A Full Guide to Immortal Satlok vs Mortal Heaven (Svarga)

A Full Guide to Immortal Satlok vs Mortal Heaven (Svarga)

No one wants to become old. No one wants to die. Everyone wants to lead a healthy life without having any disease. Lead a peaceful and happy life with no sorrow, no unrest. On earth, this wish of humans is impossible to come true. But what if we get to know about some eternal world where there is no old age, no death, no sorrow and no work has to be done for survival rather everything is free and indestructible. Sounds great, Yes there is one such eternal world unknown to people to date. This article aims to provide information about that immortal place called 'Satlok' where the souls reside happily forever. Neither do souls grow old there nor do they die. There is no work to do except to remember God. There is no struggle for life; everything is provided for free by God. The thought of such an immortal place initially may sound to be impossible but the shreds of evidence provided here from authentic holy scriptures will bind readers to bite their fingers and will engrave their desire to attain eternal world Satlok by all means. So stay tuned and know all about ‘Satlok’.

On earth, the spiritual knowledge of people is just confined till Heaven (Svarga) which devotees consider to be the ultimate happy abode. This ignorance is the outcome because of their ignorant religious gurus who always pretended to be scholars but actually had the ignorance cataract, they were knowledgeable blind. They had taken the spiritual knowledge to minus zero. Despite the fact, that holy scriptures provide evidence about the eternal world ‘Satlok’ these so called knower of Vedas like Chaturvedi (Scholar in four Vedas) Trivedi (Scholar in three Vedas), Dwivedi (Scholar in two Vedas) all contemporary sages, saints, great sages, Mahants, Mandaleshwars etc., throughout preached attainment of Heaven (Svarga) to be the ultimate happiness abode. They could never explain Satlok, the eternal dwelling world to the devotee society since their spiritual knowledge was limited. About such ignorant religious preachers it has been mentioned in Suksham Veda

Moti Mukta darshat nahi ye jug hai sab andh re ||
Dikhat ke to nain chisam inke phira motiyaabind re ||

In this writeup, we will do an analytical study of both Heaven (Svarga) as well as Satlok and will prove from facts mentioned in holy scriptures that the sole aim of human birth is not the attainment of Heaven (Svarga) but the attainment of Satlok having gone where the disease of birth and death of the soul finishes forever and they do not come back in this deceased world. 

So let's get started. First let us brief about Heaven (Svarga)

  • What is Heaven (Svarga)?
    • Who is the Owner of Heaven (Svarga)?
    • Who Created Heaven (Svarga)?
    • Evidence of Heaven (Svarga) in Shrimad Bhagawad Gita
    • How Heaven (Svarga) is Attained?
  • What is Satlok?
    • Who Created Satlok?
    • How was Satlok Created?
    • A Blunder done by Kshar Purush in Satlok
    • How far is Satlok from Earth?
    • How can Satlok be Attained?
  • Evidence of Satlok in the Nectar Speech of Great Men
    • Garibdas Ji Glorified Satlok
    • Guru Nanak Ji Glorified Satlok
    • Dharamdas Ji Glorified Satlok
  • Evidence of Satlok in Suksham Veda
  • Which is Immortal Heaven (Svarga) or Satlok?
  • Myth vs Facts of Heaven (Svarga) and Satlok
  • Satlok is attained Through the Guidance of Satguru/Enlightened Saint
  • Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj provides True Mantra to Attain Satlok

What is Heaven (Svarga)?

The moment Heaven (Svarga) word comes to mind we start fantasizing about a world where there are all comforts and Happiness. It is a place where deities reside and lead blissful life. Heaven (Svarga) on earth is a place where humans who have done virtuous deeds go post-death. There they get the position of a deity. But as it is said ‘all that glitters is not Gold’. Let us clarify that Heaven (Svarga) is a temporary dwelling place & not the final destination where souls reside for a specified duration based on their good Karma. After completing a specified duration they are sent to suffer in hell and 84 lakh life forms and then back on earth to suffer further. This is a vicious cycle. Heaven (Svarga) can be best understood with an example.

Heaven (Svarga) is like a restaurant. Just as people go to some hill station to spend quality time during summer vacations at their own cost and stay in a restaurant/hotel. They enjoy it for some time. After the money is finished they have to return back to their home. Then they again work and save money intending to visit next time to some such place. If their earnings are good they again go to a restaurant to spend quality time. If not then they have to stay during vacations in their home.

Similarly, humans with virtuous deeds in the account, go to Heaven (Svarga) and spend a good time at the cost of their devotional earnings. After auspicious deeds are finished they die and are thrown to hell where they are tortured by the angels of God of death (Yamraj) Then are sent to suffer in 84 lakh life forms and back on earth.

So Heaven (Svarga) is a restaurant to spend virtues where there is birth and death. In reality, this is a temporary happiness abode which is perishable and so are all the living beings residing there. So who is the owner of this perishable Heaven (Svarga)?

Who is The Owner of Heaven (Svarga)?

The knowledge giver of Gita tells Arjun in Gita Chapter 14 Verse 7 that this whole world (which means his 21 universes) is entangled in him (Brahm Kaal).

