All About Lord Vishnu Ji with Family from Sukshma Veda


Lord Vishnu, the preserver deity in the realm of Brahm Kaal is highly revered amongst Hindus. Equipped with Satogun Shri Vishnu is also known as Narayan and Vasudev and is considered to be the creator of creatures (bhoota krit), God who nourishes all creatures (bhoota bhrit). The devotees and followers of Vaishnavism believe Vishnu is the universe, the Virat-Purusha who pervades everywhere. He is Paramaatma meaning the supreme soul, the ultimate attainable God of the liberated souls.

With a profound study of Hindu holy scriptures, several hidden spiritual facts have come to light proving Lord Vishnu and the 33 million gods of Hinduism are all mortal. Satogun Vishnu who has been worshipped since ages as one beyond destruction (Avyayah) is in reality, in the cycle of birth and death. He is mortal, his age is fixed. He incarnates time and again. Therefore, he is counted in the category of demigods because the definition of God as stated in revered Hindu texts, Holy Vedas and Gita glorify the qualities of Supreme God to be eternal-immortal. That Supremely intelligent being greeted as Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush/ Poorna Parmaatmaa is self-proclaimed and resides in the third topmost part (Dhulok) in the ultimate abode. He nurtures all three realms. So the question arises - Who are demigods in Hinduism? Is Vishnu a complete God?

Through this write-up, we will try to understand

  • The difference between Supreme eternal God vs demigods like Vishnu ji
  • Who is that worshipable God who is the protector as well as the provider of emancipation? 

Above all, we will know

  • What is the meaning of worshipping a demigod, Vishnu who himself is trapped in the cycle of birth-death and cannot liberate souls trapped in the web of Satan, Brahm Kaal?
  • Why do some Hindus stay attached to their demigods' worship after becoming devotees?
  • When in crisis, whom does Vishnu seek help from?
  • What evidence is provided in Sukshma Veda about the worship of a Complete God other than Shri Vishnu?

The following will be the key highlights of this write-up

  • About Lord Vishnu's appearance and Vahan
  • What is Vishnu the God of?
  • Who is the first God?
  • Who is the Grandfather of Vishnu
  • Who is the father of Lord Vishnu?
  • Who is the mother of Lord Vishnu?
  • Who made Vishnu?
  • Who is the wife of Vishnu?
  • Origin of Laxmi, wife of Vishnu
  • Who is Mohini to Vishnu?
  • How old is Lord Vishnu?
  • What is the power of Vishnu?
  • Placement of Vishnu in the human body Lotus chakra
  • Placement of Maha Vishnu, father of Vishnu in the human body Lotus chakra
  • Placement of mother of Vishnu in human body Lotus chakra
  • What is the mantra of Maha Vishnu, father of Lord Vishnu?
  • What is the mantra of Vishnu?
  • Where do Vishnu’s parents reside?
  • Where does Vishnu reside?
  • Why is Lord  Vishnu blue?
  • Why did Brahma and Vishnu fight?
  • Is Vishnu married to Ganga?
  • Why did Vishnu scold Sukhdev Rishi?
  • Who is the biggest enemy of Vishnu?
  • Why did Vishnu take the Narsimha avatar?
  • Did Vishnu kill the demon Sankhasur?
  • What was the curse on Vishnu?
  • Role of Vishnu in the establishment of 51 Shakti Pitha
  • Who is the father of all Gods, is it Vishnu?
  • Who does Vishnu meditate upon?
  • Vishnu did not know Almighty
  • Who helped Ram alias Vishnu build Ram Setu?
  • Who liberated Ram alias Vishnu from Naagphans?
  • Who helped Ram alias Vishnu kill Ravana?
  • Who helped Krishna alias Vishnu lift Govardhan mountain?
  • Did Krishna alias Vishnu increase the Sari of Draupadi?
  • Is Krishna alias Vishnu the knowledge giver of Bhagavad  Gita?
  • Why was Vishnu kicked?
  • Which God is Narayan – Is it Vishnu?
  • Who is the real Vasudev – Is it Vishnu?
  • Almighty saved Lord Shiva from the demon Bhasmagiti acquiring Vishnu form
  • Is Buddha an avatar of Vishnu?
  • Will Kalki be avtar of Vishnu?
  • What is the essence of Vishnu Purana?
  • Mortal Maha Vishnu and Lord Vishnu cannot provide salvation
  • Who is the God of the universe-Is it Vishnu?

Suksham Veda a lesser known holy scripture, the fifth Veda is a collection of nectar speeches of Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm which contains information about Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm and His marvellous creation of the universe and is the basis of all spiritual facts that has been taken into consideration while providing facts about Shri Vishnu which were lesser known to date, to the devotee society. The verses mentioned here have been spoken by Respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj from his Lotus mouth as per the true spiritual knowledge being imparted to him by Almighty KavirDev, the creator of entire nature.

About Lord Vishnu's appearance and Vahan

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book written by Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj speech no. 59 on page no 142

Shankh chakra gadaa padam virajai|

Bhaal tilak jakai urr sajai||59

Meaning: Vishnu Ji holds a conch (Shankh), disc (chakra),  mace (Gadaa) and Padam. The Tilak in the middle of his forehead looks beautiful.

Speech no. 60

Vahan Garud Krishan asvara|

Laxmi dhore chanwar aparaa||60

Meaning: Garud is your vehicle. You only took birth as Krishna. Your wife, Laxmi Ji gives you respect by waving flabellum (Chanwar) on you.

As aforementioned, speech beautifully describe the appearance and mount of the preserver demigod, lotus-eyed Vishnu. He is called ‘Garudadhwaj’, which means who rides on the King of birds, Garud.

Vishnu Ji is greeted as Keshav means the one with beautiful hair. He is ‘Pushkraksh”, which means beautiful lotus eyes.

What is Vishnu the God of?

Lord Vishnu is equipped with Satogun. His role is to safeguard creatures and trap them in love-affection within each other in the 21 universes of his father Brahm Kaal. He is the God of preservation. He protects living beings in Kaal’s world.

Who Is The First God?

Almighty KavirDev, the dispenser of fruits of actions (Vidhata), the provider of emancipation is the first and only complete God who is from time immemorial. When there was nothing, when the earth was null and void, there were no creatures, no body, planets, five elements viz: Sky, air, water, fire earth, no animals, plants, no incarnations etc, there were not even three qualities (Gunas) - Rajogun Brahma, Satogun Vishnu, Tamogun Shiva, not even Vishwakarma, Sheshnaag, Ganesh, 84 perfect men, 33 Koti deities existed at that time, only Supreme God described in Suksham Veda as Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush existed. He is self-proclaimed and resides in eternal abode, Satlok. The evidence of the same is found in the holy Kabir Sagar, Chapter Kabir Vaani, Bodh Sagar. In the nectar speech of Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj, Aadi Ramaini (Sad Granth, page no. 690 to 692), Pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book speech no. 2-11 on page no.171-172

Jaa din na they pind na prana, nahi Pani Pawan jimi asmana||2

Kacch macch kurambh na kaya, Chand soor na deep banaya||3

Shesh Mahesh Ganesh na Brahma, Narad Sharad na Vishwakarma||4

Siddh chaurasi na teenteeso, Nau autaar nahi Chaubeeson||5

Panch tatt nahi gun Teena, naad bind nahi ghat Seena||6

Chitragupt nahi kritim baji, Dharmrai nahi pandit kaaji||7

Dhoondhukaar anant jug beete, Jaa din kagaj kaho kin cheete||8

Jaa din they hum takhat khawasaa, tan ke paji sewak dasa||9

Sankh jugan parlo prawana, Satpurush ke sang rahana||10

Das Garib Kabir ka chera, Satlok Amarpur dera||11

About the first God, one God the evidence is also found in the Holy Quran Sharif Surat Furkani 25:52-59, in the holy Bible Genesis, Iyov 36:5, and also in the pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Who Is The Grandfather Of Vishnu?

