Revealed! Hidden Spiritual Facts in Quran Sharif

Amazing Hidden Spiritual Facts in the Quran Sharif

Today, we are going to share information about "The Hidden Spiritual Facts in the Quran" with real evidence from the Holy Quran Sharif by Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Every soul, irrespective of the religion they are born and brought up in; search for God in numerous ways that range from the extreme form of meditation, fasting, going to sacred pilgrimages and on goes the list. Unfortunately, nobody was able to get conclusive evidence about the correct way of worship and even the basics of spirituality were highly tangled.

No matter how much we falsify our current situation, the fact is that everybody is dejected due to one reason or the other. Even if we get happy at times, the result is short-lived. A land where any disaster, be it manmade or natural; instantly converts joy into a trail of sorrows, can not be defined as the Kingdom of God!

For understanding a particular religion and its spiritual discourse, an intelligent person will not look at the behavior and practices of the people belonging to that religion, instead he / she will have a peek inside the Holy Books of the same. In this article, we will be covering the five most contemplated questions of Islam, so that people get to know the real facts that had earlier been misinterpreted.

Question 1: Who was the Giver of the Quran's Knowledge?

Answer: The entire Muslim community believes that the giver of the Quran's knowledge was God himself, but let us take a glance into the reality that stood hidden as of now.

  • Quran Sharif- 25:59


Conclusion: The giver of the Quran's knowledge is talking about God, who is the creator of all universes and beyond; the knowledge about whom, can be obtained only by going under the refuge of the "Baakhabar" saint. The knowledge provider of the Quran himself admits that he doesn't have the full proof comprehension about him!

Thus, this in itself puts light on the fact that the knowledge giver of the Quran is not God! Not just that, he doesn't even possess the awareness about, who the Almighty is and is asking Hazrat Muhammad to get in touch with the "well informed" saint, who will be worthy of providing the true spiritual knowledge.

  • Quran Sharif- 25:55

"But they worship rather than Allah that which does not benefit them or harm them, and the disbeliever is ever, against his Lord, an assistant [to Satan]"

Conclusion: The Quran's knowledge provider is telling Prophet Muhammad that there are people who do not believe Allah to be God and worship some other deities, who can't grant them any benefit, nor can they harm them. They are disbelievers of God and should be considered infidels (kaafir) because they are following wrong practices.

This implies that God is someone other than the giver of the Quran's knowledge, who is worthy of being worshipped by all. He told Prophet Muhammad to face these infidels by disagreeing with what they say and he should struggle for Allah / God, taking note of His power.

Jeevni (Biography) Hazrat Muhammad, SallalahuAlaiheeVasallam, Translator: Naseem Gaazi Falaahi, Islami Publishers, New Delhi- Page no. 68;

When Hazrat Muhammad was doing his spiritual practices in the cave, he suddenly heard a voice. He got extremely scared and opened his eyes when he saw a man (Farishta or Angel) standing in front of him. The farishta compelled him to read the knowledge he wanted to provide, to which Hazrat Muhammad refused. He then choked the neck of Hazrat Muhammad and forcefully provided him the knowledge of the Quran and told his name as "Gabriel".

Can God give pain and scare any soul?! Never in our dreams is this possible, because Allah/God is the only one who is our real caretaker. The fact is that the villain, who is none other than Kshr Purush (Kaal) gave the knowledge of the Quran, in the same manner as he provided the knowledge of the holy books of other religions as well. He gets inside the body of some other person as a spirit and then, delivers the discourse.

Thus, the myth that God gave them knowledge of the Quran stands falsified and the reality is that Kaal was the giver of the Quran's knowledge, who delivered it forcefully to Hazrat Muhammad.

Having realised the fact that God did not give the knowledge of the Quran, let's move on to the next question which is a dire misconception that the Muslim community has been stuck up with.

Question 2: Is Rebirth a Myth or Reality According to the Islam Religion?