In Gita Chapter 7 Verse 7-11 Kaal says that he is the sacred syllable (Pranav-OM) and the superior most among humans. Consider me only to be the cause of all living beings residing in my world. The power of powerful and intelligence of all intellects is from me. It clearly means that he is the owner of everything in his world.

The facts mentioned in the creation of the universe in Suksham Ved prove that after Brahm Kaal and Ashtangi were expelled from Satlok they both did creation in their 21 universes. They created fake regions by copying Satlok, created Heaven (Svarga), hell,  Vishnulok, Shivlok, Durga’s world etc.

Kshar Purush has got a Brahmlok created in every Brahmand. In this Brahmlok only, he has also got creation done in three secret places. One Satogun dominated, the second Rajogun dominated, and the third Tamogun dominated. He has also got a Mahaswarg (great Heaven (Svarga)) created in this Brahmloka. In that Mahaswarg he has also got a fake Satlok, fake Alakhlok, fake Agam Lok, and fake Anamilok, created by Prakriti Durga. Then in the twenty-first Brahmand also, he has got all the fake four regions created.

It has been mentioned in Suksham Veda ie. in the nectar speech of Sachidanand Ghan Brahm

Sur nar muni jan tetis karodi |
bandhe sab Jyoti Niranjan dori

Meaning: All 33 crore gods, 88 thousand sages and all living beings are tied in the deeds form a rope of Brahm Kaal.

Hence proved Merciless God Kaal is the owner/Master of Heaven (Svarga) whereas the King is Lord Inder. When one soul completes the tenure of the King of Gods in Paradise another eligible soul obtains this position but Kaal always remains the owner.

So who created Heaven (Svarga)? Let us find out.

Who Created Heaven (Svarga)?

Almighty Kabir is the creator of all universes but after Kaal was expelled from Satlok both Brahm Kaal the Satan along with Maya/ Prakriti/ Ashtangi did creation in their 21 universes. They created Heaven (Svarga), hell, Brahmlok, Vishnulok, Shivlok and other regions. As stated above, to mislead souls they have also created fake Anamilok, Agamlok, Alakhlok and Satlok.

Evidence of Heaven (Svarga) in Shrimad Bhagawad Gita

The evidence of the existence of Heaven (Svarga) is in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 3 Kaal seeing the grief-stricken Arjun in the battlefield in Mahabharata persuades him for war and says ‘Oh Arjun! With what motive did this affection come to you at this miserable unsuitable time? Because this is the character of inferior men; it will not leave you to Heaven (Svarga) rather will only bring you disgrace.

In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 37 Kaal persuades Arjun for war saying that ‘either you will die in battle and attain Heaven (Svarga) or after conquering the battle will enjoy the kingdom of earth. There are laddoos (sweet) in both your hands. So Arjun! stand up for the battle with determination’.

In this way, butcher Brahm Kaal tries to fulfill his wicked intention to have war because he is cursed to eat one lakh subtle bodies of humans daily.

Moving ahead let us understand how Heaven (Svarga) is attained? 

How Heaven (Svarga) is Attained?

Humans who perform good deeds like charity, feeding animals, donating for and/or building community houses, perform austerity, serve the needy and the like gain virtues. On the basis of such good deeds, one becomes eligible to attain Heaven (Svarga). They reside there for a specified duration then the soul also has to suffer in Hell and 84 lakh life forms then back on earth. Based on virtues the person may become a King or millionaire on earth and lead a temporary happy life. After death, he goes in the same vicious circle of birth and rebirth.

For such attainment, it has been mentioned in Suksham Veda

Kot janam tane bharmat ho gaye kuchh na haath laga re ||
Kookar, shookar, khar bhaya bhore, kauwa hans buga re ||
Koti janam tu raja kinha, miti na mun ki aasha ||
Bhikshuk hoke dar dar ghoom liya mila na nirgun rasaa ||
Indra, Kuber, Ish ki padvi, Brahma Varun Dharma Raya ||
Vishnunath ke pur kun jake tu phir bhi wapas aaya ||

Meaning: For innumerable births, we have become dogs, swine, crows even Kings and millionaires, beggars etc. on earth. We even got the position of Indra (King of Heaven Svarga, Kuber, Brahma, Vishnu, and other deities yet the desires did not end. Nothing has been attained except suffering. We remained trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth. Evidence Gita Chapter 2 Verse 17

Note: With the arbitrary worship performed by devotees of three Gunas, Goddess Durga, Brahm Kaal and dummy gods seekers have to bear the fruits of both virtues in Heaven (Svarga) and sufferings due to sins in hell and in the bodies of 84 lakh life forms. This clarifies that attainment of Heaven (Svarga) is useless when the soul has to still suffer in 84 lakh life forms and hell.

After knowing the reality about Heaven (Svarga) now the thought arises – ‘Is there some permanent happiness abode free from birth, and rebirth?’ The answer is Yes, Satlok is the immortal ultimate abode. Let us know in detail about Satlok.

What is Satlok?

