Message to Trader of Devotion

Devotion Message to Trader by Saint Rampal Ji

Sant Rampal Ji's Message to 'Trader of Devotion'

जीव हमारी जाती हइ, मानव धर्म हमारा। 
हिंदु मुस्लिम सिख ईसाई, धर्म नहीं कोई नयारा।।

Our Race is Living being, Mankind is our Religion |
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate Religion ||

Dear Devotees!
Around five thousand years ago there was no religion or any other religious community. There were no Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. The only religion was Mankind. Everyone had and has one religion, Mankind. But as the influence of Kalyug grew, we started developing differences among ourselves. The only reason was that the religious family (kul) gurus suppressed the truth written in the scriptures. Whether the reason was selfishness or superficial ostentations. As a result of which, today four religions and many other religious sects have been formed out of one Mankind religion. Consequently it is natural to have differences among each other. Prabhu / Bhagwan / Ram / Allah / Rab / God / Khuda / Parmeshwar of everyone is One. These are synonymous words in different languages. Everyone accepts that the Master of all is one, then why these different religious communities?

It is absolutely correct that everybody’s Master / Rab / Khuda / Allah / God / Ram / Parmeshwar is only one whose actual name is Kabir and He lives in Satlok / Satdhaam / Sachchkhand in a visible human like form. But now Hindus say that our Ram is great, Muslims say that our Allah is great, Christians say that our Jesus Christ is great and Sikhs say that our Guru Nanak Ji is great. They say in such a way as if four innocent children say that this is my papa, the second one says he is my papa not yours, the third one says he is my father and is the greatest, and then the fourth child says, “No, Oh fools! This is my daddy, not yours.” When all those four have one same father. Today our human society is fighting like these ignorant children.

“Koi kahae humaara Ram bada hai, koi kahe khudaai re |
Koi kahae humaara Isamaseeh bada hai, ye baata rahe lagaai re ||”

When actually in all our religious texts and scriptures, the glory of that one Prabhu / Master / Rab / Khuda / Allah / Ram / Sahib / God / Parmeshwar has been sung by clearly writing His name that, that one Master / Prabhu is Lord Kabir who lives in a visible human-like form in Satlok.

Ved, Gita, Quran, Bible and Guru Granth Sahib all these are nearly same. In Yajurved’s Adhyay 5 Shlok no. 32; in Samved’s Mantra no. 1400, 822; Atharvaved Kaand no. 4 Anuvaak no. 1 Shlok no. 7; Rigved Mandal 1 Adhyay 1 Sukt 11 Shlok no. 4, by writing the name Kabir, it has been explained that Supreme God is Kabir who lives in form in Satlok. Gita Ji is a concise gist of the four Vedas. Gita Ji also points towards the same SatPurush / Lord Kabir. In Gita Ji Adhyay 15 Shlok no. 16-17; Adhyay 18 Shlok no. 46, 61 and 62; in Adhyay 8 Shlok no. 3, 8 to 10 and 22; in Adhyay 15 Shlok no. 1, 2, 3 and 4 there is indication of doing worship of the same Supreme God. In Shri Guru Granth Sahib on page no. 24 and page no. 721, the glory of God Kabir is sung by writing name. Similarly consider Quran and Bible as one text. Both nearly give only one message that, express the glory of that Allah Kabir by whose power all this creation is functional. In Quran Sharif Surat Furqani no. 25 Aayat no. 52-59, by writing Kabiran¢, Khabira, Kabiru etc words, the glory of that one Kabir Allah has been stated that Oh Prophet Muhammad! State the glory of that Kabir Allah who after creating the nature by His power in six days, sat on the throne on the seventh day i.e. went and took rest in Satlok. That Allah (God) is Kabir. Its evidence is also given in ‘Genesis’ in the beginning of Bible, in the creation of seven days in 1:20-2:5.