Answer: The Muslim community or Islam religion lives in a vague belief that there is no rebirth, while the fact remains the opposite. First, let us take up the myth that currently prevails. According to the Muslim saints, a person takes birth just once. After death, the person is buried in the grave where he stays for a period till the doomsday arrives. On the doomsday, all the souls, whose body was buried in the grave, will be made alive and there will be an account of their good and bad deeds. Those who did good deeds will land in heaven and those who committed sins will be sent to hell, where they will stay forever.

This belief is absolutely wrong from all angles. Firstly, after death, the body sure stays in the grave in a deceased form but the same is not the case with the soul! The soul is sent to Dharma Raj, who is the chief justice in God's court, where he takes the account of good and bad deeds. The good deeds can be utilised for a limited stay in heaven while the bad deeds make a person get stuck in hell, where the soul is tortured in ways that can't be summed up.

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Then, the soul gets landed again on this mortal land in the form of eighty-four lakh life forms that exist. Secondly, heaven and hell are themselves mortal and they too get vanished on the doomsday! Thirdly, as far as the theory of a human body is concerned, what about the animals that live on this planet? Where have they landed from? The fact is that there are rebirths and every soul remains deadly trapped in the cycle of life and death till it attains salvation, by going under the refuge of the "Illamwala" saint.

  • Surat Al Mulk- 67:2

"[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed- and He is the Exalted in Might- the Forgiving"

Conclusion: Allah / God created life as well as death to know, who amongst the people, are pious souls, who do good deeds. In this very line, it is made clear that the theory of karma does prevail, because of which some people are rich while others are poor, some are healthy while others aren’t and so on.

  • Quran Sharif- Surah Al Anbiya- 21:104

"The day we will fold the heaven like the folding of a [written] sheet for the records. As we began the first creation, we will repeat it. [That is] a promise binding upon us. Indeed, we will do it."

Conclusion: This line also stands contrary to the belief of Muslims, wherein it is clearly mentioned that rebirth does exist and there is a cycle of life and death that goes on. Also, the saints in the Muslim community take reference from Gita for telling that rebirth doesn’t take place.

Let us check the verses from Gita as well;

  • Holy Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Verse 5 & 9; Chapter 2, Verse 12; Chapter 10, Verse 2

The giver of Gita's knowledge, who was also Kaal himself, says, that his rebirths and deeds are hidden. Also, he tells Arjun that he is not aware of the fact that he has gone through many births and similar is the case with Kaal too! Kaal proclaims that his births are not known by gods and goddesses as well because they have taken birth through him only.

Thus, Kaal / KshrPurush (who gave Quran's as well as Gita's knowledge) is himself in the cycle of life and death, stating stress on the fact that there is rebirth! Knowing this, let us take up the third question which acts as the greatest threat for people.

Question 3: Is meat consumption allowed in Islam?

Answer: Muslims eat the flesh of animals in the name of God and even celebrate a festival called, "Bakr Eid", in which they end the life of goats and then eat their flesh as "Prasad". They read their prayer and then, slaughter these innocent creatures.

A fact to be pondered upon. On one hand, Muslims are reciting their prayers to God and on the other side, they are killing God’s creature, who stands at par with them in His eyes! Can a parent be pleased by a child who is killing the other?! They provide their own logic that they are not like Hindus, who kill the animal in one go. Rather, they kill the animal with love. Where is the so-called "intelligence" playing its role?! Try and kill your own family member by any of the methods, the pain remains the same and a great sin stands committed!

Also, Muslims say that the soul of the goat directly lands on heaven because they read the prayer while slaughtering the animal. If that is the case and you presume it to be true, then the turn of these animals won't ever come. People would have got themselves slaughtered if it was this easy to land on heaven!

Consuming flesh, be it in the name of God or religion is a sinful act. Take note of these words;

Nabi Muhammad namaskarhai,
Ram rasool kahaya.
Ek lakh assi ko saugandh,
Jinhone nahi karad chlaya!

Meaning: Hazrat Muhammad was a pious soul, who himself and all his one lakh eighty thousand disciples, never killed any creature! They were kind and never demanded interest from any person, leave aside killing a being.

Also, these lines stand true;
Maari gau vachan ke teeram,
Aise hote Muhammad peeram.
Shabad-e fir jeevai,
Hansa raakha,
Maans na baakha,
Aise peer Muhammad bhai!