"Satlok" (सतलोक) | Satyalok (सत्यलोक) is the eternal dwelling place of the Immortal Supreme God (God Kabir) created with His word power. God/Param Akshar Brahm/ Satpurush Himself reside here. There is no old age, no birth and death, no unrest and no work to do in Satlok. Everything in Satlok is indestructible. God provides everything free of cost. There is no struggle for survival. There is no shortage of anything. There are mountains of pearls and diamonds. Rivers of milk flow in Satlok. The trees are always loaded with fruits. The liberated souls from Kaal’s world who had been starving for ages are satiated in Satlok. They drink nectar in Satlok.

There are families residing and every single soul has its individual palace and plane. The men and women live in harmony. Males in Satlok are called ‘Hans’ and females are called ‘Hansini’. There is no outcry in Satlok, unlike earth. Men are true and loving for their wives and look upon others' wives with great respect and vice versa. Everyone respects each other and never speaks in abusive or sarcastic language.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Noor ki aarti noor ke chaje, noor ke taal pakhawaj baje ||
Noor ke gayan noor kun gavey, noor ke sunte bahur na aavey ||
Noor ki vani bole noora, Jhilmil noor raha bharpoora ||
Noor Kabira noor hi bhavey, noor ke kahe param pad pavey ||
Noor ke deep noor ke chaura, noor ke pushp noor ke bhaura ||
Noor ki jhanjh noor ki jhalari, noor ke sankh noor ki talri ||
Noor ki saunj noor ki sewa, noor ke sewak noor ke deva ||

Satlok is highly illuminating. There is no Sun or Moon in Satlok. There the soil is white and highly radiant. God Himself is the source of energy. The brightness of every soul is equivalent to the aggregate brightness of 16 Suns. There are no vices in souls residing, no effect of three Gunas, no sorrow. The body always remains young and is ‘Shukram Akayam Ashnaveeram’ meaning it is not formed by the union of mother and father. It does not have nerves and veins, bones or flesh unlike humans on earth. There the radiant body of souls does not function with breath since it is made up of one 'Noori' (light) element. The souls are born just once then their family is formed just as on earth but they never die. The soul is immortal as is the evidence mentioned in Gita Chapter 2 Verses 20-30

Satlok is called the Ocean of Happiness. It has been mentioned in Sachidanand Ghan Brahm speech which means in God’s speech.

Sankhon lehar mehar ki upje kehar nahi jahan koi ||
Das Garib achal avinashi sukh ka sagar soee ||

In Satlok many waves of mercy arise in souls. There is no wave of disaster unlike on earth. Even God has a body like humans and His body is highly radiant inside Satlok. In His one hair follicle, even the combined light of both crores of suns and crores of moons is faded. Satlok is the Eternal Heaven (Svarga) where God sits on his holy throne & rules the universe. Satlok is the third liberation abode. If one has to vanish into the Supreme God or has to go to a better region than this, then one has to do devotion in Satlok. As a result of which, Hans (soul) will attain the places ahead. Beyond Satlok is Alakhlok. In Alakhlok, there is the sovereignty of Alakh Purush. Beyond Alakhlok is Agamlok and Agami Purush rules there. Beyond Agamlok is Akahlok alias Anamilok. In this, there is the rule of Anami Parmatam (Purush). In the above three regions, there is only one God (Purna Brahm KavirDev). He lives in all three states.

True emancipation is only achieved on reaching Satlok. It has also been called Sachkhand (सचखण्ड) Punjabi ਸਚ੍ਖੰਡ | Shasvat Sthan (Eternal Place | शासवत स्थान) | Rit Dhaam (रितधाम)

Moving ahead it becomes imperative to know who created such a wonderful world. How far is Satlok from Earth? Let us find out who created Satlok.

Who Created Satlok?

Ref: Suksham Ved

Almighty Kavir Dev is the creator of the entire universe. Holy scriptures provide evidence Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 1 till 5 and 15, 16. Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no.1 till 7. Yajurved Adhyay 5, Mantra 1 and 15. Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Maha Purana, Shiv Purana, Vishnu Purana. Pious Quran Sharif, Holy Bible, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Mehla 1, Raag Bilaavalu, Ansh 1, page no.839. Also in the speech of great men who attained Salvation and at many other places.

After knowing the creator the curiosity generated is how Satlok was created

How Satlok Was Created?

Reference:-Kabir Sagar, Chapter Kabir Vaani, Bodh Sagar page no 136-137 

At inception, there was complete darkness. Almighty KavirDev was enthroned in Anami (Anamay) Lok. He used to reside all alone there. He is in human form and His body is highly effulgent. The brightness of one hair follicle of Satpurush/God Kabir is even more than the combined light of millions of Sun and Moon. All the souls were contained in Him. Then He created the three lower worlds viz: Agam Lok, Alakh Lok, and Satlok with His word power. He appeared in Satlok in the form of Satpurush. He is also known as Param Akshar Brahm/ Shabad Swaroopi Ram/ Akaalmurat/Purna Brahm. Then He created 16 islands with His word power and with 16 words he made evident 16 Sons. He created Mansarovar lake and filled it with nectar.

