Origin / History of Major Religions of the World

Origin / History of Major Religions of the World

Our Race is Living Being, Mankind is our religion |
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate religion ||

When the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita was delivered (approximately 5550 years before 2012), at that time there was no religion. Hindu Religion, that is, those who adopted the tradition of worshipping the five gods started by Aadi (First) Shakaracharya were said to be Hindus. {Actually, it is a Sanatan Panth (Eternal Sect) which has been going on for millions of years.}

Aadi (First) Shankracharya had established it (Hindu Religion) 2500 years before 2012.

Aadi Shankracharya ji was born 508 years before Jesus Christ. At the age of eight, he gained the knowledge of the Upnishads. At the age of sixteen, Aadi Shankracharya took initiation from a hermit who used to live in a cave. He did not use to come out for many days. That Mahatma told Aadi Shankracharya ji that “Jeev Hi Brahm Hai (Soul itself is God).” He instructed him “Ayam Aatma Brahm” (Soul itself is God), and told that this only is evident in all the four Vedas. People asked Aadi Shankaracharya ji that if a soul itself is Brahm (God), then what is the need for worship? You are also Brahm, we are also Brahm (meaning of Brahm is God). Aadi Shankracharya ji got confused by this question. With his discretion, Aadi Shankaracharya ji said that worship Shri Vishnu, Shri Shankar.

Then he reinforced the principle of the worship of the five gods – 1. Shri Brahma ji, 2. Shri Vishnu ji, 3. Shri Shiv ji, 4. Shri Devi ji, 5. Shri Ganesh ji. But mainly he has regarded Tamgun Shankar ji as his deity. Aadi Shankracharya ji made this principle at the age of 20, that is, he established the Hindu Religion 488 years before Christ. He established a Shankar Math each in the four directions of India. Aadi Shankracharya ji formed (1). Giri Sadhus who used to reinforce their religion amongst the people living in the mountains. (2). He formed Puri Sadhus, who used to roam from village to village and informing others about their religion, used to make them perform rituals. (3). He formed Sanyasi Sadhus who living a solitary life used to impress people and make them follow themselves. (4). He formed Vanprasthi Sadhus who narrating their opinion to the people living in jungles used to make them follow them. He used to regard Vedas (Rigved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharvaved), Gita, Purans and Upnishads as books containing true knowledge. To date the devotees of Hindu religion consider these very holy books to be true. In this way, the Hindu religion was established 488 years before Jesus (2500 years before 2012). Aadi Shankracharya ji at the age of 32 died due to an illness and went to the world of God Shankar because he was a worshipper of Shankar ji. He is considered to have come from Shri Shankar ji’s world for the establishment of this religion. At that time, Buddhism was spreading very fast. He had stopped it from spreading in India. If Buddhism had spread in India, the Indians would have been atheists like the Chinese.

2. Establishment of Christianity

Christianity was established by Jesus Christ. When Jesus Christ was 32 years old, the opponent religious leaders by putting pressure on the Governor had got Jesus Christ crucified on the cross by fixing nails in him.

That same God, who had given the knowledge of Gita and the Vedas, had sent Jesus Christ with the holy book “Injil”. Book “Injil” does not have any different knowledge because the spiritual knowledge had previously been delivered in the Gita and the Vedas. That knowledge is not for any specific religion. The knowledge of the Gita and the Vedas is for the mankind. Approximately six hundred years after Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad established the religion of Islam. That same Brahm had given the Holy Book “Quran Sharif” to Muhammad ji. In this also, the way of worship is not complete. It is coded because the knowledge of way of worship (Bhakti) had been given in the Vedas and Gita. Therefore, it was not essential to repeat it in the Holy Book Quran Sharif.

Like, in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34, Yajurved Chapter 40 Verse 10, it is stated that the Supreme God who has created the entire universe, ask some Tatvadarshi Saint about Him. He will tell the accurate knowledge and the method of bhakti. A Saint, who knows the knowledge of that Supreme (Complete) God, also knows the true way of worship.