The creator of the entire universe, the originator of all souls, Supreme God KavirDev is the Grandfather of Lord Vishnu.

Who Is The Father Of Lord Vishnu?

Brahm Kaal/ Jyoti Niranjan/ Satan, the owner of 21 universes, is the father of Lord Vishnu.

Who Is The Mother Of Lord Vishnu?

Goddess Durga/ Sherawali/ Ashtangi/ Prakriti Devi is the one who gave birth to Vishnu.

The evidence of Vishnu’s parents is mentioned in Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Mahapuran Third Skand, Pages 114-118, pages 11-12 Chapter 5 Verse 12, Page 14 Verse 43 in the same chapter and in pious Shiv Purana, Rudra Samhita, 6th and 7th chapter, pages 98-103, Editor is Hanuman Prasad Poddar, published from Gita Press Gorakhpur. Gobind Bhawan Office, Institute of Kolkata, Gorakhpur.

It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Maya roop dekh ati shobha

Dev Niranjan tan man lobha ||             

Dharamrai Kinhaa bhog vilasa

Maya ko rahi tab aaasa ||               

Teen putr Ashtangi jayee

Brahma Vishnu Shiv naam dharaaye ||

Pious Kabir Sagar (Suksham Veda) Chapter Gyan Bodh in Khand Bodh Sagar, Khand 1,  Kabir Panthi, Bharat Pathik published by Swami Yuglanand Bihari, publisher and printer is Khemraj  Shri Krishnadas Publication, President Shri Venkateshwar Press,  Khemraj Shri Krishnadas Road, Mumbai proves God Sadashiva/ Brahm Kaal is married to Goddess Durga. They are husband-wife.

Who Made Vishnu?

Although all souls originated by the word power of Almighty KavirDev in the eternal world Satlok Since everyone betrayed their happiness giving father, supreme God Kabir Dev all were expelled they were inserted in the seed form inside Goddess Durga. Evidence from Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14 Verse 3-5 proves that Brahm Kaal is the seed-giving father in Primeval Prakriti/ Durga’s womb, with their union all beings are produced in their 21 universes.

Similar is the case with Satogun-equipped Shri Vishnu Ji. Both of them made Vishnu. Also, his elder brother Rajogun Brahma and younger brother Tamogun Shiva/ Shankar were given birth by Brahm Kaal and Durga.

Who Is The Wife Of Vishnu?

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book Speech no 9-10 on page no.130

Brahma Vishnu aur Shambhu Shesha| Teeno dev dayalu hamesha||9

Savitri aur Laxmi Gaura| Teeno Deva sir kar hai chaura||10

Meaning: Triple Gods Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are merciful. Their consorts wave flabellum (chanwar) on them out of respect and honour. Savitri Devi waves Chanwar over her husband Shri Brahma Ji, and Laxmi Devi on Shri Vishnu Ji. Similarly, Goddess Parvati does on Shri Shiva Ji.

Speech no. 60 on page no 142

Vahan Garud Krishan asvara|

Laxmi dhore chanwar aparaa||60

Meaning: Vishnu Ji’s mount is Garud. His wife, Laxmi Ji gives him respect by waving flabellum (Chanwar) over him. The point is whose wife serves her husband so much it means that person has a lot of qualities.

Being the husband of Goddess Laxmi, Lord Vishnu is called ‘Madhav’ and ‘Shreemaan’.

Origin Of Laxmi, Wife Of Vishnu

Ref: Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Goddess Laxmi is the form of Goddess Durga who came out from the deep ocean during churning. When Trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva grew young their father Brahm Kaal instructed his wife Durga to send her three sons to churn the cosmic ocean and also marry them so that the task of creation, preservation and destruction may run smoothly in his 21 universes. Then Goddess Durga made her three forms and secretly hid them in the ocean. At the specified duration when the cosmic ocean was churned, three young girls came out who were married to Trinity Gods. Brahma was married to the first girl who came out. She was named Savitri. Second was Laxmi married to Vishnu and third was Uma married to Shiva.

Who Is Mohini To Vishnu?

Brahm Kaal’s trap is too dangerous with which neither demons nor gods in 21 universes remain untouched. This is evident from the incident when Lord Vishnu acquired a captivating Mohini form thereby, deceiving demons as well as his younger brother Shiva/ Shankar.

Death in Brahm Kaal’s realm is the universal truth. The soul is immortal and out of ignorance keeps wandering in search of attaining immortality here in this mortal world. Brahm Kaal plays foul. He has entrusted the responsibility of preservation to his son Vishnu.

Let us know Kaal’s deceit to demons done once through Shri Vishnu in the well-known episode of The Churning of the Ocean.

Deities and demons churned the cosmic ocean from which several precious gems, pearls, venom etc came out. Lord Shiva drank venom and stored it in his throat. This is known to people. After this, the ocean was churned again. When the vessel filled with nectar came out both the gods of 21 universes as well as demons tried to grab it intending to attain immortality. At that time, Vishnu Ji acquired the enchantress female form of Mohini to deceive demons so that the wicked souls remain deprived of drinking nectar because if they will become immortal they will create chaos and destruction. Vishnu’s beautiful female Mohini form made demons lustful and with a trick, Vishnu gave nectar to deities to drink.

The important point to note here is, that no one is mortal in Brahm’s realm not even he himself but deities remain in ignorance that by drinking nectar they have attained immortality which is a myth. This is a huge Kaal’s trap which is disclosed by Almighty KavirDev.

Even the great Yogi of 21 universes means Lord Shiva could not resist himself by the captivating allure of the female form of Vishnu i.e. Mohini form despite boasting to have won over Kaamdev after performing ages-long austerity intending to win over vice-like lust when he was distressed by the demise of Uma/ Sati/ Parvati.

These incidents where deceit has been done by Vishnu acquiring Mohini form clarifies that vices never finish in creatures be it in whichever life-form and crooked Brahm Kaal keeps playing foul with the children of God.

How Old Is Lord Vishnu?

Shri Vishnu is in the cycle of birth and death. The devotees who consider him supreme God and immortal are living in darkness. Evidence from Sukshma Veda proves that the age of Vishnu is fixed which is seven times that of his elder brother Shri Brahma Ji.

The age of God is calculated in the Divya varsh/ God year. Brahma Ji’s one day equals one thousand Chaturyuga(4 Yugas). The duration of the night is also the same.

  • Age of Brahma - 720000 × 100 = 72000000 (seven crore twenty lakhs) Chaturyuga.
  • Lord Vishnu’s age according to this calculation is seven times greater than Brahma Ji.

72000000 × 7 = 504000000 (fifty crore forty lakhs) Chaturyuga.

After completing this duration the soul of Vishnu goes to suffer in 84 lacs life form similar to all beings in Brahm Kaal’s realm. Then the next eligible soul is allocated the responsibility to head the Satogun department by Durga and Kaal.

What Is The Power Of Vishnu?

The lotus-eyed Shri Vishnu heading the Satogun department in 21 universes is the preserver God. He fights with demons to protect deities and beings and establishes peace. The following speeches mentioned in Sukshma Veda further elaborate the same.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book speech no. 57 on page no. 142

Vishnunath hai Asur Nikandan|

Santon ke sab kaatai phandan||57

Meaning: Shri Vishnu Nath Ji is the destroyer of demons and cuts all bonds of his devotees-seekers.