Satpurush KavirDev entrusted the responsibility of further creation to one of His sons called Achint and granted him word power. Achint created Akshar Purush (ParBrahm) and asked him to help him in further creation. Akshar Purush went to Mansarovar to take a bath where he felt pleasant and fell asleep and did not come out for a long time. Then Achint prayed to the Almighty seeking help. God Kabir appeared there and took some nectar water and made an egg out of it and inserted one soul into it. Then He released that egg into Mansarovar. The egg was very huge which sinked with a loud voice into water and broke the sound sleep of Akshar Purush.

Due to a disturbance in sleep, Akshar Purush got annoyed and stared at that huge egg with anger. As a result the egg split into two halves from which came out Jyoti Niranjan (Kshar Purush). Then Satpurush did further creation with His word power and created Rajeshwari (Rashtri) Shakti/ Parashakti/Paranandani and then all souls. He made souls in human form like Himself. All started residing happily in Satlok. Both Supreme God as well as Rashtri Prakarti is beginningless. (Evidence Gita Chapter 13 Verse 19)

Blunder Done By Kshar Purush In Satlok

Jyoti Niranjan was highly notorious. He did austerity in Satlok intending to have a separate island for himself. Several souls got fascinated by this drama of Jyoti Niranjan and hence fell from their loyalty towards the happiness-giving father (God Kavir Dev). Almighty as a result of the austerity of Kshar Purush gave him 21 universes but he was not satisfied. He further performed penance and demanded souls to which Almighty refused because He knew well Kaal will ill-treat His children. He put the condition that if some soul is willing to go then only he will send else not. God asked souls who all are willing to go with Jyoti Niranjan. Initially, none gave acceptance. But later one soul accepted to go and along with him, several souls gave their acceptance. Param Akshar Brahm made that soul who gave acceptance to the first a beautiful female and named her Ashtangi/Durga and inserted all willing souls into her and gave her word power to produce as many souls as Kshar Purush wants.  

Kaal was mischievous; he misbehaved with that young beautiful female (Ashtangi) due to this bad conduct in Satlok he was expelled along with Durga and 21 universes. Thereafter, he was called Kaal. Then Brahm Kaal and Durga did creation in their 21 universes. Since he was expelled from Satlok he is revengeful and tortures souls in 84 lakh life species and hell. By doing so he wants to sadden the Almighty. Therefore, God Kavir Dev comes in all four Eras, gives true spiritual knowledge and liberates souls.

Gita Chapter 8 Verse 21 confirms that Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) has been expelled from Satlok. Therefore,   he is saying that even my supreme abode is that Satlok i.e. even I (Brahm-Kaal) have come from that eternal place. That is my actual residence and Satlok is superior to my world.

Let us move ahead and know How far is Satlok from Earth?

How far is Satlok from Earth?

Almighty KavirDev tells in His nectar speech 

Kabir, Solah Shankh par humra takiya, hum gagan mandal ke Jinda ||
Hukam hisabi hum chale aaye, katan jam ka phanda ||

God Himself as well as evidence from holy scriptures (Vedas) and writings of great men (Saints) who visited Satlok provide information about the distance of Satlok from the earth. Satlok is situated at a distance of about 16 shankh kos which means 4800 quadrillion k.m from the earth. God resides there and descends in this world in every Era to liberate His children from the clutches of butcher Brahm Kaal.

Readers by now would have become curious to know how can eternal world Satlok be attained.

How can Satlok be Attained?

In Satlok, there is constant supreme peace and happiness. Until we go to Satlok, we cannot attain supreme peace, happiness and immortality. The only way to go to Satlok or Sachkhand is by doing true worship of Almighty KavirDev (evidence Gita Chapter 8 Verses 8,9,10, 28) after taking true salvation mantra/ updesh (initiation/spiritual instruction) from a Purna Saint (Complete Saint)/ enlightened saint/ Satguru/Dheeraram who imparts the true 'Shabad' or 'Naam (mantra)', 'Satnaam', and ‘Sarnam’, (evidence in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23) and keep doing bhakti (worship) of Supreme God throughout our life together with abiding by all prescribed rules of true worship.

In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 51 it is told ‘upon obtaining true spiritual knowledge and doing true worship the seeker becomes free from the bondage of birth and death and attains ultimate state (Satlok) where there is absolute peace. Then he never returns. By chanting true mantras the debt (spiritual earning) of dummy gods and goddesses is paid in Kaal's world. He says

Aham, tva, sarvpaapebhyaH, mokshyishyaami, ma, shuchH ||

Kshar Purush/ Kaal says ‘You pay off my debt then why will I trouble you? I will not keep you here. You go to your Native place (Satlok). I will liberate you’. After crossing the boundary of Kshar Purush the soul enters the world of Akshar Purush/ ParBrahm where his debt is also paid by the devotional earnings from chanting of ‘Satnam’. Then with the earnings of Sarnaam the seeker crosses ParBrahm’s world. After crossing the lok of Akshar Purush even the ‘Tat’ mantra does not exist. Then there is Jaap of only Saarnaam by Surati-Nirati. Then the souls land at Mansarovar lake where their brightness automatically becomes equivalent to four Suns. The (Hans) soul who has obtained Saarshabd from Satguru that Hans endowed with Saarshabd, based on the sound produced from the earnings of that Shabd, goes to his correct place in Satlok.

