the followers and devotees who believe Tirthankaras are God  this is to enhance their Karmas by good conduct which will lead to a better rebirth that could be a step closer to liberation. For the knowledge of the followers of Jain religion who strongly believe in Karmas and whose spiritual goal is to attain Moksha (salvation) this article will be an eye-opener. 

Deep research and analysis of the holy scriptures of Jain religion reveal that the current religious practices prevalent amongst Jain devotees are inappropriate and insignificant for the attainment of salvation. So, what is the correct way of worship practicing which humans can attain Nirvana?. What is the Concept of God & Tirthankaras in Jainism (Jain Religion)?

We will analyze Jain religion and their religious practices and judge through this write-up what is the correct way of worship which leads to the liberation of the soul. The highlights of this write up would be:-

Concept of Nirvana in Jain Religion

Jains believe there is one safe, happy and quiet place which is difficult to approach where there is no disease, no old age, no pain, no death. That is perfection or Nirvana. They believe great sages have reached there and have become free from sorrows. They have put an end to the flow of existence. 

Note: Saints tell there is an eternal place called ‘Satlok’ where Supreme God Param Akshar Brahm resides where there is no old age, no sorrow, no death. That immortal abode is attainable by the true worship of the complete God provided by a Tatvadarshi saint. This will be explained in this write-up ahead.

Religious Practices in Jainism

Here, we will analyze:- Is ‘Namokar’ Mantra in Jainism the same as ‘OM’ mantra in Vedas and Shrimad Bhagawad Gita?

Jains believe there can be a lot of ways and methods by which God can be worshipped. Jainism signifies the strongest ascetic tradition which is penance driven. This includes remaining naked, fasting and doing austerity. This is done with a belief to burn away past Karmas and end the generation of new Karmas. This falls in the category of forced meditation (hath yoga).

In Jain religion, there are two types of sages

  • Those who remain naked and imitate earlier great men/sages. All the followers of Jain religion be it men, women, children, old people worship those nude sages. They are called ‘Digamber sages’. In this, females are not made sages. 

Note: Important to understand is; do the Jain females do not wish to attain salvation? If your path is true then strip the females as well and carry procession. By denying the truth and by merely following the tradition God cannot be attained. 

  • The second category is of ‘Shwetambar sages’. They wear white clothes and tie a cloth strip on their mouth. In this, females are also sages. Jain monks and nuns have to detach themselves from worldly pleasures. They have to abstain from sensual pleasures and have to renounce property and all social relations.

Note:- The females or males who take initiation from Shvetambers their hairs of head and beard are scratched with their hands. This is highly painful. Jain followers believe; in devotion; to torture the body is highly beneficial. Whereas in reality, such practice and belief is useless and leads to hell. Salvation is beyond imagination.

Note:- Holy scriptures like Shrimad Bhagwat Gita chapter 6 verse 16 strictly prohibits fasting in the path of attainment of God. Gita Chapter 4 Verse 25-31 says all seekers by mistake consider their religious practices to be the destroyer of sins and continue doing these useless practices.

Therefore, such religious practices raise a question mark in the mind of the devotees. Is this the correct way of worship? Will God be attained with this way of worship?. Let us try to understand from the speech of a great saint.  

Great Sant Garibdas Ji in his nectar speech says as told to him by Almighty Kavir Dev

Garib, pratham ann jal sanyam rakhey (गरीब, प्रथम अन्न जल संयम रखें)
Yog yukt sab Satguru bhakhey (योग युक्त सब  सतगुरु भाखे)

Meaning: One should maintain discipline in his eating habits. This way of worship is told to me by my Satguru. This proves meditation and fasting is not the correct way of worship.

Is the Namokar Mantra in Jainism same as the Omkar mantra in Veda and Gita Ji?

Namokara’ mantra is the common prayer in Jainism. They chant ‘Odonkar’ (णोंकार) mantra which is the twisted form and wrong utterance of ‘OM’ mantra mentioned in pious Shrimad Bhagawad Gita chapter 8 verse 13 and Vedas. 

Note: The giver of the knowledge of Gita Ji ie. Brahm-Kaal says creatures who attain Brahamlok by chanting ‘OM’ mantra ie. Those who worship till Brahm are also in recurrence. Gita chapter 8 verse 16. He tells his worship is inferior in Gita chapter 7 verse 18. ‘OM’ mantra works only if it is provided by an enlightened saint. This religious practice is also useless according to Gita Ji. 