Speech no.62-63 on page 143

Jarasindh aur Bali khapaye|

Kans Keshi Chanaur haraye||62

Kalideh mein Naagi natha|

Shishupal Chakar se kataa mathaa||63

Meaning: Vishnu Ji killed Jarasindh and Bali (brother of Sugriva in Treta Yuga in Ramchandra incarnation). He killed the demon Keshi who acquired the form of a horse and went to kill child Krishan in Dwapar Yuga. Vishnu Ji (in the Krishan incarnation) killed Kans and the wrestler Keshi Chanaur. Krishna danced climbing on the hood of a Kaliya snake then tied the rope in his nose as is tied to the nose of a bull, also he killed clumsy Shishupal with Sudarshan Chakra.

Speech no.64-65 on page 143

Kaalyavan Mathura par dhaaye| 18 koti katak dal chadhi aaye||64

Muchkand par Pitambar daaryaa|

Kaalyavan Jahan beg sindharya||65

Meaning: When Krishna killed Kans then Kalyavan, his father-in-law quickly marched towards Mathura with an army of 18 crore soldiers intending to kill Shri Krishna and attacked. At that time, King Agrasen (father of Kans) had appointed Krishna (son of Devki) the King of Mathura. During the war Krishna noticed his army was less in number and unable to defeat Kalyavan’s huge army therefore, he quit and ran away from the battlefield due to which he was called God ‘Ranchod’.

In fact, it was the trick to kill Kalyavan by King Muchkand who has accomplishments. He was inside a cave and used to sleep for six months and remained awake for six months. If he was awakened before, then fire arrows were automatically released from his eyes and the person who disturbs his sleep gets destroyed. Krishna covered Muchkand with his Pitamber (yellow sheet) and hid in a corner of the cave in the dark. Kalyavan mistook Muchkand as Krishna hence, disturbed him while he was sleeping. Muchkand stood in anger then fire arrows were released from his eyes which destroyed Kalyavan and he died. After this, Krishna left Mathura and got settled in Dwarka, Gujarat

Speech no.66 on page no 144

Parsuram Bawan avtaara| Koi Naa Jane bhed tumhara||66

Meaning: Parsuram is believed to be the incarnation of Vishnu who killed all arrogant Akshatriyas with his axe. No one knows your (Vishnu) secrets.

Speech no.68 on page no.146-147

Ram avtaar Ravan ki bera|

Hanumat hakaa suni sumera||68

Meaning: Vishnu Ji incarnated as Ramchandra in Treta Yuga in Ayodhya to King Dashratha to kill the demon Ravana. Devotee Hanuman too was in his support. When Hanuman roared and ran to kill Ravana then that roar was heard even by the gods residing in Sumeru mountain.

The power of Vishnu is, that he is the destroyer of demons and evil, the protector of deities and beings.

Placement Of Vishnu In Human Body Lotus Chakra

Reference: Pious Kabir Sagar, in Kabir Vani chapter on page no.111

Respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj has given a beautiful description in ‘Brahmbedi’  of gods and goddesses residing in the human body at the inner side of the backbone.

Lord Vishnu along with his consort Laxmi resides in ‘Nabhi Kamal/ Chakra’. He heads this Lotus Chakra consisting of 8 petals. It is chanted 6000 times.

 The following nectar speech certifies the same.

Nabhi kamal mein Vishnu Vishambhar, Jahan Lakshmi sang vaas hai ||

‘Hariyam’ naam japant Hansa, janat birla das hai ||

Placement Of Maha Vishnu, Father Of Vishnu In Human Body Lotus Chakra

Brahm Kaal, father of Satogun God Vishnu who resides in the secret Satogun-dominated area built in 21 universes is called MahaVishnu. In the human body, Brahm Kaal/Mahavishnu is seated in ‘Sangam Kamal’ which has 3 petals along with a crore of other young deities. It is governed by the mind. Almighty Kabir also resides here and Goddess Durga in Saraswati form along with 72 beautiful goddesses. It is located at the back side of the head towards the top where some people keep a ponytail. It has 1000 petals. Evidence of the same is mentioned in Bhavtaran Bodh’ on page 111 (957) and on page 57 (903).

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book, Speech no.8, page no.102

Sahans Kamal dal bhi aap Sahib, jyon Phoolan madhya gandh hai|

Poor raksha jagdeesh jogi, satt samrath nirbandh hai||8

Placement Of Mother Of Vishnu In Human Body Lotus Chakra

Goddess Durga, mother of Lord Vishnu resides in Kanth Kamal located above Hriday Kamal at the back side of the neck in the backbone. It has 16 petals. It is chanted 1000 times. Durga (Avidhya) resides here along with her husband Kaal in subtle form. The following speech no 6 says

Kanth kamal mein basey avidhya, gyan dhyan buddhi nasahee ||

Leel chakra Madhya kaal karmum, aawat dum kun fansahee ||6

What Is The Mantra Of Maha Vishnu, Father Of Lord Vishnu?

Mahavishnu/ Brahm Kaal is the knowledge giver of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The true salvation mantra to attain Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush is told in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 which is Om-Tat-Sat (indicative). The enlightened saint discloses them. In this Om mantra is of Kshar Brahm/ Jyoti Niranjan/ Kaal/ MahaVishnu. He says in Chapter 8 Verse 13

Om, iti, ekaaksharam, Brahm, vyaaharan, mam, anusmaran,

YaH, pryaati, tyajan, deham, saH, yaati, parmaam, gatim ||13||

Meaning: In the mantra of the path of complete salvation ie. In the coded three-word mantra, Om-Tat-Sat,  My (Brahm’s) mantra is OM and nothing else. While chanting  OM, he who remembers it till giving up the body (till death) attains me (Brahm), attains Brahmlok. But that seeker doesn’t get complete salvation. Therefore,  his attainment is inferior/ bad as told in Gita 7:18. The seeker remains in recurrence.

What Is The Mantra Of Vishnu?

Ignorant devotees chant Vishnu’s mantra

ॐ नमोः नारायणाय. ॐ नमोः भगवते वासुदेवाय ॥

Om NamoH Narayan

Om NamoH Bhagavate Vasudevaya।।

There is no evidence of this mantra or any other mantra of Vishnu in any holy scriptures. This is an arbitrary practice that has been strictly prohibited in pious Shrimad Bhagavad Gita 16:23. It’s useless. There is a specific mantra of Lord Vishnu which the enlightened saint grants chanting which Shri Vishnu Ji showers grace. The same is certified in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech.

Today, Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only living Satguru authorised to provide the true mantra of Vishnu Ji. Seekers aiming to attain God, attain salvation must take refuge without delay and become eligible to be the permanent resident of eternal abode Satlok.

Where Does Vishnu’s Parents Reside?

Brahm Kaal and Goddess Durga, the parents of Vishnu although have their separate realms viz. Brahmlok and Durgalok respectively but they have also created three secret places in their 21 universes. One is Rajogun-dominated where Kaal resides in MahaBrahma form and keeps his wife Goddess Durga in MahaSavitri form. The second secret place is Satogun-dominated where Brahm Kaal resides in Mahavishnu form and keeps his wife Durga in MahaLaxmi form. The third place is Tamogun-dominated. Here, he resides in MahaShiva form and keeps his consort Durga in MahaParvati form. The purpose of building these secret places is an expansion of his 21 universes because, in these three secret places, they behave like husband and wife. With their union, a son is born who automatically gets equipped with that particular quality. Like in the Rajogun-dominated area, the son born gets equipped with Rajogun. He is named Brahma. Similarly, in the Satogun-dominated area, the son born is named Vishnu. In the Tamogun-dominated area, the son born is named Shiva/ Shankar.