Finally, the soul reaches Satlok after crossing realms of Satan Kaal/ Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush and having gone there the soul attains complete emancipation and never comes back to this deceased world. He gets freedom from the disease of birth and death and stays happily forever in his native immortal place called 'Sanatan Param Dham (Shashwatam Sthanam)' (evidence Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62) and 'Ritdhama' evidence Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 20.

In Gita Chapter 3 Verse 20 it is said

Bin ichchha jo det hai, so daan kahaavae |
Fal baachain nahin taaska, so amrapur jaavae

Meaning: The devotee who willingly donates without having any desire but considering it his religious duty, that is, the real donation. Such a person after taking mantra initiation from Satguru goes to the eternal place (Shashwat Sthanam) Satlok. He attains salvation.

In Gita Chapter 14 Verse 2 Kaal says that with true spiritual knowledge the seeker attains ‘Parasiddhi’ and gets an immortal body in Satlok. Hence attains liberation. Also, similar evidence is in Gita Chapter 13 Verse 34.

In Gita Chapter 14 Verse 27 Kaal has said to Almighty that 

Jo bhi bhakt hovae tumhaara | mum sir pag de hovae paara ||

Meaning: Kaal only gives way to a devotee who is a true worshiper and has devotional earning of Satnam by bending his head down. Then the Kabir Hans (soul) by stepping on Kaal's head goes to Satlok. He is the first stage (pratishtha) of Purna Parmatma’s eternal worship, and indestructible happiness.

The true spiritual master/enlightened saint who is familiar with the essence of God tells the true spiritual knowledge and provides true salvation mantras chanting which souls attain emancipation and reach Satlok. This will be dealt with later in this article.

Let us find out what great men who have attained emancipation and are now residing peacefully in Satlok have written about the Sanatan ultimate abode Sachkhand.

Evidence of Satlok in Nectar Speech of Great Men

Almighty KavirDev comes in every Era on earth. He propagates true spiritual knowledge and liberates firm and pious souls. He met some great men; showed them the true eternal world Satlok who then glorified God and His immortal abode. He met respected Gheesadas Ji, respected Dadu Sahib Ji, respected Dharamdas Ji, respected Swami Ramanand Ji, Respected Garibdas Ji, respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Garibdas Ji Glorified Satlok

Saint Garibdas JI Maharaj was from village Chudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana whom God Kabir met while he was grazing cattle in his fields. Almighty Kabir gave him true spiritual knowledge and took a pious soul to Satlok. After returning, respected Garibdas Ji glorified Satlok. He said

Adi ramainee adalee saara | Ja din hote dhundhukaara ||
Satpurush keenha prakaasha | Ham hote takhat Kabir khavaasa ||

Further, he says

Ajab nagar mein le gaya, humkoon Satguru aan |
Jhilke bimb agaadh gati, soote chaadar taan ||

Meaning: Respected Garibdas Ji is telling Almighty Kabir is the creator of the universe and is enthroned in Satlok. He only came in Jinda form from Satlok/Sachkhand and took me to the remarkable world Satlok. There is only happiness in Satlok. There are no worries; no grief of the sufferings in the bodies of souls. That is the ultimate peaceful world.

Guru Nanak Ji Glorified Satlok

The founder of Sikhism respected Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji glorified Satlok and God Kabir after his visit to Sachkhand. He was provided true spiritual knowledge. He says in his nectar speech

Rag (Raag) “Siri” Mehla 1, page no 24, Shabd no.29

Faahi surat malooki ves, uh thagvaada thagi des ll
Kharaa siaana bahuta bhaar, Dhaanak roop raha kartar ll3ll
Main keeta na jaata huraamkhor, uh kia muh desa dusht chor ll 
Nanak neech ka bichaar, Dhaanak roop raha kartar ll4ll

Meaning: Almighty is in form and has disguised Himself in low caste as a weaver. He has come from some other world (Sachkhand/Satlok). He showed me the true path and liberated me from the clutches of Kaal. He is very pleasing. He met me. Nobody can recognize Him. He even fooled Kaal who assumed him to be someone from a low caste therefore, he cannot be God. That’s why Guru Nanak Ji calls him an imposter (Thug). He is very intelligent. Accepting his mistake Nanak Ji says ‘I argued with God’. He presented Himself as a servant and addressed me as a master.

In Sri Guru Granth Sahib Mehla 1, on page no. 721 Nanak Ji tells

Andhulu neech jaati Paradeshee mera khin aavai til jaavai ||
Taakee sangat naanak rahanda kiu kar mooda paavai || (4/2/9)

Meaning: Almighty Kabir portraying Himself to be in low caste as a weaver on earth has come from Sachkhand and within seconds is found in the eternal world Satlok and at another time on earth. This proves Guru Nanak Ji had seen Satlok.  

In Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Vaar 1 Paudi 24

Brother Gurdas Ji writes about Guru Nanak Ji who glorified Sachkhand after returning

Baba paida sachkhand naunidhi naam garibi paai ||

Meaning: Guru Nanak Ji went to Satlok/Sachkhand where he attained the treasure of spirituality. (salvation mantras)

Dharamdas Ji Glorified Satlok

Great devout Dharamdas Ji was from Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. God Kabir met him in Mathura and made him familiar with true spiritual knowledge. After that Dharamdas Ji through speeches glorified that God resides in Satlok and comes on earth to liberate His children. With His audience, the body purifies.

Aaj mohe darshan diyo Ji Kabir ||
Satlok se chalkar aaye, katan Jam ki janjeer ||
Thare darshan se mhare paap katat hai, nirmal hove ji sharer ||
Aaj mohe darshan diyo Ji Kabir ||

Evidence of Satlok in Sukshma Veda

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter 25 “Amar Mool” page 191, summary page 351

Almighty tells the secret of ‘Saar Shabad’ to Dharamdas Ji in the following speech chanting which one attains Satlok

Hai NiHshabad se kaheu, Gyani soee jo veh pad lehu ||
Dharmdas mein tohi sujhaya, Saar Shabad ka bhed bataya ||
Saar shabad niH akshar bhai, Gahe naam tehi sanshay nahi ||
Saar shabad jo prani pave, Satlok mahi jaye rahai ||
Koti janam ko patak (paap) hoi, Naam pratap se jaye sab khoi ||

Ref: Kabir Sagar, Chapter “Veer Singh Bodh” in summary page 191

In the following speech, Almighty Kabir is telling to King Beer Singh Baghel that His residence is in Satlok

Ajar amar hai desh suhaila, So ve kahahin panth duhela ||

Taka maram bhakt nahi jana, Kirtrim karta se man mana ||

Hum to Agam desh se aaye, Satnaam sauda hum laye ||

Which is Immortal Heaven (Svarga) or Satlok ?

In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 Verse 7 Kaal says that ‘Arjun, at the end of Kalps (ages) all living beings are destroyed. Then at the beginning of Eras, I again create them. It is self-evident from this that Kaal’s world is perishable and no living being is liberated with his worship.

It is evident in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 Verse 16 that Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Heaven (Svarga), hell and other loks up to Brahmlok are destructible and are in recurrence.

Brahm Kaal is cursed to eat one lakh humans every day therefore, in Gita Chapter 14 Verse 3-5 Kaal says ‘Durga, the Primeval Prakriti produces all living beings on earth and I (Brahm) impregnate seed in her womb. I am the cause of the destruction and production of all living beings of the world. It means there is birth and death of all living beings in 21 universes.

In Gita Chapter 2 Verses 12 and 17 and in Chapter 4 Verse 5 Kaal God; the giver of the knowledge of Gita is saying that ‘Arjun we all (you, I, and all living beings) are in the cycle of life-death. We have had several births. You and I and all these soldiers had born earlier and will also be born in future’

The speaker of Gita’s knowledge tells in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 5, Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12, Gita Chapter 10 Verse 2 that he is destructible. He is in the cycle of birth and rebirth and so are all living beings residing in my 21 universes.

In Gita Chapter 4 Verse 9 Kaal says that his birth and deeds are superhuman. It means he has been created and he dies as well. His creator is Param Akshar Brahm (KavirDev) evidence in Gita Chapter 3 Verse 14-15.  

In Gita Chapter 14 Verse 9 Kaal says that ‘those who do Brahm Sadhna by abandoning the practice of three Gunas and chant only OM mantra goes to Brahmlok (Great Heaven (Svarga)) but remain in recurrence. This salvation is useless. Therefore, in Gita Chapter 7 Verse 18 he tells his attainment is ‘anuttam’ means very bad/inferior.

As aforementioned, shreds of evidence prove the owner of 21 universes is in the circle of birth and rebirth so are all regions and creatures residing. This means Heaven (Svarga) is perishable therefore, its attainment is useless since souls remain in recurrence.

Therefore, he suggests Arjun in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 to go in refuge of another God/Satpurush who is immortal and with His grace only that Sanatan ultimate abode (Shaswatam Sthanam) Satlok can be attained. Having attained Sachkhand the disease of birth and rebirth ends and souls attain emancipation.

In Gita Chapter 2, Verse 46 he says ‘he who gains true spiritual knowledge (‘Tatvadrashta’) becomes fully dependent on Almighty and relinquishing the practice of three worlds focuses on the devotion to attain Sanatan ultimate abode- Satlok. There is evidence of Anamilok in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 51 which is a higher region to Satlok.

In Gita Chapter 2, Verse 50 he says ‘seekers who get true spiritual knowledge do not wish for sin and virtue but remain focused to attain salvation’ means make efforts to go to Satlok.

Hence, proved Satlok is the eternal dwelling place, it is immortal whereas Heaven (Svarga) is a temporary dwelling place, it is mortal.