The gist of all the saints and texts is only this that by taking naam (mantra) from a Purna Guru (Complete Guru) who has the three naams and also the authority to give naam, one should get rid of the illness of birth and death because our aim is to release you from the prison of Kaal and to make you attain the Satlok of our original Master Kavir Dev (God Kabir). God Kabir has stated in his speech that the reward (punya) of removing a person from Kaal’s worship and bringing to a Guru who has complete knowledge of the holy books and getting him Sat-updesh (true naam) is similar to what is when crores of cows and goats etc beings are released from a butcher. Because this innocent human being, by the way of worship opposite to scriptures told by the wrong gurus, remaining trapped in the Kaal’s web, keeps bearing the pains of who knows how many births. When this soul comes in the refuge of Kabir Dev (God Kabir) by means of a Complete Guru, gets connected with the naam, then its pain of birth and death ends forever and it attains the real supreme peace in Satlok.

Now the question arises that these days gurus by making more and more disciples try to show their worth i.e. everybody learns four stories and says that I also give naam (tell the way of worship) and puts innocent souls in Kaal’s trap. Because those who give and who do jaap of naam-updesh opposite to the scriptures, all will certainly go to hell and they will be hung upside down in hell. This statement is given in scriptures (Gita, Ved and all holy books) only. To prove this statement let me tell you a short story. Once upon a time, everybody came to know that King Parikshit will be stung by a snake on the seventh day and he will die. On learning this everybody thought that the tale of Shrimad bhagwat Sudha Sagar should be narrated to King Parikshit so that he gets detached from here and gets engrossed in the thoughts of God. Because at the time of death, whatever feelings one has, he attains that only. Everybody said that this is very good. But now who will narrate the tale? A sign of interrogation was put on this question. At that time, all the Maharishis (great sages) present there, even the author of Shri Mad Bhagwat Sudha Sagar, Maharishi Ved Vyaas Ji, did not consider themselves suitable for narrating the tale. Because they knew that we don’t have this capability. Therefore why ruin the life of a living being and incur sin. Because the result had to come on the seventh day. Therefore no body dared to narrate the tale for seven days. Because everybody knows one’s capacity. Sukhdev Ji was called from Swarg (heaven) to narrate the tale of Bhagwat and then King Parikshit became detached from here and went to heaven. After enjoying the pleasures in heaven, will return in hell and then will revolve in 84 lakh births. This is a hard and fast rule i.e. a permanent policy of here. This attainment is also not possible without the complete guru of the three loks.

Similarly, when a Prime Minister is about to visit an area, then before his arrival, 2-3 very good orators / singers and those who play drum-banjo are present there who impress the audience by their melodious and attractive voice. But whatever they are saying, they are not capable of doing even a single thing. But when the Prime Minister arrives, he says in minimum words that build an international college in Agra, build an international university in Chandigarh etc. etc. After saying this, the P.M. Sahib goes away. The next day after his statement, that work commences because he has power in his word. If an ordinary person like you and I say the same thing, then it will be our foolishness because we don’t have that much power in our words. Whereas for a P.M. all this is a simple thing.

To prove these facts, do read some of the sacred speeches mentioned below and think deeply and obtain guru mantra as soon as possible.

Kabir, pandit aur mashaalchi, dono soojhaen naahin |
auron ne karaen chaandna, aap andhere maahin ||
Kabir, karni taj kathni kathaen, agyaani din raat |
kukar jyon bhaunkat firaen, suni sunaai baat ||
Garib, beejak ki baatan kahaen, beejak naahin haath |
prithvi doban utre, kahae-kahae meethi baat ||
Garib, beejak ki baatan kahaen, beejak naahin paas |
auron ko prmodh hee, aapan chale niraash ||
Garib, kathni ke shoore ghane, kathaen atambar gyaan |
baahar jwaab aavae nahin, leed karaen maidaan ||

To do katha (narrate a scriptural tale) and to give naam updesh (spiritual instruction) is not a child’s play that took a book in the armpit, and said, ‘Let me also do a katha, let me also do the paath (recite) of Ramayan. Let me do the paath of Granth Sahib i.e. let me do the satsang (spiritual discourse) and also give naam etc-etc.”

Only the Purna Saint (complete saint) has the authority to do katha and give spiritual instruction, and only he can resolve that katha (tale). Because a Purna Saint has power in his word. Like, Sukhdev had in his word. For instance, if one does a satsang and let’s suppose that he tells the glory of a mango in it that a mango is very sweet, is the king of fruits, its colour is yellow etc-etc, and if someone comes and says that give me mango, brother. Then that person who is doing satsang says that I do not have mango with me. Then that man who is asking for mango asks that where will I find it? He gets the answer that I do not know. Then that man, who is asking for mango, will say that oh fool, when you do not have any mango, nor you know from where will I get it, then why are you shouting in vain? The purport of saying this is that without an authoritative person, those who do katha and those who hear it from them, all go to hell.