Meaning: Hazrat Muhammad killed a cow with the power of the word. Then, he brought it back to life (which was actually done by Allah / God), kept it alive and never consumed its meat!

Arsh Kurush par Aleh Takhat hai,
Khaalik bin nahi khaali.
Vo paigambar paak purush the,
Saheb ke abdaali!

Meaning: Hazrat Muhammad, who is considered to be the founder of Islam was a pious soul who never killed any creature nor consumed meat. How can the descendants do such an act, that is so devilish?!

There is also a respected devotee in the Muslim religion by the name of "Rabia", whose heart got filled with kindness, to an extent that she removed her clothes and uprooted her hair to quench the thirst of a dog and her pups; making Mecca land at that place! When a soul can be so compassionate and sacrificing to do such an act, what mentality have other people maintained by giving lame logic?

Roza bang namaz deyi re,
Bismal ki nahi baat kari re!

Meaning: Only three things, Roza, Bang and Namaz were to be done. At no place, was slaughtering mentioned.

Thus, meat consumption is not an act of humans and nowhere is it written that this practice is to be followed by the people of this religion. It is a sinful act and those who consume meat for a single time, get cursed with 70 consecutive births, where their head will be decapitated. Having understood that meat consumption is a heinous sin, let us now move on to the next and most pondered question.

"And it is He who has released [simultaneously] the two seas, one fresh and sweet and one salty and bitter, and He placed between them a barrier and prohibiting partition."


Conclusion: Allah/God is the one who made two seas, the water of one being fresh and sweet, to quench the thirst and the other had bitter and salty water. After that, he made a strong barrier/ blockade between them to separate the two from being mixed. This proves that God is in form and did all these things by Himself.

  • Quran Sharif- 25:54

"And it is He who has created from water a human being and made him [a relative by] lineage and marriage. And ever is your Lord competent [concerning creation]."

Conclusion: The Almighty created human beings from a drop of water and then, made that human being a relative of somebody. He is the only one who is powerful enough to do anything, all by Himself; again telling that Allah is in form and does all these practices.

  • Quran Sharif- 25:59

"He who created the heavens and the earth and what is between Sky and Earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne - the Most Merciful, so ask about Him one well informed."

Conclusion: God created the universes and beyond in a matter of 6 days and then sat on His throne on the seventh, stressing significance on the fact that He is in form and gets seated on His throne, just like a king.

Thus, these verses from the Quran have established the fact that "GOD IS IN FORM". Till now, the saints did wrong spiritual practices, which were not mentioned in the Holy books and were not able to see the form and magnificence of God.

These words stand true:

Khojat khojat thaakiya,
Ant kaha bechoon!

Meaning: People did a lot many rituals and practices for searching God and got tired but were not able to find him, concluding a wrong statement that God is formless; while the fact stands completely opposite! Illuminating from darkness to light, knowing the reality that God is in form, He can be seen and does tasks like a human, let us now move on to the most important and last question for this article.

Question 5: Who is Allah/ God According to the Islam?

Answer: "GOD IS ONE" is the statement we have heard since childhood, but practically all saw a different thing. The time has now come to sway away ignorance and realise that He is actually one. The Allah of Muslims, the Ram of Hindus, the Lord of Christians and the Waheguru of Sikhs is the same; having His name clearly mentioned in the Holy books of all the religions!

  • Quran Sharif- 25:52


Meaning: The giver of the Quran's knowledge (Kaal) is telling Hazrat Muhammad to disobey the orders of the disbelievers of Allah because they are infidels and do not worship God, whose name is Kabir! Kabiran, Kabira, Khabira, Khabiran and Kabir are all synonymous with each other. He also tells him to stay rigid for Lord Kabir.

Hazrat Muhammad was also taken to the native abode (Satlok) by Lord Kabir as many others like Saint Garibdasji, SaintDharamdasji and Guru Nanak Dev ji were taken; which is mentioned in "Suksham Ved" as;

Hum Muhammad kowahan le gayo,
Ichha roopi wahan nahi raho.
Ult Mohammad mahal pathaya,
Guj biraj ek kalma le aaya!