By now after knowing about Heaven (Svarga) and Satlok certain myths and facts can be resolved. Let us find out.

Myth vs Fact of Heaven (Svarga) and Satlok

1. Before reading the aforementioned facts readers had a myth about Heaven (Svarga) that it is the supreme happiness abode. The souls who go to Heaven (Svarga) post-death attain salvation but knowing the fact that all 21 universes of Brahm Kaal are subject to destruction this myth will no longer remain. Heaven (Svarga) is not the happiness abode neither is salvation attained by going to Heaven (Svarga)..

Due to ignorance and inspite the facts stated in holy scriptures about Satlok that it is the eternal abode devotees considered Heaven (Svarga) to be the final destination till now but with proven facts now the seekers, readers know that there is one immortal abode Satlok/Sachkhand where the souls attain ultimate peace. Satlok is the ocean of happiness. Satlok is the third liberation (Muktidham) abode.

2. Heaven (Svarga) is attained by performing good deeds and arbitrary worship hence is temporary due to which disease of birth and rebirth remains forever.

Whereas Satlok is attained by performing true worship in accordance with holy scriptures hence is a permanent solution to the disease of birth and rebirth.  

As stated above, Satlok is attained by taking refuge of enlightened saints. But the question is how to identify who is Satguru. Pieces of Evidence from holy scriptures are the answer to this. So let us explore those shreds of evidence and find out who is the true spiritual leader on earth at present. What are the characteristics of Satguru? 

Satlok is Attained Through the Guidance of Satguru/Enlightened Saint

A true enlightened saint preaches true spiritual knowledge and provides true salvation mantras chanting which and by remaining within the rules of worship the seeker attains Satlok.

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1-4 and 16, 17 provides evidence about the enlightened saint. It has been said ‘one who knows the upside down hanging world like a tree and explains all its parts like what is the trunk? What do stem denotes? Whom do branches represent? Whom do leaves represent? as per Vedas (Sehvedvit) is an enlightened saint. He provides salvation mantras’.

In Gita Chapter 7 Verse 19 it has been said that ‘who tells the worship and magnificence of that Almighty, that is, Master of all (Vasudev), is extremely rare. He is a true spiritual leader.

In same Chapter 7 Verse 29 of Gita the knowledge giver mentions that ‘those who take refuge of my knowledge and understand Tatvagyan from a Tatvadarshi sant are in reality performing true devotion of that Param Akshar Brahm and therefore, they only try to get rid of ‘Jara’ (old age) and ‘maran’ (death). They know ‘Tat Brahm’ and complete spirituality and all deeds’.

Satguru decodes the secret of three words 'OM Tat Sat' stated in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 which are indicative of salvation mantras. 

The knowledge giver of Gita tells Arjuna in Gita Chapter 4 Verses 33 to 42 that 'various types of practices told are arbitrary. The practice told up to my level is hypothetical knowledge. Even I am unaware of the true path of the devotion of the Supreme God with which emancipation is attained. If you want to know the procedure of how to attain salvation then search for (Dheeranaam) which means the enlightened saint. Leave deceit, prostrate to him and politely ask the method of attaining God. He is Tatvadarshi and knows the essence of the Supreme God. He only grants true salvation mantras.  The same evidence has been mentioned in Gita Chapter 2 Verses 15, 16, 49 and Chapter 8 Verse 27, 28.

Satguru is essential in the path of attaining salvation. In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 66-68 Kaal himself admits the fact saying ‘one who does not find an enlightened saint, cannot be stable in remembrance of God because his mind is not in control’.

Almighty told respected Dharamdas Ji the identity of an enlightened saint. He will be the one who will impart true spiritual knowledge with whom the contemporary fake saints/sages/Mahants/Mandaleshwars would quarrel. 

Jo Mam sant sat upadesh drdhaavai (bataavai), Vaake sang sab raad badhaavai |

Ya sab sant mahantan kee karanee, Dharmadas Main to se varnee ||

Another identity of Satguru is that He is well-versed in the Holy scriptures. He is the master of true spiritual knowledge. Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj tells in his nectar speech

Garib, Satguru ke lakshan kahoon, madhure baen vinod | 
Chaar ved shat shastra, kahae athaara bodh ||

A true guru/Satguru provides mantra initiation in three phases. Its evidence is found in  Yajurveda Chapter 19 Verse 25 and in Chapter 40 Verse 10. In Samved Mantra no. 822 Samved Utarchik Adhyay 3 Khand no. 5 Shlok no. 8. In Kabir Sagar Chapter ‘Amar Mool’ explanation on page 353

Sant Garibdas Ji writes in his speech

Paanch naam gujh gayatri aatm tatv jagaao |
kiliyaM hariyam shriyam sohM dhyaao ||

A Satguru provides initiation in the first phase of the five mantras. Then Satguru grants Satnam in the second phase and in the third phase He grants Sarnaam.