If any person himself becoming a guru, makes disciples, then understand that he puts burden on his head. Because it is a rule of God that until a disciple gets across, a guru has to repeatedly take birth. Complete saints, to get rid of the incomplete disciples, do such a leela (divine play) that the ignorant disciples develop hatred towards the guru. For instance, when Lord Kabir appeared in Kaashi city, at that time 64 lakh individuals had become disciple of Lord Kabir. To take their test, Lord Kabir started going to the house of a famous prostitute of Kaashi city to impart the knowledge of the satsang to her. On seeing and hearing which, the disciples developed hatred in their hearts towards their Guru and everybody lost faith in their Guru. Except two, all became devoid of Guru. There is evidence in Satguru Garibdas Ji Maharaj’s speech: -

Garib, chandaali ke chaunk mein, Satguru baithe jaay |
chausath laakh gaarat gaye, do rahe Satguru paay ||
Bhadva bhadva sab kahain, jaanat naahin khoj |
das Garib Kabir karm, baantat sir ka bojh ||

We only want to request you that trade prudently. In Samved’s Shlok no 822, it is explained that a living being will become liberated by three naams. First ‘Om’, second Satnaam (Tat) and third Saarnaam (Sat). Gita Ji also gives this same evidence — Om-Tat-Sat, and Shri Guru Granth Sahib is pointing towards the jaap of this very Satnaam. Satnaam-Satnaam is not a naam for doing jaap. It is indicating towards that naam which is a true naam, so is this Saarnaam. Om' mantra alone is of no use. These three naams and the permission to give naam has been granted to me by my venerable Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj, which has been running from generation to generation from Lord Kabir. First of all you listen to the satsang, serve, as a result of which your field of bhakti will be prepared.

Kabir, maanush janm pay kar, nahin ratae hari naam |
jaise kuaan jal bina, khudvaaya kis kaam ||
Kabir, ek hari ke naam bina, ye raja rishabh ho |
maati dhovae kumhaar ki, ghaas na daale ko ||

After this, will have to sow seed in your prepared field. You will not get liberated by studying scriptures (speeches of Lord Kabir, Vedas, Gita, Puran, Quran, speeches of saints like Dharmdas Ji etc). The gist of all these scriptures is only one that, for complete liberation by taking naam updesh from the nominated saint (who also has permission from his guru to give naam) of Supreme God named Lord Kabir, one should get self-welfare done. If one does not take naam then —

Naam bina soona nagar, padya sakal mein shor |
Loot na looti bandagi, ho gaya hansa bhor ||
Adli aarti adal ajooni, naam bina hai kaaya sooni |
Jhoothi kaaya khaal luhaara, ingla pingla sushman dwaara ||
Krtaghni bhoole nar loi, ja ghat nishchay naam na hoi |
So nar keet patang bhujanga, chauraasi mein dhar hai anga ||

If one did not sow the seed of naam, then the tilling i.e. preparation of the field of the soul is futile. The purport of saying this is that by these you will gain knowledge which is essential. But to take naam-updesh from a Purna Guru i.e. to sow the seed is also very essential. Even will have to do jaap of the same naam which Guru Nanak Ji did, Garibdas Ji did, and Dharmdas Ji etc saints did. A living being will not get liberated by any other naam except these.

Therefore you all by taking naam updesh should commence depositing your wealth of bhakti and should also tell everyone else. The sooner, the better. Because who knows when and at what time the end time of this body arrives. Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji says that —

Na jaane Kaal ki kar daarae, kis vidhi dhal ja paasa ve |
Jinhaade sir te maut khudagdi, unhaanu keda hansa ve ||

Kabir Sahib says that —

Kabir, swaans-swaans mein naam japo, vyartha swaans mat khoye |
Na jaane is swaans ka, aavan ho ken a hoye ||
Satguru soi jo Saarnaam drdaavae, aur guru koi kaam na aavae |

“Saar naam bin purush (bhagwan) drohi”

Which means that a guru who does not give Saarnaam and Saarshabd or who does not have the authority (permission) to give naam by his guru i.e. by study of the scriptures even if any selfmade guru, gives these naams, then also that guru and his disciples will be put in hell. That guru is an enemy of God, is a traitor. He will be hung upside-down in the court of God.