This makes clear that the chanting of the ‘Namokara’ mantra will not liberate Jeev. Yes, this is the same ‘OM’ mantra but the utterance is wrong. This is inappropriate to attain Nirvana.

Gita chapter 17 verse 23 tells for the attainment of God ie. for attaining complete salvation three mantras are to be chanted by the seeker which works only if an enlightened saint, a Tatvadarshi sant provides ie. chant  OM-TAT-SAT (coded) mantra

Gita chapter 4 verse 32-34 tells with only the way of worship told by a Tatvadarshi sant complete salvation can be attained.

Aforesaid evidence raises doubt to the devotees that the religious practices followed in Jain religion seems to be inappropriate and insignificant in the attainment of God. Then what is the correct way of worship? Let us proceed and do a deep analysis of God in Jainism.

Concept of God in Jainism

Let us find out according to Jainism; Is God in form? or Is He formless?

Being a Polytheistic religion Jains do not believe in one God. Jains believe  Karmas determine the quality of a being and no supreme power is needed to keep the universe in existence. There is no creative supreme power who has created the universe.  There is no creator God of the universe. Existence has been since the beginning which happens with the union of a male with a female and later everyone dies. 

Jains believe in idol worship. They do not put any idol of God like Hindus, for example, Shree Vishnu Ji, Shree Shiv Ji, Shree Brahma Ji or Goddess. They believe Tirthankaras born as human beings; through meditation and self-realization when they attain enlightenment are God in Jainism since they have attained Nirvana. The ultimate level of spiritualism to Tirthankaras is Jina.  They believe Jinas have been liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Therefore, Tirthankaras are eternal. They are the pure souls and are God in Jainism and keep their idols in their temples.

Note: If Jain religion’s concept of God is trusted then this signifies all of us can become God since every human being has the potential and with practices like forced mediation (hath yoga) and fasting every soul can become perfect. Everyone can be God. Hence, the concept of God in Jainism raises doubt to devotees because there can never be many Gods. 

The giver of the knowledge of Gita tells in Chapter 15 Verse 16 and 17 to Arjun that if you want eternal peace then worship Param Akshar Brahm who by entering into three loks (regions) nurtures everyone. He is the supreme power and his information will be provided by a Tatvadarshi saint. This means there is some supreme power who is running the whole universe. Vedas also support and provide evidence that God is in human form. But Jains believe there is no supreme power, no God. 

Gita chapter 16 verse 8 says: ‘Those with demonic nature who tell that the world is devoid of patronage, is downright unreal and is without the supreme power, without God; all by itself it is created by the union of male and female. The prime reason for this is only natural physical desires. What else?. 

Let us proceed and understand who are Tirthankaras and are they Gods?

speech of Almighty Kavir Dev in Kabir Sagar.

Ref: Summary of ‘Bhavtaran Bodh’ on page 61-62, Mukti Bodh chapter 20 page 63, ‘Ugr Gita’ chapter 25 page 105-144 and in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 –‘OM-TAT-SAT’ mantra is for the attainment of God. 

Followers of Jain religion believe their Tirthankaras are God since they have attained certain spiritual accomplishments. They are the victorious saviours. Here, it becomes imperative to clarify to the readers that by attaining Kevalya level of spiritualism Jeev cannot attain Nirvana. This is a wrong belief that Tirthankaras are God and they have put them in the category of Divine.

Hence, the question, Are Tirthankaras God is clarified. This is merely a wrong belief. Tirthankaras cannot be God. The fact is there is only one God about whom all holy scriptures provide evidence. He is Almighty Kavir Dev. 

How Many Tirthankaras in Jain Religion?

The wheel of time of the universe according to Jainism is divided into two halves. The ascending time cycle is called Utsarpini and the descending time cycle is called Avasarpini. There are 24 Tirthankaras in Jain religion who are believed to be their spiritual teachers and victorious saviours. It is believed that all twenty-four Tirthankaras grace the universe in each half of the time cycle. Rishabh Dev was the first Tirthankara who had attained Kevalya knowledge and Mahavir Jain the last ie. the twenty-fourth Tirthankara

Who is an Arihant?

A Tirthankara after attaining Kevalya knowledge (a level in spiritual knowledge) becomes an Arihant and preached righteousness then he is called a victor (Jina). This means he has won over vices like lust, anger, attachment, greed, and pride. They are free from personal desires and inner passions. The spiritual knowledge of the Kevalya level enhances accomplishments in them. They peach the same to their followers considering it to be the spiritual level of attainment of salvation. 