The knowledge of Holy Book Bible has also been given by the giver of the knowledge of Gita. (Holy Book Bible is a collection of three books – 1. Zaboor, 2. Taurat, 3 Injil.) In the Chapter ‘Genesis’ of Holy Book Bible, in the beginning only it is written that God has created man in His own image, that is, appearance. He has created them as male and female. After creating the nature in six days, God took rest on the seventh day.

Quran Sharif: - In Holy Book Quran Sharif, Surat Furqani no. 25 Verses 52 to 59, it is stated that Allah Kabir created nature in six days, and then He sat on a throne in the sky above. Ask a ‘Bakhabar’, that is, a Tatvadarshi Saint for information about that Supreme God. It is clear from this statement of Quran that even the Giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif does not have complete knowledge about that Complete God, that is, Allahu Akabar (Allah Kabir).

In Quran Sharif, Surati 42, in the first verse, there is indicative knowledge of the same three mantras which are mentioned in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23. It is stated that for the worship of BrahmnH, that is, Sachidanand Ghan Brahm, chant three naams (mantras) “Om-Tat-Sat”.

In Quran Sharif, Surati 42, in the first verse, these have been written in an indicative manner in this way: - “Ain-Seen-Kaaf”

“Ain” is the letter “A” of Hindi and its indication is towards ‘Om’. The meaning of “Ain” is to do with “Om”. “Seen” = “Sa”, that is, the second ‘Tat’ mantra which is in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23, the first letter of its actual mantra is “Sa”. By joining this ‘Om’ + ‘Seen’ or ‘Tat’, Satnaam is formed of two mantras. And the third mantra in Quran Sharif “Kaaf” = is “Ka” which is the last “Sat” mantra in the three naams written in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23. (Like, in Gurumukhi, ‘Ka’ is spoken and written as ‘Kakka’, ‘Kha’ as ‘Khakha’, ‘Ga’ as ‘Gagga’, ‘Oo’ as ‘Oodha’, ‘Ii’ as ‘Iidha’. Similarly, ‘A’, ‘Sa’, ‘Ka’ are written in Quran.)

“Sat” mantra is indicative, but the first letter of the actual mantra is “Ka”, (that mantra is “Kareem”) which is also called Saarnaam. The devotees who have obtained the instruction of the three mantras from me (Sant Rampal Das), they know the actual naams (mantras) of both the coded mantras.

“Some Similarity in All Holy Books”

In Holy Book Bible, in the Chapter of Genesis, this has also been said that “When Adam and his wife, Eve, ate the fruits of the trees in the middle of the garden, they became aware of good and bad. In the evening, when God came to walk about in the garden, he learnt that Adam and Eve have eaten the fruits of the tree which make one aware of good and bad. Then that God said that by being aware of “good and bad”, Adam and his wife Eve have become like one of us. It might be that they might eat the fruits of those trees which cause immortality, and they might become immortal. Therefore, Adam and his wife, Eve, were expelled from the garden in Heaven and left on earth.” (Excerpt ends.)

Interpretation: - This proves that “There are more than one God”, because God said above that due to becoming aware of good and bad, they have become like one of us. Then it is stated in Holy Book Bible that “Abrahim” was sitting under the trees of Mamre. He saw three gods. He fed them; prostrated before them and took their blessings. This proves that three gods have been accepted in Bible.

In Muslim religion, there are believed to be “Chaar Yaari” who remain in child form. In Sukshm Ved, that is, Tatvagyan (Speech of Kabir Sahib / Garib Das Ji), it is stated that: -

Vahi Sanak Sanandana, vahi Chaar Yaari |
Tatvgyan jaane bina, bigdi baat saari ||

Meaning: - In Hindu religion, the Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan, and Santkumar, who remain in child form, are Manas Putra (children) of Brahma ji. In Muslim religion, these only are known as “Chaar Yaari”, four children friends.