Where Does Vishnu Reside?

The son born in the Satogun-dominated area by the union of Durga and Brahm Kaal is kept in a coma by them with their accomplishments till he grows young. This son is named Vishnu. Then both of them make him conscious and allocate him the responsibility to head the Satogun department in their 21 universes. Vishnu Ji resides in Vaikunth, Kshira Sagara.

Why Is Lord Vishnu Blue?

Once Lord Vishnu went to the netherworld to search for his father on the instructions of his mother Durga/ Ashtangi. Sheshnaag was already present there. Noticing Vishnu entering into his jurisdiction Sheshnaag sprayed his venom furiously on Vishnu due to which the colour of Vishnu’s skin turned blue/ black. This true incident is taken from Sukshamveda.

Why did Brahma And Vishnu fight?

Ref: Shiva Purana, Vidhyeshwar Sanhita, Chapter 6.

The vices like arrogance, hunger for post, power and prestige, anger and like dominate all creatures in 21 universes of Brahm Kaal. Even Trinity Gods are not untouched by vices. Evidence from Shiva Purana tells that once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu fought over a trivial issue of who amongst both was superior. Both were claiming to be the originators of each other and expecting to be given due respect. The arguments rose high to the extent that both Gods started fighting with each other. They punched, kicked and raised weapons. Even deities from heaven came to see their fight but instead of establishing peace by separating Vishnu Ji and Brahma Ji, they started showering flowers seeing the amazing scene.  At that time, their father Brahm Kaal installed a highly radiant huge pillar in between both. They stopped fighting and started searching the ends of that pillar but in vain. Then Kaal himself appeared, acquiring the form of their younger brother, Shiva and told both that none of the two is superior.

This episode reflects the very condemnable nature of Kaal’s realm where even God’s fight over supremacy. Then what to say about ordinary beings?

Is Vishnu Married To Ganga?

River Ganga has come in subtle form from the eternal world Satlok by the grace of Almighty Kabir as a sample routing from Kaal’s realm to Vishnulok to Shivlok then finally to earth. Hence, the concept of Vishnu marrying Ganga does not arise. This story is merely the outcome of the ignorance of fake religious preachers who do not know about the origin of the river Ganga and claim it to be a goddess associated with Shri Vishnu Ji.

Why Did Vishnu Scold Sukhdev Rishi?

Sage Sukhdev was a renowned sage of his time who even saved the life of King Parikshit. Sukhdev was a blessed soul who due to sacraments gained true spiritual knowledge while being inside an egg in Parrot’s life-form who later took birth from the womb of the wife of sage Veda Vyas. He attained Heaven meaning temporary immortality till the age of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati after listening to the true knowledge from Shri Shiva Ji inside the cave where Shiv Ji preached the same true spiritual knowledge to Goddess Parvati which at present is famous as Amarnath Shrine.

Accomplishments are a hindrance in the attainment of God since it’s followed by arrogance out of ignorance. After getting the salvation mantra indirectly from Lord Shiva, sage Sukhdev gained powers. He was able to fly in the air. Hence, once reached Vishnulok with thought that Shri Vishnu Ji would be glad to see him. But Sage Sukhdev was disappointed as he was highly mistaken since he did not make a Guru therefore, he was not allowed to enter Vishnu Ji's palace rather was scolded. Upon the instructions of Vishnu Ji, later Sage Sukhdev acquired King Janak his guru because according to the law of God ‘Nigure’ means seekers who do not have a guru are not eligible for attaining salvation.

Who Is The Most Biggest Enemy Of Vishnu?

Ref: Shri Devi Bhagwat Purana, First Skand, page no 28 onwards, published from Gita Press Gorakhpur.

Discussion between Narad Ji and Vyas Ji

There is not even a trace of peace and happiness in Kaal’s realm. Neither to human beings nor even to Gods.

Almighty KavirDev tells in his nectar speech

Tan dhar sukhiya koi na dekha Jo dekhya so dukhiya ho|

Uday ast ki baat kare Maine sabka Kiya Viveka ho||

Sach kahun to jag na mane par jhooth kahee na jaayee ho|

Brahma Vishnu Shiva Ji dukhiya Jin ye rah chalayee ho||

In the conversation mentioned in Durga Purana, Lord Vishnu himself admits that most of the time he remains engrossed in meditation to Shakti (Goddess Durga). He gains powers and fights with giant demons. This is a dangerous Kaal’s trap. Such massacre may be the duty of Vishnu Ji but all killings are added to his bad account. The graph of his sins keeps increasing and it’s suffering is borne by the soul in the next births in 84 lacs life-forms.

Here, one question arises: who can defeat Vishnu?

Vishnu further says that he is hardly at peace since fighting with wicked souls, monsters is his prime duty. In case he gets an opportunity he spends some peaceful moments with his consort Goddess Laxmi.

Hiranyakashipu in Satyug had enmity with Vishnu since he had declared himself God after obtaining boon from Lord Brahma. He used to misbehave with his son Prahalad who was a die-hard worshipper of Lord Vishnu. The operator and protector God, Satogun Vishnu when incarnated as Shri Ram in Treta Yuga and as Shri Krishna in Dwapar Yuga killed evil souls Ravana,  Kans and Keshi respectively, even more, and established tranquillity. None could defeat Vishnu.  This proves demons are his biggest enemy.

Why did Vishnu Took Narasimha Avatar?

Almighty KavirDev helps demi Gods like Vishnu and Shiva when they face trouble but glorifies them only to keep intact the faith of God and worship amongst devotees. Demon Hiranyakashipu in Satyuga became very powerful after obtaining boon from Shri Brahma Ji and envied Shri Vishnu Ji. He declared himself God and stopped the worship of other Gods specially Shri Vishnu whom his son Prahlada used to worship wholeheartedly.

Almighty KavirDev acquiring the Narasimha form (half-man half-lion incarnation) killed Hiranyakshiapu. In this context, God Kabir says:

Brahman bana karam Kasai, Hrinyakush chaati tudwayee ||

The following Speech No.58 on page no.142 in Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book certifies the same.

Narsingh roop dhare gururaya, Hrinyakush kun Maran dhaya ||58||

This speech confirms it was Almighty Kabir who killed the demon Hrinyakshipu acquiring the form of God Narasimha.

Note: Till now it was a myth that God Narasimha Avtar was of Shri Vishnu Ji and he killed the monster Hiranyakashipu.

Did Vishnu Kill Demon Sankasur?

Varaha, the boar avatar is believed to be the third incarnation of Shri Vishnu Ji out of Dashavtar. Since Vishnu Ji is the protector God in Brahm Kaal’s realm therefore, he is always given the credit for putting an end to the lives of all demons which is a myth. Devotee society is ignorant that Almighty KavirDev is the protector of all beings including gods.

Once there was a demon named Sankhasur who stole Vedas and hid then inside the ocean to make deities devotionless. He was a powerful demon whom deities were unable to defeat. Hence, they prayed to the Supreme God. Almighty KavirDev acquired Varaha-form (wild swine) and killed demon Sankhasur. God took out Vedas from deep ocean and kept them on earth. God KavirDev glorified Vishnu and then disappeared. The following speech from Sukshma Veda certifies that it was the supreme God Kabir who killed demon Sankhasur and not Vishnu. The Varaha (wild swine) form was not of Shri Vishnu

Reference: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book page no.146 speech no. 67

Sankhasur marey nirbani | Varaha roop dhare parvani ||67||

What Was The Curse On Vishnu?