Meaning: Lord Kabir is telling, that He took Muhammad to Satlok (which is the plentiful and ever happy land where there is no old age and no death) in the form of a Zinda saint. But, because of the praise Muhammad got on this mortal land, he was not willing to stay in Satlok (which is immortal) and was sent back on earth.

  • Quran Sharif- 25:58

Vatavakkal' alal'- harulliji la yamutuvasabbih' bihm'dihivakafaabihibijunoob iibadihi Khabira

Meaning: Hazrat Muhammad is being told by Kaal to have utmost faith on the Zinda saint, whom he met because He is devoid of the cycle of life and death; He is immortal. Praise Him and tell people about His piousness because He knows all the sins of his children and has the ultimate authority to strike them off! He is Lord Kabir (Khabira).

  • Quran Sharif- 25:59

All' jikhalakassmaavaatival'arjva ma bainhuma fi sittatiayyaamin' summastwaalal'arshiarrh'maanufs'al' bihi Khabiran' (Kabiran')

Meaning: Allah is no other than Lord Kabir, who created the universes and all that is between the earth and the sky in 6 days and sat on His throne in Satlok on the 7th. Only a Bakhabar saint can tell the correct method of worship, that will help attain Him.

Thus, these verses have proved that God is One and His name is KABIR! The giver of the Quran’s knowledge is also talking about the Illamwala saint who is no other than JagatguruSaint Rampal Ji, who has brought about revolutionary transformations in the spiritual and social fields towards the best that can be.

Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji has provided the correct spiritual discourse by taking the Holy books & scriptures of all religions as the base. He has proved that God is in form, His name is Kabir and we hail from a land where there is plenty of abundance in everything, named Satlok.

Not just that, the qualities of Allah are mentioned in Quran Sharif.

  • Quran- Surah Al Ikhlas- 112:1-4

112:1 - Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One,

112:2 - Allah, the Eternal Refuge.

112:3 - He neither begets nor is born,

112:4 - Nor is there to Him any equivalent."

Conclusion: Allah is the one who doesn't take birth from a mother's womb, He is self-existent and the most powerful of all! These attributes are found only in Lord Kabir as he didn't take birth from a mother's womb. A childless couple, Neeru and Neema found Lord Kabir, lying on a Lotus flower in the Lehar Tara pond. Also, Lord Kabir went back to His native place along with His body and flowers were found at the place where he laid down. All this clearly implies that Allah/Supreme God is Lord Kabir, whose status was restricted to that of a poet!

The Muslims should now understand that the Bakhabar saint, the giver of the Quran's knowledge is talking about, is here on earth as Saint Rampal Ji. The power of his word has converted devilish houses into peaceful homes, by swaying all evils away. The method of worship provided by Him guarantees salvation, with the worldly benefits being by-products of true worship! He can be none other than God Himself, who has provided one authentic direction to the people globally, letting us know the basics of creation of nature to the ultimate knowledge about the highly coded spiritual text.

A sincere request to all the people who have been blessed with a human body;

Nagar niwaasi sab hi aana,
Aapaske matt bhed bhulana.
Koi din me sabko chala jana,
Ye jhoothi jag ki aas!

Meaning: Each and every person should let go of all the barriers that separate us, be it religion or caste and remember that we are all, the children of one God. Get rid of all anguish that you have developed for anybody as your stay on this mortal land is short lived.

Lastly, act as per these words;

Kal kare so aaj kar,
Aaj kare so ab.
Pal me parley hojaegi,
Fir kroge kab!

Meaning: Do not waste a single second of yours and take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji because the prime motive of human life is to attain salvation. Leave the doomsday aside, the biggest disaster for every soul will occur at the time of their death because the treasure of human life will stand completely wasted.


FAQs about Revealed! Hidden Spiritual Facts in Quran Sharif

Q.1 What is the biggest miracle in Quran?

The essence of True Spiritual Knowledge and the knowledge about Almighty Supreme God is mentioned in Quran Sharif. The knowledge of Quran Sharif is being given by Satan (Kaal Brahm) still it contains the identity of Supreme God Kabir, it is the biggest miracle in Holy Quran Sharif.