Then, it is stated in Sukshm Ved that: -

Vahi Mohammad vahi Mahadev, vahi Adam vahi Brahma |
Das Garib doosra koyi nahin, dekh aapne gharma ||

Meaning: - The founder of Muslim religion, Prophet Muhammad, was a virtuous soul who had come from the world of God Shiv. He used to do his customary religious practice sitting in a cave. One of the ganas (attendants) of Shiv ji who is one of the eleven Rudras, met Muhammad ji in that cave. In Muhammad ji’s language (Arabic language), he narrated the order of Kaal God, that is, Brahm, to him. Muslims call that Rudra as Angel Jibreel (Gabriel). He is considered to be a noble angel.

The purport is that Prophet Muhammad is also a child of Shiv. The holy shrine of Muslim religion, “Kaaba” has a stone in the shape of the Ling of God Shiv. Reverent Muslims bow before it.

2. Adam Baba (Adam): - In Purans and in the holy books of Jain religion, there is a context which is as follows: - Rishabhdev ji was the son of King Nabhiraj. Nabhiraj was the king of Ayodhya. Rishabhdev ji had one hundred sons and one daughter. One day, Supreme God in a Saint form met Rishabhdev ji; inspired him to do bhakti, imparted knowledge to him that if in a human life worship is not done in accordance with the scriptures, then a human life gets wasted. Whatever one has currently obtained, he or she has obtained it as a result of the good deeds and the sins performed in the previous births. You are a king; this is as a result of a previous virtuous deed of yours. If you will not do bhakti now, you will become devoid of the power of bhakti (devotion) and merits, and fall in hell, and then you will suffer in the bodies of other living beings. (Like, if the battery of an inverter has been charged and the charger has been disconnected from the mains; even then the battery is functioning. From the inverter, a fan is running and bulb and tube are also lighting. If the charger is not re-connected and the battery is not re-charged, then after some time the inverter will stop performing all the tasks. Neither will the fan run, nor the bulb or the tube will light. Similarly, a human body is also like an inverter. The scripture-based bhakti is the charger. A man gets recharged by the power of God, that is, he becomes enriched with virtues and the power of bhakti.

Hearing this knowledge from the lotus-mouth of that God appeared in a Sage’s form, Rishabhdev ji firmly decided to do bhakti. When Rishabhdev ji asked Sage’s name, the Sage told His name as “Kavi Dev”, that is, Kavirdev, and He also said that I am myself the Complete God. My name has been mentioned in all the four Vedas as “Kavirdev”. I am that very Param Akshar Brahm.

It is written in Sukshm Ved: -

Rishabh Dev ke aaiya, Kabi naamey Kartar |
Nau Yogeshwar ko samjhaya, Janak videh uddhaar ||

Meaning: - God met Rishabhdev ji by the name “Kabi” and inspired him to do bhakti. That very God advised Nau (nine) Yogeshwars and King Janak and inspired them to do bhakti for their salvation. Rishabhdev ji did not agree with this that Sage Kavirdev is God, but made up his mind to do bhakti. Taking initiation from an ascetic, he chanted ‘Om’ naam and practised (hathyog) meditation. Rishabhdev ji’s eldest son was “Bharat”. Bharat’s son was Marichi. Initially, Rishabhdev ji performed austerity by fasting for a year. Then for one thousand years, he practised intense meditation. After finishing his meditation, he gave first initiation to his grandson, that is, to Bharat’s son Marichi. This soul of Marichi became the 24th Tirthankar Mahavir Jain. Rishabhdev ji did not start the Jain religion. It was started by Shri Mahavir Jain. Actually, Shri Mahavir Jain did not establish any religion. He had only told his experience to his followers. It is a community of devotees who do one type of Bhakti. Rishabhdev ji used to chant “Om” mantra by uttering ‘Omkaar’. Currently, Jains have corrupted it and call it “Ronkaar”. They chant this only. It is also called ‘Omkaar’ and ‘Om’.