Let us proceed to understand whether the first Tirthankara called Rishabh Nanda has attained salvation with the religious practices he followed? Who was Rishabh Dev? 

Who was Rishabh Dev?

Rishabh Dev is the founder and the first Tirthankar of Jain religion. Let us know about him in detail.

Ref: Kabir Sagar chapter 31 ‘Jain Dharam Bodh’ on page no. 45 (1389)

Suryavanshi Nabhiraj was the famous ruler of Ayodhya. He belonged to the ‘Ikshvaku’ dynasty. ‘Iksvaku’ was the son of Shri Manu.  Manu was the son of Lord Brahma.

King Nabhiraj’s wife’s name was Marudevi. He had a son called Rishabh Dev or Rishabhnanda who later became the King of Ayodhya. He was the King of religious views. He used to take special care of his people. Rishabh Dev had two wives named Sunanda and Sumangla. With Sunanda he had a son named Bahubali and the daughter named Sundari and with Sumangla he had a total 99 sons including Bharat and one daughter named Brahmi. In total Rishabhnanda had 100 sons and two daughters. The eldest was Bharat. 

Almighty KavirDev according to His legislation meets virtuous souls. He met Rishabh Dev Ji and introduced himself as sage ‘Kabi’. He invoked self-realization in Rishabh Dev Ji. King Rishabh Dev’s inner consciousness was shaken the same as one awakes after deep sleep after having a divine vision. Rishabh Dev Ji tried to know the way of worship, the path to attain God from the religious gurus of his clan. They told him to chant ‘OM’ name and perform forced worship (hath yoga) ie. do meditation. He decided for asceticism with the aim to attain God and get relieved from the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth.  

He divided the responsibility of his kingdom to his sons. To his eldest son Bharat, he gave the kingdom of Ayodhya and to Bahubali he gave Takshila. Similarly the other states to the rest of his sons. Then Rishabh Dev Ji left home and went into the forests and led the life of an ascetic. Almighty KavirDev Ji met him in the Jungle and again inspired him to do true worship to attain salvation. God told him that you left the throne for God but the worship you are performing will not help you attain salvation. Do true worship take initiation from me, your illness of birth and rebirth will finish once for all. 

Rishabh Dev Ji has accepted the way of worship told by his Guru to be an absolute true way of worship therefore, he did not give importance to the way of worship told by sage ‘Kabi’. Almighty Kavir Dev left. King Rishabh Dev Ji for the first one year remained fasting. He did penance for 1000 years and attained ‘Kaivalya’ knowledge after that he gave initiation first to the son of Bharat ie. his grandson called Marichi. 

Note: After God’s vision Rishabh Dev Ji started leading the life of an ascetic and used to remain naked because he was ignorant about his situation. He was so engrossed in the remembrance of God that he had no idea he is naked. Rishabh Dev Ji with a piece of stone in his mouth remaining naked used to wander in the ‘Kutuk’ forests in Karnataka day and night. He does not even eat and remains on fasting. 

He was a pious soul, a religious man and was always lost in the thought of God. The Jains follow Tirthankaras with the belief that these victorious saviours have attained Nirvana. The present Jain followers, the religious leaders imitate Rishabh Dev Ji. Jain monks / sages remain naked, keep fast, do meditation with the belief that with the similar lifestyle of Rishabh Dev they will also attain Nirvana. This is merely fulfillment of the tradition.

Further description will prove that Rishabh Dev Ji had several births. He did not attain salvation. To understand, we need to know about God Adinath/Baba Adam. 

Who was God Adinath / Baba Adam?

An enduring question that devotees want to know, Is Baba Adam of Islam religion and Rishabh Dev Ji of Jain religion the same?. 

Let us analyze facts from holy scriptures. What is the reality?

Ref: Book ‘Aao Jain Dharam Ko Janne’. The writer is Praveen Chandra Jain, M.A. Shastri, Jammu Dweep Shastri. The publisher is Smt. Sunita Jain, Jammudeep, Hastinapur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The Printer is Dhirendra Jain, New Rishabh Offset printers, Meerut. On page 154.

There is evidence in this book that the same soul of Rishabh Dev Ji was born later as Adinath/Baba Adam who is believed to be the first man and the Prophet of the Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Let us read the conversation from the book which explains the rebirth of Rishabh Dev Ji as Adam Baba.

Q- Which all Tirthankaras are worshipped in all other religions?.