In  Quran Sharif Surah-Shura 42, Aayat 1 three words (coded) have been said ‘Ain-Seen-Qaaf’ which are salvation mantras same as are told in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23. Om-Tat-Sat. Even more, evidence is in Yajurveda Chapter 19 Verse 30, Kabir Sagar, Chapter “Veer Singh Bodh” in summary pages 196-197

In the following speech of respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji the identity of Satguru has been mentioned. He says

Soi gur pura kahavey jo do akshar ka bhed bataye ||
Ek Lakhavey ek chudwaya tab prani nij ghar ko aaye ||

Meaning: He will be the true guru who decodes a two-word powerful mantra Satnam chanting which souls go to their native place. One releases the soul from the web of Kaal and the second takes him to the next world of ParBrahm which is on the way to Satlok.

Knowing the identification of a true spiritual master now we will tell you who is that enlightened saint who grants true spiritual knowledge and true salvation mantras.

Enlightenment Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Provides Mantra to Attain Satlok

Great Enlightened sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the living Satguru on earth at present who only is authorized to grant true salvation mantras as told in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 and Quran Sharif. He possesses all aforementioned qualities of Satguru which have been mentioned in holy scriptures and writings of great men who have attained God and are presently residing in Satlok/Sachkhand. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is none other than God KavirDev Himself disguised in the cover of Rampal Das who also has attained salvation. The Almighty has descended yet again for the welfare of humankind. Hence, It is advised everyone should take initiation from him and fulfill the sole purpose of attaining Satlok.


Ref: Suksham Veda

Paanch hazaar aur paanch sau jab kaliyug beet jay |
Mahapurush pharamaan tab jag taaran ko aaye ||

Almighty Kabir has fixed the duration when He will come on earth in Kalyug to provide true spiritual knowledge to His children and grant true salvation mantras and liberate all souls. Aforesaid, the speech from Suksham Ved certifies the same. It has been told that when Kalyug will pass 5505 years then He will come to liberate all living beings on earth. They will land back to their native Sanatan ultimate abode Satlok.

Ek Kaal (samay) jab aavai bhaee, Sabai srshti lok sidhaee ||

Currently that Bhaktiyug is going on means now Kalyug has passed 5505 years. This is the same duration as destined by God for souls to do true devotion and attain Satlok. With the facts described above, it is clear that the attainment of Heaven (Svarga) is temporary and useless whereas the attainment of Satlok is permanent.

God Kabir promises that

Amar karun Satlok pathaun, tate bandichor kahaun ||
Bandichod hamra naamam, ajar-amar hai asthir thatham ||

It is high time that all humans should wake up and focus to take initiation from living Satguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj alias Almighty Kabir. 


FAQs about "A Full Guide to Immortal Satlok vs Mortal Heaven (Svarga)"

Q.1 What is Satlok, and how is it different from Heaven (Svarga)?

Satlok, also known as Sachkhand, is the eternal abode of God, an immortal realm of ultimate peace and happiness where souls attain permanent liberation. In contrast, Heaven (Svarga) is temporary and subject to destruction, offering transient happiness. Satlok is attained through true spiritual knowledge and genuine worship, whereas Svarga is obtained through good deeds and worship of mortal Gods, resulting in the continued cycle of birth and rebirth.

Q.2 Who are some historical figures that have glorified Satlok in their Teachings?

Several revered figures like Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Garibdas Ji Maharaj, Dharamdas Ji, Ghisadas Ji, Malook Das Ji, Dadu Dayal Ji have glorified Satlok in their teachings. They received true spiritual knowledge and a complete way of worship from God Kabir Ji and sang the glory of the eternal abode and the path to attain salvation.

Q. 3 What are the characteristics of a true Satguru or enlightened saint according to the scriptures?

According to sacred texts, a genuine Satguru possesses profound knowledge of scriptures, decodes the secrets of spiritual paths, grants true salvation mantras, and guides seekers towards the path of liberation. An enlightened saint emphasizes worship in accordance with holy scriptures and reveals the knowledge of the Supreme God.

Q.4 How can one identify a true spiritual saint or Satguru in the present time?

The identification of a genuine spiritual saint involves recognizing someone who deciphers powerful mantras like Satnam, possesses deep scriptural understanding, and guides individuals towards true spiritual knowledge and worship which leads to salvation, as outlined in various scriptures.

Q.5 Who is considered the current living Satguru?

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is recognized as the living Satguru or enlightened saint presently on earth. He fulfills the characteristics mentioned in holy scriptures and is authorized to grant true salvation mantras.

Q.6 What is the significance of attaining Satlok, and how can one achieve it?

Attaining Satlok is the ultimate goal as it signifies permanent liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth. It is achieved through receiving true salvation mantras from a complete Guru as per the scriptures and following the teachings of a true Satguru, ultimately leading to eternal peace in Satlok.

Q.7 Who is the owner and Creator of Satlok?

The Almighty God Kabir is the owner and Creator of not only Satlok, the eternal abode but also of the entire Universes.

Q.8 Who is the Owner of Heaven (Swarg)?

The Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal Brahm) is the owner of Heaven (Swarg).


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I've only known about heaven so far; Satlok is a new concept for me. How can I believe in a place free from birth and death, where everyone is immortal? It seems like a dream.

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