Let us come to our topic. In the holy text of Jain religion and the book “Aao Jain Dharm Ko Jaane” written by the followers of Jain religion, it is written that the soul of Rishabhdev ji (Jainis also call him Aadinaath) only was born in the form of Baba Adam. Now, let me explain that same speech of Sukshm Ved: -

Vahi Muhammad vahi Mahadev, vahi Adam vahi Brahma |
Das Garib doosra koyi nahin, dekh aapne gharma ||

Adam had come from the world of God Brahma, because based on the worship done in the human life, a living being turn-wise goes into the worlds of the three gods according to his or her bhakti. On exhaustion of the virtues, one is reborn on earth based on his or her sanskars (fate).

That same God, who had met Rishabhdev ji, had Himself met Sant Garibdas ji (of village Chhudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana state). Sant Garib Das ji had gone above with God and seen the entire arrangement with his own eyes. He has then told that Adam ji had come from the world of Brahma ji; he was an incarnation of Brahma. Muhammad ji was an incarnation of Shiv ji. Dear Readers! Incarnations are of two types. 1. That God himself takes incarnation; like, Shri Vishnu ji himself incarnated in the form of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna etc. But Kapil Rishi, Parshuram ji are also counted in the incarnations of Vishnu ji. They themselves were not Shri Vishnu. They were godly souls who had come from Vishnu’s world. Likewise, Prophet Muhammad was an incarnation (godly soul from the world) of Shri Shiv ji, and Baba Adam was an incarnation (godly soul from the world) of Brahma ji. Similarly, Jesus Christ was an incarnation (godly soul from the world) of Shri Vishnu ji. Reverent Christians also regard Jesus Christ as the son of God, not as God.

Sant Garib Das ji has stated that if you do not believe me, then do scripture-based worship told by me and see inside your house, that is, inside your human body with your own eyes.

Meaning is: - The creation inside the body is similar in the human beings of all the religions. Because of not having the Tatvagyan (True spiritual knowledge), we have become divided into religions. Sant Garib Das ji has told that the Supreme God has made different parts in the human body. He has made five lotus Chakras on the inner side of the backbone (spine). Please see picture in book (Gita Tera Gyan Amrit)

  1. Mool Chakra: - This Chakra is present an inch above the end of the backbone near the anus. Its god is Shri Ganesh. This lotus has 4 petals.
  2. Swaad Chakra: - This is stuck two-finger breadths above the Mool Kamal on the inner side of the backbone. Its god is Shri Brahma ji and his wife Savitri ji. This lotus has six petals.
  3. Naabhi Kamal Chakra: - This is stuck to the backbone in front of the navel. Its god is Shri Vishnu ji and his wife Lakshmi ji. This lotus has 8 petals.
  4. Hridya Kamal Chakra: - This lotus is stuck to the backbone at the level of the centre of the two nipples. Its god is Shri Shiv ji and his wife Parvati ji. This lotus has 12 petals.
  5. Kanth Kamal: - This lotus is present along the backbone behind the place where the ribcage ends and the neck begins. Its goddess is Shri Devi, that is, Durga ji. This lotus has 16 petals. The rest of the Kamal Chakras are above this.
  6. Sangam Kamal or the Sixth Lotus: - This lotus is at the upper gate of Sushmana. It has three petals. Goddess Durga resides in it in the form of Sarasvati. In one petal, Goddess Durga resides in the form of Sarasvati. Seventy-two (72) Crore Urvashis (beautiful angels) reside with her who entrap the male devotees who are going above. In the second petal, handsome young males reside who attracting the female devotees keep them in the Kaal’s trap. Kaal also resides in another form as the head moderator of these youths. In the third petal, Supreme God Himself resides in another form. He liberates his devotees from their trap. He makes them alert by narrating his knowledge.
  7. Trikuti Kamal Chakra: - This is present in the middle of the two eyebrows in the rear of the head in line with the other lotuses. Its god is Supreme God Himself in the form of the Satguru. This lotus has two petals. One is of white (varna) colour and the other is of black colour [like that of a (bhanwar = bhanware) bumble bee]. In the white petal, Satyapurush resides in the form of Satguru. In the black petal, Kaal Niranjan resides in the form of fake Satguru.
  8. Sahansra Kamal Chakra: - This lotus is present two-finger breadths below the centre of the head in line with the other lotuses. People of Hindu religion used to keep a tuft of hair on their head. Some still keep it. That group of Sahansra Kamal is below this. Its god is Brahm. He is also known as Kshar Purush, who has delivered the knowledge of Gita and the Vedas. This lotus has one thousand petals. Kaal-Brahm has filled them with light. He himself lives far away in this very lotus chakra. He himself is not visible; only the petals are seen shining.