Ans - God Shree Adinath means Rishabh Dev Ji 

Q-In Islam religion to God Adinath what has been considered?

Ans - Adam Baba

This proves Rishabh Dev Ji was Baba Adam of Islam religion. 

Note: Rishabdev Ji who started Jain religion appeared as Baba Adam after his death. This means there is rebirth. Followers of Jain religion and Islam do not believe in rebirth. Whereas aforesaid proves Rishabh Dev Ji was born again and was called God Adinath/Adam Baba. Also this is to highlight that before Baba Adam, there was existence even before Rishabh Dev Ji. 

Baba Adam means Rishabh Dev went to Pitra lok. There is a commonplace where on one side is heaven on the other side is a huge pitra lok. Creatures who attain the life form of Pitras go to Pitra Lok.

Ref: Jeevani (Biography) Hazrat Mohd. Salalahu Alesee Vassallam Mohd. Inayatullah Subhani translated by Naseem Ghazi Palani, Markazee Maktaba, Islami Publishers, New Delhi. D-307, Dawat Nagar, Abdul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, and Mudrak, printer is H.S. Offset prints, New Delhi-2. On Page no.161.

Salal Hazrat Mohd. is describing, ”Tonight ‘Burak’ named animal came on which I toured ‘Baitool Makdees’. When I reached there, a group of nobles came, in which Ibrahim Alehee Salam, Hazrat Musa Ji, and Hazrat Isa-Ali were also there. I got them all to do ‘Namaz”.

This means Hazrat Mohd. Ji met Baba Aadam and all his children who were in hell, few in heaven. 

This book describes one Jabreil God took hazrat muhammad up-above on a Shire Horse. Seeing on his right side he was laughing and seeing on the left side he was crying badly. Hazrat Mohd Ji asked who is this man who is crying?. That Jabreil God told He is Baba Adam. On the right side in Heaven are his decent children and are happy, seeing them he is feeling happy and on the left side is his useless children who are suffering a lot. Seeing the pain and torture they are bearing, he is crying.

Note: Rishabh Dev doing the arbitrary worship (hath yoga) meditation took birth as Baba Adam. He went to Pitra Lok. He did not attain salvation rather was born again. This proves there is rebirth and Jains believe Tirthankaras do not take birth. Rishabh Dev is the first Tirthankara in Jainism who did not have peace there in heaven as well after death. Rishabh Dev/ Baba Adam at times is laughing; at times he is crying. This proves there is no benefit of arbitrary worship. Creatures remain in recurrence. Rishabhnanda even after attaining Kevalya knowledge remained in the cycle of birth and death. He did not attain Nirvana. 

Ref: Chapter ‘Mohd. Bodh’ in Kabir Sagar on page 276

600 years ago Almighty Kavir Dev, when descended on earth in Kashi-Varanasi, played the divine spectacle of a weaver. He cured the illness of the ruler Sikander Lodhi who became His disciple thereafter. While clarifying the doubts of Sikander Lodhi in the below conversation Almighty Kavir Dev is explaining to him about God Adinaath. 

Sikander Lodhi asks:-

Q- God! Who is this power called Brahm-Kaal? Why does he not appear in front of everyone?

Ans- God Kabir Ji in reply explained the creation of the universe to the ruler.

Q- Do great men like Baba Adam were also trapped in Kaal’s web? 

Ans- God Kabir explained from the evidence in the Bible that how did Brahm-Kaal cheat Adam and Eve disguising in a snake form? Kaal gets all his work done by his three sons Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and while entering into some one’s body as ghosts he does all evils. 

Q- Was there existence before Baba Adam?

Ans-God Kabir Ji explained the birth of Rishabh Dev and told that the same soul appeared as Baba Adam. Based on the previous birth’s sinful deeds, the souls of Rishabh Dev / Baba Adam took birth in Brahm-Kaal’s region. Then, by performing arbitrary worship that was against the holy scriptures he acquired Pitra life form and went to Pitralok.

Note: This proves Rishabh Nanda was born as Baba Adam and existence is since time immemorial. Rishab Dev / Baba Adam cannot be divine. He is in the cycle of birth and death. The Supreme God, the creator, the liberator is some other. Whole Jain community is misguided and believes there cannot be any supreme power who runs this creation. Their belief that there is no God but many Gods ie. Tirthankaras are God is purely a myth. 

Another example of rebirth is of the twenty-fourth Tirthankara of Jainism ie. Mahavir Jain. Let us analyze.