Vices in Kaal’s realm cannot be destroyed by force practice (hatha yoga). Once Sage Narad performed hatha yoga for several years and thought he had won over vices like lust. He boasted about his achievement to his father Brahma Ji who told Narad not to disclose the same to Shri Vishnu Ji. Sage Narad was overconfident of his achievement and could not resist, therefore, disclosed it to Vishnu Ji. Brahm Kaal’s trap is too dangerous.

With Kaal’s inspiration, Vishnu Ji thought of examining Narad Ji. He created an artificial world where a grand ‘Swayamvar’ of a beautiful princess was organised. Sage Narad was highly attracted by the beauty of the princess and decided to marry. But he was ugly looking therefore, asked Vishnu to give him his handsome looks. The lotus-eyed Vishnu Ji is very attractive. He is also called ‘Hari’. Narad Ji asked for his ‘Hariroop’. Vishnu Ji played a prank and gave Narad Ji the face of a monkey. ‘Hari’ in Sanskrit means Monkey. Narad Ji was ignorant of this prank of Shri Vishnu Ji and thought he was looking very handsome whereas he was looking funny with a monkey face. The beautiful princess rejected Narad Ji while he was sitting in the queue to be garlanded by the Princess. Narad Ji felt disappointed as he tried twice. Then someone told him that his monkey look was very funny. Narad Ji got annoyed and cursed Vishnu that ‘You will spend one painful life suffering on earth in separation from your wife, the same as I felt for a woman’.

Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Shri Ramchandra in Treta Yuga and the miserable life he spent in separation from his wife Sita was the outcome of the curse of Sage Narad. The 14 years of exile, the abduction of Sita by Ravana, sita’s ordeal by Shri Ram, the exile of pregnant Sita after returning to Ayodhya, defeat of Ram in war with Luv-Kush and finally terrible demise of Ram in Saryu river proves how miserable was Lord Vishnu alias Ramchandra’s life after the curse of Sage Narad.

This was all well-planned episode by Brahm Kaal which proves not just humans but also gods in his realm are mere puppets in his hand, all suffer. First, devotees gain accomplishments through hatha yoga like Narad Ji and later they misuse their powers by cursing. All remain trapped in Brahm’s web. Kaal Brahm has trapped all souls in an almost undefeated karmic cycle, Lord Vishnu too is no exception

Important: Lord Vishnu could not neutralise the effect of the curse on himself. How can he do the same for his devotees? How can he provide happiness to his worshippers? It’s understood.

Note: Only God Kabir has the Veto power. He has the authority to neutralise the effect of the curse (teen taap) on creatures in the entire universe and no one else.

Role Of Vishnu In the Establishment Of 51 Shakti Pithas

Yet another true incident in the life of Shri Vishnu Ji where deceiver Brahm Kaal played foul.

During the exile of 14 years of Vishnu in Ram’s incarnation suffering due to the curse by sage Narad, once Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati saw him mourning for Sita after she was kidnapped by Ravana about which Ram was ignorant. Here, Kaal played foul.

Goddess Parvati went to Shri Ram to examine him against the consent of her consort Shiv Ji acquiring the form of Sita. Ram who did not know who took his wife Sita? Where is she lost? immediately recognised that it was Parvati in Sita’s form because Kaal evoked Ram’s intellect. Parvati felt ashamed of her act of disguising and examining Ram going against her husband. On the other hand, Brahm Kaal evoked Shiva that Parvati’s denial of examining Ram is a lie. Shiv Ji refused to accept Parvati as his wife from then onwards since she acquired the form of his sister-in-law who is respectful equivalent to his mother.

Thereafter, the life of Parvati became like hell. Saddened by the rejection from her husband Shiva, Parvati decided to go to her maternal home. There also she faced resentment from her father Daksh who at that time, had organised a huge religious sacrifice (Hawan yagya) in which all renowned dignitaries along with gods, Gandharvas, sages, great sages etc. were invited but not Shiva and Parvati.

Annoyed with Parvati for getting married to Shiva against his wish, Daksh insulted Parvati which made her furious. Parvati thought that she was not acceptable to her husband also nor to her father, her life was miserable therefore, out of distress she jumped into the huge fire pit. Her whole body burnt and she died. When the news of Parvati’s terrible demise reached Shiva he got furious. A fierce battle was fought. Shiva cut the neck of Daksh. Later, Shiva/ Shankar fixed the face of a goat to Daksh and revived him.

Shiva wandered for ten thousand eras carrying the skeleton of Parvati like a recluse. Then Lord Vishnu cut the skeleton of Parvati into 51 pieces with his Sudarshan Chakra. Finally, Shiva got detached from Parvati and came to his senses. Then he went into a state of meditation for several eras.

Wherever 51 parts of Parvati’s skeleton fell, Shakti Peethas were established. This was the role of Vishnu in its establishment

Important: Devotees visit these Peethas intending to get blessings of Goddess Parvati which is a myth. There is no benefit to visiting since they are merely remembrances. Goddess is not seated here. Moreover, pilgrimage is an arbitrary practice that holds no evidence in any ancient texts. It’s forbidden in pious Srimad Bhagavad Gita 16:23.

Who Is Father Of All Gods, Is It Vishnu?

Lord Vishnu’s grandfather, supreme God KavirDev is the father of all Gods. He is the creator of entire universes. All holy scriptures of all religions provide sufficient evidence for the same. Till now devotees considered Lord Vishnu the supreme God which is a myth. Let us see what evidence Suksham Ved provides in this regard.

Ref: Page no.161, speech no.1-3, Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book

Ram Niranjan aarti teri, Avigat gati kuchh samajh pade nahi, kyun pahunchemati meri।।। Narakaar nirlep Niranjan, Gunah ateet tihun deva। Gyan dhyan se rahe nirala, Jaani jaye na sewa। 12

Sanak Sanandan Narad Munijan, Shesh paar nahi pavey। Shankar dhyan dhare Nishwasar, Ajahun tahee suljhave । 13

Meaning-  Niranjan Ram ! means God without illusion! I do your Aarti! O the indestructible! The knowledge of your state is not understood. How does my intellect reach there?  God Kabir enacting like a devotee Himself has explained that the devotee should pray politely like this. Then supreme God Kabir gets pleased. Consider yourself to be unwise, God is knowledgeable. The creature should not have pride (1)

Note: The readers would doubt that Kaal is called Niranjan. Kaal is Jyoti Niranjan. Niranjan means without illusion means pure (Nirlep) God, but God Kaal Brahm is with illusion. He remains unmanifested. Therefore, he is also called Niranjan. He is famous as Niranjan-based on folklore. He, in reality, is not Niranjan. The real Niranjan is Almighty Kabir who is called the complete Brahm. The same evidence is in Srimad Bhagavad Gita 15:18. Kaal Brahm himself has said that in folklore, I am famous as ‘Purushottan’ (Uttam Purush) because amongst all beings within me in 21 universes,  I am superior to them from every point of view. The knowledge giver of Gita in Chapter 15 Verse 17 has told about the real Purushottam (Uttam PurusH) Almighty God that He is other than Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush who nurtures everyone while entering all three worlds. He is immortal Almighty. He is in human form. Complete God is ‘Nirlep Niranjan’ and resides above.