{Asht Kamal Dal: - The god of this lotus is Akshar Purush. He is also known as ParBrahm. Its petals are also 8. I will not tell its state because even the fake gurus on knowing it will start misleading the public.}

  1. Sankh Kamal Dal: - Purna Brahm, that is, Param Akshar Brahm resides in this lotus. It has Sankh (one hundred quadrillion) petals. I will not tell its state as well. I have written the reason above.

{The sixth and the nineth lotuses have not been shown amongst in the picture. The reason is that the students are introduced to the knowledge gradually. The mystery of the lotuses is profound. It is written in the summary of Kabir Sagar.}

These lotuses function in the body just as channels in a Television. If you switch on any one those channels, you will see a programme on it. That programme is going on in the studio, but is visible on the T.V. Similar is the function of each lotus. There are mantras for switching on these lotuses which this Das (Sant Rampal Das) gives to chant. The first initiation is given to switch on these channels only. With the power of the mantras, all the lotuses are switched on. Then the worshipper can see the (Dhaam) abode of that deity in the channels installed inside his or her body. One can see all the scenes of that place. Therefore, Sant Garib Das ji has said that by switching on the channels of your body, you may yourself see that Adam has come from Brahma’s (lok) world, because all the records are available there. Like, currently there is Youtube. Similarly, if you want to see an event that has previously taken place in every deity’s abode, you can see it.

Likewise, you will see that Prophet Muhammad had come from Shiv ji’s world. Similarly, you will see that Jesus Christ had come from Shri Vishnu ji’s world.

“Mecca is a temple of Mahadev”

There is evidence in Bhai Bale Wali Janm Sakhi :-

In “Sakhi Madeene Ki Chali”, in Hindi, on Page 262, Shri Nanak ji giving answer to the question of four Imams, has said :-

Aakhe Nanak Shah sach, sun ho chaar Imam |
Makka hai Mahadev ka, Brahman san sultaan ||

Now let me take you to my aim. I want to make it clear to you that the true spiritual knowledge, which is in Sukshm Ved, Gita and the four Vedas, is neither in Purans, nor in Quran Sharif, nor in Bible, nor in the six Shastras, nor in the eleven Upnishads. Like, the syllabus up to tenth class is not wrong, but it does not have knowledge of B.A. and M.A. That syllabus is not wrong, but is insufficient. This example is sufficient to understand it.  

Other example: - In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 46, it is stated that Arjun! The faith that is left in a small reservoir (pond) after obtaining a large reservoir (lake) is similar to the faith left in other knowledge and gods after gaining the complete knowledge of the Complete God.

When the knowledge of Gita was uttered, at that time all the human beings used to dwell near reservoirs of water. It used to rain and ponds used to fill up. The whole year, human beings themselves used to drink water from that reservoir and also used to make their animals drink from it. They used to divide it into two parts. If it did not use to rain for a year, those relying on smaller reservoirs used to face crisis. There used to be an outcry everywhere.

A lake is a very large and deep water body whose water does not finish even if it does not rain for 10 years. If a person used to find a lake, he immediately used to abandon the smaller reservoir and dwell near the lake. Similarly, you have obtained that reservoir of lake in this holy book “Gita Tera Gyan Amrit”. Come and settle down on its bank as soon as possible and make your human life prosperous. Please drink this nectar of knowledge and become immortal.