Who was Mahavir Jain?

Mahavir Jain was the last ie. the twenty-fourth Tirthankar of Jain religion. The other names of Shree Lord Mahavir are Veer, Ativeer, Sanmatee, Mahavira, and Vardhman. The Jeev of Mahavir Jain was the same Jeev of Marichi who was the grandson of Rishabh Dev to whom he gave initiation the very first time. Holy books provide evidence that Mahavir Jain has had several births. Let us study.

Ref: Kabir Sagar

What you sow so shall you reap? 

True story of the Jeev of Marichi; the grandson of Rishab Dev Ji. The same creature later became Mahavir Jain. Below mentioned fact highlights the sufferings the same soul Marichi had in another human birth when he was the ruler of a kingdom.

Once upon a time, the same soul of Marichi meant Mahavir Jain was a ruler. One of his favorite attendants used to play an instrument for his entertainment. Listening to the melodious music the King used to feel relaxed and he sleeps. The instructions were given that once the King falls asleep the music should be immediately stopped. One day while playing the music the attendant was swayed by the melodious sound. The King slept but the attendant forgot to mute the music due to which King’s sleep got disturbed after some time. Awakened by the sound the King became furious and ordered him to punish the attendant. The punishment was to pour the hot melted glass into his ears. Arrogant King despite apologies made by the attendant did not take his words back and forced the guards to obey his order. The guards poured hot melted glass into the ears of the attendant which was highly painful to him. He screamed which was heart-pinching but the arrogant King did not heal. The attendant died suffering from pain after some time. 

The King also died later. That soul took birth again and later became worshipable to the Jain community as Mahavir Jain. He sacrificed home and began to practice in the forest. There was a cowherd named Gopal in the same area. Gopal and the King became friends. That cowherd used to bring food for Mahavir Ji. One day Gopal had to go to his home town therefore, he gave the responsibility to take care of his cows to the sage. Mahavir Ji sat for meditation and forgot about the cows. The cows went deep into the forest. When the cowherd returned and asked about missing cows the sage remained quiet and apologized for his mistake. He told; being in meditation his concentration was lost from cows. 

The cowherd knew well that definitely some wild animal might have eaten his cows, he became furious and beat the sage with the bamboo stick. He violently threw him onto the ground and due to annoyance forcefully he inserted six bamboo nails of 2 inches size into the ears of the sage. The sage screamed loudly. The cowboy then went and never returned to that area thereafter. After one month in search of some herbs for medicine one physician arrived in that forest then the ailment of Mahavir Jain came into notice. The Physician operated and cured the ears of the sage. Mahavir during the operation was screaming due to pain. It took a few months for Mahavir to recover but became deaf. He later died and acquired various other life forms in different species after death. The same soul later became Mahavir Jain.

Mahavira Jain started 363 hypocritic religious practices. The whole Jain religion follows these practices. 

Note: The message derived from the above-mentioned story is those who misuse their powers and trouble others they in some or the other way have to pay heavy. Therefore, one should never misuse their powers.

Another evidence regarding the birth and rebirth of Mahavir Jain is proved from a book of Jain religion. Let us study.  

Ref: Book ‘Aao Jain Dharam Ko Janne’. The writer is Praveen Chandra Jain, M.A. Shastri, Jammu Dweep Shastri. The publisher is Smt. Sunita Jain, Jammudeep, Hastinapur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The Printer is Dhirendra Jain, New Rishabh Offset printers, Meerut. On page 154.

Followers of Jain religion do not believe in birth and rebirth. This is also to highlight to the readers that instead of blowing our own trumpet we need to trust all our holy books and understand from the history of great people. This book provides evidence that the same soul ‘Marichi’ who took initiation from his grandfather Rishabh Dev, who is the founder of Jain religion and is the first Tirthankar became Lord Mahavir after several births. Mahavir Jain acquired various life forms as is explained in this book. 

A brief about his several births. 

He was a king of Bheels from Pundarikeenhi, a place in Pushkalavati country. He had taken a vow from sage Sagar Sen not to consume meat and alcohol which he followed all his life. Then he became a deity in Saudharm heaven with a life equal to the lifespan of a sea. Then he was born as the eldest son Marichi to the queen Anantmati and King Bharat. Later he became a deity in Brahm heaven. Then he was born as a son named ‘Jatil’ from the black wife of Kapil Brahman in Ayodhya. He then became a sea aged deity in Saudharma heaven. He was born as Bharadwaj in Mandir region from the wife of ‘Salkaya Brahaman’. 