Q.2 Which is most powerful in Quran?

Holy Quran Sharif delivers the identity of Allah Kabir in Surah Furqan 25 Ayat 52 and He (Allah Kabir) is said to be the most powerful in Holy Quran Sharif.

Q. 3 Who is the most powerful person in Islam?

Islam and Holy Quran Sharif are based on the fact that Allah is the most powerful and is above all.

Q.4 Who is the bravest man in Islam?

A bravest man is said to be the one who dares to follow the Constitution of Allah in this cage of Satan (Kaal Brahm) when society is found to be worshipping against it.

Q.5 Who is good person in Islam?

A person is said to be good in islam when he is running towards attainment of God. Else, other people are called as Kafirs. But sadly both of them are not following the method of worship to be followed to attain Allah. For that pious Quran Sharif tells to take shelter of Bakhabar, worship as he guides. Doing this by remaining in the prescribed rules of Allah one can attain him.

Q.6 Who is more powerful God or Allah?

First of all, God and Allah are synonyms of that Supreme Almighty God. Hence both of them are same. Secondly, there is nothing more powerful than Allah. Hence no point of questioning.

Q.7 Is Allah the Lord Shiva?

No, the name of Allah is Kabir. He is being mentioned in Holy Quran Sharif Surah Al Furqan 25 Ayat 52-59.

Q.8 Which religion is strongest?

As per the Constitution of Supreme God Kabir, humanity is the biggest religion and the religion above other religions.

Q.9 What does Quran say about universes?

As per Allah's True Spiritual Knowledge, Allah is the only controller of the entire universe. He is immortal, everlasting, omnipresent God. We are entrapped in 21 universes of Satan (Kaal Brahm) which were given to him in return of his tapp (physical devotion) and we were stuck here by our own mistakes.

Q.10 Has Allah created the world? If yes, then in how much time?

Allah is the same God as mentioned in Holy Bible and Holy Quran Sharif. In Holy Quran Sharif Surah Al Furqan 25 Ayat 59, it is mentioned that Allah Kabir has created the universe in 6 days. The same evidence is in the holy Bible in Genesis.


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Benazir Bano

Who is a 'Bakhabar' as per Muslim belief?

Satlok Ashram

A 'Bakhabar'is a well informed saint who is familiar with God/Allah who provides true spiritual knowledge according to scriptures. He decodes the true salvation mantras mentioned in Quran Sharif 'Ain-Seen-Qaaf' whose evidence is also told in Pious Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23. At present Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the 'Bakhabar'.

Ahmad Khan

Our Prophet Muhammad, Allah gave the knowledge of Quran Sharif which states Allah is formless and cannot be seen.

Satlok Ashram

If Allah is formless then who told about he being formless? How can a formless speak? The fact is the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif is Satan Brahm Kaal and in Surat Furkani 25 Aayat 59 he gives information about the supreme God/Allah which will be given by a 'Bakhabar' ie. Enlightened Saint. In Aayat 52-59 he tells that Allah is the creator of entire universes who created everything between the Earth and the Sky in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day. This proves Allah is in form.

Rubina Khatoon

Meat consumption is a must amongst Muslim community since it is the order of Allah

Satlok Ashram

No, Allah never ordered to eat meat. He has provided fruits and vegetables to eat. Even Pious soul Prophet Muhammad never consumed meat and never allowed anyone to consume it. The whole Muslim community is misled therefore, eats meat. Evidence from the holy Quran Sharif and Bible and other scriptures prove God's order is to be vegetarian. Eating meat can only be the order of some Satan/Shaitan/Evil spirit not of God. All creatures are the children of God and he is never pleased with those who slaughter and consume meat.

Bakhtar Khan

We Muslims do not believe in rebirth. On doomsday all souls will be made alive then their account will be done and accordingly will be sent to heaven and hell.

Satlok Ashram

This is a myth in Muslim religion. Evidence from Surat Al Mulk- 67:2, and Quran Sharif- Surah Al Anbiya- 21:104 proves there is rebirth. There is a cycle of life and death that goes on.