Hindus say that Muslims perform all opposite religious practices. We salute the rising sun; Muslims salute the setting sun.

Interpretation - The intention of both is right, but there is lack of prudence. Hindus salute the rising sun that - O god of light! We thank you for giving us brightness after a dark night so that we are able to do our occupation. Please keep showing your grace to us like this.

Muslims know that our big brothers, Hindus, have thanked the Sun god in the morning wishing welfare of all of us. We may thank the Sun at the sunset that - O giver of light, Sun! You have showed immense favour to us by granting your light to all of us living beings. We thank you. Please show your grace tomorrow again like this. You are also the creation of Allah Akabir and we are also His children only.

In reality, neither the Muslims worship the Sun, nor the Hindus. Both of them only worship God by standing facing the east and west, Hindus in the morning and Muslims in the evening.

Worship should only be done of the Supreme God. Other gods and angels should only be respected.

- Spiritual Leader Rampal Ji Maharaj

from the book (Gita Tera Gyan Amrit)


FAQs about "Origin / History of Major Religions of the World"

Q.1 Who started Hinduism?

Aadi Shankracharya is historically recognized as the figure who fortified Hinduism around 488 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, emphasizing the worship of five principal gods.

Q.2 What are the origins of all major religions?

Major religions of world like; Hinduism was reinforced by Aadi Shankracharya, Christianity by Jesus Christ, and Islam by Prophet Muhammad. These religions received their holy scriptures from Brahm, the entity behind the Vedas and Gita Ji.

Q. 3 Who are Adam, Muhammad, and Jesus Christ according to Suksham Ved?

In Suksham Ved, Adam (Baba Adam) is described as the incarnation of Brahma, Prophet Muhammad an incarnation of Shri Shiv Ji, and Jesus Christ an incarnation of Shri Vishnu Ji.

Q.4 What spiritual knowledge is absent in various religious texts?

Suksham Ved asserts that while texts like the Purans, Quran Sharif, Bible, Gita, and the four Vedas contain valuable knowledge, they lack the complete spiritual wisdom found in Sukshm Ved.

Q.5 What is the significance of Mecca?

According to Suksham Ved, Mecca is a temple of Mahadev (Shiva). While the Muslim community visits Mecca for salvation, Suksham Ved states that it's an arbitrary practice, devoid of spiritual benefits for devotees.


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Dharamveer Singh

Hinduism, recognized as the oldest religion and following the path of Sanatan Dharma, sadly saw a conversion of many adherents by false gurus into different faiths, leading them astray. Hinduism stands as the singular religion in the world.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we deeply appreciate your interest in our article. Sanatan Dharma follows the Vedas for spiritual practices, and the worship of the supreme God is elucidated within it, constituting the oldest religion. However, Hinduism emerged in the Kalyuga period through Adi Shankaracharya, advocating the worship of five Hindu deities, including Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva Ji, which is not mentioned in the Vedas. Presently, all religions engage in misguided worship by fragmenting into different faiths. Humanity is the true religion, and as children of one God, we have unfortunately fragmented ourselves into various religions to attain that same God. To delve deeper into these spiritual truths, we recommend understanding the authentic spiritual knowledge by listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book Gyan Ganga.

Veena Bans

The insights shared in the article are intriguing and thought-provoking. I've often pondered why there's division when God is one, and the explanations provided in this article have clarified my queries. I'm eager to gain further insights into this knowledge.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, your thoughts on our article are greatly valued. It's admirable that you comprehend the true knowledge of the Almighty, a wisdom only a few blessed individuals acquire through God's grace. Undoubtedly, we are all children of the same divine entity, but due to the absence of genuine spiritual understanding and a complete Guru, we have become divided. Presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is unifying all of humanity by imparting genuine spiritual wisdom. For a more comprehensive understanding, we encourage you to explore the true spiritual knowledge offered by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj through his spiritual discourses and the book Gyan Ganga.