In between, 1000 times he became Aak tree, 80000 forms he had of Oyster, 20000 times he became Neem tree, 90 thousand times Keli tree, 3000 times Chandan tree, 5crore times Kaner (Oleander) tree, 60 thousand times he acquired the prostitute’s body, 5 crore times the life of a hunter, 20 crore times as an elephant, 60 crore times a donkey, 30 crores times a Dog, 60 crore times an impotent, 20 crore times he became a female, 90 lakh times a washerman, 8 crore times he became a horse, 20 crore times the cat, 60 lakh times he died due to miscarriage and only 80 lakh times he became Deity. He also suffered in hell. Bearing all those sufferings the same creature became Lord Mahavira to whom the whole Jain community worships. 

With this, it is proved that birth and rebirth happens.

Note: The same creature of Marichi took initiation from the first Titrhankar Rishabh Dev Ji and did similar religious practice as was told by him. The result being he became a donkey, a dog, a horse, a cat, a washerman and so on. He led the life of a prostitute and wandered in heaven and hell. Then became Mahavir Jain. 

The readers and followers of Jain religion should themselves judge whether the religious practices they are following imitating Tirthankaras are appropriate and correct to attain Nirvana? Whether with these religious practices they will be able to attain liberation and attain God?

Next this article will explain that Mahavir Jain did not have a guru. Who was the Guru of Mahavir Jian?

Who was the Guru of Mahavir Jain?

Ref: ‘Sumiran Bodh’ chapter in Kabir Sagar page 35-50. Importance of holding a guru to attain salvation

Almighty God Kavir Dev Ji tells the importance of acquiring a Guru in the path of true worship. It is only a complete Guru who preaches the true worship doing which the seekers will attain salvation. Otherwise, the seekers will not be able to attain the eternal abode subsequently Nirvana.

Guru te adhik na koi thahrayee                गुरु ते अधिक ना कोई ठहरायी
Mokshpanth naahi guru binu payee            मोक्षपंथ नहि गुरु बिनु पाई

In Suksham Veda ie. in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm speech ie. Param Akshar Brahm speech it is told 

Guru bin Ved padhey jo praani                 गुरु बिन वेद पढ़े जो प्राणी 
Samjhey naa saar rahey agyani                समझे ना सार रहे अज्ञानी

Explaining the importance of holding a Guru; Almighty Kavir Dev Ji tells:-

Guru bin mala phertey                    गुरु बिन माला फेरते
Guru bin detey daan                         गुरु बिन देते दान
Guru bin dono nishfal hai                     गुरु बिन दोनों निष्फल है
Puchon Ved Puran                         पूछो वेद पुराण

Shrimad Bhagawad Gita chapter 4 verse 34 tells the Tatvadarshi sant who is a complete Guru is the knower of God. He will tell the true spiritual knowledge about God. 

The above evidence from holy scriptures prove acquiring a guru in the path of worship is of utmost importance. 

Mahavir Jain Ji did not make any Guru. He did not take initiation from anyone and did arbitrary worship which is prohibited in holy Shrimad Bhagawad Gita chapter 16 verse 23-24.

Due to this reason Mahavir Ji did not attain salvation. Based on his spiritual experiences, Mahavir Ji started 363 hypocritical religious practices that are prevalent in present Jain religion. This is understood what misery would have happened to Mahavir Ji’s soul after death. This is evident because King Rishabh Dev Ji used to worship according to Vedas. The same initiation he gave to Marichi Ji. By performing the same worship the soul of Marichi suffered so much. Birth and rebirth continued the same as of Rishabh Nanda.

Mahavir Ji practiced worship which was devoid of injunctions of scriptures. He did not take initiation from any Guru. He will never be able to attain heaven subsequently Nirvana-Moksha then what will happen to his followers this is well understood. 

Regarding the fake gurus Gita chapter 16 verse 9 says: ‘By adhering this false knowledge whose nature has been destroyed, those who are low witted; means are ignorant. Those who trouble others means ruin precious human life of others by confusing them by providing wrong knowledge and wrong way of worship such brutal (like who scratch all hairs, remain naked, torture human body in hot and cold weather, do not wear clothes, keep fast for several days and die starving, etc. are all brutal activities). Such brutal people are born only for the destruction of the world

Note: This is evident from the several human births of the same Jeev-soul of Marichi who became the 24th Tirthankar ie. Mahavir Jain that he acquired several life forms and remained in different species like trees, horses, dogs, even deities, etc. He also went to heaven, also hell and suffered a lot so what will happen to his followers. 