God! You are above three qualities-form God’s means Shri Brahma (Rajogun), Shri Vishnu (Satogun) and Shri Shiva (Tamogun), you are separate from them. You do not have the effect of three Gunas. You have one supreme immortal quality. You are indestructible, your realm is indestructible. The residents in your realms are indestructible which is due to the effect of your supreme quality. You are different from the meditation-based folklore. No one knows your way of devotion

Intending to attain you based on spiritual knowledge received from their father Brahma Ji, Sankadik means all four sons (Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sant Kumar) and Sage Narad the son of Brahma Ji and Sheshnaag are practising basis hearsay knowledge from sages. Even they could not attain you nor could they know about your glory. Even the great Yogi Shiva-Shankar of Kaal’s world is remembering you day and night. He has been trying to solve the puzzle of spirituality till today but could not get success.

Vedas glorify the Supreme God. It’s written ‘Nirvat Agney’ God is like humans. Rigveda Mandal no.9 Sukt 86 Mantra 26-27, Sukt 82 Mantra 1-2, Sukt 96 Mantra 16 - 20 and Sukt 94 Mantra 1, Sukt 95 Mantra 2, Sukt 54 Mantra 3, Sukt 20 Mantra 1 and at many places, it has been written that God resides in above realms. Walking from there He comes to earth in the whole body and he meets good souls and preaches true spiritual knowledge (Sukshma Veda). 

Important: With the aforementioned shreds of evidence it is proved that the Father of all gods, the most powerful God in the entire universe is Almighty KavirDev and not Shri Vishnu. No holy scriptures provide evidence for the same regarding Shri Vishnu. Hence, this myth remains no longer.

Who Does Vishnu Meditate Upon?

At the inception, Almighty KavirDev came into this mortal world of butcher Brahm Kaal and met triple Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. He preached all three true spiritual knowledge and gave them each a specific mantra. Sukshma Veda provides evidence. All three Gods chant that mantra. Thus, Lord Vishnu meditates upon Almighty Kabir similar to his two brothers Brahma and Shiva.

Vishnu Had No Knowledge About Almighty

Ref: Srimad Devi Bhagavata Mahapurana Skand 1, Page 28-29

Brahm Kaal has corrupted the intellect of everyone in his realm to the extent that all practice wrong, and all worship demigods. Even deities and triple Gods also are unaware of the God of gods, the supreme God Param Akshar Brahm. Evidence from pious Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Purana certifies the same ignorance of Lord Vishnu’s spiritual knowledge where he admits that he has to live under the subjugation of Shakti in every respect. He continuously remembers Bhagwati Shakti and tells his elder brother Shri Brahma Ji that in his knowledge there is no other God superior to this Bhagwati Shakti, Durga. According to him, she is the highest God and none other.

Lord Vishnu is ignorant that Almighty KavirDev is the Supreme God.

Who Helped Ram Alias Vishnu Build Ram Setu?

Due to ignorance, devotees had been giving credit for the construction of the famous Ram Setu bridge to Lord Rama since Treta Yuga which is a myth. The truth is Almighty Kabir appeared in the form of Sage Muninder and blessed Shri Ram to build Ram Setu by lightning the stones like a wood of the surrounding mountain with his power which were used in its construction by Architect Nal and Neel in his army. To identify those light-weighted stones Hanuman Ji wrote Ram on each and devotees feel it was Shri Ramchandra who built Ram Setu, thus is evidenced.

Hum hi Ram Raheem Kareem Puran Kartara|

Hum hi bandhey setu chadhe sang padam attharah||

Shri Ramchandra had already prayed to the ocean by continuously standing knee-deep inside water for three days but the ocean did not give him the way. Annoyed, Shri Ram then took out a fire arrow to destroy the ocean. Then the ocean appeared acquiring the form of a Brahmin and told Shri Ram about Nal-Neel in his army who had the power that anything put on the ocean by their hand would not sink, rather would float. They have received this boon from their Gurudev Sage Muninder. But due to arrogance, they had lost this power. It was then that Sage Muninder was requested who help Rama build the Ram Setu bridge.

It is said

Sadhu darshan Ram ka, Mukh par basey suhag

Darshan unnhi ko hot hai, jinkey puran bhagya||

Lord Vishnu alias Shri Ram is also the child of Almighty Kabir (Adi Ram) who stands with them during crucial situations. This fact remained hidden till date unless Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj revealed it showing evidence mentioned in Sukshma Veda. Almighty glorified Shri Vishnu alias Ram for this great work. In reality, the Almighty does everything but remains behind the curtain. He wants to keep intact the faith of devotees even if they worship demigods like Shri Ramchandra. The following speech no.61 on pages no.142-143 tells the same

Ravan Maharavan se mare| Setu bandh sena dal tare||61

Meaning: O Lord Vishnu! You killed Maharavana, the brother of Ravana. You built the Ram Setu bridge on the ocean to war with Ravana thus, the army crossed.

Almighty Kabir has told in his nectar speech mentioned in Sukshma Veda that

Kabir, Samundra paat Lanka gaye, Sita ko bhartar|

Saat Samundra Agastey muni pee gayo, inmein kaun kartaar||

Since, with folklore, Ram is given the credit for building Ram Setu, he is counted as God. Sage Agastey on the other hand drank seven oceans in one gulp with his accomplishments. Was he God?

Point to Ponder

Does Satogun Vishnu possess enough powers to be counted as Supreme God?

Who Liberated Ram Alias Vishnu From Naagphans

During the war between Shri Ram and Lankapati Ravana in Treta Yuga a weapon called Serpent noose (Naagfaans) was released on Shri Ramchandra and his entire army which tied their bodies. No one was able to move. Then the King of birds, the mount of Shri Vishnu Ji means Garud was called to help and severe all serpents. Finally, Lord Ram and his monkey army including Laxman, Hanuman etc. got free from the bondage.

In this regard, it has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Katey bandhan vipatti mein, kathin kiyo sangram|

Chinho re nar praniyan, yeh Garud bado key Ram||

Point to Ponder

Who amongst the two should be counted as God? Shri Ram or Guard who helped God in crucial times?

Who Helped Ram Alias Vishnu Kill Ravana?

In Treta Yuga, the powerful demon King Ravana kidnaps Sita and tries his level best to compel her to surrender to him but all his efforts went in vain. Ravana had gained powers worshipping Tamogun Shiva/ Shankar. He had even imprisoned 33 Koti deities of Heaven and had stored nectar in his navel due to which Shri Ram despite making several attempts failed to kill ten-headed Ravana. Then he sought help from Adi Ram/ Almighty KavirDev who secretly helped Ram by shooting an arrow in the navel of Ravana. Finally, Ravana died, and he had a terrible demise.

Here, God Kabir says

Hum hi Ravan maar Lanka par kari chadhaee|

Hum hi dus sir maar devtan ki bandh chutaee||

Readers, this is true spiritual knowledge told by Almighty Himself.

Point to Ponder

Why did the head of the Satogun department Lord Vishnu/ Shri Ramchandra fail to kill Ravana? This reveals that Vishnu Ji is a demigod possessing very limited powers. The supreme God is Almighty Kabir possessing infinite powers.

Who Helped Krishna Alias Vishnu Lift Govardhan Mountain?

When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shri Krishna in Dwapar Yuga he prohibited the worship of deities even Lord Indra saying these demigods can only provide destined Karmic deeds. They aren’t worth worshipping. Devotees should only worship one supreme God. The natives of Vrindavan followed Shri Krishna’s instructions and stopped worshipping Indra Dev. Irritated because of abandoning his worship  Lord Indra showered heavy rainfall intending to drown the entire village. To save his children God Kabir helped Shri Krishna lift Govardhan hill on his little finger of the right hand beneath whose shelter all villagers remained safe for seven days and nights.