Now a wrong misconception has been spread in the bhakt community by the fake gurus (saints) that after acquiring a guru once, one should not change to another guru. Just think that a guru is a doctor who removes our disease of birth-death. If our disease is not cured by one doctor, then we will go to another better doctor so that our deadly disease can be cured. Like, Dharmdas Ji’s first guru was Shri Roopdas Ji. But when Dharmdas learnt that his guru is not a giver of complete liberation then immediately giving him up made Kabir Parmeshwar SatPurush his guru and attained complete liberation in Satlok. Just like this, an incomplete guru should be abandoned immediately.

“Jhoothe guru ke paksh ko, tajat na keejae vaari”

(Sacred speech about the magnificence of Guru and Naam)

Garib, bin updesh achambh hai, kyon jeevat hain praan |
bin bhakti kahaan thaur hai, nar naahi pashan ||2||
Garib, ek hari ke naam bina, naari kutiya ho |
gali-gali bhaunkat firae, took na daalae ko ||3||
Garib, bibi parde rahaen thi, dyodhi lagti baar |
gaat ughaare firti hai, ban kutiya bazaar ||4||
Garib, nakbesar nak se bani, pahrat haar hamel |
sundari se sunhi (kutiya) bani, suni Sahib ke khel ||5||
Kabir, hari ke naam bina raja rishabh hoye |
maati ladae kumhaar kae, ghaas na dale koye ||6||
Kabir, Ram Krishna se kaun bada, unhon bhi guru keenh |
teen lok ke ve dhani, guru aage aadheen ||7||
Kabir, garbh yogeshwar guru bina, laaga hari ki sev |
kahae Kabir swarg se, fer diya sukhdev ||8||
Kabir, raja janak se naam le, kinhi hari ki sev (pooja) |
kahain Kabir baikunth mein ult mile sukhdev ||9||
Kabir, Satguru ke updesh ka, laaya ek vichaar |
jae Satguru milte nahin, jaata narak dwaar ||10||
Kabir, narak dwaar mein doot sab, karte khaincha taan |
untein kabhu na chhootta, fir firta chaaron khaan ||11||
Kabir, chaar khaani mein bhrmta, kabhu na lagta paar |
so fera sab mit gaya, Satguru ke upkaar ||12||
Kabir, saat samundr ki masi karun, lekhni karun banraay |
dharti ka kaagad karun, guru gun likha na jaay ||13||
Kabir, guru bade govind se, man mein dekh vichaar |
hari sumre so rah gaye, guru bhaje huye paar ||14||
Kabir, guru govind dou khade, kaake laagun pay |
balihaari guru aapne, jin govind diya milaay ||15||
Kabir, hari ke roothta, guru ki sharan mein jaay |
Kabir guru jae roothja, hari nahin hot sahaay ||16||


FAQs about Message to Trader of Devotion

Q.1 What is the aim of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's aim is to provide everyone with the true method of worship of God Kabir so that they can attain salvation and reach eternal world Satlok. He aims to make India Vishwa Guru through true spiritual knowledge and to eradicate all social evils like dowry system, foeticide, bribery, corruption, end racial differences etc. He aims to make a clean society where there is no raga-malice, hatred amongst people. All should live with peace and harmony.

Q.2 Is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj a god?

Almighty God Kabir is playing divine spectacle in the cover of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. In the eyes of the world he is a Saint.

Q. 3 Who is a Tatvdarshi Sant?

A Tatvdarshi Sant is the one Who has the complete knowledge of all the Holy Scriptures. He unfolds the truth of the creation of the universe and its creator. He provides His disciples the true method of worship with which salvation is attained.

Q.4 Who is true sant or Satguru in the world?

Amongst all the saints present, there is only one true sant Who is none other than Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India.

Q.5 What are the characteristics of a sant?

A Sant is the knower of the true spiritual knowledge from each and every Holy Scripture and imparts true method of worship to all pious souls doing which they become eligible to attain salvation.

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