Followers of Mahavir Jain need to understand; and stop doing prevailing religious practices. They should wake up and hold great Sant Rampal Ji their guru. They should take His refuge. They should do scriptures based worship with which they will attain Nirvana-Moksha. 

Aforesaid proves a complete Guru guides the true path of worship to the seekers to attain Nirvana. Else Jeev remains in birth and rebirth. The arbitrary worship does not provide salvation. The Jeev-soul without holding a guru remains in recurrence and suffers in 84 lacs life forms. 

Concept of Birth and Rebirth in Jain Religion

In Shrimad Bhagawad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 22-23 the situation of Jeev is explained ‘like humans change old clothes and wear new clothes similarly Jeev keeps changing bodies after death’. The soul is immortal. 

Similar evidence is in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 5 & 9, Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12

Gita Chapter 10 Verse 2 says that the owner of the 21 universe ie. Brahm-Kaal is also in the cycle of birth and rebirth similarly to all creatures, so how can Rishab Dev Ji / Baba Adam and Mahavir Jain be liberated by chanting ‘OM’ mantra and doing arbitrary worship.  

Above shreds of evidence have proved the belief of Jainism wrong; that there is no rebirth. Jains do not believe in rebirth especially according to them a Tirthankara does not take birth since he has attained Nirvana. Jains believe after remaining abstain from worldly life no one is born again. Whereas, the facts from holy scriptures have proved that both their first and last Tirthankaras have had several births. Rishabh Dev Ji was born as Baba Adam and Marichi as Mahavir Jain. They had also suffered in other life forms of other species like animals, birds, trees, reptiles and so on. They suffered in hell as well. They even became a deity in heaven. The recurrence continued. They did not attain Nirvana subsequently their followers will also not be liberated.

Note: In the twenty-one universes where we souls are trapped the illness of birth and rebirth remains forever even of the owner ie. Jyoti Niranjan-Brahm-Kaal. Unless the Jeev-soul is blessed by a complete saint, an enlightened saint and does true worship of Param Akshar Brahm he cannot be relieved. Rishabh Dev Ji and Mahavir Jain both chanted ‘OM’ mantra and attained ‘Brahamlok’ therefore, They remained in recurrence.

How did the Founder of Jain Religion Die?

Ref: Kabir Sagar chapter on Jain Religion and Shreemad Bhagawad Sudha Sagar’ book published by Gita Press Gorakhpur, Govind Bhawan Office. Institute of Kolkata. Page 280

Rishabh Dev did austerity for 1000 years and gained accomplishments. As an ascetic, he used to wander in the forests. The religious King Rishabhnanda was always lost in the remembrance of God. Rishabh Dev Ji with a piece of stone in his mouth remaining naked used to wander in ‘Kutuk’ forest in Karnataka for days and nights. Once, due to bamboo’s friction, the forests caught fire. The fierce fire burnt the whole forest to ash. Rishabh Dev Ji was also burnt alive in that fire.

Note: The above evidence proves; with the religious practices that Rishabh Dev Ji followed he had such a miserable death. He was burnt alive and died. This miserable death is; when he was worshipping according to Brahm-Kaal’s religious practices. The devotees of Jain religion follow the same so it is understood what will happen to them. 

Moving on this write-up will brief what is the correct way of worship with which Nirvana will be attained by the seekers?.

What is the Correct Way of Worship?

Attaining Nirvana is the sole purpose of Jeev. This is possible only in human birth. 

Almighty KavirDev comes in all four yugas (ages) and plays the divine spectacle of an enlightened (Tatvadarshi) saint and through his true spiritual knowledge, he awakes his dearest souls and explains the importance of the human birth. He says

Manush janam paye kar jo nahee ratey Hari naam    मानुष जन्म पाए कर जो नहीं रटे हरि नाम
Jaise kuan jal bina phir banwaya kya kaan             जैसे कुआं जल बिना फिर बनवाया क्या काम? 

God has provided the solution as well; which is doing true worship as told by the complete saint who is the true spiritual leader and tells scriptures based worship with which all the problems of human birth will finish also the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth will end. God says there should be a complete Guru, the devotee by remaining in rules should do true worship then salvation is not far. 

Almighty Kavir Dev Ji says; in 21 universes of Kaal, it is chaos all around. No one is happy. All are deceived by this satan Brahm-Kaal.  