Ram Krishan Satguru shehzade, Bhakti haite bhaye piyadey||

Ram and Krishna are also the children of Supreme God Kabir. He helps them when they remember him from the heart.

Finally, Lord Indra apologised for his misbehaviour and arrogance and stopped the torrential rains.

It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Govardhan Shri Krishna ne dhara, Dronagiri Hanumant. Aur Sheshnag sari srishti uthayo, inmein kaun Bhagwant||

The point is Lord Vishnu is in the cycle of birth and death. He came as Ram, Krishna etc. He is not the supreme God.

Did Krishna Alias Vishnu Increase The Sari Of Draupadi?

Devotees believe that in Dwapar Yuga during the game of dice between Kauravas and Pandavas when Pandavas lost Draupadi in gambling and Kauravas tried to insult Draupadi in the assembly it was Shri Krishna who increased her saree and saved her honour but the evidence from Sukshma Veda prove that it was Almighty KavirDev who saved the honour of Draupadi by increasing her saree.

Drupad suta kun deenhe leer, Jake anant badhae cheer ||

When  Draupadi was a spinster she saved the honour of a blind sage by providing a piece of cloth from her saree when the blind sage was hiding himself inside the river being naked. That sage was God Kabir himself playing a divine spectacle. In response to that, the Almighty saved Draupadi's honour in the assembly by increasing her saree.

Is Krishna Alias Vishnu The Knowledge Giver Of Bhagavad Gita?

The knowledge giver of Srimad Bhagavad Gita is the owner of 21 universes means Brahm Kaal and not Shri Krishna alias Shri Vishnu Ji. Kaal Brahm entered inside the body of Shri Krishna like a ghost while he and Arjun both were on the battlefield during Mahabharata war in Dwapar Yuga. Kaal introduces himself in Gita 11:32 saying ‘I am an enlarged Kaal and have appeared now to eat all realms’.

  • In Gita 7:25 the same Brahm Kaal says ‘I remain hidden with my Yogmaya (mystic powers). I do not appear in front of anyone in my original form. This is my incorruptible firm rule. Foolish people unaware of my cheap decision that I remain unmanifested consider me to have appeared in Krishna form. I am not Krishna’.
  • In Gita 11:47 he says ‘This is my actual Kaal form. Nobody can see/ attain me with any practice mentioned in Vedas, or by Jap-Tap or any activity.
  • In Gita 18:62 he tells about the worshipable supreme God. In 18:64 he says that ‘that supreme God (Almighty Kabir, the creator of entire universes) is his revered God as well.

Lord Vishnu/ Shri Krishna’s involvement in the Mahabharata war was negligible. He went twice as a peace messenger to avert the war. The massacre during the Mahabharata war was the outcome of the devil Brahm Kaal’s crooked intention.

Why Was Vishnu Kicked?

Satogun Lord Vishnu is humble. This is proved by a true incident mentioned in ancient texts. There was one sage Bhrigu, the mind-born son of Shri Brahma Ji who once examined: who amongst the Trinity Gods is superior, in which Vishnu Ji's humbleness made him superior above his two brothers Shri Brahma Ji and Shri Shiva Ji.

Examining Shri Vishnu Ji Sage Bhrigu once kicked in his chest when he was sitting comfortably with his consort Goddess Laxmi. Shri Vishnu Ji caressed Sage Bhrigu Ji's foot and said, "Oh Rishiwar! I hope your soft foot did not get hurt hitting my hard rock-like chest”. On the other hand, during the examination, both Brahma Ji and Shiva Ji got furious and thus, failed. Shri Vishnu Ji showed patience else he would have cut Shri Bhrigu Rishi Ji into infinite pieces on his misbehaviour with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Which God Is Narayan – Is It Vishnu?

Supreme Lord Kabir manifests in this mortal world in every Era and sits on a Lotus flower acquiring an infant form (Rigveda Mandal no. 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 8-9). He plays this divine spectacle in every era. The Lotus flower grows in water where there is no sand and mud. Since God (Nar) descends (cones and sits) on it, Nar+Ayan, therefore, supreme God is called Narayan. Satpurush/ Param Akshar Brahm is given this title.

Out of ignorance people of the world started calling Shri Vishnu àlso Narayan since he is seated on Sheshnag inside the ocean. Indeed, the Supreme God alone is Narayan.

This can be understood by an example. There is an officer (Sahib) on one side and the Prime Minister on the other side. Both hold a position. Both are Sahib but there is a huge difference in the power of both Sahib. Similarly, Shri Vishnu is Narayan (Sahib) in Kaal’s world whereas the Supreme God is the Narayan (Sahib) of the entire universe.

Who Is Real Vasudev – Is It Krishna Alias Vishnu?

The knowledge giver of Gita Brahm Kaal says in the 19th verse of the seventh chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Bahoonaam’, janmnaam’, ante, gyaanvan’, mam’, prpadhyate,

VasudevH, sarvam’, iti, saH, mahatma, sudurlabhH ||19||

Meaning: In the last birth, after many births, he who has attained true spiritual knowledge (Tatvgyan) worships me. Vasudev i.e. the Omnipresent complete God (Puran Brahm) only is everything, he who knows this, that Mahatma (Saint) is extremely rare.

Purna Brahm is the destroyer of sins and provider of emancipation. The supreme God is the creator of entire universes. Salvation will be attained only by His devotion. Vasudev in reality is the name of the Supreme God glorified in Vedas. It’s his synonym.

Vasudev means the one who resides everywhere. Vasudev is God who has control over everything and everyone, master of all. Over whom there is no other owner.  The sustainer of all, overall controller, Lord of the lineage.

Like, Vishnu Ji is the Lord of the only Satogun department in the realm of Kaal having control over Earth, Heaven and Hades in 21 universes. There are even more realms which come under the control of his father Jyoti Niranjan.

Similarly, the next higher God than Kshar Purush is Akshar Purush, the Lord of only seven quadrillion universes.

None of them is Vasudev. None of them has overall control.

It is written in the 9th verse of the 8th Chapter, "Sarves Sarvasva Dataran" That is, the one who sustains and nurtures everything is other than me (knowledge giver of Gita). He is Supreme God Kabir, Satpurush/ Akaalpurush/ Shabd Swaroopi Ram. He is the overall controller of entire universes. Vasudev i.e. Param Akshar Brahm is the one who destroys the punishment of deeds.  He can change destiny. That means he is the master of everything and can do whatever he wants.

People of the world mistakenly believe Shri Krishna alias Vishnu to be Vasudev. His father's name was Vasudev. So, Vishnu is not Vasudev

Note: Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only true saint at present, who tells the devotion of Almighty/ Vasudev.

Almighty Saved Lord Shiva From Demon Bhasmagiti Acquiring Vishnu Form

Lord Vishnu is the protector, his role is to preserve beings. His younger brother Shiva/  Shankar is the destroyer. Their powers are limited and when stuck in crucial situations they remember the supreme God to help them. 