Brahmand 21 mein aag lagee hai                ब्रह्मांड 21 में आग लगी है
Kirtam baaji sabhi thagi hai                      कृतम बाजी सभी ठगी है 

He motivates to follow that path which relieves soul from all torments so that he does not become an animal, a ghost, and a phantom after death. So, before it gets late the soul needs to wake.

Phir peechey tu pashua kijiye gadha bail banayee     फिर पीछे तू पशुआ कीजिए गधा बैल बनाई

Gita chapter 4 verse 32 says along with chanting true mantras five types of religious practices should also be done. The complete spiritual leader will guide. 

Gita chapter 17 verse 23 provides evidence regarding the correct way of worship ie. chanting Om-Tat-Sat (coded) mantras after taking initiation from a complete saint.

Who is Supreme God?

Arjun asks the giver of the knowledge of Gita in Chapter 8 Verse 1 that Gita Chapter 7 Verse 29 tells about some ‘Tat-Brahm’, who is that ‘Tat-Brahm’? The Gita orator answers this question in Chapter 8 Verse 3 that ‘He is Param Akshar Brahm’.  

Gita Chapter 2 Verse 16 the giver of the knowledge of Gita says ‘the mortals existence does not last forever but the immortal is everlasting’. In Verse 17 he says ‘In reality, the immortal is that Satpurush ie. Puran Brahm or the Param Akshar Brahm. No one can destroy Him’ 

About the Supreme God evidence is in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 19-21 & 24-25, Chapter 12 Verse 25, Chapter 13 Verse 22, Chapter 15 Verse 17, Chapter 18 Verse 62, Chapter 15 Verse 1-4, 16 & 17, and Chapter 7 Verse 29.

Holy Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukt 4 mantra 3 and 4, Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 mantra 17, 18. 

Pious Quran Sharif- Surat Al Furqani 25 Aayat no 52-59.

Holy Bible- Iyov 36:5 and Genesis A.1:20 -2:5 on Page No. 2.

In pious Guru Granth Sahib. In the speech of worshipable Almighty Kabir ie. in Sacchidanandghan Brahm speech ie. in Sukshma Veda and at various other places.

Supreme God is Kavir Dev whose glory all holy scriptures sing. God is immortal and he is in human form. He does not take birth from a mother’s womb. He is the creator of the universe. He resides in the ultimate abode ie. Satlok.   


Today great Saint Rampal Ji is the only complete Guru on this earth who is providing a true way of worship which is scriptures based. Readers are advised to take His refuge. Identify God and get their well being done.

Aforesaid proves the following:-

  • Tirthankaras are not God. This is a myth in the Jain religion.
  • There are births and rebirths of the soul in Kaal’s region.
  • There is a dangerous trap of Kaal- even great souls like Rishabh Dev / Baba Adam. Mahavir Jain remained in recurrence doing devoid of injunctions of scriptures worship.
  • With arbitrary worship births and rebirths do not end.
  • The illness of birth and rebirth only ends with the worship of the complete God ie. Param Akshar Brahm. 
  • The true worship is provided by an enlightened saint ie. a Tatvadarshi saint
  • Holding a Guru is of utmost importance in the path of true worship.
  • With the current religious practices prevalent in Jain religion attainment of salvation is impossible.
  • There is only one Supreme God ie. Almighty Kavir Dev who is the creator of the universe.

Hence, beware of the fake religious leaders. Regarding the fake Gurus Almighty God Kavir Dev Ji in a hymn says

Niranjan dhan tera darbar                      निरंजन धन तेरा दरबार
Jahan par tanik na nyaye vichar                  जहां पर तनिक ना न्याय विचार 
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho                  कहें कबीर सुनो भाई साधो
yahan sab ulta vyavhar                     यहां सब उल्टा व्यवहार 
Sachon ko to yeh jhootha batawe                 साचों को तो यह झूठा बतावें
Inn jhooton ka aitbar,                       इन झूठों का ऐतबार।। 
Niranjan dhan tera darbar                       निरंजन धन तेरा दरबार, 
Pakhandi ki puja Jag mein, Sant ko kahe labad         पाखंडी की पूजा जग में, संत को कहें लबार
Agyani ko Param viveki, gyani ko mud gawar          अज्ञानी को परम विवेकी, ज्ञानी को मूढ़ गंवार
Niranjan dhan tera darbar                       निरंजन धन तेरा दरबार