Once there was a demon named Bhasmagiri who performed austerity on head posture in front of the gate of the residence of Lord Shiva In Mt. Kailash for 12 years and obtained the Bhasamkada from Shiva Ji as a reward for his Tap/ Hatha Yoga. He had a foul intention to make Parvati his wife and kill Shiva Ji. After getting Bhasamkada (bracelet) from Shiva Ji he ran to kill Shiva/ Shankar. Scared Shiva, believed to be Mritunjay/ Kalinjay/ Trikaaldarshi by his devotees, tried to escape. Then Almighty appeared before him acquiring the form of his elder brother Satogun Vishnu and showed Shiva Ji the ash of Bhasmagiri whom Almighty killed in Parvati form, then Shiva Ji's heartbeat became normal else Shiva/ Shankar feared his death.

Till now it was a myth that Lord Vishnu killed Bhasmagiri and saved the life of Shiva whereas the truth is Almighty saved Shiva/ Shankar acquiring Vishnu’s form.

Important: This incident clarifies that Shiva is mortal. He is not Trikaldarshi else why couldn’t he understand the crooked intention of the demon Bhasmagiri? Also, Vishnu was incapable, therefore, the supreme God had to come to save Shankar Ji.

This fact is being taken from evidence mentioned in Sukshma Veda. It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Garib, Shiv kun Aisa bur diya, apnehi pari aayaa| Bhaagi phir tihun lok mein, Bhasmagiri liye taaye||

Garib, Vishnu roop dhari chhal kiya, marey Bhasman bhoot| Roop Mohini dhari liya, begi singhare doot ||

Is Buddha Avatar Of Vishnu?

Lord Buddha is the founder of Buddhism who according to the people of the world is believed to be the ninth avatar of Shri Vishnu Ji. This belief is due to ignorance, it’s a myth 

Shreds of evidence from Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech prove Lord Buddha was a virtuous soul who came from Vishnulok but he wasn’t the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After completing his tenure in Heaven the virtuous soul took human birth as per the rule of obtaining life in 84 lacs life forms in Brahm Kaal’s world.

Will Kalki Be Avtar Of Vishnu?

Lord Vishnu is believed to have incarnated nine times on earth. His tenth incarnation is believed to be of Kalki which is yet to happen.

Reference from Shreemad Bhagwat, Dwadash Skandh, 2nd chapter ‘Kalyug ka Dharm’, page no. 935-936 describes the miserable life of people and the dangerous environment that will be during grave Kalyuga.

Evidence from Sukshma Veda tells that by the end of Kaliyuga, the soul of King Harishchandra who presently is dwelling in Vishnulok based on virtuous deeds done in Satyug will be sent by Brahm Kaal/ Kshar Purush. He will be Kalki/ NisHkalank. He will be born into a Brahmin family. His father would be Vishnu Dutt Sharma, the chief of Sambhal city near Moradabad, U.P.

Kalki will destroy the unrighteousness and establish peace at that time when people will be of worst behaviour, even Kings will be unfair. Kalki will kill all tyrants and unjust people. Of this grazing world, he will be the Saviour and the Lord.

This truth certifies that Kalki Avatar will not be of Shri Vishnu Ji but of the pious soul of King Harishchandra residing presently in Vishnulok.

What Is The Essence Of Vishnu Purana?

The spiritual knowledge of the people of the world is just confined to Vishnu Ji. His role, responsibility, incarnations, way of worship etc. in this world not knowing anything about MahaVishnu/ Brahm Kaal the father of Lord Vishnu who is a deceiver, a butcher, who plays foul. Vishnu Purana provides evidence about the supernatural evil deeds of Brahm Kaal be it his role as a villain in the bloodshed of monsters while entering the body of Prince Puranjay, son of King Shashaad or the massacre done by him to Gandharvas after entering inside the body of Purukuts, son of Yuvnaashav and so on.

Vishnu Purana revolves around the life of Mahavishnu and his consort Mahalaxmi. How both created their 21 universes? Origin of Lord Vishnu from them and so on about which the devotee society is ignorant.  They consider all episodes and descriptions mentioned in Vishnu Purana to be about that of Shri Vishnu Ji.

Mortal Mahavishnu And Lord Vishnu Cannot Provide Salvation

Attaining salvation is the sole purpose of human life. Devotees worship intending the same. But they are ignorant about the right way of worship which leads to the attainment of emancipation. Devotees chant mantras of demigods like Brahm Kaal (Om), Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva who are mortal. They are trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death and are not the providers of salvation. It has been mentioned in Sacchidanand Ghan Brahm’s speech

Teen dev ki Jo karte bhakti unki kade na hovdey mukti||

Satogun Lord Vishnu is one amongst Trimurti. He cannot liberate souls since he hasn’t yet been liberated. So, is his father who tells in Gita 8:16 that his attainment is bad/ inferior since seekers gone to Brahmlok remain in recurrence.

Hence, proved neither mortal Vishnu nor his father MahaVishnu is the provider of salvation.

It is supreme God Kabir who grants emancipation to creatures trapped in the web of butcher Brahm Kaal and gives them a permanent place in the eternal world Satlok

Who Is The God Of the Universe?

Vishnu is mistakenly believed to be the supreme God. No holy scripture provides evidence for the same. Whereas, Sukshma Veda proves KavirDev is the God of the universe. He provides information about his residence Himself saying

Kabir, Solah Shankh par humra takiya, hum gagan mandal ke Jinda ||

Hukam hisabi hum chale aaye, katan jam ka phanda ||

Further nectar speeches mentioned in Sukshma Veda also provide information.

Ref: Yatharth Bhakti Bodh book Speech no.13 and 14 on page no 131

Kachh, machh, kurambh aur dhaula| Sirjanhaar purush hai maula|| 13

Lakh Chaurasi saaj banaya|

Bhagligal kun, Bhagal upaya||14

Meaning: The mythological people believe that incarnations of Kachh-Machh, Kurambh and Dhaula on whom the Earth has been kept regarding this respected Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj says their creator is also Maula (Satpurush). By giving the title of Bhagligar (Magician) to Almighty it has been said some say there was seed. First, the tree originated from it. Some ask ‘who created the seed? Where did the seed come from?

Sant Garibdas Das Ji has clarified as a Magician at times, makes wheat in his fist and, at times coin. In the same way, the Supreme God has created 84 lakh species. Then he made the law. On that basis, creation and destruction happen automatically.

Speech no.15

Upjai-Vinshai aavain jaahin|

Mool beej kun, Sanshai nahin||15

Meaning: Almighty has created the universe like a Magician. Then he made the law, according to their Karmas creatures keep coming means taking birth and leaving the world means to die, but the original soul remains unharmed. It means the soul is immortal. It has no danger. God has created souls from His word power, from within Himself who are equipped with immortal qualities like that of God. The souls in Kaal’s realm acquire the form of a body and are called creatures (Jeevaatma). The soul is imperishable, the creature is perishable. ‘Jeev’ (creature) has a body that keeps taking birth and dies. When the soul attains liberation then the creature does not remain else it keeps changing forms.

All this creation is done by the God of the Universe who is none other than Satpurush Kabir Sahib and not Shri Vishnu.


Aforementioned, shreds of evidence prove

  • Lord Vishnu is mortal. He is in the cycle of birth and death
  • The preserver God Vishnu is responsible only for the Satogun department in the 21 universes.
  • Butcher Brahm Kaal is his father, Goddess Durga is his mother
  • The creator of the entire universe is the Grandfather of Lord Vishnu means Almighty KavirDev.
  • Vishnu cannot provide salvation as he is trapped in the web of Satan Kaal.
  • The true salvation mantra of Vishnu is told by an enlightened saint chanting which Vishnu Ji showers grace
  • Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Satguru on earth at present. He is providing true spiritual knowledge and granting true salvation mantras.
  • The ultimate attainable realm for creatures is Satlok and not Vishnulok.